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Fantasy Football Podcast: Scouting Rookies with Matt Waldman

Jun 2, 2017|

On today’s Fantasy Football Podcast Pete Davidson sits down with scouting guru Matt Waldman to talk about rookie drafts and landing spots for this year’s rookie talent. It’s a must if you are getting ready for your dynasty drafts.

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Okay what's happened everybody welcome back to the fantasy football podcast. Yeah. He Davidson. Run the putt in chip packets absence today Jimmy. Will be back on Monday with a fresh pot to check back next week for that today's podcast is brought to you by proxy soda. America's number one carbonated beverage and by the good people at Atlantic power cleaning. My cohost of attacking nearly drove past his own house actually cleaned his exterior. So well. Jimmy says that essentially you are watching today at Atlantic power cleansing cleaning excuse me dot com. That's Atlantic power outcome. Today in the pocket special guest mr. Walton. Most you probably know Matt deeply dies the perhaps you heard his conversation you wrote about it. A couple weeks back pre draft. I strongly recommend you follow Matt you follow him on Twitter. Act Matt Waldman that's enemy to tease to WA the enemy and you can find its artist keeps the rookies starting portfolio. At Matt Waldman RSP dot com Matt welcome to the program. It's thanks for having me back. It goes a long extra. I don't usually do their part. So. Really glad you could make it today Tom we're getting into some. Basically we're gonna talk about all the guys we talked a couple weeks ago but now we have the benefit of actually knowing. We're gonna play their quarterback is an all records stuff but. Before we get into that I just let's talk a little bit about what you do. Because you've got a different thing and I think correctly five runs in the first or second here they're actually doing this. The post draft update with all the good stuff in my rocker into. Or are. I've been doing it for a little longer than that around since 2000 wells so it's been about five years that Britain and Australia but what I do is. In area entry draft and post draft as part of the same tactics that I sell. At my site www. About Altman dot com and what it is is that. Truth you know it's it's kind of the benefits are fantasy draft swells trapped experts preach raptors. Mainly about talent and I go into a lot of steps with all that. In terms that you know checklists and thumb and keeping you had to find scoring. Process that everything's down and writing NIH could use lots of notes about what was studied in Keller studied them them organized and wait for you see all different types of rankings based on those skill sets that I find and then I did he summaries and of those players as well and a lot of different things in between. And that's you know that's that's usually about 400 page document plus all the work that I show. Post draft I winnow that down this pilot study fit. Let's look at instead of the long term talent that these players. Let's look at the immediate fit for the next you know one to three years at first contract for and I did view re Chichi ranking that's tiered. That's also mean numbered in order but also has a system that looks that. Body rankings purses ADP or average draft position of several leagues that I monitor so you can find the sweet spot between where I like these players. And where they're being date so they you can maximize the value when you're trapped. And that I studied depth charts or you look at. Players whose contracts are gonna be up in the next one goes to. Two's three years and where I think these players organ immediately start off on that depth chart. And talk about the competition that they have this well is good at bats at all that stuff at that turns into like about a hundred. 150 pages. On a PDF they you can look at and it's. But you also have like I said that. You also get like two to three years worth the rookie rankings to that I'll I'll look back out so you have a variety cheat sheets that you either trip up. Or use on your art your iPhone and users cheat sheets for your traps so that's how that works. That's that's awesome and it's it's funny because. This you know I recently gotten into the actual full blown dynasty thing myself just the last couple years and I always played leaks that are rookie intensive. Keeper auction leafs are rookies so put that on one thing and I'm learning in dynasty just in terms of getting it biceps and so my readers. Is that it. Dynasty I mean yeah there's sort of a standard league maybe twelve teams 25 that spot something like that means small taxi squad may mean. But I'm fighting it will be dynamic roster size and number of teens whether it's two QB that kind of thing. Has a lot to do with the viability of these individual players in this draft in these drafts. And where these players become. While a huge distances Pete Davidson Matt Waldman they've become less interest and to my readers because you get to a point where it cuts for players at certain level. On and that's something counselor to workarounds are it is our most eager two weeks the same or do you find you sort of have to go week by week. To fight what that keeping threshold so like for example I have leagues where. You know that's he's like a really deep receiver that I like com. Let's she drove away a guy who I'd like but I realize is sort of a little bit of a long shot race. At least half might weeks I don't have a playwright and cut for a guy like to grow so it's worth. Evaluating him but it's relief for the future it's not a guy that can invest in now. Do you find that that happens to like I've noticed some white trash can that. You know some some traps and maybe. 23 rounds but I got some leagues 45678. Rounds and you will start to see teams passing of their picks at some point. Is that something you look at we knew when you when you're doing it your own rankings for Euro teams like OK I only have. A certain number of people like so on and try to compact as much of my draft apple up into the upper part trapped for a team like that. Vs a team where you've got. Oh we roster if you're looking at six. Yet he mean when things that I the reason that design our speed to two publications way I did. And arresting people start grasp at on the usually like to publications. Whoever buys it usually. I usually keep them for life and their pretty much a lottery. Are fortunate that touch the reason that the post draft has a lot of appeal. At first is it. You know people like to be told what to do first whether you like it or not do that odd odd more with yourself I'm. Readers the same way but a lot of them like look just give me the answers we see what's there and they love the arts people's draft because that. And it kinda gives them look you know year I try to break it out for jeered traps that are five rounds rookies. Here's twelve round draft night material I mean basically I talk about six 'cause I've been pleased that range from one man rosters. A practice squad spot taxes spot shoot. 53 man rosters will it or taxi squad spots for a lot higher our spots and deputy. You know or. I've penalty now that has like four rounds of the draft and a ten round. And players are only. You can only keep the players for their first four years leaks at the emphasis on. There's so you're looking at all those guys there's a lot of pride. That makes great. And what I love that I was if you go get ours yet they strapped. I'd say about twenty to 30% readers logo. I've really I've loved this post draft you could double the price just that I would just by that fact just buy it separately and as I usually say. You really want the pre draft appeared dies the owners want to reach this tree traps where all of artwork setup like the poster rightful what you're gonna apply. Is that. Once these guys like royal lane or a guy who's you -- today whose only gets two reps that day. Did you know camp says teams that are apparently biased people rest there. They're early and mid round picks or those guys up half those reps are like older well. Where a guy gets 12 reps every day or every other day. Geez don't want to say see that's why we've seen it it's a really dumb biased but that's just what happens it's sad. Word zero. You know who developed in the starters at people that though well you know he was. It was off the world's or Detroit. Bad. People look at those guys that's where. They're like who ever talked about that. Oh look at ours and a great you and I talked about we talked about where our last it shows. Yeah and so Rex Burkhead and Ottawa. You get that does Dion Lewis Soledad that out. When you look at the development of players they look ago while. 