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Mike Giardi and John Tomase -- David Price is back! And a look at the QB position around the NFL -- 6-4-17

Jun 4, 2017|

Tomase is in for Bradfo and the guys kick things off with a caller asking about the future of Jimmy G. The guys discuss their thoughts on just how long Brady can keep it going. Then they get into the Red Sox and David Price's huge game last night. Boston really needed a W and he delivered. Time for everyone to take a step back with the Tommy John predictions apparently.

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Like she guardian rob Bradford had fox Sports Radio guy. EI every facet of new England sports gets dissected with Mike Enron so let's continue the weekend right now it's Ciara. Bradford on Sports Radio WEEI. Might you already hear what did 9 o'clock in the morning on Sunday thanks for being with us know rob Bradford. Slacker. Johnson mossy. Just holding it down weekends he joins me here for the full. Action packed four hours boy you know yesterday training and I spent four hours on about Tom Brady invest buddies re litigating the April 22 story from the globe sells. Today. If you felt like it. And you wanted to branch out into some other sports or other topics. I'm your man if you wanted to forearm is a Brady I'm also remember and I'm going to be on auto pine as a bag tested. And I believe. I'm not wrong about this you are on from 6 to 10 tomorrow morning. Tuesday and Tuesday morning as us now from six to ten tomorrow night and then sixth attempt Tuesday morning and I begged off Monday night affair I think that's fair few permanent. It's AM you don't want me on for hours before would be useless. And you'd be spitting out the same takes. Although we do. Semi insane people so yeah I don't think you can count it's intakes of those guys that also you don't wanna go and a matching tie and ran like a little burned out from. You know whatever by bit they are very understanding when you hear it's gonna say they'll string you up. And they will tell you we news objects all all along with an act of Omega late Curtis communion. So I can't ever get a name I forget. There's six or 777979376. And 7779. I need 37. Rob from Medford is already online already jumped on the idea is that my impacts. You know we're gonna go to Ron did you receive relatively soft go that route. Your additional quick question. Couldn't think gives that's that's. The best chance to win this season prettier rock books are good offenses from less than you. Our contract the you're leaning towards Gigi now I would be inaccurate. Okay. Do. You think to be watched and figure Brady after this year though so they ought to generate. I think it all depends on how ready plays that's why that's part of the reason why don't think they traded him on it's they're they're getting into uncharted territory guy's gonna be forty in August. And while he's played phenomenal football the last couple years and sort of turn back the clock. This is uncharted territory lie why would you pay. Grapples under control this year for a million dollars and that's no morning. And the UKQ troll next her granted its franchise tag which is pretty steep but. If that's the route you feel you need to go as you wanna continue to have insurance for Brady then. With the cap continuing to go up. It's doable. I don't think it's out of the Rome possibility really don't. Yeah I know people say oh you're talking about 24 million for a backup quarterback it. It's it's really it's it's irrelevant when you talk about how much space they have under the cap right now I don't. That's the most important position not only football but in all sport out that you devote too many resources to. But the Korean vet that list by over the world how stupid was that this. That that episode that I don't I don't assist total world that the list of the of the best quarterback situations. In the National Football League and they put the patriots seventh on the list and just seventh on the list because of the uncertainty. Ball they try to projected out so multiple years so that Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay was number one Aaron Rodgers backup is Brett Hundley who they try to. Tried to trade on day two of the draft. So that those who would it take about religious thank you Aaron Rodgers don't know right but. So if you're gonna do it in your checked out bolt. The starter and the backup who's got a better situation right now than the patriots and grant it already is old. Yeah isn't shown signs of being old now so yeah they had and its seventh on. Less than that some innocence Ron thank you for uncle you know what though I can actually I mean I'm not. I concede because there's so much uncertainty. Aaron Rodgers you just assume he's durable he's not going anywhere and he's won early thirties like 32 hours 34 and there towards them attack. Brady's going to be forty Jimmy geez untested. I I don't seven seems a little domain but rather just in terms of