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Mustard and Johnson - Red Sox aren't looking good 6-3-2017

Jun 3, 2017|

The Preacher and the Teacher are in studio and everything is on the chopping block today. The Red Sox have not played their best lately and they are not living up to expectations. Craig and Larry discuss the NBA Finals and how the Warriors are so dominant it is boring.

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The creature. And that teacher from. Yeah mustard in Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Sox past seasons. Hey it's Saturday we've postured in Johnson as we talk sports for the next couple. Hours trading to mossy at 11 o'clock Red Sox coming off. As you heard in the trailer another loss to the closed down in Camden yards last night. Red Sox pitching a little bit better than the night before but they still lost and Larry. Definitely some difficulty at the plate last couple nights and that has certainly been a trend. For march of the year there is still. That gaping hole that huge chasm. In the middle of the lineup left by the retirement of one David Big Papi Ortiz and last night another example that. Where we're talking about that before the show and and baseball does very little. To promote its dies and even though you know back in the day in hockey in Wear helmets and you pretty much knew everybody went even with the helmet. And football they promote people enough that you know pretty much who everybody is him with the Red Sox. They really don't have a move he bets is probably the closest you have to assume the style. And certainly sales up they have but I can't go to over the pro Salo was three and 70 my goodness what one a change Iran from last year. I don't think all of that is an attributed to his pitching ability like as you said they've been spoken to jury. Mean 32 was not a bad score a lot of game do you think. About last year and Purcell was one of those guys who just threw strikes I have been to see him live a couple times at Fenway Park last year. He was so reliably. Consistent especially pitching. Over at Fenway Park not gonna on the road gave up a home run balls and Arafat he gave what 33 golfers last year. He gave up those home runs in the first game against the Indians so we saw that exposed in the post season. But generally. He had an excellent year was the Cy Young material I'm not quite sure where bad. Had plenty Iran's support I think the the number I saw in the paper this morning. In 28 of his 33 starts last year Purcell had. Five runs or more support so. Yet incredible offensive. Support from the Red Sox lineup. Threw strikes. When he gave up home runs most of them more of the solo shot variety didn't give up a lot of home runs were men on base. And everything just fell on the place last night he pitched well enough to win last year he would won that game. Because the Red Sox were scored most likely five or more runs but the bigger problem has really for the Red Sox. It's not just for cell Purcell wasn't taken a precipitous dive. On the mound is the fact the Red Sox don't hit consistently and yet VO warden. Ponies is San Francisco Giants be load them in terms of home runs. Per team. It just not getting. The big home runs. Mitch Moreland has six and we'll keep it says nine and I mean there right around me about there's no way near. But the Yankees are getting from judge and people like that Ito eight but the story to me this year with the Red Sox is the injury factor. I don't know what the heck has gone on without my even Pretoria as. For all the other day it doesn't look that bad to me but yet he's out with a sprained wrist. Mao. He robbed you ride takes a tumble in the bullpen and now he's on the disabled list for ten days. And the list goes on and on they've traded for play is that we haven't seen yet. Stephen Wright of course gone for the year as well so you're looking at this vaunted starting rotation with the addition of sale. Price coming off the Goodyear we know his problems come in the post season out the regular season. Prices can be on a pitch count again most likely tonight. Which which is CN David Wright on Monday when you David Wright David Price on Monday. Did you see some signs that maybe David Price would be returning to his vintage self other. Fact is I think he went six. And he you know hung in there got out of a couple of tight situations. I think that that had time to judge him is today. Like the first came back you know he's fine but. Yeah we're looking for more than a one time out. Outing if you wanna see what he's like today what is happening. Kenny holed out today physically has he recovered Izzy I'm okay. And and like you said they've got to get some amount they've got to get some hip. Production from mayor and third debate tonight it stand evolves back let's see what he does. It's what you it's not what you'd call an exciting a Red Sox team I think that. The Celtics have just covered the the news over the past couple of months of the playoffs the next veteran. Isaiah aren't and that they've provided a great deal of entertainment for the local sports fans. And ten before you know the patriots economy back on this thing so I mean it. And you have the celtics' draft coming up so he is certainly fighting for headlines now. An idol I don't find it the Earl Red Sox are. I want to I tried to watch the game last night for awhile and Mike are. Show us folks who are low now is this because you were focuses mostly been on basketball even file on the Celtics through three rounds of the playoffs. Pot not exactly an exciting series that you watched almost gains against the cavaliers you watch Thursday night's NBA game one of the finals. And right now basketball. Is at to use a baseball phrase at a fever pitch. Although you wouldn't say they're game went thirteen to 91 when I ask Lieberman is the NBA final it is the I don't Ron vs Kate even waiting for our itself and so hot so you to win on Friday night there is no. Stanley Cup final out the Nashville and Pittsburgh has been riveting hockey by any stretch of the imagination. You're one night after the NBA finals. And you tune into a baseball game and doesn't exactly mesmerized about baseball is a sport that needs a standalone like everybody else needs to be in a bit of their offseason that whatever and then there's just based pro for a