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K&C - Tiger Woods pain medication, and Shemon's voice 5-31-17

May 31, 2017|

K&C talk more on Tiger Wood's DUI and imitate Craig Shemon from Shemon and Sheppard

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt Mann and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Mike Thomas handed and felker. Really hope it was program director W or. Two guys in Brunswick me it was Willie Pete Mitchell you know bush okay and I think recently made the leader let's goes it general manager what that what you wrote the good news director who's done colts Michael market. Before Kmart or I owe a lot to market. Yet on the border guy really good guy Jimmy young tonnage of ya Giuliani John Holt who's doing TV at W they're both cable station they expect fairly restarted due to be so mean Scot Colin. John brought us. Just what the Marlins three comrades don't let me write your idea this was. I apologize. So training you with our friend hangar last night correct yes. Is he motivated that's the quick I keep. Because he's this two kinds of penguins dressing tonight's last night says that you can get thing way these small insurers and has not read anything in the. I need anything I'm saying you know he's not really anything to pay attention and meaning it is indeed effort our show. But we of these daily. Emails or at least to me that we start the morning we're kind of run down everything I talk on the show and he doesn't look at him and I. It's going to be usually just responds with like the old like a one line yesterday's wise best fights that are not as. Everybody else like I'm Agnelli pair guys is does mean mining ceased to pigs and egg thing is. That's worse and has ideas he makes on Twitty mixed from political lucid. Is in a Twitter tweet. He has never tweet of the Tyco it's unbelievable these are writers and accomplish rather pointless anomalous in the screenwriter Internet users to rate garrison. He mixes return tomorrow the FX focus eyes and I quote from home what's going to be flouted Africa. Do you like it looks look at how to finally Jeanette swept. The Internet. Do you think he's that's my ideas he's gonna come talk 'cause yesterday I know I think it's such a lot of ideas now now. I didn't apologize for ten with this afternoon you are yes yes much of that's gonna go. Like probably not well in part will come on mark after that. Are you can ask the question the just kind of conversations that comes search search and it makes more sense I guess. Woody and ask Lleyton what he gonna bring out what we're and actually has a good start. Actually won the talk is paying way reach a couple times don't talk to penguin about what it's like that talk Cuba when you don't have that. The start with acts as a leader Alex talk about you do business. We talked after the huge and long talk about it. And he was pretty emotional so that the gig that's ten human side. We're also sensitive us on you and told told radio stories again I guess in that was latest novel means to Saudi buddies own bank rope lines we go back groceries and that we need to hear more of those now. It's good we're really disgusted by ten way by about 740. That's true. This gets as much gas lately and I'm I'm an ass if I and that's that's the deal breaker brings together we get an early morning trade that's never been in this studio before he cannot soil that we've been in this studio about the Dunston obviously he's walked out of this room twice of these never we don't even know I was gonna work last time who's here he was like. And the number one chair yet those days are over so he's just consider over there attorney and do less cost bombs which you do less leaving less and less gonna have would have trouble keeping them focused. Don't know. Do you think really. Real and imagined never once and a while that's what I do on the show. He was on lap he said last you guys are good together is that it and you guys because he said last night that this is only he is as far as he knows right now is one half inches on top FISA. When as a means negotiate and he's saying is as far as he goes on to one appears with us. Real it is unsure of the true I think it's by. Like this he has they have not agreed to terms yet I don't I'd better but again I just sort of I don't he's just demanding one dollar more than trending as the true yeah. Russell is yes any extra on Kerry does deserve more money would you put up the numbers these guys are numbers have gone up since passed through him a favor. Right essentially. That's federal write about someone gives yeah hub I think I think my theory is he's not real confidence TV thing in these old backup plan should do things are assured. OK any local TV ratings or not. But I mean you you're getting a raise it means or do and I expect in this process. Absolutely yeah I wish they should take a shirtless. Now you want to show it all I did yesterday's Camelot thing the Sandler T sure at this and gave them society to which you decided now I'm let's just let's just stressed mark casually on the show a real he's at the new plan. I'm I saw an address for today. They should mixup