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Red Sox Review with Danny Picard - Price and Sale could be the best 1 - 2 punch in the American League. 6-4-17

Jun 4, 2017|

Danny talks about Sale's outing and some poor plays from the defense behind him that led to a shorter outing for Sale. Danny also looks back at David Price's start Saturday night and how good the top of the Red Sox rotation could be with Sale and Price.

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Faced these Red Sox a review on Sports Radio WEEI. Dial 617779793. Separate Red Sox a review on Sports Radio WEEI. I do final hour Red Sox are. Taking your phone calls up and still managed to. Immediately following we'll begin to of the NBA finals. Here at all right there on WEEI. Golden State Cleveland. And Golden State. But right now we're talking Red Sox Orioles because the Red Sox when the final two games. All of this four game series with David Price. And a great Scott last night and I Chris Sale today get a little trouble on the first day and basically because of some terrible defense. By he was able to continue to battle and this wanted to get a big Dave commander Ben attendee at the plate. And the Red Sox now because the Yankees have lost the blue jays today the Red Sox are in second place in the AL east and only two games. Behind the Yankees a team they will play and a three game series beginning Tuesday night. And the bronze again taking your phone calls up until 7 o'clock to 61777979837. Katie is in the college of Katie. K. I did this what's happened. What do you say it any. That this is dating or your brother who's this. Yet. Sitting on cash. Not I don't know what's going on there so it's got a great and that. So anyways let's get. Let's get back to what I just told you about which is the Red Sox when the final two games of this four game series and it. You know it's funny you get price last night to get sale today. You have Farrell making all right moves. And yeah yeah people's are raw food to those who deserves blame and who shouldn't get of lamb are not gonna blame Farrell. How good is given credit. Where credit's due. And it just seems to me like an. We have a don't want mercy upon to Atlanta Farrell Brendan. And is a good reason for because is not the deployment above right. For the people that. Abruptly called up today. Callebs for Farrell to lose his job had the Red Sox lost Ito last night or today and if you had lost three of four tutorials. The people have called up to it's a couple peril to lose his job digit. UK I don't know what they aren't. They would just rather. You know. Not talk about I guess but John Farrell Osama deserves credit right now. Because. Last night he decided to go whip Craig Kimbrel and yellow. I think as an organization fit to make a decision. Did to put David Price on them on to say that he's ready because there are a lot of people who picked it GMs who picked a Major League manages. Who sought David Price and he is blasts in his last minor league rehab start. And they try to tell me and other people that. He wasn't ready proposing that at six runs he wasn't the production at the minor league level so David Price wasn't right and I try to tell yesterday. I try to tell ya my podcast during the week he's wrecked. And I say he's ready because the velocity is there and of the velocity is there any. Doesn't feel any soreness in that noble. After thrown in a game that is helping. And if you tell me you're gonna let. A minor league rehab stint stat line all results in a minor league game within not yet know altogether. It's not all coming together they they do that on the Major League not. And especially in David price's career. Is sick at my resume that he acts. To use a couple. Stat lines from a minor league rehab start or two to try to tell us that he's not ready is a little ridiculous. I told you I try to tell yet that he was ready. Especially after what the three run home run a Melky Cabrera a Memorial Day that was a fastball at 95 that ended up just with some bad location that was middle and. I still said I think he's ready I think you'll figure that out as long as the gloss of these days he will figure this thing out and last night. For everything that I saw a five to two win over the Baltimore Orioles I saw David Price put it all together. To a point where. Here is the stat line last night seven plus innings. Three it's. One hour round. The home run dad. He allowed in the seventh inning and a shot oh. Walked only one guy struck out seven through 92. Pitches. You could not have asked for anything more out of David Price in his second shot of the season. At the Major League level coming up this injury I think the organization handled this the right away. And it you know if you think that the manager has not been a gentle wit read that call to put another rotation to tell you that he's ready. Then. I don't know if an attention because he does have some say with that and cell David Price. Was ready at all. He was ready to go on Memorial Day and he ramped up a little bit long last night in Baltimore and got the job done. And that's Beckham he had dangers that could be the most dangerous 12 punch. Really in the majors sale on price. If rights is going to be able to pitch like he did last night now sailed today. You look at this first inning outside