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OMF - Barkley hates NBA Playoffs; Female Philly TV Reporter verbally abuses police officer, 6-6-17

Jun 6, 2017|

HOUR 4 - Charles Barkley ripped the NBA playoffs as he joined the set of the NBC crew that's covering the NHL playoffs. Fauria sneaks in a "Kaepernick Minute." We play the audio of a (former) Philadelphia TV reporter who went on a verbal tirade directed at Philly police officers. (She's since been fired.)

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All of you win each. Beach Fort Wayne Loney and forty I'm just I'm just glad that we hear about the NBA player also not being very what is that a club cup playoffs have been amazing I. I certain teams I think there's a feeling a sense among teams that there would be a certain type reaction that they would have to deal with and I think the teams made the decision reflected in their choices that it's. Working with Glenn blue in crisp I was having a good point I know you're pissed at us just get to the point because I can't. And he wants us. So tired of it I didn't go our investors view you would know lol OK okay see you now is this holier than they would Brady visitors are bad memories about the beads. You know now. On Sports Radio WEEI. I think yeah yeah final hours today and Poland have we been all ultimately placement beginnings Charles Barkley. He showed up in Nashville last night he was on the broadcast by the way to broadcast it pretty well last night on NBC they did a four. Point one last night you know you softball you woman softball. At least a 391 point two. But the bachelorette. 12141. Point six dollar your lie and I did with the males. Zero point 00. This edition with your birth or your all the crap right back correct if not you'll one point 61 points I play Daryn freak in TUY point 61 it was all female it's not do one point six. There was not eight if underwent a one point six about the way the WNBA is until niners haven't tomorrow night. On mature DVR. And didn't tell commandos doing and I know you've managed to do every minute stuff. Tommy you'll hated it because she's a woman some people here in the studio or real men and other people there. You gotta work an aircraft installing I guess so yeah you don't just have made me feel faster when you have women who listen to the show also Stanley Cup finals have been. Really yet to really race last ten games Pittsburgh to one humble but in wanna from Nashville the game 1 central control let's face it wasn't one and I could win that game during locally. But she did really well here locally but I'll guarantee you this provenance and do better than boss and a look at Somalia but to Federer do better. Friends on the table and I don't really an outside bird on the Indian. So and so bush and Providence always does better. And Boston does when we're dealing with NHL ratings on the line what does that you went and schooled on images hockey town I had it down bay county town it's mostly. So Charles Barkley is on last night he's he's there. Gary debt and invited him I mean no fool carry that used to work for the India. So all he said steal some of the limelight any did he get the most colorful character that they have. As far as commentary for the NBA they probable overthrow and BC TV and yet field. The media about the NBA player out there about being 30. What does family loves somebody else have been amazing was a little. Get a paycheck than talking about oh excellent well for voting can't farming. Again you know that's what they got it made me we'll. All right that's why not a long term deal yes I did feel like dynamite idea please get the option field. Ali I hear. Every barrier doing a year round lately they can't fire you you should get two years left you only get to build another one you know here you really can't Byron. The Internet. And you write about this mark we journey NBA playoffs especially that Celtics series right now. That the cavs it was this guy's talking about the NHL playoffs you must know the score is setting up yet he's he admitted. I would rather watch NHL playoffs and his game right now Tibetans they well let's go bring over there. But again it's and it's eight he works basically works for NBC. And who knows he we're artsy entity he TNT that he does yup that's a donor the NBA so he's tied him and yeah V8 performance I don't know. And NB CNN. Rag on product that original yeah I know. And now. You can any any figures if they fire somebody else is going to pick him up and her on you go until everybody else these soc is outside anatomy good. They're boring. Charles is in a position that not many people have or are. Woody and into the full proof he's secured a really would get a guilty that you said I'm at Iowa is proof he is what people love people that telecast that you don't know what's gonna commodities mount exactly anti wanna get rid of me find our own environment. And go mostly just you wait and see cars that he and of course he did not curse like time waited now. But what I swear I. Knew that he was coming on I just knew that it was going to be Greek TV despicable Charles Barkley you know he won't give a rat's ass he will go on your he'll say whatever he wants. But he actually when I imagined and I'm not sure and sober was even watching the NHL game seems like you what's at bats that put heat but if he's got beat us. You know one of the the the the the spokespeople for yeah. Saint Paul Dario yeah is going up yeah get the other telecast of