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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 33: Talking trade deadline with Dealer Dave

Jun 4, 2017|

With two months to go before the non-waiver trade deadline, Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski to talk about all the ins and outs of how the Red Sox are approaching the deadline. Dombrowski discusses how the deadline has changed, and how this year might be a bit unique. Bradford also talks with Red Sox pitchers Joe Kelly and Drew Pomeranz about their experiences of being dealt in the days leading up to July 31.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. As I sit here sitting on my delicious. Apple pie flavored five hour energy. It is exactly to the day. Two months did not waiver trade deadline which is great for me because. Two things I love. One sipping on five hour energy in to talking about the trade deadline and because I loved art about the trade deadline. For these last few months leading into this extravaganza. Which is the centerpiece of the baseball season. Leading to the final couple months of the baseball season. We're gonna do a few of these having the V Brad pro show is going to do a few of these sort of theme is trade deadline themed podcasts the first one. Will be right now. And there's no better person a kick these things off. Then Dave to browse the president of baseball operations. For the Boston Red Sox we talked to Dave about. How the trade deadlines change to what the Red Sox are doing with two months out are the approaches. Where are they looking for how this year might be different than other years in he said it is different than not the years surprisingly and then we're gonna little bonus tracks that are toxic. To Joseph Kelly Andrew Palmer ends both about what they went through at the trade deadline when they get dealt. Now I only know admitted the moments leading up to that time. When they found out on Twitter on the crawl on whenever that they had been. Dealt the Boston Red Sox but. Right now Apollo two months now what were they thinking do they think that there really get traded so that's sort of from the players burst perspective. All of it it's catnip for me. It's catnip that the trade deadline is in hot some conversation and you can never start too early so that's sort of do that I should remind everybody. Follow the brat votes show on iTunes fallen Twitter in a Graham. FaceBook. By AT shirt at all how's our executive producer might now that's underscore might. Now on twittered you know of course of Matt Brad fro a list are talking trade start talking trade deadline here it is gave the. Browse. The day. Just under two months until the non waiver trade deadline this is sort of where we start talking about these sort of things I know that it. We usually jump the gun in that respect but still it's interesting to a lot of people on this period is so what has received here. How Howard are you guys going about things just in general. Well I think and a general sense of basically almost every year as long treasure contender is the same. And so for us really at this time here it's more. The thoroughness of scouting and evaluating players and have been a pulse of every club and who's on their team and having a real good feel of that sort making sure that everybody's thoroughly covered at this point. Most clubs are not in a position to make moves at this time a year once in awhile that's different. But the reality is you could probably just name the same five clubs are willing to do something in the beginning of the season as you can now. Because those are clubs are building more for the future. They usually don't make him quite as early those deals because they're looking to build the value of their players and their value gets. Usually increases as you get closer to the trading deadline. And it's a process really right now we're occasionally talk to general manager your kind of talking to them about what they're looking to do where they are at that particular time. Your scouts are real important at that point is when their outlook and their players are also gathered information for you. But it really normally doesn't get too serious at this time because most clubs are still trying to trying to put a pulse of what they need. Clubs are also trying to stay in a pennant race at this time that they can they try to push it as far as they possibly can't. So you never can tell and all that time frame changes which are in a position where normally picks up by find the real heaviest have your conversation. Really close to the all star break. You be in you have made some deals early early late may early June do you remember any of his stand out I think piazza might have been around that time. As Dontrelle Willis vitamin a bond that time do you remember at any particular incidents and and what swirl allowed that to break off from the things you're saying that the normal baseball. Well those situations were a little bit different because I think in those those scenarios. We are in a spot where we weren't competing. To win the championship those particular years were really looking to move finances promote the contract. So we're in a spot that those deals you would make in any time and they happened very quickly I remember back in many years ago when the game was a lot different at that time. That we ended up making a trade from mark Langston in late may. And it was really a situation that was dictated more because. Seattle at that time and decided that they were going to move him because they could could sign him. So they were well in the make your trade at that time we are very aggressive because I also remember you're competing against the Mets the Mets were very aggressive at that time. So we went out we made a big deal at that point. But normally those other deals that I've made. Would be one in which we're trying to move the payroll Piazza's case that's when we are looking and after the 1997. Kind of breakdown of the Marlins. Piazza had come on board with us at that time in a trade for us to move some contracts to the Dodgers so that was going to be a quick mover at that particular time. The only thing that would really change that is if you could clearly identify your one specific need that you had. But the problem you have