month until a couple of months because when you're watching another event. And then you click over to baseball it is. Chips so. Slow in the Red Sox I'm sexy right now let's face it David Ortiz was sexy. Then let me ask you this did you anticipate could we do obviously. Throughout the year last year with the longest goodbye in Major League history. They David Ortiz even though there was some people were hoping that maybe changes mine in the offseason. That he was going to be hanging up his cleats for ever. Did you really anticipate given the fact they had such a great second half last year I won the division over the last month from going away 93 wins. All this pop all these young players did you really believe that Ortiz his absence would have such an effect on this team. Off the field. It's almost you could argue it's more an effect he was a leader in the club house. Very popular guy kept everybody loose and going and Hanley Ramirez's face it he's he doesn't eat it doesn't wanna play for his base he wants to just DH so that kind of ties shake hands a little bit. It's an interest thing but complicated team thank god for sale I mean I'd I love him I think he's terrific. Andy it's just it's one of those things where you aren't you watched the games I thought with the sale price so low. And I was one of those people I said you know it's it's a battle for the wild card. In the AL east may be the Orioles perhaps Toronto yankees outside shot. For a wildcard but the division is owned by the Boston Red Sox 93 wins last year is they just said. The addition of sale and it wasn't it is almost have wasn't fair I mean how the Red Sox possibly. Gonna be dethroned. With that kind of a starting rotation yet. Stephen Wright. Reliable fourth or fifth starter go on for the year Rodriguez on the DL David Price first start. I Memorial Day last Monday it has been. Difficult difficult sledding to say the least as far as the starting rotations concerned and you add to that. The fact the Red Sox are hitting I think last night it was a perfect microcosm. Purcell pitched well enough to win. Yet he ended up with a loss in east three in south. And as you wrap for you can't get our run gap the other benefit it's being not I don't wanna say wasted because I mean this element competition there audio three out but. I think I Kimbrough has been unbelievable scud like that point. 75 earned run average he has been unbelievable out of the bullpen this problem is struggles on the path problem is it's like Kevin those two closers in Yankee Stadium last year Miller and Chapman if your team is not winning via UT nobody in nobody notices your team is not handing you. One or two run leads in the ninth inning for you to save. Who cares now do you blame apparel for any in this I don't either add and multiply that by why are you hearing I don't hear a lot what they have Alia Ali whenever anything goes Prague it's like we gotta get rid of the manager. Well I don't know what the manager has to do it. You know hitting and whether or not these guys can do have timely hitting in and pusher a couple of small ball now was not happening the other crime. The other story every if you indicated earlier the NBA playoffs I cannot remember the last time. I've seen players or player growth of the lane is are the minister oriented unchallenged of those spike. It's real fight saying okay everybody get out of the way and he just came through the lane unchallenged. I watched the first quieter and I just said to myself to something wrong with Cleveland they just look what magic chemicals floral. And they just you know warriors either way too much firepower and it would Dolly is a very underrated player and they got nothing not a Cleveland and the pain or anything and it was just a very disappointing for his game that we've all been waiting for this classic epic. I showdown if it didn't have a good game for follow one quarter they went back and forth for about a quarter they give me a favor. Problem is Cleveland had in the granite eight Cleveland had twenty turnovers you you can't play like that I'm on Friday yeah I am I can't believe at this level right. They got killed in two areas. Cavaliers did in the first I did not see the second half I went to bed. Very. I confidently knowing. That the there was no way they can know we're coming back in that game I think they were down by about ten at halftime but it might as well bin twining. And they played no defense whatsoever too many wide open lanes as you just are my car and they got killed on the boards how many offensive rebounds in the first half to the warriors have that was supposed to be a the cavaliers strength now it's only one game. Oh the NBA finals and I know that the warriors are heavy heavy favorites and they're probably gonna win the series and both of us probably last year remember we picked. But I imagine both of us predicted. The warriors were probably win yeah I wanted Cleveland but I don't know that but remember last year. Can Kevin Durant last year for the warriors understand that. Warriors looked equally as unbeatable in the first two games out of oracle last year. And some power and other cavaliers did come back they can't be down 321 and come back. It's a long way to go before before this series resented the NBA's you well know is about adjustments the cavaliers cannot play. Sieve like defense as they did that was just as bad as you're gonna get defensively that is not gonna happen I don't care how good can he. A there's no way that the cavaliers are gonna allow that many open lay ups. Wide open lanes drives dunks it satirist it's not gonna happen on the rest of the way. I'm I don't have to change my mind revue with our argument about last week guys that I thought Papa. Celtics were a couple of years away and then I said let's compromise its three it might before because that's why you change your mind just because you saw the warriors blog cavs they're loaded. They loaded and have you know one of the suggestions I would have been made to the NBA. Is that eighteen consigned true. Free agents. Effort and that they had and then they couldn't do it again from by another three years. Three or four years to ensure parity throughout the world what would happen is after a while let's say you used let's say this Celtics signed orphans last year and then if they go out and they can