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Mut at Night with Butch Stearns and Alex Reimer - Insurance for Brady is more important then 1st round picks. 06-5-17

Jun 6, 2017|

Butch Stearns and Alex Reimer fill in for Mut and talk about why Belichick is keeping Jimmy G around even though Brady is still performing at a high level.

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You so much that night fox Sports Radio. He. All right little use. Usual nights. We're 6 morning glory. 11 in the morning holidays end holidays. Fourth of July Labor Day Memorial Day with a suit Alex C two botched Quigley today her Italian together a few months ago you mean. Training training maybe a lot and even trying to. Was it was this the threesome. Over all over the Christmas holiday I think that's an adult how you do it I'm doing well but carry you pledged to work with these people don't know. That I first met you when you're what fourteen yes I'd hounded you to come immigrants he's didn't ask again how did many others. But you also came with the mother attached to the pulse network walked in said. I'm going to work and he got command monitoring equipment at an advocate of hit it there are about about the overall cost. You did in the and you can manage to your credit. I was say this anybody in any business or any industry knows this but just having this conversation in my eighteen year old daughter is graduating high school she's going to Bridgewater. She was all upset because the job the chance for the summer didn't materialize. And are psyched myself before I took a deep breath and had a long conversation I said you know. Just the beginning of disappointment kit used for years and years but I'll give you this compliment looking back you kind of know. And broadcasting which has been my. Industry of choice of several. But you kind of know when you see people when you were fourteen years old you just kinda knew after a five minute conversation with you. That you were not gonna take no for an answer maybe maybe the skaters on the spectrum a little bit but that's OK he's persisted we like that. Now obsolete got an Aussie I graduate college a few years ago I like you know three or four freelance gigs lined up I thought that would carry me through. Nope I graduated with a month lost all of cell. This appointment. It everybody. All right so is a lot to talk about tonight but you know what you enrich keypad the phone lines went up so wanna we just keep going we don't it was a Jimmy Jean Brady that's what's left and I'll add one thing into a cup match you with this correct me if I'm wrong but when I heard you say a couple of times is. If they decided not to trade him for a number one pick this year and for insurance that's knots. Knots that there's so that pretty much what you said I think it's idiotic that they had not trading opulence. I couldn't disagree with you more re yes. So so your your logic is for 2017. And we're already applied for any team forget ninety forget the future. Forget the contract forget Mike Reese is article for a minute forget the franchise tag. You have Jimmy the rappel under his rookie contract in control for one more year. And you think the value. Of being number one pick was way too much to bypass as opposed to having. Insurance and you sit down one more but insurance policy on your washing machine an insurance policy on it's something if it broke so the it your whole family would be thrown into a re. But Tom Brady has not missed a game due to injury since 2000 a month bloody DC so the point is going by history. You're not in need to take out our installs I shall I sold insurance the thing about insurance is this was alignment everybody uses. Insurance is great. Insurance is great it cost a lot of money and it's great because when you need it. What you want to help and mediator deliberate when you're yelling at my goodness where you need to ads for on time when you need you're glad you have that account when you don't need it's a lot so the point is it Brady goes down. What's the one thing that could derail this whole season Brady going according to Rob Lowe is akin to Tom Brady that's not for me to say that's for them the same by their actions they believe. In that game and a half. Energy guys talking about which would in four games beating get hurt they would be buffalo and they went on for now. OK then what have been the talk been about grapple yes I believe that they believe they will quote. To a degree not miss a beat if Brady goes down. I think they you grapple highly too which is why I think they're keeping him because they want him to start week one to 8019. Because what you get that insurance I'll just say that I don't think that's nuts I do because that I think Brady's gone kicking and screaming. But we'll get into that in a little bit all I'm saying goes for this year right. I don't think it's not it's. Or whatever word you used. That they gave up what might have been an extra first round pick up for an outright and if you better believe the reports that Brown's rated offer 21 round picks for green light after grapple around this offseason. If you keep them. For one more year I think we agreed that price drops to 11. His value on the market okay. I don't think that insurance is worth giving up the first round pick unless Brady gets hurt then it's worth everything that you are going by history ourselves you small. Of course but what win a huge