the uncertainty their teams of the younger quarterbacks. Who you don't care about the back up and less that was the whole point of the list I mean that they were supposed to be. Combo platter equity guy one on what he got a two yet is no team that has a better 12 than the patriots but if you're looking at five years into the future. Who has today I would take Aaron Rodgers over Brady or put it that way right now. I would think. You know my fellow I do go out and listen I let hey listen com I have been on team Girardi on Jimmy G from the beginning you do not trade him. How many backup quarterbacks have. But I came back how many quarterbacks of the dolphins doctors and stammering maritime movements Cleo Lemon I'm on Joey hands Joey Harrington go down the list of these terrible quarterback that's exactly. And they have not found the next guy and even I mean you can make the same argument to an extent would Denver until Manning and even Manning won in spite of being out. I'd Jake the snake was part of the best guy they have and what we you know what was he he was he was like a Jay Cutler time quarterbacks so. And Jay Cutler but I'm patterns they can you know so these days of the point is. If you think you have the next guy you don't let him go for any reason unless you absolutely have to and I've never understood. The argument that. You can't franchised in EG because you can't pay two quarterbacks fifty million dollars for him it's like. Can't that be that's a one year commitment for right it's not a five year common whenever. Isn't it worth. The the insured not even insurance because insurance suggest well if something happens to rate this is more than insurance this is how you. Guarantee. As best you can that this thing can to this run continues for another ten years which you can't say that would Brady as much as we all love Brady. He's not every play at least forty knives and be George Utley and a it can feel so maybe will be out now he thinks he has yet and that's great like he should I feel that act but you've tied the patriots. There actuarial tables that a serial look 41 there's nothing after that niner and that's. I mean. As that is as much of a reason as they believe they have the next guy as for for wise here you can't do this. The I would say the only way they garrote blow is not on the team again next year. Is if Jim Colbert who said makes a massive leap from under one tier two which. I'll take always talks about the leaps from year one year to rumors seem to a certain guys. If percent somehow goes from there and now about this too. Like I could be that guy yeah then maybe that's when you read you your your freedom walk away from from Iraq or even then I can still see them franchise demonstrating. Yeah that's on reform yes why wouldn't you right back. You know they develop castle writes in castle different just yet. And they did fine and in fact they should have done better in that the other you know exactly and and you look at a situation or Chicago Chicago goes on spends. Eighteen or nineteen million for one season on Mike lemon in the deal longer than that it is essentially a one year deal. And then they turn around surprise everybody the draft they draft too risky number two trading up. Unnecessarily so we trading on the gets Robiskie for that moving up one spot and Hungary can have to dish can. My kitchen and a lot gunman is a starter right now. And if Glenn and falters and Robiskie shows that he's ready to risky slides and or Clinton plays great and service he sits on the bench for Nadia. And at rookie weights so. It's a no harm no that's a win win a lot of plays well you keep Clement and I'll let you let too risky continue to learn and and that's a Waco so. I'm curious he sucks then you've sorted out twice and people are gonna lose their jobs. Yeah I just. I I know. That it looks like there's no went inside for Brady but clearly that's not the way to think Firefox. And you can't be the way your thing I mean we've done this exercise a million times but you look at guys like fired and yes caveat fired. Pounded but I certainly does not yet worked out like Brady like we get that but protests that invite him in India and whatever else. And what's it now anyway. And somehow hope so far has is last year really at age forty. You could argue is his best season I think his lowest interception rate all that stuff and many was done a year later you know and and so. Even Manning I understand yet next surgeries and all that stuff but he went from 55 touchdowns. To 39 or he was bad at the end of it in the second half today year to Don and he just he was basically a statue in the backfield their defense took them to a super ball. Yeah I mean and Jamie column. And when. A you might wanna cover that tight end there and just I'm just say just one out of a two time yeah so I just dug up the list is the best quarterback situation that Rodgers and Packers the Seahawks. Now Seahawks backup is. They've on Boykin yet they're not talking about backups