of that first and it means Chris sales should've got the first thing on skated with no rental. But yet. You had to play third base in which animal could not get the tag down and you know what I did think it over and over time. May because I think the replay was conclusive enough I didn't. I did and if you missed it there was a play the first thing where for some reason. The Orioles decided to steal third. What the right he troubled plane. And say we own takes the pitch which was gone from sale. Me. A fastball inside wall and in takes it he steps on the right handed hitter. Any fun is it to 32 perfect throw sand above that the glove on the art. And don't run a wasn't even knew it was dive in. It was did tell writes. Let's and a ball couldn't get to take down a and the runner got his right hand around the tag on the base. The initial ruling was that the runner was out. Then they reviewed at the Orioles challenged to vacate the handgun ban. I was actually shocked at the overtime and it said he was safe keeper in the you know after the trouble strike got to basically kept the and in a lot of these shipments results. If if you get their tag in and get the strike now what. What I watched that replay. I didn't see. I didn't see that being conclusive enough that he didn't tag on the before they hand Dodd and. Overturn that I think that if they said he was safe. That I would have said the same thing is not an opinion poll to tell me did tell me that he tagged and all the time. What I big echoes bolt away so I was a little surprised that they did overturn that and say he was safe. But. If you do you know. You got you have to tag the you have this all need to do a better job with that tank where god strike and we can all agree that. Because. You get out of them and instead. Getting it to runs scored ties David to the bottom of the first then you get to play with sand ball. Three Q comp two outs the runner on first is take off the pitch. And brown bottles and a ball inside to go to second. Now it was kind of tight play but if Moreira was on the bag that Ronald would now. Guerrero didn't go to the baggage he's assuming it's animals go to first because he's assuming it's animal knows this guys take off. Not just because it was 32 count two outs but also because. So it must be paid attention and and be able to see that the guy at first is taken off and that of the ball comes to you. Hey you know a lot this guy's run and he's going to be a second I'm gonna go to first and it and that's not mandatory and you and the first inning tied to. Instead Seattle August 2 look. All the baseball people gonna tell you at the place to first again. And wants the play is the first putt. If Moreira does come the second baseman. He's out exactly they get to what's out they get out of here let's not let's not act like the guy would have been safe at first you would. Once he makes good the bad decision to go to second of all Guerrero had to do was cover the bag. Out. Don't think there's some blame there tomorrow. Heard all this August the tag down makes the tag. Said it's out of the inning unscathed. It doesn't map runs in his game and infected drug 110 pitches only goes six innings you've got out of that inning not have been thrown thirty plus pitches. 730 plus pitches and efforts and if that does not happen. Still a lot of land roads. Eight innings in this game. So it was a tough stop the sale. I'm shortage was frustrated but the fact that he was able. To keep his head on straight stay in this game a role under ten pitches strike out nine guys go six innings. On a day in which Craig camera was not available but is he threw thirty plus pitches last night before out saved. Not you know. I think that this 12 punch of shale and price. See the most dangerous 12 punch in baseball. At the top irritation. If I haven't we have any questions about sale a couple of questions about price but I'm telling you right now if he can keep the velocity. Where it's bad stance. You know we've seen in these last two stops then back. You are talking about a guy that's gonna continue to remain confident and it's got to look law like the guy that. Got traded to Toronto two years ago and and really not like the guy that was with the Red Sox last year even now I don't think last it was a bad for price as people make it out to be. Still. It wasn't as good as they do we expected. Based on the contract and yeah we do have to look at the contract because. They're paying David Price did to be the case essentially. We all know that Chris Ellis PH but the seed David Price step out that I'll last night against the division rival. And the biggest game of the season to that one in a pennant race in the month of June. And the pitch like that and just his second stop coming off the DL. On calendar at all. I think David Price is ready to dominate this season and if he can dominate and you have rights and sale dominated that I'd be the most dangerous 12 punch in all of baseball. Scott is in Cambridge just got. Yet a is what Syria. For the end you know one mistake Carol that make is that when you do when you think about the intensity when chemicals then. He can't sit between innings you know he's reality one inning as tradition. Tristan white and Atlanta Atlanta salt salt it if you. Left Kimbrel out the SE is right think Farrell needs