listen Gisele. He gets concussions every year he said several of them. So yes it is not time dude it's not knots if your belly check because if Brady does go down. Forget the odds of it but if he does you now have a one. And it is a first round pick fourteen mean easily. You know or just as easily turn into Iranian. Easily abate it better chance turns into Richard Seymour or a real starting Logan Mankins and you look at politics track record her first round picks. I'd Dominique easily that's what I went to settle a job doesn't seventeen but if we're to believe everything about the about ticket again maybe his thinking is changed but we always know he's two steps ahead of everyone else he doesn't just plan for one year. And if Belichick it's following his philosophy to ET. He would have traded drop with a soft season and plus a glass he wants in the start. On in 2090. Our school right back to the phones you guys have been hanging on 6177797937. We'll get into the Celtics in the number one pick. Ben is taking your phone calls we start with our I start when Roy in Springfield hello Roy. How are you. You good. Might pick out as Brady throughout the world thing is that you look at the Super Bowl ring count. Only one other player in NFL history shares fight late Ray Charles did. Yeah and it Brady Islam orders not electric and the rule. I don't think he's on the proved Charles Daley wrong tour this year I think there's nothing left to prove anymore. I don't think you need to prove anybody wrong just or already got by itself. And protect our ticket seven. We as spot he shares and one other guy is beat it one more he's off while. OK so let's follow your theory here. That they're both motivated both personally historically. Professionally. To end all arguments of any argument ever by getting number of brands such a point right. I'm not argue and I'm saying is that your point. That's my point okay so what's your theory based off of that about how there I mean you've been listening to how they're handling this Jimmy G thing. Why they did once say if they when the simple all of this year. Brady and Belichick will retire it and it doesn't mcdaniels would go up well. All three taxi this might point which nobody can wrap their heads around why go Rob Lowe is still years they're forced to come up with these re ticked US conspiracy theories in a car last hour say Brady's only gonna play one more year not that he's gonna retire he's lying he's throwing everyone off the path it it just doesn't make another go right out together. I'll go to the ceremony planned globe on talk differs not allowed not allowed they're going to be on white horses coming out of to let stadium under the entrance where the where the like tolerance yes and then you know trumpets the whole deal at the end of this year stead of a parade. We have a big huge ceremony at Gillette Stadium and then. They're gonna involve that I Belichick and Brady millions of people Rodman Ford's gonna be filled route one's going to be filled and those two alone. We're gonna ride out with Roy from Springfield. Leading the chides leading the I'd call it. I'm telling you see nobody can wrap our heads around it because it is such an unusual move for Brian Marshall that's the next chance to wrap this. Around Brian. Unlike Redman a romantic gesture and that they could with the growth. So what do we even know Cleveland often left structure what we've listened to a woman people who. Are trying to make a name present we don't know. Meredith she's a great Mary Kay Cabot is the premier Brown's report. And it may sound that we like that that not Brian I'll play your game no of course we don't know but I always a good report by all accounts. The browns had the collateral. 212 DD equal four here that they were very interested in Jimmy garrote I don't think that's a stretch to say that. What I do think that you know I'm not sure what they thought could not tell if some somebody told me to betraying that are illegal. Another another. Holes Italian friends of the word with this and I got a little people remote places that's. So it was ugly how ignorant these unions went as little people. Where it happened during the Putin Putin goes. I didn't JJ coming this way and different territories which show. These jobs are a couple of for Joey Europe was at Jamie's brother. Oh. He's just as handsome for a so we've we've had that the Brady and Belichick you write about these theories the idea until I learn about their heads are now. Now makes no sentinel now it's the JJ watts and how we should be rooting against. Houston this year that the patriots again it trade acre rock loaded the Texans and basically guaranteed them honest you know playoff contention for the next decade if rob was as good as we think he has the forget the little people and will places like that. Little people in low places who know your way I'd Jacob isn't Somerville what butch and Alex Raymer hello Jacob. I haven't gotten good. Well people keep talking about in regard and in talking about you know. Essentially that there is a patriot now if I actually think they know what they're doing things until late in the area. Because ultimately. You wanna buy as much time to possibly can't forget that make the decision. Where whether I don't Brady whether or not. So what did you let me jump in for a second you called it the ultimate wait and see situation right. Yeah for cool. The decision makers are