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OMF - What does Belichick know about Garoppolo that we don't? 5-29-17

May 29, 2017|

Mut and Trenni in for OMF. Why is Belichick keeping Jimmy G? Trenni wouldn't be surprised if that Patriots looked into trading Tom Brady. Would Kraft allow it? A wild story about how vasectomies are on the rise in the Hamptons.

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Or wade Martin moaning and Fauria from him right now on Sports Radio WEEI. No orderly way no Maloney no Fauria. Tray and much here until 125 can Laird as the pregame show and Tim in Chicago Red Sox and White Sox the first start of the year for David Price we started they are today. On David Price and have been all over the place and the Celtics off season. And the Adam Jones incident Cedric Maxwell thinks that might affect a potential free agency will later on this hour get to. My favorite story today at least until the tiger mug shot came out to be honest. Thank you must Hampton Hampton star ever oh new rich white men in the Hamptons had a so so top of that process they have to go through to have intercourse all white. Goodness. All the precautions they have a stake or get to that he's sleaze around with things of multiple NN finance they handle it may talk about how bad people. Took to social media complain about Boston calling. Over the weekend which I did not attend the U I did not there I did not Jason on back there go to Boston called this weekend and sports chaos on the hip enough so I don't know most of the bands or artists that where their slide. Stayed away many concerts and the data not make Boston call on the based on some of these social media activity. Have a tough weekend for those so yes to look at it that may come up as well we'll get back your phone calls at 61777979237. Tiger Woods do you why. I'm not sure with drugs or alcohol or both. But the mug shot is everywhere ESPN as a flashed up. Turn on your computer you'll see me and BBC. Even the BBC's tweet about it. You're watching BBC or shall now BBC's tweeting about it oh sorry Alan BBC on there. Name but perhaps I testing company and I'm not following them popular than Jamaica Plain about that tiger what type Peter. I don't know what's better relate that our reward is noticeable. Situations in sport but golf has been in place to users though. In fact I watched on TV Newser here's all the weight of which only that putt right yeah. I know you're all in the media audience vote so it's all rights has been nothing but golf. Andy you and so maybe three years ago he Saudi. You know get and so back shaker back on the order saying. You know the last series finally. I'm from blue realization. Hit you never can be publicly call for him you know professional. And it may. You know you take his whole light body of work and you and you basically Cha. He's gonna get the press he's you know he might have been turned off. Not excusing obviously. The incident that I I totally understand where you'd and lights. And you know. I'll let them happen so I mean. Regard I get to like sort of maybe you know moderate words. I'm I wrote I I wanna white tiger to come back in play as the a's ace is a sports fan Peter golf is better and more interesting when tiger's in all but. I guess I don't feel sorry for guy who apparently got behind the wheel the car when he's got. Millions upon millions of dollars to get a driver he wants the fact you got bang for doing today I don't. I consider itself for Tiger Woods Ari. Oh you don't I don't. Oh bridge you can you can understand you know. Cole some of what has happened I think it immediately attracted you to it is at a tragic ignorant but I'll help party well. You know from the top of the world. Could be basically. Can't play the game anymore than in the course maybe three years. And I bet horrible I don't even that's the right word but I edit that and understand that I think it's kind of a tragedy. For the sport evolved. And I relate to and so. Yeah and Peter Ed thank you for your your thoughtful phone call and envy at the addiction part of it and his fall from grace try for when he was that you can get a biggest Alley in the world towards that. That I do for this part of the Kindle incidents eat out or the incident in his driveway in 2009. And people over his back injuries and how much of his back commuter caused by a car acts and he got involved at least trying to leave his home in a fight with. Is that why that might sell. It's not all self inflicted because the physical nature of golf your back is when he F dot ask Freddie couples so obviously that's a factor there. But summit is his own doing comedies his own little. Secret tiger world we had no idea existed. Until the voice mails came out and every happened in 2000 and while I feel. Act for him there's also I think something where in our Anderson our peers coming from a he says oh you know this is a guy who has been in the spotlight since he was three years old. But you were entitled your entire life and you everything you did people sort of looked the other way I don't know that there is ever and he. Any sort of like learning writer Ron or learning boundaries. Or feeling like you had any restrictions on what you clear clear that duke is no one ever told you know but at some point when your darn no restrictions at some point but when you're a grown up the year an adult you need to look and did develop those boundaries on your own like no working you look back into allows an entitled kids -- that's my act like it's hot entitled spoiled adults. Bike again have a little self reflection. He's not had that yet maybe this and start this up for tiger Albert in Rhode Island calling on holidays is rare high Albert. Albert. You've now been. Her. We'll see if he comes back on Billy's in Boston on John Ferrell I don't. Hey personal unlike the city I don't think you guys two supper our players need here just shredded as Colby lawsuits it. And and and I thought I'd I actually thought I was gonna talk about dear price I think the push that back because that they. Dombrowski might be on the hot seat leg behind the curtains with like. Doug Henry could maybe he made all these move and and not ludicrous place. So it might be a little bit on a policy that's what it's probably pushing. David Price just. You think data roster in the hot seat ICI dull I think he has at least. Couple more years left before he oh yeah start it was a purely legal cards it's hard to evaluate haze all his move speak ties do you look at the cars inspected Tyler Thornburg desert injuries they make comeback be lights out. Chris Sale is obviously getting good acquisition. You camper top line because that has been chairing ten. Vienna David Price you do sort of look at and say that no one. When you signed David Price no one thought that was a bad move in a while love that I loved and so I guess we just start with the premise I. I don't think