to be raised is that they're not using Kimbrel in situations where there will be deported and then. In the eighth inning even though he has struggled in the past I. I they must've had a conversation that would that they had is said listen you're gonna have to do this for us this year won't Nickelodeon and you know what generals going on Bruce and don't don't get me tradition. I mean. If you meet your role what. And daddy's got one inning in the eighties closer. And it was an eyewitness on the forum. As. A while the exact leisure is paperwork more outlets so one. It's good to have you ever blitzer you dressed so you felt comfortable or Joseph Kelly and a spot last night more than great temporal and it. Or I'll beat you kind of fastballs. So I'm glad to have you ever watched Joseph Kelly pitch. Well he gets a little nerve racking but he's got to be the man you know that's. It is not a record that's why the point he's not the man Craig numerals the man. So what is it people want they want Farrell to bring Timberland. Abroad saved or like or you want to just keep it as the caller calls to traditional. If you're taught or if you're talking about. You know if that's. A tied game. I just think where we stand right dead and that's kitten the traditional. Conversation. Right. But I saw you had a lead and it. You've got a great Scott from David Price and Joseph Kelly was about to blow last night. There's a joke Kelly was about to get rattled over stupid play that was not easy to make but. It was a play that. He I could see his face he was rattled. John Farrell could not have run out mom in court and up knowing Joseph Kelly is is as a as a human okay. Seoul. Don't get me. They they patient rights they would show Kelly you know what happened Joseph Kelly pavlik. And you got people Collins today call one in Farrell to define it because he didn't go to. Campbell for the four out sixth. I mean the guy is really never gonna. Not gonna win over everybody and I don't know that I can really understand it. It's at times embarrassing but if you'll watch him his game was night and if you watched Joseph Kelly in his Red Sox Korea. Then that. You should've known last night. That was once. Camera gets that hit to right field and then you get that little trip led to Kelly's right that he can't handle. And the pressure is on and net the Orioles now have a shot in Beckett once you get that point. Joseph Kelly cannot stand that game last night sorry. You go to Kimbrel and you you wanna talk about who the man is an apple and at that point if you're John Farrell you say. On a live and die with my man in the bullpen who is crate him a couple of right that's what that's basically what you gonna do so and that's pretty dead and I believe he deserves some credit for that. 61777979837617. 77979837. I'll take another call before the break and he's in New Hampshire woods up any. What started out. Eight you know last year is by virtue that I shot. Because this radiant it in the play apps that you know closer just command and control here. And you couldn't keep a lot or interim coach in and you mountain. Sure. I mean you really are shot on some issues that don't eat at their attack. And it just looks like at issue and you know certainly you know news in October the story that Angel. So Kelly if he's another guy in apple. I mean apparently at iCAD book or it. You don't joke used I'd I'd under him and everybody else you shut out artists. Ross. To me yet pro ball in that Campbell one of the international right if I hit it just. An arrest ear. Out. Let's get to three or. The machine. Any bite. 20/20 buy outs. An important to be very difficult. Yeah and it's easier part of course I'm been looking ordering a lot. Absolutely and and in a lot it's the Yankees. Look at the Yankee should have to play this year and I picked it if you look at some of the Yankee prospects whether it's pitches or somebody young hitters. I think you can look at that that organization a million ought to what three years away from really being a very good team maybe best team in his division I did see happen in this season with the Yankees. So I yeah I picked it catching you know lightning in the bottle earlier I don't think that Uga last. You know attack it and look what you have enough apparently that he came and went although he's an okay. You know perhaps why beyond what actually that's who I want to see some. The hotspots implore us at Egypt takes it. But I want to keep him we'll keep that I want you to Jack Eleanor either pitch at all day then that's a peek at it. And it's a it's a big series I should call Annie it's. And it only would there at such kitchen. I mean to call as ago young people pointed out Joseph Kelly draws on amounts of knowledge that's just somebody who I I guess just spotted watching the Red Sox because. If you drew I mean look at it you'll watch the Red Sox regularly and you do what you meant when Joseph Kelly maybe both say doesn't. Have a bad performance. Look at him in golf well. Who's this guy like he does have all the tools. To be a dominant pitching. He's gone from the rotation to bullpen to rotation Beckham bullpen but I mean if if you've been paid attention to Joseph Kelly long enough you should know that. You can't put all your eggs in that pesky you've you can go real eye on Joseph Kelly and pressure