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K&C - Jerry Remy in hot water, Death of baseball 6-7-17

Jun 7, 2017|

Hour 1: On the Red Sox broadcast last night Jerry Remy said that Masahiro Tanaka shouldn't be allowed to use a translator on the mound. It's Yankees Red Sox and it seems like no one cares and baseball very rarely tries to improve its product could all this mean the death of baseball?

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Skirt and Callahan extreme or Butch Stearns with the U until 10 PM hang out. Actually talked of moving off the rack was like oh my yeah he was down I knew I was in for right after that it is no longer off the record. As juicy Clinton he's probably got pictures of bull's eyes still puts virgin wind and the six quarterbacks that would drafted ahead of them and agree thousand with Gerry Callahan and the money they raise it to us some of the coast and hopefully only be Harrison says number it. He's my guess is what purpose does when he's losing an argument cuts will eyeballs Tom ironically to look at him eight yards as the took me do it is. We've been. I. Just Marie says sentence if he's climbing a crutch Curtis come. Crude minute hand I've become what some kind of a kick out of France winner I don't think that should be legal any late. Seriously I really don't. What is that you like about it. Learn baseball like field secondary leads hurt you don't give a big lead at first base ghetto there are concerned about who wants. If you want Sports Radio W we. What Randy you know what screw it. As morally it's it's more difficult and by the way. I would ban all economic became faster with rail line how long is dram memory and in the Booth like thirty year radiation and a long time it's been nice known him it's been all percent Venezuela off credit to my friend Jeremy had a good run stop don't say that he's fine Jerry EU could sit on imports there were Jimmy the Greek and campaign Aniston's. And then writes the golf why I but I Don Imus territorial Brian Batman real Brian obviously have a conversation with him that he decided to really of an argument disagree with them. He could really want for an intro I've I've. I thought he might because I'm I'm a begin in the board is there to Remy didn't see hunt for an October. And and finally gave like that but. You know this was so bizarre and it is that's the perpetrators and I left field it was so bizarre to win and nowhere so Remy I'm only kidding me will survive it was just too weird little engine he went on to understand it though it's too I just got to speak the language what are they if so is what he should have decided that bush should debating all should yes yes yes you. I guess the only guy and all their Buick dawn Zimmer and talking baseball cliche after he translator in your opinion and I would get this on right there on the exit turns six dissent but couldn't. If you missed out Leo all day inside and out there. Yeah it was a cheap Girardi or was it it was AG RO Larry Rothschild that was and so was pitching coach the pitching coach which the veteran pitching coach iiroc obviously gonna cost of goods and since she was square since you like in diapers that they shouldn't have pitching coaches shouldn't go to the mound while it's brave and managers are only two of them on the take the picture here that you do that anymore. Oh. I I. I coached I lose my ratings almost plan. And I did a couple times went to take the picture of them has said. Why does that just once said can you go and point to the right feeling you pitch now it's a command in the right field. Mean there was no point in and on the sidelines that's what gets on a Connie MacKey said it essentially like ice I Grassley senate back or working at an object and soup. A actually were basically uniform Tulsa and dumber did anybody nearly squared away days uniform in a coach's no but I I've seen it. I'm feeling that they do and I was in high school lately they have this is it's embarrassing right now is that there a lot of beans is the case softball coaches were like the town like polish or write some good fine recognized red truck pulling any manager would obviously uniforms and embarrassment command cutting table coaches have to wait a baseball hands out about all that up I. But you have these these coaches do dislike Ferrell gets on the puts on his inputs on this cancer is doing something all of my after the game to teach our right puts don't you tell. Don't cleats let me take a shower at 10 o'clock for a reason I gotta take my work my day close finish with. Did you take five showers it yes three I try to comfort. Students at the eyes that's why is no hair right to rugged enough bald and solid reasons illusion here yet suitable bomb true as Kevin ball and ID is lying yeah and Henry apparently at fitness and it's it's a handsome guys what moves from his suitable bomb. Knows this child's growth would Steve Martin and lonely guy he has a business. None none of those rate in the hunt remarkable. Let me beautiful Paula yet Sean Connery. Does it happen. The man. That's rather it was that that's what people priced favorite movies and here's this this and I like date and you elected from this show yourself Alec Grammy you don't like Graham I like our children so they show. Alec Baldwin with some young bronze as wife yet held skeletal frame kids under the aged two and he's at a ball game when his wife you know like yuck it enough that you know it and she's hauling him right and next to them is Lorne Michaels so they show and now Albright has as the producer Lorne Michaels. And then how we wholeheartedly Utley and brought. And they go and Dave he just made the most. Iconic. Character in in like. The last twenty years in us and them making them as well is we just say Alec Baldwin's trumpet is one of the most quite Mosul were pretty sure whose were good work most newsworthy. We've all seen it we've all talked about it. You have twelve socially sitting next Lorne Michaels. And you mentioned Hunt for Red October it went well. Thoughtful if I want and I was on election I believe some sort last open and pretty contentious as the results. That's I would say that's Donald Trump and sitting right there I guess is what is and his wife opens I think so she's like 28 years old that finishes attract enough for let me strikes me as a deterrent but he literally has it was babies and the agent for. Right yet instead twins and bite and he's been married since 2012. Okay thirty. 