clearly. Who's been arrested twice this offseason that I might add. Andrew Luck who Beckham's Scott told zine who. It's a slightly better version of Tim Tebow yes. Matt Ryan Matt Schaub okay Matt Schaub release has done something yeah well he's like thirty dead apparently they're very seven yes Jim is Winston. It's backed up by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes so again it's really just about the starter and Derek Karr was backed up by a news comical how do you put their car behind James Winston. Our guests may because of injuries maybe maybe there. And that that while that as a potential was blow when the raiders face the move angry fans. I think we've seen this before yeah Oakland is not a place you want people mask no definite definitely not definitely not so. Some. Our rob let us off Gus talking football bowl which is a lot on the table today. And as you mentioned if you guys wanna go there if you wanna come back to Brady invest bodies. On the table for his well I do want to termites and some baseball because last night I thought was. While wage more than I expected from David Prior I'm fully expecting I'm I'd been fully expecting at this entire process from spring training on when the elbow thing yeah opt out. That. We're just gonna get the news. Tommy John yeah gonna happen it's gonna happen. I put his over under two and a third innings and took the under so I was I was wrong and he looked tremendous in looked absolutely fantastic and will. They needed that last night I mean yeah. Basin and it's funny the roller coaster that they've been on you know league struggling and it was two weeks go we're sitting here talking about. Now the fire for fire Farrell crew was out in full force with a pitch forks and then. There the rotation gets going some some of that heat up as well and then you know o'clock TC Brian Johnson comes in gives you great spot start goes completely shut out. Rodriguez in the pits and fantastic. Even making up for the fact that Chris Ellis sort of backs little of the air from his fantastic early start yet and you know they did they they basically turned back everything looks great when six in a row and then immediately thereafter you get injuries again yet. Yeah indie run hurt actually Johnson came up lame last finest replaced Aaron he's expected to come up. I'm Phil Rodriguez's spot did you see that video that now. He mean he throws a pitch and he goes down and like almost like data to back the exit to lag like he just goes down. And he eventually walked off the field but you watch that and you know and they say that animate and know that when it comes the Red Sox and and Cynthia reporting of injuries. On their own reporting of injuries. They say it was just a cramp. Yeah I heard that I'm certainly looked worse than I looked like he gets shot like member Patrick Pass yes you would lot of hands I was the he's threw the ball Padilla with the Tedy Bruschi. Returns in the field yes it's buffalo in the nineteen exactly those like that so deep he did at the balked. I never quite understood that reaction now it is. Like okay pop Grammy I edit batter all bound up. Toronto on the ball but it's a grenade. So anyway went down. Yeah. So did they could as quickly as you start to feel good about it and feel like everything you're back on the right track they go for a couple days where. It's far from the applicant price settles things down last night and oh what a what a boost that would be if somehow he is bad guy. For the better part of the air mean. The week turnaround last year the last whatever was 20/20 two starts as an ERA a lot 3.3. He did that catch. And assume that sale is going. To sort of right the ship biamby batter and he's turnovers last five starts. Back to sort of the way you build your team went through aces at the top and reining them in don't forget to force you know it's just it's been an audio for him and cast it as good Tommy hits yet. Taking the ball on the yard. But that said it seems like every time he. He has only starts an eternity in an are you on the couple home runs in Europe and it's. At the end of it at six innings nine hits eight hits three runs in two runs. Right yes. Yes so I mean if David Price is what it was last night to finish your thought they they win the division I mean it. As great as the Yankees have played this far over their heads and they played in his Aaron charge homer in every other game. They can't compete with that Red Sox rotation if David Price is David Price and if you ride he'd finally have what you wanted out of you ride and it's like a filly hasn't fallen down on the bullpen before I feel like this isn't the first time right. Yes so a year year. You're on the cusp of having the team you want and on the I gotta wait for Iraq to get back. But if you've got sale price where sell out. You're in good shape and I'm sorry you are. That's pretty good. With the U rod did you so. And I'm sure there would see the video by now is warming up the ball and it takes a tumble in the