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The Real K&C - Reimer's niche, Tomase's intellect & Mut's jealousy 6-7-17

Jun 7, 2017|

Ken & Curtis give the midweek lowdown on the K&C show state of affairs after a Reimer Wednesday & a Tomase Tuesday.

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June the seventh edition of the real -- it's sealed it is going Chris Curtis pos socks are at eleven and you've got to get the Tony Robbins I think about a half an hour all the technology ready to go on the coals are just heating up as we speak here. I. You Roemer going together which is strange enough right after the show Chris Curtis is picking a ballot just in the fast for the electoral yes not just today you know about entering the game no food no. No I didn't even they served you so Crusoe creepy and I literally going to be pulling out here tomorrow. Having right to rivers apartment to my apartment southeast parking going into the convention center amber going to be a tag team all day. For the Tony Robbins affair but you're not going at six. No in our panel what did you there for the star should be their own thing going on in 64500. Tobin president anyone in his ninth our necks out and wanted him for twelve hours. That's a full Tony Robbins on Larry go to the bathroom and I'm gonna make sure I'm contacting the event planners to an image of not missing anything because Kirk is ready to counts of like getting their not. At the exact start when the gates open I miss something Kircus deficit I was wrong I'll meet so. If there is a speaker that begins before then I'm gonna leave here much earlier because Ottawa Pittsburgh profit viewership and he's the matter who it is you would be -- Welch and in any anybody that would be newsworthy even if it's we've given Bethany Frankel more pub and ever on the Tito yeah lawless you gonna pictured Bethany Frankel inaugural marked Margarito whatever she sells so I just wanna miss anything because Kirk is mean to stance clear just like you did with Gary Myers. If I miss anything it's my fault. For not being advocates. And your father spent good money on the tickets Jesus 500 bucks apiece. And reduces points at you straight cash a so I let a thousand for the pair yeah it was it's a I'm Jesus trust fund is a realistic mil I hope it doesn't listen again to the naked gun stilts zones and could go somewhere and bring a tank it's 20 months. Your father Robert. I hope it goes masquerade is over from an island from time to time yes there. Basically John Tomas he's joining us to our. Audience Jerry's gang that's fights I was wondering where as I saw it the gay got a plastic which meant. That's good news I think you're I quote quite. Oh. Your what does it matter that Hamas has attracted men sexually he thinks and he's the best does that does that does that feel good so. He does not know is this going to get a book that might also impact among implement them terrific. Convincing by me in the back room. We may have Roemer who bring in for just the headline segment Friday for a recap it still excited this is my idea is is my baby remember chop my legs out fort but he apologized to me in the restaurant which is awkward. He did apologize. And I think he's coming aboard a little bit with this idea it'll have a little NH. I thought it was great balls on your part courage to usually don't. Bring up by the is the second time once they're given the kibosh they usually go away forever because that'll likely bothered with the reminders of things that in light yet. But you said you know what about Friday headlines. The guys thought about it. And Kirk even said yeah if there's something to recap from Robbins. There will be something I think absolutely. There's going to be ball good battering different you know either I'm a changed man you straight Euribor myself on cold it's going to be something. I like a couple of first of all re did you jump today and I think eight it was solid day for the Atlanta I think we've excellent job. Good job today to get headlines now widely watched the debates yes he does we Aggies have more enthusiasm and you'd have selected careless about it. Granted it was eight. What was accidental trains pregnancy story is part of Ibaka let's get to our good friend here Tristan at least two is a transgender man. Is not undergone gender reassignment or just in line as me yes and we tweet out this picture he's such a thing so he's expecting he has 35 weeks pregnant teen is partner. Odd bit Chappell who live in Portland or again I was right up his. Perfect cast so to speak or eat at the Cosby got that out of the way and you could tell he went with vigor it is story Tuesday. Good headlines ready go Alex oh headlines I am red openness. Kerry hates him and it's going to start fields himself a little bit. Yet a very good Saturday and I think the headlines on Friday if it works this. Maybe progress in the something more for the reams now he won't get paid for coming handle the pain to lose money process when he doesn't show you actually in effect loses much Tony bucks for