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OMF - Is Garoppolo doing the right thing by playing the "happy camper"? 6-7-17

Jun 7, 2017|

The Jimmy Garoppolo saga gets no rest. What should Don Yee's top concern be? Is Tom Brady a rich athlete? Yes but not rich enough to crack the top 100.

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Are you ready. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 I think yeah if there's parallels on television television there's you don't do divorces and he's mr. did you smell marijuana. I did not marijuana but I have no idea where can I don't read everybody with glee and Lou in Christian I forgot what's and I got a kick out of France later. I don't think that's severely. Series I really don't know what is that you like about it. Learn baseball like now nice news is smack something at an awesome language. Dot dot that I don't let loose and. Do whatever he says football and is now on Sports Radio WEEI. For those that think the relief things got a big huge deal hit led outside the we'll get to that the couple minutes but. They're all all right so fisheries right so yeah a series right Baghdad to do override yes. From I don't know what the 60500. Mile override for like 790 bucks now. A plus chip. It vehemently. With. Good job market JJ 900 some bucks but c'mon big time player Carol alt matters in the NFL according to some people it is money whenever. Sold at that we're talking about her awful right now get a lot of heat and you annoy the bleep out of me. Mentally I easily led that's every day he's let a true let Lou do most of the talking please you you're right. This is. Lou today's Lou giving up we're good to. Any of the real quickly before can we found we talk about Lou all things here. The whole aimed really do. Care turn. So I'll watch in do invented and one and I did not penguins President Clinton for not Annan in providing credit. With a knowing me. Is that you have you know Lou goes on Boston's fourth and so it works for Comcast obviously three days so he's eat eat eat when he's not. Inquiry into night you know getting riled up about something. They're calling an angry Lou selling yesterday. It was a Tom Giles Tom Giles Tom Giles. Actor Lou did as little things that I think the angrily like that was his new nickname he wasn't saying he's he's not yet you can't just call he's got a every day angry guy he's a normal just you know hanging out doing its thing. He needs to be provoked an easy call agitated as calling out civil and it really was his sister eight case though as there are two regular edition while the Letterman's jacket and Lee wanted to know he's just flew. You don't call into Lou every day you know what is. What do I don't smoke. Luge developed a little character here that works he gets pissed off it's using when you mentioned manager job. And he goes ballistic and give a rat's ass what's your thought Michael altered Dale Arnold thing but don't have to wait let me just start into the hole to call on the whole yes you might get the Wafer can view that's an incredible Hulk it is turns green data on many and you don't ever show up that the signaled Poland's credit in in the music starts asks I did it slowly building up to a crescendo in the background. You get full blown angry at their future I think singer Lou purposely but that's the the character classes sockets people trying to make something out of something that's on our side we only at least that's that was probably mild mannered Lou it's probably leaves you little about what Lew and Lindsay is here this. Yeah I was pissed off about. Why not come this is take a lose. They're big reload. I had jetBlue pilot Gary job market the room hey who do. There were like my charity that's the last thing my GO RD uses angry money coming come on what we saw that is that's it completely angry look so. You don't like the fact that Comcast is now just calling him angry little all the time. Yes you have to do you have to wait for simply don't year yeah site first get angry is the whole key turns green. And then after he comes down he's packed his penal boring old lazy mouth these small little I played baseball eight. You are slow to Philly and so we got a little else don't you mean it. That's a benchmark march driving around in a car was a mark. Hey guys look up. When you played that that that corrupt local look at the last segment I almost choke on them at all right. I mean critics say that would it straight they aren't that aired competing but you ought to have this big caught a big spot. And let's Brady got such low. Already. That's right and buddy mark don't you know if you are he said he didn't complain or whatnot yeah. Mark. Why although mark the group will play again but. Tells me that he's in on the show. He's in on the secret this so I'm going on in those behind those closed doors they have the same. If that albeit with a knowing that hatred that long it still had an obviously double cracked yet I don't know. Civilians and challenge. They have the same and each. This is this something going on US and opportunity dig to get a boatload form. In a trade on draft day and you don't do your key big shift of senator keeping watch. Maybe sort of sent something different kind of but it does sound like yeah okay I'm competing for the job it says let's break out stole eight. About the French Fries. Did you eat healthy. And