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SoccerCast - Is The Revs Front Office Listening To The Fans?

Jun 4, 2017|

Ben and Russ discuss the Revs win over Toronto FC, are the Revs making a big push right now, the amazing supporter groups, and the Champions League Final.

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Okay. Whatever I've got an interest in news about the show itself. Look up and I say adieu we'll do you know one into the numbers this week is a Chauncey kind of gauge where we're at what we're doing you know download lies in what our audience was like. And I found some really enjoy seeing. Information here. Now our audience is generally about oh I guess 2259. While let's fantastic a Tarek. I'm happy with that come 2161. Of those people come from the United States. Okay that's a pretty good number that's a very strong number that's a very big no no if it's what it's really weird here in inches and here's. I have a breakdown here of the countries that listen. How many people in particular countries actually listen and I was surprised I thought it would be like. United States Canada England and that might be about it. And even even I was I was kind of stretching it but I don't resent though the chances because we've had. You know certain people on them and your relationships with the you know your form sampling. Yes that was a shot doses you know whatever looked so. It gets weird here so the number one country Kerr the soccer gases United States number two is the UK. With 22 people in the U carelessness. That's pretty good number three Canada sixteen people. Now now now we serve to spiral out of control and I have no idea I can't explain any of this it's really bizarre to me Erica number four. For the fourth. Country the most amount of people who listen to show. Is the Republic of Korea. Look at that we actually met and how this thank you all right foot. How does that happen I have no idea the North American. Surmise is that maybe there are all. US residents saw working in South Korea shorter. I mean I can I just assumed. Kim Jung who really likes the show the fifth. And knowing now that he does really liked the show we're gonna tailored a little bit of truth Erica. And number five. Japan. Well that makes sense followed by the Netherlands at Texas ties Oca. But those two men are so happy about that because you know your name's Tim here and accomplish out there you're smoking a joint and a show that's exactly what I want. That is that's all I was Amsterdam. So did you recording militia. Tom that sounds ideal to meet followed by Nigeria. That's an interest in one in Germany Boca Spain. India. The Philippines. Australia. Aruba. Aruba Aruba okay the Bahamas. Brazil. Switzerland. Greece. Croatia. Ireland. Israel. Mexico which apparel to be harmless cut Norway. Panama. We're Wanda. Okay Saudi Arabia. Thailand. And last but not least that wonderful country of other. Okay and I told you. I was surprised I asked her as civil as China on the list because I think China's economy China's anomalous zone which is kind of surprised I think China in the us because they are. Taking an interest to the sports and they're taking huge interest in sport. We got to figure out how to get into China mark youth yes. There's like what 2.5 billion people very got to figure out how to get into that China market. I guess we need to talk more transfer speculation to the simple leaked are right this show's all about Wayne Rooney going to like China. No I I I just that was fascinating I don't know if anyone else listening finds it fascinating but I trying to fastening you hear country like you know. Rolando yo what the hell what are you doing. I'm happy. I've I liked the fact that we we get lessons from all over by the I saw that South Korea etc. pretty cool I think that's great. Yet that's actually can kind of awesome Mike Connelly a resolution that you know legacy and a expected US UK and Canada now. I don't expect him and how many were Australian. Because Australia is we can one person an extra focus focus that's not a but that's not a big trend and anything after the Philippines is one singular person a cut. You know Aruba Bahamas Brazil's Switzerland Greece saw all those after that Wanda it's only one person both countries. The cost. To thank you to know one person. We'd T shirts we would send some believe that. There's really is and we don't feel like doing it to work. You know our work but obviously. All right on now there through that silliness. Talking about bath and enabled isn't. It's been a good weekend good Regan for soccer specially if you're New England soccer fan I think self you know the reds. That was a very good performance against the best team in the east snap blew it was Toronto eight game unbeaten streak. So elect. They have really been planned well this entire season so. They are by far the best team in the Eastern Conference and I say the the best team in the MLC a right now Asia especially if you look at points wise they're number one between amp. Now I know fans will point out that Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore were not involved are Derek. I will say O Connor ball this article Aussie was out in this not so that's one for the revs but overall. I would marginalize his victory I would actually would get this is could positive step still. Still they had they had Jim Angle and you cannot take away the factor that he is. And I think this is an excellent victory I watched the match and I was I was impressed. How they play. If you look at the possession numbers they're pretty even but yeah what I