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Dale Holley & Keefe's Freestyle Friday Hour 2 - How far away are the Celtics from competing for a title?

Jun 2, 2017|

Hour two focuses on two main points of discussion. The first is the guys debating how close the C's are to being on the Warriors or Cavs level/what they need to do to get there. The second topic is the track record of pitchers struggling when they play their first year in Boston, and why that might be.

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Please he's the dale and Holley show that you really have to give me Wear them. Our on small things I did you misunderstand my request them. Taylor Arnold Michael Holley and rich keep constantly because I. Are there any good start and get there it is darned if there on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Hollywood theme. Sports Radio WTI freestyle Friday. We will have ballpark briefed outcry if we always do they keep her madness now looking back at the weak enough. Highlights and low light from the station only one that's coming up at about 545 thereabouts. LeRoy street will be here. As he always says. Indicated that palms up look over there you know well I don't know since the game ever happened we have what did you see him in like a month. Other social yes exactly how far to the June 1 encountered by the way that no never showed. One of you on the court I was on the court Muster our our view is out there. We are they up to the beautiful day in the wind sprints some great side spin loose per day for a game you were not on the court. I'd an MRI we don't know I. The right to make the same claim he was in the court maybe got he's got the courts confused could be I thought you had home court advantage audio and home court and or. We you don't get the short short cedar. Yeah that's a bit about the as scary thought back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Marks on the cell phone hey mark I don't. Excited I think he's up. I so I have to admit to sit out a way I am a yankees okay. Why are you so I got him out that there are games this season but the Yankees and firstly. I hear I wouldn't commit a chorus at the beginning of the year. I am surprised. I think about it really have a small part of baseball right now. Lucky and I can't knock what they've done so far Erin judge acting shocked a lot of people including the Yankees. They have they perform better than expected by most accounts on Georgie it out for days. He had just yet you know they didn't make any other one another terrible. The dual courts in settlement judge has resided. Supplement and I was trying to think of where the difference that's remarked Alex good. I concur with we. To call it restrict off Friday right accident did in there now is turn and there was a lot that he doesn't really mean. I mean he doesn't mean I can tell it's a free and probably Michael and all bets are off. You can talk curses you it talks like that night that was Thursday. Friday though it doesn't have to duty to Edward forty hands in his voice I am bows Wednesday they had great. The Yankees are doing this yet there was a lot of meat. It's not a substance. I've got a Yankee fan you guys surprised I am I mean they deserve all I mean. In terms of of a breath. You know again I just expanded you know go anywhere you wanna go go oh OK whether the AL east it here immediately you sort out these people know are we go. But the depth. There no rat yes that breath. Crap and be happy that someone beat on not being that our country a more hey ladies DAX PR EF. A breath the breath. Candy so are there go the bar's been set yes to you know to do less paper to slow deeper Jarret of Rhode Island don't screw this up of. Jared Jared again it is Jared I can tell him and try our god and trying to party got it. So in the case that he has felt I don't acquire chord here are just because it yet if you if you shot. I think guys did you consider going out penetrate markets markets salt you know 717. Act. You would instantly improve our rebounding and protection items just Lawrie shot streets the first time this year actually really well it's great big brain. Guys I want my 71 guided stretch the floor. Yeah I've yeah I had a good point but I mean I think we've got to get without giving up at one point this year eight even. Actually teared up like. Dirty you know we rebounds per game Marcus all average last year. Probably last and I imagine considering jabs. Can I water exactly right a lot to watch your right and you took the chief six point two rebounds again. That's because he's out there shouldn't IR gridlock are blocking out everything players there's there's no doubt about it he was. Yeah he's an all star last year is a really good defensive player but that on this Celtics team topic you'd fit in at all. Well thought out I probably would it. Eats the seven foot one guy out you coached bogon of young Roger and I heard everybody last year was hit the first year his transformation. Into a three point shooter was solid and Al Horford three or four years ago. That he needs to those guys not re about to seven footers essentially not rebounding. A lot of the hazards and asked for me. A lot of the rebounder who can score. Have decided that they're gonna score more and rebound less. Because