get a free agent. Well then that's it for them for two or three years and then sew up your free agent you'd have to find another suitor. Crap there's no other way are a lot I know you're trying to say yes OK I'm proud that we're not trying to push that town and not know how of the damage is done right now. Okay say that rule was in place last year yes okay so the season is over. Warriors just gave up a 31 lead in the finals and the off season begins free agent period always starts on July off first after the NBA draft. I've been Durant is shopping around and he's entertaining a variety of options. And one of them steel would be the Golden State Warriors because even if that rule over effect wary. The warriors haven't filled their team threw for. Ate nothing but there's nothing you can too about through the warriors. Anyway right by this without an upsetting KG can only Golden State they didn't make it and you know that many major free agent signings I understand right. But I'm saying that. You have to implement this. Probably would have an effect tour for years from now in just terms of trying to balance out. The league more because what's gonna end up happening is what ends up happening as you go through the whole year you are. You also a ball also speak is getting in the playoffs in getting them a couple of rounds but. When you get to the championship round you automatically know we are not going to be there. Are so how do you react personally to a guy like Kevin Durant apple. Immense talent. Definitely outplayed LeBron but he's always been over shall live by LeBron because of one reason and one reason only. Doesn't have the ring. Faced LeBron in 2012 as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder got right live games with rest and Russell Arden yeah I'm Russell Harden and James Harden their remembered that Harden and Westbrook were all the same team. 2012. They won one game the first one they got. And again before straight by that Miami team itself. Katie has not won the championship. Op looked. There he looked as motivated as ever seat now if you played that way. In game six against the warriors with a 32 lead at home with a about 45 minutes left in the game. They wanna go on to the NBA without words like they're just running wild I was just yes you'll help out my question has. Do you feel any resentment on is being Callahan. Throughout the week this week and cherry as much as he does not like LeBron. Are people around here feel the same way why they common Salomon okay but he cannot stomach. Kevin Durant. Selecting. A team that he should have beaten in last year's Western Conference files to go there to collect his fur but he's playing by the rules. Right out and I do you resent that. Because well I LeBron did people waited yeah I did it first. But now I understand and until you change the rules. You can't never gonna change the ruled out again. Never going to be it's now they're gonna be forgotten how to do something litigant to Google the next five years would that two teams always in the same championship brown well I didn't hear any complaints back in the 1980s from the lakers and the Celtics were pretty much meeting on an annual basis. In the NBA finals Celtics fans like it did. More the better I think the exposure more and now makes it something that we don't you think it's good for the NBA ultimately. That I have two teams get up in the GOP leaders around for the next five years can't complain that the Red Sox are boring because one of the greatest players in their franchise in one of the great players of his generation is no longer there. Okay because now it's more competitive you you can look at it. That was a contribution to parity listen I don't mind the competition and I don't even mind the Yankees rise I I like the Yankees sorry I just do so well because they're a scrappy honors audio on the I like what they're doing now they're they are loading Friday's top heavy contract right and they bring in the kids out I don't I don't mind at that I think of the American League east I think there's some competition but I'm going back to Golden State yeah do you. Resent. That team. For acquiring. Kevin Durant and winning a championship when they certainly were capable of doing it without adding a superstar. I think your words resentment is the right. But you don't worry is I like double perhaps. I love curry allowed him and it Thompson hasn't been hot this year I don't resent them I just think Jesus is kind of boring. If they do let's say if they sweep Cleveland right something and you just say. It's like. It's almost like the dream team circuit 92 were bird and Jordan not magic and all the guys who went to when the when the Olympics went pro for the first time in Barcelona. Analysts games restore the stress and an IE. Enjoyed the competitive aspect of the college kids playing in the Olympics for years and years and years. David Stern had a reason for doing it once spread the game internationally I think it's had. A tremendous influence and it's helped the NBA but at that time I didn't like it. I like the fact that the cavaliers. And the Golden State Warriors have developed this great rivalry I think. ABC is very happy about Golden State and Cleveland in the files that I competition I'd like to see the jets and buffalo all right finally get their act -- right and get a patriot to the basket as would you feel better about it. And it again it's only one game but yeah these signs are all pointing to ring warrior dominant performance in the finals them. If Cleveland were more competitive. On. Thursday would you have then. A little bit more words. Interest is correct yes oh absolutely are you kidding me you're taking their game is saying this thing's over not. My thing is over but I'm saying that was a pathetic performance it really went on I wouldn't say it was perfect I'll cry at least on pathetic yes O yeah out they did Cleveland looked like they wanted to be anyplace but there well I thought they cannot play well on the first I got nothing on the Thompson. Nothing out of him the things I don't think I am yeah they got not fanatic I mean it was just. I'm not I'm not saying this series is over everybody knows of the playoffs until a team loses a home game. It's anybody's arm the other quicker to things withdrawn all these things out first and them over break and