on the baseball shall we move around some of and they all of the same yeah look the same someone who's to a different and familiar Huntsman might have like chicken yet with the red shirt. So what that should also we've got to relax and thank you gotta go more casualties that you have a couple Beers yes that because I guess you want to like that but tonight. Yes yes what my goal was eagle shot sport there the brick calendars on fuel Chicago sportswriter yet it would be Richard beard looks cigars is he not sit well that was my idea for you and whoever sends me. When we had that Comcast me. Of more capital to replicate the Chicago guys who would genuinely sounded like they have a conversation is nothing. Hand of a joint David joins us segmented conversation. Oh it was good that's a good show back and then cut out the mid to mid conversation. And that he's they'd be talking argument and then go to commercial he's. I think that's thanks not that bright because like air times on the TV show or we're talking about something we're going amber don't ever going and then it's like one minute. Thirty seconds and you toss in a break and he's got away from a conversations. First I and it's probably TV people that they generally don't put it all on obviously TV people you and Bundchen. Paying way more tragedies I mean you know butchers in this world. But I mean they they you would ever trust you would have trouble adapting to just. Genuine conversation with no you don't Wear body breaks don't worry about any transitions just. Talk I think so I mean I do additionally and you're in the united you know Bennett and dissent among knocking. Isn't any different it's totally different meetings so produced that's the other rights so Purdue's I think yesterday we had a couple of times terms like Bohannon was treated tactic he and you. And that's what tang was I ready to hit a break but I can't get a break and then come back and keep talking about worst is when. Opposite happens is when your radio and a midlevel Ozzie said like that Red Sox and we do we can pump out of it but if your TV doing a bad segment stuff. Six minutes of this hour segment was the last two minutes is not a sex it was more fences to meet them with Kathy I K I stayed up on 1007 watch that -- for it makes it a self for the six finance about the same time needed and I'm looking forward until I you know what I could instead of later but it was born to have it was awful baseball a sport to watch in the first quarter of all these NB a fun game and you get your -- -- so I would -- first quarter recap you don't really have to watch the last three quarters maybe slow ordering what do you get the whole story in my opinion I think I'm not isn't going to be much as the fourth -- it'll start and first -- pro pro science I've never felt that both tourism -- addition to -- introduce the CB should get points if you're a quarter right that's a good idea and they knew we would know who won the first tip -- is when they sell at like a boxing practicing 9 o'clock and 9/11 -- -- tastes. I sell me this and I know how do you feel this time archive two's. And it's not just me it's every I heard a job if you have a job. You do you routinely step to midnight. Now holding the EU Laats he shouldn't. When you're in school when you're sixteen years I have like and you saw how it was very how they're married to get up for school liberally they Harry you know and say too young anyway about it like a basketball if you like more 1213 or. He can watch the final strange language you want to ask you can't watch one game they don't even if you won Sunday's game at 5 o'clock for quite some digging starting a price or big concession yet either cost right which hasn't left and right so there is an awesome night at a school my and so there is no kid on the East Coast you can watch the game without. Disrupting its in the pit of your accountable for their life for thirteen you'll keep your big NBA right LeBron James Kevin Durant hurry. Irving and Thompson and you garage maybe the first writer are you make you beg him to watch habit but you know latest Adams who wants as. Go screw if they don't care about the kids David Stern same thing that just arrogant a holes and Silva yearning hole you don't let children watch your sports on the he's no he's not Skaggs and able to hand trying to hate hate stern. It's turn on more some boots and I use our disease this you can get children. This I would watch every second and watched from Holland and it's a sort of on like 7 o'clock. I would love is trying to be excited about this but in annoyed get approved early but lots of people get a I was missing what is the average so and then make Joey goes over our numbers us at 6 o'clock 7 o'clock how we do huge number right that's why we we sweet kind of get lost her own bubble. A lot of people for 35 o'clock and right all right right here it's not like I'm the ROL or otherwise on the people out at the old days of like you know getting the work at nine and that that's generally over a lot of people are trying to get ahead of the try to get out early although it doesn't matter which had to go out you're -- I mean everybody gets up by six or begin at six. It is up to midnight towards basketball. Not these 2:8 o'clock and that would it. At least a B 5 o'clock I get the pathologist right Anderson and a half West Coast is out at 5 o'clock just most people are either coming home for worker rights we lose our nobody in the majority and she's fine the DB the final go home -- -- you want your ratings like if you are more concerned about your readings wouldn't you want your ratings to peak in the latter half of the game winning game is us on the line will that we did this last year the peak more massive than that and indeed even as late as the average 11 o'clock are huge even with the World Series ending what about right 1 in the morning they just. Because some don't care about the next big science and make extra buck can advertise I will do. I think you're right they're punting to the next generation right which I think is happening in baseball in Columbus I don't see why can't have a compromises seven game -- have two games. At a reasonable hour why not. And I want to get you know have two games Cleveland games have them earlier and 8 o'clock right. Eight asking too much yes it is cause and so with that game together saying data saying to lose money so into the West Coast to say screw. Which is I understand but Nicky said you have to think long term and I do. Right. But we know we've done it before a feel inquiry. No physical reverse rolls around compared to a dinner theater I. I guess we should say we were wrong because we believed DMZ we believe the Daily Mail we believe all the reports the Palm Beach post who we had all these reports has been spent four hours on tiger. And we were working from and it's incorrect premise I mean the whole idea. That he was a drunk be belligerent C swerving. All over the road. These are things I just assumed were true because I'm only. Did I believe TM CI they usually right but it made sense I mean you're getting busted for drug revenue pre AM I still can't grasp. The routine he had where he was popular pills. Buzzed out of his mind. At 3 in the morning it is on. Drugs on bike it in the these other drugs without a drop of alcohol. That to me is shocking that's the other reasonably teams because it makes sense that he's adding I didn't predict at least holy addicted whacked out by these pain pills. Well I'm one thing I'm right about he you'd agree now that he's gonna walk he's not gonna get convicted of but you or you're very confident and it doesn't matter for tiger keys today he'd have a gets found both the bus and we like we will wonder why you made that statement. Because he's going to fight he's going to win his truck and get convicted he's gonna well. Unless C nine did you a year and tasks of the toxicology reports will come back if for some reason there used cocaine or something else that's in his system may be many target now but it it. There's like it is now the rest of the Vioxx. And that's but I'm just amazed he wasn't mixing like that without coal leaves victims slain. It was just that it is any eight passed out yet it's it's it when he was up till three I mean that's true. And and to me a minute of donned pink goes after surgery before as we were talking in the break pretty. I picture myself to staying home. On the couch watching TV. In Haiti's future half of the idea that I wanna get my car 3 AM with with a blanket and buzz. And whatever go chase some broad somewhere where it was a goal and that's what unless he has to find out today now I'm wondering kept changing his story re able where he's going to Orange County court is playing golf and LA and he's flying to orange cap that is one dangerous driver blacked out passed out tires flat. Car ruined. I sleep on an side of the road would write like Iran and ways apparently wasn't belligerent wasn't there or not. We pulling out was on video because there's dash cam video soundness afternoon yet but this is not gonna. When asked if he doesn't students like a beat Kathy Griffin that is going to be bad into Democrats have right now. Was sacked. Obama a field and off of formats theaters to directions recite the alphabet backward which replied yes recite entire National Anthem backward. So he was he was struck a deal he's trying to needle that's on the deceased thoughts and it's kind of funny where it's. Where he was come inside and I replied LA and he was on his way down to Orange County else cities coming from a golfing demented LE answers heading. Would said he didn't know he just likes to drive. Maybe that's him maybe he's one of those it has its Boson thinks it's fun to show us also to me is Howell is he's in only his girlfriend the girl who was in that Dallas right shoes of these wandered off like this and just got this car's no families no friends like these kids I suppose maybe Allen as far as why are the and get something done holiday weekend hasn't. Token move up in the Orlando area. There probably get some debris that we didn't want them here wants them. Assists. I had. That I think that he doesn't want his kids I just think that we don't you look at this and Jerry antibodies in the breaker