33 standard answers 28 holes whether they literally have three beta it is all within an in these uncertain every score right what. How old is Baldwin sixtieth. On the list is 59 believe that he. Took us like six children into he's older as happened. Nothing wrong with that. And and ball and see is he rehab goes to drink no history is these prolonged that's me claims. This week so strictly prescription drugs yes he does something I'm committed to Somalia has some obvious isn't it that's it's an anger issues that you say is that look in his dialect he does something yeah yeah system that wild born on September 12 when he sixteen. Tonight in the Euro. Right place at Yankee roots ST three hours 39 usually hardware in data out on an island and like that aside. He goes on parliament hunt for a program remains shoots it ounces. I haven't seen Sean Connery militants have an idea didn't see it and like a minute later. Tanaka is struggling and outcomes Rothschild with a translator. The trend they go back they lead the field go back to back now and Remy federal restrain of trade and visually focused he thought may be Tanaka was hurting because it was trainer and O'Brien corrections has no that was translator. And rim Doug says that should be against the rules. It was a relatively quick conversation. Larry Rothschild along with the translator. That's when it was a time that wrong I thought I thought it was a training going out there like. I forgot what time do they think got a translator. I don't think that should be legal. Series. Yeah. Jackie Bradley if that. What is he like about them. Learn baseball like we should alert. You know it's pretty simple goodness making me break it down pretty easy between pitching coach it Michener. After a long period of time. I would say that probably you know there isn't the right right. It's like being lost into every conversation. And there went and run run running never talk to back. He might Tuesday primary should send O'Brien gift. As a form my own private folder don't mr. intimately per minute hand during the game did what I would tell you talk a procedure explain and he would he be mad. We have a conversation that's right and duty games right so bad breath he's up who cares about it we might actually upstairs but Jackie Brown wide tornado watch wanted to let you or me in the right back on. But. Immediately and I tweeted a dissident was bizarre as. The people preempt the sound in the and asked the question what that tells you talking about it was picked up by the by dad's been all the usual announcing that all the usual left wing vultures started picking grammys flash. Yes pretty like Curtis I'd it is deposits stodgy and stay on past and Xena folder where I actually word today helps and Pollack its audience L he's really is what's wrong what's got us only what what's wrong with stodgy and stale Edison's old Larry it's what people on the sale what's wrong. I mean is it offensive. And sale is a little lots of state of course he's seen a full but really all that satellite based on the whole presentation is stale and listening to nick and Red Sox Leslie of nobody this Ayers I mean it's I know up front page of The Herald shortsighted I'm here okay Brian I mean I was gonna say not post broadcast is fresh. And Chris. What the radio broadcast partner elephant was part food though substitute AG added edge right. But the TV thing is very studies that the regardless this is a beginning that you can count for something else the right at the region that. TV broadcasters like fresh and exciting yes they do you do not know I don't. I don't what do most politically wave they've and that's in polls that's in on the action to credit cards usually have a good look at chick on the side or Austin. And now his she's. I retired do you think this isn't how and why anyone he's better educating myself watching Jenny does much much different animals their own Lincoln but them anyway. Birdies and you're ready when his daily news picked up on it it's so bizarre he won't be in trouble. Nobody is beautiful but I mean if it was an and English speaking his job he went faulty because I'm British embassy depiction they would bring to translate that slight seen a phone outlook and I bet you have an and it was a lot pitching and it's adding something about Sherri when he's in a match. Be ready far more to yes he has yeah I sing music that they're any federal writer editor of the Arabs don't series in many. Translators for Latin pitchers of the know mentally Japanese hitting a baseball language so I read he's right he's got a point. And I might bring up the aunts uncles. Are based learning is gonna get criticized things going to light plane tonight out to attach a bright red it was like like Bremer is a line away from getting in real trouble like him he he could you could smell it when prior yes O'Brien who was pregnant. Great summer seeing want to that we need to blow. Ultimately go. And day out. I. Using good analyst he's it's gotten better to us and he's not dumb but this was just kind of dumb like almost like solicited others played the last couple years is the worry about something rental with Bobby. Yeah I creep rotting away hopefully gets you know hopefully get in the council next right. Yes this as evil and be fine by them before they're not right for him to think we could do now we've heard students can now. Nothing for me who I might be a lot of pent up rage for yeah I know what happened when your producer for your podcast and reach out until we military towns that. It's six of one half a dozen different educators parents though it does I think well I it's a good question caused. Us to other media outlets trying I mean I know people tried to get a sit down there and Hernandez and failed because he was. In that. Maximum security gonna probable who's also constantly sort of coworker