it. Guys are great sports. On we'll miss you marry mr. good saw audited notes at a fifteenth inning and so it even got worse because now he gets into the different personalities like Jeremy Roenick and start talking about them and stuff that they generally he knows everything that's going on with the NHL in all of your people on the air. It starts articulating. To. Pretty well I've got no legs to do really weird things like chase alligator. Your body JR but you know the problem is. People want to see the there really are at a that's throughout the night I don't think it's being welcomed me. But how was later someone knows people. I want to see the alligator needed to have more time. It is it is social they show a video. Of an alligator on the side of the generals golf course right probably won't golf and and monetize creeps up to it and dice Ford isn't hops back into the into the contest. And initial opponent diving and get to catch fish yeah. Edison and yes that brought up the whole I want to see elegant turn around these tests that's better TV and acumen and. A talent is the most entertaining. In between periods show I have a great with the NHL I don't know how that's all Barkley. Because he doesn't care in he he'll go on there and say anything is Lucent unpredictable you know. When you when you want you to him he's he's been weight is missile Croat general Wayne Gretzky is holding a press conference or not right out. So he sneaks in to the press counts obviously he knows amorous Gretzky right this camera so he he jumps in and they're all doing a press conference interviewing him he's there with the media knows what he does. Well that's the final playoff teams the Boston Garden Chicago stadium. Winnipeg arena the spectrum that's what it was all about and that's what makes the playoffs are fun and you talk to anybody and again. I see a lot of people always say and is there anything better than Stanley Cup Playoffs and there really isn't this really excited. Everybody. Went out there's always one who's your favorite black athlete of all time. Their future. We'll go and other functional terms. With just jump right did I mean. Listen I I think this is good stuff that's what does I yup you've seen that. ES yeah halftime our thoughts on Billiton rose Paul Gasol you're Peirce is good he's got a future. He does have a few films likely he'd actually that year I was always find each sting you know you player. To analysts. How many friends does he have that he's nervous about upsetting. Because that's really candidate kind of known. This dictate how good Marc Malkin based on and you can you call watchable I agree can you call your you know your peers guys you played against us. Only everyday guy and you're being critical of your best dirt they seemed like you're just our shoes last year nag nag you're just gonna back on the the same situation that we talk about an actor I think you're right I think that's the toughest thing the transition you have to make you tell me a little widger transition. Did you get you've got a lot of back left and yeah. I get it you know but it's it that is the tough part. And it would give the further you get away from it. Nine elect you know whatever I don't really seriously eroded because it's not like somebody that kind of hung out with the went out with me John Lackey is different. You know and went out together and often ultimate surprise that he tried to take you out yet and things went sour. Why did you only load the thing up and you know in in means. Don't standard cinema friend seemed Charles doesn't care those guys in check is get to that point chart check was a little timid. Originally in the any get over here who was timid about this from the get go was that checkers. And now is there anybody better in the market now calling somebody opened their neck is unbelievable great but he's timid really afraid to do it. Out of the out of the gate. But I thought it was it was tremendous last night with with parkway on it until the end yeah. I. The key component there's there's alcohol to. He's. Donated by the way he's he's just making their route my gag on every air Europa press. I'm Fred he's gigantic again he lost all the weight remembering when I want insights and lost Polaroid. So lesson that I picked up last east again. Biggest hockey fan North America later. Good but if you're the NBA today if you're TNT that he said. It during ESPN that's on gloves and it's NBA playoffs not big parade. We used the dog scenario we are I don't know him over and all know we all got President Bush thought I got on. Better not on Rex Ryan if they're not fine restaurant Ryan's part they're right amber they get enough fight. Just brick and narratives actually created it it just fits those two guys and just crash and allowed bachelor party Apatow that was even better that's sickened at their feet so you have you have restaurant which camp Charles Barkley. It if I Rex Ryan I'm watching Charles Barkley and that's the line handle Rex would be in game six when we come back. Ericsson between innings and in between periods here. Get him in there. Be good Abby don't watch it but that's exactly what they need to that they should be mourning plan he's not politically correct. With ESPN he's now. No huddle at least politically correct that we correct those egos and partly for the accurate. So I mean he's not going to be political I think I think Rex. Will toe the line more so than Charles will you don't yeah I do because I think he wants to