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Mut at Night with Butch and Alex - Brady's legacy after Best Buddies Story and Tony Robbins event. 06-15-17

Jun 6, 2017|

Butch and Alex in the final hour talk about if Brady had anything to do with Globe photographer being denied access to the Best Buddies event. They also talk about the upcoming NBA draft and what they Celtic's will do with the number one pick.

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Much that night on Sports Radio tell you. EI. Guns 'N Roses. Again there we go. I got opened all airlines be the final hour at 6177797937. You're that person going out to pick up your kids now are you going to do a late Aaron. He's coming home from the bar whatever he can't get in going out to the bar wild Monday fine. Open phone line 61777979. Teachers and here's some of the things we've touched on tonight. That we are not covered let's recite the Maddox Jimmy drop. Hello Tom Brady what is going on. What will happen what is crazy is here you can come up with about a lot of crazy ones because nobody can figure out why Jimmy go Rob Lowe is still here unless. He's going to be years starting quarterback in week one of 2090. With the new DO Brady's got. Why this ride that I know why he's here he's here is an insurance policy. And it's as simple as that it now and I am I feel about sense of insurance policy indicated traded him for multiple first round picks up this ops which would no matter a hill of beans for the 2017. Super Bowl in Minneapolis where it we always learn ballot techno doesn't just focus on the one year he plans 35 years down the line in flies in the face of everything now that we've been told about so that's one of the things he talked about we also talked about the NBA finals. Is it over Alex and most people believe yes it's over. No matter what Cleveland does in game three. I say it's not over. Seem to seven too many seven game series change when other teams have dominated. It feels like it's over it looks like it's over we still need something concrete from you know what you're seeing this post season or the last two game OK I'll tell you the cavs have a shot in some what's the game being played tonight. Nashville pat picked Pittsburgh talking and I want one right 11 game we're sticking being play is played in Nashville OK and if Nashville winds what's that's here see to. And it's a best of three wood two out of three in Pittsburgh again that's not basketball and he alone Larry's wise cortex I need something you've seen in the Ceres to tell you that Cleveland. As a chance to make this a real a real matchup not see that's that's I don't need to see anything what does the NHL. Stanley Cup finals by two all due respect have to do with the NBA finals while it's identical right now. Pittsburgh dominating games one and two in its different sports that different result. I just know that you are so you got to shoot my question rating downgrade citing an up down concrete OK and on and doesn't honored I conduct. Just like our Brian ballots coach and a Patriot Act into your fire they could build a hell was stonewalled at Brian Stewart's father get a new the business ally threat. That's right. I just don't think it's over. I don't think it's over right it isn't over till it's over a quote yogi. It just isn't catching me at least you're you're back with mark that down Yogi Berra says the NBA finals that's for a nod over. I've just seen too much. The other big story today a lot of people of head on but so we've been flattering about in between breaks for the chat at during breaks for each other but at the best by acing the whole Brady story and date period it now happened Friday night the globe photographer gets kicked out. Of the best buddies events on you we both agreed that Brady. Had nothing to do with kicking the photon again as far as we know are we now mean they say he did and it just look at his track record and in this is a guy who. Still please grab ass with ESPN and you know toxic writing and now. We try to destroy him during deflate it and he's not hold a grudge. Mean ultimately lost when you'll get a great radio when you discuss these type of things tell me if you agree or disagree. The you can have it both ways and here's what I mean. Can Tom Brady beat the guy that knew nothing about the globe photographer getting kicked out. Right yeah Kenny but Kenny also be the guy the when he article came out. It is quite just moments with his closest friends and his confidence and gloat too of course the globe of course has that same chip on his shoulder. As when he was dropped a 199. As when Jimmy grapple I was trapped 62. And in my opinion said privately really bill. You think you draft of my successor now plane for seven more years whenever Kenny beat king had it both ways when you debate Brady can he be the guy that knew nothing about it. But also holed the chip on his shoulder against the glow. I think he can but I mean he's track record indicates that I he would he does not banned media outlets because he knows that. It's a bad play from the standpoint that the best buddy story which legal forgotten about that creeps up again with and you know taking nearly three million dollars for best body. Getting to a zone change the world foundation legal pad that story in mid April and that it disappeared and in the best buddies