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OMF - Christian Fauria: Towel Thief 6-1-17

Jun 1, 2017|

Not everyone thinks that the QB situation in New England is the tops. And our own Christian Fauria has some 'splaining to do...

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On him wish. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty and over and over. But I know where we'll when you sign my sixth straight that helped out. Things like being around those things on probably once he's lacking sick of John how many times a week do you wish you good body slam a little Ramon. I don't look I don't what I think at pac a political and blue and Christian or way does not have parents or we're paying for sex you. Yes yes sure we don't really at some point yes. Yeah on the road with a snowball yeah I know yes or yes I mean got a most you know that what you're restored to the voters it definitely first to be or it won't be Cleveland writes immediately. On Sports Radio WEEI. I feel I'm more it. Finally made it big Boeing. We finally made it apparently Tom Brady hasn't made it because that you wrote a Warner let go to charity. It's impossible for just don't (%expletive) off some patriot fans as well some experience more than him this only unity around down here wrote a world does this every year they put together the NFL's best quarterback. Situations. OK there we go Brady is up there and agent that is included but remember. It's not. Who has the best quarterback for the next five or six years 2017 it's 2070. And I think every year and he knows every yet here. So here we go in and and tell me when you have an issue here a number one. The quarterback best quarterback in the national foot whale of real quick resist the exit taken into account. By this list by age. Injury history past success. Future potential and retirement rumors access. Through that went in there and etc. aren't murmurs as back at quarterback some airmen at the end of us do me a favor go back and look at last years of the 2000 to 2015 is right there see if they take adding categories retirement rumors were attitude as I ever agree it's Brady is no longer in Latin more group. So I can understand each okay injury history he really doesn't have. Test success nobody's got more the better success than he has in the past future potential. I would give you this question mark there. But the retirement for future potential for 2017. That's what this teaches some toys that do it's pretty damn good so here we go number one. Noble best quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. Of the Green Bay Packers. I fair to put Aaron Rodgers were were like air routes number two. Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks. Last year's ranking number one by the way and Rogers has moved to the number one lashes ranking number two man number three. In drew. Why well Walt Walt loss at from all what's he doing there that we'll talk about future potential that's always the question with you think he's going to be here residential the same thing every year he seems to disappoint you. He's one of those guys can do everything right. But I also say this real quick just go back and look at the 1516 most. And he doesn't say it in the 2013. We talked about you know what the you valuation takes into account. But on fifteen and sixteen both with pat bolts that it and with but the focus is on a future particularly the next three to five seasons. So as an old one that was in the fifteen and sixteen he doesn't have that this no he doesn't have a but the last two years he's done this. The focus is on the future so of the knees look at for the next three to five years just include an issue as I would agree with this list of common experience. Five years I would agree with Japanese imported it okay well of stupid. But yeah I mean that says it's not that it's 2070 yards or continues we'll get. Three to read your mind there which is named Patrick Doherty. Number three was injured like number four is math right questions and keep them. Never followed. Jeanne moos Winston who may have put it into your religious region and and honest. Down there it was once and I am okay bond number six from the Oakland Raiders Derek Karr. This place should be higher. Number seven. Tom great here you know are bound to happen he's not top five quarterback it's. They're really skews it doesn't he just leaves out that little phrase yes in his polls is at the last two years and if it said for that focuses on the next three to five years. He might have an arc but he and presented in this case and Brady just looks and it is by as look at the last two years he's as most accomplished player in apple history turns forty in August. In 2016 is the most accomplished maybe the best player in the league turns 39 and August 2015. The most of the probably the best player in the liters 38 nuggets. I quality keep it up and Allah can keep an eye out nauseating ebitda. 