more lucrative form so Al Horford was one of those guys used to rebound cost about ten a game and now. He's down he's scoring Maury shooting threes more the last two or three years he's doing pretty well latter. But he's not rebounding as much markets all Serge Ibaka a lot these guys that you think are great rebounder is. Well they work even Blake Griffin. Rebounding numbers go down because they wanna do little more and their coaches or asked him do a sound like it. The players are being selfish and pay I refuse to rebound coaches are expecting more. From their players they really want to get spacing and stretching. On the floor and what they want that to be a part of the game part of the offense and then some of the guys who were just. Pure rebounder. In certain games there ineffective. Let's play two Tristan Thompson last night. Yeah I'm not well there are not on now against the Celtics he's extremely effective is dominant. Catholics got all the rebounds against the Celtics yet. They couldn't get any last night fell but some guys even like I honestly and yet resilient rebounds but it it was a huge impact that it mattered is that early on. The pace was really high and bolted for missing a lot of shots there are bouncing we have it I just think they're rebounding we've gone too far rebounding and rim protecting your favorite furry thing about that Verizon while rebounding everybody's pretty legitimate but it's it in terms of who can do the job so we had a PJ Tucker call. Yesterday. PJ Tucker is not better than Jae Crowder in any category including rebounds. So would that if you into impeachment talk Dupree vision and his nose there. If he is knows they get in there and play the orient scrappy it's got you know likes got edited and I got it can't chew. And okay and he is his rebounding is Less Than Jake elders is that per 36. They've got. I exert there you look at the that I had to. I don't act like diabetic that's worry about RR IR IPJ look at that they maybe haven't earned the planes are we can't shoot. Build up that side is his strong suit but what we don't complain about the near Johnson is if you have four shooters on the floor I personally don't think you need five. Maybe even the warriors is Oz. In threes now that our president issued an of one guy kind of does the some of the dirty stuff and rebound. Read rebound so there you have the fifth guy out there who can't shoot you need to do at the very least that you need to play pretty good defense you rebound. So if they can upgraded your Johnson. In to a guy that is just all about rebounding and that he does need to shoot it at all he is passing away and then at a putback dunk that's what all you you know. I had to be is gonna add that guy you describe it shortly Needham. And do they need and support where they need to tie up valuable salary cap us based form like you know paying him. Like Cleveland plays Thomson know they they overpaid Thompson but you know he's important to them so they had to keep them. That guy's gonna have to be one of their stash. Guys. That BA the young. Low salary player whom they will eventually wind up overpaying. If he can do the job the way we think he can are owed that if you do the job the way they need and she was such yet he'll have to damaged. Ali I don't agree with three or four years yet the panel lot of money right now. Don't want those guys you'll be overpaying the park but her 36 numbers and the per 100 procession numbers are coming then and there favor. PJ Tucker I PJ Tucker last year it gives numbers. I'm MA rebounds for an upper 36 and why I imagine the birthers the cameras okay so yeah I did you know apart 36 then that's cadavers were five point four rebounds a game and I'll. Five point eight rebounds a game last year. Saw her. I'm this team are playing and Jae Crowder. And at that you two were talking about a guy you mocked a caller for talking about yesterday I can just point out that the irony to this whole conversation Jae Crowder five point eight. So anything is better and they take routers are superior player. You'll both mock somebody asked tiger talking about DJ tired. Why you are not. Why did Michael now say that rebounding is overrated it's not over and they I guess yeah I was PJ Tucker that included it got cut it out dollars and yeah. So we've gone to lose our wealth gone too far with and I noticed I can everybody next dot which is it's overrated that's what you're saying. You say what's the big deal people are people wanna rebounder yeah because this team is bad at rebounding. No it's sad that people want everybody to shore in the immediate unique rebounding need to do that or you must have to never Blix. You look at some of the places I plan but some of the places. That we're looking for rebounding that there are no rebounds don't live here it they're not here. They're not a surge of pocket not got to upgrade you that much they're not what Marc Gasol. I think you know it's just get a big guy and and have him stand inherited rebounds and work right now. That's. Ryan's in New Hampshire and Iran I don't. Without that Tibetan let's go to. Not much sadness on a little insomnia. Club in southern Lebanon a little bit of post war. None of that treaties that we can conference. I didn't ten point lead in these competitive left a lot different