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Jun 6, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review Wonder Woman. How does it compare to other DCEU movies and other comic book films? Plus all your favorite segments, including ideas for many, many more. Twitter: @DORKpodcast

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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty two if that happens I don't mind cash. Thanks to turn into another episode of hash tag door primary host rich Steve Joyner wants Yemen Ryan Davey Davey how Rio. The wonderful day outside Richard it's not 4049. Degrees and raining it's. Ember June day. A June is a miserable day outside let's be honest maybe you're inside in your listening to a podcast one such as this where we're gonna breakdown Wonder Woman. And if he had not seen as doing dollar movie reviews we start out spoiler free before we get to spoiler. Full. For it to this week last week we did video game movies. Anything you wish you was would love like to have added to that podcast or did you say literally everything you wanted to say about it. I mean. I've said everything I wanted to say I think you can bring up Wii bowling anymore or there were. You know it's right is that we're do we're giving him too much air time I think we just move on parent. First thing I want to mention here I know you don't watch the show Davey but I wanna let everybody who does watch the show know that I do want the leftovers season and series finale this past weekend I thought it was tremendous that throughout the year throughout the season. You knew they said it was going to be the last one and you wonder your. Our Howard again and this I think it was a perfect ending a for that show. Maybe we'll do some they are able to YouTube video or something down the road more on the left overs one of my favorite shows ever. But just wanted to say for those who I did enjoy the show I'm right there with you if you didn't you can also let us know at dork podcast on Twitter and door podcast at gmail.com. But I think my. Ever so what do what do the first that your favorite show law. Well I might I also split him up I don't. The elderly sick comes in one category and Johnson I don't at all other podcast and it really as I go with the wire one that breaking bad to. Sort of the fight for three a might be game of drones now and then I probably have the left overs and honestly Friday Night Lights might be my top five. Spreading relatively good show yeah. We can do we could do an episode right and I'll let. We absolutely should now we have in this way it made a couple months will do against football season gets started. It. We in this plan shows up to us in advance who does that. That's real strong now we don't need to plan an episode for M. Night Shyamalan is Tales from the Crypt to reboot. That's very don't drink cancel. I have it haven't even been one frame that showed an authority in camps I thought I would like to I would love. The people at home and a whole how we use spelled M. Night Shyamalan name. On the on the outline of this show -- yet right now it's night decay. She share millennium. Soon similar. Am tonight and share them he's not tonight. He's not he's not no I don't think be queen of England has ever put a sort initialed. All Travis Knight realm Travis Nate the great hoops there have McKay in his name and today and it about them I would still I guess this is less spooky against. This scary you want just like the met who like deny you do it's dark out. Similarly. Hirsch yet Allen did not a correct and that. Now that the Greg there illustrate I knew this is going to be crap the stills of the group reboot when they came out there is either tease her trailer. And those like three minutes longer so I could be convention has clicked. I don't watch it like a money into weeded out before I watched it at that l.s like Lowell who shouldn't do that a loss like a minimum and like I import aborted this. It's apparent now they are terror. Any don't let it it's. It's it's a show that nobody asked for but people are okay dearly if you think about it like. HBO go HBO now they have every show that they've ever put on HBO but they don't have Tales from the Crypt. It's weird. Weird. That is strange that I get they finally they're bringing back travels right I think titles on their own. Brought Iraq back via my dog ate it. Eight that you would really don't appreciate it a little like that like the trash heap. You know it's interesting to learn to Sheila Muppets. Yes you love Sesame Street loved the Muppets. Not a radical centrists and anyway a nice him land. Not happening there but to us I'm sure. There at night did you see the three UI guide at this and Wonder Woman I don't know if you did as well but the remake or reboot to a number of murder on the orient express. I did not I did not see this but you guys were talking about quick plug on my twitch scandal last night we were. We came out like gangbusters playing over watch and then dump the last three games of qualifiers. They would not too close to the sun. So on the wings of over watch yet but the more of murder there were an express I think I also tweeted out on her to order count the it's on YouTube it's actually offered few days it's right this is the first time in forever but I saw a preview in theaters that I hadn't seen yet. Pushed on you weren't released by like Jimmy Kimmel oral or whatever else like it you'd always see you're like OK yep but I looks good big screen but this all the this movie. And it's. Just basically clue before clue you had Johnny Depp will on the followed daisy Bradley is in this kind of you look at Cruz is and that's. Michelle Pfeiffer Josh dad. Who are probably like just had to be honest game Judy Dench Judi Dench and then it. She is knighted just like the similar path that was all welcome the other you do wanna see this morning. I'll see I don't know follow other up all pay money to see it public is that it was kind of a pleasant surprise to see this in Buick you know that's. I was pleased we. Do good cast. Give that a shot a loss who can do a not to steal anything away from Davies video game minute but I do assay since last week I bought Friday the thirteenth. They go in you do it is well sorted Max ordered Wes and we've been playing it is not without its glitches. The public college Superfund it's the most they can think of lake. We you're located you relate played with your own (%expletive) like that lately and a lot. Yet you do that and you diaper. To diaper all of that very well I have to have two children. Ala who. You know what you have kids Richard you'll you'll find out about the. Both took turns. Yeah it took it to put basically you have a good time but you know. Which are playing with the ship. That is sitting at the Friday the thirteenth. Housing and his website from that website that somebody told us about in high school. Male summit ship now. You can do it there isn't so good cute and oh it was like me. It's delegates Spanish side though it's. And anyway was just the worst of that and college people knew about it and then like if you after computer open biblical leave it on the page or they would like. Make your desktop background but one of the pictures. Event put a password on site you have to be isn't worth saying with the website is the going to go if you can't go any any evidence Syria we don't want to get this membership. Whoa scat lovers dot com. And it was horrifying. It was a horrifying I've got pretty open minded. Yeah this. You can't un see many of the images hour on the analysts say. What was the one that we heard if we were first introduced to it because it was. And man shooting his britches this. We're under an. A relative real. What that look like this is terrible you go to an ever Wonder Woman there didn't something else big and groups. The graduate so I'll I didn't play awful. President predator expert keep it a terrible terribly executed game but it really bought. It's fun yes of basically. He you play online and can be with a group of people but doesn't really matter they split you up in so one person is Jason and they do all the different Jason strongly if you're the front of the thirteenth vineyard love the game. They break it up in urine different. Different years so it's different Jason's