Belichick and Kraft. Tocchet by by all accounts. It's telecheck only craft comes in when Belichick is ready to make a decision he runs it by him. And he rarely ever says no so it's really just Belichick so Belichick is waiting. And seeing how Brady's gonna do. Why I think she's waiting to she helped like duck it's between Brady and drop well Putin's right now. Yeah a bit about your doubts predict by. Yeah eventually. How does he get a are how does he get a better. Gap wedge and figure out how close the gap is of grapples not playing. Well let's hear about it you know actually go back even like the Brady Bledsoe. I'll talk about like how the only reason marketing -- it was Brady all right. We can very outperform and they're the preteen daughter and to create our own. About six. And you but it's. I mean. Was a who's also this little figure out who is also well hold on Jane it was thousands conveniently forgetting that there in march of that yours is little thing that was. The largest contract for the player in NFL history at the time a hundred million dollars to Drew Bledsoe sol. That the experience and a hundred million dollar contract was another thing that the craft had just given to their franchise quarterback. But I think that actually chanting Janet strengthened my point because. But what is about Jack we'll go lift lever and better for the Pope ought to. I don't doubt that I've told this story before outs RT real quick is the night and that year I was hosting patriots Monday. Long story short it was not on WEI then the patriots owned the property. They were shopping it around and it worked for fifteen to end on the dial and we used to tape the show. So in 1999 or 1510. There was meat will McDonna. Jamie Donaldson the Providence journal and we had a quarterback in the coach because the patriots all the right what he's back here FT jump ship to 1510. I he yes they did on very very kind of so a so. Anyway we were taping the show and then 2000 came along Belichick took over and we were taping. And got to know and so I would not disagree to your point Jacob in this. Is that I don't think it's. History I don't think it's given don't think anybody can say with the authority all Belichick was definitely gonna go with Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe that you're no matter what but. There were several things he said during those interviews that led me to believe and I've told the store before it's just a little thing. But I started trying to warm up too many was a hard guy to warm up to not after awhile but I would come and I say coach here's the ten questions I wanna ask you. Do you have anything to cities and never said anything about the third week I said and I also wanna ask you about Damien Woody having trouble with the with a shotgun snaps he says who says it's Woody's ball. And will was looking out meaning that it was Bledsoe is all the hundred million dollar quarterback. And that I don't let we we want to CTO. Well I was like I looked at will and then of course when asked about we take you didn't give us anything but I said to myself a filed it away and I was like. Bledsoe got. Like that's not his guy was in danger out the menorah hole right right so us I don't think Jacob is. Is that far off with the fact that he he might pull he did in Cleveland when Vinny Testaverde very close off. He pulled the plug on a veteran guy to go with a guy that he believed had a better chance of winning the only issue that theory here is that Brady has terribly bad. That's only common now or back there now in Brady's out as best now. 2000 Christine was his best season ever gets that his second best he's never was I think it was 2015. He's never been that number you could easily make the argument. That while statistically this doesn't fly. That 2001. Was his best season after he took over as the starter in week three. Okay he went to went to and then it'll loops. And he won a Super Bowl and by the way they won the Super Bowl because of him and Ol my he was a second year quarterback how is that no one of the greatest increase defense almighty god. You're not gonna say he wasn't instrumental we've certainly was called John Madden I ignore all our court competitors are going to air. But Brady now though statistically every piece otherworldly. And at this stage can't I just making the argument that history will go down. And his Wiki page will say that find another guy's had a season like two has done better on any at 3920. While 29 he was. It was at 20072060007. Yeah he was great that statistically was the best year of his career I think he's even better now that I got my little 83 Super Bowl and when he apples and apples American argument voice data is Al Greg he's not Vinny Testaverde he wasn't Drew Bledsoe he still at the top of his game which is what makes the cell. Fasten. Right. Right which is why your theories in interest in one. And if approved to be true to be even more interest and but I doubt it I honestly think that Brady's going out kicking and screaming. Not play well read he's gonna kick and scream but history shows that doesn't matter to Belichick and the patriots once they have an idea of what they wanna do you have a theory on that to eating breaking the rules are different rules that apply to bring using crap steps in and says no. No I think is different rules when it comes to Belichick. I think Belichick has a soft spot this for Brady and for all