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Mut at Night with Christian Arcand - Which sports reporter had the dumber tweet over the weekend? 5-29-17

May 30, 2017|

Christian talks about two tweets from over the weekend, one from Bill Plaschke saying how disrespectful Hunter Strickland was for hitting Bryce Harper on Memorial Day. The other was an insensitive tweet by Terry Frei after a Japanese driver won the Indy 500 and this tweet led to him being fired.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We PI. I had final. Larry might die hard CNN from my. Memorial Day everybody and hope you enjoyed your long weekend that no I didn't. For the really long weekend for me close enough to closing night ever yet. Then Charleston back there in the ones and twos taking your phone calls it 61777979837. And also. Our own military man Manning the marine back there as well we'll be taking your calls. Cheers well for the next ourself. Hang out with you. Here on this Monday night thank you for forgoing the bachelorette and listening to this since that and it's a big decision to make and we appreciated here late night. Guy and two under Saddam enable for making fun Tiger Woods. Guys out driver weighs in at 3 am and I'm the annual that's that's something. There's also some. She would dole lashed eat we did tonight to either negotiate with. So in case you missed it earlier tonight and I actually I was on the air when this happened sort of sought all. Bryce Harper was up the bad. And this guy a hunter Strickland who is the picture first ever Cisco. I guess three years ago in a playoff game gave up two home runs the Bryce Harper was just doing about it for like three years. So it's topped the eight inning. Harper's up Strickland on the mound and Strickland drills are right the right they had. And harper charges of. And while he's running he does the helmet throw in the helmet throw went way the hell off in the other direction it looked like. So let's orders had a look like when fifty cent throughout the first pitch. And that's with the helmet toss looked like it is way off the side. And while it. While he was running he ran right into a jab from Strickland. But then harper swung back and they both caught each other with a couple punch through the great baseball play honestly. Now and I don't wanna say great fight and he was great and that actual blows were landed before you know all cavalry comes running in and everybody gets separated. You don't often see that. You really don't see it that often when it comes to a guy charging the mound because in order to get to the mound that means the catcher let him go it means that first baseman doesn't run over and stop look like we all remember mobile on protecting aired Sealy someone did Tweeter to give that out tonight. Been legendary. Take down their bye Malle and in no one rated debt Buster Posey stood back there. Behind the umpire the umpire comes writer does it Buster Posey is just in there not moving so. All that aside bill Polanski. Ever broke plasticky from around the horn and which you write for the LA times or something that play accurate or just look it up against. I don't know I only ever see play rescue late in the background on when that shows on TV. Yeah LA times sports columnist regular panelist than he has in Durham or I don't really have a good strong opinion about Pope left you one way or another. But two hours ago he treated. The video of the fight in your face. The fact that Strickland through an idiot pitch while wearing caps honoring those who fought for something real is sickening. That's some pretty interesting grammar rate they're Hillary discreet yet. That Strickland threw 88 pitch while wearing caddie you sound like Tarzan. Burglar drew attitude while wearing tap water eat. Omaha in dental care professional writer I don't it's tough with a 140 characters from mine. And what the hell is appointed that Strickland threw a pitch while wearing that cap honoring those who fought for something real is sickening. Really. So on Memorial Day are not allowed to throw inside and analyze the draw somebody. Because you're supposed to be honor what he's supposed to do. How how are you through a picture like the big. First of all how they disrespectful to the people who fought in the military and second of all what should he have done if he threw a pitch over the middle and are operated out for a homer. Pretty disrespect the people of the military that would only if you hit someone with a pitch I hit over the head. He had a little butt cheeks and then they proceeded to have a terrific baseball fight. That's that is hot take. I don't know over receded take quite that high. Throwing inside and hitting a guy on Memorial Day disrespect of the troops well old. Old. Cool off bill. That was a scorcher. I mean his keyboard mustered just burst in the flames when he was done type and at that owners Foner whatever it is. So you know rest in peace the players he's keyboard but a man. What do what I'd take that case. That Strickland through idiot pitch well we're hearing cap honoring those who fought for something real is