yours you know doing stuff right so if you request to sit down Jarrett Remy doesn't just mean the it's shut down the first level I think Jeremy is honestly laid. Two levels above being. What's the phrasing for best but he developmentally disabled and when you saw him meg glad to read his writing and a picky now announce he's not Smart he's not. Moral thing in and is a Smart and Jeremy it Carson against yet. Today because I was quick but. Good bad apples. And if you ask what they believe they'd rather have me yeah Denver. That him. Yes that was a weird and watch all craftsman. Very cute use EU mass. And that would be pretty good yet we don't try to always tees on yes a tractor Jerry is well I don't think he's coming here. Now it is like you a brief me on every week and you what happened did you chase him off now than me that was not me I don't think. I think it was always easier to Harden retired and I thought he eat he answered all the questions he fought view him back on my dad was a weekly got some great interviews. Without sleep well yeah not baseball right populace on the right he admitted he enabled them but the you know try to set me up at the start member read and Remy attacked me on something you don't call them before that Randy called it next to apologize Blaine Dino was cleared. It was really early on that was on the show to lose the size that don't rightly called the office yet is it almost can't let these are crying you would like him don't. I don't cynical and Roger has more like lots of the shuttle bus black. At least in the beginning able these admittedly enabled us on his blood on his hands as he what he admitted that to us buttons like you doesn't like a lot of people he definitely does not although I like conference October for a beloved Michael would want it when you think Alec. Baldwin is that your first performance in the same huge something no that's not an analyst glengarry get dropped if you wanna pick at all but if you wanna pick new and you pick. SNL right when he sick McLemore Michael's anyway that's my little nit pick remedies read receipt and he's okay no issue no issue I think you know. So I would hope not. I mean look at their work has really gets most hysterical moved out knowing hill I don't get on people for what they say too often you know on defendant -- and don't liars usually they're usually your people that's well and he's right usually mild and culture of those in my why what is the collective and freedom of speech today they should be allowed your mileage your people bright light that's beside the I want to join his new media company. Really don't against out I don't bench I'm trying to tell us about his forgave people I know but I think he he can you know their he can need a foil if you well right. The justice loyalty bossy when I Q. I'd love to untoward smile. Hardball talk has another army things well and plays a video events is of course learn baseball language it dog whistle term for learn English site to aug allowing translators. When did she turn guys. A lot of translators is how baseball is made available players across the globe it's great for the sport is not a script for the white guys were so accustomed to the privilege privilege of English. BB default language they never think to learn a second language themselves they'll programs drive around those tapes just a guess. They expect us before in the United States is often described as a melting pot means to first according to swift feet the US is one of the top three trailers and by. It is right we don't speak enough language is here that I proudly dogs now by an army laser to speak why we speak modeling widely hated everywhere else in the world did you draw appropriate I think I held you back. One on the failure I held her back when you become a majority minority country I'm going to be left behind my conservative I deserve it I should have learned Spanish announced on May I thought I took it for eight years of spring I judge it was a waste. Well it is Latin in high school with a open. Why did they told him I feel it's getting better my SATs never understood what it was in Latin. As we did I think you know what to say my brother taken any major enact you know cultural and a literature Ni and and why and exactly. That we need so when you go to Latin America denote the same. So you know I think he has Brothers and no he's history certainly or just laughed as realtors to score thirty which proud moment for delegates and Richard a you know speaks for five languages that reality winner she does and how she's English communicate with thinking differently picked out and maximum security that was not a person gets a top secret source cadence is just as you see yourself be where there's your tweets it's now we have feet. Unbelievable she's like you. Is she hates trump she got some in and take on Wayne change he loves Bernie it real and she's got high security. Maximum security clearance. Was too many stories this portion of the day. No I was hot so hard hitting like that not everybody it was hard I don't know result listening to a innately yeah it was well done to listen Raymer if that were in The Herald that would be click yes you did did you that's an idea graduate click state man all the comforts are on the lake. Gone and ordered in Eaton. Yeah why Andy wrote like a few things that they need to but did so you tolerant of the little news time grand got a phonetic tragedy at let me look at trouble maybe will be some holes that yes I want to. For days to one on fire but. The reason he won't get in trouble is because it was so bizarre what it if you just said something like it's so not an excellent national at these guys players and let's say you should have a guy out there when the man just talking them. Helping them understand what the mayor saying this might is that it's though Larry Rothschild releasing anyway let's see we can't say. Though he area to keep the ball down get too down if I start to this I mean. I would ban all I'm with you again although it was a panel manager. Appearances. Amount just done we're done with this they don't do enough they say what's best for the product what's best