this at some time to sit here on June 1. He may look at this situation. For example r.'s point you wait for some guys to come back from injury to see we're all your club sort of fits together. And then all of a sudden let's say you fill the hole mile wall. They're really may not be your major all your major hole may be somewhere else once you're injured players come back and you've already. Traded your prospects are gonna dealers put the money you're gonna deal so that's why I think people try to identify for sure those particular weaknesses. And sometimes it takes awhile. Sony says that I was thinking last night about your team and in how complex it is and how complicated is it that you set on now in the night. Was say. It is getting a little bit later in terms of trying to identify and get a handle on the B team this team because of the injuries because of a lot of factors. Does it feel that way compared to other you years in terms of you can't really say we need this because you're still waiting for guys come back in and guys also to perform at different levels. Well it has been an unusual year for us in that time period just keep stretch and how it seems like so you just think you're going to get there. You get David Price back and then that same day you lose Dustin Pedroia and then all of a sudden now. The toward Rodriguez and deployment disable us hopefully it won't be a long term type thing. But we just haven't been able to get all those guys together frock holes and on an extended period Carson Smith still is in fact we're still dealing with Tyler's dorm where scenario. We're hopeful that'll these guys we'll come back for us but. Until you have a party or club and everything fits together. You're in a spot where sometimes hard to make. Those final decisions and even though you want to do that. Sometimes your patience is the best virtue at that time and it's it's other people don't have as much patience but a lot of times it's the best thing four you were trying to make those decisions. It's gonna say so I don't know last year if you could say all right we need we think we knew late inning reliever rethink we needed right handed. Third base and we think we need another starter. And worse this year is are you be able to say I think we need this at all. Well I think it's still too early in their process and. And normally you're in a spot where I've learned throughout the years I usually don't broadcast those things either because there's no reason to do that I don't think you benefit yourself at that point. Richard in a position where I think it's too early for us we just have. Too many different questions of meaning guys like Pablo just came back rock colts to allow. What percent PDs out at this particular time got to see how that first base situation plays out because and the he's not playing first base now. Which can only have so many guys on your bench so how all those guys fit in their what you get your hopefully twelve man pitching steps that stabilize. I've got to see how almost. Guys get together and just last. Question is how you mentioned really quickly it wouldn't it might be a little bit different than it was an over the years. What's the biggest difference in terms of how teams are approaching the weeks leading into the trade down compared to. Maybe. 1010 years ago. Well I think in 1020 years ago it sometimes you're in a position where I think down. Clubs nowadays. Try to take it is close to that. August 1 July 31 deadline that they can I think part of it is the game has grown so from a business perspective. And so there in a position where. The closer they can get to that time period unless they're one of those handful of clubs that they're really proclaim that they are a rebuilding type fatigue. So I I have found throughout the years it seems like. More of those deals have got pushed back because old clubs more more don't want to say. They were given an up and go for the future I think a lot of us again because we're much bigger business nowadays. They've appreciated thanks rob thanks reverend. Well that was really did you know what else is really did this delicious apple pie flavored five hour energy what a day trade deadline. Five our energy. We're gonna continue the momentum we did talk to Joseph Kelly now Joseph Kelly was obviously traded July 31 2014 from the St. Louis Cardinals of the loss and Red Sox. It might be trusted doctor Kelly then we're gonna talk to Pomeroy has a little bit. How about what it was like that it traded at the deadline but also by he is sitting near two month. Well he was he's thinking what are these players thinking right now do they have any idea these guys think they're going to be traded may be a guy like. Mike missed pockets of the royals are. Somebody else by Kelly was pretty trusting and how he viewed the whole thing and also how he found out about traits or thirtieth Joseph Kelly. Joseph Kelly what's it like it straightens trade deadline. Just like the half. Com. Whirlwind of emotions I would say. I mean my situation into a little bit different confound not obviously. Yes I'm not a soft they. On on Twitter. And there was a confirmed yet so. I mean I didn't know if that was true. And then about it this 56 minutes later when across the bum ticker on the only network. You know my Craig's name pop up. That. Is this true I think if not Syria. Governments have I mean on the office. I don't close treated. You know who's in San Diego has a famine there and from there you know this. Leave the field. You know you're technically in a day you know but still like those are impact. You know waited to see you it. Obviously the plan was announced neutrinos that that when I was leaving I was taking. But yes some that you know. It's always parlor game you know you don't ever expected in the united started seeing your name eleven rumors. You know is five for me in their funding like. And then you know from there. Obviously was long Richard grief is you know obviously they went home loss of the your home home the beginnings is that once in case there it was thirty. Petty did everything pretty much walks and you know in Boston. U today after him them and all the guys and that stuff with some men. You never really you know think about. Until the trade deadline comes you know. Let's start wondering