the things that are true that you could start listing from because I see arise spinning and they're coming to the top here at. Belichick never done this Belichick's ever done that he does this he always goes for the got his dad is dad thinks it's got to end it is that when it on the record. He is never. And besmirch Brady's. Legacy of Brady wants to play at least 45 he's gonna let him play with a wide Eddie draft drop low in student and when he fourteen n.'s Anderson direct quote we all know Tom's age. In contract situation at the time La I three years ago Belichick I think was playing the ground work to replace Brady Brady's come back and already incredible years NT Super Bowls but what else did he gain on that. Pissed Brady often motivated. When Jimmy or apple was taken with the 62 pick of the draft. All of us had a reaction to take it up quarterback with a second round pick. What do you think Brady's reaction on straight really built I think I think I'm done bill and he really needs the patriots draft a quarterback Tony motive. I was twenty now if you wanna talk history I would say they're Brady has quote unquote needed. That his entire career it's what's defined him. That chip on his shoulder that me against the world. Go ahead and don't mean mentality he's probably got pictures with a bull's eyes still. It's urgent wind and the six quarterbacks that were drafted ahead of him and I agree thousand for a but he is hot but he had that you know prior to grapple like in 07 you mentioned his best statistical season ever. There was nobody behind nannies that regard. Some food back to any G Tom Brady how's it gonna play out Jimmy G the starter next year. As Alex Roemer is from rising you know that's his theory that it's already in the works that are altogether Don they're talking about it at sent. Do you do you think there's a possibility that Jimmy G signed some but a contract like Mike Reese wrote today. Do you think get mark killed faults being drafted by the Celtics will somehow factoring in to who's the next quarterback. Of the patriots won the weakest transitions I've ever done but trying to get that other subject yet here's another one for you out there as we go to break. Right now pay attention touched a code word Kevin. KE VIN 237937. When the next ten minutes to be added to win a pair of tickets seek Kevin James at the Wilbur on Sunday June 18. Message and data rates may apply get more info at the Wilbur dot com text Kevin to 37937. To enter to win Kevin James. Tickets back when mourn W media. It's much at night on sports. And Alex rebounds. Stearns with the US until 10 PM. So I wanna touch on this Eduardo Rodriguez story. And I think it's a question on a lot of levels well let's choose your adjective it's it's a feel bad. On a lot of levels by feel bad for him. Because it water Rodriguez has always been a guy since Dan Duquette said yes I'll give into you Red Sox. For a couple months of Andrew Miller cause we're competing and I think Andrew Miller could make a difference. As far as whether Andrew Miller could make a difference in Arctic it looks like a genius even though it didn't Andrew Miller didn't make the difference down the stretch that Orioles team. He sure looks like it's a completely different to any content certainly can. But it were Rodriguez clearly had a bigger upside and for a couple years has shown flashes. Of wow. Really that this kid for a month rental kids unbelievable now he was having a career year emerging and now all of a sudden haven't relic. Kudos to him CSN any dot com tweeting out that. Doctor James Andrews is recommending that Eduardo Rodriguez. Rest for three to four weeks basically to the fourth of July year to recover conservatively for me right me subway station rather than go for surgery now. Roger Rodriguez went to Andrews today. On to receive a second opinion. On his injury. So by that. I simply tells me that the Red Sox gave me their opinion he decided to get a second common but he cited duel but. Here's what makes this story inched in both from his perspective and from the teams this is a guy who. If you look at all the bullet points how we use described one of the things was questioning his toughness. Always got a blister that's three starts he's governments always got you know feel a little sore or you know last year did not help his. You know. Reputation angry and it's tough to read recalls on the knee injury so here he is he again he falls. In the preteen. Last week before start. So. Again malicious play this out I don't know if the Red Sox. Gave them go right your fine you can go or. If he's well aware of his reputation cinema got this out either way he pitched. The worst start of his career by giving up a career high four home runs. On a bad meat that now has him up three to four weeks and might even have surgery season ending searchers to I mean that's not weep to go there. Yeah eagle watching not start on the Wii was last Thursday against game one of the NBA finals on some flipping back and forth the it's poorly as you said but he didn't seem like he was legal or not we someone else legends of accuser a favoring. His right is his knees so I'm not sure if we can drop correlation but we can certainly say but that. It a broader Rodriguez you can't count on him mr. Cobb Munson sixteen opinion jury as you said. NG it again this off season prior to the season now answered after the bullpen fought it regardless of whose fault it is. You can't count on us and as you said he's gonna sit for probably at least another month. Oh reminds me that. 