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OMF - Chris Sale doesn't throw Pablo under the bus; Tyler Thornburg trade get worse

Jun 5, 2017|

Pablo Sandoval made a crucial mishap during the first inning in yesterdays game, but Chris Sale didn't blame him for the runs given up. Yeison Coca, a highly touted prospect was sent to the Brewers as the 'player to be named later' in the Tyler Thornburg trade.

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Back to all and a faster more than number he's making a mom and I know you have it's saying tonight and I do not have the numbers. We're waiting for loan and for Sports Radio WEEI. The thing that was even bigger for me to see it was it was bubbles not step down after all of you know did he didn't hang his head he wouldn't come about it he came up for the with a plan ready to go. They were to double it. I think that speaks well about who is this character doesn't make yes. It's like gee diminished and to support their own nothing wrong. Since you know assorted acts of support them out there right now published sides offensive guy. He does okay that's what it is offensive. Defensively. Not so much confidence isn't there brain not their and so could not figure out where is gonna go I'd. Listen he is forty years and I think eventually. On we're gonna be sitting here talking a month or two from now saying the same thing about Pablo have been saying all along. It was a nice experiment I don't know why they spent all that money. Didn't work to gonna have to find themselves at third baseman. That's what's gonna come down to Wilson and he just starts. Re usually crazy and then you're okay with do you think that'll happen long term I might have not so I won't personalize the conference's defensive liabilities can exist forever it's not that's not getting better now. We're talking before so you had two different plays them you know first inning yesterday yet all of first thing. By the throat a second which. Seemed like -- those guys were kind of giving him a pass on natively Marrero and angry. Yeah anyway plotted and the other one it was the play a third of the tag at third which it was when a problem I don't have to spoke. They cannot refute I like well I don't tag at third was like well. Both bang bang out he'll win this argument last night and and you know he's up by 1015 feet no it wasn't it was bang bang and he reached he shouldn't have reached while he caught the ball. The ball down the line any end on that play you'd you'd use tape you tag the arm that the and it's closest unit case the left hand. He moves the left hand does this one thing you know goes off on one side so the minute left in is gone now I gotta go find some now's the tag. He dole whether it's that left others the right arm or the chest which he tagged adjustment and young got him. Novak what I've played before replay you would swiped that thing and you get the hell out of there are a lot of times you know if you go if you miss. The local back the night on the own party missed seats wiping get out albeit in year out there's no replay value that attack. And that's why you're seeing this this play a lot. You know the thing is that bothered me is when Pedroia doesn't Bogart's dozens of bats does it. We praise him talk about you know their intellect and how great they are look at these guys beautiful slides out we don't rip the shortstop and not for Scola the tag doing. But what it's Pablo what I understand he's available probable as Pablo is an idiot for not get net tech. That's not easy. I looked at it and I great because I looked at doesn't equal okay what else was he supposed to do. Late he didn't drop the ball he didn't I mean it was about a perfect throw so what is he supposed to do. It's a stick is that but in the middle men trying to catch it. Don't go doesn't need it over the left hand and if he pulls it back my people are going go for the right hand and you try to get that. Or feed on the line enough maybe chide him in the chest four's army to the back. It was a really good slot. The second one of those guys some presumably Marrero. 322 outs. And not gives a lefty and a mound and all Davis didn't slow it's yet a second baseman when it's. 322 outs I'm a second baseman locate this one out I don't think stolen base so much be creep in a little bit on double play depth some creep and and and even with three and 12 bouts under there because they get the throw from different guys political loss at 322 outs. There's before the pitch and it goes to be on strike to get to go 320 it's a whistle to look the shortstop third base they give Los signal make Norcross. Maybe it's communicate issue it's up to a listen to all across but if you get that slow roller that sum up the middle behind the back I I can get their time PR OB defeat of but routine plays were going across the diamond and with that. I now get more depth I know dig deeper now the cover the bag anymore so routine plays I'm expecting at this level for guys on the left side diamond to know they got to a crawl. Don is that they didn't is it safe to say with his team right now it's hard to get a read. On what they are there so inconsistent they remind me of Jackie Bradley junior now. Where time just didn't go out warm