come back and you can weigh in on them are master title. Well future broadcasts and in collusion with with tiger. Our whole scenario now that's funny because the tigers scenario. Happened when we were an anomaly here no no it was sat Friday night Saturday morning when I was -- really get into any deep and so now it wasn't on it didn't happen it means the news of the didn't happen until we're off the year I believe it was in a Friday night out that I was in a Friday night Saturday morning. And I don't relevant to re what do talked about it if we had totally ready to it well we well Nell because we you're on the air filling in for the old big show in 2009. A couple of days Thanksgiving to have that which you like LA what that guy that day after Thanksgiving when someone handedness that know him and he said to meet later Larry said to me. I wanna go with that of tiger of course is ill fated back up out of the driveway and I thought that footage of him the other night was with us. Very sad. Berries that didn't burglar was at which her it was going to return and F a gorgeous as he read and get him and at least commit some golf I just. I'm trying to get a perspective on but the real. Tiger would at least an easy where is he a full fledged Urich. Our Izzy just somebody who laws I mean the Bible says were profit a man if he gained a whole world and loses his so I'd I just. Wonder in tiger's case he's got all this money. Anything anybody would dream of having and yet his life is a horrible. Rack up and you know Wylie the that video. Of him on lost and disoriented. To me is a metaphor for his life right now. What weblog about a whole month where Gramm line. Where am I going at 3 o'clock in the morning and as I like dry like to drive wants to be driving on a teen Monroe especially at 3 AM in photographs. At all while it my shots in as it fall and you know what I know we tried to acquit themselves somewhat by saying well I wasn't drinking. A while motivate anybody. To be that high a prescription beds at that time of the day. And not having any idea of the tires were flat he had no idea why he was on the side of the road he could remember where it was going. This is a guy who obviously. I mean certainly this is not a anything of anybody else hasn't. Diagnosed. This guy needs serious. Serious help because what happened Larry and you you saw over the last nine years as the whole thing unraveled. Was combination of physical and psychologically for all the back issues. At me that you want but tiger never recovered. From that incident on Thanksgiving you know and reminder to those photographs and kept it like Norman Nick Nolte of farm program and you know they get etched in your mind in no matter what else a person tries to a lot of he stuck with it so I I it's too bad I don't. I feel like him as a player I thought he was somebody that people could identify where it they knew him. Now there's some very very talented young golfers out there but to me is just the want to guys don't like guys and around the guys left the like operatives just haven't that's I like it I I I was a big Taggart and I've said this many times in the year I was disappointed it's my fault not his put him up on a pedestal that he did not deserve to be on and we do that and everybody right. But you know he also promoted himself. In ways that indicated he was. Anything but the person you were truly what do and that was of the book written by is is that the Williams who was his caddy over and Heatley yeah he should treat him like a slave to something just wasn't. A nice person I don't know about the other quick story that we got to go to break. Is Brady had his charity my of his charity events last night and that that's bodies that has finally got and I were some sharks are watching early edition on Comcast is I do every night. We're trying to auto area 45 minutes and I record this. Only 25 minutes for the first reference bureau gadget though they've give credit if you are you marking department secretly you have some sort of deal with Comcast as I was sometimes you have to mention Ameren highest since pressure congress to thirteen 34. But I was shocked to hear that a globe photographer was escorted off the premises. Any did not and they just told me and believes security opposite came out. And they kicked the globe photographer proper place lucky for herald photographer and Nicholas. Kanaskie he had some great photograph of the event but. The good eyesore I don't know whether that day that we don't lie right. So there are bitter about hollers peace are up. I'm Paul wrote the piece in April. And I didn't understand how complicated and complex. Charities can be. And if you don't know the story and it's a long story but to simplify it. Apparently. What. The arrangement we best buddies in Tom Brady is. I'll be your spokesman I'll show up the Harvard stadium on Friday afternoon Friday night I will do this thing I'll be the face of best buddies. As long juppe my charity write a certain figure over the last three years Larry. After little bit longer since 2011. Brady's charitable trust has earned. 3.2. Five million slowly. Courtesy. Of best buddy OK but how much his best buddies earned. But the point is Larry the charity that people are paying for yeah. Some of it is being funneled. Into Brady's charitable work or would you feel better they just flat out flat out pay them okay so say your interest in in helping out best buddies which is as you probably know its organization for intellectual disabilities. A cat who are so children with disabilities many would Down's syndrome and other issues. Are involved best buddies and profit. And benefit from best buy so you wanna donate your money to that cherry. Some of that money. Is gonna go to Tom Brady's own charities. Why can't Tom Brady who is worth. A 180 million. His wife is worth over 300 million some bitter why can't this is not this is the this is the argument that the globe he's made rob polar. On April. Why shouldn't Brady donate his own money to those chair because. Because if somebody procure it was a my talents to come out and the other charity event I'm buying meat be beer and minding being on there. Rather than making five Meehan. A year as a charity mop around twentieth thirty. Then why shouldn't I get a little a little something something that they can come back to meet did