'cause it's always a slippery slope when we judge guys whether they're hurt or injured. But when you talk to athletes there's a huge difference being hurt is one thing he can play her being injured is another. So again I don't know only he knows only he really knows that the eighty injure himself when he fell. In the pregame because if he did shame on him and shame on the team for quote trying to gut it out. To go because now is the pressure got to pay he just did David Price back you clearly have the best 12 in the division if not all the American League if not all of baseball. In Salem price of price continues pitching the way looks like that that the problems are thing passed. Tom Ridge is feast of flammable when he's feasting and as of late been awesome. Imports so look he can't be this bad 'cause he was that good last year so they'll settle somewhere between battalion fifth starter could be another lefty. Brian Johnson was hurt could be Kyle Kendrick coming could be its bite fourth of July could be traded. We get out of the prospect of trying to veteran started to throw into the mix yet delicate the price for Eduardo Rodriguez taking hell in Thursday was hit missing you know at least a month then obviously that's a bad trade you'll know no one would take that. That trade. It thoughts about the Red Sox about it water Rodriguez Sox and yankees will get into that a little bit lawsuit into the Brady globe. Photographer thing let's go right back to the phones though we've been. Talking. One before I got here you guys have been talking about Jimmy G. And Tom Brady and how it's gonna play out what's going on behind the scenes in my crease. Article today that the patriots headline would patriots QB grapple consider one year 24 million dollar extension. Matt is in Littleton has been hanging on ormat. They had gone bad. My I mean I'm a huge ticket than you think you know learn magic try to wrap my head around the whole thing two that. One thing that there was never allowed now on enemy aircraft it. You can point is that they're both at the same agent. They do in that. So I'm just wondering you know how can he not going to be in the loop the F they have had some sort of conversation between the cracks and spell check in and breeding ground. Well it is a great point I mean they have they have think about it they have the same agent so Don you know Brady's thinking. When you guys tell him when he might retire or tomorrow and maybe not dreamy Brady's keep and that really close to invest Don he also knows how badly Jimmy. Watts to play well that's a question tonight where batting around last hour you know so how come Cora apple hasn't hobbled Huckabee up and read reports about Rob Lowe. The more upset being more his stock at this situation and those stories rarely come fox. Like I mean if you're dropped one though what you be passed which you wanna play well in for three years okay let's go let's all hold on what's the one thing that we trying to. Was revealed. Right around the draft or performance. Re going a drunken text from grapple on his buddies while they're in Chicago writes saying what. You're fine and had a great time in Boston. By all accounts that was one of his buddies. Absolutely yeah we got him just between him some of Andre you I think he did a joke that embodies a lot Mike placed on half. In two minds to Graham and Twitter at a better exit doing so you think. He was having such a good times his watch what do you know it's got hammered really is mine he's been at Foxboro for going on for years encouraging me that how did that I don't expect it but I. Toyed with the point where it's so you know maybe Don Yee tells rob we'll pay. I know what's happening with Brady they're gonna Dodi and a couple of years so settle down. Maybe that's what's happening we'll get what that maybe if a couple of shows up at training camp and makes no demands whatsoever has a smile on his face that would be odd would it not that a guy in the prime of his career now it seems content. Just sitting for your number four. Mean does that would not slow in strange. Let's look at the Brady drop a little relation remember one grapple started playing so well there was so much talk about remember in the pre season. When Brady had the band on and was running on the sidelines like a HD animal to get in and when he did getting even though as a pre season game. The level that team went right up he threw a touchdown to Chris Hogan actually talked to Hogan off the record a putt that he was like. Omar react. He was that I knew I was in for right after that it's no longer off the record. Well whatever as juicy bites it think whatever I mean he may he said it after the fact it. But he didn't realize up to that point I don't think he heard he'd seen it he'd seen Brady but when that happened it was like almanac. Like that's that's the difference not any average player can do that. So whatever the relationship between bringing grapple was I think a lot of us have seen too many movies we'd like to believe. That behind the scenes Brady's like I can't listen of course you've been under my wing for a household this is what I'm gonna do when he's gonna to. That doesn't fit when Brady Brady shares drop. Hates them and a lot of hate to bring a lot of break he doesn't he corral it the thought he hates