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Boston Sports 101 - Top 100 Guy Movies Pt 3

Jun 7, 2017|

Uncle Buck, Matty, Nick, Thornton and George continue their running list of best guy movies ever made.

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Finally. Once again plus the sports one on one of PS 101 here in the WEEI. Podcasting network. And 20 host uncle buck you'll tell your your almost rules. That's a pretty day liberty they leave you down the road of that the world's greatest guy moves hundred greatest guy movies in so once again we have our intrepid. Five some of if that's a thing. Our five greatest not most knowledgeable guy movie experts in all of the land as were merging this WEEI WA AF podcast world Jerry Thorne is here. They call me Jerry two times because I always say everything twice a medical get the papers get the papers and nick Stephens. Groovy. Matty might. Had a good time all the time. And dirty cap or mediate is going to come spar back because I can remember I always want to be again Inkster on Friday it. Early. I. After you. Beat me in the bird I don't know no objection was still in the same film just you don't get it does. Well I think about a car but I thought I literally as I was out of the same name. I thinking about that line all day long. Don't edit that note again tonight I can tell you why every detail is always late. So this is episode three of our amazing. Five parts hundred greatest guy movies right and then we have an episode six a broad missions coming to you. Down the road but we have had a great response on both Twitter and online from downloads. From episodes one and two but let's just every camp real quick where we are in the list. Of the 100 greatest I'm always an episode one. We started off with swingers. Number 100 them when stripes Rushmore. Winning thrashers the matrix. Road warrior. Iron Man and trading places at 93 then they ask and an eight being natural was 92 red done in 91. In glorious bastards Cayman ninety's. Global hunting and gladiator followed suit. That we want the French connection flinch. Saving Private Ryan. Only we followed amaze me by kick boxer. Which is I guess Jerry or no except it's yeah. It's really good kick bucks a marathon on Memorial Day weekend. I think on Matty and neck on our radio said today we had a fellow on who wrote the eighteen greatest. Sport are you montage is training montage is in film history and he had to know who Jon Claude Montauk. It's not at all and I took umbrage I don't know a single or do training montage of different this due fraternity days it was called training camp like they actually went to look good they actually did the war zone at 83 we had bogey nights 82 hunt for October. Then we delved into the longest yard that was the end of episode one. And it seems to be away for a pretty woman is still. Supplemental stun gun to outline yet legally blind to. Thelma Arnold Jack. It came in eighty Sony Imus Austin Powers field of dreams a 78 with unforgiven coming in at 77. Pastimes in Richmond high journalists then that rent the running man bad news bears. Revenge of the nerds they live one of my favorites rounder is. Enter the dragon. Then we went with rocks favorite number 69 slap shot. Patton was a 68 the departed and then Rudy. City slickers old school Star Trek to the wrath of Khan. Coming to America is 62 and finally the last movie of our second and so was miracle. And so we are now gonna work on sixty through 41. And this week we're gonna discuss it is twenty films com and general man ranked but we do cover the subjects. Of do overs in life. Ryan we also. Talk about the thin line between clever in the you know stupid. And then we all exist and and we also Dutch based on three of the greatest westerns ever made to guys what's going dive right hand. On to episode number three with number sixty and it's bachelor party. Over sixty. They QB be it. Albert sixty. Z that's when I was looking only stepping up like that it. I've got some pretty okay now so my spirit and a bachelor party this is 84 Tom Hanks right this is early tonic this is fun. You know Tom Hanks where he's making questionable career decisions Tom Hanks. On. In not only does comics come out and give us the introduction to things like tennis baseball is the big poppy just ripped off in his commercial. We just couldn't do some things like the donkey party. A bachelor party never wanted to go to a party more than my you have a dog. This medical costs that enhanced server. And but you also have the introduction of Khat a tiny campaign us. Crime now now it that's a very narrow introduces us to Tony okay. She would go on that you know. Much bigger frame as the in the and the whites think media which basically is a three with two cars could girl. And then when she kicked the (%expletive) out of chuck Finley yeah yeah. Great mug shot one of the all time great mug shot that was before Tiger Woods is mug shot earlier today actually talk a tonic Keteyian. Tiger Woods ten randomly got to be a one up of the real quick folk reasons I can't fathom she follows me on Twitter and always as hot yes I went right well I don't know any time to go to tweets a bit about Rob Ninkovich is part of me going to study contained lead no we do what what is the funny thing got all this I would be including Tony pretty much every article I wrote that the items I am I'm just gonna work of Moore engines. Google earth and keep Obama and puzzles and a batting about it today and that is why it happened she's topless and that's a party so he had an epic topless scene so. The great thing about bachelor party was that scene where they get they had their boys get a and and naked girl girl that they all know to come in to basically send them off in style. As she sits down on the bed and had this great scene where dad different heads or are like you know special effects in date on embassies a look at satellite Lucas studio for that one. Our Tony contains one of them so you can you know if you Google you can see it is great woman's body in Tony's head but she does a team nude scenes later on her. We're Gaza safer as a ten year old in the eighties. Those were top five boobs right up there with Phoebe Cates is in fast times original high and of course. Just one of the guys are. Our to our house Heiser nice I. How is just one of the guys are the best hidden Preston history don't make mainly because that's happened for more than one reason we don't have a antics that. We'll never bats of right now that that's the line is buddies had goes on merit it's like at the scene from animal house with the the Angel on the demon but instead the guys this is buddy goes you can't. At least it's an. Yeah. Hanks won his first Oscar for this one thing. This is the Philadelphia no actually they've taken the Oscar for Philadelphia back and they. You know they fix the whole thing with moonlight mile and they took the outskirts of Philadelphia backing gave it to him for this also this serious questions out which is amazing that was his first like the people were taken seriously and he tried to do that movie which Jackie Gleason. They didn't really become a tank. But then after this he still went on to do things like money pit dragnet punch line before doing bacon and really kind of his career blew up but how about let's not forget Adrian cement the Xena I had it's. I mean I ask that we like she did way to teach a course. I did as an ally may end. So that we Abbott and he's coming up quite a white hot yeah. Get a dog about the business you can release to man we did. It makes you wish that hangs we go back and just do a dumb comedy is his chops is still there you only see them on SNL. But you know they start given Omar Oscars and he got all series and what's let's go immediately catch me if you can. Finally reluctantly become mountains really aren't all I can that we cannot do bachelor party without one of the top five exchanges in movie history is that the foot long. And and sound. It could pick and of course that's why you remember nick predicted that you know well I mean like it was it was at the pinnacle. A eighties nonsense raunchy hijinks they're all hiding over on what looks like a porn set in the thick strip club. And they order the guy with a foot longs to pick. Obama got him we can't west gives out hot dogs and oblivion and ordered them so I got on the chin and then they actually have a stag. Film in like the man to. I did how we are by the way a movie in our lifetime the portal they bring in as an actual like reel of reasons. I love socialism of the dumb things like that too was sitting there with the open now rules and regardless of people listening to guys Astra frightening. On what's amazing is this slowing was actually written by pat profit that we on the bat profit he wrote on a naked gun series allow okay he did police academy real genius and idiotic crap after that mainly like rebooting Leslie Nielsen realizing that stashed out. Adding is it pat profit of pat frost proud parent profit was on now monsters yes. But also. The guy who plays like the villain in this movie believe it or not is Kenton real genius and that's or stations that together they got his ass falls through and make it in the convertible well done let's go to number 59. I can't remember. 59. And assert this with my favorite. Quote the Bible. Ezekiel 2570. You know my name is a good one edit my vengeance upon indeed. Is there cooler guy movie on this list so much the top vote pulp fiction. Travolta Samuel O. Bruce Willis all of them giving career performances the same kind of dialogue dialogue. Yes it is callable. Would be must this must. Marcellus Wallace a bitch brio again isn't dead baby but the dialogue. Travolta asking Harvey Keitel as miserable to seat please before you start cleaning the car. There's always just stuck with me. It's just so insane. Would be nice. I don't like people barking orders at me. And a kite will just Connolly says. The bunker with you it's because time is a factor I think past that tot past. Nine need two guys act passed you wanna get this so pretty please with your top team a (%expletive) car paths it's just such a wonderfully by film. On the Eric Stoltz injection needle to an art scene one of the most nerve racking scenes ever shot on film. Not to mention the infamous dad butch Marcellus Wallace Jim. I'm pretty bucket operable Casey. It's just as iconic moments none more so than the jet rabbits lives dance contest the CNET single handedly beat John Travolta's star again. And but the music is so great Tarantino can use a soundtrack ignored director. Note in note and you will last an ensemble like Tino with Paris so it's hard to tell Tim dropping frames. In such small but significant parts. Just such a great watch what you guys time. John Travolta comeback you mentioned I watched just recently was on. That's like he's playing jazz Travolta like it's his first big comeback in it he was so comfortable he's actually talking like scat it simply he's the wavered as like pork chops he's skiing. You hit it in case he hit accuser pocket around he was just Joker and it's like he was doing a parity from somebody hasn't been anywhere for 1015% to watch. Oh my god I don't know how to Tarantino got an auditor general to this what is in look who's talking to the best timing you know any was so good in this note do not besmirched the. Also 42 yeah that's yeah that's a and home. Phenomenal movie. Not only was it the Travolta come back though and I'm not even the biggest pulp fiction fan nor do I think this is by far Tarantino's best film and I am you know given to. Reverse heart takes every now again like that but yet is centric yes indeed the couldn't go to college in the 1990s that hearing that a single