weather at the start haircut had and then in the next institutions that they don't wood and it is silent the bats silent. Arm and then of course she had the and then where we all thought that David. Price was headed for surgery somewhere down the line and maybe there then you're adamant about the slow today to the Red Sox were rushing and push him out there who. The best picture the last two starts. Well let's get this out I was one more start away from triple like Saturday should have been his first start debate in my mind. And I don't know maybe maybe that's tartan in Chicago helped him pitch the way did on Saturday against you is pretty good Saturday nobody could pitch Saturday their pace last Monday in Scranton and came out on Saturday ready to pitch in the big leagues and give you seven. So it debt that's all with whatever my last Monday against Chicago issued a AAA or shouldn't Chicago I don't think that change what he did on Saturday. But he looked outstanding is what he looked doesn't look like a guy that needs surgery right now no I mean that's the thing the whole milk physically he's passed every physical test. And then you know he figured it all out on Saturday because it was a jam. But just when you think you close and up a hole with David Price in solidifying your rotation because another one because after our show we rod goes to DL. Yes you're trying to figure out what this team is who this team what does all sea ice that there is so that's I want that seals. On the sales because. One thing is is for sure my opinion he's the leader of that team. It's not Pedroia. Not Hanley not a good sign anybody I don't know I don't tell you that. Why leader. I know that's night conventionally how it works this'll tell he's not a traditional values and rest I don't know but if you look at Ford vice city to look at force market you look at birth somebody. To do the dirty work the uncomfortable awkward stuff. Orders data right they want a guy screws up be to protect that even though you know he screwed you are really kind of screwed up your day. To me that's the leader of the team and I get it. But who else is leading give you a Lackey. Look you know I think while I write a piece of pictures were around when everybody don't look right five Pablo. Was it is I'll look at Republicans smiley like ages Bob brand new week. It just oppose him was that that was three earned runs that too yeah I mean selfish. You know man that's going to be an error an unfortunate Rabin Airpwn Guerrero even though you know bubbles won a mentally screwed up but still and yeah very probably should have caught the ball on a feud not a safe. But there's got to be an errand that is is to feel this choice as an earned run for sale. The testing right now if you're learning that. The division pretty damn good now when you look at the division compared I don't divisional all the National League central but this is based wrong division. And it's not that much separation from top to bottom I thought to be released a thought to be more separation to want to start to play much better now. Other rays are still I do you figure them out. They'll they'll just stick around and now that they're real player. But they're not they can easy sweep you know I mean enough like you know when you go play a three game series you to drop to Arthur gets swept in RP distilled they're a good team. There's still good pitching you know make it had a little bits of home runs. But I ounce in the player needs to Toronto on the other hand it's in my mind it's still gonna be Boston's from before it's also about the beating guys back up on also Donaldson tells came back he helped to move us back Sanchez gonna be back probably a couple weeks. They're still looking in my mind but the Yankees are good. The club. Isolated here so we gonna talk about the Red Sox Yankee rivalry over the next three days because others none of that's the problem. It could be able to feel like it feels like it's the start flirt with the weekend it's starred in I mean there are a lot of news there needs to be a fight. Somebody he's been like you know so Michael what the judge. The challenge that big monster of a guy and then and then you know they gave me the need a little bit more room right and then they would be lyrics and and that would be pentathlon. Lucy that I'm running at a. I'll that is clearly has clearly missing. That rivalry between new York and Boston with those cutesy I'm not sure it's gonna get rough revived in the next three days. I think expecting bad weather market I don't know if arena output and it's it's I'm saying this does the stars are a little bit lying here in it for potential. Not that it's gonna happen this week the potential because you need you guys weakening of judge. You have Sanchez a scene needy young core the globe against your young core to play against each other for 45 years and get annoyed by one another. That's what happened in 979899. That led to things in the other early 2000 old real for about it was their people over your core. Don't care Sanchez who not yet but what I say that to happen yet not yet all of a sudden judge it's a bomb right there's somebody drills them. On Sanchez it's a bomb somebody drills and she gets Sanchez judge grow glorious