bullpen Dave Dombrowski was asked about it. Whether than the and so thick in the congress of taxation. Now which essentially dislocation pops back him. I was I don't lame or these this is the simple way to you play college football some managers degree that's what my shoulder as speaker so that but I wasn't Iowa I don't think I had nearly the value that Eddie Rodriguez had. Or as much invested in me is they have invested in him but he pitches. And there are some question you know he said afterwards I was fine. On manhunt obviously Farrell says he was fine the next days on the ten day DL on this and that needs some blacks that involve a block. Did the Red Sox to a bad job whether Rodriguez should Rodriguez had based on that should Rodriguez and may even made that start after that fall. Yeah I mean it's easy second guess now but I guess the way I look at how many innings did he go Mac game as safe five and annual yes so he went five innings on it I mean if there is the kind of thing where he was so debilitated. They should have been on the mound you'd you'd think he couldn't even throw and pitch it out. So I think that's an easy second guess how many times do we hear like Josh Beckett he had a start where he slipped in the bullpen same kind of thing right election may have pushed impact management about a one today. But you often hear like oh stumble here or whatever and the guys sign. May I guess may because it's you ride put it this way I wasn't feeling that way when the game was gone on even see in the video like this shouldn't be starting. So to say it after the fact it's did you think I I I don't second that they put it they you know they they talk about early in the broadcast that. He you'll velocity was down and that I think Vasquez said after the game and is you know he he felt like something was up because the Boston was down. I think on that is though if he's sitting there telling if it becomes then. And tell us jump fine and he's fine tells the bullpen coach she tells the bullpen catcher. He tells Farrelly tells the trends and find what what do you do. No you're not hold them down and and we're gonna examine your knee even though you toss a fine. Yeah and remember this is the guy last year who I think in Detroit right he was supposed to start. And basically scratched himself in the late the night before. I'm not ready I'm not ready and so they had to get Henry Owens like pared sled dogs like take him across the country because they couldn't. Find a way to get out of the park and he showed up and got lit up which you know wow what a surprise there. And lots of people on that team appears to be ride coaches players whenever you don't leave us and alerts like that so. Knowing his history and he's well aware of it to maybe he felt obligated to push through yeah which is what athletes do all the time by the right and and. Lou Maloney brought that up on Boston sports that I don't try to knives he said but part of him was really. Kind of pumped about you rod Sam take in the ball regardless yet. Because but you know as the the way it was described I find it hard to believe and imagine this may not trusting. The Red Sox and their explanation of the injury and when he felt the but he said like I didn't feel anything until the next day that's on the sub likes of some relaxation. Yes he claimed it happened yet stay witches or scrap it happened when he found out whether. It was because the clean tech on the dirt or whether the gauges gave out because there's now they're telling us he's apparently. Predispose. Yet we items as us or ask. I conditionality and based on last year that this is gonna happen to him which is I guess that's a little bit concerning but I guess the to me the the one thing now is. Aren't so maybe he's lived through it now estimated at last year. It trepidation on his part about how it's gonna feel when he pitches but it took him. He wants. Last year yeah I mean this is in the if this isn't it this isn't even on the back here is the front of and Red Sox fans mine is this going to be one of those injuries that. It's a ten day DL and we hear he's going to be for nine and and he's not five and next thing you know is being moved to the sixty day in your opening get him back in September right you don't wanna jump to that. But with him in his history it's hard not to and the other thing. Even if it's not. That Ceres and say he's sees Al misses two starts or something he's back. What we've seen from him throughout his career last year in particular. When he stinks he's hurt he changes his mechanics he changes everything about to avoid landing funny or whatever. And so you run the risk of yet he's out there but he's not he route anymore is not the guy that we've seen for the first two months is borderline all star and you don't have back guide now we're back where we started the show you know where you think you had your team David Price going back and now it's like well you saw a study rod it was very good for pricey hope frankly is as good