34 years subscribers come back in the states yet to you'd. Like Eddie you may want that post war. What you were right to tell me that the pre draft is more valuable because people think the post drafts could tell the long term situation. But really it's what you're looking at guys at sports guys on ESPN and fox and all the major networks. If you view the information. They're gonna commentaries. Whatever told you about this guy well you know it's three draft a set up for itself but their efforts booked out way. I mean every time they say stuff like that. I'd say they're going me and it's it yet but that's what John Brown liquid when he started his first year and about this guy. Come off the debt but you know that's the difference between guys shoot. You know and that's OK I a lot of repeal have a lot of readers who are guys that look they've got to have Lazard middle lately things they played the what are date may draft three to five rookies and they just you know top guys are at it need to be prepared for that but they also appreciate the fact that. You know what I've never heard of this guy two years after that draft. He's making noise in camp and that that's the big name outlets are talking about the guys that I've never heard of now. Let me look up the preacher antsy what they say it's Carlo. That's so they like that the guys like us. Those guys those guys obviously take that information from the get and it's you know what. It's good. You know I OT I receive special ourselves line you know they'll tell me about the delivery to show me that they'd be. And it's good that you're material can do that. But it can also be deep dive it could be either one. And that's scary and I I try to do the same thing that might say when at the time to do it. You know longer Zito scattered reports. But also just quit charts and rankings. So you can do what you need to do in the time to do it. On. So I guess folks if you haven't checked out RS be I recommend you do it different world around the block it probably end up being out. And so let's let's you know you mention density before he can get into the other stuff. I've actually Indian my first steady option of my life just because I got sucked into this release fondly that Scott fish is doing so. But I'm curious Matt. If can you give me like if you grip it Debbie option for next year who who would be your your priority guys here going after. Yeah. Certainly certainly and I would inquiring mind and so it's sheer. Shirt so guys that. Guys that are like upperclassmen who were likely believes certainly. You know say on Barkley is well known that read the Penn State running back he certainly got that. Wonderful agility and he's a patient runner who can create in his own scheme and catches the ball extremely well. And he's got potential is blocker where. He could develop enough that he could start immediately yet my diet I. It's yet. That I've bit my favorite back in his class is actually about torture are adults. Yet while and I'm I'm not a huge Georgia fans know what worked universities are taking years graduated school I was also a big University of Miami and at that job to be at peace LT. Is by far the best back class I know that than to be some northeastern bias among fans for Barkley but shot to me. Has everything you're looking for and somebody I've I'd note that Whalen who does a wonderful deputy Eric apps on his own talked about job as Jonathan's to work with more. Conceptual skills and understanding of the game I would I I kinda salt marsh lynch. But you know away. Either one is either one is very good. Yeah look I like statistic I mean I felt like you had a really good sense on when between attacking runner and when you patience and I I really like. It's feet were connected to resize base yes I really like. Apps. That's a great that's a great example right there at look at facts. That their eyes you sink Jamaal Charles LeSean McCoy and this and he and and Marshawn Lynch I mean Marshall lynch may have made the best Blu-ray Lewis that we have ever seen. Hey if you when you can make great Lewis look foolish. On pretty good is true on that now you had momentum and McCutcheon officers. You are shot at duke duke it position you know if yeah sure for sure there's a there's wide receiver there exe is tied at. Home tournament the kid's name but he's the starter there. He's one works keep an eye on. I would say that you know Josh. Josh Rosen is probable and Sam are you quarterbacks are gonna come up Ole lot I think red Josh Rosen probably has the best chances of com. Becoming a draft pick this year and then you look at. It rose he's got a complete game kind of reminds me of Matt Ryan in the sense that he doesn't have a fantastic car but it's more than good enough he's excellent in the play action game and maneuvering in the pocket reset fire he has a very. Aggressive. He's. Terry. Kind of conceptual player in the sense that. I was holding got argue Trent Dilfer during those high school shows all of us are doing on ESP yen. Like off the year he got they got art classroom because. Rose and basically. Took one of 'til first concept success I would do without all this. And Dilfer and argued about it. Anecdotal heated up later Dilfer said you know look at I would have been able to that. But I think Rosen has the skills that what he thought it was very dear could do so I think that he's a different guy which could. You know in terms of the sticker and action you know conventionally sets but she's someone that is worth peaked at nine in the wide receiver. It certainly before you jump to receive a certain route with Dario do you think there's a chance he doesn't come out next year. I I don't know I mean I arrest those easy younger guys I've. Yet but Brett here. You know high notes a lot of people think he will come out so. You know it's it's it's worth that builds itself he's definitely worth the outlook and it won't. I mean I need you to die in the boat cruise and Arnold but I've watched a fair amount and they. There's nothing exciting prospects there's no doubt. Insurer pay you know if it if you don't like it tension just perspective and so should this be quick but I don't think you and I talked a lot about these as where. When did you. And you know it's still intrigues me and I might take him it's different than like most of what I've heard effort people complaining about his feet. I'd light the discrepancy. Particularly for his body companies fairly long athletes big bomb. I you know and he's conceptually there are times where. He ye will run through certain passes me viewers each set his speech he'll throw from a non base at times. Things like that but. That the base footwork itself I was pretty impressed with what. Did you see anything different. I'm what I. What I think about web is that as developmental guy he has all the tools you're looking for drama. Quarterbacks physically yeah I think that technically he's gonna be sound enough that they aren't. I think mentally he's the coach's sons like spray it seems to be that so those are all really good sir I. I probably overrides all that but it is is more. How he handles pressure in the pocket I felt that he was very erratic. At. I felt like would pressure got especially up the middle when he got interior pressure compared to other prospects that I saw. I've felt like that. Everything else went out the window so it to me it's one of those deals where he may check all the boxes. Except that emotional intelligence one. And that ability there so I and that's its concerns over. Okay and that's generally speaking Arnold. And this is can he settle esoteric but I'm a little bit less forgiving about that trait for a tall quarterback into. I expect him to be able to see things better than guys you know it took a drop below we saw struggling with some of those things in college but he's a smaller guy so it's gonna take him longer to feel things that you can't frequency. Deport them but anyway I just wanted to while I was on my mind. Basically I was just so there's square sure sure but there's a there's a receiver out of SMU I think you were about to get into. Fifth. Yeah yeah. Sutton has got a lot of people excited about certainly. Understandings you know 64 to fourteen. I'd be about one to 25 yet. Or one muscle and a lot of people aren't Brandon Marshall that up to you this way Brandon Marshall caught the ball better on the court Sutton can catch the ball he certainly makes plays after our tactic makes it's just such but right now he needs work with a jugs machine every day for the next year. And hopefully he did that during the off season because it's. He catches the ball with pour our position where you know where you want your chances to kind of form that triangle like absolute warriors who index fingers and your outlook when you have your hands above your chest level and below you want your pinky is almost touching each other what's your pops up. He often catches the ball with one hand with the palms facing the all at one underneath that trust clapped at Aurora and the balls over his head he tries to clap not site any trot people say is sure handed I saw two games against Hughes TCU would be and Baylor. Where he dropped multiple passes. He often dropped passes and cons against contact her tight coverage. Because the fact that he didn't have his hands and good position and it's it's a technical issue edit may also be a ball tracking shoe is well because he tends to it because he drops those passes he does have good technique. GE seems to have the ball always it is right and first rather than both hands. So he's not getting his hands in position yet at the correct spot which may be in seeing the ball on time and an on an addition to that. His arms aren't always retracted as far out orders they should do attack the ball and he lets the ball get into his body somebody even though he lets. That stance first she didn't enter it returning when terrorists furthers actually short or our little bit dated. It is and it's and it's in your document at the ball strike your hands at this thing on right so