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The Real K&C - Keefe v Brainless, Drapes v Brady, Gerry v ASMR 6-5-17

Jun 5, 2017|

Ken & Curtis dig back into the Monday K&C Show with a quiet Mut appearance, some Keefer bashing and a strange Minihane fetish.

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And we're actually gonna do this three times this week but that's the plan right three days a week yes ANC yes Monday Wednesday and Friday that was our goal that way for little luck Adler here Chris Curtis. Today's show. Sounds a lot better in my brain listening back to it after the nice little long of stocking stuff for we got from the very generous Kirk have been hand in Gerry Callahan I must say. But the other undisclosed amount brought it was a great show because of mutton me today it was great it was. Mostly I mean I would probably go 9010. I did rim and I was little we have a record Curtis has gotten Aerosmith walk this way and Jimmy Buffett yeah for the record Clarence Clearwater. More memorable sound it's the U 51. You had obviously rocked catch our rock the cast down by the waterfall about a waterfall I have no clue. United jungle yard it's either jungle yarder jungle. Cast and I guess it he would strangle strangle it exactly right. At least for not much red blooded just. Play with great. In terms of quality not quantity number one Clarence Clearwater. Quantity wise I went to the fact Kirk. Regretted declares cooler what was not in the final opinion the open but as I said just showed it six. That was putting you. Out can't help Clarence Clearwater revival. Public Curtis I had him that was media star of the week that was takeaways second that is Chris Curtis ranked number one media star of the week eulogy on mossy at some bizarre voting for himself media awards. The number one media star of the week is me. Luke low we got two is yes. And I I thought that was no shot at me that he would give it to himself but I'm unlike our compatriots from two to six. It was addressed it was this it was lauded. And I appreciated standing discussed it quite capital Keefe show low key for madness Friday I'm driving around still glowing in my win. The vote to meet my Leo what we bright for dinner. And him. To decide it as I usually do tune into the sixth and they'll keep. And they for the fun. That it was madness. And eight she's the best moments of the weak yen on Friday as it would try to give you little pest or maybe even worst of the week so I'm like. Great an element to take up our government going. Good to go and listen to this in real live my majesty you one more time best illicitly and they set on the station not just their show it all across the station. And it played Alou reload you and I am not sure how they got there but though boomer Loney adult trip down memory line drives a budget and wrap. Which is I mean I Donnie Sadler in which Jerry made happened he brought in the old Gerald rushing into. And Donnie seller of stalled tropical relevant to this day question. MA had a nice little discussion where there was a conversation got close confrontation in the got to back the conversation now this on Wednesday where I think you two guys start again in after two hours the eight the also a rump. The guy has even had 500 at bat the bills go his career numbers aren't. Around Kandahar romp he did I don't I don't. A big ball to the end at people driving all around me on the right are laughing their ass off an active force was left I left allowed Carlos and on the way and then I'm thinking all right we're gonna climax we've played this great Sabbah ramp which is just epic. That we got to the text Contra controversy which was equally. Ben and Andy would take in the pre contract machine out of this just get out to them or get right to me beating Mike my man's deep in the battle of the brain listen. Am Ariana. Oyster we have some other stuff to run out of time and we got to get through on the road street ma yeah. It literally and some quality stuff in their so lately in the pregame with my man John Ryder back in this for a gun John router this weekend. Very busy so yeah I I found that would be reprehensible. For them not to play itself out but it's gonna matter to us were doing great victory over the (%expletive) they want. But that is putting your hatred for the morning show above what's best for your radio show. We played -- ball on our show what if there's something that we think our audience wants to hear that airs from two to six play that we might market but when prevent us from playing and that's true if there was a ban Kirkwood announce it hasn't been playing sound to match this was just the most electric power of radio in Boston this year it was insanity that is insane to tee and you have an afternoon drive show your own station. Refusing to play it at all buddy Darren Kitchen he's the producer no I don't blame Ben because I he said we had more this was an entire keep operation. It just goes back to we are and I was of Fort Myers we're talking about the relic that it's on the front page of the Boston Herald but it's not cover two to 600. It's a continuing theme and one metric that you have the judge what's working what's not what we're doing is working with they're doing is not as much. And I wish they were just a little closer attention. Was a big moment and it backed war started podcast. Praising Kirk jeered the apple. Yes and we appreciate the generosity were saying I was gonna say it was a great week and from from me we have a big time battle to bring this on Friday it