this and that's the competitiveness accord beckoned me east. The only guy and you'll real news starting you know so I'm about to be an everyday China trying to get the job. Yes see I missed that part I inside he said I'm just going up to compete and that's what we also logo that's the nature of the jungle. They're competing that's the point I'm making he is sitting there. Behind closed doors he's 25. There's an opportunity he might go to thirty before he gets the start definitely all that's at the experience. I didn't really happen is sitting there with a smile on his face giddy. As if they're going to compete for the job he's he knows. There's something behind closed doors that got it all figured out nobody nobody is starting you know so I don't bother to beat every day China trying to get jobs happen. Yeah. Out. I would say he was found the same way two years ago. You would not say I don't think military strength 43 I I get towards each college they are there is a level of you gotta be really good hiding your true feelings like you gotta he has a lot of restraint because you would think we try to you know. You know dissect what he really means and you can't hear his voice earnest tone. You would think maybe his body language would give away something would you be some hand that he really pissed off. You know it the way he finished his sentence outweighs I don't think he's passed on. I don't I think he's he he knows. That OK he's probably not gonna get hurt but it is not gonna play. Well I mean exploit it let's if you get hurt in practice. You're pulling a hamstring he's not that fast I don't worry about it you hitch a thumb on something but it's temporary. If you can go pre season game somebody gets loose they not the oddity that's another way but nothing really. It's gonna end your career. And it's not like he's doing the knuckleballer thing where he should really get insurance policy just in case he does get hurt and that's were Malcolm butler's big money's coming. So I think he's just basically resigned the fact that OK eventually the truck is coming. On my one forthcoming. About what the patriots it's just it's with another team you right. 28 before you actually become. There starter tweak it could be third starter confirmed. If Brady for fills his wishes to plates at least 45. Took five years. I don't know how to conduct so Calgary again writes about this today in the in The Herald as we talked about this yesterday the one year 24. Million dollar extension. Going on the premise that they're gonna have to pay him probably close to that if god that figure next year. To tag him with a franchise to. She writes that around Jimmy grapple forget the franchise to act. Signing a more team friendly one year 24 million dollar expansion. That way the team gets the split the cap hit between this year and expert Tom Brady's backup in theory that it sounds good doesn't it. While the idea seems to be gaining steam in patriots rumor land sounds like a win win situation she goes on and on and on and basically than says. Not so fast okay just a few problems. Apple's perspective you JPG really wants to play football. The last thing he would you assign an extension with the patriots even if it gets him a guaranteed twenty million yourself. -- below likely is going to get paid by some team after the season. If he re ups for the patriots now maintains the potential for the team. To use the franchise tag down the road and it limits his path to a job where he can actually. I. As we pointed out yesterday. It also puts him in a position. And I understand that the grapple aside would be more reluctant to do this field the patriots because this is clearly to the benefit of the patriots. But you're right apple you might look at and say well I I really become a better trade opportunity. If my salary split up in two different seasons and the other thing is. But John he could demand for the luxury of doing something like this you cannot franchise may. After that one additional season and tagged on. So if you got me for the franchise tag for one year basically with this deal I'm getting some money up front. Guys you're getting below the luxury if you want to. The able to deal only because I have 818 friendly contract now. But for all of us for that. IA. You're gonna give up my franchise tag in year two he can't ten minutes here that would make some sense so there's some stuff that. I think she's missing here than it at that have found a problem grapple side. I'm requesting and asking for. Again this is this is I mean this is to me this is the side story misses the supporting cast I'd deal this contracts but they did the timing. Isn't right. For the patriots. You want at this you want to realize you had dropped below. Two years from now. Really when you think about it because you would have images religious who played out perfectly nobody's feelings get hurt. Whether Brady was in the right position and still playing great no it would matter. He's 43. We got to cut bait now it's time to think about the future go go play two more years someplace else. Do the tore like Peyton Manning did Brett Favre and everybody else and come back and able retired number and it won't have big giant hug. Because this the awkwardness in the store he's really gonna come. Out of there really make the decision who is whose feelings are gonna get hurt. If it grapples feel any camp