to a tribute amongst my charity but his charities also included some very. Personal. Like. He has kids private school yeah like Tom Brady and Giselle bunch kit takes their money. And enjoy it why should why should they have to if in other words. If his if you take Brady's name for this event in brightly making Tom Brady basically said. If you want me. Involved in this event yes and you have to do. Funnel no money back over to my charitable trusts right. Which are all very personal. OK personal so my point is why can't number eighty put his own money. In those terrible because this is business and if he's making if it is if it's because of his presence. That best embodies is making over two point me and right then why shouldn't you have something given back in the globe article points out. It's not illegal what he's doing Yemeni pitches are cash. Any pictures of one of the charity event last night that the globe. Any time we don't get a pay pay it. I'm being facetious obviously the photographer was kicked out right now that I think that is a very bad mistake whoever decided to end and it's surprising. Given the fact that Brady who drew he has a pretty good relationship and his savvy. About his image with the media now will. Patriot fans care that the globe not they'll be happy because of course they're going to be on the side of the greatest quarterback never played the game not think I use are guys it was a bad mistake Gary very count every picky. In knifing to eat and if you're trying to get the charity exposure. You mean the globe having a couple of front page pitches that Brady running around my little kids chasing him of the Pope on now is not rate exposure for charity I don't know if that was Anthony Shriver who is the co-founder best bodies in his work Brady over the last few bad mistakes out there every bad are 6177797983. Set eyes that percent to take all one less thing up hours. Well last night terribly excited yes they'll listen to the radio and at the dolls that tones of John Ryder. What can apparently is back at the station doing some Red Sox post game shows. I love John writer he's. Consummate professional he has and he's crazy Eddie he's a great great guy he won't get excited he doesn't get excited now where's the Buffalo Bills game in January government time and I'm going nuts and he's just steady into quiet by. I love the guy I am so glad he's back and kudos to be aren't thanks to. Whoever decides to bring him back next thing you know to be sitting in my seasonal get too excited about it nobody can be played Schuker Manning answered that by the way this update the past did work again Saturday for both of us. How's that. The past to get into the building. Oh yes that's a good day out it's always in my image it sometimes it takes a few minutes aren't a little nervous about the past that where I get very sort of does it era doors are selling out to products like crying Matt the marine can come down a lot of sense six point 777. Guys 7937. Give us a call work your way at 11 o'clock and how we make it to our. I don't know how we're gonna make it that far but I think we have the pursuit we don't have that affords you the really have always ENT coming in after its. And he's mustard and Johnson Sports Radio not between point seven WEEI Ed WEEI guy. John right your way the red size of you have maybe backing. What's next team and draft was did you say that the Red Sox are pouring this season. Would it be appropriate. I know that's the much talked about obviously in his David Ortiz obviously in the middle of that that lineup but this was just a flat. Really boring game for the most. John I live in a way where he's got his finger once again on the Paulson and let's face it no one knows Hillary better than John Ryder does. Is present on these flat he's let. Anybody hopper mean to get them man when he was proud log job one of many him like she elite dot. College talent like it it you know did you yet that you're in in the trivia a music trivia that program primarily recorded nailed I would have been all over her result Eagles and Doobie Brothers the until he had not on new Doobie Brothers it's more cultural what was some of the artists and I didn't know any it was a regular I don't know that I can even tell you apparently if if you door was. Listening to Dennis and Callahan Dennis Kelly Kirk and Callahan when John now. Know what you know what I I made the mistake of going on Twitter yet and it seems like every other tweak is John Dennis tweeting about something John Dennis may able and W. It has. Yeah long far from being as being brought around I get a zero although the last thing out again on his Twitter I don't get on hand now yeah I think John is more exposure on is that Twitter account that he ever did at WEEI all right we've covered a lot of subject lines and loaded thank you very much. Pollen and give your opinion on any of those subjects. And we'll go from Ireland slow start as we sometimes do with our man from Framingham Red Sox PM man Andy Andy what's at her brother. I'm sure glad you got to talk in baseball. We talked invade my eagle it ideally mr. And. I don't do what actually existed the actual operational problems in Europe just workers. I like the Yankees are really you don't think they're gonna go anywhere I'm. And Toronto's public but I think the road trucks will be okay. If they can just erupted on the ship I mean they've got. This is ridiculous thing. Shia army. It's it's all the digital avatar equivocal about security keep fluctuating guys have been out of. I don't think I don't find Farrell the limit on. He really you should. But I I do pick aren't too often concerned that it you go out there Barry Armitage credible job title gluten it I'm worried about them. I'm not sure that we are about places I hope that I have about it schalke. Seeking to provincial got to hope and give him the become number two starter but Adobe just aren't they controlled border to the trading deadline and make a move adapt. You know I don't understand now if amber it's hard to management and stock car price in the office message board. We're glad you're back you're glad you healthy we really need you but you need to get off Twitter you. In the you need to get off toward it drop it. There's enough to do. Overcoming her off days have been upended. You can't you can't worry about other