1090. Abducting insists the test now. He's older than the new president of France the most accomplished player in the NFL history turns forty in August that's it perilous EG if you plane wrecks off ball. Let alone football. And then he goes on to talk about Jimmy to rappel who takes up most of the paragraph that would be rumors of retirement. Etc. that probably buffalo would be its center it's like how you interpret the best quarterback situation 2007. Team. As I don't know there's a better situation with the patriots have a great Aaron Rodgers would be the only one I would look at and say he goes down to place. If who has been around them cue from he seal the hour ago yeah. If you're talking about go right at close to my quarterback is as overall quarterback situation is such as quarterbacks overall quarterbacks. The next three to five and we feel it's the situation so when you throw in situation to me. That makes it sound like. I'm taken into consideration my starter in my back and you're depth chart you know Russell Wilson may have called camper except immigration. No an and that's what I thought it was initially when it's okay who's got the best situation. Including okay potential catastrophe like okay McCormick gets hurt. Who's taking his spot but lose my breath Hundley brought Ali is the backup. In Green Bay. Let the wording of this whole thing. That's all the wording when it pulls you really have to be specific in what you look at it you can't leave about three to five years. You know looking ahead you can't leave that out when he puts out like this don't you shake quarterback situation. To me that's the old overall situation you have to play and backup quarterback as well and it's a great. On that based on that that quarterback's. Health. There are you know who would they have around them who they're back out is. Here's when you look at quarterback situation. I see who's got a better than the patriots. You basically have a wine and a one day if you're one goes down you have a backup quarterback that can easily slide it NBA star not just. But just keep that keep the bed warm but just keep things going but to itself. The guy I'd seen a ton of Brett Hundley. A lot of really anybody and it's I mean that's that's the reason to see the backup quarterback she'd be seen not heard there's a reason you're back to Chris and I good about the so okay guy gets hurt I have you had enough reps have seen enough abuse maybe you can quarterback the team so you know what this is another one of those stupid things we just put together a list. I can't just put together alerts because that's a guy go you team was Winston. It better quarterback situation and David Carr whose party and be the next highest paid quarterback in NFL. Jamison went send a case if you listen Mike Evans as one of the reasons why talk about he had interceptions and you don't want on now. Christian he he. He'd come and he winds it in and out he's taken James wants to because he's only 23. So he's looking at the upside so what do you so why don't usually he's gonna get sadder but one of you do that once you tell us from the beginning next five years. What teams have the best quarterback. Situations for the next five years at the end mandates this did the question mark quit doing what. Because you don't know how long Tom Brady's going to go. You might be very optimistic about the future Jimmy go apple also that they play anyway. But if you talk about the best. Quarterback situations of 2017. The fact that new wing what is the best quarterback in the league right now. And it kicked it might be pretty good is a backup that's just the mile I didn't hear it quarterback situation for the dial Belichick so if you're talking next five years. Then. Matt Ryan should be number one Russell Wilson should be number one Aaron right JPEG tarnish of evidence candidates it's legit competition which. I yeah I would say Rogers. And I was in IndyCar. I let it dry and in law. In order where were properly. Figured out now that's why I know yeah I thought they were doing us a similar thing on first first page. Where they are doing the list and whole quarterback situation or are wise. As a character retained we'd the second committed career victory so that the carriers scramble it. I think to attack or eight it's one of these things that make no sense and you see them all time. Now it's officially June yeah which means there's nothing upon us now is our time to come out here so next. You're gonna have. You know peachtree list so we had that we going to get a little sensitive with these things because they're going to be a lot of these things with breeding that people can import. All we don't get sensitive and are you really don't often with both you and because this this is being done for the last four years that was the last four years the last few years and you always situations six last year. And in 2015 he was ninth. After witnessing bull anchor so the last four years scalp you've won dozens symbols of into the AFC champs should consult. And before that but first it is going back to when Cabral pocket doubles guys are playing before you know and dole came around. You are sitting on OK he's done but they want to Super Bowl completed two AFC champion games since. During that time so if you see a list like this about you also want it to be that way because that means the future is looking pretty good. Missed a minute let's listen outside the top ten. Noticeable again. In a bump into debris didn't. The first five OK guys on the