soundtrack all the time. Also. Don't forget like this was one of the first movies were people sort of got into with the idea of a movie being edited in a story being told in a very non Linear can pass and you don't that's all I have 40 of no I am around them yet I was like these last night watching leftovers the whole new episode is like you don't know what these people are that that was your right that that. Kinda kicked off football again. Yeah mental exercise to try to put this movie in chronological order I guess it's not easy to do your own tonight when they walk out of that they copy shop that you rightly that day that's right they're dead now when you're watching the CI ready scene just stands alone as so many things just come up in every day conversation I can't tell you. How how many days gone by very few I haven't said at least like you know I at least I'd second that second each other's data yet John I cannot jewels I know copies Goodman and buy an iPad AP stuff is funny by she. And yeah. I'm not a million times already that's another. Yeah and that's our biggest job our honey at it and it's non stop he added so much of the lexicon. I'm about to give medieval deal I have this may you all know that gold the golden briefcases and his soul soul Anke wires through all the recent. She gets atop the baby. It's dead babies in that are gonna go on June number I kept as watch opens. Well why didn't mention a lot. Number 58. Number 58. Okay it's. What Jerry can't Beckett out take that the same way we're surprised every town we come out of a commercial that's hot all three hits three you know. It is hard not to reference it it gets its own holiday it's an opposite of the holiday but at the same time there's so many. Philosophies of life. On one or two weeks which I don't know after two ahead. And this one out to collect and write this one I'm happy because I'm actually more prepared this this this this. To me that genius. Is like. Great high art and also high moments of what the (%expletive) is that all out and Apocalypse Now. Is a phenomenal exercise and filmmaking. For a most of its run at them the last twenty minutes goes so far off the rails here that it it taught me everything about art this is why. Eight great director and this is Coppola. Who's done some of the greatest movies of all time doing something that he lost his mind making it. And that the conditions got two on the whole thing was basically a metaphor for what the movie is inadvertently. Com the whole part with Brando. Is so Graham and so dark in just sold (%expletive) it bizarre. That you you can't it's that they aren't going on when Michael Jackson would go up the real with some crazy piece of music. Print to reduce illegal why is he possibly do that I just go as Apocalypse Now. You know the the beginning part of this of the Duvol parts. You don't Martin sheen's breakdown that the film cajun chef you know that they did. I just let idiot could get attacked by tiger in the middle of nowhere it's a hard thing to watch. And it's time I think I would have agreed it's the greatest war movie ever made I think it's been surpassed a little bit. Like a if you if you haven't seen the documentary about the making of it it might have been actually better than in the film itself. Brando I saw him talk about this performance and how key. Tried to me you know slow everything down to how do you show a man how do you show. What. The amount of horror and dread that character seen how he showed and a man and it's like. Nailed it could if you watch those scenes he so. Ha messy for example drops the head on television a lap he's so broke he's just he's in a different plane it's a truly believes that term transformer of performance that's a transformer forms he became that kind of cellular level it's frightening to watch. Time to time the Bonham died in the little nine right and the funny thing is like the the stories based on the old novel to it like it started sort of got sort of like it but this one goes so much further and also. MM way to watch this movie ad nauseam film school back when I paid money to be adore can now I just in her at a studio my friend Emily you death test to embrace him. Martin Sheen who actually went nuts. That was him actually punching that's not a stunt. So he actually punched the mayor was like busted up his hand and everything like COPEL was able to coax it literally took everyone down their own crazy Congo. And made everyone insane during that movie and it's like kind of shows you the fine line of when the reality in the fiction start to blur together. It's still not the most pleasant watch but now harsh take your eyes off I mean just. A long list of each surf in sequence that though the ride the Balco reason you know it. You know it's yours well those slopes and end Robert Duvall transcendent performances as. This big steps are as good assortment Charlie don't service. Edna documentary is hard to darkness it was actually shot played Sophia Coppola or not and I think his wife has been. Actually got audio of him trying to tell everyone that if Martin Sheen dies nobody says he died until I confirm that he's dead. Keep you completely lost his mind but it's it's a cinematic. Mess. And a masterpiece at the same time you can be bolt now. Who wants to take the next run that I just (%expletive) up and sale. Well I do before we do real quick just if you if you haven't seen Apocalypse Now yet watch it and then. Then you can watch the redux version because a redux version as like an hour. And you would think I cannot add an hour to this three hour epic. But if you're a big fan of the movie it's all done really well and it fits in these are nice to have that he and it. Number 58 I'm sorry 57. Numerous safety says that. The big question on everyone's chapped lips is do you think Phil is gonna come out and see his shadow. That's right it's such as it gets out the days. Baiting it. Bill Murray strikes Rushmore caddie shack ghostbusters. One about Bob this to me. In all respect to many in his Rushmore. It's his ultimate performance. As the self involved weatherman who has mysteriously forced. To relive February 2 over and over again he rags to gamut of actions and feelings that every guy appeals during their midlife. From disbelief to disbelief to no consequences. To hell on earth and finally to the golden rule rules to do onto others. Sadly it's the last Harold reign as Bill Murray partnership as they appalling you know dot brown after this movie. But I submit that it's their most powerful story is that explores hope mortality. The love but not the expense of the brilliant comedy that we expect from Amos especially Murray. I sorted through Judd Apatow warning call this film the greatest comedy of all time. All soul all of the supporting characters from Brian Doyle Murray is merit Punxsutawney. To Stephen Hubbell loss ski as Ned Ryerson. Needle nose net the net day ahead being again. They're all seeing Steelers and their own right but no one stealing this from Bill Murray. My brother who's one of the smartest guys I know it's his favorite Phil lost time so right away because a lot of credence and then it was ray lewis' death. That brought this back to me because he had comets and it's really had a Dallas move your zen movie it's a Buddhist movie anyway so I re watching that in mind and it is as many levels deep as you wanna go. It can be that deep it's just it's a perfect movie right. In any. Starts but it's a gimmick really in a minute could have been like an episode like bewitched or so that I could act. Put it turns into this philosophical treatise on what if you add all the time in the world what we do diligence and yet and Adam you've quoted disliked me mom I'm I'm a god I'm not the god like you know. Apparently he decides to play the piano. And now it becomes like right of sleep with a piano may tire life and I wish I could sit there and bang out a song I ever spent their time when he immediate. One of the best lines of all time I you are you must it take you and you should've taken lessons before my father's opinion movers. I see first times she studied what it was like fourteenth century French relative to his lap waste waste what are we are not good. What in the middle that they have that perfect day and they end up on a low anyways up the morning and it's all been forgotten east Arnold. Any keeps trying to recapture that day that such great guys as are the snowball fight doesn't work. There are a lot of romances on this and it's a comedy still in its heart but there is his home a rom com element to it that makes it like nothing that. Every chick should like to. Right that this is bill Murray's wheel house years I think he kind of his mid mid career years without what about Bob what you think is pitched absolutely genius. Scrooge which I think are very underrated. And and and Bill Murray and another part you with Groundhog Day which I think Spielberg actually. Went to bat Foreman thought he should've won an Academy Award was even nominated. Yeah this movie a 100% should have been nominated for more Oscar's name of more clever original screenplay in the last 45 years I think more than just Judd Apatow I think a lot of people. In the comedy world and a lot of filmmakers. Appreciate exactly what death there is because. In that free Bill Murray became Rushmore. Serious quirky Bill Murray everyone thought how those early Tom Hanks movie those early Bill Maher in movies they're just their titles and now this movie has a lot of depth and thought to it. And did bring Garrett the Oscars when Bill Murray after rounds of Diana the any brought him up under the he's been for best original screen play for a ghost busters stripes and Danish dissecting round. And only one of those jets studied in film schools and philosophy classes and hitting ghostbusters. Kick while Turkey. Let's go to number 56. Never 56 again. I am not in this is a confession that cannot hack off a lot of people and not the biggest Cohen Brothers guy I think a lot of times. Dear the are too cute they're in love with the smell their own gas this one I love this one every guy should love it's one of the great. Polling comedies. Of all time it's our it could. A bit of all three of outlining that as the as at 32 really only think it's still a good stuff but I had nevertheless OK the big above ski bum. You know 88 great character at the center of it. And the the zionists around him everything from like guy you know it out of that with PT SD and not feel lists and you know oh. Is this about corrupt businessman. And then Julianne Moore who has her greatest make it work of all time it's. It works on so many levels but to me that the Q the whole thing the part that makes me laugh the most. It's. John Goodman is why opens so back. In the abuse ceased he gives us Steve Buscemi who never breaks the entire movie he can't open his mouth shut the (%expletive) up all our. I need to endeavor brakes now are dedicated it's I don't I EI it's it's Walter says it. Com and then did what what I think every great guy movie should have to is Sam Elliott. Just beyond Zemaitis Ridley throne and. As a cowboy thing no earthly reason other than it's just another layer on to this this thing all about a guy trying to get a rug back 'cause why. It is really their depth I don't together say I think. When I saw this movie and I was super excited to see it not only because of the comedy pedigree of the whole cast and I love the Coen Brothers as well. I watched it and I didn't love it and I feel like this is sort of part of what this is sort of symptomatic to a lot of Coen brother movies that they need. A re watch just to sort of appreciate the layers that they applied these movies. Feel like this is one of the only movies