the thought of girl probably their daughter anybody trying to take food out of his kids' mouths actually got the better candidate ready hates that got a drop will go Rob Lowe hates the thought of Brady inning he wants to play there's no doubt in my mind and I actually forgot about that but that's a great point about that into Graham post we had. A couple of months back during the draft eighteen to ballots go rob lowers friends. Seems to me that god is circulating in his head that he wants to play let's do what if what if Rob Lowe didn't get hurt. What does she went form. Where they still one miserable embraced or that I don't think anything changes describing the conversations go on steroids immediately. I think they become a lot different now already are if Brady's still wins the Super Bowl though he still as the two to three comeback I don't think the conversation changes much I really don't. I really well there we're having conversations there in the game about taken Brady got put up a low in May especially after the picks it may be made about what about the party at my points and wouldn't you agree that if he had won all four games. Did not get hurt. Maybe you remember what that you brought it up last I remember what the talk was after a quarter and I have I have thrown three touchdowns in the Miami game before you heard they looked a lot of the skeptical people would still saying well is only four games in the league and film on on the need to know what to expect so I. I don't think four games is a large enough sample size where a dramatic amount of people who still aren't sold and Koppel after game happen all the cited. Go in his corner based on you for early right. Season. 6177797937. It's about twenty minutes and eight Altria reports started at 10 o'clock taking your phone calls have been talking a lot. About Jimmy G and Tom Brady. We've gotten some crazy theories. From people in what is your theory so mine is that Rob Lowe is going to start when he nineteen that's the only reason why I can paint the patriots. Didn't trade in this offseason for 21 round is what do you think onto your head but stands my theory is very simple the Brady's gonna get what he wants. And the only thing that could even change that. Is if this performance drops and I don't think you well I think Brady's gonna be that rare athlete that'll go out on top so where is Barack low week 12019. Week 12019. He easy either one of two places he's gone for two years the end of this year seat okay they do franchise and and trade. Because. What a sign and trade him. Yeah but what do you believe. I below I believe the Brady's. Gonna go out when he wants and I believe that's 234 years from Acropolis drop was gone he's gone and I believe the wave he's gone is that Belichick keeps him for as long as he can. 'til it comes to a point of critical mass that's probably two years from now where you'd have to commit. 2440. Million dollars to two quarterbacks. In between there some way to do that by the way lot of money energy issues before or maybe it was rich. It's a there's no way Brady would take class yes he would. He doesn't give a damn. A Messina isn't it about money we normally announce Guerrero do we on the alien Tony Robbins do we on more power to go to that Thursday what are your early rounds extravagant real gas it with a press pass I would Curtis from cracking down man and a little date. At the Tony Robbins Brady event. And occurrence came on. It's it's great is great. I did not not that he did not easy happily married so he says. But I yet know or go on and hopefully turn turn Malick for as Brady has lover I mean wouldn't sell 200 art cookbooks but they're not doesn't care he never has remember distinctly in Jacksonville. When the story of his contract was a huge story that we can stood at a podium. And said what no player would ever say in the players' association of the end of percent in it I don't care about being in the highest paid player in the league I don't care about the nightly player on the team. If we can be at the Super Bowl every year I'll do whatever it takes to do it so I don't agree whether would you would you said that right I don't agree. I'm might have been a rich but I don't have it on keep I sent. I don't I don't wanna take on rich he's not here but wherever said I don't. I don't think I think break there's a lot less about that than people think it's illegal or apple because of circumstances in Belichick's hand. To 24 million dollar charge policy and that's what we're gonna deal. Decided to do that Embree was only making sixteen on the book he would give a damn. Hole. He isn't measured by money never imagined that I'd rings he measures that playing time he met to Brady is on a mission to play until he's in his mid 40s at least I am convinced it would validate him. The TV twelve brand. All that senior right about that he's gonna go like kicking and screaming but. I don't think it matters to Belichick if they've identified drop was the guy raise emotions once wade James and Roxbury you're up next right after this quick break who butchered Alex Roemer on W media. Mine at night on Sports Radio tell you. What Stearns Alex Raymond James. It's very hello James. Zagat Kansas yes it is odd but it might call appreciate it well. Eight they got there actually you know you really can't you've bought and it's really important to talk about Belichick ruled that you made out butch I was wanna