as he rod was in your right we're back where you started right. And that's yeah I guess that that was that's the kind of like the ticket crotch about that depending on how long injury last is that he was finally. He looked like. What they protected him to be and and obviously build the first three starts here remain as Major League career was setting all kinds of records and it was ridiculous but. Settled into being. I don't off the user community to make yard and use our most consistent pitcher. To the first two months of the season diving yeah absolutely was because sale was dominant and then you know still good but not as do it right Iran has just been consistent right there yeah. And that's. So I think it was seven so's splash his seven starts prior head injury he'd gone six innings and six of only gone eight innings in the other. 225 ERA form on and that's the so you're looking for exactly and wallet. He's not necessarily homegrown. He did have to come through the system a little bit it to. Through to give you what he gave you and that's you know they've been lawsuits and issues. Developing pitchers so that's that's certainly something to watch because. Four is nice is the Brian Johnson story is was I think we can all agree that his stuff. Is not considered in the same ballpark is as Rodriguez remind you of the hazard. Yeah I mean you guys there on a seven mile an hour fastballs against a struggling offense you know you just compliment the right time. So let's be realistic about Brian Johnson ceiling it's not your thoughts Betsy routes floor who are out there. And now he's heard anyway so IDC now you don't even know like who's in net started going to be you can't be happening around him. It can be me today and absolutely can be you know you go back to Kyle Kendrick. Probably not Bradley not I think Kyle Kendrick is is on the Shana solved in like it's your brother checking out apartments in Korea. I need to make a nice living there. You can't. Six or 7779792376. Or 777979237. GRT. Johnson mossy here this morning for rob Bradford who is. And even organized around so doing he was broadcasting game the other night he's everywhere he is he really is to see ever come in here with like the double five hour energy here yes now he's and he's big on the a five hour. The protein mom but I think there. I believe that there are just continuing our ailing. So on and off all he's gonna have I mean you I've case I was gonna say I don't know reserves. You know as the sliding into the F five hour energy peoples the ams and sand send me. Semi all you got he well he won't there'll be no idea that lobbyist rates we kind of like used tweeting and southwest yesterday to move up that seat. I guarantee those great he posted a you know southwest as the boarding groups a BC. So he is like B 35 or something in his eye itself less what do you think he posts a bottle of A one steak sauce. And a bit of a get worse. Yeah out of he hustles though. Yeah he's always taken pictures of the firearms. Yeah I mean it's that's he made once a week. He made wise I don't know if he made me but in spring training I was driving him somewhere we get back to our Condo. And he's like allows crap out of the cars kind of sloppy as you miss and now. These balls crap out of the priorities like put it on the roof of a car like hold on hold on I go to depiction of semantics is somewhere. It's like five hour energy bottles and and is probably like a Diet Coke in there and just. His keys his wallet like to stuff everywhere. Yeah I guess it is delicious throughout your right I can't I can't imagine. What his own car looks like. I've been in his car and it kind of felt like whoa weird writes this it yes they're newspapers pizza does this I step on this like of course it is. Packs of cigarettes even though it is never enough I think that's. Just hit it quite that mobile mobile. For instance you said. Currently song was tickling Roberts I don't know gone on there are awful book or. How all right we we're gonna do with the all day long six or 77797937. Is TU RD and Tomas in for Brad pretty aren't going to be out. All right Daryn that's where you coveted. Give in on the weekend sports talk action right now with my geography and rob Bradford college Sports Radio WEEI. Great to pick. Strike for. Multiple strikeout. If true why. Red Sox. Two units of certain. Concerns me most is smarter. It's. This is going to do this music from today's. Performance here. David Price. No offense felt. David Price after. Outstanding start last night in Baltimore. Stopped Red Sox losing streak to two games goes as you mentioned one battering the eighth inning. One run three hit struck out seven. And as we talked at the top of the showed. Completely unexpected. Yes I mean you'd nail that I've felt the same way Tommy John like we were just headed for the inevitable Tommy John. Why are we going to this charade of him throwing out trampoline and office top flight. Which images get it over with and had the surgery in May be in 28 