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Giardi and Tomase discuss the upcoming NBA Draft and the future of the Celtics -- 6-4-17

Jun 4, 2017|

The boys continue delving into the NBA Draft and what road the Celts should take as they continue the rebuilding process.

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Lot of excitement from the Turkey Callahan Twitter account on the L rocket cash bar. We tweets faster be. You think Curtis refers to his dad buys everything anyway so you you know hundred dollars gift card. Our Oxford cast off. Now on keep them. You again given that away the winner honors employs some magnanimity. And that's it and voice of the winner of the GR to top the top media star this week John like policy change the rules that you felt like it. I'm awful I think rob Bradford is going to change those rules when he returns although I delay. Don't know I don't know about in dollars a barrel saying it is to any of any future wins while Gaza and from he does he's like I'm Erica I'm Annie. And it is because of a 500 dollar winner. I'm Gould's display get a lot of eyes the connection Gould so. He's gonna have to work that connects and Lex may may be Tomas in those rates used to get certificates maybe and excitement about a five hour gusts there. The five hour energy in the seafood towers. Seafood tires of the Brad specialty delicious when you're when you're the Red Sox paying for your dinner down spring training that's got to get the seafood down he's taken advantage of that. As I think Brad fell might be the only person the Red Sox and veteran like. So the Red Sox do take that mediate each media entity the one night though the PR staff we'll take him to dinner so public debt re acquainting kind of things nice thing. One dinner and and Brad goes the only guy in the history that they've blocked Beasley can I get like another ski boots our and allied. He's feeling. How is it possible that Europe party of one and you're costing us more than like the entire dollar bond after all right there that's where you cover a. So before we had the media stars we're talking about the NBA draft 617779. 79 37. And the celtics' future. You wrote a piece. Because I think a lot of people of assumes. Or feel as though. Because of the Brad Stevens connection that Gordon Hayward is one model locked to come here there he is. You'll feel like there's a real good opportunity Gordon Hayward if he's got to leave Utah got to leave thirty or forty million dollars on the table he's gonna leave it to come to Boston and play for. Brad Stevens. But yet the thirty or forty million dollars is a pretty. Big deal is also on a good team now granted there on the west and you could make the case that the west is. Infinitely more difficult to climb the ladder like our friends at school say. West is best. However. Again that's a good team two good young team. And thirty or forty million dollars to leave on the table while he's gonna make a 150 million dollars and a Max deal and should be set for life and his family's families families should be set for life. Thirty or forty million dollars not chump change. What a Celtics do if they're full court press on Gordon Hayward results and exactly what their full court press with Kevin Durant that last year nothing. Yeah and and see this is this is my question Mike what is plan B and it's not even that you say the Celtics haven't planned for and I'm sure they have. But you start looking at the options and you say what. Is that Blake Griffin might broken down Blake I love Blake Griffin's game I think he's an ease of really unease he's got a little Horford and he's an underrated passer for big man. He's not as explosive as he used to be but he's got a nice midrange game he's a good rebounder he gives you a presence inside that you don't have. Not in that traditional post sense may be but still. And he makes you more athletic but he's been hurt a lot you start to read. His injury history and it's like it goes back to college and it's just like. One thing after another or not and you've been punching at the trainer that was like on top of everything else. And so you know it reads like a rock a little bit when you when you start to go through. His injuries and so they are able he's the next best guy and if you know Chris Polly's the club prison goes in the spurs and may be. Griffin wants to only add a who knows. But you start to get into some really imperfect. Options I don't know if you have somebody that Johnson was no. Added to Griffin thing is insisting in the sense and you do bring up a good point if Paula. You know it's news reports now he's gonna seriously consider San Antonio. Griffin his off. Court stuff. He supposedly is one of those guys who wants to get into movies. And he likes that Hollywood seems so commercials even though the clippers may lose. There you and our route not partner Paul they're best workers balls are best player that. LA that LA scene is something that he really gigs yep and in us is gonna make it jumped to the lakers I know the lakers have Armisen and Alec is to have cap room but that hasn't really men discussed these are looking at him. You played 67 games three years ago 35. Two years ago and 61 this year he hasn't played an eighty game season since the thirteen fourteen season. And he is now 28 years old. You. Yeah