mount Rushmore candidate responsive when you look at it Drew Brees look at his situation yet he should be the top five anymore. So it's an out and he's learning Chinese 2000 and feel that you and he had him ninth have to win a Super Bowl that's crazy it's his Brady's in the twilight of his career. As is deep ball accuracy and fast that's up until last year was actually improved. Others say when you getting older what's the first thing to go. Fastball and the deep although there's there's little reason to believe Brady won't be an elite player in 2015. That is even less reason to believe it or mean one. By 2070. Is it me or are people misjudged. This guy time and time it immediately on. Well because of that that the time no when you clearly it you know everyday Simone what he's doing. You seem tons of Tom Brady it's not like you haven't seen an awful lot of comfort you seem more Tom Brady you're watching the NFL on TV more than any other quarterback. He's all over the ports. I think it in maybe at age 423. Years ago. That I economist at 38 you know I don't know when you talk about that one year where they started off to a two and before talking about Brady and yet they won the Super Bowl but. But nobody here that I've been able gets along well I don't blame him for years because as long ball wasn't very good it was a very good since most for Chrysler and it wasn't last year was the best you've thrown at so. I don't blame people you patriots mile consistently forever. But Witasick LeBron. Anyways he got on minutes. A lot of gain all I think we'll Rosalie goes to a three little like gates today I think you'll play for awhile. Oh he may even have to change what he is and he's capable of doing that because of the body type. But I think he's going to be around a while I don't think he's gonna what he wants to walk away from all of this and I think he's going to be around Iowa which center of discussions a lot of auto company is people for a lot of minutes for anybody else would replace eight people wrong about LeBron brandy I don't blame on the look at a quarterback this 38. 3940. Institute say the end is coming. I think a lot of veteran easily you're right it's not that ridiculous to say yeah. But I think a lot of that throwing deep boys he really didn't have deep targets. So they were doing a lot of underneath stuff they know deep in and Dolan adamant for a couple years that goes on to beat deep threats that's remain. So it a lot of it is based on what offensively running. And so people assume that he doesn't have a stronger. And much of that on accuracy. Much of it but haven't most of those guys don't have great accuracy when they throw the ball. You know diet pill 25 plus yards right we all agree as we get the Seymour but you look at numbers you sit there and say you know. Before this year UNC doesn't pollute the ball deep to that. He doesn't it when he does is not accurate. About blame people have these opinions in the much longer can go. You but it did the conversation is just. It's old it's kind of tired because like yes OK he's forty it's it's coming whether because we've had I'm thinking we're an easel with articles. Okay this is the as he is suspended last year is he setting us up you know is this a farewell tour that whole that whole thing if you don't want I have no problem with people doing that because. Ian you can look at the insurance charts and they tell you that he is going to eventually fall off the cliff or he's going to us. You know slide down the slope eventually it's going to happen but what drives me Kris Humphries just about done whatever will people look back at what he did. In the last year you look back at what he did this past year. How can you look at what he did this past year and say that he lost anything that affected it appear on the brink he's Smart well he's got all the answers. And answer questions only thing. The only reason why he's not the MVP is because he gets hurt that is it he didn't just open he get hurt. Miss two games of last year's debate was OK you can he can't begin BP because he was suspended for four games. Well okay his numbers are still good what you just hurt him miss for answers like oh one month missed the game the second month you know I mean so or games. Doesn't mean anything. But if you're suspended on Napa kinda have to take that into account since your suspect you can be in the discussion. OK but this year if he gets hurt and he misses three games. And he still has all those numbers he's still your MVP. So we. Look at what it is attendance compared to all these other quarterbacks on the list. Competitor attempts over the years it is just crazy that when you watch him this past year. And you look at him tell me he can't of the long ball was found dead they can catch the long ball. He suddenly struggle at the only it's all the way things they said he couldn't do they were limiting his skill set. To overall let's say he gets on something that Waverly is an effect. They all off next yeah the FB let's say he has a thumb like he hit his right thumb on the helmet of campaign right. And his legs are fine as mine is not just can't throw a ball he decrepit. I probably shouldn't playlist or you keep in amid there and you're handing it off or you're trying to be creative to do a bunch of screens and maybe some. You know reverses or whatever you're trying to do. At that point time. You know you give an eight for for effort put. Let's make the switch until he can still produce the end is unpredictable on your patent and mine was fine through. His body wasn't in this game it's unpredictable you never know. But they don't I think that's patriots opponent the way they are but the the only part I that drives me crazy is when people looking at his past performance. And they're saying he can't do certain things what can he do. I IR rated. 