and Castro's fall guys are probably gonna stick around for awhile. You know I'll think garden is gonna startling thing Hadley or whatever it is but those are your debts your little core. No the Red Sox have there's. You know Severino was an amount some could have started there they're gonna miss him but he could have. Hit Oki and all of a sudden look he hates that arena late Joba and you'll you know or whatever like tech in a rod and it has the potential because they're they're building something to the point where it made it and he players for the next 45 years and you need competitiveness. That means games that mean something in a court doesn't. Like each answer right now we need hate Jacoby Ellsbury is bright the most TD Yankee and he's hurt again so that. So it out of and I would love to see what his six foot seven inch. Eric judge. Rushed the mound on a six foot six Chris Sale he would hurt somebody's judgement hurt something. He's he would this can't be the rights that he would take this sail into the Democrats to bounce. They can't be right he would turn them there's a pretzel there's a picture here of Joseph Girardi. And standing right next to Aaron judge and it's like. It's master blaster. And Eric judges master class or work a little little little little little fellow riding on his back. Isn't nor has he is a normal schedule how it happened what's his baseball pack. Tear down football. We went to Fresno state with a play football I think it was. And Africa up years of whatever was a Democrat baseball it's obvious bosom. They IT guy didn't bombs and hand off speed and thoughts of people that saw him as in temperature and he's Iran related news lot of potential Agassi put on one of the greatest hitting displeased at Fenway popular scene and try outs. But is it negative fastball but I don't think you lay out the other stuff will now youth is an athlete. And he's an absolute beast. So that's its unique and then in two years from now maybe they signed which Otto would limit their. Or Bryce Harper any on the put him in Yeltsin now you start to develop something. Right and I think that's what's happened and we sign a big starting pitcher and you got Severino and there so it's it's building it's not there right now. Talk to me a couple of years. See that the tide and gave up on football over baseball. Then would you call the Sissy sport to what she sport what did you Karl. While back he played baseball lately these are six point 77797937. Right here at all and that. Back to Fort Wayne remote Ian Fauria before it's your formula is no decision had called about this person right now anywhere I go over 617. And on and off all your daughter. Red Sox question. To be asked. Such others this morning. We were done. With the Tyler Thornburg trait I thought we we had already sent to Travis show Marie she'll do bond and Josh patented to Milwaukee. For Thurber I read today. That the Red Sox have now added another player an eighteen year old middle infielder. Is it young song Coca sounds good. Psychological. Depth look at. That's true liberal orders as the player to be named later. In the deal that already sent the thriller guys they just match. Apple's. Also played an inning later was involved in the deal but but to mean. Big we need to play to be named later deals that usually two groups of prospects in nose like. Based on an assets I don't I always felt that it was almost like you know Omar comes back he's healthy stole the ball well. You pick from this global prospects. Always pick from this group of prospects that Bloomberg is is these couldn't close the pitching would be done for the year they have no idea what the hell's going on. So with that you thrown Escude Coca acknowledges that he is he's taken rookie ball but I go on Alex spear. Who says once they trader way to bond was involved in this trade to Milwaukee. Coppola's the second highest rated middle infielder behind decade ago Chatham these HM I think his name is who's regarded as a prospect. So the player to be named later. Should be just some bomb this is we are restaurants there or at least wait to get Thornburgh back into the field before you start discussing what play you want in return for the. You'll right here so I'll spare sit near tell us that this thing was real value. To the Red Sox they gave away this player that they're vetted now. This fourth player on the list. Is a really good prospect pretty good little player. I was 1718 years all these shallow cold sleeves like the best middle infield prospect I would say you're pretty good you know. Unbelievable. Needing it bad enough. I got a release with the thought it was elegant than play to be named later was almost like you know let's let's revisit this in the off season. And sort of lets see how that it works you know I mean if Travis shouted that the be an all star Thornburgh is burdened. Has that surgery next week and he's gonna miss this year and next year. And and Jesus we'll give you that did the rights to a retired Atlanta alone there just. In case you want to come back Aaron Ralston did god. Your house is worth more than don't her aura. Isn't Dominican Summer League it's his first professional season is it Coke is in real several of the moment when six RBIs. Base and