and then you get up to seven counselors. Based in the councils into debt off the camp crystal lake or killed Jason what I've not seen yet. And Jason just needs to kill all the all the people that play that's the game but it's pretty well what's crazy is. You can bet if you're all that you all a Mike on you could only hear the person if you've somehow find walkie talkies or. If you're close enough so you're split up all over the map you can hear anybody and then all of a sudden you can late. Once you get close like their Mike picks up this morning I think it was Mac was. Jason and all of a sudden I could see what his slick username like pop up he was talking in the thing. Like Matt Mack you're hearing he's like yes I can put it well our gut. So anyway back game it's fun you know argued it Smart of them put it for forty dollars it's not worth sixty dollars right now no. Why it's fun they don't Aussie may be Q thirty dollars but whatever for the nostalgia purposes I guess. Maybe it's worth the forty RD ready for your your little segment. It's the. You know okay. Either hand. What are we up this weekend Davies video game minutes. So we got this week is kind of a big weekend. Richard as you know we will be is going to come on it and world com. But while that's going on I'm sure everybody will be checking it would've beat everybody and attend as a comic on the will be checking. It's Twitter feed because it's also eat three in this weekend. Right now. The biggest news that a bit as you know obviously there are some game titles that are coming out within this year that are. Huge and their people actually received some first time game play of these things. Not talking a boat red dead redemption two yes rock star look in Asia actually get a handle on game play with that. Other Spider-Man titles exclusively for PlayStation which is coming out and then as a whole bunch of other stuff that are kind of question marks right now. In that so projects scorpio is apparently going to be unveiled by Microsoft we're actually received the new Xbox looks like. There's some PR stuff that's going on. But most importantly the things that are going on here that titles of these games that you're actually missed the that you only heard of but up until this point. Or seem like really creepy trailers like for instance for a definite stranding. The two they recorded. Yes they approach human game. Coming out. It's got mad Mickelson in it got from. Yeah its thing and and nor read it. He's been hit so it's a one. Member that what what got canceled this silent hill liquor canceled. As public debt the label trailer for. Oh yeah yeah yeah that would satellite today. Norman readers went from that product of this project. In whatever. There's a game called gays gone which is a big zombie game coming up for PlayStation I'm just like wind it is right now as the new Florida. Coming out law or Microsoft to yep so and and other things like. They're people have talked about but they're not really saying whether or not they're gonna show up. Just go to them quickly. There is a new crackdown member of that game yes I do know that the assassin's creed origin which is apparently taking place in Egypt in need to eat well while. Oh yeah are you ready for this. Crashed banned because of trilogy. It newcrest bid group come on really wants. Nobody wants that dark siders three which I don't know how that game survive just teach Pete Q went under. Somehow the people who made this game wrestled the title back from them and made another game so that's just think. A game called would a so called Detroit is becoming human where's this. Yet there with me though. The game takes place in Detroit. It's part of it. They go like ai like your year you play at Carol Maloney iRobot not not not the movie but artificial legs and you play like. Synthetic human beings. The blade runner yeah and who would think but would think in the future that Detroit at a place where anything could whip manufacturing could go wrong you know come on. That should distressed like this neglected that a game is the paradise of Detroit. Like that it road telling us low hanging fruit. Yes sorry sorry sorry Detroit we have Detroit listeners that would maybe manner not I don't know. So we get into elder scrolls title coming into barker a new park right. A new gears of war who do you know who marvel vs Capcom Internet which looks pretty cool new metal gear game and it means that you tabloid sports games. You know NBA two K fifa NHL you know being up every major game studio has their own press conferences and things like that. I saw. Ronaldo is going to be on the cover feith eighteen they they just announced that yesterday I have a question or your tech in seven have you played it and or heard any reviews about it. I've heard mixed reviews are mixed reviews aren't. I think did that hasn't been very loyal fan base in the people who love and are gonna love it the people who don't are going to be like at the united mean. The question that with all those games and I've bought most the moment is. What makes this better slash different than the other one. Geico the more predict the most previous. And all Iraq. Then then now you're cooking with obvious some going on there are some big ozone next week we'll have Marie taboo even more we'll see what what the good trailers were and everything else. In Davies video game minutes let's move on now arrive to the topic to shore. Richard that's the topic of the day Ryan and today it is Wonder Woman hits on the came out. We've smashing success both at the box office and critically. It is doing very well last check Rollins models had it in the ninety's Wright is like ninety in mid ninety's. I made a ton of money ton of money for a woman director. All all that stuff there was it was very very. Successful now we break it down and we start spoiler free and I ask you of all his movies Ryan did you lake yet. I did like it like a lot actually about that what about the action scenes in the movie had a Zubov got action scenes in the movie edit in Achilles heel and ignore the good news Ryan. Like that. Yes I do it will be a change and a chink in the armor or new and then lost our Africa. If because it please achilles' and armor around my then this guy gets it a baguette that I get on the the issue I had a lot of the PDI looked a little. Yeah I thought it was I thought it was kind of distracting at times a little off putting at times. There are so used to really good CGI in the fight scenes looking flawless and then you look back I will I was ash can ridiculous like. Whether it's guardians of the doubts in your Logan are always those things like it looks soul fluid. In this kind of right away your Sam. Man lake when they were. And this is in the spore liberal when they were first that all the Amazon's. Or comment you know short what they can do when they're doing like these big back flips and it shoot their bone marrow some economic. What would that happen nearly what year did they make this early how much money they spend on. It from me like that that was by and make win doubted. Wonder Woman herself was doing beat these global fighting I thought that was really good. Yeah like that was a key goal was eight it was the jumping. The jumping was very like. Yes they don't like you think you could almost Selig to harness or some think it is like Catholic this is my pinky in Arthur. Ordered PDI it was like a person running at normal speed and then they jump and then all of a sudden they're gonna like a hundred miles an hour. Yeah there is something new something like that so honestly I thought the actions Steve overall. There are some good ones a lot of there there really. It's a two hour and 21 minute movie so it's a little long Ron time a lot of these DC movies have been pretty long. The hunt villains certainly felt very long this one that this didn't feel as long. Bomb I would honestly when people were asking me you're yesterday weren't would you think of the movie. I said good not great. And it's fun night. I mean I think what the problem we ran into him I was stock into the the fridge from the good brother podcast went to see the movie which. He was asking me about it and you know I eat. I think Logan has set the standard for what. Comic book movies could be Logan is like the gold band this year for