notes subsequent ten point lead them to flow that way. Go ten minutes without going. The world zones. You know one I was in Jefferson is significant minutes. He could reduce include voice out Kerri kittles keys in horn you know. Scout became my boy. Probably our worst I'll voice yeah. You know. Not I don't think it really that you you know this hot button by the time the south as. But eventually. Now you can cause yeah emergency what you guys thought about flattened. You know Golden State doesn't go called. Scoreless known anybody can fire and everybody shoot. Presence seen more as well as pleasant little Cochran. Yeah I think I think they're obsolete overmatched I agree the I think this is what the bronze sphere ones was that this team is certainly good enough to win the east and when it pretty easily that one loss in there. And I and I believe he was fatigued or what was that he was damaged wells the bronze they reverend I'll let us know what an angry get technical stuff. And I I don't know I don't know about maybe didn't Haider that that we'll ever there's authorities uses built for that one loss they had but he knew that the warriors. Or even a low level above them we saw that game one it doesn't mean they can't steal a game it doesn't mean they're definitely gonna get swept but they're they're not as good physical state. They're gone so it's better team don't say it is it is clear that you just yet Kevin Durant became a crack up you want a bunch of games last year and act Kevin Durant is not even all that complicated. And so his his fear that maybe he had that feared the that we can do anything about it. No he couldn't make any complaining about guys any any any wanted what do you realistically could have asked for Kevin Durant. What are not what I was on Wednesday contemplating what they should add on to do something else like art you're spending more money than anybody else. You've got all these veteran guys as the only guys you can afford. They did Deron Williams is in the Kyle Korver at some regular. You'd trade for Channing Frye you'd traded skirts or for now they get him but her all the other guys that was his team but he put the yeah and you know. And how would say for him. I think I think they've gotten the most out of this that they're not under performing and there's a good news for LeBron your team is not under performing. I don't think there and all I told you guys this before and I thought the Celtics would compete. More against Cleveland he didn't clearly. Overmatched against Cleveland. But I never thought they were an all time great team here great team for the Eastern Conference they were much more than the Eastern Conference can handle but in terms of you know matching up with some of the great teams have that we've ever seen I don't think so. He's got everything out of that roster that he could possibly expect he's passing the ball to. Derrick Williams at times dead he's dead play. I hit it the year over it's over. Richard Jefferson think they squeezed the life out of Richard just so nice though Eddie knocks somebody down he goes and helps the miles he everything goes the dunk. I feel he's gonna mess yet at Disney just clear it and there's ones on the Celtics series worth it after play any and he didn't make it but he just doesn't have that lifted all. This seems speaks to his greatness now. Carrier must overjoyed but no carrier ring can stand on his own set and so you Kevin Love again and obviously the prime but look younger guys some guys are just very limited players and you put LeBron what and you say oh okay that's what it makes sense. So JR Smith and not a Aerosmith fan but LeBron. He's dangerous Shumpert with LeBron he's dangers all these other guys. It sent out a role because and yet it is the most you can reasonably expect out of that roster get those three guys LeBron. Kyra read and love. And and that's it. As does sort of what they had way out of the year one with the heat to rightly it took him a little while to get going and they realize that. And everybody else kind of stinks that we needed. Figure out this roster against three superstars but then I can't just be garbage fourth through eat right and had to figure out who their with the right guys were to fit him. And that's why they original team that they copied. LeBron sitting and I got the idea from the Celtics that's why the Celtics. War we're granting that Celtics team that awaits Celtics team I would take over this 2016. As seventeen Cleveland team. Because through and through they had their their top guys playing at a at a very high level and they brought in a bench in the bench made since the whole teammates sensed it it yet. Top to bottom housing pose a good team James Posey Eddie House Tony Allen Biggio grounded very very good bench players and a great starting lineup. And Lester they had I don't. Two technical share our art so. Initially I was upset about Kevin Durant. Spreading us and go on the Golden State. So like a lot of a lot of others who criticized some particular way out. But the more I think about it the more I watch and octagon that scheme. I think he needed correcting and obviously in beyond the calorie. Does the style that Golden State plays that isn't. Outplayed throughout the Leach can people fail to recognize how hard it. Must've been triggered to play where Russell Westbrook even though directory there are 31 on Golden State. Like playing what that guy at times Archie gets into that mode in a talk about Westbrook where he's trying to prove something. Two to somebody's not true hole and so it's like you're playing. 