a Dominican summer and so Kate comes over and you know eighteen he's in Gulf Coast but. Still. The deployment in later should be garbage. I think it was a shock to find out that the player to be named later is actually just what is a good prospect. Even a bigger player and never make it into the big leagues but. Based on the fact that you have not seen Thornburgh at all here okay. You have cinema as lucid women dancing for the rest of the year bull Durham I'll play your game or you're getting another. Prospect up I mean. I'm amazed that this parents apparently that part of the deal so the storm bird deal could be very very expensive Gordon Parks. Smits gonna face live hitters tomorrow will be ready shortly meaning within a week ten days. Near reliever even prone now it's only price we'll give me two appearances in the minor leagues for naming Iran that scope. Shipping a pair they're gonna need them because your guy Cheryl. He does not trust your guy Joseph Kelly just doesn't trust money trying to dated him that he will be Europe he came in and in. Into clean it up he didn't get the first guy double play and give up and knock that big of a swing and bunt you know but I promise that he should go to Campbell went to disable lead. On the road Paul for a sub one pact I just I want it more so I don't wanna blame and tie gains in the eighth on a road along the abuse and right spots I actually didn't. Some some guys can do that and I know I heard this well a lot lately now well Ferrell but you know. He's pushing all the right buttons right now known people Charlotte and other critics are not giving him credit though whatever. Well the I would say you're given anchored by saying he's pushing all the right buttons could put the biggest Christopher. You are so what do bison the last two weeks but even given nothing but you have an assignment you'd actually complimented. He's doing good job yet they did two weeks ago or call for his head doubting us open time and and anyhow as I mean the things this year. You might not agree with but that's good just debate. Second guessed it's in baseball all the time the stuff last year was idiotic there was no defense LB usually had too many of those this year. That the heated arguments might have would relic of Bradford who want to defend him for PUs and hitters pose a pitcher for a pinch hitting. Right and doing little Farrelly it's not big he's his bullpen is a mess and still using them and working them. Different guys I farms have been up and down and he's been up and down you throat I do love though that the Farrell's offenders have been. All they don't let his name well I thought yeah. That's the name final on. 7937. Night like last night reviewing lessons Sunday and Valdez like. Lou garrison frozen goods as being good in two months that group at the tape of that comically get the tape last two weeks youth is I have been saying that Belgium if he does some stupid I'll let you know I'd love to be dirt and it doesn't you can read that I have been there there is now. Well today ally and give me one instance where you like all the crap that was stupid since the beginning of this year not last year this year he's brought up a few. I'm not telling him to remind me of one because I can't remember wall where it was so bad there have been one instance this year we like holy crap that was. Is the dumbest callers while there was the. Was there a few things that I didn't in Tony's vision that I agree with fixed it was bringing up the roster issue you know with Sam Travis. You know it's like down a run and like Moreland was leading off for a second any would use Chris Young for more. Knowing the Deborah Marie aero. Or rock bridge was two meters away announcing visit him and also left the left Devin Marie Aral whatever right just. But now he's got that extra bad appeared Travis he's able to do some different things. I'll even say what about the just Kimbrel overall like the Kimbrel experience it says cents. It did in the beginning he wasn't gonna use of early that's not a time for that one user and an eighth inning. You given any credit for managing. That just relationship and just progressing him where he is now. Way to look at an adjustment that's for sure is Melrose games three and early so what's book game will you do that because I want I want that. I wanna see for Nazis and camera and so not game three will be gained ten game point game thirty I don't know when the first game ones but he started to do that shortly after. You Nolan and I want him to do that yet that stretch with Kimbrel and I think that discussions at Milwaukee game a tie game where. He used him five out of eight times or six out of ten and only two or save opportunities as it could got to know you. Wanna use to to use them up but you know you gotta be careful so what happened was he had like five days after that off in using for awhile these. He's been able to allow the times gains of dictate that but he's been able to kind of bring it back a little bit. So it's not on pace for 7677. Appearances what he blogs during that stretch me back down and that in normal global war gloat. But so I like always use of a select the type games that one be able to use a more now the situation. Don't think though if he