sickening. If he took off the cap and light. You know white this ass with that are some okay yeah that's pretty disrespectful. You know if you wait through the American flag down on the ground and spit on it like the iron sheik or something yet pretty disrespectful. Throwing inside and hitting Bryce Harper. Is disrespectful to the troops speak his back many did you feel just respected when it can punish Strickland throw it. It Bryce Harper did that bother you as a military version as a veteran of the of the mill there. I would imagine probably didn't. I came here. Then we are in the heart rate yet rate. It out on other things going on in your life you got a new baby and now hunter Strickland get a pitch inside on Memorial Day. What will never end free riding combined. That's why how you'll have to be honoring them players hoping that plays would Wear caps honoring our veterans with some classes ridiculous ridiculous. I guess some of tweets and this is the most ridiculous thing Everett from the national Diane months you raise the bar for skip it was well the answer. True he goes hoping the players Wear caps honoring our veterans with some class is ridiculous. So. As every other day the kicker got ahead but on Memorial Day dammit you don't. You don't throw inside. You don't drills have now listen I think Strickland got a bitch. Really like teak is thick. You got you got tags three years ago or even sit in their stewing about this entire time he hasn't faced an entire time. You're that mad about harper and going deep on you now that three years later in a close game late in the game you're gonna put my base. Instead of trying to get him out really. That's how we can mean really that's I'm not I'm not trying to stick up for honor Strickland here. But the idea that he was disrespectful to the military because he drove the guy in a baseball game on more days. One of the dumbest things ever heard like right up there one of the dumbest. Not the dumbest. That award goes to a guy from the Denver Post you just got fired is name's Terry Frei. And what he said it is even more irons through the roof ridiculous and he's actually getting in trouble for what flashed he said wasn't light. Wasn't bad and it wasn't like he you know said something. Offensive it was just some stupid like that really a really stupid day. That may be the stupidest they've ever seen. You know there's lots of ways that you can sort of interpret someone is being disrespectful to the military you know like. If that's disrespectful of the military and Colin Kaplan it should be thrown in the Glock. Our. If if hitting a guy a memorial days there's respecting the the veterans than in college after Nick Brown wife without pearl death row Mary. Guillotine in the middle of the town square. I think they made the bars a little hi guys it's just a little bit built new maybe lower the bar a little bit. I'm not I'm what's disrespectful of the military what is because that's that's a little much I think 617779. 7937 as your phone number 37937. That your number on text. Quick break we come back I think with this car from the post reader it's even more insane that's next. It's much at night on sports where you. And. I thought that playing keep things good. Saying that hunter Strickland was disrespectful to his military gestured to hit the guy and memorial that's. I'll get ready. Mean they wanna sit down for this one. Terry Frei is a man and I'm not particularly familiar with these Denver Post columnist based live on Colorado but I don't remember him. When I was out there was all about woody Paige. It was sort of you know as early two thousands it was the beginning of around the horn in you know all that woody was I get instant star around the horn whose goof ball there's other guy named Jim. Jimmy Anderson wants agent something there's another guy at their endeavors in June something was on the airline they were the two guys I mean they were the two. Main guys they were years. And you know the equivalent would be here whoever you're to fear writers are here that was generally that was in Denver they were the big stars and in the Denver sports media scene so I didn't really know Terry firm was. But. OK so ordered over Memorial Day weekend the Indianapolis 500 happened I don't know you notice I didn't even know was going on. A Japanese driver named Tacoma shot so won the race he won the Indy 500. And it Terry frying to weeded out fish. Yesterday. He writes nothing specifically personal. But I'm very uncomfortable with the Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend. Spurred a guy wrote that he too weeded that out. And this may come as a surprise to some argue it didn't go over a hole I mean it really. Let me read it again. Because this is a whopper here. Nothing specifically personal but I am very uncomfortable with a Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500. During Memorial Day weekend. She's. I mean wow. Fry apologized. On. The original. Apology. Featured a plug for one of his books in it he revised it. And I don't know what the next one that but then the post fired today the saw happen