215 times. Or I'm sorry Oklahoma City was going to want but at times whereas in Golden State. It's rare in the last 25 you have to watch basketball on it and dispersed gains. From a couple of years back. They're all holed retired old Rick and open guy get the ball and it happened and it's a rhythm and it's on to play that way and I watched a direct participating in back. It's not out there chucking take the shot that he was in on Oklahoma City generally and yet that's because half the apple what do when players don't hold like yeah you gotta take a dumb ass shots. It's not even that so much it's it's like you know that there two guys who can hit shots. And a walk and nobody else and there was nobody else so if Russell Westbrook not not thrown out then. He better be thrown yet they do about it and Arnold that's even coaching to what they did kind of take turns you know I've resorted said that about wall and appeal there are a lot of the Washington series where one guy would go gathered out panel Watson and are now it's my turn. He did go out west Bergen to rant and then where you get some of the issues was our fourth quarter game on the line. Westbrook has just taken these crazy shot at that he's active in the molded to rant but I think. I think they actually had a better relationship or by the end it there they did play well together. They did they did and they were doing until there's an actor you're up 31 last year on this warriors have a great team. I just think when you look at the warriors now. They play great basketball. They play they don't play like a bunch of guys trying to prove themselves and they don't play like a bunch of guys and I gotta get X amount of shots this game. They play at the right wing Kevin Durant it's a ton of easy shots last night they all had a ton of dunks. But until it is anybody in. And on Cleveland's team won like step in front of him at some point. There was one or Madonna lane it's like it's. Certified ran to the corner yeah well that happens all time because they're so afraid to give up these threes in transition and I don't ever give up but the ducks. Yet and I take your pick your poison but I don't know but rather have a shot because like basic right stuff Jeffords to bring out the balls off the ballot bowl 08. I don't go to the corner he cleared away from me how does go ahead and go ahead dunk it. About one last night where that currently third on this little dance. We pulled out light up in the leg up in the air that 2526. Footer. On regular double screen and honest and it was like if you. For a guy who we've said you know yet that team you know the last two finals emigrate for him now what's on the line for him in pretty good yeah pretty pretty comfortable. Because you can't focus on him and what what does Cleveland do. For game two where do they take away game two. You say I'm gonna take more direct my taken away first want to good strategy but who who does it. Broadway nobody who was on the court last night OK LeBron takes by the way including LeBron LeBron had one on one coverage with the rent ten times last night. And ESPN brought down the numbers he wasn't stopping him either now note it was I think that's for sure but it certainly evidence. He could do it it would be LeBron since take away you just focus on Kevin Durant. Okay it's going now yet he's still out there with curry and I think Thompson's gonna have a much better shooting night in game two they didn't get the that he didn't get an. And I'd start. I'll start Shumpert to chair Smith out of there which Shumpert on Irving but that's a problem because if you if you put Shumpert on and yet you. Maybe get better defensively pushed out on our current yet on offensively he gives you use your your little editor FDA your points from the from the of their Big Three which we saw first hand saw officers those three guys to score. He appoints. And the guys who I think can bounce back offensively against Golden State I think and LeBron can have great game Tyreke had a great game Kevin Love offensively against Golden State I don't know. I'd just don't know they they treat him like I last year yet. And he had he did Mittal wants the game six in game seven he did well defensively that did well rebounding Mason made some shots it was a it was a factor. In those last two games. They just treat them like they can handle Adam and we're not worried about it. We we can we can stop you dismissed we can stop you from scoring. And the Celtics couldn't even the Celtics focused on unloved they couldn't stop them they don't have anybody on the roster who matches up well with them about corporate could work for Dayton. I don't recognize. And I thought Jae Crowder would be strong enough to deal with them but it was. Comes down on the cape pay Tom I don't. Today. It's out. Are. Among my alum my Anthony Davis campaign there was no. All right notably one that got them. It knocked it seems always the I don't know whom I wasn't tired of all walks in the not be able to get an