events would have came and went Friday. Nobody would have mentioned it but now that story is circulating back to this back to the surface it's a bad story for Brady and it's as a result of them kicking out the school photographers that's why I think I don't think Brady had anything to do that it he would have shown. The public group. Relations storm that is pollen so odds are that what happened is somebody who was overzealous overzealous best buddies. On the Brady campus are best buddies camp. You know. As high five and damage their bodies afterwards because they. Escorted the globe photographer to overcome and Peta Tommy carried wrote a piece on CSN any earlier today about how securities very tight at the does but he's meant and you covered our guest is right they keeping media and Penn like he says it event you well well it's it's a little posse to big money event yet been a big money to be. In mid behind the red velvet ropes and when it comes to the media. You bake you don't you know you get to shoot a photo opera Brady gets onstage at senate Satterfield midfield the football field since been held at Harvard stadium. You don't interviewed him he doesn't talk. As a matter of fact he's become more and more insulated. He when he comes out of fox borrow you know. Takes his questions he looks at everybody that did their for a long time that he knows takes a questions appoint somebody the news reporters are there. He'll cut it short. And it's become shorter shorter time them had been two minutes and thirty seconds four minutes and 12 it's. It's like you know it's not gonna help them win a football game he doesn't give a damn about it but. He's also got the support group around him now that he become insulated so he just don't get to interview Brady and security is very Tanya so it's. Very easy to match as he's had an overzealous best buddies employee agents say it was an unnecessary move and every level. His how many times have you been in the business long enough and you short career you've gotten press passes the things have you ever gone to an event yet in have you ever gone there in your press pass isn't there. Now it's happened dozens of times what. I don't mean road is actually but it but it can come vermilion miscommunication asked if it happens at Holman at this point in my career to be like oh sorry about that. And they'll get it down there or whatever oftentimes it's when I'm five minutes away from a wide shot court as always I got to gall great timing in all. But it's just like it's unnecessary at this they want people covering the event. They want you know during the event and again like what's what's the what do what do they gain by it they told the globe photographer will now. The biggest story in Boston sports for the last three days has been. Did the globe photographer getting kicked out of the best buddies and Internet brings up that displays globe story which I'm sorry I know was unfair. I agree with him nothing was put in context yes unfair piece on Tom Green but it. At the end of the day it was an accurate story. And it's not a good look for Tom bray he's taking money from best buddies and funneling it towards his own charity which he uses to give money to his kids' schools where image is Al got married a lot of money with I had. Only problem I did do the only one thing I'll give that story is that. I do atomic charity events I just to also we also of our own family charity people like to know where the money goes. If you wanna (%expletive) somebody off try. Try encouraging them to donate to worthy cause and the money ends up going somewhere else. It becomes less significant weather that other causes worthy or not they feel like what you told me one thing. And you did another additional likewise you'll understand that but when it comes to this where I thought was. Almost a non story. When it comes to the percentage. When they started to go that route of the percentage that Brady takes them by really doesn't take it gives it to his own charity and I started getting into the depths of what his own charity does. Like you have to believe in that again I understand. If you were to hold it would give money to best buddies and went somewhere else he should wanna know about that but when it comes to the percentage think. Really doesn't it get shot in the every hole in the water and it when it's like money. This is presidents make for best buddies nearly twenty millions just when he left and see articles is breeze helped raise. I agree with that but you know they did they didn't disclose a mean practical story it was not done so you'd donate to a spiny. And you know maybe send your money went to the apple orchard school in Brookline or the Santa Monica Catholic center eyes and when you're doing the best buddies you're not expecting a minute ago there but other people now. As nickel abuse 6177797937. Follow up the phone lines again for the last hour talk more about Brady in the Tony Robbins and coming up a second we go to Ted in a car. Who's next hi Ted. There is good. It's just a I you know the NBA finals vs the Stanley Cup final. I heard butch isn't penguins. You know one column. A closer they dominated the first one overtime and they got outshot. Forty to 50%. They may wind like seven. Overtime and AMP Nickelodeon. And up. You know it looked like they dominated but they were lucky