really liked about this match then was the shape of the revolution. Defensively. You know again very quiet they kept G of Inco extremely quiet and a player that stood out I think you're gonna agree with me was again Diego food and absolutely I was so it is their because we can have a really good conversation I don't. I'm glad he's not here. Well his face. What's interesting about Diego it is not I. Now coming around to this idea that he's become in this complete player because if you watch he is running at. Players now he's extremely aggressive extremely confident but he also tracked back defensively so he's really doing at all. But what's great about him it's not just about him scoring he's setting up his teammates he has is good relationship. Would want I Nadal and I'll say Kelyn Rowe I think the players that stood out for me in this not for Kellen rob. Diego Fernandez and I'm gonna say Tony they'll mail. For the most part the sea I think that he's fly underneath the radar because his importance. Is huge right now when you look at how they're playing currents compared to say a year ago. And which you talked about his partner you know he's had different partners he's been the rock back there setting the tone. And you looked so confident back there it looks or natural back than that to me it's. Is what's so good about and he's so confident that their and I think we're not I think if you asked me right now I think if we did a player of the season so far I think we'll be held. It might be a ease talk about a clearly came flying under the radar to makes perfect sense disease he's solid not spectacular. He's solid he's his own economists stakes are just common does John clears line. Tom. And that's yeah you could be right because he's definitely the most urban most consistent. You know you haven't seen these big ebbs and flows out of him where he's all the sudden horrible one game the most part he's been efficient. Right he's just doing his job as of the same before and you know listen I know that they have given up. Some goals and some games but if you look at it and watch every now she'll see a consistent player and our vessel and then they you can take out of without Tony they'll man is his consistency so that's why wanna put him up because I think that. What he is often the revolution. It is not really being looked out. As much as we should be talked wish to talk more about hand. Because then it sets everything up that sits up the play and end. Central midfield and then in the guys move before but if he has saw back there along with his partner. Then everything come full fort. Yet that this team is you know way in game you know you go to New York. You take one out of there they'll which is what you wanted them to do. And the thing that no one's talking about with this thread seem right now is that they are protecting their house they're not losing games at home it's a bit. Now some point that you talked about that and I haven't really seen much talked about the fact that they are just. Winning at home. And it is getting points at home that they've got them a couple of draws back and put beyond notably draws what's beyond that they are taken care of business. At home having said that they'd suck ass on the road they still haven't won a game they have not and that's an issue. And they need to start winning matches on the road but there's still have a few drops. And they're playing competitive and not listen now first match against the rebels was was unfortunate. I thought they played fairly well in the beginning of the game and then second half the rebels took over time but still. I could take positives out of that I could dealt with tape positives out of the game at Yankee Stadium get in the the Waco by collage C you can build on. Even a point at the Yankee Stadium I think is huge. Absolutely huge and it. Here's my question arrests are we watching a team that's gonna go through one of their typical hot streaks and then cool off and go through a typical cold streak but this team does the ebb and flow so much. It's incredibly frustrating to watch this team at times right now there in a good spell so it's not pressuring watch a team it's actually a rewarding to watch this team right now. We've seen bad streaks are a 2000. How long can they carry this momentum and kind of still a couple points get into that plan to turn trying to solidify yourself in eight. I basically underneath Toronto it's very close in the east right you know right now they are. Yes split hairs with the Red Bulls are both of twenty points. Those second team in the east which isn't MI CS he only missed 14 point that's right so there's a mess right there. Can they get in and kind of solidify a position. You know going into July into it and with the transfer window opening and the kind of force. See here's. Amass a nasty two questions are one I know is an ass in the go ahead of breath. Now. For long term impact of this team. Do we need to see this team make a run right now heading into an open transfer. And then make a move. Or will the front office look at this bingo hey there make it around we accept assault team here we can make the playoffs without anybody. Pay any new additions. Boy am open it's the latter rights I YouTube because if they make a run going into. The window. I would hope that they would take a look at this the big picture what they did were Germain don't exactly what's gonna tickets over the top they still need. And you and I have talked about this long without I truly believe. What they need is. A leader on the pitch just a true leader. Because they can win