2050. Mean. He would make a comment 2017 it is global while he did last year. But back in 2015. News enough information prudent. By law but a lot of that was based on the final thing I'd note that. You know rural world who keeps their stats and and all the stat people you can see enough games. Now there's there's enough information in games out I don't use. I don't think that's a good excuse anymore I think there's enough material especially with Tom three. With these nationally televised I would get back to your phone calls were given away chewed tickets coming up in just a couple of minutes of don't go anywhere. A couple of tickets to see the Red Sox and the tigers. On June the ninth we're giving those away in just a couple of minutes and don't go anywhere mortgage phone calls plus we just heard some interesting news. From new management here at the radio station that apparently we do have. An issue on the floor that we probably have to address one. We get so we'll we'll get to all that coming up next. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after they show at bloomer Loney flew back to more of or waiver ammonium 48. Right now fox Sports Radio come. My thoughts and your network. I don't think those guys to come to the folks. I don't Paula writes is bringing you know try to do what he calls for. Let's get to do adorned Blix he's sitting there telling you. Creativity isn't telling you on the bright kid I'd really see avoids using much as off like. I work all I have is working on down down down on you big time. Yeah all our you know you look down on Iran to you have no idea you're I don't usually you're always telling them how to do his job a New York never you never you know say how great job. I say right now it on the air I think one of the reasons that we're doing so well right now is because of Paul. And I said that you know usually June weeks ago Monday June etc. two weeks ago all I rant I was calls terrorism it took him aside awaiting had to do when somebody told me to do and I said listen to see you know he's an excellent job that was sent to no ordinary feature you're an idiot or way that I anyway thanks you know you're doing average is really. Improved dramatically so what do you do Paul is good for you to grab that sound. And you need to cut it in any need to drop in and it. He is we need to do polls which. Bonus really need to get a win right now Paula load until what is it called it was like a small business I think it's a drop. You know that a drop of rain drop. A range of retail does that tell you of doing that yet no belief. In saint insanely enough I think every single day he's he's I'll tell him about found that we have. They have OK get all that gobbled it did get it at all that get bet on that play today a team Korea he's he's. He's yet he's he's he's figured it out. You just in order to just get through today either just agrees okay appease them via concedes his own information and what he thinks he should do. Agent doesn't work. You just not as as the says yes is more confident the truth all of the stuff is nice everybody saying nice things about you we like which you don't on the general's office okay because I broke off. Cunanan's also currently. Early in your head early in the early in the process things were not going well matter of fact you know when you were on the preview show we found out you were trying to sabotage on our show insulting our series going out it's not about him anymore. It turns into how that I could journalist I would definitely do the one that brought you wanted to kill. But I loved ones I have yet still yes it was and we sought to our guests on the same date as is typical of the redundant it's got to put I would say there is so great for all of us to I think we me and say nice things about your foot. Get more money demands. Hollywood about it's about really it's about getting more money did you know you should do with it for you should pull perhaps Iran pol. Should you should take less money did you decide did you feel that money what you want to what is our environment and got Kleenex contrast Clinton's side tunnel and central. I think I do know I didn't think it's night and the site I don't know if you've you've milked it for everybody agrees Edward island Ong who was treasurer and are proud and good about what's going on with my life I don't I don't asking him and what you. You know everything I do you have your year I did everything you ready for those fights against them or similar water. OK what isn't it and we're listening in this morning and we noticed that certain things are missing which rewards are in the