get back and coach. What are doing the two. We don't really know that yet though you know we knew we don't know how does Jesse media and sort of speculate this is what I think you know it's an opinion I know but I think Rex would be great that situation. I think you'll be out. UB extremely instant. If the extra because he's not he's not worried about hurting anybody stealing burning any bridges I think easier points I don't think you know sixties says he wants to get another job. Then he shouldn't be critical he should it is really just because again. You get to a situation where our coach makes the wrong call. Offensive coordinator. You know stupid decision. That's who we need to get on. And nobody did it in like a spotlight Rex Ryan did a good job when he was head coach what his date. With this game management. It's Charles's uncle back into the game Charles is certainly not going to be a coach Charles doesn't hear about anything. I just believe Rex is I think he does care I don't think wrecks we'll talk about this that is the story that you referred to. Where he and his brother they had a wild weekend in Nashville apparently not as wild as Charles is a bit. A while we can so they watch hockey they went to the hockey game. They got into a fight at a martyr redevelopment program for Jimmy Buffett margaritas are throttle he's got a guy that's what I'm okay. Yeah elsewhere and ice it twenty frozen Margarita the L right now let's put it was okay but it's even better now that apparently they busted coverage. As interviewed a woman who was at the bachelorette party. The jets the blog was robs hand resting on her stomach in the picture above. You have rubs all over Rex told her that she had nice feet. Before winking and saying you know what I life. Brooks was the one who approached the women. Who initially had no idea who he was futile. Close and rob eventually joined in for every one to take a picture. Rex told them he liked the picture and ask for them to takes the two ads. That's a good news item there here's my real honey okay now. You know Larry. But I think he will be more cautious. It's like he's setting bombs to promote the hockey game and about being cautious there what do you do. You rip on and the coach Rick on an owner you talk about the game. His new role of the you'd be great I'd put money in six days I mean second their I would agree with you it but he's under ripped the NFL's financial sucks this is great that's what Charles civilized way everybody knows. That the NBA playoffs. Everyone in the industry is that they're big they're big moment pick at the two best teams in the league it's going to be great series. What are we getting we're getting socked. We're still getting it. Filled internally is as much I only get sucked for fought it are else like it so I gonna try to pull it off the unit where we go from here well it's playoff is just the greatest NBA team ball time we are watching greatness of people that. Yes you know we we promised you we told you be great series but it's not you know why. Is this the greatest team ever assembled you are watching greatness tune in it for the sweep. They're gonna try to change the narrative because they know it's not go far in scale. I mean it's pretty obvious that the NBA but it but he still pissed off your location he he he he he finally did the Conte. That's the coach he always had a call somebody and only child's buyers are really into about. Analyst Charles we are easy to go on NB a Stanley Cup where was watching and talk while Al playoffs are what they do so try it here. Rick don't do this rock you know they know that so. Got that long term deal when end over John gunfire all right you're not gonna fire usually do good. This sort of predictable it's great TV you're not gonna fire that TNT studio show. Does it have great substance. To they breakdown the x.s and the owes it in an intricate fashion how you can argue that ESPN does. Better job of that. But overall. Which one of the studio shows would you rather watch general outlook rattled the way of ways to cope with coattails amount of children go to certain. You didn't let you know I'm proud that route we will whose coattails anyway waves through other channels over Arnold's out of those who have little different programs well for fox. So does that get so personal wealth talking about Dave thought he. And yet if they have enough sexton knows that you should think they know what the hell they're talking about they get that they understand the game they tell us what's gonna happen here in the second half. And and kill each ugly that I I think it's it's tricky they archival how. Opponents are doing to to let that we're gonna undoing we're gonna give ms. Collins Japanese men because these sort obsessed with this whole story of capital. Just hired a lot of facets of work to do around how she got some doors you need done some windows. Probably glad I'm just. I don't read somewhere I guess I know really unique and read on it off yeah. Jeopardy these guys right now is out of work he needs to death so we'll give you a little like Colin jeopardy minute I got a record nugget and I got a and I got a little quick enough here's a guy. Who somebody a network L Peterson and he's one of the greatest in the business of medallion with a guy said screw you I'm not and yeah. I'm not that I'm I don't like this and we weren't just in the new cabinet minutes this. Act ON math on WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how everyday keep