and you downstairs that like if you're due drugged up at 3 o'clock in the morning. Clearly have some sort of problem like this though this isn't like gay or if I can't drive me on that can tell accidentally took for accuracy of this would have happened at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and he got pulled over like a man I took. Painkiller but I also do this I know how. And just as easily run as CVS it's right struggled willful streak of three I don't like yeah that's that's that's not good and and he's gonna he's gonna as easily go Marie that's going to be the answer is going to be one of those Rush Limbaugh deals were finally eaten. Hundreds yes and he's canyon ranch but it list Davis at Ford for drugs right in the I only have only missed it might work anti inflammatory and had no effect on the bright kids apiece. Final ends a mile that's the last that selects selects the squad Brett Favre. It was a mental Clemens would you buy out as you surprised like I'll been forty bike in the day now would've known what would you get some stronger yet. Oryx and by act or anti inflammatory medication those are two of the things that he said he was on bike and it's a pain medication. He said and they talk to these doctors which we know like it is a different story. You know you act like it told me completely out of the public took thirty. I mean she's shocked that I did is like I mean that I guess that's as prophetic is now I would use host I'm shocked you didn't mix with them. And I. I would have been anything anything that he was gonna test. And maybe not totally off the charts it makes Alex and he makes any better for. It doesn't he wants to be the right yes right I mean just in terms of public I don't know how she does look close battling org nor Digg and Carter and currently lives in North Palm Beach mansion. Says she marriage after the end of the billionaire. So shack up for the extra cheese mart Smart move by her own so we'll see I mean today the video comes out and getting worse before it gets better. And I assume we'll see the dash cam video on and he has been edited to make it look like he's sober and say yes and I elegant hair cut right but if he's if that we can clearly hear them saying trying to do the National Anthem backwards. GB hard to Cuba to try to do it to the apple it backwards what I could do that when she and her. That's I had an alternate of the original speech and experiencing right words actually. Can you imagine if we shoot the video today and he is actually doing the income backwards. We're like Erica life exactly crazy disastrous credit card and Christmas story and equipment but the Gramm has sustained basket to say grace and she's always fighting legend ages eighteen that flags. And doing that. Yes second apple was so that comes out this afternoon comes out today and he says is an LA and you might and might. McCann who it is in the expert the the preeminent expert in all legal matters for us right perky absolutely. He thinks there's a chance to heal. Try to get this behind them quickly which means you'd take a plea right and go to court. I think he goes to court he wins idol and you please says my client is going that way I want to get this behind me. And they get some lesser charge and it's not the one is it easier for back surgeries in that surgery is widely if you of the prosecution for the DA you know. He has a good can happen you know twelve jurors are gonna go on the court and in pain now it's a cliche but I mean how lucky he nor how lucky he'll ill handling someone else walking their dog right same thing as bad month for me so out of it that you passed out the looser car. Can't imagine them passing out in your car he not realize at some point that. You know you're not fit to drive here you're falling asleep or passes out here if you add drugged up. Mean if you you know I would be scared to have to get near card and then if you surprised what addicts and how they're not capable of knowing exactly but if this is a different world knows this like it's weird pain medication world which I never jumped into the Limbaugh and Limbaugh said the two meetings in the B thirty who was doing a show for 34 hours a nice else yes yes unbelievable. I think it was to encrypt it shows you just open you'll still believe when you're about. I will he's he was mine from made so it wasn't it was so it's our parking lot somewhere recommended to have been paying like thousands. A lot of money for word is usually it's at some doctorates from bomb. Getting it's and their rights groups for you the reason these guys don't aren't heroin as they can afford to keep buying acts in icy writes I guess they think it's essentially the same thing right in monetary addicts like are averaging an on the country right now but they. Part of my mom among can Hamas take casting every day for the pain abortion practice probably twelve arrives in this matter. Oxy I have heard dude nationally at the backwards. If I'll let you can't do it it's got a problem. Headlines is next for his secretary Donald Trump has responded that ol' blue tropics is destined to measured response to overt. It headlines