where you can sort of prove that you don't need a great narrative. That you don't need to have a screenplay that has all of the beats for arabians you know the a B and C Jackson all this morning carriages and everything its type in a bundle this movie really makes no sense. No purpose anything whatsoever it's almost like the Coen Brothers made ten other movies. Collected all the characters crazy ideas and ship they wrote down on napkins and they did it had a character. Who was it like perpetual Stoner a bath robe. Who wore slippers everywhere bald and drank caucasians I did this movie makes no (%expletive) sense whatsoever but it is tied together with great characters. Cookie seems. And in minute's quote ability any kind of proves that sometimes that's all you need to be awesome well. Is his goal is so singularly simple. That it's easy to. Lose track if he's it's all based on this ridiculous instant can that it's really about nothing just days and remix of the media and yet it's so you know deeper fueled this is my you guys use the term Shaw shank. This is my shots in this film comes on. No matter what I'm doing I've seen it. A thousand times I cannot turn it it's hypnotic somehow it takes you to different time plays his cancer for me there at the three biggest laughs I ever had movies are. Dumb and dumber when latest figures are when Harry S biggest yet because does that sophisticated dominating right game is here agitated boar at the wrestling scene and in the hotel. Can. Sit and SA and and there's in this room where jackets return goes over takes a note on the notepad. And do its very casually keeping an ironman Jack does excuse me for a minute. He's takes the top belief off the notepad and walks like in dude speaking like the one intelligent thought you were hasn't. CIA it creeps over and quickly it just takes a pencil and does abruptly QE2 in my kindergarten and public relief it's great to see the outline of what his message could possibly be. In Jacqui drew a man a stick figure with a large. Crockett is Celek is that it's so he ripped it through that and then later if they find it in his pocket the police station and guys like. Who fits. By the way his bullet does he and it's Peter Sellers and being there and you know it looked at the picnic exit wanhatten approximate. I don't want to number 55. Yeah. I can do. I'll come on yeah. It's still an animal that's just a 911 summit. The Magnificent Seven okay. Just the cult yes and no not enough they remade limits haven't seen yet I'm talking to the original. With be the americanized version of accuracy I was seven samurai star Yule Brenner. But it's him but as usual just Americans David. No we do is original. You are locked Steve McQueen Charles Bronson Robert Von and Horst Buchholz in what was supposed to be a break out Louisville does pretty much on his career. They ought to do the great there but this film is all the started trying to do we outdo each other on screen there's a great scene where Ron Maclean keeps taking his hat off in like blocking the sun. And they they ask somebody like. The like no no cowboy would ever do that why that's why you and a hat on because you look up his big brand is because he was trying to steal the scene at. From Yule Brenner they were fun costly fighting terror and in fact one of the first things they shot they were supposed to go over creek. In one at a time all these major stars across in the creek. It each one like stop to the creek and waxed scratch and Els looked around and went in the elect reached down I got some water in an excellent like our new hat. The seem to like forty nick says that take up thirty seconds as they crossed this creek. On the putter it's 88 this movie. And like Kurosawa is seven samurai is is something that everything plays office you can put her to Star Wars have been brought back to carousel or seven samurai. But the idea of first of all you'll run of the book the ball count play filling out there. And and sticking up for this now. A little Mexican town as Eli Wallach as scout merit the Mexican bandit is god did not want them to be sheared he wouldn't out of me did she break. So he's constantly pillaging this town they're shoot outs caloric. You know in just in just. Steve McQueen and how we deal led friend a great he talks about how you know why would you stick up for this band and he makes a great story with a guide attempt in the cactus and and yes why did that once he says day and seemed to make sense of the timers and a good idea at the time. The idea boot hill right in Ellie they've brought up there so pretty bad visual. Quotes like little things like it was a deference connection with the wave the you do where you away from being between a point now where we we're probably points back it's where you headed need points ahead. Disgrace up in new music by Elmer Bernstein who went on. You know a great thing about American companies and is late seventies and eighties as they. This is like on had to do with and John Landis and in those guys is they took like Elmer Bernstein and they put him in animal house. And they put you know classic music over these ridiculous slapstick comedies. To really got to bring the standard up of them. That this is one my favorites. I. I would say. When you think of movies that your dad insisted on you watching as you grow up and you became fans of this action hero or that particular genre. There's this sector of movies that your dad in our grandparents loved to pieces in where their action hero movies. And if I had to sort of like pick one I know Jerry like you know you loved. Patton and other people love like force ten from now ever under the guns in never owner this historical picture that great western. I'd probably say the Magnificent Seven is the ultimate of our generation's debt movies that your dad wanted you to watch says it's war he'll he'll still love it even though it's old. And it's wildly influential than when you sit down and watch it it's sort of like the Citizen Kane of you know great ensemble guy movies and westerns you watch like now I see this came from. This is osment Charles Bronson treat death wish Charles Bronson a guy is a bad. Yes aren't solved described in its simplicity itself I mean it's so much has explained the plot of the movie to me. Bunch of Al laws get hired to protect the town and that's it and they you know it doesn't need to be anyone that 'cause it's so what are their journey they don't. They don't want to paralyze but. There's money to be made but then they realize they're they're down with a cause or whatever it it's it's the anti big about a ski like it makes cents on every level. And they put great actors with amazing chemistry kind of all fit together and that's why you remake a cure asylum film because it's simplicity itself just went on horses instead of switching. Erisa Watson are let's go on to number 54. Never hid Eva. OK I'm nervous about this on because I wanna do it such justice this is my number one film. Of all time I'll although she got us this list yeah way up there and mine too meet used to this you know people say oh this song changed my life for this at this film. Fundamentally changed a young. Ten year old Mattie Blake's life it was the first time I'd seen people pretend to be characters like this I'm in my old brother tell me oh they're not really British. Doesn't putting me in our interest and not really a band I didn't understand it was so good this is Spinal Tap I think is V comedy I would start with. In showing anyone an alien who minute on this planet how do you do American comedy and had to do well to show in this spout that they can has the greatest. Improbable. Comedic performance and Chris guest. I think it's just it's fought its pitch perfect and and it was the first time I'd seen people. Do that on film and I go oh my god wait actors can pretend to be British embassy in Iraq spend so. Literally great you'll like them the first time here he's a few laps the first nine dollar and know their money but did not think you're now played like a wasn't colored rocks. Yeah it. And you idly as ageless as well have songs like rock out to them they actually are crafted well. They sounded great abandon harmony that sort you know is just. Everything that was bird you get a young Billy Crystal appearing at a young Dana Carvey hearing all these cameos Bruno Kirby. Beatle Paul Shafer kick my. I NN analyst cultural mime is money and you talk about a quote of Angelica Houston who would you do and here's what he's doing the on the models. And let what to name any any. How well I know that daddy liked demand us about stats and their manager who's that old guy from the old TV version of enters his name added it would drive me crazy when they had so much at all. All the way it's are dead as it is hard to talk. At least steals the movie yet Tony Hendrick by the way who's accused child molestation later in life but that's about it does that's so funny. Yeah. I mean this movie you know. I'll just and with this. Because it's such a guys thing wise it's a guy's movie David Spade once said there's two types a guy's a party. Guys are talking of the chicks and and the guys in the kitchen during Monty Python quotes. And that was me and my friends except those all spinal that we get all Spinal Tap all the time I think if you're about my age junior French probably said things like. And I discussing that and and as they open missed have a good time. All the time and I'm sure if I was a so heavily sedate look to differently and it's not good job to be used to do but his knowledge to visit the F I thought and on and on and on. I don't remember this strings in the middle of Alston. Real quick Rob Reiner did you were directed it isn't the only did you want to we talked about it it hadn't. Dropped federal had never been parodied by people who grew up on rock and roll. Beckham the daily Steve Allen used to read like Beatles lyrics on TV and it would laugh like it was I was still is that these guys are so this was the guys who really love it love the genre and the way the they're trying to be like. Neary go like global beer and and took them they're good to listen to deliver the Afflalo. Pete Rose at various eras I think we love the heavy know because that's all that's left of them and now. But also one thing that we're sort of I guess kind of overlooking or were burying the lead it it in one respect is that. A genre of movie in many ways was born from Spinal Tap why's that need to be on the guy movie 100 yes because it's eminently quotable it was a child at favoured for years. And you've courted for 35 straight years. Yes because it's so well made influential and oh my god the songs are as funny as the quotes in the movie in the characters. It's really the first marquee manner. I mean there there are fake documentaries before this but. This is like sort of a sub genre of movie that has exploded since it's like Christopher guest's entire can in all these work. Best in show waiting for government all these other movies that we can't not watch every time they come by. But we can't forget about the fact it's what it all began with a Spinal Tap public. Office probably spend on edit the office is not know any of this stuff without Spinal Tap dismembered the bigger the wingspan the deeper the quick. Joseph and Spinal Tap. How can I leave this behind my house. An expiration of a (%expletive) festivals. And I only candidates Stonehenge again now did it Saturday. I think that the indigo B was that there was and it's a monument in danger of being caused by the rules took the gutter where they've been there he. And the and and boon to me and. This is. Dare I say. Maybe the one movie I think if you had to ask the whole movie to the whole world to