packed situations. That's what makes it's so frustrating to watch him. Because you should be able to based on the stuff that yes. He's got real big movement. He's got good secondary stuff. But what isn't. Is just some and between is that he cannot handle the pressure packed moments. And it. And you just can't trust. Sol I have no problem that I can have a problem taking Kelly out last night in that spot. You guys they won't get a general struggled and and I think on the short Kimbrel a couple times and the last month and it's worked out for them. Seoul last night US to do it again and against divisional rival on the road. In a game that would Dave price chairs. JQ what is most impressive odds. That I remembered for never read George Foreman a wild down like the Dick de last night. Reminded me of the David Price that was eating in Tampa Bay. All David Price that went to two run all the price in Detroit. Of the David Price would Detroit was not really utterly that was. From what I remember that wasn't his best stuff when he went to Toronto Prius don't. Rice is filled. Its back side that old pitcher which supreme confidence. Has the fastball command net and it is gonna get some calls and outside. Deep debt last night David Price that's the guy you paid for last night and no matter how many times I said that last year. But last night I felt a lot yet he's walking up the mom to even up that strike out an eight. Gets away from Vasquez and you know you and the guy is and ends up being safe at first that the strike out. Rice comes not a damn did not in on yup. This is this is the this is the guy. We want it. This is the guide them rescue on it this is Dick Dick I don't rescue body was gotten at a price could show up to be back I more often than not this season. The last caller is right on the money is going to be tough team to beat. It's going to be tough team to beat the Red Sox moving forward and yet they are now a playoff race. And and I say playoff race I know it's early it's June it's the first week of June and some people might roll horizon that common. But I think NL east is so tight. And you've had so many games now against the Orioles that. You got to take care of business against these teams. That a battle you got to show at the met up to separate themselves from the boys right now between. Do it in the months to June and July before you get to the trade deadline to know what you have. To know that you're gonna have a shot to make a run in the final two months of the season. To know that you're gonna be by is that the deadline the time is now to set that told to send that message at a price is gonna pitch like he did last night. And sales gonna continue to be dominant. Then. The Red Sox are in great position especially if guess what I said. John Farrell makes some of the right moves and he's been Macon in my opinion oh lots. This season. I Farrell deserves some credit in this town. Whitening their data. 6177797. Out of every 761777979837. More to phone calls evidenced final Red Sox. Review with Danny put cards. Try taking your phone calls up until 7 o'clock and stick around after that because. Game two of the NBA finals. Beat her right here on WEEI. Golden State. Hosni Cleveland Cavaliers in game two of the war is lead the series. One tends not in the war is an eight and a half point favorite entering game two for. I glorious with a series in seven games. Stood pages this could be one of those home court series. So all I expect Golden State the when this one tonight. But the points are underestimate now even a Golden State one big game one. I'd be tempted to take the eight and a half they get a may be golds they would close one night. But that's witty NBA final stand game two coming up right after this on the air until 7 o'clock. Taking your phone call 61777979837. They're on a Red Sox review let's get back to a call Steve is in Miami what's up Steve. Again added value. Not bad not that's actually expressed in a couple points one is. Cause I like to know what Mitch Moreland was shaking tractor stretch to third base. Product that's a record easily then. A big. Play in this game we have lost the game opening remarks today. If you remember the play that was in the first inning. Two run. Are acting as his two year it's a repeat that the RBI single and then he tried stretching. And the and John Carroll last year I was program this year I have no problems and what sort being. To me the creeps in even be considered early as manager he would serve is not. Yes and really make any stupid mistakes. He has mastered team each country will allow such a minute to remember what they went on that church. Game winning streak it was a story. Is who is one national writer mr. the as I don't believe a opt out mr. backe could be slaughtered and on that in yet what happened to turn around and six game winning streak at. Yeah I was Ken Rosenthal wrote the story ten rows of the hour on fox sports. And after two losses to the Orioles moved again in arises well. They'll repeat. Replaced all this guy has taken adversity and brought it to his advantage where. Yeah used to it's it is isn't it usually adversity but. You know I don't I don't know that he looks at it that way I think that's just the way certain people out of Shaw. Are reacting to now Rosenthal that piece that was written after