people's opinions on their and the like you need to get offered Twitter and just focus on good advice for everybody not just you know what right these teams human Powell is the indeed the campaign and the guy profit trying to. They can do with the there's certainly caught our attention ridiculous I mean our women have to Ortiz and that's certainly a big thwarted although no victim to try and all of that at an intimate. Usually. Settle Yankee life. You know he's got snubbed its troubled forward studies can be particularly worried I don't know how to cardinal gave apple admitted to open an opposition to war. Yeah the Yankees surprising though I give a give the mr. Cashman melodic. He deserved for going up a little bit out of play tomorrow but I do not repeat the the big kids from the outside of Chicago which province. They may not be up there for long bloody realize the true. Well when I believe many and it was a little perfect trifecta can't do too much occupied. What he'll let me ask you this though what kind of grade do you give them brows ski today. Automobile markets it is an additional modest because all the guys her own shook shook my hand wrote there are critics. I was like well there's a historic burden I would have been. But this supposedly come back and look forward to him. Public to pick up from. The Diamondbacks and if those guys overcome the solution. I don't have a deep and it went in northern no significant two edged. I mean I give them high grades the sale I think that that that's certainly his eighties. And other than that Tom you know everybody's been jumping all over Farrell but when throw supposed to do where have these player is. A broken down and make him play yet. Okay are also additional Farley tribunal would crazier every bit. He's got an advantage of them before I thought that was mistake deported. To put him around sep sixth or seventh. In particular to put too much cultural and tickets including Erica are you calling everything. I mean he need to just duplicate just sit a little extra tickets from where he can at its. It'll leave him the before the government yeah. But I still could not put them around started to march art photography of the government in the tribal. Hey you're following the MBA playoffs. It's tough Lars I don't have a dog in this fight it's rumored to have. Storied dislike both teams is that. Maybe it's good to be our principal Opel. It's got to Cleveland will completely be truthful. And I don't. Wait a minute you're you're you're you're rooting against your old you're old hometown franchise and war. What I love stars. As a debate. What should go straight it would directly on the approach that really did he took upon elements wanted to the other side. Our little ashamed that he didn't do a community are directed to it I have no plans. Let's see if he would sign with the Celtics were down have been okay. The other 2 o'clock and then it wouldn't look of the competition in the east no revenge. From a pure but from a pure basketball standpoint forgetting about free agency and everything else he should've stayed. And Oklahoma set. Because that then they would've had a another competitive series with Golden State in the Western Conference finals. Exactly perfect question it was just like Germany and Portugal by. Would be in this business. And so a couple of particular I've touched that he didn't bode well instrument looks like a great George McLaughlin hurdle would you do. Right the other problem is you would like more time you in bed usually around eight. I. Shouldn't it. All right well played sir are 617779793. Sevens Steve you're next in sports race staying. I you probably are you calling to gloat. It's going to be talking baseball talking prophetic. Don't call it will let it. You're sure that it. Why. Larry you think at the BS he's been. Did have any expertise is the Yankees but the thought maybe low eighties Hulu but it was just nice to see these kids continue to play. And do what they can do and it's been up on these and those Connecticut beat but he's up so bad expecting them. You know you know. Go very far maybe they deal with the division or get to the playoffs bristled accused and is the best team in the league but however it's just been on this kick judge. He's been fun to watch he's very grounded. Back to back rookie of the multi award winner aired judged so it is but flood. When president know when does it let me ask you this is still it's very early it's only what June 3. When does it becomes serious right now everything's gravy it's bonus time out about -- I think you're playing with house money. When do you start saying well. B we actually have a decent team. And I can I can start to think may be post season here instead of just in jewel weighing in as it washes over me. Yeah I would say. Near the trade deadline if they are where they are right now at the trade deadline Cassel goes out next week get some assistance you know whatever they needed another bullpen guy BP and other. Starting pitcher whatever. I could see that as saying okay Linda you know like are they don't. Gary they would try that the only result well last year that Nick Taylor probably that the trade heavily this year Gartner Dominic betrayed either one of those guys is you're having been brought up the kid towards AAA but. I think they. If they're in it at the trade delighting in Mexico doesn't get players that what help do that people. Bring out these multi year deal embryonic guy who's probably the last service contract which he wants to dump. Because cast as thought the big picture he wants to get under that luxury tax for the next year but this year. It is going in that direction and please don't Reagan's Machado or harbor but I brought it seemed to let it. When you went home honestly you don't want that that not getting ridiculous. Why you don't want. The best player in baseball. On your team what happened to Steve from Waltham underwrote an hour. They yankees. From the seventies in the eighty's the ninety's the glory years of the early 2000 on every high priced free agent that was available was coral loin by the team in pinstripes now you don't want Bryce Harper what does what does happen GO. Now like eight years that they are all these Obama chipped appears in the west. 2030 years whatever the most enjoyable to meet with 96 because you have all