yesterday was fired from the post that a the post released a statement that says we apologize for the disrespectful and unacceptable tweet that was sent out by one of our reporters. Terry Frei is no longer an employee of the Denver Post it's our policy not to comment further on personnel issues that we doesn't represent we believe. Nor we stand for we hope you'll accept our profound apologies. Frye said in his apology that the source of his anti Japan angst was rooted his father having fought in world worked at. You then thanks someone who defended his original tweak. So in 27 team. Several years removed from. All that. Japanese driver wins the Indy 500 in this guy tweets that he's uncomfortable. He was triggered by a basically have this other words. Very uncomfortable with the Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500 or Memorial Day weekend. I don't even I mean. There's not much else to say about that. You want away winery Terry's apology. And it starts out this way I fouled up. That's that's the opening of his apology is I fouled up. This guy is either really holds. Orders did just a total nut job. I fouled out RA writes I fouled up I'm sorry I shouldn't have said what I said when I said it should have known better and I regret it. I in no way meant to represent my employer and I apologize to the Denver Post on Sunday I was going down for Logan national cemetery. The place flowers on the grave and salute my father Jerry who's been a four year gap between the sophomore or junior seasons. And Wisconsin flying an F five on armed version of the one man 38 fighter plane in the 26 photo squadron. He flew alone or with a partner in the second plane over Japanese targets in advance of the bombing runs. When Blake Olson a channel nine asked him about being on our he laughed and set I had a pistol. He was 67 missions cross 300 combat hours threshold and are in the world were to air medal three times. A written much other material about American athletes of World War II our researcher wrote quite graphically about the deaths of my father's teammates. And the battle Hogan now I have the picture wallet containing photos of his family and girlfriend to try to carry around when he was killed as part of my perspective. I'm sorry I made a mistake and I understand 72 years have passed. Since the end of World War II. And I do regret people with whom are probably a very closely aligned with politically and philosophically have been so offended. To those people I apologize in fact the assumptions about my political and social leanings have been quite inaccurate. I apologize to Tacoma shots though Saito. I mean stupor referenced during an emotional weekend one of the nation's that we fought in world war two and in this case the specific one my father fought against again I say I'm sorry I know better and angry at myself. Is there is no constructive purpose in saying admission out of setter especially because the Denver Post has now been dragged into the sincerely cared for. That's a lot of words there. You know that is a lot of words there. His first apology on Twitter just that I apologize. He actually wrote I apologize. And then he came with the next thing. Or wow. I mean that's. That's while I don't need to regulate it's tough to even follow that up. A guy wish I had of did witty comment or something here but I mean what do you what do you say to that. I was on carpet with a Japanese driver when the Indy 500. During Memorial Day weekend okay well. She's just. That's rough. And it's kind of funny because visited comments are and that's been pointed out he says nothing specifically personal. But then in the Pollack the apology is very personal. His whole apology is a very personal story about his father ended more work through all this other stuff so clearly there's some personal air. Maybe he meant nothing personal that this guy this guy is just the guy. You know but he Japanese and dammit you know Japanese fought against the 75 years ago and in on our Japanese drivers went in the Indy five. Let's go and not an American man. Whoa. Whoa there. That's that's a tough one. Anyways build flash here off the hook it you didn't have that Thomas take a Memorial Day Gary Beach it. Terry VG good do. Terry buried yet. This is. It that even I don't even get lateral flashed he said. By the way the penguins just scored three goals in the throne are the pluses or I should say occupied. Onto the ice I just saw a couple of occupy get. It taken off the ice. I feel like us. And I know that this is probably a common thing here relate. First thought I was Detroit where they do the octopus president of the tripping it was a Detroit thing but think it's Pamela. And his national doesn't do they do but they do it Fisher something okay. Imagine if no one score like imaginative. And you got to sit there with a for gonna act of what's the entire game. Bothered everybody in your whole section what is that how you brought in not to push really great that's wonderful. You know here I am I thought I had some good seek enjoy the game instead I got to see hear and smell your freaking arc of was all day