water and okay my at a pentagon John how many pins in the last three days. So management apparently has been in formed that somebody his then stealing howls. From the GM's profits this were part of here at the new balance the earlier you mail distribution. Will be good. And apparently agreement shrinkage and across the great they take out or he'll take whatever we get this free membership to the gym through Broadway. Now stealing our dolls wearing what do tells costly oil and 99. Every single house much apparently met them. I don't know I'm mad at him soon he needs now. Immigrant Alitalia a couple of continue to use that now just get cable towels for the big creek Nepal could use the saw. Do you think is stealing the towels that management was informed this morning that we have a problem. From employees on the floor we'll get to fully and gym membership went to let it be stealing Powell's deputy who works out for the shell. May. Kile died in his beloved America. Is such an ambush would that they. Needed a heart knows that his name up on the list humans of most roses in neighborhoods Arlington the most roads and admitted whatever the case and you've never billionaire best 33 years they are suitable for Schuylkill towels during our guys are you of the talk at the floor today. I'm the salespeople. The business people accounting people they're all talking about the stolen howls blame it on the by Shia. How the I don't know how about him about it I had and it's created I've George wrote my stuff so we'll toast and assured that you still now to what that. Can steal personal ball I walked in this morning in the first thing's got elders like. Give me last week instead reload Carlos is like. He's just like he works like you know what keeps the bathroom clean things he talked Powell I don't aperture and apparently different Aaron. So he must tell you departments have Carlos I think it. You know my issue to be caught stealing cats we do anything is its ally fruit bowl site has got to walk us through the story of locked in your god is she says hey I heard he's the manager Carlos yet cardinals came in and say hey. That Geist from apple. I like and like I've taken the towels that you know you are you are putting a stop them in my bag. And I've taken them home to my own my collection of data out there that's what I got polymers and it's an extra knows that it actually say hey I heard Carlos came at least major steel to tell you that I steely towels and a late. But it will be. Of course first he says it wouldn't mention it. You know cause it's obviously not melt the pounds I said I may have walked out with it. Over my shoulder by mistake and I maroon and oh yeah I am I hiding him now let's start I it starts like that next thing you know you're you're dropping a couple of Indian gym bag and then by the end of the week you're walking out with like twenty to mount enough of that that's exactly it's not how European talent what is your into an elected I don't exactly where you got your Intel from it was in. The bank caught putting them in your bags yet. A battle walking with my back that I had to leave it. This cash stop shop bag on the Italian so easily. And at least if you heard all the way he wants to mice did mark on you yeah yeah. You know for help us now I don't know I don't bring back every display little lag so there it is to see their bags a thing that's easy to their candidate is modest Hawaiian island. I don't liars liars are free call Carlos out and eight colts got. Called got across the street you can do it did Carlo on the phone. Well I translate everybody Austin member shall we lost a membership because you still I tickle piles of personal neither one of you go anyways I don't ever want office funds aren't I don't know why aren't all of them not welcome that it's an odd its membership. You want you'll want to make a right. Well I make good for you the quote was something especially Udinese is askew Powell's. Home. It is. To say there's problems as those stories. So you're trying to you know we lost the gym membership and we get suspend you what's here's what's really weird Katie when you go into the bathroom Abidjan. Especially today all I heard was gear retain. Retain his voice echoing off the tiled walls and about for so they're listening they were our own Dana had his phone on speaker so that everybody want to listen to Gary Cain wave as they changed at all that you please you don't that's the last that you wanna hear. Fortunately they loved anyway but at that point it was on. What is it ma that word why you so you'll want to listen to hear your weight or weight deflect you. Yeah. I don't know quality. Like I got a phone. I want Carlos on the phone were at the bottom of it now apparently he did Bob I want you Carlos is there now he worthwhile throw that little glove so it doesn't. Since I got these planet feel like a surgical OK so. Stahl tells you just feel it's my group of lost through three pens this week who's lost the water bottle to just cumulative US and as you know it's caught the first time Richard bad. You have a problem. The national. These are veterans of that. Well there's a good exit dolls you know this this ambush a being accused of did not do their talking