offensive rebounds or he could result last year. I think I they would appreciate him I think you would call. He's great great player that I don't have album a pleasure and I think yeah the campaign is how do you get them from New Orleans not campaigning for LBJ got as a giant weather is good or not he's young and he Iran as a defense until I saw play. How does get on what is what do you what do you do. I think people are worried vote you can fault and we don't know if fault is going to be able. It begins our growth right I already know what we would get which gave it. And long only 24 years old. Do you he had so how do you really want to Italian and David just don't I get about how come I'm with these are great cult. You can you can take all you can make it cute next year's you can. That crowd and then wherever whenever those. Second tier players are in trouble when it. He was good that the with a game series game that. They're gonna give you the B Davis if you include people killed and cal on elect that's the big fault would be enough to get him. I think a couple of first round draft pick and a couple of players that we have better. That I started. We don't want yeah I don't know the world's laws that up with who plotted there the that's been at Johns. I think Anthony would make it better. Yes at all yeah yeah. David Ellis and the best believe we act. It wrapped. All yet either but not all. At one that he's involved great leader rebound and or. It would be David. I DNL's quiet and Davis really I. I doubt about our I don't know and it and it was again. Fault there before you got you know Brett did you eight what they write them. The brow. Fault fault. I really did Davis where we don't know what fault going to be you could be you Westbrook he can be rose. Who was an empty yeah I got a gap Kelly Olympic and don't hear. Restrictive. The Thanksgiving WB the rights to material effect. We're got to deal. 6177797937. Its telephone number it's dale in Hollywood Keefe. Freestyle Friday can you tell Sports Radio WB yeah. Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. 793 sevenths telephone number. A fight kimbo was just named the American League reliever of the month. For the month of may I don't know how they came up with that stated reliever of the money who do they feel reliever of the month he's the rolling its relief man a year ago. So opposing teams in the month of may against Craig Kimbrel. Went one for forty. She. He walked one struck out 25. Is I'm just looking at this his strikeouts per nine inning for the month of may seventeen point eight. He strikeout to walk ratio was 25 point oh. And was named the American League reliever of the month for the last night got burned Kyra of the month. We have strikeouts per nine for the season's almost seventeen ethics office and I. Any you know what his right handers are doing against them several this year too and I can tell you don't have to get old for 45 with three walks. You even if you're not a switch Saturday just trying to. Yes you got their weaknesses work and we are apparently side there are there those 31 excelsior campaign just hit puberty hasn't he already had here. Take a bunch of pitches footer for a walk easy. Over matching everybody it's been it's been impressive to watch. And again they're using different materials all the questions we had in by Danny John Farrell we're saying is the only a save situation in three out guy. We it would seem in the eight inning we've we've seen him. A few that are a ton but most closed onto at a time and below two months of the year we boarded the you don't want him to do all right but we've seen him get four outs for some wants get six out who see him for a fourth in coming in the eight inning so. That's also related say. You guys have heard it said on partisan. Over the years the Boston Boston baseball fans pretty Smart response your candidates at Aetna the hallway. Way ahead and open. You know and I had it that way. Minute okay did you not talk to any of the human bodies. Lumet not a lot and he's diabetic and unintelligent the human body so a guy a guy damage under the guidance we blew today. And he sent I didn't actually see the game last night but Ferrell left what Rodriguez induces right. Actually. I don't lead out than the I go and have him represented that the movement on. An intelligent. Just generally and so that's what happens if we added in the Lleyton and no certain obvious things just kind of alludes you because you just want a result that happen. I'm. Boston baseball fans are Smart and let out a notice that quickly that when I first moved here many are guys that up to me most of our most of mark. I don't know like almost like trying to help me out here I need I need you guys and Boston baseball fans to help me. Solve this riddle. Hello Loretta the problem is a problem here at Reagan and a big problem but it's something that exist. Every. Big time acquisitions every big time pitching acquisitions. Last 620 years the Red Sox has struggled. In or has done worse in year one embossed in the and they did the previous year. ER UER way ER a Y or wins or or hits that something. Is worse. Then the previous year Chris Sale is trending in that direction. For start up he was gonna break the mould you into the the only guy who did lie but it could