that's great. After all you've got until all wonderful where the octopus row great. In at least if it happens you guys get to throw while I get to do is seniors smell. And if what if you don't ever get the throne. Does it feel kind of stupid going back your car without the bush. Hasn't Ed is there a point where you think you know I probably should have done it this. Let someone else that we are delighted I have to be octopus there. I don't know if. I don't know that much about. Those sorts of things. I was always the guy you never want to throw his hat on the ice when there's Hatcher got ventilate three Bruins games are there had church and I just mad and wanna throw my as my neck in Hawaii. I don't care about your hat trick yet of hats everybody else is thrown at no one's gonna miss my hat. You know I don't go out Wear hats and implant and on throwing away. Although if you go to hockey game I guess at some you gotta kinda anticipate. But I never assume gonna see Patrick you know I got by the new a lot of Bruins games in my life and I've only seen three. And each time I kept my hat and I was ridiculed by the people I was at the game with. You into area you didn't throw at one time or up way up top and if I even tried to throw the thing it would land on somebody. So then I basically wouldn't have been participating in the tradition and I would have either hit someone with add or just gave somebody at that they probably didn't want. There's some other guy was where Ernie. Movements her here. It's usually Timmy had that sort of disqualifies act for becoming part of my at rotation. If some other dude was just wearing it leak. Like a minute ago. In aided in his ads for an undetermined amount of time and you didn't know or know anything about the person that's like fine and had on the side of the road and only. I'm nicer had been down on the day that. There's also. Good. There's the the square kids in the dock to push ended hats and I don't know there's probably some Minor League Hockey teams that throw some other stuff on the eyes to it. I've never been I've never been a big fan although in Nashville I mean they really get screwed the beginning this game they got on the board first it was one nothing. And then they called nickel back because they said that some was over the line upsides I missed exactly who was. But it should have been one nothing in the call to go back and I hate that they do that by the way I hate that they go all the way back to the beginning of a plate to determine an offside and then. On do everything that happens sometimes you know like forty seconds prior and forty seconds and hockey is a long time. To go back and retroactively undo everything that just happen including a goal including anything I mean it's a. I understand wanted to get the call right. But you also have to understand in in this case. You know when when you cross into his own. The puck could be either for what the hell knows how long. In any have to go back all the way to the beginning in the in 59 was off sides OK so the last six minutes or whatever did happen not to the blood server in his own for six minutes but it's late. You know for the time you've been watching in in what it's like it's a long time. Or potentially could be a long time and I just hate how they'd go back and undo everything. Specially goal the first goal the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the road oh man I get it it's the role Nolan Nolan blew the role but it is going to roll. Stupor rural 6177797937. Asian phone number 37937. He's number on text the Texas is invited 750 million dollars in the bank you can call me whatever you want Garrett. Figures. Again in great Tiger Woods driving around 3 AM waste and I'm Yale. That's funny. Is that really the problem is that is that people like me you're being mean to tiger that's the story here. By the way I was being that mean I was of dragons and joked yeah wasn't I wasn't really going that far ending with tiger. I didn't say anything that would get me. Suspended or anything you know just sort of mocking the fact that this guy were 750 million dollars driving around at 3 am in Jupiter Florida. When he could've paid somebody fifty bucks to these personal driver for the day. You know I mean that's stupid that's flat out stupid. I think he's stupid dude. 6177797937. Affect your phone calls here Gary it's in the cards yet. Out on the LeBron James hello Gary area. I'm while Darren tuck. I'm so I heard some people call in an earlier in just complaining about LeBron Atlanta I mean I hit the block as much as. You know anybody really does but. Talk about one ambient light. Taking him off the top gears stupid yeah now we're complaining and give it. Idiotic. Flat back and doesn't take away from my career demonstrate filed yet sound stupid complaining about them when I mean there is a better idea. They are and also a lot of a lot of times Garrett and this is something I've been guilty of a lot of people are guilty of this. You just start fetish rising the way the game was when you're kidding how good the players were in you know your perspective back