to get out and it. Well look if okay I'll give you this. The way I said it and let it on to make it like the penguins are dude did in games one and two what Golden State has gone to Cleveland and that's our. That's true yeah yeah I just really golden gators won and increased dominating fashion then. They couldn't be dominant so much yeah. They couldn't be the only way they could be more dominating used to win game three. An analyst nineteen to six. On the other teams field that's very telling that he wanted to win away finals and from yeah we have one win away from going to the World Series you had four cracks that. War. Is it that's if they take that quartet for game three Winston include and that's and that's gonna affect their plight what happens. In the ALCS between the Red Sox and Yankee. But it is relevant teen years ago come it is and I don't night. Michaela so. Thanks to Alex I think your best similar testing. A gal NATO agreement out and proud tonight. Six on 77797937. Back to the Brady talk so Tony Robbins Tom Brady this Thursday Friday Saturday. The ultimate well and achievement summit. In Boston you're gonna be yeah. I'm gonna be there Thursday yes how did this come out we got a couple of tickets dirty I Chris Curtis one of the pieces for India kicking talent and Shelby on hand and I'll be there with them all put something up for the web sites are Brady's gonna speak alongside Tony Robbins of another person also is Julian Edelman Bethany Frankel. I'm mark is how to pronounce his last name looked them lemon it's island LaMont element that's something I'll yet he's gonna wanna does the whereas in. It's the the show them make over show you is the bars yes Hillary got it right here Marcus lemon this guy he is a either businessman. Amy must entities regardless third actions speak with breed are all going to appear with pre. You spoke speech on the apprentice. Mark islamists. Hopes its ad partner CNBC program. Is a business TV it's a reality business TV so they're gonna all be appearing alongside Tony Robbins tickets for this thing. Barry expense well they're hundred as low as 99. And as high as 3000 can you imagine spending a couple grand to see this extravaganza. You're telling me during the break that you know people in your life to Tony Robbins as a objected. Positive positive so too because what I am looking to Tony Robbins any need to watch and that puts documentary on him when I looked into it. It just seems cliche after cliche after cliche we use a cliche did you see Tommy Boy. They managed Tony Robbins does a cliche so I say I mean he could read this stuff off a fortune cookie. And Tony Robbins is charging people thousands of dollars see him live and people are paying yet I think it helps little room. I mean do your homework see what you think when you when you see that it does help some people there. And it seems like that and how Hubbell when they walk over coals that is a debate that lets outlaw armour hot coals that's how he started and not ended it would Oprah they initially it'll Purdue made an issue in Dallas two peoples they added if he got burned and had to go to the emergency room that was a big problem. Music walking over coals betters your life and and anyway food according to him it proves. That you can overcome your fears Stevenson that with a straight face. I'm just hang up. How did you say I'm always on how and disciple is also I'm also not a huge critic either. I mean he's done a lot of good for a lot of different people I think it's a rich people like a lot of rich people are attached to Tony Robbins because they're just looking for something and nothing else to do. They'd bring in Tony Robbins and I think the layman what outing go out to Iran is helping Oprah if Tony Robbins is in the Brady. Let me see if I mean let me see beacon out mate that's with a scheme works again and the right crowd. So which tickets did you and Chris Curtis spot I'm not sure. I've been like for Hezbollah in the process of cash for gold level at a 149 dollars plus. The nine dollar and nineteen cent convenience. Okay it's convenient for you and me and that next at 919 very convenient that's just the gold level. Rose 51 to 75 the VIP. Which is 299 as opposed to 149. Don't know that's that's rose 2521. To fifty. 495. That's the front rows apparently the platinum level which includes. His 495 it also includes lunch we've Marcus. Martin is a lot of how mark is like this yeah that's exciting platinum ticket includes lunch in the diamond lounge a prop approximately rose eleven to twenty. Tony Robbins newest book unshakable. And lunch with the profit markets while why if I had to take it get a Tony Robbins book to you so that's for its Y 95 okay now the next week. Was up 15100 bucks to 1995. No notice 70800 dollar tickets will defeat our right to force started at 919 at the gold level and is now. 7980. Of course higher price higher it is it's still a convenient there is that convenience fee is half of what all that it was at the gold level. So that's 1995 for the 1995 ticket you get to meet and greet with Tony Robbins and it's sold out. It is he can't even get the experts are excellent minutes equal board's audit occurs when I got this. I hope that you think he's coming on to me and now. You think diamond tickets include rose one to tee and you're gonna be the first and roast lunch on man