agree on one movie. If yet as the whole world to agree on one movie. That you like we can we arrived all decide there's one over real with the whole world has a white one move kick boxer okay. It's not Saving Private Ryan there was a movie. We ought to now after yeah I mean like when is it edit them cryptic error who doesn't love back to the future didn't. When they first saw it. Wasn't just blown away by the movie. Doesn't get the goosebumps and isn't it you know this at the movie feels the movie magic every time you see it you hear the music. The performs as Michael J. Fox is at the height of his power sister in this movie. Christopher Lloyd. One of the unsung comic geniuses. American television. Who just if you've never gone and watched taxi do yourself a favorite I mean if not for dance there everyone thinks are DeVito go back and just for GM along go back and watch sexy. And that there may there may be fuel. More eccentric outrageous and lovable characters. Then doctor Emmett brown I mean why don't we all still wanna shop at the twin pines mall why don't wait for. Yeah isn't that what I don't know what what what what did you know what's means why am I excited that I Wear Calvin Klein underwear what are they Lea Thompson is a sex symbol. Why don't look at what point what I think about in my next kid. Marvin bury everything is. He's all of these are all inference that back to the futures leapt on us but you know I talked often about. These movies that I think like this is really no such thing as a perfect movie and if you study enough cinnamon if you're fans of Coppola's event driven crazy trying to make the greatest movie and you know that. Someone who's revered like Kubrick in the idea of like there's no such thing as a move that's ever done the closest thing I think to a perfect movie. May be raiders of the lost art. It may I Star Wars as while the fly he knows my favorite movie in many people's favorite movie back to the future is probably as close. To a perfect movie as a thinking yet it's science fiction. It's drama. It's family friendly it's action packed it's hilarious. It's charming as can be and oh by the way. Who did you love more in terms of pop music and sound tracks. And Huey Lewis and The News in the mid eighties I mean it. This has everything and I guarantee you if you showed to ownership to my kids soon and on the serve your boys watcher how much your kids love Jerry because we've got kids. Aging from toddler all the way up to. You know I'd adult and Marine Corps doesn't back to if they don't like it all back to the future than you must also think. That video games chocolate chip cookies and taxi free rides. On the subway or a bad thing. Big I'll take it a separate I think you're dead on with everything dissent and perhaps one of the most underrated. Comedic performances of all time Crispin Glover is toward fly this is an mavs aren't biting tennis and they it it's he is off the charts. In seemingly funny in this city can just go back and watch his performance again. He is so funny and Michael J. Fox. Was such the biggest star in the world at that point and carried this movie. One I mean one point 100 at times as one was ordered Jesus I almost got an accident driving south of 995. This past weekend. After we did the parents of the radio show. I saw Delorean on the highway and I changed it for ten miles so while I was driving I could pull up my phone. I can take a pitcher ever to prove that I saw vintage 1980s Delorean and the best part was the license plate it was FL XEP. Plus. Okay yeah fastest guys out. At a time was too many letters I imagine exactly real quick I showed it to might kid when he was like in elementary school. Or all of debt I was so excited to skeletal about the box set. We his his soapbox derby you know car a pine wood derby that you make for scouts we made it into the Delorean and it was just. At an element of so much cool in the movie like just every element of BP is just so perfect nobody should not love this from. I just wanted to mention I was at comic con and two dozen fifteen. On the anniversary where Marty supposed to arrive in the future and they were giving away Pepsi perfect the first I. All right dressed as Marty so. Yzerman a date October Tony first when he fifteen to remember how excited I was like it was. Almost like a national holiday he's more like five yeah like we're finally here we can believe it needs just inane thoughts on the cubs screw up and up. Being underway in the world sir I don't particularly I'm just happy I still wanna copy of Grey's. All sports almanac real could it does is hard on my town hall on the top of it that there rebuild it. We stop that at the light a guy make it to his work we look up we just like each other at the same there's a. Save the clock tower sic. It has at all it's a perfect movie number 52. Amicable Saban called this might Bieber comedy at the last ten years it's step Brothers and I'm not gonna delve into the plot. But I'll give you a few nuances that don't want to repeat. But I think a government that's a don't slacker radiance lived again. Don't Horton for the win sorry that the popular my favorite scenes from the find feature films that Brothers. John C. Reilly in an effort to impresses you step mom. People consider this to. Like six people at a restaurant has told us you're gonna say that it does. Wanted to apply at the same Brett says he likes chocolate chips and has picked except. It Will Ferrell sewing up the samurai so it autograph Biron to exit. He broke into a building that was rough it's so. I had not yet ready Yang thought. I would almost anything what you have to do. My favorite quote nuts and it will barrels informed of his parents do plans whether it will not vote. Third soda host we've got to go to therapy. That's. Scott steal scenes is Derek the successful brother who won his high school town show by the sinking. He Sais BV. He runs the largest helicopter leasing have been on the weeks that what eastern seaboard the Catalina wine mixer but I'll. And he also has his own real estate business the man realty with his own czar. Nice nice day. He and I palace we tell the mine uptown girl that collegial tribute to it and the only piece eighties Jules. And prestige worldwide with their investors presentation featuring the song boats and those are just some of the more epic moments from the split that every guy. Or Everyman child needs the city. Why asked Weis what eyes is watching cops cracked cracked. So many will secondary characters so these movies on this list treatment of him like rob regal in the as this little parties never believe he's never secondary character but he steals the movie is just. Wanting to punch Will Ferrell look face for no reason at all. That's the steeler aforementioned Adam Scott still how about Richard Jenkins almost make. The may be that uncomfortable. Because the justice ray Downey goes through it's actually a great acting performance of those funny and then I was saying earlier. This might be the ultimate example of artist winning the argument of artist risk management because I heard out of McCain interview saying this is our vanity project this is us just playing. And in the dinner scene they used more film footage and he's an Apocalypse Now for the final scene so this is just artists who know what they're doing at play and it's. Awesome so much more room for activity. And it all seems improvise you yelled every. Body is Rick. I. Also how many other movies on this list involves somebody threatening to drag their. Not skin across someone's drums get an and you actually see it. I thought it was his advantages and they are gonna say offscreen they would yell about it and then will Farrell's. Berries are out getting dragged across there. (%expletive) Catalina lying next to him and I we've never seen Adam Scott before this too so great yes great deal is real us. Aren't going number 51. And this is fueled. Scarface. Okay. The timid Tino is a Cuban national. All right loosely based on 9032 film Brian DePalma deserted written malware stone. And talk about one of the great. Mean is this much needed rest and we've all time it's so great. At being a bad movie that it's great you know I mean yeah young Michelle Pfeiffer. Right jumping around and nobody hotter in that little top Jerry hey listen pal. Go how and when is my business and regularly united dug in the mccreery and he didn't do an entire impression is so fantastic. Between the world is yours the mound a cocaine. Say hello to my little friend dead right. Over top acting when he gets shot 35 times until the one bullet from his liked you know final boss. I mean it's just fantastic in my favor you know it's a funny sources I love scarface. I think you're part of the movie every time I I would go to grab a dvd. Would be death blooper reel to be reasonable for real on the TV call so there is saying like it's four minutes long. And it's every so where from scarred face. Which there's a lot of them not everyone that there's most of them their edited for TV. So like you know that the scene opens a reason like the interrogation guy goes where did you get this buddy Thomas Stearns faced the meat and Posey. Any got to say hey good Selig has already it is tough Guyton final. It is buddies but yeah it is visible and appraiser girls and he goes and lesbians. And do the TV and it goes ha membranes. Don't sit are in this cell at a genre comedy in and of itself like and die hard to. When he takes the zip file out and throws it into the jet fuel that's leaking down in Franklin near as airplane that's taken off. And and said have you became out of hundreds EP KMR falcon. I and we arguments in the big about skew the had a great my Emery goes just what you get when you do you talk a stranger in the ass into it in January because. What happens when you find it strange anyhow yeah. Faces a plot so perfect hey can I this is a safe circle worm we're all here you know it's kind of doing our thing ancestry as I've never seen scar face tonight. One. And I'll tell you why. Has no reason ally here now and immediately. I mean not that I know of this I'm open and you knew not going to be coming gangsta rapper actually today. And what is basically the course to get so much I've never I was into a never really was into mob movie saw the godfather just because I've felt like you know. I'm alive. Literally it. But also dealt the love that the gangster culture and then by the time I should've seen this movie. It's a so so being co opted by. Certain people are certainly does here in the phrases and expressions and everyone like wind to be that like to rip pretty reprehensible character and while it's kind of fun at the same time. I now I just like pulled from Baghdad wrestler right yet each season is guide it's risen top on. Every terrible way but your point foreigner because. I don't know it's just Katrina being so fine needs is being out of geno and his album fearless but Lawrence I am woman I watched it recently met in the appeal for it is that it's unintentionally funny. I can't even watch it for the content aren't bad factor though. His mentor in the crime world slash guy who betrays them is Robert Lohse yeah yeah yeah. Basic orange to a worse Ricky Ricardo accent even then a bitch you bitch you know. Will it when he decides that he's gonna turn the tables on them Hud is to meet the number one line at some that the home will be region it. I'm not gonna Q you and he turns to his henchmen must. Took that piece of (%expletive) Worst of it. Brian DePalma when Brian DePalma succeeds like with Kerry or would body double like few hit. There are super specific mark sharper and better than DePalma did in his prime but at the same time. Few people when they missed missed so