you know whose entry it and and neighbors and your team to join your team might have traded. So it's us. Probably the last couple days of him doing 23 days and it's always fun to you know. Try to check out where we're losing admitted you know royals just you know ago Ireland Reynolds loosened. You know it's. Our time and also very fun time you know if you're not the agony of so those so we're almost were about a month and a half out or whatever just over a month and half. So month and in looking back at a month and a half for you you had no inclination you know inclined you know I kindest and MB EU member of the cardinals. For as far as like I know for a long long time yet I mean. At that time. Month and has been in Gaza and Yeltsin wasn't implying some wasn't hitting on crossed my mind. And I think when it came off the building on an you know three starts and you know. About two weeks and then the trade zones and penetrated. So it was an. In the us thinking about you know they'd. Just come off the DL. It's. Didn't think there wasn't it. Think in any other team you know the woman at that point. You know especially after come off an injury. And then you know obviously on the side of it. You know the colonels and again in three starts and being traded. And some that that's receipt obviously when. Some guys come off the DL I don't know like them into the Red Sox possibly help the players union that. You know let's sum that. Do you trust in my as a community at that point just because of the scenario that I came off of you know long extended time off the field. Finally you know he says coming on Twitter than signing on crawl on me on the first person for that to happen to. Was it and then when I called them or you like national water finals where you ordered visitors to sit up and saying Mitt. Sometimes it gets out ahead of teams know rises and accept the way and didn't. Really you know that's a question of the time since and he knew what was going on and news moral. Aren't now comment go about you know I was administrative. Latinos. Short quick meaning they are treated and you know some of devising locker room packing lists of those within you know obviously. We're back to its own through the Klinsmann. Thanks for joining us some interest. The first of many trade deadline spectacular X hope you don't have anymore and so. Well two bad Leo because we're going to continue these trade deadline extravaganza is right on through the next two months which is even more of reason. To subscribe to the iTunes count brat votes though and follow us there every time we drop a new episode once again social media. Micro now has that thing up and running Big Easy though with Kelly in the books we're gonna go to another player now a guy who was also traded at the trade deadline a little bit before July 14. Of last year now through former rants have been traded in August 16 20110 he was used to being dealt. Around this time but still interesting to hear Pomeroy has talked about how he sort of fell used to get traded. I have the last couple months leading up to the deadline unfolded so here is through apartments so. Now we're about a month and half out to soar month and a half look back to last year where you where you're cruising along with the Padres. So if you can think back too early June of last year's view. Actually thought I started thinking gave you your mind this might actually have ultimately get traded or was this not even on generator. I mean me personally haven't treated so many times in the short years intelligence always. Sitting on go through whatever so it was a really surprised me and I happen to think analysts assert pitching well. And I count autos more likely being you know on the team I was on. That we are it is a couple guys. I can you know it's probably gonna go to on the. When you it's the all star game was I remember watching anything else our game. And thinking wonder what number he could potentially be worth it for the Red Sox so when you into the all star game. Did you kind of and we went guys there who you are talking to guys rethinking. It's probably now. Talked a few other it's. Yeah they're yeah. And that's like it is on a comedy get treated like it's definitely going somewhere it's. Tough for that point and knew something was probably have very quickly. The so when that actually happened. Sacramento. When he got traded here. And he said he found out on Twitter and and the crawl. These are so you've gone through a couple times in and out of the first one how did you find out about this trade the road sides. And is that this happen where teams aren't able to get out front articles news happened. Quick there's some hold open mind. And trade here I guess. I found out and easily found. Got a tip off from an eight generic. You know big big phony pretty quickly but this time you know on substance on his hand like also it's going down on their coffins and about it it's it's in their week. Those are denounce the deal is done it clearly wasn't because I had no phone calls. Saw this kind of politics today off any list there's an importance. Seasons are back and also a game and just waited like throwing an awful mixture or more hours. So and so you saw that the deal was actually Don a reported deal goes on to do. That it did you actually see it call people say what's going on and detested. Text of a measure. Eighty gram positive. You know it's been like home here what's going on is like I don't know everything. You know it's not over his head. This is like I was in new Guinness calls some point. You're really saying much either itself. But this kind of waited. Try to be normal. Well again it's trade deadline is unique for you but. You generous aren't talking about a world that's wired or talk amongst us who think for review revisiting your situation of course. There you have it two months ago for the non waiver trade deadline date the browse the Joseph Kelly do pom rants all offering their unique perspective of remember everyone on Twitter brat so underscored show no W. Same thing and it's a Graham please follow us on nine tunes as well and leaves some comments tell us what you like what you don't light. Anything you want to leave some comments re really appreciate. Everybody listening now and get back to having on this five guarantee.