eagle rock look at it. If he's not here he's getting paid somewhere else or how do you do this how few the agent for both guys and you know that somebody's feelings are gonna get hurt and you represent both guys. How do you do. To me I'm shocked it's and it's really is a delicate. Situation and he's gonna act like Don easy like under the deal. It is a vacant and Daniel act like alt and he'll tell drop below because wears his allegiance to real. You really break it down to Gagne who's eaten don't know Don he's allegiance to god you know. Well our best interest of doggie he's an agent. What's the British allegiance. In my opinion would be more towards Brady then if I upside we have YE a couple firing a move onto another agent. Sometimes you guys are just yet been made there there loyal. To a fault even though. It just makes no sense unless Don he is it recently but he don't you go through an aging economy can be and also it's in great asset. Because he has all the inside information. So he should be all the labels sign it if he should feel using exclude women at the same time some people can't do some interest that some people can't Daytona it's about a white photographer so that's but it also in the and it dollars in back early version that ultimately cracked the sixers so Horton. Her seat but I. It's amazing to me the doggie. Is the sole employee as the agent for right apple unless you're right he's one guy he knows more than anybody. He also is the most important figure in this whole. You know troika this whole arrangement here. He's gonna have more sex life has been my guess is that the reason that Cora apple still has done uses agent. Because he knows the outcome no he got his read up I don't know if they wish they are either way it's already figured correctly or gain if your -- on the right. Column I talked to Jimmy once a week at least undisputed pat making sure he knows it's team grow the army we're gonna make it hassle when others which is tacky about as if Hussein is in every week okay as you say stuff about forty fives that brings us. It's part of you know his team beat twelve and portion on the play forever. It's not it's not the plan. Sort of like an a because but but hitless you know he says that but. You know. You see in the UCO two strokes and deposit them to hears about the agent as a matter. My take here. Your gonna make money you're gonna make some money. You wanna play but if you want a bolted just don't want to play and making him until the goal of the ant with a truckload of money but I don't whenever you are about why I don't want the money but about him all of the ultimate goal. Is security life long financial security and down ultimate amount. If you have somebody these guys and that's why you're not listening if you if you give me a choice. Super Bowl rings or financial security for the rest of my life a plate of security a lot of bowl on my own from act. All my friends you included communal living. Or department of financial security he Kirk cousins. The last two years including this year the Washington Redskins franchise and that's forty million dollars in two years. Now this guy's proven that he completely. His numbers of their his interceptions down the yardage is there and he's he's been there forever he he beat out. Was that he's the number two overall pick in the draft the Heisman Trophy winner back I mean playing in the league yet Kirk cousins areas still playing. And our franchise and again he's he's gonna make over forty million dollars in two years. He should be frustrating he should be irritated whereas a long term unless they were so. I found Jimmy to rappel I'm looking at saying I don't wanna wait till 230 and then find out I'm too old to to to be able to do this and second of all. They can sit here and 125 million dollars Chapman. But I'm looking at what guys are getting guys to get long term contracts over a hundred million dollars. If they're one of the top quarterbacks in the league and you wanna know something I believe in my ability. I know that I can be one of the top 510 quarterbacks in the league and get myself a hundred million dollar contract so I did bolt. I get the financial security set myself up for a life by that you got that you were talking about and then on top of that still start an additional foot. Yeah made it big yet but there's a big donny's cutthroat I'd be cliche in the book. Because I don't want an agent that your own club on by the point desired I but these guys that the plan is head because I know you frustrated I know you're. And you're getting antsy and you do believe you complain asleep and you feel like you've proven atlas of its common. I'm telling you may not be with this team but you're gonna get both the money and the opportunity. Now I am not I don't know can be at the patriots but I know for a fact based on all the GMs and the people and all the. Of trade opera that came through for you. These other guys they want you beat them that's all tiny little samples side they're ready to give you everything. Five quarters it was there's no question there's no question he's telling him something because this is not a kid that's antsy this is a kid that seems to be just fine. And he's good and as I said almost like he knows the book he knows the next three chapters she's already routed their Sean in Watertown shark. Hey guys regular. That you produced that's