with Marcus lemon is in the diamond lounge all the time included just wanted to silence on how do you agree with Tony Robbins. Priority access to the room. Priority access the room where there's this gathering all of the room the room is Brady in this photo op would Tony. Tony Robbins newest book unshakable no. No now. For 19950. This isn't sold out. Okay Tony Robbins is sold out but this one is not. Why is our time and meet and greet with Tom Brady and Julian battle for 1990 and nobody's that. That's not shouting and nobody is audited but it's not sold out unbelievable one out for two grand deacon eaten green is or why did the same thing you get to rose one to ten lunch with the markets honest. Mean I agree with Tom Brady. Priority access to the room photo op with Tom Brady Tony Robbins. There was book unshakable here's why you picture taken Tom Brady for ninety here's my question at this event is there Aussie going to be the Brady the 200 dollar Tom Brady. You attrition annual next the Robin's book is are also going to be the wheels at one dollar Brady V I don't know I may not be able to get close enough to. The room to find out. So that's a pistol for 1995. To get to me angry with Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. I. For 2995. Per thousand dollars more. You get all what I just said meet and greet with Tony Robbins and Tom Brady in Julien. So for a thousand dollars more you get the luncheon Marcus lemon is rose one to ten. Priority access to the room photo op with Tony on and Tony Robbins new book. So he. So for a thousand dollars extra. So if you don't want Tony Robbins and you just want Brady Natalie you can save a thousand bucks not bad. That's an ad that's a that's a good bargain deal if could I Vizio are just on what you guys are cut. You guys spend 99 dollars for the silver. That's the overflow satellites seeded loan and the convenes for easily six dollars and 44 cents and that's approximately in rose 76 to line while they go out well and it comes covering rebellion you've been around here long enough right but out where I'm surprised we're even allowed in the building let's go to John in Maine. Our jar Howard you. I'm doing well how about you guys good. I don't apply to comment on that Tony Robbins think. You know lock in Brady throughout this our creator and not hold the flee gate scandal and I did scanned you know none of those things part of the legacy to me is that Tony Robbins saying. And I'll I get like they're trying to reinvent the church and how it. Are assigned to college ask right John yeah. Yeah. So much why you sign on so why do you think it's the money. If Brady used David great point let's just do the math again deflate gate. You know didn't ruin his reputation on around here it didn't run. It or else will be well because he's still performing on the field and he's shut people up in the best way he knows how he'll never shot some people operate. To flaky and do it spy gate didn't do it. But he won't. Attach himself to trump doesn't sing yet. They'll attach itself to Tony Robbins to make a buck. You think it's just to make the money. Obama not just to make money on keep your name. Out there and can make money. Why would he risk when he's avoided. The trump thing. And Tony Robbins is nearly as controversial as trump and also I. I think you'll pretty might buy into that's what I was gonna say he you've got to take them as what he believes intoned it's only believes in it. He does. Maybe aggravating it's easier to a lot got something that would be viewed as positive then there's something that would be viewed at negative. And we rarely breakdown that fatal flyweight match formula I. Johnny mr. grew at who is Russell in whose resonate missed all come on I know you are I know I did a little out of wrestling the last couple years I can't afford it or remain. Now Eric from mileage out every hour on some Joe's. Back in the teenage days John users start we dropped John forget whereas I saw as I thought you return to malware talked. I saw the guzzling pottery we can deal we had a head to a break in the wrestling taught community you wanna get into keep caged. And forget is that this is wrestling podcast. Because we called it no holds bar or course entertaining when tiger. Rebecca Moore afterwards it's much at night on Sports Radio. And. Nice old school songs. Very nice and we got an old school maybe your personal thing for our Priscilla I've never medical Acela really until tonight. I'd have to settle for so long to bond across the street is wonderful woman for so I already know. I'm fine yeah. He's an old school named Priscilla was unseemly name do you have relatives that one you are platform. Really yet. Yeah I definitely would. Actually child or fifth generation Priscilla yet. Now you go by any other nickname or anything Nancy. Nice. That it actually my father always make sure he told people that. I would think that because it's so that the Bible. Very nice. Google+ pleasure to talk you Purcell. Well it hit my theory. I don't think that. Jamie there for any other reason than to get to Kobe to set another year to be prepared. A key but Jimmie for one more year so blow him out and keep Jacoby dissent. As back up. Why not just throw to Kobe to the wolves and trade Jimmy or oblong get. To round first round draft picks if that's because. Belichick is doing what's