I had a he's an old when he eight yeah you have to agree he's an old when he you think he came into the league if you look it up I'm pretty sure his very first basket in the NBA. Was a fast break Alley you insane honestly would have been a dunk of the year. For his first points in the NBA. He's not back guy anymore he can still he can still get up there and he'll still throw but it it was basically every possession wood and wood and now you to him it's not like that anymore. Now and look I. I know college paper was discussed in the soft Friday on our show that that. He has a from sources inside the organization that they're gonna pursue Griffin. I don't know if they're gonna pursue Griffin in addition to Gordon Hayward or an estate can she's a fallback plan. If you don't get a word but I'm much. He meant to me that's and I I'm not China's click to average 21 points a game a rebound game meet you can stop you can still play absolutely no questions asked. But I must feel like that's a we have. The money this. And we're gonna spend it. Anyway so it's sort I have to be that way right what you read it's almost like if they don't spend money this offseason it's going to be a lot harder to do next season it's like. If they wanna Max out Isaiah and who knows if they actually do but if they want him he has to be last you know you have to use the bird bird rights and all that so. You really need to find someone and the problem is if there's nobody worth Maxine out in your mind beyond Gordon Hayward. It means your heading down that really dangerous road in the NBA restart match. Mixing up Iran gas. Which strikes me as something to Danny. Wouldn't do. Yeah I am I accurate and I know that there was a lot of complaints about Horford during the course of the year and this is a Max guy but I think that situation was different. Then the one that banter. This summer even though you're saying you you still got. You've still got a cough up some dough otherwise can be more and more difficult to do but I think. Last year Horford thing was eight Horford does play the way they wanna play so even though he doesn't put up these ridiculous superstar numbers that you. Automatically attached so Max contract guy look that's just going right now and it's it's you can't do. People point out money a lot he's not 32 million dollar your part now as a man that lives LeBron. Staff dram I mean like that. Mike Conley is highest paid player Ryan and his aunt and my comedy easy a damn good player and he really has never made an all star team but it's still a really good plata. But that's just the that's the price of doing business now yes as a as the cost it is like Kelly elect we're having a debate about Helio and he's going to make. In excess of ten million dollars a year has that contract some people think he might make. Eighteen nineteen million dollars a year on his next contract. Because but that's the way the league is right I mean look look Evan Turner really nice player right nice player view. Finally put it together. Good fit for your system goes out gets or even Andy yeah I think yes whatever was seventeen million dollars a year eighteen million dollars a year from Portland. He's not eighteen million dollar a year player you say but did years in the Italy now now and that's literally as people it and my keeps going up you very good time contracts. So Al Horford was the best of that bond stood there in the next press guide a movement for AZ by Doran yet he gets the Max contract. So that's Richard you're gonna see so just. Don't go freaking out about the money that's just the way the money the money goes now yes. There is an interesting story online and outside I think Jake came from mass lives who does an awesome on the sub any previous winner of the GRE cardiac deserved. I healing to this story and I apologize for not being familiar at this writer a guy named Ryan Bernard Bernard Tony. From Celtics how dot com did a really. At very detailed breakdown of the different ways the Celtics did go any makes some points that I think. Are probably in the back of all of our minds a little bit and it's the idea of can you really win a title with a Isiah. Al Horford. And Gordon Hayward and yet and so if the answer to that is no. Then OK Gordon Hayward and draft picks and Al Horford okay. As Isaiah fit necessarily a tight it's apparently it's the paradox you love watching him play you wanna be on the team you know that we did in the be competitive. But it's like if you're looking at this as championship or nothing. Should you be moving on from Isaiah and has as much as it would hurt the fan in you don't want that to not see him play anymore. There is a part of me and him back in my mind is almost wondering a little bit weak I keep coming back to rating drop low but. Belichick seems intent on keeping their apple at all costs and you wonder if the reverse holster a little bit when dangerous like as much as we love Isiah. He doesn't really fit the long term goal of winning a tight. And you needed different you need to Max out somebody other than him. And it's kind of interesting food for thought because it changes completely. And this might lead into what you were talking about the second rebuild. Which it and I think in the podcast there was from a couple weeks kebab Brian that would Jackie McMullen and she talked