senior Latin for half the year or something right. You know what yeah I mean as of now it's still early but as an I had to say they handled it correctly. Yeah and even the even the baton to much debated. Two starts it AAA where he was getting smashed around. I'm not making another start down my throat the Major League level and like was this because. He realizes doing has some people's thoughts in the army feeds them and use them at the Major League level one non AAA or is this. I'm gonna be heckled them into Tripoli the type I don't know death I'd rather be heckled and thoughts are right. What one of the things that came up during that whole process was. The idea. That some people throughout their that the idea that there are. That that people are rooting for him to fail. When you stand on that he would compete because of his. Has passive aggressive nature and clearly having a hard time adjusting to Boston and his super sensitive. Rabbit ears on Twitter was down. With a fan base and throwing out the you know I've 217 million dollars or whatever reasons. Yes whenever whatever it easier yeah. To put up of this crap you can see. Do you think that that's the case you think people do root against him. By and large no but there is a vocal segment patrolling segment of Twitter you know those kind of people who you and I probably hear from from time to help area safe anymore than you but from time I don't like me there yet so. There's good they're always going to be those people and I'm sure there are some Red Sox fans and I don't necessarily blame them who get a little tired of prices acted as sort of woe is me victimization kinda thing you know it L or are. Just we year unnecessary defiance you know crisis like manager Joseph dude come down your are. A rich. Baseball player in Boston. If you put your head down and do your job people will love you John Lackey like John Lackey was despised here until he was beloved so. David Price you've involves saint. Highlighted in Red Sox fans just like David Price to be David Price pitch well he doesn't have a history. Of being such an a hole. Like Latin like last night he won't let you use was it was and is. You know it kind of endearing Leo most inane hall and his teammates loved him and that counts for something. But you'd you know whose book tough got to be around David Price is not back you've been around David minds he's a Smart guy he's well spoken guy he's a well intentioned and I think that matters. And so at the end of the day he pitches well fans will love him. And they will not. Injury against. Yeah and I. I mean look I am I agree that there are there's always that's segment of social media or lose you know very vocal minority of the fan base that. It's gonna treat him my dad. He hasn't done himself any favors. You know just not to shut that stuff off you know like I. It's almost like that the Twitter thing are armed addicted to one you don't. Yeah just don't. You know exactly aggravation that the thing that jumped out at me when he blew off. The reporters and the socket and you know some the end I didn't even hear a lot of this I'm not gonna pretend that this is an overarching thing but there are some people who cares if he talks it doesn't matter you know. And in general. Kind of actually agree like that obviously I'm a reporter I would prefer that people always stock but. If they don't amount wannabes like I'm gonna go complain to the BBW a lighted need sock. But in that particular case. We're looking for our weak it is David Price okay we still don't know he got knocked around into AAA starts yet he was there are 95 but he didn't look like himself. And so when he leaves the when he climbs into his tank miss and and then it starts though as the march all right. You have you can't you can't help but think. The reason he's not talking to us is because he's concerned because he knows he has nothing good to say because he feels bad so you jumped to these conclusions. If detox. None of this happens and I know there are people around the Red Sox even relate he's not open is Scott's right why you do when that that doesn't help that doesn't help anything you guys. It it didn't make any it sometimes just. Are you said that there and it and Aiken speaks to do. There's certain there's a part of him I don't care security talks and not just called pitch but there is that sort of within the organization like why why would you why would you do that. I know what what purpose did that serve well what did you and you in particular this guy yet a killer you. People ran a hard time embracing you we're paying you your on the hook for 270 million dollars and and in theory you're gonna be here for the entire times like try to figure out a way to make this work. That's one of the ways you can try to make it work you know try to make it work with the people that are covering the team. 