you're gonna. More likely occur that. That struggled to catch the ball flight the ball NFL's Adam. A immediate contact retraction into the body. He has a secondary stepped in between that our guest of all the ball it and that allows defenders to it is arm. Hit the ball strike and knock at least so he's. If you learns to develop this opens it knew what had it worse issues with this at Nebraska yet we talked to hurt us last yeah. So now were look at that that sought and he's a guy that could develop if he. If he improves in that area events a couple of younger guys just because younger guys or detail way. Well you start I just say exactly the way you just described that it's it's perfect and I think sometimes the just so people understand what that's talking about when you wanna be symmetrical. When you're catching the ball ball both hands so natural doing the same thing and I'm a volleyball setter. It's one of the things I do and it's the same exact thing your hands are. Basically you're left and right here are doing the same thing you can't set the ball perfectly. And it's gonna spin out. In. It's the same exact concept and but it reversed and catching the football they have to come out together and then essentially collapsed together when you're taking this. All but the ball. So you have to use your fingertips to axle apps and you and if you don't have great position that way with the figures where describe. The ball strikes your Paul it's a bigger surface high speed it's gonna ricocheted it was greater force absolutely and I think a lot of players. Keyed into these bad habits because they've got slow and turn there sooner hands are a little bit behind your eyes are behind. And you there you know that look of being surprised I get to the ball on so I think sometimes it's like a sequencing of technique that these guys have to work. But I'm glad that I'm glad I mentioned that you mention that to me is now and I watched him. Cortland I'm gonna look at that so. You sure you just put me ahead of the curve okay so you said yet a couple of receivers are cut out there. Yeah I mean actually have got a couple other guys that are truth kind of a younger crowd so purity deputy league like the eyes see a lot which is. Use Ito the seniors get taken but you can take underclassmen as well read a couple years has you don't wanna take you know maybe you don't wanna take it like mark Walt. Fix it back but you know might be that tenth or twelfth ranked back which means he. You know why take him when maybe you can get an underclassmen. Right about that introduces it can be a top guy. The blues the won the auction on the European. But you can't trust guys that are you can't locate guys I'm minimum twenty dollars starting did. So like right you have to be like I can't like I let it go and play Akron watt rightly got a sneak into a low price. But I'm not gonna do a twenty dollar why so it's sort of a different kind. Yes a sort yet to go. No but that's that that's true and so guys you know good examples of some incoming freshmen who are. Who may be worth taking that chance on and certainly freshman are riskier because you know you're up five star prospects right book us and fight and often being watched our prospects can be admitted title but never. Never turn in any sanctions but. Or they're just high and athletes who never developed a tube guys that I think are going to be exceptions to that rule bird it's that stereotype of it are Alabama. Receiver Cherie cutie. News it is a Jerry QBs. Jerry QB who is a kind of sixth floor at 18519. But again they develop that and weight within the first year two he should be around 200 I've watched is. Alabama day spring game. And let me tell you he was making grossed out wraps up talking about tight coverage over a shoulder. On leaping for the ball when he did not just done. You know set fade routes that that you look at the right kind of like difficult routes where. He basically the ball was pinpoint but the coverage was eating better and say it multiple times taking hits. It is Alabama upperclassmen team it's worse say it already looks like on it are. Flashy reminds. A lot of them there's him and then you spent huge problem he's probably ticketed for me 2019. 2000 yet either 20192000. Health permitting that right then. That another guy that's in class it is and other torture back. Is it was the entree swift. And he's out of the northeast sales guys who made note. You know Pennsylvania high school full ball will probably love this guy he's fast he's about I'd I'd I'd due to be honest he is low is low center of gravity acts. Yes he's got that sweet spot and on top of it. There. When you watch him catch the football and run routes. You realize that does it may rotten rock Otto a couple saves like Christian McCaffery it. I have been told that this guy could probably wide receiver in college football as interest in Houston now. Way we seem to be seen more of these parties. Then we used to which obviously is good for them because. That's the skill set you know those pertaining to create more and more. So. Ty is a factor here so let's do it yet what's the let's let's let's start moving into some receivers on. No but let's start with a guy like don't you like exits are two guys who went to the same team and no to some extent it both of these guys I don't know about the on actually know this could be two different guys I think about it it could be the titans guys or Lawrence guys but we're gonna start the rams guys. On so we've got Josh Reynolds. And we got Cooper cop. I thought. Just from a standpoint of you know that depth chart these guys did pretty well with landing spot. Where you would that and obviously the quarterback is something we need to factory but. Yeah I like to let that spot Reynolds particularly because in you know getting playing time in right handed back I think that. Reynolds what's nice about him is that you get a guy who's gonna get shot. Next year to. And and be for the big play receiver that because. You know Kenny Britt garden. They don't you know like Thomas while eke out futile but he dropped the ball I'd be worried about that seat Robert Gates to prove himself as a late round pick. But Reynolds certainly has sides beat we talked about all that but he he's gonna. Be forced he's going to be asked to work or or or just one position right now and that they live at his opportunities early on. You know as a big player out there stay there so few guys they have we're going to be playing that position though. He's got a real shot so sorry he does yet now he does and admits that positions fairly irate fourth round yet though and he's a nice. Bargained as a lot of people are ought to be shared office will look. The lower track position that he had and and all that but I think that you're getting a bargain because you don't have to take him. As you know one of the top five receivers in this class but as a kind of tell. Cooper cops pick. I actually love the that the stick there. I love what I'm here and not a camp today that it is doing well. Yeah I was a big fan of a Cooper cup because. The thing for me is this fits the West Coast scheme perfectly because. As Bill Walsh talked about a lot it's really the first fifty yards where you need to be fast it's not the final. You know it's not the final 45 where he'd beat fast and and when you look at Cooper cups Columbine. Is short shuttle is three cone drill. Are all as scooter. It all as good as Allan Robertson who is known as a team right and also he's very quick and that fact. In that and that those facets and he's also the best route runner artsy. In terms of getting off line of scrimmage as a rookie that I made it Percy. In terms of releasing from the line of scrimmage and we talked about that clash of two ways it did that Senior Bowl yeah DS. Yet and he's already. He's already being talked about in camp as. May be outplayed Robert Woods at this stage. Which may mean that he did he knows all the wide receiver positions. That eats like a coach on the field in terms of his knowledge and his ability. Is his love for the game. And that he is Ollie eat might be the most press secret or kept right out and the fact that. Jared off the way that he plays the game even that cal. Meshes better with a guy like Cooper. Cup. It is I think Cooper cut could be a surprise this year's like one of those guys that we look at go we thought he might be pretty good he might play in the slot. But we may look at it and go all while Cooper cops that top 25 receiver at the stress and this. And it read draft leagues Brett that could be his upside this year. Just due to the nature of this offense and the fact that he's probably better route weren't they about Austin ever has been out to stage. Yeah I think I think I think I'm gonna go with the but that. I'll. Get copies and he is of very interest and player I mean you can. I I I'm not gonna lie I've convinced myself. That he wasn't that good and I convinced myself that he is cute and flipped back for a couple times. On the film of all it is but here's the thing that every time I watch film. I flipped back to it thinking that I think that he's in it and they generally speaking that's ultimately where I go on. The thing that I keep coming back to and I think you're telling it. At the senior apple isn't he was running at all drillers like Edward. He was basically beating people off the jam and doing it very quickly. You had