about how they tried. They they floated his name last year they offered up everybody that they wanted to another lottery pick so not just the pick that they had which he used used on Jalen brown yet but Danny had. Was hell bent on getting another lottery pick last year. And you put everybody on the table including Isaiah and one of the questions. So that's coming off of okay now he's gone for another full year and now is a second team all NBA guy. But there's publicized thing and Mike lucky fitness is at the rim as well as anybody's. You know what that size amazing guys phenomenal and I guess that he's put together. In the league we have to score. Yeah scores as well as anybody. But the size thing is always going to be an issue for him. I don't know how to do much like you you say with the rigor go back to the great thing about being forty years old in August. And no one's one guy's had a good year great you're forty but no one else has so. You know how can you just a blind faith we're gonna atrocities committed to honest who's 4344. How do you know that at 29 year old thirty year old 31 year old Isaiah Thomas is gonna have the same quickness and explosion at the rim and he's he gets beat up a lot obviously that is. The thing. Ozzie can I deal is going to be that saint Clair scored 2829 points a game. That. In that podcast the ideal thing would be. To convince Isiah Thomas. He's a six man. But now that he's attained this super stardom if you will of a second team all NBA guy. And you know two years ago is back to back up the Brinks truck and I know he's been a little bit more on magnanimous with a common yet now but. Yeah obviously believes he's a Max player and you numbers the numbers of the last two years bear that out but ideally. In their next. Wave of this. He isn't probably that guy that your gonna win a championship with that. Roll Doleac I've always said you'll win a title and Isaiah is their second or third best player he cannot be. You can't be your best in out and that's no knock on him but that's just the reality of the league you're not winning with a 59. Guys are best player it's just not it's not happening but there's no reason that he can't. Be a part of a winning situation. Are much more on the Celtics and their their draft situation and their future when we come back here on TRT Tomas NW via. These seats that. Sports. 01 network. It's. It's. So I am now let me. You might. Talking. It's silence and. It's August convention. Dozens of uneasiness and got a nice. Really to leave the studio but it was. They needed to leave the city of mine last. That's what happens then comes because if remote was in charge of non us over a week ever I mean we never hit all remarks and an assist school. We've never had issued an event comes in young band. And he's result. Maybe it on purpose. And try to put that drivers advertisements trying to sabotage a media star of the week that yes that tube that's unduly like he thought he should immunity is apparently I don't know for what but he probably one not miss Protestant jealousy because now Curtis is number two. Which by the way. I would A not allowed that would be. It is fitting that he is number two. Do they are tasked with Steven Curtis that are recognized System of a Down right there no god no. Let me see what you like a little how do I meant also there what else he listens and that's what I was trying to figure out I'd get I would guess nothing. Right I do not listen to music you enjoy less I don't understand that hat. Takes when you first walk on and on and I don't know them what I like I understand mutt is in the country music and it's fun and there's no country artist you can give me that I would now. And you would figure to that if men hand and Callahan are. Hawks for Bruce Springsteen yeah I mean minute hand like. Guys I repeated death does seem like 500 times. That he would at least listen this franks to. Because he does whatever they ask him to denser. And he wants to beat them so if you wanna beat them wouldn't you release lists and their music you think you become an end and like a little Stevie Dan yeah like sock them. But he just now. It's just moments there were commuted. Makes an eye on the phone for a long time we're talking about the NBA draft and you brings up is gonna bring up a point here that I was gonna get to nick go ahead. Male lawyer and your. Good thank you. So some information came out today saying the lakers are gonna passes the draft was today you know that they were passed on want though won't now. Hypothetically it has worked out the flock. And which I think it's going to be how far do you think that he's gonna falter after I. Hope to god and I know that Danny Ainge will treat someone with as many off court problems this father of oil. Insisting question but I don't think you get past Philly three out right Philly Aminu is totally different guys have been desperate regards for two years and they need to hear a point guard who can it distribute the ball to all of their various like big guys in the least the ones they have been forced to trade like Maryland's a while talk about the process by the way than him and you can't even get through Maryland's allows rookie deal before yet to get rid of them like. And I don't have stoke a firm and you really you know the he has is off court this is and is not