for the fans who cares if you say. Pitching coaches kick him on the anymore you know I was gonna cry about it. Pitching coaches may be Peter Gammons. And then team Kirch and but the fans the people who celebrates not want it so born what fan point Lama for the when you think perky for our audience excellence and seven cent and 79 from such that it took questions. And are you upset that Greg Campbell pitch in the eighth as some people are in overuse and I'm told to be upset if they said no more I don't dwell on pitching coach of the month. I don't want catch I was just gonna say there's really not right out of a no no. No conferences on the mound this game was a good game last night. But it Winfrey I was 35 minutes that's too much on a Tuesday night in in June I'm sorry he shouldn't. He should eliminate that and if it illuminates no two minutes. That's two minutes in my life I get back in baseball not seriously confronting air time secretly and who was who could be against. That's what the NFL does it when they adopted two point conversion this and who's against us and they decided nobody who matters maybe some coaches didn't like because it was more work. Nobody who matters no fan you know paying customer no advertiser. In nobody whom. Patterns and I played was against a latest from all the time but man baseball's big trouble there could be a problem right you are quite nice so lifeless the useless here it's holy life was I don't lifeless Leslie nice there's a generational divide here you're in your sixties now I think there people as if you fail Baldwin together like landscape as. Yes guys like me or else did it sound like cities now down not mean you you wanna game that has lifelike and I win goals that we God's. Because of the trio and electric out of here but but she's convinced by and its series is not over hazard today. On the stands on really everything you know we have yes in this state are all so old you Alex 24 and he your friends like Major League Baseball now now I got my whole life I the only one K people know I always driven one I like 101 point in time tones I'd straight friends and that it might based. That's going he loves it. But baseball you don't write love baseball knowledge I used. Love baseball equipment you know it's like baseball no I like baseball glove of a basket I liked last night's council. Final minute on the budget but there's a tale is a feel like writes that to a Red Sox yankees that for them from the seventies she amateur for now drivers that rivalry because our guys who should scold the show on secrecy on balk they still think this is what it was 71 dollars and 2004. It's not what you gotta admit there is some good young Sox the only good young talent. And you didn't watch last night when judge stepped tonight not only did I love marriage and you don't watch when Betts is up guys or do. A measure there's a lot to the Yankees are yankees are still transitioning its like Chris Carter's not only has seen that will well. That's OK you know but it seems that's better than Jacoby Ellsbury a great Red Sox yankees again got to play in the policies that play for first place an idea isn't gonna finish 500 enough to I think semite -- starter they're going to finish them in the Red Sox win tonight they're in first place their better team nation and you would Lou and I apologize to my amendment where it's been tremendous it's entertaining -- -- and I think it's about time these as well credit racing Cameron and -- doesn't like I do like it brings in Kimberly she looks like he's struggling dollar -- yeah it hasn't thrown many more pitches this year compared to last thought right -- grass -- -- ran photos between -- and a median number of its -- well yeah. Well let's go -- ago and I'm looking forward to lose ramps. Angry Lou I'll be honest I'll skip a little tired of -- baseman here's what's. Where's what's gonna happen while we won the ramp on basketball and hockey news talk I mean really remarkable radical Islam. I hope they ask I don't think what it really gland or Christian wanna talk portraits of school and wanna tents and I certainly I know the other Olympus says it has Christian as a broad template alleged does at every post who's ever worked with those agree with him a baseball. Which makes for that was a radio like California haven't used my vibrant and do other stuff arthritis I'm regulatory agency has no interest. And you can tell when you look at the window and funds whose communal like. It's something else right but I think for probably wanted to hang for its right. Years ago does that peeled and America and it's both those guys are sick of way that's ideally yes they want to hang ways to host a good luck. That's good luck at her and her debut you guys this week in a speaking role. I am I think those guys get along now well they're a good job and their search and listen I think he's never big baseball talk this board have said that's the first show it from I'm not is sometimes it is rightly giving lessons games are great talker. No it was good game it's better hot than basketball talk hockey talk. Or time in all of them like what they're at the regular season. I get better go to if you need five minutes and five minutes the Celtics talking to ask question it is why would it what does can we understand it. Yeah actually talked only got a basketball baseball EZ pass out talk our basketball soccer hockey. Hockey topic to talk talking two years. Baseball talk is better than basketball that all depends on what the issue it's all too depends a the issue. Now it's easy. You can I can watch any baseball game and come away with a couple of take rights eakins and a couple minutes outs you know pitching Shane was good for so I get my point where people line up order yes what your thoughts on the line like that. Advantage and yet the topic today that so I don't see you a couple of that's ten seconds guys we have another 1102 I do I think the Red Sox on paper much better team you know and a lot that's what I should do a couple of us in the lineup is that I'm the moves I want I don't date him girl. Is in the eighth inning now a hotline ample pure luck that I love love