these matches three nil they can win these types of matches can they win the matches. Like we've talked about before one nothing can they win or else. And I think leadership plays a hand in that and I think they need a true leader out there are and this just seems to be a bunch of worker bees out there doing their job you know who's going to win the chips are down going to grab everyone together and say. This is what we need to do I'm gonna take control fall may. And I don't see that true. Leader out there are and I can doubts what they're missing could be so someone upfront maybe could it be someone up. And back to go along with a Dell may have may be but they're they're needs to be some kind of true. Leader out there. Well I think. Right now it's clear they have themselves figured out. In net. They're going with proper. My is a guy for so you've got that thing it'll shut out to Brad and I know yes he can play very well against. Analyze this in December he says Susie did. You know we have always been a fan I want him to get more time last two seasons I don't like to seemed more time now but it's obvious. Regardless away opinions on either of the goaltenders are that they're going with proper right that is their number one. OK so you've got that solidified in my last jurist kind of OK it's night manned shuttles Oregon where we don't with the site. So. You've got it figured out now so I I say among lines of what you're just saying. You bring in a defender you bring in a solid veteran defender who can lead and then you solidified that back my native three positions on the back lines notified many are left that position. You've kind of you feel comfortable but at the same time you'd like a true left back. I think they need more and nothing against Cristina take its time I thinks it's that they that they find a true left back and I'm IP position that they go work out. In the transfer market as well but. Was nothing against Benjamin and go off. That's been playing Ohio and I was the lucky is go ever there was just horrible defense by Toronto horrible nobody martini just sat there is a good case in a good. Andrea ball but. He just sat back gay and anyone could had a that in. He had time for days to see I think he's solid. It was he's fine but I'd just do let's not get excited not a goal now. Now another goal is what he said it was an easy going to put them away from us because he was left a mark but. Moving forward I'm just trying to think of a type of player that could really help the mound and maybe it's. Like what he said. A true leader back there that could go along with Romania. That could really help them or. You know I don't know what at this point if you're gonna look for anyone else in central midfield because you you brought in Kofi Kofi stone a decent job along with cost he. So then your trouble where else do you bring in this Toledo where he's. Transmittal to bring in a game midfielder again. Isn't now you have to whom many midfielders and you try too hard it's hard right now and you're playing them Atlanta back in you're trying to figured out now you you know there's a guy right back that I'd rather see I know they'll hold the midfield position and that's a different sort of for different debt. Yeah tuning options there don't muddy the field further than you already have. Solidify the back line and let everything had to push toward from. Right and and I'm there with you and and doll when I look at this and I can see the improvements and I just mentioned the shape being really solve right now and I think telemann proper. Have a good amount to do that. Do without along with you know I could say Kofi and and also want caution when he's playing the shape is really good bad and what. Okay gone back to what happens when. The matches coming down to the 85 minute. You're up by a goal who's going to be the player to take everyone together and say this is what we need to do we need to hunker down here and see this out. And I don't know if they have up by her out their right now that. I'm gonna say Jermaine Jones leader back there you know we've always talked about him is what he did that first year was incredible it was incredible it wasn't just what he did. Offensively. Spraying the ball around scoring goals it's what he did leadership wise that I think it's messed and I think they're missing that. When you look at the difference between. The team that got to the MLS cup the team now. I hate deported to the slave but it might just be a player like Jermaine Jones put them over the top. And they were going through a sly when they brought in. Jermaine Jones are remember that's. What my hope is that they are that they go into this window. On Iran. And the people in charge. Look out it's as you know what we need something to take us over the top. We don't just wanna make the playoffs we wanna make an impact yet because I understand that people are probably have the mindset. Was just make the playoffs of the revolution you know what just get in. And I think that's the wrong attitude to have it's absolutely the wrong attitude to have lived with the Eastwood will we just talked about its own money. You know every every position down from one is really money and one. While they've played actual home. The majority of the season isn't unbeatable. No they're not and again that's why I was gonna ask you this. Who's scares you put fear in the east and after watching. Drawn Aussie I know who they were missing I still think that the revolution can hang with all of these teams I've seen him do the only team. We still haven't seen them really play at his