'cause they helped get your message out there minutes that it's the whole soul thing you you said of Lackey that he was young's teammates loved them. To date the prices team is they love them. I think they will he's pitching it's it's just like any other guy that mean this is true over tees when you're hurt. You're almost not part of a team that's just how baseball is you're there but you're not there and I think price is sort of a map. Place right now but but in generally acting guys do like him he had the reputation. Especially in Tampa and Detroit and even Toronto on the half fear that he was there a being that alpha. Great teammate rally around me I'm gonna help all the young guys the problem is in baseball if you're struggling or you're not playing. There's only so much you can do you can't be that vocal you can't be so let's see let's see him play well Betty I don't I don't think guys have a problem. How do you feel that they have not taken that to Chris Sale who obviously is. About as intense as they count GAAP love and his editing them love them gag me and I look in that especially early in the air in that clubhouse we're wondering where's the leadership and Pedroia has never really embraced the whole. Like rally around me guys kind of things like he's owned a gas he's got a mean he's got a little he's got the rabbit ears a little bit too and you know he'd leads by example you'd you would never question a thing that he does on the field. But they don't have they were to that was are teases team last year resident and a lot of people didn't understand this was Ortiz is clubhouse or teases team. Going back 510 years you now. The whole time that Pedroia was an MVP it was great and everybody just as soon dies dirt died he looks a little more like us so we identify with a mark. Now that was always Ortiz is team in there is a leadership void now as my long winded way of saying that. I think from a very early point in the season it was almost like this is Salem where Celestine. Like almost out of the suits and I understand it's starting pitchers. Can't exert the same kind of influence and and every day position player can buy. I think those two guys if you're looking for our two sort Alfa died that we're talking about earlier price I think those two guys. Fit the bill is not surprising to a two of wood in terms of Marcelo when you consider the struggles that he had his first year here. And oh my god what a journey to do double down by Abbas that he obviously has a great year last year and as we said it's sort of scan of the Tommy hits but somehow still finds a way to keep his team in the game to this point in the season and but that he is now emerged as one of those guys that initially your account all of this is necessarily gonna work here. With the Red Sox and now he is when he was the one after the and all the stuff would match Otto was like let's go out there and kick their ass tomorrow yeah the one guy you liked. I've some money. Yes a nice and that's exactly as they can have an even in the clubhouse before. Game where I think Barnes. Hit you know the whole thing with some final thing. Like sail and Marcelo we're talking to some of the relievers don't know what they are Sam Mike could have been how is your day about it. Right but I think they were there was a take charge kind of thing there like. We are the leadership in this staff and you know we are gonna make sure that our voices are heard everything but. Gone back to what you were saying about or sell as bad start animals think. That gives him a little extra. Wait you know in the clubhouse because he survived and he came through it. And he overcame you know and so I think there's some risk there's a respect factor there. For what he's built himself into aftermath horrible first yes I survived this I can survive any. Yeah I mean and where and how many times have we seen Hayward guys coming in and made to struggle that first year and and it's the second year where. If things are gonna go right formats may make you just Josh Beckett was one of those guys even pay dirt to an ex staff sure you know I mean Pedro is the worst year he had and that. Glorious stretch would have been 98 there was still a great year but. He and then in 1990s that one of the greatest. Yeah nine and 2000 O line here is virtually unhittable you know so I think every guy goes through that to some extent it is exceptionally Schilling was dated but he's a different animals so. These different fair outcome and the heat he. So if it is the pitchers that are the leaders is that. Is that sustainable is that good for the club you know I mean like yet it doesn't someone I wouldn't you feel like somebody is oppositional warehouse to emerge whether it's. You know your your bass player and you bats or. I mean I guess Pedroia has not changed is who is at this point but somebody. Be that guy who plays everyday yeah you would like that but they're just there rosters in a weird spot right now you know because you have. Pedroia is obviously a veteran Hanley is a veteran you know hand me not playing first base and on that Hanley came in the spring training where you there for