with different moves every single rag different guys like he was basically. He basically was like OK let people that sell all the solidly this usually I watch guys win. Like a lot over hi guys when with one run guys who were pretty good to have that potential with two to three blues. Coop when Cooper cup is show wouldn't be like 568. Boost you know during a real current line drill where there do we elect or five reps. At your scene like well not that you do in five to ten reps but you know every rep Pete did each day it seemed like he did something different. That's that's a usual oddest and what this I didn't see this to left in the draft but right. Steve Smith's a new commentator. You know it up yeah order don't. But I don't actually it's just that fans have always been east expert span and everyone talks about his physical properties to wrap. And Steve Smith says this is my top wide receiver this class because he can run any routes. And he talks about his ability to use and the some stuff I covered last year toll uses hands and his feet. Especially. With the ball in his hands and make people best order run through contacts. He's a tougher runner after the catch that people given credit for. I'll apps and yet one might want absolute best qualities. Yeah I know what to expect so when Steve Smith that Steve Smith just wild and Oregon. Basically yes exactly it seems that says this is my guy up. I've listened of that because there are some guys that I feel that about when it comes to commentators some former players don't know their way out of a value we're not paper bag. I get to see feeling that Steve Smith does like Chris Dielman both those guys when they talky but while this. Yes that's what's passed and you have to love it so it what it says. It is. Is outstanding information and the thing that I'd become active and is I have I've heard so many people people respect. Saying he's slow slide please wildly. And the things I'm hearing news not just not just the fact that he can beat the Japanese speaking in a variety of ways with Corey technique. Since it means that he can play outside and we you can get the upper hand quickly on the outside. You take you know take it away but you lessen the quarterback's ability to use the sideline adds an extra defender. It opens up different types of routes I think this guy can be successful. Multi threat he doesn't just have to be an inside player. And actually start opening up doors of the fantasy numbers because the team can find ways to get in the matches that they want. And I think that could be particularly important on a team like the answer may not have a lot receivers that they love. And let you say may have a quarterback that and patent protection this receivers so. Gone on and on here but the reason I'm going on it's we're talking about a player that. I got cup in the fourth round of some of these rookie traps. Yeah this is a guy you might delete yet you know mid third late third early fourth and had to be a real player forty's so. With. I'm. So I think we've covered super cup live I think the base if you don't mind because I I I really like this landing spot for both these receivers to the Tennessee guys. I don't beat they want Taylor. And like everybody outside. A pretty big here Corey Davis on the I circulate they found. The two receivers that are gonna go to an area for a long time. Can you start with either one and how do you like the spare me you and I talked a lot about that did us in our last time but. Landing spot specific stuff how do you like the tight. I love it for Corey Davis and I think that and see what the titans are all about and certainly it's its power running game player. Action component as well as using set placed the capitalize on the area does lay eggs he's not a creator admire. Belief as a quarterback. But I don't think Tom Brady's a creator either. And he's a great player I think what. Where he senses that Mary noted that went from the pocket and weapons he can win when he's breaking the pocket. I am but he's not. He's not as good when forcible spot. Force you stuff on the move that's for a lot of his mistakes and so Tennessee's art. Because what they do is instead of saying hey look we want you. We we know you can be Russell Wilson scrambling dish like. Point guard throw the ball sixty yards out deal or accuracy. Instead they're like OK let's capitalize on its export these different types of reverses her and around types of plays are fakes where yet keep the ball. Deep shots but he is a good passer. And if you give them that time in the pocket they've got the office for the team that. So Corey Davis gives you that the key index type where you know they can do set plays on straight routes he can win on double moves that come off the play action he's someone that gets you yards after the catch. And then on occasion where defense paints the quarterback in the quarter and he's got to throw the ball up on a 5050 route. Corey Davis could win their two. When the titans scouts there's. You know told by someone connected to the organization that the scouts felt like they were looking for receiver who matched the locker room mentality. The of that team. In the best possible ways and then Davis was there a number one. Guy out there list was there perfect fit and you know when news when you USA today USA today wire I think hasn't. I eat a writer interviewed. Is former wide receiver coach now Minnesota. And he talked about Davis had to be kicked off the field routinely. Because of the fact that. He will as always working after practice working on routes work make the call saying. And that. David Heatley to say look it's time you rest you need to stop working. And I think that shows up watches though the routes are precise. Yes and then on top of that too. On his own volition. He researched different things that he could take at school that might help him as an athlete. And he enrolled in yoga so that he couldn't because he's learned about how to attack could speed up his recovery time. In terms. You know after working out art and running and all that sodium a player forty locked in the professional aspects of out of maintain your body. What you're looking for technique wise. That's what. Dovonte Parker is just starting to understand. This rate in his or year and he's a mega talent physically but always lead data's all love Davis I think it's a perfect fit. And he may well very well you view that wide receivers three wide receiver to fence the upside. In an office where Delanie Walker still probably to be the go to guy Rashard at least. Show without shouted out that these guys played it will get around as a big slot receiver fits well in that regard. And then. You know you've got touch is sharp still like therapy for time passer but. I don't think this team can support more than probably choose. Fantasy wide receivers if it does sure if it supports three fancy catchers and you're looking at bare barrier to being top spot quarterback and while I think he may get there one day I think there's two way I loved Davis. I think he's connected hold it close they want Taylor I think it's gonna need a couple of years but I do look shall there and you know he's a guy that because an athletic standpoint could wind up being that second outside guys. Yeah I mean you Taylor so interest and I think a lot of people. Just sort of so and it's something I've talked to keep people about it when you're right. But and I don't you know it is by heart so this won't shock you by. You know Taylor Taylor weighs only six pounds less than court cases. Yeah out and that's significant. I think it's anyone's Taylor's side you know 203 ounces you know by Atlanta in. Acting that 45 that is totally indicative of how fast I think he might be a step quicker than that and then three coat knocked out park. He'd shoot that explosiveness which we've seen down near the goal line when he cut please come and outbreaks. What that'll. An eleven foot Russia so this kid with some real. Apple let us isn't it 203 pounds. So which I think it he probably has a classic three years developmental curve. When me receipt start season best of him. In a couple seasons but he's well he's a player I'd really like I I love what they did the receiver position and just to jump on what you said with Corey Davis. When you look at. You know they were caring Marietta with Dorian green Beckham and now they move that to Corey Davis I just think it's such a better it. For this particular quarter acting. Marriott is a lead by example. You know he's got to kick off the practice field so I ten days in nightstand just in terms of that sort of working their butts off together for a long time. Yeah absolutely you know trauma or a green Beckham was really just having a mature approached the game eased and that that that's really Bora that. The difficulties are sky a lot of NFL scouting different weight we scout is that. You know they understand the game obviously about how guys play but. But what they're asked to do buy teams more often than not why NFL teams you know succeed or fail. Is sometimes due to the fact that they spend even more time and is this guy professional Odyssey worked you know in practice does he know how to take care his body. We know what's his off field behavior like what's his mindset is he would good for what we want from players and our organization. And the best teams. Ask those questions and know how to get