best for the team he wants one more year. To have Jacoby ready. But ya baby and that's as possible explanation is any but you know I keep going back to you that's how overpriced because they think the consensus is. Peachtree grapple and when he seventeen you're probably only getting 11 round pick opposed to two. In it was not worth taking it no 11 round pack I say now. And has got the best quarterback ever. A 199. It picked. He'd dead he's very lucky day they'll bounce back. I like that. Well but still I think you're on to something where that the way Belichick thinks is I can find the next Tom Brady and in my peach color B percent. I mean whether he's right or wrong whether it was one and a million. He thinks that way that is how we got Brady. That you know he too hard to grapple or draft that I am not a lot higher bit grapples projected Hadley to in the third round on the second. And quarterbacks always go higher but that wasn't a second round need for them now but he went after that guy. But then you know any drafted over the years the role on dvds that cliff king went and got a quarterbacks in the Kevin O'Connor was there on the ninth of the month now since Brady became just the quarterback since Brady and in the third round two and not all Bentley on pax. First I don't think Priscilla is way off in saying under the hole guise of what's best for the team what's best for the team is not paying Jimmy drop on one level on one level. He's not paying Jimmy drop below big box. And having you called reset be ready to take the mantle at whatever level he's at let's say drop blows out an nine for a backup quarterback right now in the patriots system. I mean. Percent probably at a school right yeah I mean maybe three because he's played. One year later he suns won an NFL game socked. He Houston and against buffalo we wanna game yeah wanna game is big part of it or not he got a car. Houston and yet that running touched on which is god I agree but throwing he did nothing and then he was dog poop. Against the bills and he will Mulligan for all the hand too though I am ready LeBron he's playing there it was a was awful end week for. So I think he's he's not close to being readied taking gold for Tom Brady you know obviously they're in better shape core problem but you know what are the odds the pre gets hurt it is so. Small awesome and it never misses games to injury ever. Let's Bernard Pollard it's on the ice it's him on the news. That's it. It's a single digits the Brady gets hurt this but the. Social effects assays of Britain have relatives call without thinking. Then that feature argument then you should a tree you glance that's my whole point know that should know that is the oldest and Tony Romo played for the patriots is the guy with notre I don't hold on I thought was that there's an agreement. Behind the scenes and that's why he's here he's gonna be the starter in 2018 otherwise none of this makes cents. No I would certainly I mean what I think it's stupid they haven't trading grappled because of that that since it looks like a rock was going to be here yes I think he's gonna be the starting guy. When I his rookie contract they're gonna franchise and 2018. In between nineteen son to a new deal he's going to be stuck in my account appointee one that is not only is it not stupid it's Smart. That Jimmy Barack blows here. It's an less. Tolerance policy this is where the first round pick yes it's added it's less import especially after they punted it now critique they punted the draft for two straight years basically and hunt well this year they had winters ago was forced him. True but I mean but you know Cyrus jones' earliest picked it now one and got in I didn't try to get back into the first round two years ago I mean fine I I agree but. No first round pick for two years. I this year they punted the drafts. You know it's very un Belichick like. To give up a dollar drop to give up the chance to acquire two additional first round picks her backup quarterback. When you use your picks to get the veteran guys like they have not already know how to play in this league what's the difference it's how you manage your roster. I mean. But the most telling graphic I saw on Twitter the day after the draft was completed. Was first round pick Brandon Cox second round pick coney yearly I don't my third round pick to the two guys they took. Fourth round pick they got it took fifth round Tony you may Alan Cody you he has like one year left on his contract in the second round pick. OK but we and that's what you got the second and picked you get them for years and years. Well money I put it you and it went into Anderson has. Eight the argument that bridge to collapse is not for how many how many first round draft picks don't make it any kind of what percentage. Fifty. Give it. Fifth time it's happened don't feel it is. They don't make it opt out technology and interface they don't make it through this second contract short but not how which means they don't make it on half of Belichick's. True I'll give you that Belichick is mean Dominique Easley was a mess but outside of that the biggest bus was probably warrants Maroney and there have not been. Most of them have been hints most big hits I mean he traded up for guys that were worth tree not four. The tide and Colorado. Graham yes do you Graham whether or whatever