part in my mind I think it's been the best we thought it's on the dom. So. I think we're looking at a through that lens like is that the best comic book we have seen this year no it's not because Logan clearly. However. As we've said before I mean this is the best thing that DC has put out into the Noland bat. Yes and in this universe were to yank it the I would people elect is the best DC property it's the worst he's robbery at Walt. Let's just look at the universe of like simulate marvel it was you look at the moral universe for the most part and Aaron you can compare you to do anything that's the beauty of America but you can compare to every one but for the purpose of this. There's more than four movies in the DC extended universe made of steel I'm NBC remand suicide squad and Wonder Woman. And I think without question it's the best out of before. However and again at the very low Bart is that right that's not necessarily a compliment. Bright eyed and him in my mind like you have to see it. In terms of like other universities because by saying that it's the best DC extent universe property there is debate that's. Saying that it. You basically saying like you could say OK now fine you don't mean all its but it on its own it's a good it's a good movie but I think I would recommend that the policy. If you inform me if you put this in the emcee for example and give it hell lot more movies they also a lot more origin story. Movies. You know where's that may be Superman that's not bad men origins story is really the sequel the man of steel. Suicide squad sort of orgy and have them but says a group of characters. So Wonder Woman Amanda steeler really wants to. The parables in my opinion there whereas in the MCU you have Iron Man you Paul fuel for your Captain America European man you have all these different witness him even more coming out with black panther and Spiderman X setter up. To me. I think Wonder Woman would probably fall somewhere in the middle of the MCU and it's it's comparable to Captain America first avenger. It's comparable to Thor of the first or. It's better than the incredible Hulk it's better than some of the other ones and their but that's power out put it. Yeah I would put it like and there are obviously for myriad reasons but. Ended every as I was watching one woman kept sticking out of my head like this is a lot like. The first Captain America but yet for obvious reasons but. But it kind of like that feel that they own that's eight you know what it means those. For me was like that but that's that's a good movie it's not terrible it's they were better than OK but I paper. Now it's not it's again it's that it in the middle he wouldn't consider it. Again it's not fair really compare the MC is the DC EU because there's just so many more movies over there and we're durable for early general how many episodes ago we're going through all home. And up there were overrated but I think people just assume every moral movies greats don't look back and all of a nut ball there's a tailored you really wanna go home just washed or again what did you love store so much. But I think some rumor being that. Overstated worst Wonderwall and would fit right in there and you wouldn't even bat denied but because it's in the I think it's getting such positive reviews. Part of it is because all these other ones have been crap recently but that's why I think it was kind of arranged where. When we first saw one woman was coming out and after we saw suicide squad or like next up is Wonder Woman everybody assumed it was gonna be crap. And then and then people the week before it's released in the years all the critics don't see it. And they say holy oh my god but it's not bad so now all of sudden it's gone and 95 and rotten tomatoes so everybody's sort of fear being like this is gonna be a ground breaking movie. And it probably fall somewhere in between where they go slight edge towards really good compared to really bad but it this isn't change this isn't. When we look at comic book movies. Rocket look back and say wanna loans one of the best ever. No we're not but again I mean if you read any that are viewed as I can't just go. Being who I am and what we do now I can't just go by the rotten tomatoes scored be like oh it's great problems. If you re meaning you read any of the reviews and they're like. It's good it's not about its faults but it's good it's solid movie. You know which we as a positive reviews so that's my what most people are saying is that it's it's good. It's not gonna blow you bet employer air off but it's it's good you know. Yes I did excel knew what did you think of the overall plot of the movie and if you think this is a good origin story to tell. Yeah and I think it was a good not to give it any latest of the sport you but the film is good thing here it was good supporting cast is pretty good. So you know I was. And yeah I thought the plot was pretty good and knowledge that what I that the one they wanted to mention of people who are you know. Either railing this movie for being anti male or praise in this movie from being pro. Of that you know feminism and all that stuff what what I would save the best part about this movie is that it makes its point. And doesn't overdo you know it it's it yes it has note of that. There are quick little things that people say that kind of Harken to you know feminism and you know the relationship of men and women especially in this universe and the other side doesn't he doesn't overdo it it's just like you know it yet we're gonna we're gonna not it didn't like gap that part of it. But it did not the movie that's not the whole move. Doesn't overdo it like this utopia. Look at it user tell Pia yeah dignity and that it will manic Jesus have a turn have a good time. So not only is no wonder we're being compared to the DC movies which habits it it's much better than. But also if you compared to count book movies when they female lead. Like that is such a pile of crap what that's your catwoman electoral like those are two of the worst movies ever made. And so this is also in that category only because they are it's a female lead in so. Compared to those that also hits it out of the water loads or it's out of the water. It's the park into the water we're alone in a man now. I hash tag dork scale. We of course go one through six legacy could give a zero somebody's asking about that I guess has taken the zero through six. Yep what would you give Wonder Woman. Yegorova idled activists like we we ate he did there. Very heated debate in the aspect or universe. Where we can go apps don't do not apps don't. I think we should be able to do half stones I am aware that they'd normally don't get cut in half. We know it pretty deep down the beaten path I would give it a Florida have to fight but it fret that they would be more toward the five that it would four. So I go the other way I would also probably uniform half but if fighter was pressed on out unity. For now what thing out also have to do is. I think I gave suicides wallet four and so I feel like your idea of one rumor before and after and then go back. Out the rest Khan suicide squad scored downs like a three and a half and I know it's better than Matt. So that's out that's the problem with the a lot of times a movie make it a similar scored another more revealer while on Novell wants better but I also appealing it's as good as some of the fives. That I've given out. Now I think it's as if it. If we're to break it down even further pretty get real I would give it a four point 75. All that did he didn't get rid of that fog right now and as I had. Anything else spoiler free for a spoiler full. Now OK so there you go to David and I both like did I wouldn't say we loved it it's not Logan I would also probably put it below guardians of the galaxy of all in two. Wait a little million funny guy gave up five I gave that a five and it's not that. Via. Yes or what kind of go on the wrong way here for for comic book movies shall we did start the year are very high. I am concerned next month to Spiderman and watching Al east in trailers I'm afraid that's gonna not great but. I that's another story for the time Ryan spoiler full let's start with the before he gets the movie DC as the new opening credits sequence did you happen to catch that. I did