Curt Schilling. His last year in Arizona ERA lies in his first year Boston. In my how different the difference. Pedro Martinez last year Montreal are here in Boston. Those are both national and Jones Josh Beckett nationally nationally to John Lackey. He was actually trending in the wrong direction the whole time when they signed a nearly four consecutive worst years. So they've got but they got rid of gunbattle they get worse than any got hurt that he got better yet. Craig Kimbrel. Nationally maybe. May be a National League issue David Gregory David Price enterprise. Head case. Since that all of these guys Pedro Martinez you could say OK you know change leagues but still. Great and Pedro Martinez. What is it is that something is that that is at the park. Is it the is it the division. Is that the expectations of Boston baseball. It's something I've been war while wondering about a priest out Friday I just now I'm going out to you guys and help me out what. Because the shoulder I program that's that I take Chris Sale right now is his numbers are lower. But at the end of the year he'll probably have an ER rate. Slightly over what is your it was real time awesome guys that some really good seasons the year before they came bosses and one of the reasons why they came to Boston's because that's why they acquired Brazilian that your Schilling's number his win loss record weddings under 500 Arizona but is ERA it was 295. Torres first your Boston's like 3332632. Sat somewhere and don't don't quote me meter Mays had another meter race take care of the details from my work. Let it through 9589. Early 295 then first here in Boston news 21 and six. 32632. I was an area 326 only the second site I am I gonna throw that when I know somebody I knew somebody would do that. That's why I say it's like it but I didn't think it would be dale. I do I that's I said eight. Slight difference but at the difference it but he also only had 24 starts earlier in the night that period 32 so he was he was better than a year the he was better. With the Red Sox that he wasn't cluster of about. The number of things one in the numbers they don't know hundreds you've run out to 268 innings the 226. Saying at ERA under three or call it just me all right well that's a pretty important. You know if you don't want a big win them -- with wins in wins are second Cy Young that's pretty good pocket is that it does not American voters I was I got back I go at the voters love the -- a lot of voters the voters say he was second best picture based also they and other the American League complete with something other than the RA because apparently that's when your locked by it's not it's probably a pretty important step prepared to would you say yeah and what's more ports and yet they were guys. I don't I don't you tell me what part of our pitcher. Is it our prayers that went into era OK let me ask you darn thing was Curt Schilling better 20032004. I won a World Series in 2004 he was on it even better he was in better situation was a better I don't for a overall he was in a better situation to not only was he better go for oral history. That that think about it I think about it I think about it I had about 6 o'clock I'm not say I'd say 03 in some ways he was better is better note three. On one way he had a slightly lower ERA he only made it through 24 starts you got a majority. Important stat for a picture aren't yet. You know it's also reports that what starts and innings and he had more of those for the Red Sox that that's important to. In art Annie was the second part of an American League. Eleventh in the MVP votes here arguing for him being I don't know voters back to devote so you don't like awards you know the rewards are that you'll never use the words again instead of bonds worth no I don't you won't you you'll be able to talk about using indoor and used in mystic completely a year older extremists and look at what number one overall I think the most important number. It's the most important and has not let it okay and I don't if you if you made 3233. Starters you can recently you've hit a sports. Yeah towards those starts startled viewers are good. Reports that are you can't that's got to be particularly care okay that's going to be taken from a records okay keep trouble and use them anymore walker and dismiss them so quickly all the voters the voters the voters and voters or what else to base things on MVP cy young's. This was not a personal one out what do what do eligible for that your users added I had a vote that you don't organ and keep track. Well I don't have little or out of the guy had a vote that your so 898295. ERA and point four starts is better than 211 in six of 8326 era in 32 starts to sort where. It's the senate run and probably a man that's. Got hurt. I can't get it got her stability there availability in my on the camera knows it got hurt anybody that he was right is cabinet after it was and an 89 minutes and Arizona your terrible right. I'd couldn't so it really talk about the team and I want to play evidence but that's part of it of course of 89 record you keep mentioning the record. Like he could he when he mentioned the it would get a slightly better take notes and I reports Dana say that he had a worse yours first year Boston he had a big bounce back year