Oakland series. In Oakland which the Red Sox lost three of bulletin athletics Oakland. Abdallah is written. And basically it just outlined all the things that have gone wrong for the Red Sox. And that he was I hear all the things have gone around to register Red Sox. John these troubling times. Like these trying times and he had lunch and trying times for John Farrah. All everything you wrote that story was because he had sources Ronan there in the middle. Dad said sources tell him there are some players in the Red Sox club post. The adult like the way he manages a game and don't like. Plays adult like the way he doesn't offend play is enough to meet. Which is strange. And I think sure I can we could narrow it down a little as that let it these plays might be. I think and this has been my theory. Since I first read that story I think Ken Rosenthal sources. Our act out the Red Sox players themselves I think he's talking points. And it's unfortunate because. Our teammates in a playoff race even after you lost three of four Oakland out of a playoff race itself like they would eight games. Under five under and it you know. Seven games out of first place in last place in the division this was phillips' team at the time. With a lot of games to be played. That. Had a chance stolen division and one that's was written. And in fact they had I kid I remember looking at this when that's where it was written the Red Sox were not just favorites in baggage too and at least they'll. They had the third best odds to win the World Series. So I mean there are obviously some people out there that that believe the Red Sox. A pretty good shot to turn it around you would think of the people at most would feel the same way. Any at all if there is some what is complain about the manages. More than they wanna go out actually produce then I don't think the problems the manager at that point. You've got to rob ought to do got a problem some certain players that. Just kind of LY. Entitled. Spoiled cry babies that's what kind of how it felt like the big. But. You know these these right appetites or Brittany Gilani went six straight and who's suitable or Els and people look at it that the sky's falling. And a Farrell navy should lose his job is even just send a message and well. Null. You'll wind to wit price and sale. And it. Farrell makes the right decisions. Go on camera last night eight for the four outs today. Hit a bad attendee not just in the lineup and in the two hole in the lineup and d'antoni had a big day today. So fed made all the right moves. That camera all story now I asked myself after the six game win streak. After that Rosenthal wrote that. I ask myself does he regret brightness and I don't think he does because the only reason he wrote it. It was because he had those sources that told him Red Sox play is that some richards' played the not like the manager. And so I think he would he was gonna write that regardless. But he just kinda added it to a piece that shoulder all the things that are gone wrong. Ended with. Lose in three of four in Oakland right which he seemed like a good time for him to roll that all land and throw that all together. But I don't look that story about the problems Farrell I would that story and thought if anything you don't get a read a column. This season on the Red Sox and point out all the things that have gone wrong. Then don't try and I column into a hit piece on John Farrell you should turn a column in fact. You should turn a column into a piece on how John Farrell has been able to help this team. Or at least is the manager other team that has weathered the storm to a point where we are now. Only two games out of first place. Behind the yankees' Andy had a series against the Yankees get answers and I. That Farrell has done a nice job this season. They're not getting that from a lot of people on his top but. For those who paid attention and wanna be fair. I think it's fair to say the Farrell based all the things have gone wrong for the Red Sox play is the big admission. I've been on the DL that had illnesses injuries not even have a David Ortiz. I think it's fair to say that barrels Dinah a nice job this season and the Red Sox. Obviously a good spot. Obviously and a good spot here on June 4. Ryan is an Attleboro its opera. While I was equipment an animal that's quite and yeah. Now much you know I was looking in the end that's a quick air ball found out two things ever sent. The more. And Carol back here you know about a year after I eat out and he croak. And pay you know he's done a pretty good job you know just. I don't like that she'd crawl Brian I think pitches I think did you beat realistic coming. An idea I wanted to that are shipped out for ought to know when you won a lot of it. The prime you know last year. Well last year's CNET. I'd been identified yet he krona does what if you're if you told me maybe two years ago where there. You know finish in last place again I I think with any team with any manager would or what any coach in any sport you got to beef at that point. But I'm in a season which yeowomen and you end up on the division I have a I have a tough time called for the manager defied currencies. As far as yeah normally causal over the air cargo carrier commands. In the bullpen. I'm tired medals openness commitment cricket shall