the answers. So. You know you look at that and I think that Tennessee in their previous regimes took a chance out Beckham because of his talent. At may be heard a lot of people say a lot of nice things. You know they were just to cross that. Where I give him credit for really tell each yeah I think given credit for the reverse course and understanding that the important asset is an area. Yeah and yet in the thinks he needs to develop this area is gonna develop relatively quickly. You know what why Nadia that's yeah oh absolutely absolutely and I've ever tried it. A veteran on screen back here you know I don't I don't know boy. You know if you've got a couple key pieces around it are developing this eating your quarterback and you can bring in guys and. That's that's that's just good efforts under this business and went and went and look at Mary noted he's the guy he's like to me he's like Brady again. You know group Brady's one of the great quarterbacks in the league but if you're gonna tell me that you could stick Brady. In Seattle right now he succeed I would laugh. As opposed who's taken mark on the Russell Wilson and sticking him in Brady's offense. Where he would still probably be a Pro Bowl player it's not saying that one's better than the other it's just that once more personal than the other in terms of what they're able to do when they're both very good quarterbacks coach and when you look at that. Verio it is more it got it needs players around him to really be access his greatness. Yet the remarkable thing about parties. Just the way he finds that path of least resistance. Just yes oh incredibly consistently. I mean and then and now the patriots what they've done for him this year I mean. I don't base load it yeah I mean it's it's what he's going to be able to do pre snap it's just it's. It's going to be devastating I did that's where it's great yet it's going to be a real now but that's when you know I know we don't have all the time in the world there let's try to hit a couple more guys. Courtesy of a guy I'd like a whole lot just for obvious reasons. But not blind to the transformation that's gonna have to happen. Blight it and when I look at what happened with him on draft day heat wave. Very early. A team invested in him very happily. You know he's the fourth receiver taken off the board early in the second round to a team that already drafted McCaffrey who. In a lot of ways has similar skill sets to Samuel just in terms of you here receivers can be back obviously they're very different players in terms of technical sat and stuff like that com. You have. Do you have any type of inside vision into how you think he's gonna play out your one with Caroline what do you do you feel like you know what they're gonna do with them. Well I think that you're gonna see him in McCaffery. Ideally what they want to do is to move them around the nation and trees snapped and create matchup. Problems where can can have easy decisions and go okay. Sentinels got the easiest match up on the go to him and that they can make plays you're on my way to. Yeah and and so what you're looking at here really is. You're Samuel is Randall Cobb. And he's out Wayne's skills that he's not that way in and fit right but he's they've Randall Culp like developmental player who. You know eventually can give you a lot Tennessee wide receiver to logs he reproduction but it's gonna take him a little bit of time. You know he can catch a ball in his hands just fine Scott's consistency is technique that will all need to iron out and obviously our route Sri. These are things that as long as he's will work with and I think to within about two years where the seat. It really start to shine this year at its lean more on the athletic abilities struck. Yeah I mean I would look for some explosion plays from him this year but not consistent. Week to week touched soldiers. Yeah your docket draft and reach steps. Should they be picked up on the waiver wire. They think the thing about simulate it contrasting them against copter sort of ripping up what you said and I I like pickup comparison but one primary difference I think. And obviously we've seen Randall Cobb. Play a little bit a running back here there. But he just isn't the type of explosive. Athlete that's and it was I mean some of Samuels best plays at Ohio State that I've seen. You lined up as a act. Yeah act covers. Koppel has more obviously receiver Randy duke could do was asked to play running back right and and then the other difference I would say is while Samuel. Is capable of making some tough plays as a receiver and he's done so Cobb was a much more polished receiver who could totally out he'll place. I record okay so yes so I did so you basically leaning towards it you being successful but. You're seeing it happen over 123. Years type experience depth that. That gets his last question I have this feeling that. While Carolina has sort of day. An idea of how they want. McCaffrey says it'll play out I think there was sort of a intentional redundancy in the waiting at these two guys where. Depending on how these guys you follow individually they can use them differently did you see them sing yeah you know like it wouldn't shock me if you know a year or two from now Johnson Stewart is retired and you know. It wouldn't shock me that backfield looked like fifteen to twenty carries each week for McCaffery. But five to ten carries each week percent Neil that would surprise me. And they're both also playing slot they could both be playing outside as well like I mean I see a lot of potential. For chess game these two players. Any ideas being nobody gets worn out and like you say they find ways to do it. These decisions. Yet and I think that's what they're hoping for here that the problem for me is that. It I think this is a risky developed scouting boost from a team building standpoint it sounds great and ingenious because you're like oh. We can have all these options that move around the field and do all sorts of crazy stuff read well you know. You need to have it. It's not so it's what they're doing is pretty easy priest that reads with Tom O'Grady they find players to be too that at some of the players they have are great individual players they're good enough. Whereas I think when you look at this situation the saints to within the same to the same thing. You know my concern is that if you lean too much on the player be they gadgets when he's gone you don't have a player to replace and so if you are those guys get hurt. They've made out at the redundancy in place to do what they're doing so you wanna take care attention to how they're gonna set this up but that's more like New Orleans and and to England and it may be all right but if they're leading to much on the specific skills of these two players. Then it bite get a little Dicey where one gets hurt and help grow have to change our office. Right and and you also don't I loved him in Olympic fan but you don't wanna put too much pressure him to be priest or every. When you use Cam Newton on him. That thing I keep coming back tears every time I say get opens up his mind I and grow fitness well. It's yes I just sort of like he's one of those guys racing well. He's pretty sharp due to go out on the are getting benefit of the doubt until it looks awful. But so let's let's keep moving here. How how well version UN Kenny got it. And the reason I'm asking is because what decision and I talked about this is this the and so the other day. Are you finding myself very often in these rookie drafts getting into the third round and having both Chad Williams and Kenny got in the board. You may remember my love for chat audience from our last discussion and I am having trouble not taking Chet Williams even though I know. Comedy has a lot going for him. Where would you be on that decision and what do you think about those two players. I've been latency mode on technicality because I didn't like our I don't like him but he was a little bit bro bought. Yeah the wrong word I didn't think he I didn't think it was that I don't think he caught the ball amazingly well. I didn't think he ran great routes righted that you looked at fast the news though. I was kind of surprised taking their ground and you know he's got an. Answer alliance seemed like a lot early on at this point. But you know they like or awful lot at that point to. The Virginia Tech wide receiver at this stage of this of the year a couple of years ago people excited about. Chad Williams highlights like law. And so. I think Williams makes sense and and I'll also trust the ability. The cardinals staffs. So fine and John Brown smaller school talents and wide receivers as a whole yeah you treasurer Ron Brown was just changing Nelson as well there you know you don't. They scenes that kid. They seem to understand skilled players they seem to understand what is this school guy but he wanted to sort of guy. Yeah dates on where others. Date picked up kirwan waved off the way why that was always benefit. And has played pretty well so I think that they get Detroit. I think they've done what free agency adding skilled players but wrapped skill players. I think they've been spot. And wide receivers especially. They have done it all that good at drafting skill players on in awhile so I I think it. Holidays awaits the vote for B Williams I would definitely be taking third round when I can get their. And I asked yet not an