he's great blocker but he never lived up to trading up to that spot especially in an Errol Belichick never traded up you worked out. Chandler Jones worked out despite the synthetic marijuana hightower to hide where Allen's work without making any other ones on the hunt. When he made a couple pro bowls mean we laugh like nobody was not in Boston it's a starter honestly was an odd years. But it sold 50% of your first round draft picks. Boss and knowledge to Belichick as credit let's say that 75% of Belichick's make it. So only one out of four the odds are that Belichick would draft somebody. That would be a player and a contributor and maybe even a pro bowler for the patriots before he retires and you're giving that up. To have a guy who you believe if Tom Brady goes down you could still win a Super Bowl with his team. To me that's a wash it past that Smart. And if Brady got hurt. Even like a regular player I would agree with you but he doesn't I'm getting crowded acted at him like you out fact that I the only recent drop will place if Brady can't write. So you've have you been an ever been in a car accident. Yes OK let's say let's choose one argument let's say oh is it that the real. Let's say you didn't. Say you've never been in a car accident yes so he went to insurance agent and take out insurance for votes are legal but whenever. So I'm audited on Churchill like is I don't get car accidents and did a driver's Brady is it staying healthy and the terrible to land on driving on this. Wondered oak tree in German term or drive a little as it is to veer at me on the train. He told him on mu an to get up on the movie that is a huge hole. I all right so what haven't we touched on the wanna touch as such and mark helpful it's a you've been dying for mark how well it's stewards that a lot to 7 o'clock hour. The draft is two weeks from listeners a cat okay. And in my lifetime it's very rare. But a Boston team has been number one overall pick in the draft you know it's never happened before the Celtics but Q whereas here they haven't kept. They had and anybody remembers what you haven't needed and made no. So but what should be two weeks of fun and talking but forget the drums told Marca Fultz is the guy. And let's see here picking his nose and doing something tonight and tomorrow that is gonna convince celtics' brass that he's not a guy. He's that guy seems that way stations lines of Bali I was out of the lottery we drove down to New York. Good buddy Walt McGraw myself BR for Boston 25 we drove down. I had viewed everybody there that I could I didn't get Fultz believe it or not a Canadian I just didn't get a I miss them. I talked to. Postpone. And I said full chalk or Alonso ball and he said faults so why. He said is when he sent the kids specialists of why. He said a lot of young guys coming to Italy united seen this year but here's my guests it's almost all the educated guess. His calmness about it he's not gonna panic he's not gonna try to go crazy to make the play Kazaa that's what you see with a lot of guys and we said that. My first thought was sort of a lot from Jalen brown this year. Overzealous on the court trying to be trying to prove that you know himself on the court and I think there's a maturity level to be so anyway that was just him. One thing passed everybody else they're like. Decatur 64 he's got everything you want he's a legitimate scorer who also happens viewpoint cart now look back at the guys who were drafted high as point guards and the ones that really made it. John Wall Harry Irving are low were offensive players they're not. Your classic. John stock yeah that's no disrespect to John Stockton as he scored two they're not Raj on Rondo early gives guys a lot to true. You know I mean. Obviously got a list here that I had before card number one picks overall I'm trying to figure out the last Boston was well Bennett. In 2013. Have buy them by Cleveland number one pick in the NBA draft last year's as words Colin Kenny towns. Wigand's. Well last year was and Simmons and we don't know about him yet. A Bennett for any that they gave us carrier ring John Wall Blake Griffin Derrick Rose. Conventional bounced you out in that Derrick Rose is the second worst on the list own alma you gotta after the injury of course that's me have to fracture so. I mean I guess give me a reason why. You're not drafting. Mark health Fultz. There's very isn't lining all the peoples of the day consensus is that he's in number one guy I mean I think anybody around here that way acts like they know anything about mark helpful to horrifying and true when he's seen out of a couple of highlights and it is a little odd to me that. Washington was so bad this year we lost the Al. Macias story on the website a couple of weeks ago explaining acts but you know great how many great NBA players great college possible players have been on lousy. College basketball teams. A lot of them. It would great NBA players on bad college now our team okay now I'm I actually was thank another support just think about Walter Payton. Are sticking around guys and small colleges like Jerry Rice a bass and now it's very. Very rare. Yeah it is rare Iran and until only when Oklahoma that permanently Griffin yeah yeah yeah there is horrified if you're yet to deeper on. Forget their final four but they deeper than it's it's it's it's it's