about it out in management right now. Management who Dina. Joseph who else Altman's nobody nobody's gonna start and don't know it until the liberals there ought to derailment should be like a little bitch. But that was going. I do not but you get a ball when it economic relationship would do well and bear in relation love this could be a great relationship. You go out and got ridiculed by cutting edge digital forties I'm not sure Carl speak English and I thought I would translate well I'll translate or you don't. To confirm that nothing and it and it happened it was in a video tapering like that that your that I heard and out of order and hand. Is our bathroom comedian buddies of the house he solemnly be legal entity to him. We do with them. And that he used to ease the party oh squad body absorbs one body issue. It in trailers lead you tried you both you guys tried ambush me we weren't trying he's the that's way worse than stealing towels. The ladies out there are all equally you guys and dolls there's definitely you like that I was we learn your crowd we've kind of we're all working crappy donor collection. We will until we get the information it when he saw it on gold always towels or we have always been from the show we suspended from did you working. Jim can't go to the gym anymore. They stripped everybody whether membership is just gonna start a you get beat up on overseas Eric and capable of doing that close eye right now. But collectively connecting him he's capable of doing what you did Carlos. On the far behind that Carlos Carlos is that it's Carl George always dates may be able de Paul Jones and his name's. It's. We've gone from being such a great employees and certainly a lot of guys both positive name is Carlos Jose. Federal all of the just tonight Christian tonight. Against the idea that is what goes through. One of those two guys. Did you at the same guy every day. This is I think Christian I'd just didn't think I is it coincidence that I lose opinions. You know I'll see you you. And there and and suddenly we hear a dome hallway during the last break. That apparently somebody here has been reprimanded for stealing fatalities vita is in the gym in the order that did that they opened the door and they while I was very nice guilty until proven its. And am. Need proof and we find out that you. You're still with him what do you do. Pick them and what they think you by national towels they. They obviously is now a guy say he says she is yeah right you think this is winding up Carlo slash Ramon slash Tuesday. Is trying to sell me out if I find it you gotta think to dump in the wall about the Omaha that's not me. I always occurred to us all a lot of the record and let me use that map by you my secret about from downstairs. You know everybody agrees there's a decline. You wanted to leave you broke the record over their friends and looked around all that for the wrong reasons she the right he's the monologue did you break the record over the bottom orchestras performed Luka I don't artist. Brooke sailors adrift of Sadler so I so maybe that's what it. Maybe maybe Johansson and her owner Jose de Carlo when you're on the news junkie hookers on the road in Spanish or Jonathan final defense and league tickets. To giver might not face aside don't have an army cash autograph from Larry Dorman Larry Bird high graduate whose basketball I visited. Our. Campus you are desperate. I captured deflate this guy could push its energy steel. Yeah OK why are there in April that they think he's got the meeting to 13 not forget some I think these guys discuss what really wants gut. Call up on the call had another guy's name the class aren't you last night and the fall under Spanish speaking person there that handles outskirts vaccine at the suspect you for a while watching for weeks or an act didn't answer yes I know somebody it to Sam pivots talking about Fauria all day they've been watching them for a few weeks. If that got him that might get an idea Carlos right when he sent an Internet check constitutes an. Bug again what got column. Is trying to think pop out of opening at each and every member of 567777. It's for several were back to the phone calls commitment. Now back to the guys who do use small ball school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls aren't I want falls off the wall of one balls in the stands I want extra base hits or wait we're loading in 48 listen don't get me wrong I think you steal bases you can you can run but they got big wallets. Carlo and it putted calls over the health club with a sense health club. COLT to help close it's like there's there's there's. Self esteem related but ultimately doing well you know you've got called the guy you know Juan Carlos whatever was right a person's name is Carlos name's Phillip. Talk to knows enough to know why I asked foreign talk to Tom cross streets got an out there he's hiding. And other look at Carlos as we speak. Charles Collins gave the number in my personal numbered just make sure we get stories straight before it comes on huh. Well I. What did you say and I'm not Odierno went so rhyme that with a few of the towels they use stashed away and we'll get ammonium will be a little bit better for you know. A