terrible what I was content but. Are you thank you might Meyer here on the whole pretty rock vote sang. I think Brady. Himself. Hectic routine knows this is not committed to our years since he has. And I think one of the reasons Brady keeps you out promoting. Clean bat on the east peace or is part and you know and heir are all the world that stops that that and I think it it may extract sound better. And let all the evidence suggests that that. Inaccurate or he's committed to retiring in two years but he he might be technique you're right here. And and the patriots are now landing put that time where he says. You know it. Or else as. You know what it will. I'm calm down and that's why they're called uncle. Into his here's the issue they have them. If they wait and an end next year we had a he has a cap of 22 million dollars. 2019. Years of captain of 22 million dollars. Well and that's what I'm saying I creek they're they're taking it you're the year that the patriots are Brady to just get rid of Colombo now. Because they're not sure what Britney really watched that you figure out two years from now through years now. You yell out. I do and that's why I I truly believe that. By now we have finally learned you did this they only won about while the actor and avoided the country in the morning cropping up it's it's gonna happen. They would dump they would have done by now they have not. And they they really believe he is the future I think she after was right he nailed this one I found a guy who's a prominent writer. Who apparently. Is not happy with the way the National Football League and his teams to deal with Colin Capra naked and he's out. He's out with the NFL and it goes well beyond. Average and I you like tampered extortion we got a camper that we got to college athletic gamma and X. When their significant change in I feel like that flag. Represents was supposed to represent this country is representing people the way they're supposed to us there. Smart sports' top current multi lingual singer with a force of nature in the film perfect she wants the foundation although here's another one. Highs just how helpful advice and I backpack let's return with more Ford way we're loading in 48 on Sports Radio. Would you say they can't get the distraction why wasn't it distraction in that way. In San Francisco. It would go out the old cliche court arguments it sounds like you're free to consider the possibility that teens are doing this strictly because of the politics. I don't have to say definitively it does that to be all 32 teams and what I'm saying he wore a gold if you ignored the possibility. Not saying that it's happening which you can't say that it's not possible and I do is dismantle a lot of goals arguments including the battles yet. Stretched through. Rabbani unbiased I'm wolf I will buy you routed by now body and that. His. This political statement of your room your guy Colin captain and there is preventing him from getting a job right now but if he worried debtor quarterback. Anyone more valuable as they play year okay that teams would look the other way insane and only the fact that he goes through international and the bird man. He complaint and we need to but should kick the probably your best for the New York Daily News. I became a prominent. As surely Providence city fairly practice. Is that of does that not get unfair to throw that word and you're good to say. I slope. Thought he Everett's a piece saying I'm boycotting. The NFL. Because of its blatant bigotry. And anti black that's. That last line alone the blatant bigotry and anti begged I've blackness. Percentages of seventy senators. 70% of the NFL's black Cuba there's there's more. There's more resolutions and and more issues with trying to get. African Americans to become head coaches the Rooney rule on the other it's all these other rules that they put in. And they've they've made more millionaires. Out of African Americans and any other corporation in the United States. He ripped it apart. Austin Davis who just got signed by Seattle adept and I understand that auditors that's one idea and I agree. And the fact is that. Cabernet and on my opinion. If he did not have this distraction. That he probably would be a back up quarterbacks. But teams are looking and it's just not good enough instead what John Q&A. Is he says only about it's it's got nothing to do that this is a great quarterback. He is in the peak of his career right now you people out there are all missing its racist. It's bigotry. It's discrimination. Period it's not football. Don't call it football. College bowl. These football and the fact that he does present a distraction. And it pisses some people but he says if you called the decision. By 32 teams should not signed this man a football decision you don't know football. And he would go. And probably voted for to. Dissuade Boris wait for wait for the trump issues the political issue nearly 100 quarterback 96 in fact are usually signed two teams in the NFL. That Colin upper deck is not one of them. Is this state. Of course he's one of the top 96 quarterbacks in the league agree that he has. But he also has an asterisk next to his name because. He's a distraction not. I would would say this he's one of the top 96 quarterbacks in the lake. Had he been one of the top twenty quarterbacks in the league and carried this distraction. Okay of of healing for