atomic. I'm not saying it's as big deals and was then but it's still sales people of Jervis stream right now veteran back his right leg out of the left leg. I I listen the entire game on the radio last night I missed the remedy or iced tea. And if I. I did I'd like I can tell and I can't remember right now at people calling us up with the random and a good baseball football website if you don't nobody would call I think right now talk talk well but did you see they're all at the Roland of who mastered the Cuomo. Earlier nice and it like mound visits yes that's only wanted to talk about mom who's this I'm Rhonda. Attire a look at one call this not one call muscles to show you wing the muscles to want to and America will not and one call. How's it right now in my wrong is baseball dead. Normal call no one. Merrill up in public there region's people beacons. You know he's that's right always old Maine summer term and whatever and a and Ralf for a couple rough from Clinton to I doubt he's the only and that's that's what 77797937. Is baseball that its Red Sox yankees right now in no one in Boston I will say this I don't know anybody's mad that Kimball pitched the eighth blue eyes massage that who besides Lou. And end of kimbo has a slump in August Lou will fall back on this say he may be right now. But this Alex pointed out there and and Bradford part of the pitches is on the same right. And he's pretty much in a zone he's unhittable. Why would be needed thirty pitches in one inning last night wouldn't be complaining today instead of eighteen to right. Would've been pitched to contact. Could do you know how to do that. And I question. Where he's so good right now I mean I'd this what I do Campbell it's is that the next that is the only poems batting average now. 089. Point 08 opponents are hitting always 89. Against Craig him strict at 3354. Batters he's faced in -- sec and write teaser on about what the right he's not canned 39 there was 429. I mean the writings that the ratings are at second with three team pitches. To move through the 33 and Hartford deposit you can do this. Thirty pitches which is right which are second favorite poem. Elizabeth town with the departed he's good in the departed excellent I I think is a human being he's scum. But as an actor he's great. Awesome actor. The great touch Stuart thank you would be full energies and seen wild pod cast at one point yes yes this is one announced the outskirts or nothing else matters and three little babies and on the trials juries he's got him but the mine work and we don't I don't it would take his colleagues whose cars and get back six once and it says that about half the people sell mound visits and have them. It's one of those issues I receive LE. Linesman it's easier to get these people were ultimately really passionate about pro mound visits it's weird but I understand it to what's it like. That's that I need a need somebody we have three and a half more hours and needs somebody. My fit most my users what Marie Miller run back and forth and what. Oh was our stuff I want somebody who is in favor mound visit and somebody who agrees with the rim. That they should eliminate it by its idea. I'd write that much more interest and it's kind landing there chuck what these kids and English at home with. I was hoping what are you wearing Russia brings a pad of paper like draws pictures out Elizabeth it's particular job if I don't uniform top ten different coaches never you know take assistant basketball coach these they're never met a journal of the two of John Farrell. It's never good managers but their net and they never go away. It's of those calls lot to get to without treatment today. And European stepped up from my man Shaun king which was in Boston and Gary Myers with a 12 punch for caller tampered. James is much much like previous fight John king's. Good friend crime peppered yes although he's widened Africa's black communities and build a bridge together that's all reach some of that as well played by get to yours Kirk Callahan with. Oxford. With Kirk Smith and Jerry Kelly. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Go to George in Warwick. When I'm blue George. And good morning guys. I think I heard you say about today's story line of demarcation. My line of demarcation would be surprised. Was that they you signed here. Steve's in New Haven and says I don't believe in Christ remains the. Running hard. But isn't it weird to see happen to remodel when he noticed. Rock saw and ad which says its argument that discussion which lays on the law. Now it's I tried my noble team last night after his retirement pipe Metamucil. Picnic on the struggling lately that's. It's less three decades not for old people like Larry King line no one smokes a pipe anymore that's true it's true that caused by smoke what you want you. As a guard. It issues very open and incentives on the oh good we get someone go to tennis second violence that it would be distorting the average. Age of a baseball on TV viewer is 55 yes 47 again fell 37 for B&B fewer people playing the sport says. The a number of deep between the age of 717 play baseball US decreased by 41%. From 9002002. To five point three million. August the weight of awareness about where the Red Sox and here is last year I'm when the Red Sox yankees are playing September Hanley had that locked up homered big series. Mutual site NFL games out rated the course last night balls to inbox one yeah. But. The problem I have I love baseball of the more than you do your old thing never tried or rarely try to improve the product right football does a British say that they legislation outrageous Andy spa and Remy should've just said last night. No and should be allowed him to run it is believed that his soul he thinks he can talk all that I think it's still ravaged traditionalists who is depicted that never crosses is mindful I I don't ever thought translators didn't belong out there's an area that shouldn't be coaches and managers all does the plight. Haven't the Golden State Warriors proved accessibility. Absolutely but think about it Remy in that spot said. In on tired amount visits that should allow pitching