little Mike at Framingham Mike. Beta and it was only to manipulate steps toward what you want a beautiful no look if you wish to go out of step that. Lately the highest rated quarterback surpasses. Ten yards plot. Last year Russia last year. It is say that this year like that was that was it 2015. Analysis. After the 2014. And a POW overplayed able. We get toward you at all. And he does not have yours he does when he has receivers. That can catch the ball deep he done. I think until people watched every game they want to highlight the police if you apply the quarterback who complete the past particularly when we got. All the eight and complete test. Mike and asked arsenic it's. Other than last year because of nick Hogan did change it and in it was a different braves great he threw the ball long. And you are with accuracy before last year would you say to the long ball and threw was accurate Tony people. And it doesn't yeah doesn't tell us why that's so he has done a little time he has when he said the weapons. If it wants I mean I get a look at it until I die. I don't get past records were that you're part of it though just when it. But I think that's the biggest problem is that that people don't know how to define him as the one that I love all the time it's for her. Is the system quarterback. Well who isn't a system quarterback. Mean every one of them run a different system these offensive coordinators. And a quarterback operates within it and usually what you do we should take skill set of the quarterback. And you incorporate that into whatever system you develop and let us not. Crazy with system okay so you tell me that the Green Bay Packers run different have a different routes three. Then the patriots are out of our ambassador slant routes there's go routes I mean what's the difference. They're all running the same damn routes it's all about when you call it may be some footwork. But the rupturing hasn't changed in fifty years. So what are we doing a system quarterback and say you had your system. You're way of calling plays then you Hillary to the quarterback you have cancer early out route taken off the list. At the early get through the goal out can't can't throw it up a list he's he's good to short intermediate crossing routes. Play action pass we gotta get him we got a rolled out. He can't throw it inside the pocket you can't do it got everything is going to be plan. But judging you hear them though Tom Brady over the years academician at the first here to be future weaning him slowly into the starting role. But we've heard the last couple years I sir couple text here. We're saying in the same thing well he's a system quarterback isn't a little health is that in the wasn't picked says he's the quarterback and his offense was specific to him did you see any other quarterbacks doing all that three snapped up and he did know and you know what did the difference was. Where. Where they use a Wes Welker here he was doing the same thing using a tight and a in his system and. All outlaws right doesn't thousand dollars to Florida goes yeah. Nelson and I am so. But it went whenever when he went to Denver. They. Kubiak came over had that old school Denver bronco offense which which are rooted out yeah a lot of off tackle runs. Bet complement it with play action pass political wreck rolls out they tried to do it. All I hope so you know he's the the the Internet tailoring it back to what he does best which is weight and eat off at the corner workers salt would do with his quarterback. If you system quarterback change system. Can't do it. Serena doing the whole you don't hand signal stop and it just because adjust to. That's an easel easiest hole it's always a leisurely when you while you now eyes and I really not a great so who is eight. Who is cool is a great quarterback right now. But you could put it any offense couldn't Cam Newton in the patriot offense. Our that would be probably difficult yeah I would think not accurate and I don't these accurate and right. Aaron Rodgers thing if there are the people have been oppressed airbrushed to go on any system Drew Brees I think Tom Brady can go on and just you know it's. I agree the system is the quarterback what woods is their quarterback that plays outside the system that successful. They called core I say it I don't have a job anymore they're trying to do much. And it's significant change and I feel like that flag. Represents what's supposed to represent this country is represent. People the way as opposed to us there. Was it came out against it said Seattle signed him they are just plain there's another story out there last night somebody said then Ben Stein and this is just. The ship this topic videos and a good at that and I saw little attention and pat on the back are Carlos called back he's tied at the meetings before Clark has said all he does pick up to towels on and it's been up all he did. At least that is what that's one of the ice on one of them doing exit exam weeks hide the great guy calls my boy and use some help like a soldier lies he's still in USA you're towels if I'm. Since you're monies that politics and a half files her dad used on an hour what's going on. 6777. Guys seven got AD 37 of the hour to go euronav.