a great dad and so do I he's become as we're talking about this. It in studio the other day about just. He's become a dinosaur like overnight because that that game it doesn't really. Doesn't really exist anymore yet in mobile back to the basket big man who's not. It's rim protector yeah it there's no use for a player anymore yet and you're talking about a guy when I think third overall. Yes sector there and a not wanting its existing about Philadelphia though is and and look at I don't think you can stop you prevent it they'd be guards anyways I don't think it would prevent you from taking ball. But that the idea would then Simmons was there are gonna run their offense and some yet but you tell us if two great passing up players that's yet. And some of those in the witch and issuing yet so now commemorated at sea and she will either hand this year because the of the foot injury so. Yeah be insisting though I can't see union passed very. Can't now. In just think when you think about I'd say they would we were talking earlier about. Reportedly recorded a symbol that gains made the offer for Jimmy Butler and he said we'll give you our number one this year the Mets picked number one this year. But asked to be number one protected and it could have been two or three brewers traded but it's one we're not trading so that would lead you believe that. He knows who the number one guy is right or is it that. Number one is I able regardless of whether we know with the. Get out to be the guy it has to be about that guy in now and he must think that Marco Fultz is back because. If it were anybody else like say he had it's sort of our Josh Jackson yeah yeah. Do you really think there's a chance of just Jackson going number one overall I mean I guess maybe there is by. To some everything you read and and needs b.s you know the draft next source source to retire in NBA teams it's clear that Fultz. Is the guy if it's anybody else that you have targeted. And you probably don't have to worry as much about 21 or two. Were theory but but then if it not such conspiracy but say. They just Jackson's this guy say he likes Jackson meetings Jackson's going to be transcendent player and he does not mark helpful in his mind at all on the ball on his mind. On. I keeping the number one pick. Now he can shop that pick. Was more confidence in not only can you turn around and say did Philly have trade got her for one overall it faults but may be dead. Dario starts just I'm throwing out there you're forcing them yet you we have the player you want. I know I can go back threes go get my play. That or you again you force LA's and nine there was a lot of people who thought LA before this report that LA wanna ball and there's no a's can pass. That's LA. But if you can get that doubt in their mind that Philly wants ball and you like ball. You know IRAs are you shot a working day and I did put the ball sort of disrupt that by saying I'm not gonna work out for you although Danny claims that he was still draft the player. But he didn't work out yeah I. If you're changed and there is any player in this draft that you have targeted as a potential franchise savior you are not mess and around. Trying to get Dario sirens or whoever you nice player. And possibly missing out on the chance to get if you have a guy in mind while my art it's what at this point what if his guy is the big guy who's generally considered the third best guy and Dan yes it now they'll ask that. Yeah I mean I think you're still really role in the Dicey taken a big gamble you know especially when you hear these reports out of their true. But if the lakers are souring on ball well that opens everything because there are clearly assuming your taken faults so that means maybe they like Jess Jackson. In your giving up a guaranteed. It is a 100%. Guarantee that you'll get the player you want if you keep number one if you dull. You put it in somebody else's court and now outside your hands yet on you know he. Like you said that's a big roll the dice if something gets. For like a marginal upgrade it guard Tyco case arts is a good player by. Tyler Westfield Europe next we've done GI in glossy. Gotten in that area are you. I really like what you said about. We keep Thomas the quick. Quick reference to time it comes to issue is what keeps keeping but. When you say when you're the number two player what you bring it to our attention as we got to build the petite little machine with. You know this Golden State Cleveland thing Barrett is the golden triangle three Greek great players have a quick question went. I don't know enough about all that I could chip less a lot of that this site it doesn't matter if you echo of the player. But I do know the area talks in Mexican market Kentucky so they Abbas. Exit fox depressant. Ran the floor and score astronomical point initial body control it never seen what about getting him and Martina possible. Yes so I mean do you Erin fox is he weighs 240 pounds cirrus is a 160 pounds I would yeah out of the common yes so there is you know there's concerns about him on his readiness and all that exactly. He did dominate ball I mean in the game there's no question of my guy Ryan resources that there's there was a lot of times that. Fox scored on ball but it wasn't. On ball went but he just AMD and had a better game I don't care