goes go to the month that be great take. Albright would probably would not record for the nobility my doctor and understand that I mean that's one that's your and my contention is that the radio Booth could do exactly that they could sit there and having me on the show and it. They do great job and no way. 01. They're the best but right there and then you say why is Larry Rothschild and his translator guy. Holder Larry Rothschild and his oath and that's why they hate this mine night why they are making me I'm sitting there and I got things to do placed ago. You know I got my iPad from my phone in this hand I have to watch Larry rock just that name got to tell I'm on March taken deep draft. Mean come names come down I don't know I child. Iraq I don't know what kind of things a Jewish Jewish is that it is appropriate ourselves and ideas mom's church because of the number it is aware. On Wikipedia and -- office that sound like a blue blood like it doesn't know prior to our thirst cried yes he's coached for the reds braves Marlins cubs raise these pitching coach or in average time he's gonna get it right they'll remember the coaches would tell you about it great Bob Ryan Reid Hugh B brown and move according. What skewing young Jesus is it just took off god. But I chain smoker's view of brown grew brought just love them love them love them. Let's take some calls don't you you asked. We're some response from our listeners at 61777979. For seven with go to the bottom line they have you lined up. Alex is in a curry Alex. And what not on the shelf it. Good morning I'm so. Summer of 2000 re living in fourth all light pretzel I houllier -- fresh air college walk every broadcaster baseball so it just saying. White tiger sort of late in the game and probably July hot intense from throughout the morning looking or right. And they leave cherry red light gotten any start talking about how are big Leo mentioned the yacht targeting Chinese food delivered. And then you start to talk about how these deliveries and it looked like true he hugged me. That's not true not only have eight general of this story and but I feel like it will little. He's not engine at all I don't know I don't understand what would what are you implying. 00 yea that's racist I don't. It's a trooper got I was half right I turned I have never heard that story and European does little beyond Italy's analysts franchise. Now novels and it's fun and games he's gone kind of guys wrote his hand. I'm ready and meet the racist comment on it I'm sure not able. I said because he was Asian doesn't speak Dino it's with those a white pitcher what he had said it. Well what is late it's hard to argue yes he's English as sound English yes he dunce and I think note that it ready later come out at the time but I don't English speaking pitcher. I did you lose but he but he said it because it's not is Japanese wooden his lack. I don't think you listen as it's more excepted why wasn't someone right guys thanks so much for. My friend and Chauncey called this spectacular captures. Don't judge it wasn't even though it was OK I would say let's say it was Pakistan of routine and if he didn't make it's and car. I don't choose that's a great at any band in the wall in the pole the fifteen day DL corn bread for good luck I think I attempt to protect our catch of all time Fred Lynn when he and Brian downing rammed into the wall Wii yeah Wii -- a friend and guy going up and I mean. Lukewarm welcome. Rubs Charles talents abroad. Good morning guys I agree with you about a month visits local space war time that I think by no stretch of the imagination. Should a judge or by any stretch gloat the loud no need to take a walk science or McCain they are three game pitchers meaning they don't need to do that. Well what they need to do dispute began my two things they need to do to catch against both the guys these young stud that they have people are job promoting them. And secondly that what they need to do is start forcing. Like I used the federation rules where I spoke completely stuck out of the blocks. And what stitches to use that. They supposedly were going to do that a couple of years ago and I lasted like a white on white stuff. Actually hitters but you know you don't get backlash NFL players so it's the rule to just implemented never forced him that that's. Out. Mr. about the marketing knowing nobody a monkey that's won a Grammy Anthony Milton you know he is no and I don't even that you might try to open it might help signaling an elderly I don't know why are Iran does. Tab on him a generator I don't you want to dozen Times Square no one but no we what about iron judge in New York. He's been there I would say are judged or crown possibility those who is good mark on new York and so they waited a couple years ago it's not hard what I wish he is a gentleman's. I'm a big baseball and they read the sports pages every day and pour over the bar. School to give that ours and Jeanette Jeanette. Okay Kenny boy my. You know baseball walk. Would did you know what scooter longtime through our middle infielder a long time to take three years okay forget you know Robin announced. A three year how many home runs and we have going into this game last night all. Of the year for. Now he has set. He would he would for less than if you missed that scooter Jen net. It 4445. Interns and six innings and he becomes only the seventeenth player in baseball history right tit for. And the list does not. Read like if they can get a chance to become the I think eighth player in five in the game views that I write off the top and I had I can think of two former Red Sox outfielders. And you know the list. Amanda summit aims to you know of the two former Red Sox outfielders need dorm room or go into the hall of fame yes she's supposed. Are marked with mark Witten is one correct. Jenny McCarthy mark Witten in India. Martin Whitman and who was the other one. Compared to keep them for the parents. To Hank Aaron do know and that you don't Natalie Maines who felt Abrams Willie Mays Mays Babe Ruth I don't think it right he did not. Tropical it's seventeen lawyers are now knowledge and just tell that it. Mom