know that's life. No Marty can't hit it and used it I mean to you by you know he's just been lights out and Ben are you. They have Mariano Rivera ask. He's been he's been that dominant back. And you know. Last year when I was eighteen to not buy will include Greg Kimberly yet this year at the right James Owen sound a little bit. Yeah sure and you know I would Kimbrel I even think. Thanks for the call I think. People were surprised by I IC people who are established. Medium and is only know it and they and I know they know the game applaud all the fans that I known all the game. That sometimes seem so for even national guys that sometimes this season. Seems surprised that Craig Kimbrel is Evan is tied to success and I think that's kind of laughable because general. Is always a dominant stop a minute. Or close. So I mean of. Really surprised by this I think it's laughable for people who who actually know the game know this portal to talking about two to be surprised by the success. Click emerald tablet called right is no question. Kimbrel is the man in the bullpen and I mean as Dottie you can't you shouldn't even. The site and not an argument inside an opinion that's a fact. 61777979837. A couple minutes for a few more calls. To close out shell. But stick around after we've done to his game to an NBA finals coverage begins at 7 o'clock on here until 7 o'clock Sports Radio. W yeah Red Sox review. Which Danny Grewcock. And I rapping on the job. At least this is breaking news amaze I see it on what I. That's NBA finals related games to NBA finals is coming up next. Inherent right there on WEEI and. Steve Kerr is going to be emotional war is a game to all of that. Steve Kerr is retired. This breaking news right now. But definitely around her on Twitter it doesn't sick breaking news next to it but we're in now. From NBC sports Steve cutters backe will coach the war is in game two tonight. And intends to coach the rest of the NBA finals cell line good news. For the Golden State Warriors tonight Steve Kerr is back again to get him back in game two NBA finals coming up next. But I'll wrap up Red Sox review. Let's take the call before wrapping up Steve in long now have Steve. I didn't I don't know you. Quite like to talk about Joseph Kelly appearance last night. Arm and the question is who looked on the kitchen is that the catchers are the bench. I'm gonna say it's a little bit of both. Next. OK but the problem I had an in the last batter. The first two pitches Kelly Will Bynum and advocate even Moses back. And the next catch. They're calling about speed dates and then cute and it's a fight what can offer which bring the tying run to the plate. So like wonders. Every time to tell it gets in trouble it's and not keep its panel now. He's not there to throw under a mile an hour fastball in its equipment. Well I'm in. Let's let's show so who you don't wanna put it on Kelly is that you sand while little confusing at first question who we try to put it we just cannot. That went on try to I've put in on the person who call the I'll speak to repeat it can't. Let's call it just thought let's call it the ketchup based on the fact that you know. I'm not sure what the game plan is for that certain situation the Red Sox noddle. I don't let's talk to catch him okay alleged let's let's publish catcher pitcher right relationship between those who got them on and I'm gonna play. You mean tell me that. Joseph Kelly can't shake off and says you know I got this got a fastball I throw it and can't shake off and cited the fastball. Well I don't. I don't music and anybody. Yeah well I think that's I think Joseph Kelly and this is. Based on what I've seen from him and Leeson has Red Sox correct got great stuff. He's got a competition and you start was at last year or the year before. He decided he was only gonna roll nine B 495. He took shut off his fastball. What he felt he could command a little better a lot. I said to myself that's the dumbest thing I've ever manulife and fight through a lot of miles in all I could draw a 198. To honor. Other guys out there was tickets are 98200. A lot. And yet you have a guy you could draw 98200 he's decided to attend a role 9495. And take a little off his fastball. That make no sense but yet he did it because there's a confidence issue. Is something gold ala Joseph Kelly wit one when the pressure to put on on the he just can't handle. Yellow. Outside of all that Kelly. Pat the war the and that's isn't she a brazen jewel. It's just. Ice she too much of him in big spots not come through on previous seasons rob not really big and that CM remain on the mom in big spots whether it's fastball breaking ball away every straw on whoever is all of those pages. It doesn't matter who it is by the played it doesn't matter. It Kelly's not the guy in the bullpen last night I'm glad they went to Campbell for the for a sick. It was a great decision and A Farrow deserves some credit for that decision in the Red Sox. When the final two games of the series and series the Yankees begins Tuesday. Night and nice job on the glass thanks everybody who called. Get my podcast the data to podshow. I dated Cott dot com also on iTunes. Google play and now part of the pod cast one network NBA finals didn't choke is coming up next chip.

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