up with the show on Twitter at oh man. EI let's get you back to more of Fort Wayne remotely important game right now watch Sports Radio. Teams teams are looking at this as they were with any player does his on field contribution outweigh. What you bring to us off the field and there's not been a team to date. That is determined that his on field contribution would outweigh. What is acquisition wouldn't back down. An issue for people like that's really what we're talking about here at a dollar a big part certain markets are certain teams I think there's a feeling a sense among teams. We might guess. That there would be a certain type reaction that they would have to deal and I think teams made the decision reflected. In their choices that it's not worth it. Out of chapter. And of course we know that our guy is obsessed with Colin cabinet so let's give my not just this summer like bush and first since put on and on personable. Can you imagine if this guy was really good at being like political activists. It was really good at that he had the at the release research did his message and and in plotted out a little bit more and presented it differently banner. How much mileage how much support good support he can get seeing on the platform he's saying he's a fraud we can and the cool product no its just he's gotten good at it. He wasn't thought out or quite the mileage. The mileage I would think a lot of organizations are looking for a spokesperson. If somebody to speak for them speak to other people just just to get their message across. When their significant change in a feel like that flag. Represents was supposed to represent this country is representing people the way as opposed to us there. It just it's just a big problem violates the story has gotten overall he doesn't have beginning he just kind of get. Little tongue tied to catch and surrounding more he talks the worse. It gets in which disappearance they then the really understand what you really asked the Christian if he does sane business. His goals to play doesn't make it hard not hide it. No it does from my standpoint it is up now or why is this really isn't always gonna happen and as a back pressure on the hill this backlash was always gonna happen. But there's a reason why he's said he's got that you've got to think anymore. When you realize he's he's back pedal situation has run its course he's backed candidate. But it expects a hold of its polar topic at the new 100 anything if there but the people do a prayer Wimbledon Antonio won. I mean obviously they did they think that the C oxide Austin Davis. They sign into new contract and it makes you look at the numbers you need to hear what the hell's going on but still not sign this guy you always. A better quarterback than Austin Davis. Tiger and met our overall it's he's got washed area it's he's been played in bigger games got to start Rahm is pastor Bob problem. The fact is that the new that I heard. Was at the Seahawks first balls like that that the NFL nudged the Seahawks to at least bring even for an interview just to kind of change the optics of rights was in a league wide davis' specific to teams and their needs and there and the value of him how much money dad had nothing do with. The whole National Anthem or anything like that. This the one I saw today talks about another reason moreover and as surmise previously seed and this is from pro football talk. Seahawks may not have one at a competent alternative to Russell Wilson in the event anyone who resents will Russell Wilson with in the locker room. Would like to lobby for an alternative. But that's only. True bumble in Jake heaps or Austin Davis and they put Davis Austin and Brett disease 2.2 so this is all about. Security issues or insecurity issues for Russell Wilson or locker room issues because hey we're on the world aside Colin Kathryn Russell Wilson's not our guy. He's not blacked out for us he does support our closets. And you know what these goal rocked the company out there. They've come up lack of what he's not really life. The god why outweigh. It really does speak his aboard what everybody's been talking about this Russell Wilson Pete Carroll's relationship he's being held accountable and and desolate look good for Russell Wilson Kiki handle. Having a guy like on Kapanen who. We don't think can start in this league but still Russell is better quarter yeah right I mean knowing this and shouldn't be that much of a threat and in that article and and many more a quarter affected Brock Huard who was on I think with ease of assault and yet but he had to call and said it would have been too much. Too much for locker room for quarterback room at doesn't need. Meaning he says he wants the you to compete every position but quarterbacks at different especially at twenty million dollar quarterback and a guy the nose your franchise. And a guy you believe in deeply. Puzzle. Really is it really that much of a threat to where. Russell Wilson would would lose a lot group called Catholic showed up trying to protect Russell Wilson and not give them competition and just leave subscribes behind OJ entity. And that whole week has foothold is wearing team since you're so nervous about that much weaker that he's he's well this season badly actually that's a gigolo alert. I am I buying into this but not buying into our conference got to outplay you and aunts and guys on the team we're gonna say you know he should be starting. That's suitable really hurt this organization