odd I'll be honest I would I pass on Williams in the late second I don't feel good about doing it. And I I think I traded up so you know so front and in the program are. Just because I feel like he's like one of those guys where. I think we might look back in years ago and gosh how we're relating this guy out the second round of. Repeat that and he is again landing spots important with surrounding talent because. Here's the thing you're gonna find out very quickly whether Chet Williams. Is that type of player he needs to be in terms of being a professional because. Yes Larry FitzGerald. He's gonna have an opportunity to work questioned her at a time for. And their two. So you're gonna get a master craftsman truck write and edit. That's exactly what FitzGerald there is an Eddie FitzGerald a guy who learned there were a new position recently itself so I mean it. It's such a great guy. Happy as a mentor and who do look at the overall depth chart yet there's some of the good receivers there. But they're not Chad Williams type players they're smaller guys. So he should contrasting and mesh well. With a group they have so. Obviously for 2017. You don't get too excited but conceivably by next year this guy can have a major role. Yeah absolutely. Could so it's it's definitely a high upside players and runs well after the tragic when the ball catch orange who's gonna develop the route runner shuttle lot of good things at the Senior Bowl that you say all right a year to which could work and good work habits. If all that checks out. You you have yourself starter. Yeah I so you know I don't we I mean I could go for ever them. You tonight that we could kill hours and hours doing this but since we are down to like ten minutes or so left. Are there any receivers that we haven't hit the that you're excited about in terms of where they went. I think so but I mean obviously to run and back yet outside and let's yet. I'd that lets let's jump over running backs. I just don't mind my rankings up on the site last week I've got captured the top but. That's with I mean IE. My top tiers tight McAfee fortnight cook mixes with key right coming in after that. Let's look at those top. Tier guys. Any if anybody you're more excited about what you've seen where anyway anyway. Bomb. Honestly I think all of those places circuit fits and and I surf the Internet much the same for me because this. When you look at. You look at McCaffery again we talked about in a scheme matches what he did at Stanford you have that that's a good. That's a good spot for him I think to develop and and be in Colorado Westbrook type player. Then when you look at four net. I think this team is gonna go to a gap scheme and that and the offensive line coach that they got. That day that Tom Coughlin basically hand picked and brought in to be is off and coach York who is known for. Kicking schemes to work with the talent they have and he did that. By switching from McCaskey to a zone scheme for frank for its San Francisco. Enough for frank or for Carlos Hyde Cisco and that worked out well that even though the rest that he had a lot of work I think he's gonna go back to a gap scheme because of the way. These that tell the office of the lines fit and what. Let her fort that does at fort nets already showing people were a year. You know your big media. Writers who always said he's not that good receiver because he didn't catch all of a lot right at LSU while we look at look at high school tape. You can look at his high school tape that say all I got it up Ella all. And that when he did get targets eBay's marketplace while lol. Hold. OT days later for that catches the ball better than we expected but based on you know we didn't see a lot of stuff what. Well he's definitely get peace at the present that he's got not only that he makes plays downfield regular we're talking. It also is he gonna do that and in this office not on. But he's the capabilities there. I like the fifth locked her. I mean if you look at I mean I look at that offense and to me we're gonna be getting the Paul Hackett kind of offense it is. You've got Nathaniel Hackett called the plays and you've got around. As the head coach I feel like we're gonna. It's going to be a lot of run the football a lot of draw with his third long I really think we're gonna see a lot of battles. Paul Hackett current offense. And I think that works for Ford it beautifully I. Yet at. Let's not let's not write off like portals just yet okay because I think yeah that no but I think there are a lot of people who are I think that. We have to remember he had a horrible year last year were as basic garbage type fantasy player for people but. There's your differences one is that entering 2015. He worked for top house every day he stayed in the top. He got a little house and Ali it was work on his game work out. And he had a near Pro Bowl year that here. Lat entering the 2016 season what I was told us that he spent far more time on the nightclub circuit and actually do anything else shop and he was he was not disciplined. He reverted back to his UCF days where he thought his springs and Summers were spring break time and he spent a lot of time just being a party here and doing things he probably. Board benefiting his game long term and he lost his stroke he regressed there's a lot of lack confidence he was even reading coverage you correctly a lot of simple things this year he got his extension. Yeah its four year extension agent jaguars it granted it. Tom Coughlin isn't gonna do that it lets the guy it was working and sure enough. He worked out daily with top house and another coach. All season law so I think you're looking at a guy who's discovered oh he had you know what. I know I'm maybe 2425. Years old but I need to grow up I can't do spring break anymore. First 345 months at a time I need to work at my craft and I think that's gonna help because there's enough wat receivers players that's a good situation. And yes definitely a good spot surrounded with talent they get that offensive line up. To a reasonable level but they weren't even reasonable two years ago and now and look what he did with them and as those and that was a lot of garbage time points to but he plays better. Yes. Yes so I like those. Take its Marie does seem like they say it might help for camp but he could start by our. So cooks gonna get a real shot early on yeah I mean jet action and jobs gonna saddening to me I don't see. If those coaches are where they're correct prescriptions. Prescription frames I don't see how tedious very pleased and but your candidate based on film I watch us here just don't see it. Yes so we're gonna find out it's gonna come down I didn't hit it I don't know how much Minnesota you watch western you probably watched a lot but. I mean it is that your McCain in terms of playing in the passing game. Much more relaxed and confident and it's passed it looks ready to flush her. Yet this is gonna. This I think it's going to be an interest in depth chart. Battling camp and we're gonna find out what happens but I think cook by November or will it be the lead back in the SE fumbles little way past done idols are two issues I don't all I think could be. I could dictate that thing maybe even quickly. All I've stated that. To me that their play elaborate. Yeah I think the issue themselves but but so yes yes and that's that's. Will find out and then when you. Look at you know when you look at Nixon I think Nixon's and a great situation because. If not maybe for the offensive line that's lost he picked players but you know. Giamatti Bernard I was thinking this and I just heard this week. You know mix it's gonna get a college ships start as a third down back. With Bernard wreak still recovered from the ACL tear in November so you're gonna see him showcases pass receiving skills early and we know that he can. He can run good routes and catch the heck out of the ball perhaps he's an okay pass protector and it will get better this summer so Woolsey some development there and they don't want -- there are looking to get real he'll probably soon as possible so. If he shows anything he could wind up the feature back and that it's regard. Get returns to health and if he does and you're gonna see the same jolt Bernard combination with mix and the baby makes it even taking that. A full time job away and I'm excited about Pete Ryan. I think he right close the gap on those four guys based on his landing spot I love rock Chile and what he did but I think that it does right it. Race the person just isn't there. He Ryan thank Michael Turner urged all on. The urge a ball Anderson. Back in the day you may get that kind of upside from people. Yes Michael Turner but he can pass protecting that's football put the effort and that's exactly yes that's that's that's a nice little player out there. But yet you know back in Mexico for a second. That would essentially about Nixon is gosh he could take the lead down role for L. Or the passing role for GO you literally can do either one organically and I think obviously that. Is the obvious conclusion as he can take the whole thing as well on and you know it was a classic example of me not listening to myself. Because I said when he came out like this guy's got majors you know command you but he also Pacific gas and and I don't know if you can handle success and sure enough. He had a great season and I didn't listen to myself I'd move the