the U round trip whatever it back to a we are a number of mortgage note America. The other part of that I like is that. It might just awful habit because basically Gary tests at the segment and that it had had it's. When Gary's led to nothing more to do that story is coming in on ten day. It'll be interesting dynamic absolutely deceive wait Tang Wei Roemer racked insurer doll from Winfield and others might have some calls play and of those are your thoughts. And could be very inner very entertaining all naught but 7 o'clock hour with atlas was our best now today though you thought about it. Renny was dominating top six top eight that was pretty good to really add that we had to do it shows here this week. I agree that Monday it was a predictable on one man's partner. Much you're just like a warm behalf. But in of these horses I also heard you were banging much. Let's stat is true that he's been pregnant yes and we still don't good chosen months on instructional. There but he as a real professionals out of sex with a horse might just. Maybe I shouldn't. And though we love mutt but it was a rough one to mossy was excellent yesterday you made this point about to mossy and Jerry in that. Jerry respects to monster's insulin likes going back and for me carefully chooses his words he's dropping Doris Kearns Goodwin references right I think he was picking the rape victims to right yes yes he was pretty selective yet it wasn't like he was gone up to Doris Kearns Goodwin you like a baby who multiple reasons for. And I think in that respect is is good and I've I really the boss has been great yesterday. Definitely was the excellent show today with Roemer you mentioned this in the office I wish she went a little bit more all in with Grammy today yet Roemer had a real chance to announce I'm not saying I would have done. Being able Bryant calls realized that I could take you up back right on horse kick your ass but Roemer went there he said it was a racist. Com at the situation on that outraged by Schmidt I am not reached by a Grammy but they both are racist uncle tight remark on that he had to say that's how was that there is racist. Alex has Jerry Remy easy racist none and you should get raised this on its citizens are racist ligament few cities are but a racist uncle and semite and racist uncle moment. What an easy today to say. He deserves suspended but the very least or gold go all in and say Remy deserves to push this guy out enough is enough. Steve Lyons the guy act is the guy Essen is the perfect opportunity instead it was in any was he was a little fear. But he's afraid (%expletive) people off that's I guess that's just the way he felt he's also sort of an anti censorship guy that seems to be his motifs I think he did wanna go too far down the road of it should cost him his job is as we know each shepherds accused him of saying things that other people couldn't get away. Right because he's gay he thinks there are certain rules don't apply to him. It is always right it is and the other thing I would say is that it comes to a prospects for the nineteen class floor could be your repeated again this morning via a review paper today I saw the article and Andrew Coker was coming to Florida in 20967335. Pounds. And the videos on the TV times oh my god. Wannabes this kid's going to be. In some sort of rose like asking about the night delays these children that YouTube is that worked out though this ought to. A college football prospects. For all all caught on YouTube Kenneth Roy no and a watch and OJ videos all the time doesn't matter what the remotest parts as a racist uncle if you removed uncle Lou. A degree a little bit more via. Energetic horror. Compelling show today but I thought it was a good analyst as the Gary Myers author reference in studio visit from when was this show audience was during the instituted through a book about Manning and Brady. So this is so bizarre but the Myers is. You know kind of steady veteran in of the putter all right there pitcher he's your biggest. Complaint would be that he's boring right I'm not yet except for the times all of us not to. For our student. It radio and rethinking. The mistakes and isn't really a thirty I'm going to Manning it was today that his SuSE Linux it was fair. They're all the update this year it yeah and so he was what does that shamelessly sell some books as she. Capital apple and on and Gerry loves sewing books are constantly called his recent Amman the DA show back when I was at the hub and he's like all you know you guys have Brady out of the perfect match and have a new kind of war readout. And I said all right you know. Jerry loves Manning and Brady talked I think it's a decent subject you just report about it he wanted to come in studio three came in studio built entire time Kirk missing. Women men and women. It's going to be awful. He king committees are set delicate absolute manic it's been just like our friend a familiar face of Somalia a voice around here Chris man X. From now from Yahoo! Yahoo! Sports is like. Brady and Manning and it is a great