wild and I quite would DePalma did. Lighter note snake eyes were brought to good mood it's good it's green like the blood to good that's another good example like scarface is all. By every count as a terrible movie but the same time. It's wonderful because I guess it just hell I don't know I guess it just passing by and I figured you know what there's only so many. Cool guy trains I could get on that sounds interesting that the part a recent visit the bathtub. Giant bubble bath. And his wife spent the entire Michelle Forbes for the entire move we tell them how much he's got two quality is limited to luxury and he's an election always TVs and he is gone. And look at a at a Benedict and Vatican delegate better at flamingo slide. It up about a candidate yeah it's that it's all of budget non sequitur is and and the most all or acting scene chewing it'll help but she knows its storied career and that is saying something I don't know as the bad guy. Every time I lions yeah. Baghdad. Uses dawn balls you almost solely on the road ahead eleven on eleven of Baghdad camera go to Darren Sox Orioles game in physical ball team are. And number fifty. Date for the guy train next. While looking essay about this movie then. I want. Buckingham Clark I try to. A (%expletive) Now been claim strays automobiles is one of my favorites. It is probably more of family movie in a way that a guy movie and yet it is the ultimate guy movie it's a buddy road trip movie. Guys who are buddies. But find each other. This is the only John Hughes movie on this list. Good guys good good good because. Boy it's it's so perfect and I can't watch the end. You know it's thirty years old don't give a spoiler alert the when John candies walking down to the strains of everytime you go way. I cry everytime I see it no matter how many times I've seen at the revealed the truth of his character. At the station when Steve Martin turns back goes what are you doing here. And he admits what the truth is then you re watched the movie and it just gets you that that hate those that John Kenny is hiding. In that film with his guy next door friendly got everyone the pain he's hiding all got to getting emotional just talking about it in this movie is. Awesome it's a great Thanksgiving movie that's right I mean scary is it really is it's become I'm glad it's become so revered because it deserves it. Unbelievably funny unbelievably quotable. Those are two pillows my friends like me Jack Jack Jack get on enough I wanted to Dick about a lap of volumes about them what to take a leap meg gonna stay there like a slab of meat admittance or giving a keynote is. On and on and trying to tell a story trying to tell lightly it is the largest a little skinny but she's strong so I it's you know candy. And Steve Martin probably in their primes and boy am glad his capture on film. John Candy is is just one of America's. Sweethearts and I don't mean that in the great and I think he's absolutely did just. His. He is. It is there's a great point the. His presence is so lost now. You know Larry I missed it nobody was better than John Candy in his prime when he was making terrible movies that are still ultimately very watchable and and look. We should also let listener now like other two John Candy Robson adventures in nonsense movies like. One named after LaRoche great outdoors is a great outdoors which other comedian friends of ours who we like very much in trust the taste of like Greg Murphy is he that's his favorite comedy of all time. I still love summer and societal ideals I don't think you're right semi well it is being funny in a brilliant because it's so bad it's just hill. But this movie because it's John Hughes because you've got candy and you've got humored. Steve Martin. And because the fact it packs a gut punch for the longest time it bothers the hell I mean the same with a Judd Apatow movies are always thirty minutes too long. Why every John Hughes movie have to have this emotionally resonant. Kind of sad finish breakfast club does is a sad part of fares dealer before redeemed itself quickly in the end it's science at all. They have it there but I don't agree but as a kid that bothered me walking out of a movie theater. And Boston Brockton dead in Braintree. Like a manhunt that have to get said you tell and you just laughed dress up the whole time. Now is a grown up I realized just how much more impact moments in his it's like the millions iteration of the odd couple. I totally mismatch it ought to get. One thing in common and yet the two actors make it work so perfectly and candy was that the celebrity death I'll never get old and I say this for real quick as an. Acting class tourney you whom might be missing one act watch the scene in the diner. With John canning Steve Martin and Steve Martin's tells John Candy you know maybe we should separate it which of course several ways and John cain's reaction that I am OK I get it and the pain that he's trying to it's so good that movie is just love it. An aide in summary quotable part three goes starts when he missed that the school plating is while those both those jazz don't have in Canada doesn't. Have to happen again. And Iowa is what do you do on the mess around in the car. My oh my god just pure brought physical comedy that's been parried it a million times it's so personal feelings and it's an. Does this and the reason why I still drive a convertible Le baron with a. Great little cameo by earlier spot that Michael McKee and yet as well eastern and the cot you believe this vehicles or parameter. Yes sir I do I really do do you have baby dolls and expensive lunch I have seventeen dollars and Cassie. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to say in their islands go one and number forty. What we've got in here it is of value. To do Vaughn that now OK I'm going to. Introduced this movie with its best pop culture crossover referenced the first. Episode of cheers. Diana so that the bar diesels and Adobe's idiot drunks who hang out there having a conversation. About auto aliases the sweaty as movie ought. So that's any. About what he yeah some pocket to select the right. Herb pretentious rich boyfriend that she's waiting welcomes the wac in dangerous. Thank you were asking and a listen that is able to talk about what's the so it's will be a vault and without as a beating us. Oh cool and broken elbow and six good. And this is your classic American archetype. The anti hero you know this is Paul Newman who just was. Is impossible not to be likable on screen play and a guy who is it is horrible prison for the crying loan. Pops up parking meters and robbed them which you know I don't itself makes him a hero when your love this guy. I watched the trailer this recently and it's the catch phrases you know. It's the movie. That will lie. He could fly it and that's it he just he's too good guy he's too for his spirit. To be cooped up in this prison run by the sadistic struck the Marten it's got everything it's got a great lead. It's good to attend I think what he Oscar right is that again the sidekick. Right and then you've got struggle Martin's character actor I know we took two things that. And though all around by the chiefs in slap shot brilliant and ankle bumped. And presumably it's not always easy to watch in this one just kept giving you any reason to stay with that the those that check washing their car I'll drop the boxing scene wages tips get view tourist get accused beat the snot out of state and this gives did not look at the although the hard boiled egg scene you know he's gonna make themselves sick but he just wants to give the guys up a feel good about. I. Just really I swear ogle it but I was gonna say this movie does for prism what and one of the cougar nested for in Santa sounds right completes that is the exact same type of hosts a story. In which you have this anti hero. Distracting me tires harassment to the point where. Your polling firm so much and I mean George Kennedy for God's sakes an airplane alone in a drive and that the plane that's them. What are we use music for rabies music like ideally it makes you feel good what he's a great. Movie Ford who enjoy watching but at its best. You actually incorporated in your life somehow and I swear to god. I have thought of that seemed to beat down seemed George Kennedy in times of life have been down and tired and that. Don't get up don't get up and I keep getting up it's the it's to keep moving forward speech that rocky gives in a way it's like. Now you are going to be Eli for job or whatever it is but I'll keep getting up you cannot keep me down so inspiring I think that's to die thing to I think that's attempt uniquely man thinks that a woman to watch that moving both. Look at its commandos get up up up or tarnish the right. That was a natural photo shaking up a fantastic. Ad know that and his. Exactly why and number 49 NASA we're gonna run and a number 48. Number 48. Saxophones well. He has aid is needs that Google. Irony and. Yeah it. Can overshot the title don't mind if I do. Lethal weapon. While this was the movie again like a Spinal Tap that's a huge impact on young Mattie Blake. Cop. Buddy movie. Perfected it. Probably started the whole genre of them trying to copy this or find it again it just was unique even the other lethal weapons with Joseph Pesci and never. I never bought into those this one is the one and Danny Glover amazing. Cool was better. At playing the Psycho though. Reached but but hiding it bad ass former special forces got to Mel Gibson like he just wanted to be hammy was so good that it used money. And and you hated the bad guys great performance. I'm by Gary Busey it's a great performance hell yeah it's weird it's unique Vista the shipment. You know is the way is fine it's so unique it's also saying what Travolta did him pulp fiction it's just him only he could have done at that time. It's prompts you. You want it out cutie quick. As mr. Joshua. In this movie he is such a great heavy and he's not the ultimate bad guy he's like the number one answered but. This is at a time when in the eighties when oftentimes the henchmen of the ultimate that he was the baddest guy like in roadhouse for not Yeltsin has to fight and put his thumb after the throw up yes our tech guy. Lethal weapon. Didn't do anything that we hadn't ever seen a movie like this do before we've seen how deep does the same way that. Planes trains and automobiles didn't reinvent the wheel just did it in a different way that made us laugh. I'm controlling for an hour forty minutes lethal weapon. Is something we've seen a million times before and billions of times since trying to recapture the magic but the chemistry. And that's what the tagline once for all the settlement of the post is the magic is back because the cat. Street between Danny Glover and now Gibson our top green eggs between the two of them was just pitch perfect and it's also. One of those screenplays I think that if you had to sit down what's a perfect screenplay are housed at learn how to write a movie if you had to write an action movie you would look at Shane black's. Lethal weapon in the original script he kept trying to kill the same way Harrison Ford wanted to console are dead Sheen black kept trying to kill. Rigs because he thought the character the way that he lived his life had a death wish said the original draft has him dying in an explosion as he takes out the Hollywood sign and saves everybody. But ultimately proved while they're filming was so likable. That they kept him around that movie is the final fight the wrestling match in the for on the front lawn the running the shooting don't want I do not real comes reel catch this a real (%expletive) gone it's the odd couple. It's an exile rhetoric. Although