exceptionally red and the fact that Washington when what on the war games. It makes you play in a little extra years in a row if he gets drafted number one at the number one pick in making NCAA tournament churn. We don't know anything about sentence that he's hurt. Yeah right. Yeah I mean that you faults is also 1819 years old he's young I mean like the consensus is that faults. Is the guy for the Celtics the question is the most interesting. Person on the Celtics this offseason in my opinion. Is Isiah Thomas what happens with him here on you know is key word is he fit defaults comes into the acts. That's the quest quick break we'll talk more about that in our last segment coming up would butchered out streamer after this. My at night on Sports Radio W. Some of the best. I've had on him podcast. Yeah riveting stuff. Mike what about the number one pick in two weeks of fun and all that's it's it's like the funds kind of out of it although I will say this don't underestimate. Any here's what I mean by that. We ever Danny Ainge is ready when a judge him on in the and to me I think he's a pretty damn good value later of college talent nowadays. But. You know Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. He lived through what he saw he got traded but he saw them age. So we traded pierce and Garnett to be in this position now because he wasn't gonna let that happen when he was running the Celtics. He also understands. Isiah Thomas. Did he was and Isiah Thomas but he was close he was or number one option but he was a really good score in a backcourt when another team so he knows what it's like. To be a really good score. Without their hall of famers around and he knows to get the Celtics actually your point about Isiah Thomas it's intriguing what are they gonna do with them. I guarantee any has a different. Or more unique a more personal to Isaiah perspective than almost anybody could have in this town. And so because detainees lived through it as a player because he's lived through it as a GM because he's done at all and because he has the number one pick him because everybody. It's taken him Marco Fultz is clearly the guy doesn't mean Danny thinks he's the guy. No I mean I think in Thomson. Nine B eight columns and it a couple of days ago once great ER for me it was Comcast he said you know we've been hearing that maybe I'd just docks at some chances bullets played out. Yardeni changing your quiet this moment now by all accounts. By all accounts this is hindsight. Teenage what do taking Kevin Durant over Greg Oden very easy to say after a while but if you do the math and do it and I think it's true I really do. So let's just say it was for wind at our house and know what Internap to gain coming out and sing all technical and yucky come out well and anchored or else we all know that Oden is a big part of the Oden story is that. His injury I mean I was devastated and he never he never knew what he could've ever been in the NBA and it was at a time when the NBA was changing right before our eyes and now big men. You know not that Anthony Davis should have been the number one pick but flight as a Republican tradition red pigment right. So so if Josh Jackson is a guy that Kenny wants and you have the number one pick. You're not taken a number one you just don't do that. And now down. Now he lit Gainey live throughout. The many conversations with that so he goes to trade down where his trade trip to the lakers. Now he trades with the sixers are three. That's that's the spot. Wait and awed inherently is the lakers are souring on one's Allbaugh. While magic well at it today Jackson Magic Johnson may be a little wiser than people think you may Abby put the word out that openly magically through all the stuff too. That's my point though while we on the surface or writing all these stories and it's a fait accompli and mark a Fultz is the guy. Would ever do any in the decision makers are thinking behind the scenes is really what's going. That's what's really going on. So. I mean to meet. Just from afar and I don't nothing except all I've seen in the history of the draft and stuff I am a draft nick when it comes to that. I just take picket. You have your shot taken a kid but the last time I said that I was one of those people along with a Ron Borges not afraid to admit. That said he got the number six pick in the draft you need a wide receiver you to David Terrelle. The kid out of Michigan you don't take some defense of one inning Seymour. You take David Terrelle you get a chance at the best receiver in the draft he need to receiver and you take them how wrong I could have been more wrong Richard Seymour hall of fame type. The other thing I would say you have to factor in is the Celtics may have. The top three pick again next year in its possession of somebody when doctor rated teen pic welcomes this might not be your only shot of the guys if you're not enamored with mark health faults. And you know you likely will have a top three pick top five pick Tony eighteen. You know did maybe don't feel the pressure to take an ankle all you're number one who doesn't are gonna be back here it's just take the best player they're not enamored with and they can say well. We're not enamored with faults. We're likely get how the topic in 2018 so maybe it frees them up to make it deep I don't. Be wishy washy instead