Orlando wanna see without looks like a healthy Orlando a healthier Orlando. Yeah I mean to cut mute but he missed six weeks so intense sunlight so you you've got a situation where. That's a good team really good since that's an I think their third in the east right now you know at. Another fourth of effort throughout the fire but. You know which we'll see what next against. Two weekends so to answer we guess we'll see the fire here enough fox right. Which. Are we going. We might go a Rico and I think it's a do we do it why we don't you know me and only going to I know you don't well I'd I will go OK so I Rio. The reason why were going is that I was gone back and forth with someone on Twitter through his veins on dawn go door and dawn actually. Said why don't you come down to a match when he comes down to tell you gave before the match meet us and you'll get an earful yeah. With the with the run support so that I brought it to your attention as it you know what maybe we should do that that. Because I think we'll be good to talk to these fans down there experienced that together us together we've that we haven't done that together and listen to what they have to set an. You know we should do. What store shelf from noted I think that defense passengers do our show producers noted yeah. We can bring down some current Dolan stood up aren't. That we can actually talk to. Yeah instead of conversing with a couple that actually converse of us on Twitter know we can actually do that that defense just like our number one brand Corey. We love you. I love Cory different core real time. Daisy duke he has he's very passionate extremely you know I love about fans like him is they're very passionate and they don't. They don't have these rapid swings they know what they want to know what they're designed to know what the the team needs and they wanna see him just go get it dipped. They need more frantic but here's my problem again I would do this'll grants a little bit again we've. What I constantly see is people bitching well it's you know Sports Radio would talk about progress not again. The numbers have to be there to make it worth our while we have to have enough people watch in the game so that when we talk about it. Our audience doesn't turn south as we we all know there's still many fans out there have been absolutely hates sport. Correct so as a job we can't do that's what we do to show. But I brought something new you. And that I think is significant and we should be talking about this because I've been. One nepalese that this fan base continues to grow I believe there was over 21000 their last night I know its Iran policy is you the best disarmament sort interrupted got. The big boss here that likes. Well that's good hair. Yet he we've had conversations about to be in the pass a competency even as recently as a speakers I got to see grown big. You know icici just tide turning in a series so let's bring nice to have someone that can. So who's in a power position yeah unlike me. I minimal power. So when in power position look at it go OK there's something here you know we should probably start embracing this these niche communities is what we should be going after. I'm there will win him I hope I saw become more than a net chip. Yes exactly and the reason why I want to bring this up because I think this is significant and I know that the club. The revolution had something to do with a at a thousand. Rev supporters. Went to Red Bull arena it it was it was brought together by the revolution yet again you still have to get on the boss made this trip. And a thousand of them were there. I hate I got invited to go oh I find the arrest the reds emailed me and say hey we're doing this you know we've got some slots for media we want you to join us unfortunately you know I was out of town thrust on South Carolina so I couldn't do. If I wasn't a vacation if I'd known about it earlier approach would have moved my vacation to a different time just to do it and experience and hang out with all these great people. That's awesome you bring a thousand people die of York that's significant will that shows you know will dig your capabilities yes it does. But again and it makes me and curious to see how the front office reacts to things like that. Because you don't want them to look at and be complacent Buick. Wow look at this burden you know a thousand people to travel with us down to New York you know 678. Hours away. That's fantastic you don't wanna look at him and a look at that have that look added tease me and go. We're doing enough. We're doing we're on the right track or not you're not on the. What the eighty's and ninety's I hate to use it Boston Bruins are exactly exactly. And that's great pero no it is because that's the chair and I understand your fear and I think that could be fear of rev stances that they're going to. It down that out and may be many feel that they are already down that path but here's offended you can correct path. If you do something in the summer to take them over the top and I also wanna mention because I happen to see state of the rubs. And Brian below is being interviewed he mentioned that they're going again. To Yankee Stadium and their bring 500. Supporters without. That's backwards. I think that's oil location that they were given the OK don't sleep you know you do have a success you don't go backwards now I think ours and that makes sense and there was allegations that there are doomed by. By NY CFC. We got a thousand they're (%expletive) 500 of next time. There's different 500 random drop but this all that out that's fantastic