than. And don't just couldn't compete in just. Help that more mean you heard back from Richard Sherman the most promise to Pete still has never touch a cent from room to deal Sharon Abbas would. So now he reds is going all Pete for bad play call. Most of the quarterback that threw the pass in people questioning everything related that back Super Bowl lost just might destroy distinct. If Russell Wilson at that he said doesn't have that kind of a stronghold on its locker room to where Pollock at predicted a wanna bring amid. Yes that's I ask associated easily pass it as if the natives get restless they're not gonna freak out really because they don't have any other option no other incidents in recent days ago. Anymore we'll have a beard you know I was gonna I was gonna you know stage to inspired uprising but out of options lieutenant Soledad. And Mark Sanchez is down there and in in New York in the accused of starting quarterback will go get a quality back. I don't wanna freak him out we Africa has Santa has become the last thing he needs is competition. Hitting the PG and I don't know what he's breathing down his neck which is unfortunately. A real thing. But some people yeah with some people are not Russell Wilson had Hollywood reporter looks like this. He paid all this money. Meet you put down his leg multiple opportunities and you could you're still apple and I just last week we read how's Seattle Russell Wilson get the best there with third or fourth best quarterback situation in about. Cap predicts a threat to us. There's every every day there's a new excuse me out every now and then and that's my capita hugely a minute monologue but here's the real excuse to real excuses and I'm not denying the people who. Who say that he's being denied a position because of this a political views. He has. Alum he's being denied of back up quarterback spot because he's good enough to be a back up quarterback the national football it. But he can't over Pitt he's too much distraction I mean I think it's as simple as that. And it's going to open up the door open up the floodgates. For the for the the people on the left to start screaming and yelling we get to September. And he's unemployed because he will be unemployed September get somebody else who's unemployed for. Ready for the death thanks divorce to all sports this is Colleen Campbell not Colleen Campbell up until this past the Sunday. Was a apparently. 28 year old Tampa program. Cole was a reporter. Four PHL seventeen TV. In Philadelphia so she suffer really good job she's reporting the news to you that night she's attractive yeah okay. What's really prepared if she was proud apparently doing a terrific job. Well. Sunday night she your Saturday night she decided on non going to the helium comedy club. Look at any experience didn't go real well because there was a bystander. Who videotaped. And it now has well over a million views videotape. Herb becoming positively. Unhinged. And going off at a police officer right outside that club. Yeah yeah. Your things. Not enough. That he got that. London's. Ice and the rest. Like I should. And I. I did not destruct anybody. I mean fire is CDs you guys show my name is that yes. I'm like cash aren't likely. I couldn't let my. It's okay and I. About eight. Okay that noise you registered. Yeah she is trying with all of our hearts I mean load a movie and spit on the order of the helium comedy but she's got nothing there and she's got knocked link my A hole on an office on the lot I want married and so. He went on she went on and on do you mean because I was already has on entertainment usually mean it is unbelievable business course. She gets fired yes and what you think her reaction. Morrow bet I mean it's I don't talk like that at all I don't I don't I don't know what to do it through ruined embarrassed for me in my famous point I had one drink. I never epic this Nesta go to the hospital that night to find out anything possibly could and slipped into my drink about a lot just give on FaceBook a Bill Cosby has been damaged and now she's Clinton issued one drink and issues drugs. In his life is ruined the. You know especially good. To good idea. So yeah if you are hammered and you know it's about to GoDaddy you know let's not response you know it now hey you know it's somebody a act you insult the cops spit on them do whatever it is you know went so let's take a hospital so I felt something in my drink. She says Sheila and wondering. She did drugs and placid and lock let's said he and wondering and and and the thing is like little. Later on in this interview should do these groups and he future. Now she did apologize though to the police officer that was nice she took Kurdish and walk through and as a whole issue actually apologized to show it wasn't her welfare she actually asked if he would smell. Q at Asian yards smell my issue that she. Does she lost her job she's a total fraud right now in trying to blame everybody else but herself. She's probably not gonna work in this this close issues to help this interview with a swollen and the question was or exceed the cop but the people that whatever you. You acted out again just awful that's not me polished speaker hollered talk a house race at a Toledo much social media because of getting death threats of Oreo. The federal open everybody's got brokerages that your. I'm shocked beyond I don't remember the whole altercation and all of them are feeling attacked but it never talk like that. It was like watching a