the National Anthem. What do you have a job right now. What it needed to have it yeah just joining quarterback does he want a job and you don't problem would have Pete Carroll's we don't want him back. A lot of it is part of Britain's people get so you're right. He's what he's the top 96 quarterbacks and which job that's the problem he's the top ninety's you can have a distraction like this is without 96. If Utah topped twenty. You can carry a distraction like this and you're signing a. Because these packets of what that. Or that the blatant bigotry. After not signing him because on the talk about Pete Carroll we know Pete Carroll and the bassist Colin Capra neck is not washed up continues on Mikhail. Perhaps nothing sealed the deal more for me. Though than ESPN. Deciding that they were going to bring back Hank Williams junior to sing their popular Monday Night Football anthem before NFL broadcast. Let's not forget. Williams openly called Barack Obama Hitler then a Muslim and has gone on bigoted and homophobic rants so that's what. You know they're the enemy they're the enemy who's the enemy. Obama. Hold on. And I agree with a the other Hank Williams did you think today is this your pandering. Because you you're looking at your numbers right now you're looking at people who were no longer watching he is venues and oh god we're really losing the right side of the ballots Pacific every day. It all hang out here all my value to our way there whatever that situation but just really goes on eight they can't help themselves these guys that write this crime. Hate Williams junior is basically. Donald Trump what I'm IndyCar. So he's affected everyone knows that his on his statements of echo bigotry for years. But another to vomit is out of office he's back it's a spit in the face of every African American fan. Every LG BT fans and everybody. Who despises bigotry. And Islam phobia now you gotta you have to finish this yet account but the right way. Is this partisan tear Jerker this is like them on the more you know Saturday morning cartoonish type public service announcement. The last apparently talks about his son. It talks about his son. Does your son I say I don't because maybe if Colin cabernet gets a it would change my mind on on and on an outlet and honored to cut a few days ago after seeing an advertisement for special on the NFL. Don't modest on he live least he'd literally said to me dad. We can't watch after what they've gone to Colin and would all those all with all the owners loving Donald Trump so much he says I grease on we can't. We won't this lead does not value what it hired hundreds of black man to play on the field until their brains and bodies break. But refuses to give those same manned space to be fully human instead boldly against injustice to this on a soapbox when his when he said that. And didn't sound really think they had him watching him in the public they didn't. Give. Like to write. You're damn right side. He's doing the exact same thing problem so glad he's on isn't that he's judging Hank Williams a fair judgment ease. Judging guys up there I don't believe anything he says. I it's not shocking ease agenda is so wack it's so one sided it's it's so transparent. And here's the here's the thing. If I can't Kapanen and on bodies were Shaun king. I'm calling it and say stop helping me. Scott Speed guys or me keep my name out of your articles mining not your mouth. Don't reference me when you talk about black lives matter I'm trying to get a job and you're making it harder pretty. To get a job. I hope I got it in the anymore. Update I just for mistakes and other job. So can you please stop. The stock and then maybe maybe syllable from the. Balls are gone camper and make is that at the crossroads right now of his career his future he either becomes. A political activists. And uses his notoriety to go out there and pushing his agenda which he he has the right to do. Horry decides in a lot. I can't get political how are you got a hold it back in some respects. And I would always tempting it I would say the same thing to those people. Who are professing their political views from the to the right right center. You've got to pull it back because all you do is pissing people off so you better off just going to work every day doing your job so you become a football player. Who's going to say because you're not good enough to carry all of this extra baggage you just aren't just. Here's the thing he and I said yesterday he he's not good at this he wasn't that it was not please write a political hopes as the political atmosphere you're told you respect cops. Yet at same time you're you're running out late you know pink socks. But it paid with a with a with a please have a bad luck there's there's certain things that I I personally feel like going to a family of police officers. That no matter what you do in a matter how you know sorry you law they're never gonna pre didn't. Squirrel with the cops is one of them disrespecting the cops have put their life on the line for use that Beckett yelled and get screamed at that don't make a lot of money that it seriously fight their butts off. Two to do the right job. And then you're gonna sit there and bashed them and mock them with a pair of socks depicting a police officer as he paid. Why should I hire you. Yes that is exactly what owners do not want and they should not be shamed