moment or two and a and I paid for it. Well I mean those are hard things to tell because we don't get interviewed these guys we don't see how they've matured or when they've matured music in out and all those things that's that's a hard thing that applicant. And then following that that whole cycle of advice would not surprise mean won it it. Hill played really really well this year casino's money here so yep and knows that Nixon's probably you know at that gate in the east he's. Auditioning and auditioning for a job with another teen so where so it was probably about a terrible. Not by globe Bryant he's practically free. On it so. What are running backs you're right we did. You probably remember we did a solid ten minutes and you write pre draft. Though that elephants in the room. Seemed CB. Hon Camara and Joseph weapons but those those three packs a lot of chatter on those guys a lot of people willing to reach for those players. Is there any one of them that you like to get into that you so strongly about. Yeah tomorrow is a great fit for where he landed yes they're gonna ask him to do what he does best. Without lean on him too much to do what he does worst. So which could make a really nice consistent RT two current player. Yeah and I would say more our beat three EST upside sure yeah so how are bigger down the road. Yet he's a player on drafting when I wouldn't have draft creek. You know without knowing what is teens set up was going to be picture though so I liked that. Then. You know Williams is still wait and see mode everyone's talking. Nice things but I've heard mixed reviews about a also. I'm waiting to see whether today he's gonna pass protect well right at all on the ball when the contact happens right and hunt hunt to me is probably the most overrated at this point. People are talking about oh he might take Spencer where his job he might. That but that I eyes boards that Chester at the back which is good enough to be a starter. But not good enough for teams to go says not draft a back. Every year OK I just described dale what I said there that's that's an almost exact opposite so much that people are jumping up into the middle around one rookie trust me this guy. It's not putted on understand. What you're leaving yourself vulnerable a Wear me not go away quickly and be. They may decide to draft an even better running back next year yet I don't think where's go away. Good. I've I obviously on the big fan of him but I like that it's not I don't like yes I like hunting you read it. To me that says to me when I think of it look at. Look at Andy Reid in Philadelphia and I think Duce Staley and Correll Buckhalter. And when they were both healthy. And both they were both on the field locked up at the time me and but they kind of cancel each other out or was a tough situation predict. And where the best sack yet and and where was the fourth best back yards after catch last year. So vote in the NFL so you when you look at that. Ray he's hit into this Andy Reid running back thing and not like I did I get back but let's not put Holland in the Brian Westbrook. Jamaal Charles category yet it's not that. Silos of player I've I've discussions in this effort. Right yeah I mean I don't put on there ever again it's just not I'm not try to discreet but I'm trying to get the proper due respect to pass it whisper it's on its right. Meat suit because hunt is an NFL caliber back at SUNY is even a borderline and a bowl starter yes he's a guy who might kitchen thirteen hundred yards by the like the chiefs that if there often supplied plays to their capability beat good balance persistent while the weight fights through contacts. But are you couldn't compare him and Ezekiel Elliott and you can compare Bolivia on Belle I can compare even had a lot of treatment. I don't think so no but. But I think that he is a guy that can give you serviceable starting production but he's not a guy that you're gonna say he's the franchise back. Right and you can I've seen it almost in every rookie trapped it and you see teams are beanie either moving up to hammer to sort of taking in the middle the first round. Look at it could definitely work out for those teams but I think. You've got back to our problem there if you know if they continued that running backs on that team. Problem is the because that's movements for second here because we're talking about actually it's a couple things there first law. And and you may disagree on this but. I'm having now short term adjustments. Enemy just hit the ground running total top notch full speed this is possible but. I'm having trouble seen Carlos highs seen none fit. For the Shanahan running scheme. On him now they may not want to pay him for that he may want cheap running backs that meet your reasoning move on from him but I am missing me. Carlos ties to struggle in this system that. Do you see it. Not I know he. He he's a very good Pittsburgh zone scheme right and he's gonna fit just fine the issue is well let Aaron go. Yet that the issue the issue is is that Kyle Shanahan is. His last name is synonymous with the stat. And he learned under his dad and one of the things that he may have learned under is dead. As much as I like what Chan and jet motion has done. Is that. Mike Shanahan is extremely dysfunctional human being when it comes to how he goals. Players but he's always dead Ed I know that you know and I hate to say that but he's an old and I say this without that. But it's he's not even even not even be that. Because I'm you know when you hear its tests on quiz tell stories on the air about the former champ talk about how. Basically. Mike Shanahan sabotaged Jake. Plumber after plumbers Pro Bowl year and that loss to Pittsburgh championship changed that he no longer and like them because that but Plummer had a locker room. The locker. Loved. Plumber and what it's and they were sold on him it's all it's an Angel Bobby Valentine and yes Shanahan literally took away the best play on. Playbook did not run it the following year to submarine as a operated best yet and he summary its own guy there's. There while Robert Griffin was not a complete player the way that he taught he talked about him in the Washington Post. And the way he talked about leash and talked about defendant in an age Shanahan and all of this. It was very. It came across as all the good guy here how to area. Though that you know paso quarterback and a good coach for. It was a cryptic it was just a down right lie Apple's say this chant and release. That that you know he may have been telling the truth that. Griffin came to him and at wanted to have plays installed in the playbook and wanna be more pocket quarterback. And asked all this stuff but Shannon's reaction to say. No one does that no rookie after their first year comes in and does this is no quarterback. Comes in and does this you know I'm the coach you don't just do that but you know he was put up to it so I asked around. How often do quarterbacks get a chance to have input and initiate the way Robert Griffin and household somewhere between forty to 60% of the week. Does. Quote coaches do that some coaches may not like it is much but. Most but I would say at least forty to 60% of the league. Did is is receptive to what Christian did and the fact that Shanahan went to the press and talked about it it was some sort of you know unheard of thing. But he understood that it was he was put up to it just sounded in the populated as all get out and considered newscast while Merck. I've I'm not sure that's what may be Kyle learned you know maybe Kyle learned from his that a little bit and equals C and we don't always learn how Carlos Hyde out of town. I felt you know maybe he won't maybe it'll lord from his dad's mistakes and hole use a man that I'll say okay. We like Joseph Williams better and I don't that are sensitive to it also sounds. It's like it's possible that lynch could also be. Factor here. And it hit me yet it's a money thing maybe. An idea how they wanna spend their money and resigning high. Might not be part of that. Which leads me to my next guy who I like I've got things you know about this yet the very least. But I really like the kids from Georgia southern I know it's terrible. 