get that now that go that night. I liked it because these are marvels at a few different ones they they have a more recent one now or they actually shall it be human characters like Robert Downey junior stuff. Whereas DC they open it up they show bunch of the different members of the Justice League and McKenna pan out or it's like you really see. The DC you know really I think I a sort clock man and I think loopy old Mike Green arrow you should I launch a characters when they've kind of pan out that allows pretty cool. Get out about school and it was it was and it was better than noted that one man have before which is just like it looked like a page has been whatever it is big it's a lot more it pops. This funny there's a very enjoyable to me now the movie starts in the present day I was in the 95%. Of the movie. Takes place during World War I or even earlier. Whereas the the very beginning of the movie you a little Wayne enterprises action which I like I'm missing piece today you had a pretty good perk up and go oh really well Bruce when. Cooper the museum but will they called the blue over let's what's been known asks throughout history. As a way to enterprises goes up they deliver basically the picture from that may be Superman that was solid Herrnstein Trevor in the crew and stress on us. We can be said like all I've found the original. Yeah at the river is on a computer screen before and persuade reg ruled out the facts on the original. Yes. Now I know. My wife actually solace and we would mean I know I usually see movies by myself and just bring nips and analysts. The year but this on my wife says she Joshua got auto auto enrollment. And so while watching this bad that photo from Batman Superman. Which I tried watching a guy that's on the Syrian and I was it was on HBO so I ask them what Sean wanted she said shore. And she made it through like one in thirty minutes or this is the worst movie ever and stop watching though understandable but anyway they show the picture. Like I was about to lean over good packed app makes. But it only it doesn't matter look at it doesn't matter at all it's anyway C get that she looks into the picture and bull and you get your movie. What I also liked bum the one woman orgy story has sort of changed. Over history it promised one woman comics you've read the. I've read enough. And up to be dangerous but I know I'm no expert. I am would feel like I feel like I've samples like wives in the what's. Quote unquote required reading it. I read a ton of at least the first volumes of the new 52 source who was going on there and I'm also wrote a lot of the first issues and the one shots of rebirth which is what they're doing now in DC comics. Susser read that I have read more Wonder Woman than other things but certainly not like that man or. Batman so. She's got a couple of origin stories and he sort of see it play out in the movie and you also see how well they've also addressed it later on account books were originally she was. Molded from clay. Like Apollo her mother come older from clay and insulate the powers in my all these things from a Greek gods. Then there's the other one where the Paula just laid down Zeus. And had a baby in those series. Zeus or had the old coach jeez those new to us also asked would you would you rather steal a smooch from. This Wonder Woman or the original wonderment and you'll under Carter Gilbert dot. I'm I'm tip item. And with a tip of the cap with a normal dimensional and epidemic go out. Not yet again the dollar be tough to beat in the steel smooch category. Yeah but what do Carter Carter also would be tough to beat. Well the problem is there is that thing like IE. I think Linda Carter I do there's an attain ability there there's. You know if Linda Carter by so Linda Carter back in there early eighties or whatever. And I was this age now I'd do the job she's hot you know I mean I guess they had that steel is moved from our. However like to. Tell the dog deserves the U locked in a row I don't think I can make eye contact with earth like it would it would big deterrent comparable to look directly after. Probably gonna probably telling kneeled down and get out of the way they go yeah. Look at an ambulance is common and millions of pull over the side slowdown that's kind of what I would do yelled about him in the room. She'd just she'd done what would it sound like is black panther. Was trying to pick up Wonder Woman. Would he ever order sound like you could. It would probably at my. The slid broke a collar bone. To pick who you are very proud. Don't Buick both bush my favorite Dennis I've the first thing of pop in my head honestly with a very that that always sunny when it goes skiing. You do that clinic about yeah yeah that. When Dennis is like. Personal between. Annual in my power. It's a bigot and led at third than get yet something like that our thought worked for the post you would become clean. And then you would experience by the. What did I hear the soft. We're awful which would Georgia store oh and then so what they also did I think they start this in the new 52. Is. They used to balls which are alike which they set are eight. She was cold she was made of clay to protect there but in reality zoos really is her father slowly get they're you have to believe the Greek god thing we are to believe that Jews just. Molded from play another rebirth I've heard it's hard on the rebirth stuff. But it's like they're doing both and like their like trying to figure out what she's having like flashbacks when she doesn't know which is real which isn't. Like you know flash point in sending crisis like all the (%expletive) is like change some sort. Right that's another thing to promote in the movie the candidate they think they were they say they're like you know she like disasters bullet from clay and that. And then Ares I we don't know whether recliner not his match actually yours is is daughter which would explain. Some things but not others which we will get into. When we talk about him but. Yeah I like how what kind of ball where it doesn't it but at the end of the day it doesn't matter you know any either way she has deep red suit inside of her you know. Yes she does but I think I like that that closely to tip of the cap toward the clay thing these crazies I think it's like fine that's the part of the one room story let's include down but here's. Tell what's going on us or not. We get into the Greek mythology part but that's how all men were made they were actually molded from the earth they were breathe life into in all of those good that's good that they're Greek mythology thing so. Would you think of that little animated they were they were showing like Aires with the other gods now eventually killed all humbug zoos and like the whole things like that part. Idea I I thought it was visually. It was night but as a again I bring this up all too often been as a person who holds a degree in classics. I was kind of sitting there with my arms folded like look angle from like. It under my eyebrows at the open but that's not how it happened you know. Everybody I drank. It. That's a plus it got a hundred perimeter game yes the summer and it has a dork being goal while ago and did they bring up Mike classics degree. Yeah and expect it he. If they'd imagined that he did read it right Latin or. Or is classics degree at the direct go aren't. That to do on the but anyway yeah like that I liked I liked how they handled the order concerning doping meets the most sense went out about the mascara. Where do you throw the home of the Amazon's the the island there were. It's just all women we talk to her in the non smaller portion about how some of those actions sequences didn't look rights. But I don't it. I mean I pay my part. Slot is full time I would think you are young Wonder Woman rear. Ever she's other's knowledge wanna fight she won the author of jeweler does announce we're sort. That are blood you know it remains unknown out there to do it and now if he can't you know. The aisle you can't people. Would you be intimidated. If you landed on islands of women just women. I mean let's be honest a bit then I'm not the one who gets intimidated you know I show up and I just have my machismo going yeah that's intimidate. All right now item I'm I'm an intimidating person. They'd be nervous