they saw that scene that's a chemist. Finally T here I like the fans mobilize an iPad that's fantastic you know there's a great core fan base here a great court it's just unfortunate not large enough you look at. But it's because he's so many distractions they'll you know I was talking to. A sudden when the sales guys here who used to work in Portland board. And he doesn't like soccer is a guy I just never got into it never would admit I don't know anything about whatever. Leo's but I went to a couple of games because we have the Marrero went to a couple of games and he said it was the greatest experience sporting news experience he's ever. Into. He goes you timbers game in Portland. That's great and you know it kind of makes. The right atmosphere in your hands and positive atmosphere. New stadium new threat gonna go down that radicals but it's a great point because. In Portland and Seattle even though Seattle is an. Football stadium Seattle is the anomaly. Chaos. They are but again it's a European feel to be absolutely more so than anywhere else split. I'm telling you I think we would have that here and some some ways. Then the way that. That the supporters groups the rebellion and that of course. One by blanking on and on the other. While born when I'm blanking on the other supporters group. All of with the New England Revolution. Dot com. They do their part in the fort they do their part and they certainly did their part when. They went to allow the away match in the probably do their part again but they are extremely vocal reaching an amendment writers I was to have the midnight riders and are under harassed some mariners ten and I have a brain fart does not that a Travolta desolate. I should have known right away what you're talking about Alec wait I don't know either so that's like him announcer and then a little boost to us. The core fans are amazing thing are they are amazing. Arguably our best score of fans in the city outside of patriots. Well listen I won't disagree with you on that and it we might have Bruins fans that might disagree but. I don't know Bruins and owns a tough because. You know. Celtics at least seem to be a little more on us the fans seemed to be more honest about being bandwagon fans are incensed don't seem to be terribly honest about being bandwagon fans. Bruins fans tend to be. Negative. But it really stands also don't. Come out in force and mobilize the way of reds the red score does tells us why more Ryan sandstone gimme around right there's a lot more Bruins right now I just say that they would have an argument but for actual. Group a core group of fans the reds stand up there they have to debt they stand up there you know. Over everyone except for the patriots and auto business and patriots is because as you know you know. I am when training game comes around you've been there I've been there there's thousands of people to watch you practice that's crisis so that that. They're in a world of narrow. But the reds fans like you said they are together they are one to support his group. The midnight riders and the rebellion that you know they they really are great supporters groups and they showed each and every match and and that's why. You know I just wanted to be among them and deal I think it's a great idea that we do is this podcast right there. I talked to them I think it's good parent would do. Good to some announcers stuck about but I don't know what his institute a policy be champions fund them may be something that happened in Cardiff and you mean to demolition in Cardiff. And only use their word. On anything and employ vaknin and just because what's gone on health slowly doing. That was a tale of two halves totally. And it's unfortunate because I predicted you residue into one thanks in my men ballad about it did not happen that way. Yelled dame opens up first goal. Real Madrid's up on not a pretty quickly all right Stewart's going on here. Are you fences US open to that point it really been pushing the issue an embryo was kind of sitting Maxine what was going on. And when you see the entire game unfold you really celery I was doing throughout the entirety game and just watch the first half ago. Particulate. When you didn't really understand what they were doing. And then they just steamrolled Aventis. Absolutely demolished them the bigger in this second half at the start from there. It's well yet started from there but you could even see the last ten minutes 510 minutes of the first half was overtime deserted turning. That means of control. That was the same one of the sweetest girls I've ever seen. Thousands unbelievable. It was by far the best moment I thought of the entire game. All I agree but it was unfortunately the only home and he's just felt free event just but I'm glad you brought up the start. From an event just because I thought they were gonna be good enough for school I really did I don't. And then of course you get the goal for Real Madrid I'm like OK here comes now but to you Ventas discredit. Vague they got the equalizer like you mentioned these crazy go from Manson pitch and then I thought and I actually texted our co host Alex is that Alex. It's volume I just get the second gold little witness and and of course that's not what happened and two Real Madrid drew its credit they came out like crazy in the second half and you could feel that goal comment. And then of course you you've got the follow up to that and and then it's over three to one it's over. I feel bad for. John would you do form because. The first two goals reflections I reflections I reflections ill there's a means to