anything. It was a slight difference. I was very clear to say that slight difference why aren't tossed on premiere why did it but but let's argue largely is back in Atlanta is lacking let's not get lost in the woods here but what what went up when I'm trying to figure out clearly you can help me but maybe when he's Smart baseball great triumph drama about. But what everybody's Smart baseball fans can't and that is why the difference with pictures. Coming in the Boston you it may be as simple as the National League that could be that it could be. Expectations it could be smaller ballpark could just be a fluke. I don't know that's why it's free stuff right. Let me give some ammunition to the looming out he's out there according to Michael Silberman of the Boston Herald. A baseball sources told him. Eduardo Rodriguez going to the DL with a knee injury that's Kurt in slip during warm ups last night discomfort today absolutely details to come. I mean you could say it just added this morning I city they look really hard at it. We look at it before that he he felt something happened and and he had a bad start after looking like the guy. Who's the top of the rotation starter 6177797937. It's they would get a with the gets ERA. The ones that's all matters of that was not a good editing are the next ten starts of the matter dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WE yeah. Connected with Richie via Twitter at. Anyone who now backed a more would Daylon Hollywood's rich deep mud Sports Radio WEEI. 177797937. This telephone number text like 37937. So the jump is live in Oakland on the screen over my shoulder. And Paul Pierce is on there and few minutes ago that they're doing it from the live audience. Someone in the crowd yelled Paul Pierce take Paul where's your wheelchair app. He answered in my trophy case. Who public Paul he's an hour ago is five and asked them load and I was ready to put out he needed it very. I'd ask you backed the call for the guys 617779. 7937. Bryant's on the cell phone hey Brian I don't. I don't well I don't mind. A lot the chocolate Michael your list of items impacted pitchers when they come over to the Sox. Let felt won't be impact over the net and media both print and broadcast media I think they're probably more intense in Boston had just about any other major League City. From from what from what aspect in terms. Contents of the media and conservative criticism. It over the top or is it just. The volume of media people just around all the time what do you think it is. I don't think it's over the top ridge I think that it is more intense more Pete Carroll. And you know it Michael would say it yet and I'm not part of the eight you know literati or looming out your pillow slopes but. There are knowledgeable sports people. Subtly in the fan base but in the immediate invasion to cross over it's not just sports writer that you did do it it's all right your big it and do it. And the guys are opened privately examined only way this Sunday probably in ways that I know they're not done in some other Major League cities and that was done. I disagree with you entirely. A or at look there is a there there are a lot of media members in this town. If you're talking about Sports Radio callers their little harsh. And then when you've got regionals highly rated all Sports Radio stations in this town so they hear a lot of crap. The members of the of of the daily Red Sox media harsh. Crawl rule the kidney. Yeah don't announces you read this stuff because I read it the making as Michael says that might be more of them. There is more but right so yet they have Syria a few more questions but I don't think anything that really. Makes you uncomfortable ensure there are times where. Either the manager or players or asked things that they they don't they don't really wanna be asked but you'd get that. Everywhere and I think. The fans and it's a good thing I think the fans are so into it that maybe there's just a little bit more pressure on your play in front of more packed houses and you know that these people care. Wait more than any other way you have control over that if you're an athlete. You don't have control of the number of medium fry your locker stall the sari that goes with the territory here. You don't have to listen. But I back I think listening is good for some of them don't know if it's a problem for you that that's an easy and I think the guys I mention the media. Probably was an adjustment but I wouldn't put in a category of problem because they all okay you're wanna say. All right that that the performance changes. Vineyards to the Pedro didn't hear you here to Mombasa for have 1999 when it great all time seasons in the history of baseball. You're two for Schilling didn't turn up there well just because he got hurt and and sacrifices career. I'm in the post season in 2004 so you know 2005 was a struggle but look at Beckett. And he turns it around your two is great. I wonder if the same for. Lot of without having gone through it are paying as close attention for guys on the Yankees just the same same idea where you know a game in June. At the expo dome but look kind of hype is really around that whereas every night at Fenway. For a long time but there's still does it's more so than other places every night at Fenway