whole different means. Here's a computer near you out of marketable are years which do you personally apologize that you take sole responsibility for your actions. I was hand her there so my buddies bachelor party are you dollar goes. I got a little. CN you know you don't want if you verbally assaulting a cup if you would mean yeah. Yeah he's not. Yeah. I'm one. At I'd hate the world line call. She's. There's a boyfriend sitting next to her to that looks like I nudist it was coming I knew one of these things you can tell the boy cabinets in the video baby boy particularly noted for her overdo the whole Leonard Williams there there was ample opportunity shortening cops when this first started it wasn't until she tried to -- a loop heat on the owner of helium club and the cops and right there is OK that's it I'm I'm taking it to the boyfriend sit there Norman have to get a second job that paid African homeland. She's not gonna work I mean not in this business lately we're really going threats I was drugged. The the promise this is all. Out there now how does she go to any more at how do you height. Go to Montana the small town in Alaska how do you work in television ever again until username. And it's still good Largo okay. Countless kids gonna love Villanova where's the comedy club is the closest comedy veered hard you know. Apparently a little more segment ago here. She's forty some people like him great supporter you're good either this pitcher is talk talk to America and earlier was a small community battle when you're crazy you are loved politics or we are moving in forty. He's easy mother apparently something. Yeah. Over about eight. Yeah. No you you restore at PHL's seventy. Asked him. Yeah I bet that that guide the boyfriend and he could have had that night of his life instead of volley did it was just don't take her away and we gained in the attitude. And aggression would shift to the proper direction which would be you know squarely placed on him. You see me now the reaction he's going to be so much towards imagined the stories he could tell that stated songs about it is that the monthly budget I had not noticed how different governor has said there's no future review the favorite we did this the first day the OT national language I. Not like and quiet and let. Mean I'd thank you. Put yeah there's a great and I encourage the Texas who left their house of because they've watched this woman. For how many nights on TV. Network like fighters and traffic accidents. And stuff like depth serve the first day the OTAs are said they don't know it. The biggest getting a little carried away there reporting what this side which Jones what everybody's doing remember they were released I was developed Tara practice now about factor or just found now reporting pulse Irish Jones fielded all the funds today in efforts off. Perfect yeah I feel good you know a championship. I'd say the NFL network he's got a tough. It was for. NFL network is the top 100 list. And they ranked JJ watt is number 35 now you think that normally. It's attention is not NFL saying nice things about madame hotel room 35 he tweets out back to the NFL network. I played three games. This list is a joke. Would report. Yeah you're right yeah. That's of the zone at this is it's almost like liver Argo homers had a flu category and Eric is obviously when he saw JJ watt remotely events Desi is he one of the better players in the lake. Is he one of the top one under plea recently and we played three games yes he has. But this is away at exactly that they'll stay humble. Mobile deal in an editor and if there's a I should be on this list but I'm motivated and a busted wide open I won't be on this list that deserve this right now at a good job the best JJ here humble we've looked I was Verizon could be removed from the list of my name move right away. Exactly would have of people office on another it's like the media members the other night did you guys see it when Charles Barkley came over a Charles Barkley. LeBron James came over the sideline. And egos over Steve Kerr Steve -- first game back and he gives you should just income a little hard nights. Click and lastly get 2.2 seconds or something like up what it was TV showed it. And on of the people's. Wonderful ball here I don't love and respect that Ron James that it did a good move classy move by LeBron a nice moment you know was really good. Defense yeah. And that's what it is it's toward replies they're doing because they want other UV LeBron James on the speaker of the wanna put her on not only listen to acknowledge that immediately he wouldn't that it Zimmerman it's made me cheated the applicable that would serve because it isn't just an almost moment because we've ever -- run and I'm not there hornets I don't know if it's running analysts that would surprise my princess. As you know as easy as if he's probably Johnny hit. I'm not surprised that. Great cross of Rio was I don't mean every Daytona I don't mean everyday news you notice scale sick inside he's been nearly two days in a row and Keith is always lost his Hollywood Sparky as a harmless podcast and don't you wanted to holly on your way on Iowa I don't crossed history. A that was a wonderful segment were brought to you by flying man's money dot com they'll probably have to increase. Summer I was little baseball game tonight the new. Little island and okay. And drill sergeant yankees talk a lot about that other things tomorrow morning 10 AM moron here. Okay. Okay. Okay.