I feel dated and had no clue at a much better game and they are both on the floor. That's so I'm again I'm not messing around this you know. And Derrius arches so much music day and which via Lyon. Fox and his interest in because and John Wall who obviously is a Kentucky guy so he's. Cannot be biased towards Kentucky guys he said the best player right now coming out of Jaffna but I don't know on the college bass called John walls watching brother and a BA season maybe yes. He's a false is best player. I think fox is going to be about a put on the road he said you could say that I'm biased but I just think some of the things that he can do. Watch said he reminds me of me only left hand yet. Wallace of solid though I don't Wallace just peace and I look I'd. I like you fox and not UCLA MI dvi that they I'm ready I'm not a war I wanna see ball I want to fox almost a month. Mark is one of those guys he's an insisting I can now you're you're talking about him you know the way it's projected 789 samarra ballpark when he's shooting. And you saw a Mac and he got going again it was a sight for dad it. Bing bam boom like all of a sudden the game dramatically changes based on three trips down floor he's knocking down threes from ridiculous angles. He gets going but he's also another one of those guys. He's he's a bag of bones right now he's gonna have them. Not that you have to be super rugged gathered for playing too you know graphic arts and I got to get a little bit more physical. Yet and I mean we heard this of buddy healed last year different because you're talking about college senior who had time to. Development now what's his name Mari who write the shooter from animal to Marmara from Kentucky. Those guys I don't know that their game changing you want them to because everybody thinks. We're looking for the next staff curry well there's only one step guards for a reason you know and I gives me the guy who can do at all three levels which is certainly what faults looks like he was a good three point shooter in college even though. Again that it became for me LA it's not too. Not necessarily a shooter more of a score than a shooter. But he can score at the rim he can score a midrange game and he can knock down open theories. I think any can dominate the ball and he's got the wingspan to be a defensive force and all of that stuff. Teams are looking their prioritizing that all around thing over who's the sharpshooter like the sharp shooters coming out year after year after year. Never seemed to pan. Out like you want to go back to like Steve now offered in those kind of guys. I don't think I Alfredsson authentic limitations Ichiro and without big those execs. Yes six of the music yeah. That's instigated. The that there are so many different. Aleris too in so many different levels to it and like you said you're talking about like what if no Hayward what's the plan B you know do you. Do you still go full court press on Blake Griffin anti us on Blake Griffin even though. There's some damaged goods there to Blake Griffin and he's 28 now and he hasn't had a full season in four years and but he said the money in the way you have to spend it. And you stuff they asked the guys a question to which I mean Dan he's got to know the answer right we don't think he's see any more from Isiah doesn't. Well it may know whether I know that I may be about who else is on the roster like do they keep taken these hail Mary runs. You know at had Davis so Blake do you. You hope for that and say OK if we had him now Isaiah fits the roster bettered it depends on what you do with that next year's netspective you'd upgrade somewhere around as though. Does he viewed does he view the asset gathering thing too as a okay may be Davis isn't ready to be moved this year but may be some people suggested that noise has one year. So you're gonna give cousins and Anthony Davis one year. Ownership has given the mandate the management you've got one year and if not they blow it up now it still makes no sense the blowing out. When you have Anthony Davis relatively on the cheap when you consider is to make a flight five and 125 I mean that's the crazy it de Louisiana ages is not a ton a money. But you keep gathering assets like you did. And before you made the move for Garnett and I know that that deal I had Al Jefferson was the centerpiece of the a lot of people at the time. If you go back and remember there wasn't just a no brainer I am I Bryant yeah and a lot of it is well thought out efforts on anyone could be the best low post player and game for years and years to come. But they you know Ryan Gomes is able to show you something and I you look at him as maybe a sixth or seventh or maybe eighth man on an NBA roster. Telfair was in the I mean there was a lot of pieces in the deal. But if you keep acquiring assets. To acquire assets. To not shoot not shoot for this year and maybe not an issue for next year but is that guy going to be out there do you keep applying it. And not stand on on. On a guy Griffin. You're waiting. And just hoping that that next guy becomes available as you know right now to it even if you go to Griffin and you get Hayward you're still not be in Cleveland oracle state. Yes and that's I mean that's a question that range asked answer right now on and I don't know if this is revisionist history about. The