was excellent I partner and Kirk and populist a superb. They were waiting special card global. And they don't the good batters of the better people house where it is. I mean they're great hosts the best assault they let me to be brutally best people affected drinker really indelible needs for services to. Marty there are some miners stay here and there was Hillary are and they. Let's talk seriously about aids program the Monday. Cain antsy with markers programs Mott was leading today Ian notebook some export to hear how much you national program was excellent there can't. Polish you know what's that Lester we appreciate that that you might stand out moments from. What stood out to be with 200 people on Twitter and text last. If but it left earlier did not ever compare and where it's like we got a bunch of those who are whose side do you wanna sit on the globe sideline Brady's side by side Jerry site model Wayne at some point as well he did defend Keefe in the first segment little bit that was notable was awkward it was a mistake to hire what you can do it it was even modest enough here to this I'm not Pollyanna I know you are not so you don't yes he is not my finger on the show. Now with dale I will be good yes you these are good the show with him yesterday to go okay. You still we got off the year yes. I never showed that you're not gonna you're hurt too that your friend would need to give you credit I rate on the really really it would be repeated actions it's council. You that was another case of right into it with the key thing I've found I've heard that Friday I sort of noted a rundown and I thought we'd get into it the second I told Jerry reminded him about it this morning and you're gonna get in to keep bashing right off the start. It's what we do maybe that just had. But man off kilter mother still reeling from the rich keeps up I think and now he has he's upset that you attacked his good friend on day it was one of those days where you can get lost in the shuffle because segment to Jerry Kirk we're going back and forth on the Brady cherry stuff in the best bodies it was like the old saying rekindled. Doesn't hold them hostage said if you don't do Islam and what to do what you do what nobody says Hamels laid out was. If you don't do this hormonal walker he's got a tourist other total other charity we're still gonna do other things or not that into law going to devote is organized sports and RG yes I don't know he knows how walkers are so sometimes they do best I think you should do best buddies for the rest of his life yes if you do you believe that. So much the number of replaced that it is indeed in there Kirk when it's. Kirch write about it's opposite the ass MRSA ounces at how the acronym is pronounced area bottom aria autonomous sensory meridian response sounds Kirk liked to listen to. Whispering in the sounds of chewing from some little the wet the suit that. As the therapist couple weeks ago and he said. Because of these comfort relax and think things in your life trying go back. In the sound is always comforted me for some reason proposed enjoyed the sound asleep crunch and apple gigabyte apple. So I go so I decide to see if I can sights sound of an apple guests are decide to go to web sites as he can find it. This woman on YouTube who does she eat apples and other food. It's unbelievably how is that Donna Simpson because I don't know look it up on your habits like you do look up like eating apples and I'm two crushing up that hole right there we dessert there's a whole world African lose in this. But that's the big take away from the show that he and you'll remember one thing from the show it that's what it will be obsolete met all stick now I mean I love Kirk's idea that we don't we have this sort caller droning on and on about trump remember. To start to play a little bit chewing lawsuit insuring that. Next to her. And. The entire month of January it was seven. Any time. It was so opens are armed with Jerry I was waiting for there to be some punch lines something like. Is this he said. I'm having a tough time sleeping so I'm waiting for dale lower before like some sort of fit in all what does that chess match like he was serious he talked about this woman eating Jersey Mike's. And that voice I'm sorry I don't W back creep me out. The I. That's comforting me this is the creepiest thing ever over merge lots of my mind I north's. The different thing for me to be with Terry episode about was out of character very prudent and got out Ventura. He built up headlines adding larger than probably it should have been before and Kirk was a little disappointed and atlas post it's really good headlines coming. We did Michael. The change we can drop the ball. I blame myself. I can we gonna garden that's true honestly after Friday everything else is the glory completely forgotten. Last week was weakened. Purdue is last by the way you're here till what time editing the pollution podcast Friday or I saw Bill Hall oil after a 230 and for a 23. And understand the labor. Goes in dentist appointment podcasts since god knows where the time goes right nobody else you looked up and it's an hour and a half and are not even like halfway through it and it's just that's how she's podcast is a plot well it's also it's just Beers sold what's out. That we react to you for Friday. And it's just like you know. At the beginning of your like all I remember this that it's. But by the time you're halfway through it you're trying to call something few shows ago this thing has news eight as it has it