one thing that a twist that they put on a that I really like it's. It's that death wish by Mel Gibson that he could put. Put himself in harm's way he challenges drug dealers say he's got the drop on to put a bullet to which candidate job is and because he kind of wants to die but he eat comes to that it. That relationship to to give you some Duluth for. Now we talked The Three Stooges and we talked about this though I actually prefer lethal weapon too because John Hagee character he I don't I mean we're re proud and I do as good as Gary Busey was to have. Sadistic. Murderous. You know the self African apartheid's racist as the bad guys that was yeah that checked all our box and that there are a lot of movies on this list that. Are actually there are couple of sequels I should say that did make this list. Lethal weapon two was argued for and maybe it'll make the list of movies left out the permissions. But when I sometimes you see is equally wanna see it reinvent itself produce something different further story we don't need to see the further adventures of breeze in our top okay. And we don't let it over and over okay okay okay. If I can't drive there. Time and she had a diplomatic immunity a mile in my and I gonna kill unit it's funny it's great it's my best you scraper it's like adding new puppy to the sitcom it just didn't. I didn't need it I agree I'm glad I came out but what it didn't have. But the first one has is the seemed very Smart or Richard Donner you know the old shall we don't tell me a movie script that you said nick great script. What explains Martin Riggs OK first minute of the movie it's all exciting I'll then you seem in his trailer. He's watching little Christmas show any puts African gun in his small. And bugs bunnies but what matters and that any weeks and you'll always got these guys the earth there's. It's just awesome and let's face nick nick you're wrong about one thing. The cop buddy thing was perfected that whole funny lines and chemistry doesn't much matter bide time going Daschle letter. Getting a fair point there are quite an. I reliance you know her Maria. And. Birdie Lisa tendon. Okay now the last movie that I had. Back to the futurist and maybe that's up perfect if not the perfect movie if I say. Maybe on this list I think this might be the most complete movie. Or it's one of those movies where it offers a little bit of everything for everyone. At the same time what's it has a fish out of water it's another oddball pairing it's a road comedy it's a buddy picture. And the same time. It has like Mel Gibson wasn't really much of an action star before lethal weapon wall who the hell. Saw Robert De Niro as a comedy star and he's not as a comedy star but Robert De Niro has never been funny year. Charles grow and has never been more likable and things that shouldn't but like all these things just don't belong together and yet they worked perfectly. In 1980 eight's midnight run a movie that I challenge anybody to turn off whenever comes on at any point did you happen to join it. Upon a cable reviewing. It's an action movie it's a buddy movie it's comedy it's dramatic enough. It's really well made it's directed by Martin Brest who is coming off of Beverly Hills cop so right in the mid eighties there he had the action comedy. Down hat. This movie is. It's a seamless you love Dennis Farina. And she's a way that he's taunting his assistant Sydney the into Sydney's sit down sit down city did not have a sandwich I was stabbed in the (%expletive) heart with a pencil. He was so great sit down relax have a glass of milk have a sandwich do something forget day. Think Jack Walsh and John at then margin guess it's been so long since I've seen it I'm not exactly sure entirely so I know that. Jonathan Martin mucus so Jack Wallace is a bounty on Bonnie hunter guy's hand. He's chasing after Jonathan mark duke is who embezzled money from no yup from US bought for you little mob accountant my body that's right that's right and so he took all the money he gave it to charity. Yes to settle and and as they want their hot hip and by not holidays. Different now. Right. You know I don't I it's been so long since I've seen it I mean there's umpteen movies on this list that I would wish that I had re watched before this selective quote them. More fluently and has more familiar with the plot beats but all those that any time I think of men that run. I think you've seen it like. In a movie theater on the cape when my dad in the late eighties and I think about how happy it made at ass and I don't think there's anyone who's watched that this movie even now is dated as it may be instead like. The that was okay. Yet now it is soon as your kids are at the age we're OK with them parents are wearing it this metric but tons of an in this. It's great movie shown it moves along it's got to frenetic pace. Yeah affect color always yeah yeah yeah. He's trying to get the arm there isn't a rival bounty hunter the Jolie can't alone oh. Yeah higher stood Jerry Kelly out in debt yet because he doesn't trust mark and I are at home who gets the drop on my Dugas and takes a Polaroid album and sends it to a doesn't realize that a low in the bathroom picture he's got a changeup there is that of Mata Graham of the motel or a cap so he loses them again. So many twists and turns and then at the on the is that while most menacing moments ever. Farina gets Simmons says. To the to the duke he says the BT two things you're gonna die tonight. Then I'm gonna find you wife and I am gonna kill her too. And it's like oh my god it's so just. Compelling and yet the end is a twist that takes a ninety degree turn of perfection it's such a great great movie for adults eager change for a thousand. Body hair looks like I'm walking there. It understated comedic farce by Charles growth and understated and under rated I would say visible seeing words near roses ghost amendment does us no. It's my favorite thing about. Good around this so. And that guy that at a vowing uttered that's got to play Taggart. In several hills cop yes that's old York you know brilliant but from one and number 46. When or when. Am 46. Good. The dad. And the ugly. This one. Some people say it saved the dollars trilogy fistful of dollars few few dollars markers those were Sergio Leone was exactly you know. Busting the box office at those are critical acclaim and in this one it was considered like a film. It's got its funny at watched in and you know getting ready for this podcast and wants and along time pistol a result it. Good betting on that did you have to carry it's gotten so it it's epic. You know I don't you don't think of these movies it acts she had a man that is the civil war scenes he amount of extras that they had arm. It's really quite a film to go. Exactly right exactly right and you know if you're starting off a west in this I wouldn't lead with this don't necessarily. But it does kinda have an all that you want it's got Arctic characters that are just so well done and Clint. Again is this just kills it in this Blondie I he's just the guy you wanted to be. Infinitely quotable again. Scary it's kinda scary super violent too which I forgot like that tortures you got up by guide yanks the crap out of the next storm Katrina but I don't think that's done by the way I must say. Whoever did that stunt that's again newbie staff from the commercial ready. That's. This yeah this film is it's got an offer west in the showdown at the end there are trying to find is going to stand mathematically can stand I mean it's it's epic. It's Clint. It's Eli Wallach it is an hour's blankly then cleaves is unbelievable to shoot shoot. Don't talk is just so you know eight boss has to be on here I think it's it's the guys western. Can sacred that intern dinners and it was the best who remain. And you can see how it's influenced his still making sense with the idea of breaking haven't acts in the grand scope and shooting things and Sims cinema scope of senators and whatever seven millimeter. It's beautiful. Also. He had its Angel lies or any minority guy walks character's name is and like Blondie did his ease the mamet known him like a caricature goal yet that he doesn't even need need a name to. I may not just to be contrarian that I a subscribe to the idea that. The for a few dollars more is the best of these three movies now look this is the grand as this is the most influential this is the most beautiful. This has the greatest hit probably the great one of the five greatest film scores are they a mark on his iconic soundtrack but. I think first few dollars mores of the better movie because it has. It has lead and cleaves Angel lives and Blondie teaming up. To form like a super team for their mail came together at some time now to win whenever they team together to fight a mutual for the on the Ottawa and he ran away and it's just a great it's as and it's it's an hour shorter but look at the same time it's an arguable this movie is just hit an Angel eyes is actually not the same league Yankee. Blankley that it plays a different character is it different here it is and character he added we can bring back the same got a place or so what is that things about this movie is that Eastwood vanishes. Good to bad the ugly. In the same outfit that he starts. A fistful of dollars so it's considered a prequel actually. So in real time wrapped it up but right prequel to right which is Demi get a and I really had an original thought had a tough time all big time. On any amount a memorable quotes they now is two kinds man in the world those with loaded guns in those who DUD. Sit and any idea Vietnam. That the Mexican standoff is so well shot. It goes from their fate you know they're they're so in their bodies to their faces to their eyes to the point where you're like bureau ripping the density. Coffee table as you're watching it. On it's it's it's honestly when my top three for fear of always welcome this hour when we. When we were kids that think that we're to the movies the other together. Where sixteen years old and our buddy Jack who went on to become a prominent music director of producer performer. Would make these music tapes that he thought that we should all was indeed love Danielle meant we would listen a lot of scores of what not remember. Driving to work when they're Sundays he said you you have to play this that was the theme from good bad the ugly and I was like. My my head blew up it was unbelievable that first time ever that a little stabbed early. And. Is up there I think with Don Don Don Don and now tonight. Bond done that and then absolutely it's a it's one of the all time easily recognize always and eight notes I don't know music but race wheel housing and also more recent incident and unless I start to ten years the Ecstasy of gold. As he's running in that you know and that's been playing commercials and and all sorts of things it's been really picked up I would feel remiss if I didn't also say that today. It's a three hour movie if you compact and all of the dialogue together it would probably be seven minutes student Phil. Top five and knew we mentioned soundtrack I've completely whipped and forgot to mention how awesome. The soundtrack to midnight run is by and you mentioned is named an elephant. And that is say out of the way simple steps that we used in plain cheese on a real zero set. Some of it you look it up some listening some little like harmonica little stabs him between scenes drawer. Are there on the train except it was used also on planes trains automobiles but just sort of a weird little tidy up from it from the two films and. That is another movie that actually I'm not only is amazing isn't it's original form in fact if you watch the original tally in the comes