read more points this is beyond. Yes James it's very fun to meet its. Anyway it's not dynamic yet bought right take awhile ago. But I think you're right about about central case in point Rob Gronkowski. And the out the limited playing time great out of OTA and and that is Belichick roles period right. Budgets and then sit represented just grant period we don't we all agree that the way. Belichick treat wrong flies in the face I think he doesn't everybody else that's a good. 101010%. So now just a kind of tired and real fact lets you guys talk is that I think you would totally different take our Brady. I think ballot second hang in a care in front of Tom and they need anymore motivation that that was done and I think he's saying Tom you've got to produce any got to produce at this. Are right here keeps raising net income to meet and and innocent and just Molly Tomlinson and view this is you don't meet that bar. That were caught never know what is. What is the Bard's rings isn't it in as he had this conversation pretends to pacers it's like a metaphysical. Now and I think a solid yet. He pulls him aside and says Tom. Got to be better than I am addiction Belichick doesn't he noted costume. It is taught me who are you bringing me home lingo it's kind all right sure I don't. And then I think like you are station went live dot Ichiro and and not on grappling gras that's like droplets of content out here right I think you're gonna go about it in the unique. He doesn't make. The bite of an eight to carry. Is gonna go out it can. So give a good putting your theory is if I'm Jimmy Rob Lowe and I know what the bar is I'm rooting against pre Annan. That's maybe maybe you Matt maybe dot he had accomplished a lot a lot of movement artsy. Now on file at a different take Matt and I diet and your vote at all right I got it. And I bring it on Joseph what did you agent business not as crazy as some I go back to my original point nobody knows why drop was still here because even if they do you trade and Belichick and Bill Belichick knows nobody besides. Because patriots all you value value the time straight drop what you're gonna do it was this offseason because to me went to this earlier by. Having him as that insurance policy for a guy. He's only missed a game did injury once in his career await when he blood disease and Al down plan that they think you're too easily. Dismissing the value of that ensure not worth the first round pact after shot. It is not. Having won last year I don't remember this is now two straight years in which the page from Kate have punted the drought how much did it hurt him last year did not it hurt them down the line I understand that I understand attrition I understand all that I'm saying is for 2017. Having Jimmy grapple as an insurance policy you're just pulled poignant elect whatever that I have that's a look at maybe this is me being naive but look at race track record big guy does not miss games due to injury it just does not. Happened would you put the odds 2070s. Brady missed I am a tuna. I am not saying something that could come back and harmony waiter on the audit and Brady are getting Eric that's why when I asked that it single digits not just beat the odds are slim and none. That he gets part of the you don't say that you don't talk about managing some the first thing you do when you talk about it as it happens yeah for or against us. I'd rather talk about Belichick hovering for feed off the ground and yoga outfit okay. I write edit the jazz coach shore up whatever you say I pretty well and Tom yeah it's David's in a Jeep or prodigy David. It's a compass least pretty nice snow which direction at some point you get the oversized tires or no. Note on now at the Dustin Pedroia like in the back and then. No actually. I had about two KG championships stickers Andy. My doubts and they stick figure here in northeast rebel like a Jeep Liberty man myself. You know. So about a vote. Brady drop below. Set. Oh yeah it is another thing that's caucus these two days. It's it's all added this is all about Brady. Do you know I haven't heard discussed. It at all and anti icing there important. Number one more. Year. It around the pocket and he he's more boldly now these everyday yes OK and channel my inner or when you were the Brady really start. Produce. Guy here that he had been armed shall we don't even know how law. Is having. And back. Saddam the mirror miserables on sometime I just I don't know we've science did all he should be measured in there if they're tracking him on this. And I know he must've picked up something from Israel cheese yogurt dip OK and I. Don't believe before she came along he was. So David where we go home this we all know the Brady with the avocado ice cream as remarkable. Brains. Brady's collection in a long way in the future. Our. Eight longer than me. Don't pretend and don't pretend you know anything about his mind. I'm looking now at the way. Who actually the team loaded now entry next year I don't see Brady going anywhere. And at all. So the next two years. It was Emmy for Barack polarizing mean for Alex is here is chip to chip. Well it becomes less of the chip the more I want you again aligned to keep on the last night and it cost you more money are you gonna get less and returns to trade him. Then they bend that Casey got out I predict he's got very soon be be. What is it was I mean before the season starts very soon. Be very