struggles in September. The people are going to bring in the U puts several critics are. Our dialogue a little bit but it'll still be a judge you're out or that he over the years evidently in the in the end it's still may be where the use. You know child here chump fair chunk Ares spread out and maybe in the month of July with the December as the number what does that matter it's it's it is he throws a bunch of innings and one week as opposed to a month when it matters because right now he's the only guy he can depend. But if he uses them continues to use them like this. For more than one inning for more than three outs sometimes I doubt that's the key if he does you're not gonna he's. I think what happens in September 01 that'll be the biggest issue okay you're managing his reps. Yeah and key is gonna be and maybe this is the back of his mind and maybe that put into his face and it but you'll Carson Smith. I can use Carson's Smith a little bit here you know if he comes back and throws the ball well is the closest off. Maybe they're relying on Thornburgh maybe that opinions changed they don't think he's coming back but if you had Smith and Thornburgh you could sit there and say you know in August. You know I'll be a give these guys the occasional. Save situation three run lead right in the ninth inning against so and so bottom third of the order whatever might be bottom half of the order maybe Smith and Albertson now. He doesn't throw two out of 41 out of 4 I am given a more days off in between. But I'm with you that's the biggest concern with the use of during that stretch. Was I wanna extend disguise September when he used a hell lot in an October the Z of anything left we saw that World Series is that thing went to war games are one more game. Andrew Miller and contaminated not. I think laugh you're gonna play within do nothing you're gonna play heavily in the division in September OK we already look at the division and do you really tight right now. You're gonna need him for more than one inning when you can industry September and is he going to be a little bit worn out so nobody's friend that right now. I'm pulling for only reason I'm not blaming Farrell. Nobody else out there he can depend on. But he's winning right now and they be sacrificing down the road and yet I cannot think you can you know. And yet the criticism was you know month of April you sit there saying what would've happened all this talk while running. You know we were running and all they were six for ten meaning. Guys weren't taken off you know there was opportunities him I'm doing games a radio same and it's catchers donuts 11% of the runners and nobody's taken off. All of a sudden you turn the page we go to may and they lead the league in stolen bases for the month of may say okay loan beautiful. There we go to bitch about that and more notes are to run and you're successful it worked. Probably out of desperation because they weren't playing big ball they weren't they weren't at home or no is it more in the last couple weeks here but they weren't hitting home runs so. Okay so do we do we applaud him do we do we pat him on the back. I just if you gonna criticize them then you probably have to say nice things about but this whole idea of suddenly he's having a great season. A charm. Buying all of that you buy into the alarm me you're not at least it's. You know the exchange from them from the from what used to be. That he sucks is that it's on me every day it was a say it every day it's humid there are some issues some circus that was ever in a bottle of all not as not tolerating. And you don't into is that bans anything Elena will disaster on a lot of no question about it. And yes that he goes backing three for 42 bombs. So I wanna see is is that some click again for him the confidence and new Dickey and top disorder but I want. A party should have moved down at some point Allen get too cute with brutal for point six settle for seventeen years one for twenty to get a hit on Saturday but. Indeed you know take a low heat off the kid is he did it in 6 am pretty sure it potential shots that you did Monday or yesterday rather but he stuck with them. Worked out well Pelosi the continues you know it he's been attending turning a corner again because there's nothing wrong with syndicate down a bombing order. I mean it happens everybody. Mikhail squabbles lead now for the food you know for the cubbies now as it may not anymore ninth you know anymore struggling and you keep in fort hill who's the same path. Same career path has been intending. Eventual over. Came off greatest first just like Bennington he last year after great April struggled in Maine they send down a AAA him. The AAA into my a lot of whom Donnie audit AAA. And now he's having unbelievable years about it and he's a great hitter and he's gonna be greater. This is downloadable the identical heat off him for a pass set a five Annika your answer criticism. Of a job right you got a lot of other little everybody's got Gloria but he stuck with a neatly before Regis pointed out the year Red Sox to not want. Maloney back and guys who might still have some they want Donnie Sadler officially won here I think what's so odd jobs and winding. Better change pitches before.