these kids come up this system they edit them better at it. And it veteran pitchers. And better. Yeah I mean. The economic have to go out get started pitching picture because it is a Prius C yeah and it as a created. Are not Yankee talked may have I think is just days Stevie is surprised the rest ours didn't go after income housing home. Do you just exit via my plate Larry I was shocked. And he's did you figure that now I get because they eat it here's the problem I'll. We're you gonna par them yeah I interview if he won't really doesn't want to play first base. Not your complete first he placed first in Toronto communicating could give the player. It seemed like the most obvious you tell you that he's got his hands that's it yeah I got enormous he would be the successor. The depth market that lead up. Up Red Sox obviously thought they had a 810 homers 22 out RBIs right. Well here that they okay. You know Ferrari is. You talk about you know it wanted to keep adding payroll I think Judd Henry got to. To got to the end where was like right at electric exploded not a record in this guy out we dumped. A picture and were were we don't wanna bring on the next Exelixis salaries but to replace fourteenth essentially what the world was kinda we. Well the problem as I appreciate the calls thanks to is is there anybody who can replace David Orton Donald which you can at least make an interesting and I know that seem like the logical choice he'd been a perfect successor. Had a tremendous year last year. I can hit a lot of home runs drive in runs yeah audio audio. But for whatever reason Red Sox certainly had them in their sights at one point they decided to go elsewhere so I ink in sale I mean it's true referred pickup they have but his salary is team friendly he's not guess at least not getting killed when you know our team a year 6177797937. Got some Red Sox calls a line we are also delegate count tiger and can I finish please we now you wanna just OK just set and about as often do some coffee Grabow more than twenty years ago. And where can I set this up yes great worries me theory when we went from a pro. We've been talked about the Red Sox are radio WEEI. We've also been delving into a little bit of the Tom very best buddies controversy bought he wanted to wrap right now or can I finish this I'm waiting for you do you think you're home. I I I'm used to it home believe me. Are you done. Bothering you. Well apparently you are bothered me while I get to fly squad Iran aren't anywhere it would take a quick break it to act more your calls anything else slow up. Muster and Johnson. Watch Sports Radio nutty tweet point seven. It WEEI dot com. Good morning I'm reached out to quarterback than the patriots it's that it would be really cool if you picked up the phone and called davis' talent this morning. And donated some money that we could make a joke about the fact you have to give the money to the Jimmy Fund which you don't wanna give anybody to Roger Goodell pop. Tom wrote me back I just found the mission of Bobby wrote at 7 o'clock. He said I'm hit proper practice go Jimmy Fund I will donate 50000 dollar and many wrote cool question mark how. Now Rick are eighties and four feet away that solves that and I'm always. As John it's the adults at so as you remember from the morning show for many years couple years ago at the Jimmy Fund. We have now ascended into memory. You wish you had that kind of money though that you could or round tomorrow make people's lives better with a mild like better I wanna. Charities aren't at all like my motto it. Anyway while lunch with foods last night of course best buddies. The organization and Tom Brady is then prominently associated we have had there of that much patriots there. All to go to charity but the globe story last month in April months ago now. Indicating that all that money isn't necessarily. Going to. Help. On kids with disabilities summit is being funneled into Tom Brady's. Own private charities hand. Her back under a TV wells get a little bit peak it's always I don't know what he'd dismissed the globe photographer not. But all I know if you think Tom Brady if he wanted them in the air. He was overruled I don't know if it was aware of it it's obviously they must advent of the N security guy come down and everything and remove the up. Individual who would be more motivated. Opt to. Wouldn't be Tom Brady because best buddies doesn't look necessarily bad. You know I understand this is theory is that. It up though if we if you tell me your Wellesley high school is having a big fund raising event to help and handicapped kids or whatever. And they requested you know my presence let's say in by my name if this is of course obviously facetious but if my name and presence. Was that valuable to them that rather than having a a two million dollar event it goes up to fifteen. And and you say to me okay do you have a fee is something as a guy you know right. You know make sure they ever Kate you know there's 2% to 5% to my personal charities to which I can dispose of the money how I want to. We you do you think that would be a bad deal. If you're going from two million up to fifteen million just because I'm there right. But if time number I don't think people understood what this relationship was I think the assumption was that Tom Brady was donating his time. Two best bodies in his celebrity. His stardom. And of course that was going to benefit best buddies all those kids with the disabilities why should you do for free though. And he's plus he's tremendously over because what is a charity supports the deal is you turn your great he's tripling their amount that they write yet right and on any sense at a small feat not that he's pocketing it let me put it this way. Does it tarnish his image at all. As an altruistic person because now you know from the globe story last month that actually month and a half ago or so April 22. That this is funneled into charities that include money that goes to his kids private schools to his alma mater. Ought to friends of his and their organizations. Why if time raise interest in donating to those other charities in those other organizations. He should put his own money being as big as my east taking a percentage chopper what he would judge. An easy. Doing at that we're case something no cure lies if the globe on a two or