up for the good the bad and the ugly. On but the when they re released it they had the a deleted scenes that because everything was dubbed over because it is spaghetti western. They had to bring in leaving Cleve. Well I'm serving closed at that point they're bringing you I wallet they bring in Clint Eastwood to do redo the voices. So they can re release these edited scenes and it's great because you can get a pitch to these two old guys kind of reliving these amazing deleted scenes so every chance. Check out. The extended edition good the bad you know let's go to number forty. And only get to the top ten it'll be our top ten however. If it was my top ten somewhere between five and ten you would find. A movie that sometimes if I have five stop and think about it it puts the biggest smile on my face and I think maybe. Ounce for ounce pound for pound is as influential and hilarious. And treasured by me. As caddie shack which is most guys' favorite comedy because. When I saw caddie shack I wasn't a caddie I wasn't going through that particular spell on my life it just happens to be. Well the funniest movie ever made but when I saw better off dead. I was preteen. I knew that this is where I was going to go with where life was gonna go I can relate to it in the age of the John Hughes movies which at times I found a little too touchy feeling didn't really speak to my warped sense of humor savage Steve Collins better off dead. Was the first movie I think that sort of spoke to me because I was such a fan of something I saw and cartoons so much surrealism. This movie this movie takes place oftentimes is that takes place in his mind really as much as it does this is his imagination this is the way that he. This is the way that he's that he sees the movie happen this thing is that things happening like. Yeah with the Japanese like what are they doing talking like Howard Cosell you know like this he has a dream sequence working at the burger shack in its you know they did donate ten minute yeah exactly. I mean that that the paper can come there's no menacing paper boy's student iron or funny papers that's two dollars cash skis that I got and then. You know and I'll let you know well happen you know we'll talk about Mike. The fact that like my life is so dumb that I spend more time arguing in my mind in with a grown adult male friends. What's the greater Curtis Armstrong performance as it has deadly voter dots and revenge of the nerds or Charles DeMar. In better off dead. I did forget about the fact this is John Cusack and in here is sort of like if Tom Hanks was at the height of his wacky pre Philadelphia priests America's leading man powers. From splashed a bachelor party volunteers in the money pit. Then John Cusack as America's thinking man teenager yeah non Matthew Broderick division was crashing in here but. I mean Charles Amar I've added that. My brother makes this monster night is a milk and monster. I was in my grown up with a lighter fluid that I did people die down there in time when you're not sick is really sick that. Did any idea how much but the street value does not as I can't move my right arm. Listen lane of the. I've been going to this high school for seven and a half years and I'm no dummy that and. Movie it's so freaking funny and then they. It's got all the prerequisite eighties moments they couldn't afford Williams Africa and they couldn't. Bigs that go. I'm not I'm not up every night I thought we had a little bit went at it again. You just tell it don't work to get an average but I'll give a couple of lines played anybody like effect badger the brother isn't mail order laser guiding us to talk about the dawn of reform and almost Nelson with a laser gun in the movie ends with a miniature should be. Let's look at it and drop it. And then my other mom with Perot and I didn't talk about that. Did it he is then this is fantastic guy loved every. Moment of batter up dead but that the toughest part does what he's Trevor Ritchie the school that they have the they have that are used to cameras are your mob blew up Ricky. It's so what are the people breaking his mom out make my outage. Brett spy. It's. It's so funny that it. I don't want your number and a number forty when I look. The total of 44 number 44. Okay if there is one thing that compares to see in somebody. At their absolute best it seems someone who is a great and what they did have a Michael Renaissance coming back late in their career and doing great it. At the age of 38 I think it was Ted Williams hit 388. Hollywood Hogan. Of course I was gonna say Hollywood Hogan and only got. That Booth that Elvis 68 comeback special and they got he got in shape and you know it's Sinatra I think had a great like farewell concert that wasn't really his farewell but it was an amazing that's what. This is on the list it's true grit course impeccable the original the duke Wayne won when we was. On the PL probably approach in the eighteenth fairway of his career and all that much older guy who are part of the make it a bunch of you know crappy like who walked through performances and view a World War II movies whatever. Goes back to his roots please rooster cog burn what are arguably the greatest character Abel played you Oscar for the sake think he did I should know Golan an okay. And meet a young Robert Duvall is like the bad guys that he's hunting. Colin Campbell of all people like in this thing is like you know on cub. Good guy secondary character and the iconic scene that they did. Shot for shot in the dove recent remake is the one with him with the four guys any tells them. Not after you guys is one bad. Now at a meeting and a Killian and amended on that day at a fort Smith and and it. Duke always hole expression changes and now it's personally liquid on the reins of Hezbollah hello Larry and use a little bit and you know it he's. Doesn't Avalon delivery doesn't have much to live for. This is fun for him MTV goes out he's gonna go out a hero of his boots are also one of those movies that had. The obligatory annoying female sidekick character and how is that fourteen I think that Iran San okay figured it was the actor's name is Kim Darby are just like he had just not knowing is has helped. Nevertheless it's just one of those things that you see really not that it's a complex story it's just duke Wayne too when duke Wayne things with money and I. Like the remake no absolutely it in the remake her character apparently carries most of the movie because she says she just is a good job acumen of the girl's been hailed as actually girl's turn into pop singer Hayley Steinfeld our gash how remedies she's grace she's so in the remake and it's not one of those movies were the Coen Brothers got excessively precious you can tell exactly they lionized they'd love this movie and they just kind of wanted to contemporary as it. And you talk about how. You see John Wayne's basically almost not mocking but sort of having a comeback vehicle like Kevin this one great last game. Jeff Bridges who's in the throes of his own personal Renaissance when he did this was a short shockingly good choice. And I thought kind of made the performances zone and was for in Great Britain. Then abrasive kinda unlikable. Ornery character that makes you love them out which more. You know Matt Damon kind of not planned nine point eight played against type you know kind of plan like affect bliss you know read my last Congo flat Atlantic guy ever. The lower the best thing that in this is one of those movies when they said they're gonna remake and what news and then they since Munich on president. And it turned out that it's in a lot of ways superior. And a lot of it has do with today's technology in the things they can do and the lack of Oakland camp and their ability out of their ability to make to make movies. But on the original I mean you take John Wayne out of that and it's it's there it's okay you can take. Bridges that are out of the remake and it'll still be great movie completed probably finally bridges is great but I mean. A lot of that is what the Coen Brothers just do it John Wayne playing that in making says. Going out his boots on I mean is there more calls a more may leave American man seemed they'd just put in a raising your mouth. Grab them both both guns my hand and has grown at a guess four guys I mean you Doleac Nash is saying that I'm just gonna. This is that's my shot. Angela I love a guy that ages well even if it's a fictional character to. Take in a lake east would. And some of the more recent movies he's gone like like grand Torino whatever it a guy who gives no fox and is gonna I'm an old man and there's nothing you can do to me and true grit is like that the it's Cannes summit archetype that. Kind of got on gonna say this. Since we decided even do this project this is the movie the knicks and we did talk about number 43. Call me sneak. I don't know I mean yeah okay thanks a lot I think I'd appreciate it very much that picture available I don't have much of a back story. And half but I like no drill the well. I'm missing and I hit. I am obviously has its military and somehow I've been captured and I've been brought in to perform a service or government that no one trusts. It is it's weird Iran and costs. I don't know I think at. I know I religious captures the spirit of some of these characters from time. OK if I'm not the only one night snake your in his season. And OK we do all of that because. I think that we're coming up talking about. American cinemas first grade action hero John Wayne I think my favorite of all the action here are some would maybe say it was Bruce Wayne so I've burst. Have any of that to get that number and some would say it was you know some say they're favors Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love that Kirk Russell John Carpenter movies in ways that I can't describe because how quirky they are because of the the anti heroes they're all such lovable anti heroes but. If I could choose to be any one. If the characters to me that is the coolest to I would wanna choose to be would be snake was in I don't know there's just something. There's who whatever is less if it's numerically possible to get less than zero fox that's what he starts when you when a hero or character you or your anti hero. Starts the movie at zero there's nowhere to ago. But up and yet still seems to plumb the depths further by being more despicable. By being a greater scandal beat yet somehow being heroic was the entire movie for himself. It's also great. To still be in. Scifi as well like it takes place in nineteen. It's 1982 when they make it but it takes place in 1997 wow meant to just chamber of Manhattan. Donald pleasant as the president is crash landed there getting a fight. The gangs and we're to have 24 hours he's got the thing's gonna go off in his neck it such a great Jesus scifi. John Carpenter and I've talked before about how he was on that run from Halloween today lived that ten year span and the man can do no wrong. He did not produce like. He just went he he went six for six with two walks and a double header basically over the course of that ten years. And the prime of it is escape from New York it's got that great minimalist to John Carpenter theme. The action it's not even that much of an action movie really it's more like a scifi think peace. That has a couple of them see wrestling scene everything it's got front but it's a it's got pro wrestling. Basketball it's that the second one escape from LA he got Adrian barber OI. I'm the leader did wonders where before we had Maria Conchita Alonso are raid on John there was Maria that both major bar below. As this exe on screen news the world's greatest hits nude scene. In essar nude scene in swamping oh