today by the way we have what we have. Certain CBS evening news anchors and that's true we had and I think this this is. Bomb shale but I believe they actually. On the heroin dealer. Enlarged and it was a US citizen I mean is only one and they found a like. He's like he won a mother the other 75 deals are all still got slow it's a beautiful place and there's like this I mean your beautiful and a story that we can only do today this headlines tomorrow or put you wouldn't be able to do it given our guest is Mary Kaye with a heard a story. As well. Terry for headlines which is next Kirk. And Callahan show these flaws Sports Radio WEEI. It's funny you know what it's doing better than what we're. NASA is that Jenny and I get to hang out players. I'm kind of an unusual circumstance hopefully word games with a win this thing we talked about this or that could be so. Tell me what it is and cheeseburgers are decent Chinese or Italian you know lobster roll. Stick. We can't let their comfort zone right exactly that's something a little bit different having fun like would you choose. The Dow over the burning my god here HTTP BP would have been dying to ask you this questions ever ever since I started watching your show. Show. Says about O'Brien at least I don't believe he likes that I know he has to say that the music. This is say here's the pitch you know who's on TV that's disappointment. In his interrupt that. That we the banter with play by play yes but I do not believe you actually one was abusing her plane. It is countless other sort of forgiveness that's Janie and Billy who do the dining place yes and that in the Booth with Remy and of course follow Brian on much favored signaled fair cross from here right my last month I mean he loves her access Dave O'Brien who. The creek over the past Lee came on and in kiss the ring and now I think it is a great job. So he was on the other night ten Laird in the post he was trying to can. Yeah Friday Friday and some such for family. Correctly hometown amber finally got the wind yet it went up huge on their forget you are correct so they can was critical of O'Brien after the game right to rehab that's. Yeah why this is this is from podcast Friday it was gutsy thing ball carrier but it quick. Game O'Brien's going on about a cable doubles in all accountable for his on the field active April it's like. Can you be more of that just blatant shill for the organization. And one in his anger and why now why now so you basically said the same thing Friday. Correct so that way. Well Dave I'm she heard it driving all leases to lose driveway. In his words he is not the collar mr. patio numbers in check or call. So you calling Michelle why again. He was without spirit Tuesday. It's not a lot else appears I think there's no expert innings electrical he alluded Alexis for a buyer who. And think she's got McIntyre to the president isn't it sounds more contained in this half and I say click here there is killer out did you guess only if you're correcting criticizing. Us. You can't reach a judgment one way or the other in April his first month in over a year. They wanted to get him into the rhythm of the season figure what they have but to your point it's also worldly. We are looking at the third and moving on the fourth week of today I would say this in my opinion I think he gets one more serious shock. Yeah I think that you almost you must commit to them almost to the all star break. It's a check in check I don't with a defendant is not a typical Brian is bad there now I think I'm I'm at its meeting Doug O'Brien who's a national figure. We call compared to criticize them and now that's easy guys though they're in boys as sensitive Jesus. I think you overreacted ethical primes in there but. Jesus I remember emulator to. African without a guy like I outs. I agree I worked with the Sports Illustrated is so low level writer and he'd written some than ones at the present time. Sister publication in one sentence about Barbara Walters. And it wasn't. Where it wasn't latter was that critical something mildly. Critical against. He gets a column home this is Barbara Walters and I'm one slice of that he watched. And he was playing to me that's. My younger days when I mean that's the way TV people are very insecure I was blocking from the site like 67 years ago criticize Kevin Hong Kong entertainment announces wrong screwed up. I got this wrong again this Jesus once all of these people. But it's true that is a TV thing. Entirely there yet to criticize me before I ever heard your call Heidi sure is yeah. As you or whatever hours earlier I think your viewers tougher laws and everybody saints were the TV thing it if I heard. Kennard criticize my driving home its well how much you ardea what you algebra honors all reading and when he was in so well he's out. He called candid pathological liar you know some back in Atlantic coast on the I don't know what can do it. That's a much bigger bigger figure in the medium might RT. What people's attend their in the show that watched guardian a year I don't know I thought Clemens it's nice to take a parable. I have a big shot ID a terrible