to think that the so if you if you were Steve Trevor. But he crashes is playing in shells you'd you'd be pretty comfortable. Eight a little bit of a pretty boy I think. I idea I missed about a half hour the movies I got lost in his eyes. I didn't know where I was. Yeah well that along to what what I mess in the one nothing. I was surprised out now in the comics is most of the comments I've read. Steve Trevor is more involved in World War II not World War I. But I got to think this this go respected do you really wanna do another World War II origins story in the duke. Can I kept thinking about Captain America have them watching misty wanted to be in the same war. I mean what does it really matter what is Boris is a similar kind of story anyway. But but I don't know I mean maybe just share your whole. Now this one out damage she's super rolled. Another good thing if you're like a mortal. What's the deal with a because. You if you're always a moral. Why do you stop aging at thirty and not five. Or fifth guy. Always worked I always wondered that. You get delightful agent and in that's when he stopped. Initially we're awaits your heat hot and then you can just locked in there and you reluctant yet. So I that's kind of a mind Bender. The dedicate gets really creek because remember remember that movie interview with the vampire when Kirsten Dunst. Spoke to be like fifty years old which you look like she was like eleven. Now but that one makes more sense to me because that's what's just turned it just it just creepy it's a couple of by the way her best performance. And I would argue against anything ever Kirsten Dunst desperately. You're you're a person who haven't seen Bernard. I have I have I have to team bring it on that awkward scene in the in the bath Thermage Russian defense those because she likes who's the brother or her friend forever. A constant 5 o'clock shadow. This is which is a hard thing to keep up this is this is what I was one or two girls awesome movie with Steve Trevor crashes and Dell dock comes runner over. And he's like oh she's like are you a man who LeBeau live guzzle it that it was also the comedies pretty goodness like there are some light moments they did a good job of that. And a lot of it was between the Diana and Steve but my question is she shows up first man or he shows up first man that she's ever seen. And then all of a sudden the Germans show up and he turns around and he's like those of the bad guys. What if like. Clearly they're the bad guys. Wonder if a bad guy showed up first. And she's like oh you're a man and he's like yeah and then like the Americans are following on and then he's like they're the bad guys. How would you know. You she wouldn't aisles like I am I got a point let's got a convenient Hamas speculate as like the Amazon's like mowing down the east Germans really yet. I can root for that's what if there mowing down Americans and that that easily could have abuses by dumb luck that she saw Steve Trevor first and not some. Some German. Well I think it's history and do that like she she never actually tried to hear the German side out. Does it automatically assume. Let's give us a voice she's like believe Tim right away as the car let's let's do this. Now he might be in eventually like around. The the how naive this character is who just like showed up and assume that this guy with with their dream that this dream boat as a good guy. Mean how could he not be though those guys. And not only that but like everybody she interacted with were good guys are generally you know good looking and men. This everyone on the German side is pretty ugly so. I felt it. Those get a good look in verses are ugly is also pretty good job in this movie. And we've seen it in the so many movies be like oh like I'm unfamiliar with the New York culturally what are these strange objects like. Yet Encino man and I'm sure they're better that I am you know may. This clearly better examples but. You all occurred. Like what is that in my keeping she's talking about his penis by and it's really like his watch which is not personal thoughts but he shows he's really Smart pushes notes going on. Like they actually did a good job but that leg when she was saying how like disgusting should not London looks like there's some there's some funny moments without stuff yeah. Are supporting momentum again you know one of the moment that I really liked. Was wet Lucy Davis who was by the way he's going to be. And keeping an eye candy this who's gonna candy yet she. Was be Pam equivalent on the British office by the way down. An off shoot oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. She played dawn in the British. Earned it anyway. She. Mentioned something when there are issues they're going to the whole thing with the outfits and outfit changes and all that stuff and and she mentioned there was a couple of ghost ship actually said it out loud. Would you like well you know. Summit about being conservative and you know we're still we were gonna get those above quote soon I yeah yes ship women could even vote in this time. Price. Right yeah and that's vote tonight when she walked in like that meeting though and one monologue there's a little out of mirror and yes. Illegal and in my mind of my wife that weird without kind of elected head snapped back like a reaction yeah. Now it's what the thing back not that long ago. I also know I know it's crazy. I also thought the when she walked into the room and the guy we'll ultimately find out is Ares when he looks over matter. About thousand bit of the giveaway like it wasn't a was a huge. Shocker when he found that he was Ares later on. No wasn't a huge shocker but I I thought I knew it twister was coming because they cut that though diluted door was too much of a bad guy. Here's too much about guy in the Quinn and that scene where he's danced with her. And there's a couple of times where he saw her Hadley no reaction at all. And that's what I figured it oh yeah he's like into whether news like he had no idea you don't nothing of the gods and blah blah he did not wish you well you know little so you like your iPod so I it's. These are red area and I thought it was either I thought it was what's her name the duct appoint a doctor was. He had productive poison might have been. Not so because doctor poisons in the comics to inside thought that Ares is going to be. Somebody else I wasn't sure buy and sell it and and that guy also who's currently in Fargo that actor who plays David do you David Hillis so I was like. The team in a little bit later on the movie and I just had a feeling that. He's talking have a right I am always gonna have a small role either. In the Okie dope do they talked about you know in talking about peace he was the one who try to broker the peace deal right. They likewise you know classic Gary's Sutherland classic Ares. But I thought it might have been dark deployed and dismember the pills public day aerosol pill that you gave for wooden door and made them by active big strong back. About that might have had divine qualities. Yet I think that was also that also as a way to sort of rodeo or or to sort of do again is -- door because like used in a weird thing with the space soon maybe that's a dog type. Power. But I thought it would mean this was big this was a good bet. Dylan in that. You know you didn't you might have seen him that it's not the guy you think it is but the you know at the end of it you're like that those pretty good. Many clearly have more classic bill than the god of war from Greek mythology. Was pretty good job overall war stuff was pretty good and it may be my favorite scene in the whole thing was when there in the bunker. And they're trying to explain to her like they've been here forever than they just aren't budging or this is nobody's going anywhere and she's like screw this noise and she just jumps up. In his walking across and deflecting a weather weather a little while. Roast lets the river. Yeah and that's the first time you see her in the outfit can you Gillick hinted at yeah. But I do feel like a boot or you'll see like the top elect eagle thing. I should go on full go terrorizing did you ever seen the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie did not is a DC animated movie it's kind of knock Corey leads in the middle