help Casimir one was. Relaxed and I just aren't so it was a reflection of a deflection changed in complete course of that goal and the first goal by. By Christiane Ronald same thing yes it was a slight deflection and and here's a guy like you said you walk. I want them Winfrey had you know someone that's been through this and I wanted. Even just a win for him and then I realized while we're watching this and experience it and this is a one off match. This is what happens then deflection is crazy things happen fantastic goals. I thought the first half was excellent to watch was incredible and the rest let him play it was great and nice physical game that good musicality wasn't getting to cheapen chippy MM which we saw a leader on them. That was unfortunate that was unfortunate but I thought I really enjoy the first half of this notch and I really thought the second. How was going to be was go to different I actually thought that you've been to scoot up all the soft but. Then you just basically had a team will their way to win this match they took over as simple as that they took it over and they were the better team they'd would lead to look at what. It was a fantastic game. Tell us it was fantastic game to watch because even in the second half you're watching greatness. What do you tell us the good thing about it you can look at that second avenue it manages kill them. It wasn't that in birdies later scored excellent teams at the top of their game and you're watching the best team in the world right now. And and they dominated. A team that's been outstanding. All year long and how many goals is they know we saw in the champions league going next to none yeah and they scored four on them. Four I mean that's insane that just tells you how good dollar Real Madrid are. Now the first well first team to repeat the champion's death that's that's a great accomplishment you know ever since it became a champion sleek. First team since AC Milan to do it 899 BM Google itself. Good day he'd be the first team to win three in a row since. I act Byron Munich so it's possible but we have to see who stays and who else you know I mean every year there are players that stay. And see who they I mean who's still it will look at the big could they be losing people could they lose Gareth bale. Yes I was just about to go to our date they I mean they've won that game essentially without their own came on and acting like the 75 minute or something they did they totally they didn't need him now. They didn't need a commissar greeted us now. At all. Clearly tell pipeline. I understand it's Real Madrid they can reload they can do whatever they want so the easy answer is of course they can but you also have to see what their team's gonna look like. You know and it constituted gonna strength in his while so I should still think they're so far ahead of everyone right. They don't I mean you know I go to Barcelona has two problems. They do because I think as a team as a little while oil group a unit. This Real Madrid team is just a cut above them. Yeah it's just a cut above and and no one lingering in touch him now know not know what plan like that not what they can. Basically take over amount flight data against an opponent. Like that they've put four up on the best defense arguably that's them that's my point here. Four goals against that mean that's crazy. Now I thought a major part of their problem was of that match who was. Himself legally couldn't do anything. Or else he couldn't do anything you see him take the ball what's the right all the time and he's not fast enough to beat anyone he's trying to dummy them and go around he can't do it. And yet it's consistently trying to do it and I would've rather seen. And Ukraine out of that game built early. Because Ewing couldn't do it couldn't get it going against that defense a defense was 2002 good you know if you're trying them. If guns I'll illegally trying to run around rough over on its not gonna happen she's too fast he's too quick. He's not gonna do it he's not gonna help muscles Sergio Ramos right so he's not the right guy to be in there. It is arguably and yes I know he held get to there he's obviously a major factor in getting there. But it wasn't right matchup is bad coaching on their part that's great point because it in this port au should have been on top it's great point. Because when you're. In this body it can be about match ups and that was a bad matchup for you Ventas because they've. They he doesn't have the speed like you said an outside and that's a major. Problem when you play a team like that so yeah I'm not it's it's a very deployed down and out. But I will say this. A player that I just think is gonna continue to get better and better and are you gonna agree with me is the ball. Am player that's unbelievable arena as ESCO. Yes. He is insanely good and stayed retain him which I'm sure there will for a long time coming. It's a team that doesn't need to do too much to rebuild. It really doesn't. You get a little old on the back line. Right and they cellular when Imus isn't the best goaltender in the world but he's good enough he's been without team is good apps is good enough. Yet they are they that back when it's gonna start. It's showing its age it passed itself that's a place where. They're looking to lot add that to me is where you would start you know at some point you have to start look at it at that. But I'm not this is is is decent he's just not protect our view he would. Star arm almost every other team in the world today it's gonna you know there's a couple of teams out there are a much