into giving him a job. I've sort of fill Sean king that I certainly support is boycotting the boycott of the NFL's. He clearly has the bait you in this country and you very it Paula just real quickly. During the football season if we're looking for an analyst. It shocking populist. Awful as she's portrait he's not watching the game no longer going to be and I thought I know we are talking about a mile big budget Aman Kate remarkably has the right now. Yet what to do that yes lost games and has the right to walk away from it. He has the right to walk away from Auckland on the which came also has to understand that. Last year apparently. There are a lot of people just like John King. John King wannabes they boycotted the National Football League and walked away apparently because the ratings were way down. Why did they walk away because they don't get me they didn't like the stuff the gold cut him off so you all I have to write whether you. Agree with Colin Capra and Michael you disagree with Colin peppard did you all have the right to boycott the NFL. If you that's what makes this country great as a bridge guy and organ and this is just closed right. We want list. All the world's highest paid athlete that you won't make it and make it to him before solution and modest man I'm grateful I'm amazed that now. Then I know don't go yet now I'm amazed and number six's numbers six amazes me right now. Just take a break and you're so welcome back sometimes you pillows sometimes you just get lucky in life. Hope you're enjoying listening to Poland and add up here and it's. Don't listen to each other previous six and oh in home games against number one total defense as well. Brady is six in all his career home games against the number one total defense but didn't descend on Sports Radio W. EEye yeah. The feeling was we're going to be a lot of as. You wanna do this now I just you know it's good enough knowledge sighted world's highest athlete he's jealous. Arnold you're and yet now the number one but that doesn't surprise why. Because he's always on the nice three mill is always. Nice three million doses endorsements 35 million would you buy anything in the room album says he loves soccer fan and me. LeBron James number two the price again the soccer players not surprising number three veteran before Kevin Durant number five. Number six is this is killing Andrew Luck well it just so here's his original Angela first football on countless. Keep going through UC staff Corey. That curse arts and James Harden IC but he's the Drew Brees Lewis Hamilton. I'm cynical Michael Campbell we're a double auto racing told fodder players where's where's our guy who. Worst record twelve. We mean he's not I don't see among this is what I'm just never really with locals yourself why Joe's youngest is not she's apparently so he's not Africa ranked. Shipped more like a mother nature and one with a your fashion Exel money what does he do a bit and don't shows what you think that he would be on this list. He's not just an avid don't want an on line auction gives it a lot of charity. While these other people imitating pocketed the Castro makes more than numbering systems yet. Our two great guests earning greater earnings here I have no idea who I'll leave it to crack. The top seven Carmelo Anthony without this surprise you thirty's let's when he sees its useless and Brady would be on the list Antonio Brown. They're running it fine but we in his primary. The same effort problem David Price from 36 news on the carrier ring in the thirty day. I don't see him here. But once like he was going on what's happened to you know keep some. He's elusive he'll sit there they'll do that'll long be really luck you'll just. Bleed into your guys show it to yep yep yep yep yep he could do Larry it's a medical could use and they'll make fun a medical problem and that I can give you know give doctors the people with disabilities curriculum I thought of that event on television. An apology or analyst at all on the plot it was an avalanche have a room tell on the real tell on you should just go like old you know twelve hours street. Did you know I know commercials yeah our programs all of the weather overnight changes that is out there for hours are you glad I was about why we suggest that raise some money what we suggested to the to beat my that we go 24 hours without commercial commercials reason chances of get mad that they may not work as an outward to rethink this. By the brawler I don't know if we do 24 hours of commercials kind of sit there about they have from harmful to good guys got to well obviously Jeremy had to issue an apology while everybody day has it has that red Red Sox have their stepping away from a political talk about that talk about right Kimbrel and though we got John Ferrell coming up at 230 today you don't want. Confused with the because John Farrell is now use Kimbrel. Five times in the last twelve games bringing him in the eighth inning the game was overlooked until we get is not donors. You don't know who keeps them. As soul if if it. He's gonna stop doing it to pick up to him it's up to yeah treasured US combat that App Store thank you but if I. Will be back goes to maturity by and that will make up for a it's always please think again we're doing not only advise Bynum and digital in the walled about the Obama. That's only here recordings or good for alcohol.