he come by Napoli. That is that it quiescent and a really good teams are you opening her greatest and you really good fielder. He was so good and field that he forced them to portals where. A Coca Chris if no coat the former game. Wouldn't want who's a who's that guy and senator when they put Ellsbury in left wasn't that. Mike Cameron on my camera camera if anybody didn't even do with the Red Sox and now they don't see now. We know and you know there's six former scoring chance who played the Celtics after I won the scoring title I heard that conversation yes they Shaq was the surprise might know him yet. Mean Seattle. Uniform make any smarter here each may second 2002. One analyst I knew for sure but wanted to show me market witnessed two. Martin Whitman. Was so flew key they just integrates it had builder to know Larry Johnson can't afford it the whole hall of famers who gated I would say yeah there have been right Willy made some. Lou Gehrig Mike Schmidt yet. That's about it brought EDT bicycles you know I was stupid agency. And we apologize Chuck Klein speaking Gil Hodges should be at all and Richardson and Bobby low drug client as a hobby load due for Boston okay. May third. 1894. That was made there right right Boston over the Cincinnati Reds legs. However I was he translator at the Japanese commitment to a Jared. He had nothing and allowed back then let's go to Kinect is number six and computer Jeanette Jeanette yen and whatever looks like give kids never heard of before last there was real first and arsenals in the first payments. I do Paul it's one name is Ryan because I heard an overnight showed do it and assure segment on the best baseball nicknames. To put scooter on medalist. It's not now I would the very childish nicknames. Yes he meant it sounded an unnamed witness five because. His mother went to the police station again in the buck was seatbelts you wouldn't buckles and should pull them PlayStation cup came out. And asked him his name and he lied because he didn't want Tom's room and we compliment and sound grew out of that story and they can parents think that you can debunk those guidance until you go to Paul I am sick of five year old Lotto card teach adolescent scared to death that's of that story disobey I've got to pay the price on a guy you were a video it has to be true curse Curtis or were could be. 61777979%. Older. Each Kirk and Kalla. My proverbial isn't as to dissidents chopped Douglas and I didn't director of this first of all you should think you know it's device of its centerpiece of the visit that a concern because if you want Kirk and Callahan. Yes fox Sports Radio W. Brady had to the end on was running on the sidelines I think HD animal to get in and when he did get any and it was recent easing in the level that he went right up to a touchdown McChrystal and actually talk to hold off the wrath upon that news like. Oh my gap he was that I knew I was in for right after it's not like out there record. Well whenever do you keep getting what do I mean but he but he said it after I get Hogan if this is that I got better off the record hitting greatest fired up let me ask you this. Then revealed he sees it basically he's saying that these these more treacherous what are what are. Which off the record known now on the record or the level that game went right up through touchdown McChrystal and actually talk to hold him off the bad news like. All my gap he was down I knew I was in for right now. Well well well. Well all I know all about activist group like the not out of the picture play rules say something like one of those my it's. I putted I was the chemistry arguably I loved. I've worked but before Houston comet come on my Red Sox podcast that he did yeah right come on merits. Yes work with whom did and we passed what's your looks like Paul and keep the cycle given -- straight there like that's that's excellent filtering were no windows supreme wilder way you were of what a nice place because she is going to hit it is boring sporting ties China Canada and Brian saint. A year and you never talked about. You know next Roddy deny that I was. All notre and he lost I lost my laptop once meted out as exciting. An option once any bad mouth the meat and curt called it awful and something that's immediately something. Like I said we were hopeful talked to order where facility have little punk music hall who was. Well Glenn told me that he told you from the get go out to make grateful for. Once said that he was on entirely. Nice I would love to have this conversation with you and you confront them face to face. But Clinton never out of June air I don't Vicki knew I was old wise this makes I don't know why do you think that it was an obvious thing. Mean yeah. It's an employee usually if you -- mean I don't in my six -- you know like. Jerry and I speculated before you said it kind of ally financial crisis what I like my -- what you witnessed but that's what I told to wait and why was on supplies for that's quarter our moral support and 715 because we could have had a -- long conversely -- -- conversation -- months at an on going -- course you knew you -- without -- looked at me like he did that's a little as radio I'm screwed -- old school re -- if you -- -- out of what did you from 8 o'clock this a couple of the conversation with the news that -- about yourself but that assumes you said that since he's going to -- themselves now right and it was like OK come next -- and cripple -- that they were glad it was hovering over -- hovering over year -- -- -- -- -- create quite -- -- yes while -- announcement on the line it up about it de Jesus. It's well that's I'm scared out time. And was hurt me yes so he's a big physical guy intimidating presence the sale of its fat. Right. That was not now not much different shape he's that's what he was short through a script that's. Especially over me looking him in but you got pretend agreement. That in on the game Keith Reamer chemistry is all templates does anyone know you want to bottom is to establish no. About your character won't play as you know actually so I told but say it is going on dates when he rounds ego is totally CH lakers