competitors rehashing stories will be for a thousand times. It's like the jaws like the government here and it was via DA is Esther we call little lupica. And these days though and bring the cost of obesity Erica yes in this case if it happens. You'll know I'm in town for. I'd bring how we bring hence eyes BC analyst Ed I'll go gators lupica well. Lupica is route to some BC people according commuter won't have just did a little. Later. Like put that was off the records or register that they actually talked to Hogan off the record a putt that he was like. Oh my dad he was that I knew I was in for right after that it's no longer off the record well whenever. Speaking to butch we channel little butch Jersey tucked today in a bizarre segment 845 sick. We came back with a semen shepherd somehow we got it to Jersey number one which is going to be the full the Hayward Jerious forward thinking he is just he knows when their could be Jersey Cotchery season like a month's time a year's time he's our ticket. At a big time controversy certainly with the Boston Celtics. If you were in this market hopefuls to quarter he was doing number right bowl where number one and to see your eyes light up and you're going to number wolf number twenty who gets it it's available number two. This is great because Kirk claims I believable that he saw Jerry have been discussed this and for the segment they get going. And Kirk and realizes by Jerry's eyes lighting and yet he was pivoting on our needs are out of Jersey session that what is your dog do for you sometimes they do these weird sports segments mocking it as they do it. I find it enjoyable like that that was I think what was another great segment today it was the Jerry is different and it just happen to be talking about the travelers to meet recorded it. Why this is a DD Kirk he's always got a little piece of ammo ready in the hopper. It seems like he always keeps it for the right time because Jerry started to ride him about. Being the new Dino right. All these ads all these reeds and banged up we'll camp electric men hand you know make high six figures. Not have any worries about her job here that it a paper. I think you know I think it does make nice and so many African reads little Dino oh really really. You must do. You. It. I don't care if it was wondered how did you manage to convince me Mac award can be. We just astonished. It was over host we in nineteen is that a little the stockyards at some drinks. It's Callahan here on the line of music dissent the executive VP and chief administrative officer travelers. Well on the line I think about it by the company but your phone let's hook and. Perfect timing. Note right up Jerry's caboose the thing goes right up my books for jury is reaction with priceless that this is laughing as hard as anybody with stuff and it was his good life praised her laughter but that's out there. By the dean blog Twitter yet is he active. Me and the other uninteresting and tail of what actually happened real accurate so the people were begging for him to come back and he chose to retire. It's in the Dina tweet about the shooter frozen counselors what else we at dale we had to we had Kirk. Declaring he is not doing. The rich Keefe cross over who want to show later this month this came up on the spot materially gives credit now it's free have you heard Ahmad. That's when I was home though thanks Ian he hurt somewhere or did you hear your editor Gerri as it was Andy told Jerry Malawi's any dissent let's surprise that Kirk's it's been Mason issue here. And gamma trapped somewhat two because there's no afraid yes I'm afraid is the draw estrogen with Mathieu was drama implement the trades that everyone knows the impact faults first pregnancy I delivered early so of course I tried backing here you find out when burglaries Pickens. Would you buy a copy back for berms are driving have a good in my heart to do this I gotta say I was looking. Florida some of the content that would have given us mere that was a great record ratings draft night and guess he spotted as the entry is not there this year is there was latched as bad Ross noted unitary. Any predictions for tomorrow with train anymore fireworks said he like his last entry was on was last Wednesday the 31 of may in she was crying and 83. Yes ever okay and they're satisfied okay that's just like films made Kirk's tape and likes. Make people cry that's one of his favorite ice thought about true I see your scorecard I made trendy Chrysler moved out exit off now we've been doing. We gave Ferrell credit at 830. And trains here there. The ovals are connected and immigration reform Britain Evernote I don't know by the end of that show they were praising Chinese toughness. It seems fine even Kirk says courageously I have tumbling Dick we are something. Are dumb decide to shots later. I think Kirk stump for like sitting in his car listening to exports are great on the weakened collection movie your hang out your kids penny to Muster spectacularly. Humbling Dick we've civil. Attorneys that I should go hang on