is. Apps would cluster for but as w.'s second and rods I said the only but an egregious w.s have good weekend but. Sometimes you can it was it was lost in the middle I completely way battle for him. And I will and I I don't look at that though is not a good move by me was getting you to Ian editing is podcast totally for it happens to be in new podcast completely Emanuel listen back to an hour later and remember half the stuff you put them. Anyway back analysts okayed that it could have been better he skipped over Kathy Griffin. There's mob wanna do is start there's obviously Kirk says not. Yes officer Kathy Griffin Michael Che Bill Maher for sure Mike Lansky. For shopping big glossy humiliating defeat on Friday oil futures and first I'd like to ought to pick the other most familiar person the country now Kathy grew because I got there. I was epic album last but blah -- myopic and after all the way sure. Which to capture at a press covers a Friday bad instinct I agree Jerry. Kathy Griffin on Friday with her press conference. OK that was Kathy Griffin now let's get to the Michael chase story. To bury my man but but you can't cut it got that locked up it's a shore. We never got Megan Kelly's. Elephant we had a readily elephants sequence the. Elephants and Africa are under assault deadly poachers killed tens of thousands of them. Every year we found one American woman who feels so passionately about saving these animals that she's moved your family to Kenya she someone you're gonna wanna meet three. The pollutants you people are so creative and good job your lives must be boring and all that stuff but when when did Omar blues CNN. Fake news weekend and that was it we're okay Kirk said he skipped out but I would say it was an app that was just I don't maybe today it would have been better. With Roemer to mossy trainee one of them moon bats not much fault just. Thelma wrong day this Kirk. It is callon action for more from that eating much so for anything couldn't you the next room I think listen tomorrow with a lawsuit it's going to be five these stories are going away you'll have Roemer on Wednesday and training and on Thursday soil I think it's they haven't even name the people with three terrorists who committed these acts so I'm in the news is becoming a model week training took a little shot at. Kirk over the weekend. It's a dumb way I decide to shots later. I think Kirk's done for like sitting in his car listening to exports are great on the weaken the watch a movie your hang out your kids. Sheehan them to mossy of course had their Saturday extravaganza I'd love defected. These yucky too foundation was exposed they threw that out as evidenced. They were bent over backwards the find evidence of the globe being an outstanding journalistic outlook that was willing to. Roast the Red Sox at Purdue has disproved that in one Google search that. Pop polar investigative sports reporter for the Boston Globe. Has produced a remarkable article on the insider enriching culture and a large Boston foundation what foundation is iron clad that you last time Tomas the jockey foundation to which has been active since 1982. Was much average with some of the proceeds of the sale of the Red Sox in 2002. Await the globe doesn't write anything negative on the Red Sox -- as John Henry Jones that is incorrect. Think he's owned the team. So they sold the team they were John Harrington is the chair of peacefully with the Red Sox now to. No no just the opposite nick thank you thank you Henry and Werner and view these guys having to do with this non nothing nothing you know why custody is all I know that is uphold wrote about it. It is true never write approved include its its safe as a new low. Understand tournament in this I don't get the impulse to defend the Boston Globe and the desire by goes immediately to prove that competing entities. That has obvious ties to one of the teams in town meaning it's owned by. Same person owns the Red Sox is impartial they are not by its very definition as you play all the time the Shaughnessy got. Right a lot that Shaughnessy got to see kids helped the heat he admits on the podcast he's bothered by it. We're being paid by the same people at the players are here at the team on the journalistic and a there's just don't get credit in the columnist at that newspaper has admitted to the bias but training. Is not allowing herself to see what was printed in that initial initial Bob Poehler story was the most dirt they can possibly find. And legally print with Tom Brady's name next that was their goal that is the very definition of hippies and so I think what they do the opposite I know they do the opposite with David Ortiz and members of the Red Sox organization you think they're gonna dig into the hedge fund history of John Henry. You figured to going to the dealings of Larry Lucchino and what he did when I was there. Oh well that's said I mean the globe should be applauding themselves that it wasn't peak that was a good piece it was worth reading we're still talking about this day was more than just these blogs done. And last year release its notable capsule. You got red and I think that they should be happy with Brady's response to that makes the slim whether it's bring your best buddies but in August. Big hole we can contact contact and clicks on this because people. Read the names story with a heavy initial part of the photographer beamed at them read the best buddies apology I mean it's been a huge week and all from the story. But just don't make it seem like a topic it's not