like they are big voice our Keri Russell were restarted Dawson Nathan's Julian was Steve driver. What are your. You always say that I though you don't you have a particularly Rebecca Rebecca loves the doctor gave heart. But I got them confused oh come on it confused Rebecca day hard much more attractive. On the outside and the inside and who's to say but. I don't but anyway that you kill somebody yes she did it was now it was an accident used on the wheel car of the some kid ran on the street it's not good. Anyway jungle shows on. But anyway I know there's a scene in the Wonder Woman animated movie about it. They're all like all the Amazon women are all dressed in my sheets and stuff like bill that class but would you bring the Greek goddess is well looked him. Look like and then all of a sudden she discovered that walking down in like the classic Wonder Woman I'll that it wants it hasn't close that color here how did you possibly get that. Number I'm with you I thought that that trend seen which he comes out of the trench and people Wonder Woman. A Mike that. That was that was like iconic scene of the movie in order because the ball like bleak and ray and everyone looks like (%expletive) and then she comes out and teases that Papa. That did Leo or my wife's big takeaways was that there's a lot of sweeping shots of wonder woman's like out there lust but. Where did the demo mode it almost sweet shot like you now if you don't media. You know where your moneymaker. You know with the goods Cutler. She's a star Emma really she's. She's stunning so yeah you're gonna you're gonna go there. How do you perceive now Alicia is a legit movie star that we are we in agreement here yeah. Michael putter and we didn't realize that she was in the fast and furious movies they hid her in those movies. She was in the fasteners. Some would gone with Leo we're back in Matsumoto. Cell lines chip technology is one of the ones they assembled the team when Toronto led brings her a quick. Three threat to read vastly curiouser. Oh well yeah I know that things are things have changed there are those jump ahead to Steve Trevor deciding to sacrifice themselves. That that did surprise me but at that Betty died. I know look at them like he I mean my mighty happy because of this. This is the hundred years ago you know I mean. Oh yes the guy a eventually is that the die that night and I also thought I read that he signed a multi film deal council and I thought. Let's this is flashbacks were your a flashback to because they showed you his entire interaction with her so maybe he comes back and he's come back in the comics before. Weird right I'm not I don't know maybe it ripple maybe jump out Jim allows earth that. Maybe you don't I don't know throw that William La Raza rule and throw that pass it in the pit. But anyway he dies and I mean it makes sense you're right because. The next time we see wanna rooms Jimmy Justice League in Steve Trevor just as a regular humans you meet long dead. Even if you bought it yet even if you lose it very happy long life he's you know he's who has to be a hundred he's gonna be dead for many years by the time they do that so that's not crazy. Do you think Ares is that. Now can't be right. It be. That Egypt is now. It's already taken one lightning shot you know these you'll be all right. I did think that the final it was funny though how one woman kills. Alluding door like in two seconds which is great because. At that point you make most you'll realize that I wasn't Aires by regulate away the spirit is so quick but then the the Ares quite honestly I didn't think was. Great but I think. We've seen this summer compo movies where at the end you know when it's time for the big villain to fight the main hero. You throw a lot of CGI a lot of crazy I kind of explosions and weird kind of paying him like the fight serve. It's just fine late Iranian red that's what he knows gonna win beer cigarettes is like that and there wasn't much they were part. And not only that but like. Indymac meet Joseph like he's just put pick and metal things up there and just like talking a matter. Or that I thought he is also. It's like. What he's like hey look you can join me in the regularly take over the thing like all you never hear that they just that's not for Eddie Murray. Beyond being a brother beat to do in this is that another Greece and Rome thing but why it is Ares possessed lightning like that there's this thing. Don't think he's having no immediate Dave that's that was just what kind of like an added. The new movie ends you'll Wonder Woman email and Bruce Wayne back we got it they got to be on the computer these movies apparently. It's about dynasty already got a login there. That should look you know. Expected to like dip a fountain pen intellect and eat well and write him a hand written letter like what he. His ultimate text them. But thanks for the neck. And soon international. Next thing you know how much and then lastly. Udoka quick character breakdown tube but do you think she can fly the Dodgers flying at the end. Which is why shouldn't fly at the Shia I think ten fly in most. Generations. And ship it invisible in Spanish or whatever. She is a what Panetta thanked invisible jet yet the issue does Miller think she can fly Enron. I think she just jumped real are maybe Sheehan like bound by Jessica Jones. But more. But more so on more. Our quick character breakdown here we also have. You will like we like segments on the show we've Davies did you do mentally this we can hash or door particular podcast. We have a lot of we got some new ideas or a dramatic tick around sit there worth sticking around with. The first. I Wonder Woman yelled dollar talked a lot about her I thought she was tremendous attitude she she did make the movie. Steve driver of that other responded really good job and I did a great fight. They have no issues that I think it is a good judge sometimes like some of the best and worst. Stuff I thought was there interactions deserves a lot of moment and really slow the movie down. However there. Their dispute when he still smooch from art that kind of dragged him. Yeah I like her mom a week you kind of speed down along but what was good is if you're gonna kill a character like that. You've got to make people care about them and so I think they do enough of that where they develop Tim you get a sense of who was because we see other movies where. To a suicide squad. I don't here's character Sears slip but he's dead they're okay. I don't I don't care so this is much more air flushed out. What about Dodd general. And it told. Emily Emily UK. In PPT. Oh yeah. And GOP Robin Wright the choose to do. Here is great I mean that'd these are very and Connie Nielsen who Ramallah and Alia. And I thought they were they were great and it was aware it was a way for them to. That you have the two sides of Wonder Woman and they represented by these two women you have the warrior side of the diplomatic sided. You know how both of them at a mall and heard that she was about ballot as a gut fathered. Mother father kind of relationship. Yeah it like clearly could tell they all kind of raised Serb but specifically like her mother and crops like those were the ones that really. An eye out for her the villains in this. They were were decent already had Aries your doctor poisoned and you elude endorsed these sort of look at three headed monster. Where there is now overseeing all bit I think we've seen better and we've seen worse as the relates the yeah yeah. Thought I'd let David but Ares was good at that that was perfect choice for a Wonder Woman villain to start I mean you gonna have that big badly that they're the Greek god of war mean need. You kick. It out from there I mean that's that's a good. If you're gonna go open it right. I would have liked to have seen a little bit more doctor poison and it's but she was kind of like eight countries that background. Gotta look on to answer those like awful stuff. And I thought Lou door was very like. I like Danny Houston I thought he was an awesome villain in thirty days the site which is very underrated movie. But it was almost like too much like. How German can you be that your enemies pretty German but I thought one of the funniest thing was that like. It up sweet I think when I Wonder Woman says glee of