when you were sixteen to 22 years old is so different from when it's you yet you get older so you assume. These guys that hey they're nothing like the guys I watch those guys are great now they were. There are good that these guys heard even better in. LeBron is right up there with anybody right now seven straight trips to the finals even if he had to assemble the team I broke any rules. Exactly. A question about it doctoral quick so. If they're developing. That guided it brought out from AAA and then back right back down after good game. You thank you rod thorn in. Forget it man now that you think that you could apple become sort of trading one right become. You know hopefully it comes right again. Now I don't think so I don't think you put them any eggs in the Brian Anderson aired Brian Johnson basket that's that's not. That was a great start the other day and I was really into it and I think everybody was it was a really awesome story for a guy who thought about retiring in. And all these bad things happen in his life he goes at their third complete game shut out tremendous. Absolutely but is he someone you just gonna slot in and start trading elect Eduardo Rodriguez his 24 years old having a breakout season helmet on the way I don't think that's. That's something you wanna do. If you decided this point in the season when your only four games over 500 okay. Our rotations good enough for Brian Johnson we can trade away one of our regular starters I think there would be a terrible mistake. You got it thanks here. If you're talking about the announce a trade for. A third baseman. I still wouldn't trade a picture for a third baseman even a even a number five starter that's that's. You know for through for. Posner. Starting pitcher Roger I don't know about that. Ally customer. And he be a long term solution if they decide to sign him I think he's is he up at the end of this year and I'll check on hunter's. But Kansas City has to be into it that's the problem is the of a very limited window what you can even add to the team right now unless you wanna start moving guys or anyone remove marquis to second base and sign it. Power hitting outfielder you might have a decent shot at being able do that just because there's three times more outfielders and there are any other position player. Hang around the league and more potential to maybe beyond. On the trade block but other than that I mean you're basically third base there's food void there absolutely. Shortstop you're not getting new shortstop and art and the new second baseman. I don't think you get upgraded first base substantially unless that's. You know becomes Mitch Moreland falls off for its injured or something along those lines may be do you consider that your outfield and appoint any of those guys Alicia put more key its second his Pedroia is out long term. But even that you know movies on guys hitting in its third scroll around and now. I like that at all and dances that's a bad idea of so I don't know what you do. I don't know if you have. The assets to go out there and get a good third baseman. I don't know if there any good third baseman on the trade block grant has a couple of bad teams are good third baseman. Osborn Kansas City is absolutely one. A lot of people brought a Frazier on the White Sox went over 43 strikeouts that Maine is betting 181 so far this year but he has had some home runs. And he did hit forty of them last year so I don't know I mean I ate. I don't know what the solution yours but I know that this is gonna continue to be an issue. So long as they have this little pop in the lineup to the tune of dead last last in baseball not the America only. All of baseball including all those teams in the National League web freaking pitchers in the lineup the Red Sox treating fewer home runs that all of them. The least in the league. In their batting average and OP get an auto PS the batting average and on base percentage. Ops. Tops in the American League ball. And basically second or third or second in the in all of baseball. They're getting hits they're getting on base they're not driving into their no pop in the lineup and that has to change. And the only place you really have any sort openings to improve and in up mean and really make. A case or to third base may be catcher maybe not really. Catcher or you know you pull smoky put my second if Pedroia is out many and an outfield of even then I mean my. And I'm white so. Who's out there for the outfielder Chris Young get word is starts I don't know exactly we do their I don't like I don't like any these options are really don't. And unfortunately got to put that on the Murkowski you trade away Travis sharper picture campaign action then. You replace some of publishing and of all obviously gets injured right away any candidate in Pawtucket it's just. You know like that was a pretty bad screw up. And I know our only two months into the season but so far you can teller it is a problem. 6177797937. Is the phone number quick break we'll be back after that. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. I a couple of minutes left here too want Colin to a right now six point 777979371. Loss. I was just talk about Eric Hosmer and that might massages. And now I threw that out I was doctors. I got much corner infielders mixed up there and the stock is 48 years old. He's got thirteen home run so far this year feeds straight to the red sex should be their league home run hitter immediately please position they haven't yet. To be perfect certainly. He's not having the greatest it is it and 250 was on bases. 289 which sucks but you slug and 506 he's at thirteen home runs so you know beyond basal or calm I guess and you know maybe in a different lineup with a little more protection move Keyon and leaned in some of these other guys suited and she more mistakes they had I don't know. But it would take a lot to got a resolve and I don't know what I'd be willing to trade there what there even is to train I don't know what there is. In this in the farm system that the royals might even be looking for I don't know if they have enough. Quality prospects right now that they can even swing this I don't know if they wanna maybe trying trade someone off the Major League roster I have no idea. And how this would even come about when it comes to Dave the rescue trades often what you see our minor leaguers going for major leaguers in the major leaguers come back to the rescue team. We've seen a lot of that lately obviously and it's you know and the results are what they are. The team won the division last year and this year there are off to a decent start not a great one not a terrible one either. There over 500. They've won more games and they've lost to say the least and in other having hard times are stringing together consistent good play. I need. Always thought of this whole time the biggest reason for that was the rotation and I still think that was a huge contributing factor now the David price's back it looks like. You know looks like he's okay looks like. A guy who's ready to be back and maybe not rush this much is almost may have thought. I wasn't optimistic about the start today and price prove your I'll say it on duty. If if he sucks on today's such have you pretty gotta say was pretty it wasn't great in dazzle anybody but he was pretty good. Seemed lifers first start back I'll take that. But now I got a real problem with this with this lineup. And the proof is in the numbers. They are first and second. In all of baseball in on base percentage and batting average they are last in home runs they are bottom third in slugging percentage. Were two months into the season this isn't a trend anymore this isn't a bump in the road this is the slump. This is this is it. You know this is when you start seeing what a team really is. June and July offenses tend to heat up and I'm allowing for the fact that could certainly happen. Right now I mean we're off to a really bad start. Offensively this team does not have the pop that it needs and it is bizarre to me that the Boston Red Sox. With June you know just around the corner here. The Boston Red Sox are last in the league in home runs. Can't even imagine in the last time that might have been washed. And also before we ago. Both the New York Post. And the daily news. Jumping on the Tiger Woods story. And this is a little embarrassing I would say for both both newspapers. Both of them. Have tiger splashed on the front page. And both of them have the same headline. Would you like to know what that headliners. And they were then at minus. The headline is. DUI. Of the tiger. That's a good goddamn headline it really is that is equality outlined do you eye of the tiger. Good enough that I don't even care looks like a repeat each other up I don't care that all the millions of people walk in the man and the Brooklyn brawler who walked past all those newspaper stands are gonna see the same headline a ball they are via both. I want I get both of it's that good negative headlines. DUI eye of the tiger. On the post that says what are woods hit hit rock bottom. And daily news says deal arrived the tiger watched a golf legend Boston and Florida. And there's an article by lupica about how. Tiger's mastered his own demise I don't know who's covering this in the post but I'm. Yeah. I guess the times you gonna go with you arrived the tiger to they get all three of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . Do you like of the teicher. Men quality stuff though aren't that's my time we got to Gatti here Ben Charleston great job today as always. Many marine great job by you. Annan thanks all the military people veterans. Listening today and we thank you. For everything you dip into our fallen veterans. Rest in peace publisher. And that's my timing back tomorrow at midnight. And here at midnight till 2 am everyday this week Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday's all the talking you and regular time after the Red Sox. Enjoy the rest of what's left of your long weekend everybody back to work back at it tomorrow. Have a good one we'll see if. I love your show thank you get my favorite out on all those shows are Debbie I give them a sort of ye you oh my god loves today.