agree industry be strong assays I disagree with you and your premise that I do factory in. But I don't hold a lot of weight because what you're telling me is that if you don't like. This situation on the player quotes worthy of number one or whatever the value they need another kick the can while you accurate in saying that. Last year. You had the odds of getting one of the two picks in a two person draft and he ended up with a third so what are the odds you can't these are all the bottles we can't take it for grant but just a fact you are you doomed their there is that likely chance you will get. In other chance and as soon as next year I. Eight top three. Top top three you know the logic of the eighty draft the logic I mean clearly in hindsight it's one of the biggest heists ever. When red Bildt the greatest backward in the history of the NBA by making this move but if you go back to. In the eighty draft just think about this read was Danny Ainge now he had been number one pit. But what was tipper was there really was no clear number one pick the two guys that were being debated. Number one and two were Joseph Barry Carroll and Darrell Griffith out of Utah. And then there was Kevin McHale can kill those considered a two way at any level. He was one notch behind them so all red did was talk of Joseph Barry Carroll talk to America out to the port we got golden state of frenzy we gotta have Joseph Barry Carroll. So I don't know my guess is the conversation went something like this tell you what. You will give you the number one pick you get Joseph Barry can you give us your number three pick a violent throwing that under achieving got from centenary. Robert Parish. And any ended up with parish and McHale in hindsight easy but at the time he ended up to go along with bird oh my goodness. So fewer if any changed how can you have a play is or play like that for you in this year's draft. I'm not sure I mean again Andy eat everyone says that faults and ball at the top two guys writing in Jackson's on the periphery there are some other names being bandied about but you always faults ball this will be remembered as defaults. Ball to right. So much it means is that those two guys are the startled won't be remembered as a football draft if there's a Michael Jordan Nichols third trailing. True that's very easy to say that odds are they're probably won't be Michael during and there's no odds are that there could be. Because of the history NBA draft tells you that stuff curry was seventh. It did Russell Westbrook was full. That looked like Michael Jordan was our third and am I I know it at number one picks as well but in history. I would bet that their middle for a great number not a problem solid numbers on this site and it looks up for a long time but. The odd I betcha the odds are that if I go back in the history of the NBA draft and we come out with arguably V got. Out of the draft like that's the guy I clearly stepped curry was the guy at number sent right. Clearly Russell Westbrook was the guy at four and I got a red front and so let me look at. Russell Westbrook was taken fourth when Derrick Rose Beasley OJ Mayo went 123. We're all due respect to Derrick Rose if he didn't get hurt maybe it's different argument. Russell Westbrook still the guys that I had that they are so wide that you and I have to put some hard numbers on this but over the history of the NBA draft. That the odds are more soul that these guys out of the draft was not taken number one and he was taken. That's my guests. I had to fly ya gotta dealing with ending the odds are against number one's favorite there's a lot more news about Ed but you if you look at the general history. A number one picks on the NBA draft and a lot of them not to be damn good well more or more to your point in the recent history again we just as salaries Jerry still a lot of events Simmons. I don't think the jury's out on Connell Anthony Townes he's on his way right on his way it davis' died Wiggins he's on his way on his way. You know I mean looking back troll MBE might NB got a players taken it three that Wiggins but you never know that's apples and oranges apples and apples right now. Anthony Davis Carrie earlier these are all number ones John Wall Blake Griffin Eric erosion right. All worthy of being the number one pick even any of one Russell Westbrook went fourth but on same when it comes to Dini if there's a deal to be made made you go to Philly. And maybe you. Don't want a guard. You don't think Marco Fultz or ball as the guy and everybody else does he makes some other kind of deal we get a two for one like red I don't know. I don't know a journalist on Daniel would you Alex always fun bunch and we a policy over summer holiday at one point here. Yeah yeah look at the other against sometime soon. Up next our can. Not Chris in our camp. Archie drop in the first name. Ticket decisions and not let you know my way home in another breaks guys if you guys here just play Madonna songs are Elvis people who were known by one name's sham out of the break she's here yeah all of those who is here anything that was number one name. And just say art and the genie in a place that those two entities the idea Baghdad I wasn't really much into there just. Christian arcana is up next. Thanks to Alex Ramon thanks to Ben. Thanks to all you guys see you next time on W yeah.