we'd stop them like big evade these people never do anything like this weekend. Yes I know it yet it's that twenty years later they do and it works right so. But you don't thank me anyway. The German. I did know your right use whose very German we are mentioned addicts and deeply about Lucy Davis used to supervise them a lot of the comedy is well. Eager to see your girl a good comedienne little levity which is nice. It would have been very Graham without some of that. No they did a good job this one sort of finding that that balance. That the other ones really didn't and then Steve tremor of that young he had his crew that he assembled the Samir Charlie in chief. Chief is really strong yet. Do you wanna see they Wonder Woman the sequel. I'm going to do. They yeah I know it's like inevitable because this movie just aptly kill that this week and so obviously we're gonna see a Wonder Woman equal. It's it weird to me if they do the sequel to Wonder Woman and they said it in between that. War will. World War I that and when she meets up with Superman or Batman is anywhere in between. You can't use either of them and you can't you Steve Trevor and I just wonder what I'd I don't know enough about the character to know who they would really use there's that I don't know. If ever an issue. You don't want to thank you to the Cold War you know and I mean you can go after rush. I also liked is in the flash point. Paradox there in DC but Geoff Johns wrote. Wonder Woman and our command are white they hate each other in mind it's it's all about the water people in the Amazon slick going after each other. Paula. That's pretty good Greek civilization like that maybe maybe you do that I got to be a cool little thing he had. Obviously the next DCU movie is just asleep which comes out November 17 which he's gonna be a major. Player and so overall and I. Excellent I think she should be she should be. I think he'll that the middle state that they're going to make. And did I did take a lot of heat for that and I'm prepared for college and they're gonna make it remains they're gonna make the Justice League. Too much about Superman. Like I I want it that like these dead horse. He's been exactly he's dead in his socks on. But they're gonna make it too much about him. It needs to be looked at trinity it needs to be super rare Babineaux Warner Roland and they need to be interchangeable and that's that's I used the appellate. And you know and I almost yet I will hopefully that you got to stop. Push into Superman Superman has docket but he's fine like Superman as a you know Indy in the pantheon. Of that's another record by the way learn really. Doesn't go. Superman is who he is and we all Revere Superman the greatest we're all pot luck. He's boring. To tomatoes Bora. You know it's gonna happen those because this movie did so well both money wise and critically I bet there's going to be some new Justice League images is going to be it may be a new justly trailer really highlighting Wonder Woman and it won't be a coincidence. It will not be a coincidence. That's this or do they keep if you go to the first trailer I think when she's actually interacting with Bruce Wayne with a talking about like you know getting. Problem and an ability public. Is that more moral lessons that more more more or less if he's about to they over the debt funny interaction between Harper's plane which had ID more that. A that they I wonder if they do it love connection thank. But the Doug. The belittle them month maybe I'm. Better at what he had a mountain man that size dude yeah yeah sure here's. Worked out with some more though the tires around the nub and even yes. I'm moving his crap. Yeah Abbott that was good where it was coming strong art because that's what you need to do to be Superman he's the duke of more curls Turkey bet. I sit to beat Superman other exit at BC and learn how to beat Superman you need to bulk up yeah especially right before you. Yes look at yeah unit like a normal arts and let's move loss of final slot city good movie. Knock break a good movie it's a good movie and I think. It's on met its its date it said. The perfect tone for the match that you wanted to send by having a very strong female lead in a world literally a world of men you know I. I think he was the right message to send at the right time. In the right way. So if you're looking at it from back kind of perspective about it that are really good job in terms of being an overall move that the comic book movie I thought it was. Good not great that he's dead beat saw would be. People out. Yeah I think you know Congo boys fans the people who listen to a hash tag or podcasts you're gonna wanna see this movie but for. Everybody else out there. I don't think it's a raw now and C police me personally if if if say hypothetically. You cut your OC five movies and computer a year. UK I think you could find five better than us. Maybe not six or seven but probably five you know and I so yeah. Matt Morris seemed to better slogan in guardians to we its Star Wars down the road at four rag Iraq. Justice really oh my god that movie better because of that trailer Specter of that movie going to be. I'm pumped for that. Are less so you're Nash tagged or we're always open to new segments we started out the podcast. Oh over a year ago where we just sort of gave you whatever the topic was and now is simply yet we've added this week and hash tag door we had Davies video game minute we've got to pick of the podcast. That's that's so we're wondering should be have some new ideas in our body do as you can imagine Ryan gave us several ideas. For new segments would you like to hear the hear some of them. Yeah yeah I would yeah I'm department. Keith has always had a Lil documented love for the cults and then went town there. Now it's. Ranked she's weak she news. I guess that's right talk about witches. If there's a (%expletive) about that. Rich is which is just talk about which is. I don't I don't know sound work and of those so I am apologists think about it. Maybe it may do we had that's the rotation we we got more or maybe maybe not names. Mean never hurt but sticks and stones lead bumps and bruises. Now. It's real Jesus did genius. If I talk about my injuries. Identity. I pulled the (%expletive) out of my hamstring couple weeks ago. It's terrible implants can slow pitch softball. Running down the first base like a jerk off and late. I mean probably it's more than hamster. And I didn't I go black it blew it all black it's all black and blue like a white men on target above the knee and even below that he had done the my calf my calf is even heard but it's all black and blue. And so the first night I'm like how this hurts like a mother and my wife slight note of your fine. And then she's like well I heard it's also really bruise if he did anything to data like the first night it was a bruise so she doesn't making up. And like two days later it was like disgusting it is like oh my god mechanics. I can't run anymore it's that it. Brian Davies Lil long in fulfilling life. And now it's that time of the show we reached tries to figure out. How am I in these guys. I don't know if that means like how your. Going to Pomeroy it diet Ehrlich will possible way to put up a I'm not sure. That's just about Syria there but it does have lived a long time log in but Tuesday. Fruitful life while the long and brutal story of going to be 36 years old likely not that old and I hope you got bigger AM. I don't know. So told me the other day I was the millennial less that I wasn't but I think there are. No I think I am I think technically the rules sells porn and 84. So I. Yeah I think I think I just made the cut to believe Generation Y. Yeah I think I'm more on the hill which does like lots. Our most formative years yet was the favored right now probably. Richest it's I think it's an original it just because I just did a good answer storage. Maybe create interest story it actually be semi broke a thirteen bones and amassed over like forty pitches in my life so I I gave it. Story that's pretty dead cereals got. Rich has a long and still worried native American Heritage. And now it's time for a she eats she. She needs. I know it's kind of offensive. It's kind of it is. Do you have the same amount don't wanna get political here but do you do you have the same. Native American Heritage as Elizabeth Warren. Probably. Yeah. When the movie meets expectations. The rest is just. TV's Marines being. Are you know that means. Basically I like it did that I did just. Talk about anything that I like it's just baby we've had a good par. Cast doubts after Davies greatly edit. That is something up like. That's elicit some of the regular podcast this recurrent. That's definitely it doesn't have to do it like Astec dork it could be just a picnic completely off the rail that's true. You know I mean that's already you know what I like in my life Richard has just been nice to. Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich food it's interesting since you know what it is another thing would babies gravy I think. Minimum if I'm gonna have these I have six of them out like a good freeze pop. Are you the whole roll myself yes you know I mean yeah I got from the house right now via a simpler you know. You don't I'll Aiken and it's it's kind of simple as to that's a good sit. Hey there we go now a baby grace and that and that is the he's gravy. At. Many of you know that rich is a man of god. And now it's time for him to read from the old testament. It's. She's so the elites. This. That Melanie Elop a lot to the personal I don't know what did you do for work and why why it's a busy all day at the becomes a buddies. And now it's that time you show winner TV tries to figure out if bridges and hearing underpants. It's. Keeps memories. Once things that matter eight. Mama works and I am. Risky visit big time radio sports show host. And now he talks about his bank account. And it gets the rate she's rich news. Yeah. Yeah I like guys I bring it to you guys and I'll be really depressed. Indonesia possibly give out like financial advice but what stocks to buy it because you have a very divert. Cockpit. The the thing. Keith is known for his love of playing in the world which leads to a lot of encounters with poisonous plants. Now it's rich is he cheats. I think if we let it I think we went what it's done you Beckett week good at a very dark road liquid liquid is the beginning of the podcast. Oh my god knows darken the jets that I might actually edit and post. You know what's funny is like as like he'd says the opening lineup starting mid debt. Where you wondered going to be. Rich is a man who has had to deal with a lot of lost time but he knows how to cope with the it's now. Keeps greets. Don't dark. Yeah now and then you tell us the details of the sub pathetic are terribly big ingredient. What did Davies gravy and riches to riches of the front runner right now that risk is roots is articulate he actually keeps beliefs do everything else has. Yet. It's figure you'd take a few chapters and go from there. Because we don't look in the it could be the blood in the cab. Mixed with flour and you guessed it TVs dream being. It's another playoff debut straight he's on Anna's. You know I've earned it. Throughout my whole life it has been. Something with my name and gravy or but it Davy Crockett joke so we're talking about low hanging fruit. You know word that's where we are now in the news like Soledad thank god had curly hair indicated there was a weighty Davey. Always need me. There's like three in the grip in my play this already and there's a three riches that's his. Ask me about their culture all they believe he's. Rich often stumbles in their beds of mosquitoes. Now that. It's really achieved he cheers. That was the song. Keith has always had an issue we've men. When he's not on any feels like a good bugs are crawling all over it no really she's even Chia that's. I mean I like no those are really good. There are a bit. But this now we have all those that are disposal now so we don't have to commit to any of them but just we have home. We can play M and any time maybe we feel like you know I Davies cuts and gravy. I think we just we just randomized they go every. We just placated put it in a randomized and be like which ones coming up today what are we have to talk about today. That's really good idea there was always hit one there we go from there we didn't have to talk about it we have no idea what elements we have a Bible on you at all times. I usually do usually via the that's should be like that let's get to one of the other segments of the we have normally pick the. It's. The podcast time Davey woody got. I got something right now free Nintendo people out there we don't thought we don't give the Nintendo people enough lost today but. Which just came out they came out also street fighter news the final challengers. We for the Nintendo's switch which is basically street fighter to do just like you can play the original version or you can play in high Def it's got every character from street fighter to ever. But here's the kicker. Fifteen dollars. And that's worked. I just spent forty on Friday the thirteenth Sonia. Unless there's an established game it's gonna be good that you can take Whitney where the post election. The hunger crap please your coach get. Credit. It's the classic call back. Aren't I got a couple one actually last week. I said aero season five was one Olympics in the podcast in a stroller Renault it's actually on Netflix if you missed all of it all five seasons. I'll recommend if you bailed awhile ago may because skim through season for the wasn't great but maybe you you know you wonder what's going on in the season five was really good. And Arnold say there aren't. Al Davis the CW does the best job of anybody. With as soon as this season's over that's shipped on Netflix albeit down immediately real but I'd like every effort I was looking super girl ball on the fast slash arrow everything you know he's been defeated and it's on there. They're a great job of that yeah. That a couple of things I mentioned it throughout the podcast but if he really liked the Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman column books he could jump into that world and even some of the newer stuff the only new 52. That that Ron is already dawn and then rebirth is going on right now. They're again they're sort of doing a couple of different stories as she's trying to figure wrote in a water true origin is and things like that so they're both. Pretty good there I would recommend pot now we do another segment rhymes and we've also added and we have a new stinger for this if you don't believe it. Next time on Ashe Jack taught me. Sometime. Next week. Data now to talk about comic con because this Sunday we're going to be in foxwoods. Mingle among all the cost players in the celebrities in the the know who's who. And that's con world. Yeah absolutely and we will. You know on all types of media here plan on bringing a video camera editing video or YouTube page tonight six the most really good. Dog time. Day dawn shadows. I did you know that was there. On did other barely need to hit the post at a note though there. Yet so we'll have a love of video gone and all try to was at least you know to weed out some pictures or even periscope what we'll do something there. During the thermal com are you know what to expect but I'm sure will be a a good time or some source is a gamble but it doesn't it doesn't doesn't really matter of course you can check us out on Twitter at dork podcasts ago check this out so on. YouTube as well. I'll just type in hash tag or podcasts you'll see is your view videos up right now turn add to that beat emails dork podcasted gmail.com. He could subscribe. Rates and review on the iTunes really appreciated if you do that. Are you can also stream all the episodes on WEEI dot com slash a work in Davie there's couple places people of all you. At just the if you type in RB OND on anything any type of those are probably find. It's we've heard twitching lately whether it's from the thirteenth or over watch so if you like watching people play video means. You know at that time that sounds good actually watching duke play video games sometimes so. If spoke limited amount then we also have the witty repartee to go with it usually are the cast of characters as and when we do it don't do it alone so. Yes exactly any final thoughts and I think Ryan this was very fun I'm glad we could. I had an enjoyable time thank you all for listening to will talk to you next week here on hash tag dork.