that's right two via a and it was leaving Khalifa who played. The one who ordered him right at the one who ornaments the island of men at the prison island of Manhattan. Audi hang glide like he has to basically hang glide to the top of the world etc. find his way down in 24 hours is completely implausible it's totally ludicrous. But it's just super cool it's like an odd it's like a sigh it's like it to still be inside five western. Starring my favorite movie movie hero Walter. Will mark Thomas comic con story I was at a table coming down with my brother who does that comic art and across most of the empty table these five guys just showed up. In there with a five carts. And Nate they one of them was snake Iran Kurt Russell's are different movies one and it was snake and one of them was capped the run. It's a bit different I taxes in net effect mr. Smith yeah. September is there cannot get Montevideo. The snake was now selling. Restores or whatever cuts in rounds. And we just did back to back Louise with the lead character had an eye patch. I know we may not have enough on its highest in tie sequence I have a feeling that they're characters from the knicks who we would have enjoyed at some point putting on an iPad let's go to number 42. Number 42. Thank you BBDO welcome. You know some ladies just don't get guy culture. The mindless entertainment the idiotic laps such as The Three Stooges. The closest thing I think we ever got to The Three Stooges in the ninety's where the films of the Farrelly Brothers. And the closest thing to the studious middle of late that close a studious Thelma there is dumb and dumber. Which I think yes it up perfectly at that. We've dumbed down thank you so much. Yes governor governor Jack Daniels at the time only known for his dramatic. Work in Jim Carey just coming off of these mature in the mask was at the peak of his fame when this comedy became an out of nowhere sensation. It's a classic again road trip buddy comedy. Taken to a magazine is levels a few great moments include their goal to manage their own pet store called I got warrants that are a bit and a like Christmas is dream sequence set to the councils the rain in the park and other things and perhaps the greatest trade in baseball history in movie history. Where did you get 25 extra bucks I saw some stuff to billion foresee. You still PD my did bird to a blind kid PD didn't even have a good. And the Caribbean at. The Farrelly Brothers to the stooges dynamic combined it was some zucker Abrams doctor love. And not to the park. Dumb and dumber just. Academy Award winning. Brilliance it's incredible it's funny cross border I'm glad you wrote women because I had like a little mental checklist of when I was doing guy films and won a model thinks it what it. It wasn't a hard fast rule but one of them was does my wife hate this movie. All yes I was definitely cannot get this there's not a movie on this list that the women will affect on Haiti in less than listening hated it from the latest images is snowball fights seem weird ripped Stiller plays an up the good laxative joke like everything about it. They hate us and we love it's an ultimate guy move in Korea. Oh well the cameo by the by the cop and he's a comic and I should don't disease genius and it when he pulls a moment and they'd be he's been paean until bottles. Give me that well harm that's out Harlem there. Mindset where it thinks it's just first of all it begins at polo or no it's a cart exhibit thanks for notice I. Retailer boots man you guys get mad and it doesn't have a it dead at the but I grant has commented that given me that proves you pumpkin pie here petted freight. It's such a great scene and it's 10 it might beat up. Fifteen funniest scene in the Wall Street is it is. Again here comes the old wet blanket of dissent that. I don't think this is the Farrelly Brothers funniest movie I know people hold this movie so dear to soberly look ivory watch it handful of times. And it's funny every time yeah maybe wouldn't minimally diminishing returns but. I I'm still looking guy I thinking is that joining us Jimmie does not disagree it's OK maybe they want us licensing provisions in manners my personal favorite again because there's so many it is ridiculous non supporters that I can throw at my -- it's like there's a movie on this list I think I tore my sac has a life. You don't have to Obama plan anger her but they're raising historical point and adjacent rooms I'd probably go see kingpin but at some point we have about a popular. Will which is this one is. The way this is the one visit when they want associates with a ferret out with Jim Carrey who for a wide stretch was that the number one comedy stars in in the world. The little subtle moments and coming out of that though 7-Eleven and guys are standing as adults not. Well it's that. I wanted to see them again. No way. And I just. An improvised moment by a by Atlanta senate doping is to hitting it's hitting any judges seemed to us this movie embraces his stupidity and it and it breeds and it's wonderful op a weird little fact it's kind of depressing a Charlie rocket. From SNL cast plays the heavy like the mag guy he said F bomb on senate alive and that killing himself cuts absorb fruit. All of our police did to hurt my tennis. It's weird historian at it and grow it and comic movie and us bank you now I can't get enough. I felt bad for saying how like he had more but now get it in the depression and it's. Number if you're 41 and I'll be at number 421. I have not yet begun to defile myself. The tombstone is out. You could its office number one I was Osama traditionally a big deal speak of a guy killed himself to install the last. So it is epitaph the most amazing thing to me about tombstone in my my first thought of it is an account without the same year that wider. Dancer's face wider spaced it out on purpose they've they've made and they put a six month gap between the two of them listen here's the thing that Kevin concert displays on a little bright he is he's pulling out. Awards edited by. OK for the movies he's putting out yet every one to a man we'll see you thinking when is a better more superior movie come out intense game Democrats are better. But that's not that I don't know yet because why his quieter which got forced. Into theaters six months later because they rushed tombstone and production to sound directed by George. Who directed Rambo first blood part two. Oddly just. Just crush this thing down at the the and I think account that did the two movies are so wildly different they are quieter want to hire days it's just like gas accordion epic. You know over acting and everything else. And tombstone is so. On point in keeps moving so quickly. With Kurt Russell now Kilmer Sam Elliott Bill Paxon boost powers means a bigger and out of the cars are better tomorrow for powers like ours is rest in peace thanks Michael and eating them. All. I was doing it anyways well you can. Even Sheldon nest and hasn't bisons senselessly. But. Even should it all. He plays Erica meet nearly reporter on. I'm your huckleberry there's so many fantastic lies about I don't know what art to me I'll just degree like hundred movies on this list of top ten performances Val Kilmer as. Don't call us movies like it's an appellate I appreciate you do is don't know her daisy at all and I don't know what I'll do flu and conference. And any FCC now with the with the the spinners being the popular thing with the kids is that there'd be doing that viral video of the original spinners tell Kilmer spinning the the evil cop on his hand and are all the changes in the big gun yes good America's Johnny Ringo wanted to in Sacramento. Whoever does leave. Yes does the does the does the guns spinning around and then and then. Al Leiter Doc Holliday because it's in our politics are spinning Scott. On one of my fear Mosul time completely re watchable a million times you could have called it doom stoning. Instead of Sasha making when you get sucked and it will be great times though. Kurt Russell. Kirk Russell Russell fantastic anyways we are shadow by the brilliance about comer in this one. A Sam Elliott you know mustache never looked better. You know he's amazing in this one as well on that's why I think it's certainly belongs in the top 41. Film. It's got great gunfights eight. Did not everything on paper said like all my LU said the pedigree of though. The cost of wider move that's going to be great let's just see this felon fodder this is the one they rushed in that those competing movies one always a season the other one is garbage. Who would've thought this one. Would have been the winner and hands down and become one of the most iconic quotable movies of all time like just when they're at the train station. You called down that done a while now you got it. The it may did you either. Outcome and what. It's it's her it's awesome when there we'll look confident down in Paris to discuss. Well. I. Hope. That's like tombstone is number 41 gentleman that we finished episode three. And now now we must. Adjourned once more as we move on four episode. On two which will be at the I'm sorry I upset for I'm getting help present. On me is hard to we have. We are now gone through it do math sixty. Of our all time guy movies any final thoughts before you move on the jets. All I know is that if I had a chance to sit down right now and watch these Tony movies it would make for one hell of a weekend and I think it just makes. The list just keeps getting better and better and tougher and more in arguable and I think that's kind of the joy of like the hard work's done now now we're just like. We're contact in the tower prison home and I'm fun. It's amazing how many different actors names are coming up that you don't expect you expect to hear us Schwarzenegger and Stallone but the Kurt Russell's bill Murray's that. Lot of Vince bond a lot of mad demon from the earlier episodes side I'm really it's it's kind of neat to see what's going to be the top forty. Tombstone bill Paxson also dead. And I. Not an elemental let's say a member of the time when Al Bundy went on vacation where he didn't leave his living room we just set ups saw horses. Just watch TV in the family like when the week was over. All like that greeted with signs and self what you love to do is drop out of your life for as much times it takes to do is paying out though the twenty that we talked about today and do nothing else just forget the world. And quickly run him down again they are number sixty bachelor party 59 pulp fiction 58 Apocalypse Now presenting Groundhog Day for existing and ST 55 minutes it's haven't had before this route that the divac the fugitive did you step Brothers that you want scarface fifty pledges are all they'll sporadically in the 48 with eleven boards have been around for Susan good bad nearly 45 batter up at Port Orchard 43 escape from the airport judo and never. And 41 was pretty scared daisy if you diamond arm. And it alma stretch they come back. I mean to like Donald micro machines guy on I don't know. We spent enough time auditioning for commercial going out there really an O'Neal left the school announcements on those little kid knows that all schools and what's there are. What Abraham. Gentlemen we aren't ladies and through the couple we are thought the courts and wow a lineup until. Tiger follows on Twitter and act real slice of their throats. Why can't the many of them. We are on Twitter at real BS one a one one more time around them Roman Jerry Turin. Nick Stephens if these units and Bob Matty Blake. Georgia camp and I near us and good luck we will see you at the movies I stay tuned for episodes. For now I can count not going backwards of the 100 greatest guy movies. Take care.