better goaltenders and am I alive. I'm gonna give you comparison tell me from right or wrong between the New England Patriots and rail measure around. Gareth bale yen Rob Gronkowski yeah it's doing. It's odd they were able to win without Derek bell depth. And the patriots were able to win without Rob Gronkowski were made did not think that was possible the big. Part of that though is. When you have a superstar player. And you have enough depth and into solid team around that you have other superstars there to help. You know the team's game plans for something the game plan pro superstars like when that superstar is implying the don't understand exactly how to game plan. Against other teams that don't look at the don't know how to game plan combinations. Right that's a major problem I think uses. We talked about it during the game the announcers did which is horrible by the way. Fox. Is awful. Their crew was dreadful yesterday. But. You know they're talking about it you know argument is two years ago you know they they talk drove him we just kind of felt happy to be there. This team looked again like it was a team there's just happy to be that reception on one player who's Austin's all see entire game. Those men's and he was fantastic as the best player on the field for you Ventas pretty tired of Beckett. He was and what you said I'll leave that it's funny because wouldn't. Remember room Real Madrid when in this new and what are really to remembers I goal. I'm gonna remember that go tackle was unbelievable. And their time and meg comparing it to beds is down goal was that 03 now. But it was a very hotel or not I'm not sure one of some sort of the one of those. Now. This I think Saddam who's better. These I think this one had a little spill more reluctant whereas Dunn's was just pure skill and timing and beauty. This goes a little more luck when your backs of the goal like that yeah it's a great job put the ball on goal. It's a little more luck to you drink milk and a I think that I do respect your impressions fifth. I'm done it done I'm done you're done. Well done a certain team tearing Joyner. Well you know Alex are you on a full full minute well. There isn't a lot to really talk about except for one thing that could actually Jesse you know obvious but to say we can talk about susteren. That's because it's an interest in topics he had this idea scouting report for Kenya okay so you would trade. If Liverpool do in fact sign him to which that's the rumored Nina wondering though if Liverpool do sign of what kind of players Liverpool getting his I have barely seen him play at all. Other than a few pilot I think eventually. You're getting Gareth bale if not quite well I hope you. Aren't women you're not getting Gareth bella as a lot back you're getting someone that can dictate the play from midfield. That's a total pleasure getting with the mindset right ancestor and eventually will not be awhile back I believe I believe it is best. Attributes. Are going forward and he and his so they still work on as defense but for me it's his pace. His ability to get his teammates involved at sixteen years old now seventeen. And be able to score. He can score and then coffin it's it's the entire package the only weakness I would give you right now Ben would be. Again now lack of experience. And defensively doubt will rise in time but I do not see his position. Being left dark. And say five years I see it in the midfield I see him. I you can scoff and laugh. And he's not. Does not have the same build as Derek bell scoff and laugh from extreme trying to calm my erection I'm just telling you that if you were to land. Runs so show which I don't want it to. But I'm on record to send one team that he I feel should go to if it's not going to be stand a phone for another year till. It's Liverpool because of like to see him under caught. So more styles. And I think it would I think that is the right fit I don't think the right fit as Tottenham Hotspur what she's been rumored shuffling not the right fit as it is. Mitt just you know that's a horrible fit if there's one team that could be seamless for him. It would be livable. But without saying I think that he should stay one more year he's just turned seventeen. Work on his game and then he's ready for that I don't know if he is ready yet to be playing. White House plane order in your case now they'll add infield on a regular basis he's only gonna be seventeen what happens. When he screws up. And that's my point within. What Jim Warren the game let him continue to grow as a player and then be able to deal with the negative side of the game when you don't have a good game. You have it I'll just say this now. In you bring up a good point but I'll bring a deliverable point oh get him now. Molder is much as you can you've missed out on players young talented players at Delhi Ellie if we could Adam. He didn't get. We worry about how he handles the pressure that's something you work home with him they surround him with a right mentors on the team that kind of situation to skim milk. Well see then my solution assess. And now Ramon that's right back to form that's right and then it's the best of both worlds we can a player for another year. And then you'd get a long term. That's the way I would do it if he is hell bent on weaving. That's what I would do better and you know that to me is the way that satisfies everyone and is he would side with Liverpool but there'd be a long back to full. And and what's interesting because are aboard a little bit about the rules since he's still. An academy choir and you could always sign a