my kids if you babysit my kids want us this yes there. She's certainly willing to we will revisit those comments and that that horror story from and the yawkey foundation it is. She did claim at that helped the Red Sox case that they were. The globe was attacking the print it out to mossy just kind of avoided that's a Petit played got to blame politics how to put on her that I really yeah the blatant honestly leading. You understand that yucky. The foundation is not the same as John Henry yes I do that and I knew that at the time. So what did you smudge and bring out your partner to steered animal herself for the coups in the carrier you weren't you needed the full context of all the more nuance was one new us he's you don't they're raising the bus and you guys think it's I don't think the globe has it buys you don't think the globe. Views the patriots this competition for the team. Now I don't I'd if you asked me would the globe for instance right that David Ortiz story that you're so desperate for a that's a rhetorical question of course they wouldn't. Oh of course they would I think they wouldn't if there was a man they good at. I just thought even wanna talk about a meeting he moved on quickly should she might as well I'd I don't believe a single having Hillary will be hosting that show by. And as we found out social front. I understand what it is is turning to muscle not understanding is that synonymous it's the reasons Manning has its original throw to turn it asteroid you don't like it or not only a manager it's management's capital management is not that manages not rules so they tell us if management Wednesday may be additional notice on a -- night snow must in the air better and care put a better time slot yeah how did you hear that that may well I mean 3 o'clock in the afternoon Mike and away what you're you're not a morning person. Yet respectful of this rough out knocking out little motto my type of you know and I can't yours and here and I try so medical cold weather talk about having remember too that show I think third person to show to spice up dynamic like somebody or knew somebody with a different point of view politically are different point yes yes well we're going to find someone like that there may be some sarcasm involved with the time that figure somebody to be willing to come and work the begins with them. And yeah charity called every day here you are it that race can be fast and offering could sit there and sailed. He hate prompt and say well here's the thing Jared continued I get all I'd rather carry the emirates and invited her into his parents had said there and he can panic together but yeah I know this is what's the most important thing when you have a sewing circle and their only two people it's not a circled once you get dreamer and now it's more of a circle and my theory is that must he's filed deputies -- quite uses whereas that we did a show and he Roemer and trying to that I had to say kill more than half hour and a little notice. It will be a big. Personally speaking when agreements on your apartment to develop. Looking forward to ten win I gotta be honest Friday in training to more than trying to be she's number one rated. Let's say you aren't unhappy she's into morbid just ten point part two is already kind of building up now he's got a he knows he was not good for the first appears and others are pressure. Well Friday is good for multiple reasons why I'm albeit singers who return windows starts raising contest Jerry's that might literally explode why are we go and ask again what you guys talk and no I'm talking. Felger is fifty cents and you guys do. I'm I'll show you. The baseball show you bring you bring easily and Kenya on my ass and we talked over the past special webcast to really get like I brat who could give a crap about us. That's sports hub TV is what it is that's all it is you guys you like the boring crap you put too hot and rich on the morning I just got an app really viewers over there. How weekends and Comcast don't go do you. You'll brought it up soccer show. We got on here I just work there wouldn't want me to right stretch doing what he's doing as the kids look up and Chirac handed me. To fit nicely. Chemistry between Asia rod and Walter McCarty. It's what else do we want in on the Comcast yet and we have Tony Robbins. Will be a lot of the table. And tomorrow it depends what this does. Obviously I'll sabathia pitched. That could happen to speak post game of the of those questions posed Brad vote at the exclusively talked him Jones now Brad. Rosh. Oh. Our own version of teensy and it's in the week training and tank. Gear up for Tony Robbins to some of tells that whatever. More on calls yet but some lotion on there has probably not ago and calls. These cameras but if we are walking on course for the rapid document and yet you'd be Frist reader might like that that. Watch out evident that there is terrific ways that we can smuggling some stuff for Woolsey. See you tomorrow we think it this year at Tony Robbins you wait talked different LB changed.