story with Garnett is that ancient targeted that specific offseason Mike you are dead man like. Three years ahead of time we need to have these players in place that we can make a run at Garnett because his contract's going to be out these potentially enemy on the market. We're zeroing in on this time to get him see you wonder are they do in the same thing with Anthony Davis and you have the. Look I heard rumblings. Off from wall sourced NBA guy over a year ago the Davis was teetering in new more months yet and that. The person told me that the surprise name they could pop up. At some point is Davis and now look now teetering because they didn't believe in him Ernie and believe in did you believe in them yet and believe in the situation there didn't you know. And already seen Mike what do we what do we do one yet they really invested in this. The whole process and now look they've they. They draw their chips on the table really did make the acquisition cousins which. I mean is are more polarizing player in the league and condoms mean his talent as a question. And he's a free agent after this year so you could decide between the two of them yeah. On. Let's say about that name is obvious to become more prominent that's no longer a whisper more people are sort of looking at that situations and all right this this could actually come to a head here. And I mean if you're. If if signing him a over overpaying a free agent or assigning some of my Blake Griffin to a Max contract is what keeps you away from. Making that position for Anthony Davis then I'm sorry you wait and you and and you hope that you are in the right place. For that it's also like the idea of you know we say. If you're gonna draft faults. But you have to move on from Avery Bradley or Marcus mark when you're guards right now yet but you're gonna have to do that way Reggie cancer aren't on cuts on context of those guys but. If you're looking at them sang while they're still assets right now I'm not gonna give up assets for fifty cents on the dollar. Because I have to create room Dominick and on omen modest. Now hopefully something shakes out down the road with a player that rod on let's go to Chris and Avon Chris you're up next with the Jardine Tomas. I thought our guys. Talk against a lot of people not the number one pick right there at least impressed that we want all political radar data. Big buy it get some particular kind of we thought that got in knocking it got them that it that it dispelled it under Gilda. I do wonder if there is some Laker games and shipped on on as far as that goes you know maybe send in a message to Lavar like. Cool it well right this is not viewed your birth right to play in LA and you need to back off a little bit. It wouldn't surprise me look I mean we can make fun of Magic Johnson the television personality and Magic Johnson on the social media missed with mr. turner councilmen that. Ridiculous. The and he's sick things that he tweets on on Twitter but. He's been in the game forever. He knows how worst he's seen these helicopter dad like this isn't muted and the Miami Lavar is taking it too. A different kind of level at this point eight dollar level right putt I mean stay EO Alain if Alonso ball. If you and I said this about Danny is Danny all on the ball the best plan to draft. And here's our offer is too bad night club I've still picking them I think Danny would still pick them out that you would hesitate. And we have to draw a distinction between lines on the bar because Alonso. Is not a chest bump and player he's not really a show boating kind of player. He's not. Out there in the media plays pretty soft spoken and his game is 100% selfless I mean. He has a tremendous game and feel as far as being a point cargo so you do have to separate just because dad wants them to play in LA. By the time his rookie deal is up. He's going to be aired a grown now and that guy is so I guess illness. Don't wonder much like with Fulton not winning games and and Washington the one thing I would say about that is announced because I I'm definitely out lean towards the us as this little are being of our model but like at some point Alonso can say today cut the crap yeah. I seriously I'm famous or not you're faced as a meat yeah and then whats wrong with that being the number one pick of the comic. Cool they're building something good in Boston I wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I was in Boston jail so lions may have a point to about Paul Pierce is from Inglewood do you think he will what would've chosen the Celtics. When he was in the teenager no chance no no change. No chance but then you get here and next thing you know he's part of Celtic more hazardous to Celtic just like I'm mr. media starve the I I know that Bradford is going to be odd about that I mean I know that you disputed I'm sure. I'm waiting it's baby's body at all bill before yet leases. His tirade on on Twitter or. I'm various other. Places that you serve Yelp. Yes he's oath and don't review of its yardage felt this week noted John always a pleasure thanks for filling in for rob did Matty Loper. Eight plus job even though young Ben tried hysteria. Red Sox baseball coming up next on the Red Sox radio network Shaw's. My guy Tom Giles due to pre and post today. To take a listen of that Jerry sound. It's possible.