side. But yeah O of the O'Brien again he's called national future teams he's the voice the Red Sox and LB national voice. Pulling in his house before it goes in and it was on my podcast. Producers and broadcast the largest. I was flattered and it tells Karen that he never does this this is the one time thing that you knew it was getting hired was you know he wore them on that these creatures show recently got a nice. Yet he's police I listen back to which I did you write it and Lola is on to pack two again. Tuesday. It's. Guys that I would get a half a signature and for the bridge at 8 o'clock and now that he found out who worked for and no he caddies out. I'm I've never record would right laced perfect came in the room down in spring training and we you know part of what it means he's sensitive buddies will go talented. He swollen I don't like talking out in the limits of accounts would he says I'm an eye on music plays is when it's dark wings. Play anymore wanted to play by play is no doubt no doubt this is the term play by play. That's how simple it is gambling and I you know ground ball a second play by play to first know. There is a little bit of two outs. Weren't killed a second significant but unfortunately he's that they would like we always like that led to Bonnie and yes that's number look at right now out of pools for the what's the fun you know out number 59600. History. Is next door crap like all the media can you have to. I play I do the best play by play guy in America it's so easy I only give the pipes you know you do face. Give Oprah can you do that. Colonel I don't six hours doing arrogant and that's and that's eleven ounces for ten minutes exhausted that's like my expletive that all over thing I've fund amazement should keep them off Marv Albert and current chips. And Baltimore. It was I meters learned to never. Turn enough that the voice is is Valencia's. But that's the voices had. Right but I think when he was like twelve years old when you only see on Siemens is she's like and semen which shepherd. Jones shippers partner and I. Well I was theaters and this Seaman has in the thickest one month throughout the polygraph are top top ten top ten. Talk about foreign office baseball. And it had just excellent and I eat out on their cars on our long. Term he can just forget to and come back from Greg Escalante and it's I mean I'll pull you always when you would get you get a fake names and fake voice. As these faiths that's life in TV I think she means probably not a fake name she min probably not now is a gentleman was as easy punishing achievement. Chelation and yeah even. Gracious she's probably not no but he he wanted the rhyme with shepherds over the literally she waged beauties waited for the teacher's pronunciation and the scene and he always talks of Tampa Bay Buccaneers football. Plus all right as well all right ball export missile site you think I'm a football over to that guy is it's an art form when that guy does play a high. Unfortunately. Had warriors. What it's adding citadel had a but it's good I mean there are good you think of like listening Greg you think back to people now Michael is a great weather Al Micah is a nice golly. I think I -- good to get absolutely I mean public good their good that good their tactic or a Mike Gorman went down there or Arnold I'm on it's great to let us. To some make it hard. Now we do is much harder there's no doubt about that. Put your balls like every day and they don't have to do it in ratings don't matter different kind of it's a different type where the ratings for further for the Bruins and the Celtics and the restless and nobody knows that it doesn't matter right right now there's no pressure. Ratings are more important than their football team from the break a political outlook certainly talks of Tampa Bay Buccaneers what what do you say yeah tall ears again. Book here's what Paul. All time. Thought that the ball all. The game today that's a deceit that way in Ben's wife she may present grass cat like animal. She didn't separate and she needed at the last moment and Muqtada movement files that I cried a little sick you Bob missionary it's definitely a rather go reversed ever okay but I. It's what two and a right now and a one note you videos all the time doesn't matter what and I'm comfortable victimized so yes I really like 0100. This program. A it's my right sports I got four plays much as anybody else get to the main event. A little Siemens and as they awaited much luck on the blogs Laura hook if on the guy him too much wheel and we didn't conclude that this might take awhile. You sound quite well or don't like the typical or it. Or is on her cell blank I don't blame it like. Ancient fiction as a it is with us now it got there first on the thunder lady is. Greg myself over rated stuff with Stewart's ex you don't want to look at that. Which ones are second base is about to find the. It's. All of Jerusalem. This could have. She only wins if I'm at home and absolutely no doubt. How are 361. That I enabled 67. Did you measure it it's what 77797937. How we're at three. Kirk tower have a war we're doing but that is next.