his. Opening remarks I was not parents when things that's your I'm so used to see and I asked the UN evil side to side apparently the premise is not needed there by that. So anyway that it. Has sports. Handling is first comments at the picnic table. Where he talked about how much you mister Ortiz the news you're my everything heard everything crawl lives of all over the top. But after what Hanley did last year where he was such a positive influence in the clubhouse and you censored. Integral part of their lineup. You thought OK maybe Hanley against all lives even though he's been kind of an idiot for most of his career may be he's figured it out in his thirties. And he will be able to take just a little piece of that even if it's with the Latin guys whatever. That hasn't happened Pedroia you know Pedroia is what he is at this point he's a leader on the field I don't know that he's a leader in the clubhouse. I think the match out of stuff with such a terrible look for him now that's not me it's them it's not me it's them like what's even if it is then even if that's true and I don't actually doubt that. Why are you saying it's at the end the other team like admitted notes on day yet in just looks bad at it puts you it. Basically puts you above your team like. If screw these guys and so it's on bills for these guys. You know I'm I'm not paid my hands are clean you know so that was about a little cruiser and use poise he was like a resulted jump for the media center at the I'll keep those instincts and then the rest of the team is young so you don't really have. Yeah you forget that monkey and Bogart's in their 20/20 three you know between three so I. I was thinking to reduce your time around Ortiz being you know had been his clubhouse obviously Furl for a long long time. Well with the young players be able to protect young players. Go back to the mold on. Nomar Garciaparra thing Nomar was able to thrive because he wasn't the guy that everybody went to EU what. You go to a mall if you want if you need it quote on the state of the team right now what's going on the team yeah go to mock. And most stood there and dated every day in and dealt lit every day and then one mall moved on. People just automatically. Assume while Garcia pars at best player by far yet. And he's the face of the franchise now I'm gonna go to him. And he was ill equipped as anybody ever wants. To handle that and I obviously it led to the sort of is melting down here and ending up instead of being. You know were Red Sox for life yet hall of Famer column that it ended up getting shipped out of town and oh by the way than they when a World Series without him yeah. Like couple months and yeah it is brutal. Yeah I mean if if you're asking is Pedroia closer to move on and Nomar Sonoma as it close and both of them it's similar like Nomar is not a bad guy at all like he just he didn't wanna deal with the all the media stuff. And Pedroia is definitely not a bad this isn't about that none has just about at all yet but are you equipped to be and Pedroia has never been super comfortable. Where if stated team stuff like he does it but there's always. I don't know you look to your leaders to be like everything's going to be fine and there's just always and irritability about him when it comes to that stuff. And I understand like where are constantly looking for him on teams are losing streak you know it's like well we gotta talk to somebody in your your voice carries more weight than anybody else's. Yeah I've always said you know like as rebut it break your odds are said that day. That those guys should get together during the course of the season because there are stretches when you're in there every day and it's going bad it's like you Deanna going to the same people. But a lot of times goes and people because. Certainly won't show up in the locker room just not there and now must felt like. Over the course of time and you go back to that the other 2004 and the idiots macro they are real good about. You know what. Milan are who's never been gyro Mike what he's done the last couple days of John Johnny Johnny it's your turn was. It was a different guy on you know later attack like so that. You didn't have to be the one I keep our guys how many times gas from the same damn question I just ask you ask these questions just it's from again today yeah that group was really good about sort of dividing like look man I'm on my carpet today and I'm gonna get the hell out of dodge you know when I go now my lady are gonna guides whatever and get out of my pocket these guys yet you do. And they would do it that way and I think that. That worked. Decently you said it is the age group this team that probably just not that that. At that point 61777979. 3761777. On 7937. GRD. And Tomas in for Brad for that we get back. Slam a microphone we get back a lot of talk over a more about him like that some observations here that I. Would like to share with the UNC which you think is well also will discuss that we come back.