in my closet. Really. They came out here. And I and every other day I loved what's habit to break. But which goes into it is 1986 radio chambers and this comes out doesn't show good tactics we can't let the full list yet all the time topics last ten years and he's a very authentication with mark health faults because Fultz and he's always dreamed of being number one. Which does like. My album to visit Eugene would be the second but it came I alchemy at the screen of leading champions. My probably hasn't captured never crosses mine what. What's. And police say the NBA finals or not older because it's the Red Sox came back in beat the Yankees in 2004. DC that's for the cavaliers beat come back and beat the warriors. The iron it out what is will fly on the wars are a better team that's what I sent a higher Maddon a Scioscia indicated that the reason cleaves and do his rules discreet and said he's now won championships of off with Jews for the players. Yes like Metallica set in Calcutta houses doesn't look. When the ball's by passes away from Lebanese thinking like he's that one was around four I don't enough hit the shots. I am I started off the series. Rooting hard for Cleveland because I need to Iran. Now I'm rooting for Golden State to rule in the finals if they win tonight the finals is big deal the two best teams the all time greats. He's over an excellent right yet accidentally. Read I mean people let's suppose to its customers cars culture that's baseball as they promptly dropped off C -- to win tonight ride and temporarily lose tonight the finals are over and it's and it's Friday night in game four little ones to watch if it's 30 yeah issued on Tuesday Thursday's. That's had been sent this week the fact that they didn't play last night. It's criminal could use that for promo that's on right here where there are focused and something hit a mile and a pleasure. Are you guys with me agree disagree with you Marlon mark Lyons yeah. It's Aqua puts it just comes out constantly wants Cleveland or Golden State to win tonight. It's yours Jake you do will you exit to think they'll be a lot of holes yes that's definitely that is my at least they're talking points Taliban leaders and they put it in on some of us. That's. Just it's like doing the show bush for its. Much. It from the bus shoulder. Me against the world hate and doubt Lehman that's my pitches bull's eyes still it's urgent win and that's six quarterbacks that would draft at government agreed outcome was talking about great great great upon itself is like I was urged women as well let's yes it does have in common pollute what's gonna go to our main advocate posture harm caused him. Come Ozzie I paced Internet reports that the pulse network India off Fox's Paulson assured Lou I was an act. Mining tweets and to use for a what's the point that you tell a story and ultimately might work with them wise I'm guessing we had a good report very comfortable with your brain on the air. Yes I was radio. For the first it was talking with you can and you don't need insurance theory that there were two Hadley and that's a much different speakers Chris Gasper today writes you know people should be blaming the rights. He he and he says to rant enjoying the warriors because he lost in the Western Conference finals. He joined him because of their style of play their culture their organization ethos in their location all just called him. Eat those called to him yes early on over here he'd. Eat those sound like I don't know I actually he's trying to say that he's taking less money. Usually it's audit that is by this reflex to defend KD. DC all day and the SP and I mean the the the culture what culture share. NBA culture. With the media as I've said this I don't know if that's fruit and I think it's worse than baseball or any missiles worse yes I know it's just all want to okay terrified who's the who's the of the of the voice and baseball was knocking these guys. If somebody did the equivalent to rated baseball. He joins on team who are some old stodgy baseball guys will go after you saw some guys who Shaughnessy. When this city there's no idea what wins and she would do that for you wouldn't. And if it hit my son's yes he has to this point he would he would but I mean is no adults but can I mean you and I agree. Kevin Durant is a form on and bull I mean where you sleep he got a better job on him on Google state. But movement when you get it done the same he got a better job while it will wake you know it's making less money and you need to be on a better team wins they're gonna win a championship the opportunity to achieve a hall of torture or would that championship now what he is. Talk now about a million and a half that he at the title it was an easy one hi yes you. That's important to know possibly factor you know that. It's his Jersey. He's more he's more resources they and it. More now that he has because he won it last game season now that's down at my release titles aren't significant but you know yet actually which turns to the mask on with what do you know that he got a better job I don't play in marriages yes. William wanted to replicate these more Buick Concord required shots that's why one can get shocking here please yes we picabo them past the hats and how much higher in Boston sold. My favorite writers have been asking writers are going and a leader editor Larry and Sean Kane is the best all white it's right which I like. Headline Sean Kane I'm boycotting the NFL. Because of its blatant bigotry and anti blackness. I'm I don't know why he's a tough way to lose anyway he's very persuasive I have to admit this column he almost won me over. I'm thinking of boycotting an affair or because of its anti black I'm a big picture that is probe has come to question we're gonna reform shocking. Am nightly double shot from your news. Our friend Gary Myers at the scheduled drugs next Wednesday in studio will become the travelers amused that break out past and I should your talents that support for the travelers are correct. Some of that as well assured us it's exports that I chanted in Medina on Saturday night and through seven. It is part Callahan but it's.