likely seed Anke it's traded train I don't know I'll lots Sam Bradford. Incident that was occasionally traded him before the draft went without any regard the most unless you wanna see which he looks like you know radium Belichick the only thing radius have it but it's also the bar that is saying to him clearly so the bar that we set a training camp last year when he was shot but at the bit to get in ads why seizing game number two really important seven. Tell me again let's just admit that's the guy he's a freak. And a lot of levels and I mean that is the ultimate compliment. And if you could take into the little chip that he's got inside him and insert that. Like terminator chips into an athlete to mark a full story. I like just that the whole me against the world mentality. I'm still trying to rationalize. A comment or heard from Marco Fultz the other day that it's been his dream. To be the number one pick in the NBA draft since he was a kid. Well until I'm still trying to be normal. Elite ability to play basketball as whole life why would anyone and I like you don't wanna hand I like the fact that the kids saying hey I'm gonna be I'm gonna play so well. That I'm gonna be the number one pick but just what he hasn't done. He knew to take his team to the Ian to double in turn out. Team what players at the moment that's more days or up and wanna play in India to imagine yourself being a superstar my Porter wanted to dreams higher. When he but it means when championships suitable animal that's another dream as well one step got to get drafted first and you can in the championships. You're looking at Ted are as a no I'm not I went up and at this engine we did she ask you were invited by say five times I could be buried on the depth if I could take the Brady chip. The Brady chip is just different it's just different bird had it. Bird did that he just did. You know bird wanted to be got got a matter of fact if you read the bird magic book that I Jackie wrote I haven't yet machines that read the forward. Of August usury to forward you won't put the book. And I'll paraphrase I won't rule of point. Magic was the best player at every single heavily was ever. His dad would never let him off the hook his dad would always say to him there's another guy out there there's another guy out that that's why you need to play better there's another Ghana can you better than everybody else. And then I'm out of the timing is screwed up but I believe it was. Birds freshman year in college. When he went to Indiana and he left Bobby Knight and heat and magic were playing in the game of responding to know each other. And magic tells the story about arms coming out of bounds. And bird waved them off. Quit tomorrow so good on the court I'll take up and magic all the way up the court however many steps he took was like who is white. Telling me to go optical Eagles in just at that moment. I was coming up for the lane and I turned around and the ball was in my onions and it was in my hands and I mean easy lay up and at that moment I said. That's the guy my dad was talking that's how the book starts that's how their relationship started. That story is like. Unbelievable. So Byrd had that same chip he really did he had that him against the world mentality. I'm slow I'm white I'm all the things you wanna call me but guess what. On the best basketball player on the planet he he felt that way Brady's felt that same weight two buddies out to prove it. And he knew he wasn't and it made debris now is uniting beyond anybody else this is a guy who plans out his workouts. Read years in advance and an ox Guerrero in the TB twelve teams sit down every day for next three years. His work outs are planned out we know about his diet with a without the plastic bubble on the I'll always at the plastic bubble. Yeah this guy is insane it is is like the only thing that defines Brady is football right he has to speak out about social causes his off. Field in trysts you know largely TB twelve. Were in all of its products I mean Brady's entire brand don't own them and as a football career I'm digesting your statement in your statement was the only thing that the fines Brady. His football only thing I would I would I would disagree with that statement I would change the word on. I would say that the thing that he cares the most about his football but clearly he cares about his health. Clearly cared about his lifestyle ties and really cares about trying to but I just don't I lied that's the Tony Robbins but the longer he plays the more he can point to his training techniques the longer equally large one point in the other. Exactly like it Tom Brady is all of a sudden it spends the last two years in his career hurts in on the injured list. All of a sudden and practical stuff they're two dollar TV twelve we're trying to earn a good debate and there is no debate I'm just quibble with you one word. It's not the only thing cares about his thing he cares about the most right that's what it's all ties together which is like you know you're right he will go out kicking and screaming. In nights it's going to be. Very interesting next two years Alex remembered Stearns or get two more hours Allison in Cambridge market New Hampshire you guys are up next. Quick break we got a trending in the we're back but more of your phone calls. And some fun infertile T after that I'd hate to go play for another coach. And a player for another order.