professional contract with one team right now until eternity came. And that's thought that does not mean outlook report cannot come in with a dead. And bid for him but it would have to start willful full would have to agree to a it could get ugly could be taken a court there are situations I've I was told that that can happen. Right now. The only team that consigned to professional contract its full. And so Terrence a two parent. Thanks well. And I appreciate you may be happy you make beautiful of the that was the most engaged I am ever been through full Monty. Well they go limbs base are just looking at the clock waiting parts and yeah but the only reason why your interest is because they gave you were reported until damn why exactly. And I appreciate because it's all at all. Revolves around you it's all Coca we should just rename the show Ben's soccer kept us. Because this is my little play on my fiefdom yeah I'm just aghast you. You know you're co host Boca year post's Alec Susan. But I don't know. Who. We shouldn't be over should on this from. Let's figure this out because it was the seventeenth it's a seventieth you. Seventeenth let's go and do our show. Were recorded from. The token tailgate that from to a state. I'm and I think that's a fantastic idea I will go to the game I don't know but no lease to go to detailed data recorder ship. Okay I am no I think it's a great idea bill I wonder how it's so important. I don't know he might have someone else institute it and I think so I think certificates. He has learned yet. Did you say no I'm gonna do this well to be Ozzie iso need to check to go so I shouldn't say that by the united. But it's a great idea I think it's great idea bad and I think it would also give us a chance. To really get to know what they're thinking and you know here's the crazy thing you've never met. That's why I was kind of open who's going to be here that you two have never met together now. Alex is how you've been doing the show for three years yeah three years and Alex has been doing for about two yeah. And you should have never met each other we had another for two years and you've never many children not this sounds like a weird episode of catfish youth a. I don't know of the other. Reason I know you both exist and I were to both UI seven room both they have not that's I was hoping. That you said they don't show without me right there we have to over the folder but I've never. I've never met him in person but now the way things are set up here specifically. We could all do together so that's kind of open. Yeah. He's chicken (%expletive) for not shown up. Boy I know he is you have things to do he told us two things to them so. I mean that's fine so chicken (%expletive) to Punto -- life on hold for this man. This comes first okay. Okay tell your life that. She's talking about that so he can get it yet but sorry I can't take it gives a practice. Soccer gas comes first and fourth right arm. Acted upon that Twitter verse. Followed that pattern just how Russ let them honest spoke at Russell rhetorical yeah just just let me know. Fit into that. I you follow me on Twitter has also at young men WEEI we gonna figured out we're gonna go do a show. Live from the tailgate at July sons and I wanna talk to you people I wanna hear were you to saying you'll be on the show. That's fantastic. We'll just have them like pop in it yeah everything about what's going on air bags rockets shocked if that's exactly what. That's what I'm looking for. I think you're gonna get some of that I hope so I'm looking forward to it. At as always leave us a rating leaves her view that not only if you like as if you don't like just please don't do that that's just me and I don't I don't need to hear about it. I'm and if you leave us or review any happened to be from one of those countries are talking about it. Please your conduit. I wanna hear from whoever's listening to us and South Korea from South Korea. I need to know I need to know what you're doing and why you've chosen us chosen us to be your. Entertainment curve for five minutes to an hour week. I real I have to notice please if you're listening in center right now right now any time is right now I guess you're listening to. Please leave us a review on iTunes so I can you really need to know on desperate. I'm Iowa no it's Japan's that. To pelvic retainer from someone from Japan yeah we're we're more than warmer on the Wanda all I want fantastic I choose to believe. It was Don Cheadle when he was filming hotel and I'm just saying Don she listens to this but only when he's a wrong one of the country ought to mention but India. Yeah what they have and someone from India I would like to year someone from India as well. I don't know you'll be saying. But here's thing here's what I do if your from somewhere outside the United States. And Canada. Leave the Serbian. Or contact us on Twitter as I watch Alicia. Okay that's fantastic if you speak English if you don't I worship. OK but if you speak English your from. Another country that is not the US or Canada. Bend. Hitters a bunch what are our young men WEEI at Ross Summers were going out hit us up you know wolf all you direct message on the (%expletive) And the will have you on the show I need to know these are things I need to know I don't care about soccer anymore I need to know who's listening to me some carrots and thumb. Special east some was intersect. Cut the Philippines. I wanna know oh degree what's going on opener why are you listening don't you have to worry about the president being back checkers. Okay that's into the ship all right about.