2016. About Matt read this it is an exciting player to me. And I understand so little on the light side but to keep you just put down but a handful of votes he can be interest. That's been. Absolutely because there's some. In others very tear we can like workout jumpers from dead in terms of what you're looking yet you're looking at a a very fast very sudden great change direction is that someone who's very creative let's hear players are used to. Yet he's got a he's got to mature. Yes a lot of maturing to do all the field in terms of the intricacies of the running back position and that's the thing that's always the if with a player crude is. Cleaned a lot of this athletic ability at running back position she learns blocking schemes better. And knows how to be mature what he does instill corporate that creativity and not overtake it. You may have some. Yeah editing when you look at it if you look at the 49ers and and and and obviously you've got Williams you've got high this year they've brought in bids it got high tower so it's not like. You know if it Rita can just stick or become a practice squad guy. I feel like he's a name we might be hearing somewhere. So I've got about a I've got to moderates cognitive uncle so we busters and running backs. At any other and actually hit while we're here I think urinary Jones Steve Boccieri. I like Karen Jones Alex Jamal Williams moral that's rough so it sets so but I like them votes and that it's kind of that. Honestly it's kind of that Eddie lacy Johnathan Franklin situation Jonathan Franklin could've started over lazy at least in her neck or that he played. He looked very good. I think that career is the same kind of situation when you look at these two backs. Jim always having a better pass protector is funny that everyone calls and such a bruising punishing back to well I thought about it. But these guys the longer thinner guy but he is. He has stamina. And he is a guy that understands oddity or contact Andy does get stronger as the game goes law it's a pattern which is play. So I'm but I I think that. Ty Montgomery. Obviously is getting all the hype as the starter he returns a starter yet I actually. Had to my recovery is when my lowest ranked wide receivers dropped Klaas suggests that he would be better running backs and a pre draft version which again that's a good example let's talk about the beginning to show that tree straps. But I think Jamal Williams is a is probably a better all around prospect at this stage of his career than what I've got Rodriguez. Was at is so. What we're in I'm sorry. It's not an early it's not going to be an early thing for Jamal Williams but I think within a year year and a half. Jamal Williams will be the starter the lead back. OK well now it's like that on what is it what are you thinking about tomorrow it is it is just absolutely by. We all identify certain players certain players' seats and dollars but when I watch Williams one guy you might be it a little bit. Ms. James Starks which I thought you know. Sort of interesting and in its statement saying team. Or actually. That you know. Another guy I'd like to sort of had an interest in any spots Bryant you know he went to Atlanta ahead on. It just instinct player in terms of speicher's. He's a guy where it felt like he is a pretty good all around quietly he complain about it different situations clearly some big back but. You know Atlanta as much I love Freeman had called this talents these guys may not be that terrible. This guy could get on the field if there's injuries in Atlanta and if he does. Would surprise me if he turns. And it's Gavin there's a lot of there's a lot of turn over the running back position due to help so all right that's a great race should certainly there it's a great pick because what. What you get out of it is that you have two guys in front of them were good receivers. Who can both be used in space. What happens. To be a much better between the tackles lower than the other which as Friedman being the superior god but. You know contracts they're working out contracts right now yes Fresno and product percent. Yes so. You know they may go you know what Evan Coleman has that that's enough for us to really rely on him is that between the tackles guy. But if we have a Kreider between the tackles kill. Who definitely has that kind of mentality as punishing player. Then you can and rattle little faster than apple expected. You couldn't. You compare him with Coleman but Coleman have the same role but may be increases role little boards are touched in terms of targets and touches but on I. Actually. It it like it they sign agreement they may say well we're not gonna hate freedom and Coleman. So you know could end up the cops for a little bit different that the the the flow complimentary. Plays different. You know frequent yeah you'd probably early support but. Yeah that's interest just I. It's it's hard to imagine them ultimately pain both coal industry. That suggesting. No doubt gonna just be a little bit selfish op pretty drafts and I think excellent this I was a release date fair victory coat. And hit it that I did I was blown away that he could strapped so Carolina granted. We're not sure. If the bears were really right mines there and that's right they did some uninteresting things. On the and I think you and I both lynching it's so it's not like. But she has. That early in the second round and say that's that's funnier on the shirt and it may take. They take they take it from North Carolina ski. Sort of managed to track of the payers but. Co it's an interesting contrast players who. To the to the primary active. George so. Co is actually one of those guys where it's like he really is sort of spirals and you know we hear a lot of guys who have Sproles. Can actually. This. Yeah I mean I'm I'm not saying resting at one. Yeah I'm not his. I've I've not totally agree with that statement but I'm Pollack going to be nitpicking because. What Sproles does that bull make him unlike any other back is that he. He runs between the tackles extremely well he understands how to run well or he can do all of that. Time Tyreke Howland is fantastic and space he's a fantastic receiver and those things match up very well. So in that aspect in other news and yes but Sproles is that guy that currently goes you know what. Ryan Mathews is he all that well fumbled the ball late suit. We got Wendell small wood he's a bigger back but you know what does. Let's just stick was roles we're gonna continue to run in between the tackles for the next three to five games because you know what. He's that we can't allow. You know it's interesting Sproles had more carries last year than any years career. Yep I balances that's as high water 93 his last year tour of second to answer charges but if you watched the Kansas State. He was not a space players it was a real running back I don't I hate to save real like that in those guys are real but should he was an old school running back. At at Kansas State at you could have done that for some period of time in the NFL stances when called upon. Eddie is also a guy who came into the he worked his tail off and I think he came out as a 180 ish pound guy. Lately Colin but they're Sproles these days is east at the skills closer to nine excuse me 19. An idea that's on page ten you know yes yeah well Spain the quick mystery. So called it's nice he's a good player he's a very good compliment short power I liked. What they want they see themselves doing their but here's the other thing. It's a casting call in that offense right now does that offense really know. What it wants to do doesn't really know what it's player who has players are they keep resigning. Retreads from other teams who may be good who have the talent while liked in college but none of that really panned out on a consistent basis. And they all seem that landed in the windy city right now it's kind of like O'Hare airport right now yeah there's been a lot of talent there at any given time but how long piece. Right and there seems to be not necessarily a coherent thread running through the organization seems like their actions. In that organization so you don't have me be. It's you know what the patriots were everybody knows what the ball player looks like. It seems like in Chicago right now they're different ideas what the players yet if you want. Look like a genius. You know if you wanna look like a genius button and you say you bet on a certain god day and may turn out to be great for you this year next year but. If you if you're gonna claim that you word genius and no rhyme or reason I asked what. There your fool OK it is just you know we don't know yet your your basically gambling state a lot of you know with a lot of estimated you know gases at stake and so what is this big. If I was on the phone with what might might bite friendly. Guy who died and two a lot of scouting with an accent hello my. I went wow Marc Ecko just went really early echo but you know what. It does not feel like at fox later it. No right to slow readers you know it's. Anyway excellent work where we already went over the time which I knew we do. But we are pretty much up against the Mets on the but it shows so. Time to wrap this thing up now it is nice to you before you start recording it. So hopefully the next couple weeks and apple. I would look to continue this these titans quarterbacks. Maybe support guys but we'll talk about that. But I really wanna thank you for joining me on EI today. And just continued success I love the work that you do and I really hope that. Some of our listeners check it out just one more time before we sign up give everybody the website for the ours ours because I think I actually got it wrong. Sure show. You had it right. Three places you can check out. Work to news about Walt and Norris. Dot com you can access guilt but sales data from the ours doc one. And then there's my YouTube channel the RXP film room and you can check out all the media work that I do there well for. A hundred to shoot under I think I about it I saw the Internet here and you're obviously do some really work for football guys dot com. You bet you big time today about work there is as as a full time staff writer for them so can catch my work there are folks that was. Adam it's there. If that was Matt Waldman. And I Jim Hackett nine Pete Davidson. And there's been out now while Adam gazed at. And engine package. Oh man of blues and others did so that's gonna do it for today folks thanks for listening and Jim and I'll be back early next week you'll probably be able to access that pot Monday evening. Thanks to a senator.