feels like a much bigger game. It's it doesn't feel like Al RC sixty is it's more of day. This is a big deal compared to I would say. 90%. Of the of the other teams around baseball. Now let's go to wide Craig was up in New Hampshire hey Craig I don't. Yeah I get on what's right. So odds are Botox same thing about them how guy and burst your box and look worse than their previous team and I think it's early. Two main things guys time on actually pursue numerically. On I think that's some of them in the countries of that there once every nine batters. More or less an automatic outs in the Arctic and we're not really and so on I think that's part of it especially ERA in a bit higher but. All I think another thing really that it intended purpose we'll see something you look at. A guy like channel he got back into what I mean we're really clean drinking Allah he bought a computer the I'm liking. So armed. I don't know I think they'll. But in theory is that a legitimate point amount in everything but I think in terms of that little knocked up from the last season's first tee and blocked early. Can definitely picture vs not al-Qaeda and then important games. Get to me is that the big differences that is you know the DH and pitchers sitting in the nationally lefties your pitch in the nationally it just this. And especially by the way if you're in the National League west. Where you got a whole blockage of you know. Pictures sparks I mean look at look at all of that's like it's like pitching in Yellowstone half the time out there. So you know if you're coming from the National League west Alice and an especially if you go to the American League east. Like whoa this is harder this is not what I was and what I was used to what I've what I expected. I just think that the whole media thing is all over blown completely. Just I don't think the media set top in this town. And all you think that him do you think there it's a factor at all. The media media I don't know if I are all don't know. I think I if you're not from Boston I think. But the players and in their play in Boston they might have heard things there when they get here they quickly realize that occur. There's a few more. That then normal or does some of these places. Is that really that much more at that's not more than New York or in Philly or some of these Chicago when both guys are indeed be used to it. But I think it's if it might be. Might be the same as other places but it's not the same in terms of what what gets in the paperless or paper or what gets online what's tweeted about was talked about. What it for example and why are great stories. And all of this when all of the people legacy story. Is that going to be talked about in every baseball market now necessary. But it was here. If it was in New York could be all over the front page of the polo I don't know annually and is it took but it took I think that was Roberts right yes Democrat mr. So it would take somebody really paying attention. And just lining that up. And being got into the Yankees or the Mets. And just say okay we'll have you know why is this what's happening here this guy was on and Seagram donors thing. I don't think that a lot of those things don't happen in other markets are American Tito used to say that all the time when it would go to Kansas City or even and a time. And other players and other managers and coaches were caught them and say. Other things that you've got to deal with that they never even crossed our radar. And so it's up at the top dale but. It's just what their interest and and what they way they write about talk about is a little different than their peers in other cities. Numbers are bigger there's no doubt about that in this clubhouse is smaller and you know you're you're tripping over guys to get your stall all of that stuff. I just don't think that the the caliber of questioning is rougher here than it is in. Off Phillies thanks so it's hard to argue about the I'm guessing Mets players how they got mr. met flip it off one of his fingers that there at fans and stuff I don't know batted well yes or. Did both and I think the salute. It needed to salutes and wanted to get they get two for one. Get the last I couldn't tell which of his three fingers even that is a lot of those two odd name have arms up finger up yeah. You're third back. Follow Bob Lee was defending him today well of potluck today Heidi of how do you give somebody the middle finger when you'll have three fingers did we not ask this yesterday. He's got three now these I have four lies not once upon by all accounts he's got out bomb and three fingers as. That and that's definitely figures you have 45. Still apparently was that more and I don't I don't. I don't know how many fingers I have I have I have four or five fingers you know normally don't got you today at five of the five figures are those fumbles finger. It's not at the 6:1 you know I am I suppose I got a feeling today it would matter what I think he would be argue that way it's looking. It's not that I have serious I asked the question you I don't know in honor fingers I thought I had ten. Got beat six once you know it's usually it's like an okay it's six putts haven't 77 I've fragrance bottles and that he agrees. Dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WE yeah.