there'll wanted to write a piece on the globe and some of the charitable contributions our government baker raw. Of a mayor or are any of these people. Everybody has things that they are doing this like this is just had to make a big piece out of his artists do you think this is I think is business as usual are so you're not alarmed by you know bothered by that. It doesn't tarnish breezy image lies when I look at what he at what he brings to the table for them. Let's say twenty million. And out of that he takes 2% of something and says I wanna be able to donated to some of the charities of my choice aren't let's go to Joan Carter next on Sports Radio out. Did you pick. The great thank you. I guess that's why these I don't know how the now. Went. It. A lot of blood and not the by the Twitter today by a name like every reporter from the globe it audit. Some like in Asia about out Hayward shot how. How on classic operated for throwing it out. The reporter from the from the best buddies that. Which the mayor is completely ridiculous that there have out there and the pick out about the. But what the Democrat for the attack over the photographer I have to do with the piece that was written. But I'm and I agree with that I think it is not really the photographer to help it you're more. I am on on the bat out. Do you think Braden had to. I disagree with you Greg I think that. I think that they did take a pretty big ticket that would take their shot at but that's bodies. Did you read the whole article drill. Did you read the whole article. Okay I thought it was pretty balanced I thought in that in the story hole was careful. Two. Offer support for Brady. Op in interpretation. I think a pretty fair interpretation of how charities worked he was very detail about where those. Where those funds went to from best buddies. I don't think it was a slams. Or judge would you do it for united way could your door for any of the right charities out there so you think that you think Joseph. That it was basically a hatchet job that the globe put out on April 22. I mean I don't I I. Double strong. Mark are a bit more than any. Anything. The reaction on every all the other platforms are really wet which grow outrage. Like that that part I got that point you're definitely you're definitely right now. I thought it was more. The idea is that while we are right about that Iran while much ire toward Brady. Odd item that I thought it would and won't ordered that flight or upgrade and they're all pat reason that after app that he's out. Right although I guess best buddies very reason would be of a slightly embarrassed that they have this arrangement. I think the person be more embarrassed certainly would be Brady. An obvious why would you be embarrassed if you don't -- doing anything right okay it will apparently it was because someone and had Tom Brady had to consent to this I think there are some very thought it was appropriate job category I think during the break you should work to their homes in received you can find out who who dismissed the photographer our Larry do you really believe that if Tom Brady. Fell it was OK for the product photographer to be there that he would say here's the problem. Am I gonna get bored disarm or find out even more of it. Do we really know Tom Brady. Do we root we know the guy who comes on without Kirk and calendar and we know the guy is in this press conference as we know all about. So I don't really know if he would be that. Senses sensitive or picky. Two to do to let obviously LA that it's Anthony Shriver is this vision who's the basically the founder Jeanne Shriver sergeant drivers. Wife and of course JFK's sister. I started the foundation nor reap reasonable facsimile thereof in 1989. They've continued it's so Shriver who was there last night he. Was the one who ordered no photographer who well who ever decided it I think made a terrible mistake accidentally Filip oh prom. That meals great great great guy great to below very successful he was there that a lot celebrities there and everything I think it was so. Still critical on an educated guess it's petty. No question about that that's a good word right it is patty correct I mean and all you're only calling attention to the story. By throwing this guy off the prime assess now my counter argument to that he has. Why not that I'm released some of these reporters into pieces on other charity event. Which some of these celebrities who make appearances and stuff in find out how they handle it right but I. It is peace and and lash you were a true true patrons and their millions out there. A true patriot hawk. That all you wanna do is defend nitrate shield I don't this is a pretty. Balanced article I've just read the whole thing but I'm asking you a question why don't they release some of these report is to do. I articles on some other charities and and big name people that they bring in did they get paid. Adding Eaton mom now here very here's what I just gonna come as the award for nothing nobody occupies the stratosphere that Tom Brady occupies right now. The biggest celebrity in town of the greatest quarterback in history the NFL coming off another Superman everyday currencies comes out makes an appearance for some of these charities these ads posted to have enough I won't be a controversy because David Ortiz has re tired David Ortiz as great as he later he's retired I'm not break Adriatic about whether he's retired and not dead. You'd think he gets paid. You think you can show up into this stuff for nothing you'd like to believe that. Especially. An organization like best buddies who is it's so inextricably. Associated with Brady. If Brady's doing that because he's giving his time. And his celebrity. Not because he's taking money out one on and funneling in now am I thought that I regret that but that's me I'm being naive I peek at. I'm not a bigot and I read some articles on on some of the famous charities and I found out afterwards that. You know about 3040% of the money never gets to where you think it can get to and we're not that situation obviously he's generated billions what is it 48 million in 2015. Was the last official figure we saw. And he's doing. A hell of a lot more good 3% of 5% to his personal charity that's a crime while we'll talk about 6177797937. Mustard and Johnson TNT eleven right here in Sports Radio.