wintry says that it. Competition. Got a big money game in 2002. That's when the team was sold by John Herrington idiots like you would tack that on Twitter would you tweet dumb though so don't need to Muster spectacularly. Humbling Dick we've sailed away. Attorneys that I should go hang on my kids if you babysit my kids Wallace's guest list and she's certainly willing to. They'll Latino partnership. Pair of tumbling to. Maybe that actually made summit the last. Otherwise we had some even guys in it'd that you had to forage for some bad and be a topic that what you're going to much arts of choice was the clay Thompson V mark hill Fultz that seem to be the one you could sort of sink your teeth into but news almost just about 34 minutes of you were obliged to. The story that they did a little bit on I was with my mistake is that when in rep for the final segment of the show. And I didn't think given the time. And I didn't think of it but the clay Travis the clay Travis LeBron James story right talked about briefly we could a circle back to that I've forgot which I just think it's amazing you replay Travis is timeline. Is getting in disarray. From everybody. Nick writes this guy on fox Sports Radio is like reading out emails you received from him going through private messages saying that he's this fraud. All because he's wondering whether is not more evidence of bronze and and this racial and. Kirk Jerry had that same take last week I almost feel like they didn't want to give clay Travis. Credit for a better word it's like. We've been saying this ourselves but it's and other. Somebody else on the national stage that is and is getting killed four it's like from that standpoint I agree with you would have been that's also the much it brought up located sees this. It's just while I big invaded that forbidden I think but I think the biggest outside of Kirk and this is bizarre chewing lady. And the 3% on today I think is gonna stick for and the 3%. To me this is an assault on immediate right now we have become the bad guys out there you know it's not the athletes it's not that politicians it's the media were the bad guys right now I think he's got. Blond Brady right now than sticks to want Tom Brady can do no wrong and it's disgusting because when I first moved here. I was a Tom Brady got her way that people just suck up to him around here and say he can do no wrong it's disgusting to me. The notion that he's tough slog in the he's disgusted by the phantom overwhelming we talked about Dina is upset about it is you can't you can Brady and criticized him all the doctors thought did you perhaps just. Asked. Does look soft it would. And the Draper she'll be an excellent all I would love my friends good morning. You don't show somewhere absolutely please fill in for Muster won easily something in him and Larry together. Medical burden on that they've matches on the show Saturday getting back at the travelers have a couple of her 36 average. Is that per 36. Well out of the. We had to juggle the lineup a little that we are already capitulated for one Gary Anglia wrecked us I have a feeling removes the complaint about the so much as well mention a first year. I've moved Alex twice this week. Because initially I was gonna do Friday yet which made sense because it's cute date. And accidents are. Initially was gonna do Tuesday and then we got the tickets for the Tony Robbins about. And so they moved to Friday your goal because I'm going with Roemer. And I thought it would make sense we go Thursday rumors and for Irish not a scary. On Friday and I said hey how does next Thursday were. He says character Thursday can only do Wednesday. Among the already had my Monday. So it's all right eye contact training she moves off Wednesday we put Taylor on. An hour later kicked through Wednesday only can do about it. I am wasting time for a move everything around threes and a couple. Quick changes already so it's gonna be it's sincere it happens but we've been accommodating he cancer that we haven't been understanding he's in Friday. Brought up the red carpet once again for the deer bear and hopefully a little more energy for a business here Roemer is now Wednesday Roemer is now Wednesday he's. A lot of pent up energy after the first UPD mutt was even ready today it'll but it tangle Friday for his sub par performance always thirsty Roemer will be. Obi feel. While Tomas Chamorro a terrific will be a contentious. But good back and forth. Traveled into the gravel bed and talk. Like get into the globe in the best buddies with him as well. Am you know Roemer on Wednesday retreat Thursday and Friday this is preparing way does he adds the final 43 in the week has the makings of bird campus and the food talked to the sales. Professional they hate and it's it's. Took it took wanna hear. It. These people we want the Christmas party where we were told we did collapse morally than the big guys because they fried turkeys. Of the and and they were told him because they were you know so what's the players show whatever the sales people there every time I mention that we wanna have to anyway back at Xavier we were sort of trying during Christmas and yes. And everybody hates namely he's the worst. Stay away just Bart's oddity. He hates me it's not a soft and that's the tomorrow I think will be good Tomas. What did better. Saw. I think where it would have been better to not filed. On the race card writer I would pump your breaks for second image. And I would regroup then we will see you tomorrow adults and it'll play I will Nazi.