gave their brows ski into. Externally should be on sports talk radio yeah absolutely he's on a hot he's getting more partisan John Ferrell is internally. This is John Henry's guy and it's it's a blip on the radar John essentially turn the entire baseball operation over to him. John Henry's much more excited to go talk about Liverpool soccer when the Boston Globe right now he's a very hands off when it comes the Red Sox when I've been told. It is doc a's to brows ski team for better or worse I. I don't think that's the reason they're Russian about adding David Price is the reason the rush him back if you want pitcher tripling anymore. I was in maybe it's because he's sure he looked good could maybe walk stoke you and that's why it may be a little angry. What's like out there and thank all east which is getting injured and then on first place. Yeah I again I would the question billion thanks for your patience today I don't know how that helps so. So David Price coming back in pitching poorly which you and I double figures more likely in pitching well. That helps them sell the plan I must add that prices hurt behind the scenes and I don't think there's any indication that they're looking to sell the team. As their been any indication that Connally years ago there was this business insider piece saying that this was years ago now but recently now I don't remember any. Any story they'll make you think that affect I think it's more likely than not that they start adding two pieces like he goes out and gets it is Kirk said last week his own radio station. As TV and radio has the Red Sox and handle that. How all these things and make more money and time more Fenway sports group and Eric. They are doing all sorts of stuff would with the Red Sox and Fenway Park in Fenway sports have been never done no more college football that issued his comrades there ain't bad that I -- all and on and not yet they have all these extra things that come into the park when there is no baseball it's becoming almost in multi purpose stadium. Yeah I basically am really it's it's and they've invested more in Fenway Park recently CI think. That's story about him. One to sell Red Sox seems a couple of years old yeah I and a chance. I can't numbering it I there's nothing I don't know if you read the Boston magazine piece on well my pressure Z eighty shorted. And there's nothing in there that indicates that they're looking to sell things have anything they're getting more entrenched in the community here did you believe the part the story where. The friend Linda does duty says that landed did not allude John Henry was at that party they first met. I mean. I have heart belief that only bee hives that facts she comes from a family that runs in those circles like rich people hang out to it rich people don't know whether it's people far. Of course she didn't even in they didn't and I'd I mean I don't know you don't live in that world sell iPods cash and certainly here in the TV world and money celebrity world of names and faces. Drake is Eric was spotted adios last night out and there someday in the glow in Europe about net negative. I'd stay I'd I'd have a rooftop party in Charleston yesterday it was I saw I was in page six and your posts huge needs Mason in Lexington I'm Mason. You know what's up. 81 accidentally at all out of its own each situation. Slums a monthly audited I'm really surprised that I don't know 90%. Of the reaction I've heard. On no local Sports Radio has been basically. It never happens could that happen and don't lie. You know he can't work here are excited don't understand what you're at all. It couldn't happen never happened yet work every block. Racism exists we don't know that you Edwards uses every single day all over the country. Now that doesn't rule that would end zone that is correct but I just don't understand why people weren't there are so certain. May cycle is it for myself I don't I think it's been lost my allow much less than 90% I think that's exaggerated number I think we've gotten it at close of 5050 people think it happened or didn't I am in the I am as to skeptical of a given that 2017. There was nobody to back up Adam jones' story and there was no other witnesses to the incidents besides Adam Jones that that I acquired by skip this and comes from. That's about. Problem I didn't I didn't see it happen how well that must. The early next night or that you might later. There was another inward incident and we are where white hand. It is security another boy began that you don't work with him and he cattle conversation. That being Dokic. So ultimately. Go around that is just recent incidents the price. About a year ago that you call yeah we're in double play that everybody that I've heard about it. I was only about college I'll let you finish the declare fighting he talked about this with you guys at fox with training he didn't set didn't didn't you say I it was the Edward her racial great racial comments and we don't know. What those were when pressed on it he's never wanted to talk about publicly r.s are in the. What do you go to policeman. Who worked in the bullpen at that time. Corroborated the story yes it's our second hand and that I draw reason the top the top of the stock on the record and. I believe I believe David Price at this point given the cop is tied it O'Donnell not everyone's line. I take them case by case is might point me so. In the case of Adam Jones in 2013. There's a fan was in the stands and heard with tweeting about it I believe it happened then in the case of Carl Crawford I believe it happened then. In other incidences. I I am. I think there in 2017 especially I'm surprised there's not more follow to some of these and include the Calvin had a one that you referenced in a boston.com the next day. OK so there are more incident though Torii hunter's eight than they were not hard Jason Heyward. I'm on the these sabathia. You've heard all hell by the late October Brent spot. Yes and we talked ice and we agree. You have a whole list of the Mason and my point is I take them case by case in in the point of C sabathia do you really believe and you can answer this yourself. Do you believe that sabathia claims that every black player talks about. The city of Boston how bad it is here yet the Red Sox has signed David Price call Crawford Chris young and numerous other African American free agents last five years. Why don't they I think you're good you're right that the people that if I don't think he hit every. None well Opel the quote for you peace and exactly that that. The he knew the number of black players in Major League Baseball and said we all talk about it. Probably a bigger than sort of well don't get something that well known in a lot of different circles and did you mention how many different people though. Again yeah what we'll get back on newsroom good guy not one who appointed this happen well it. And basically what ultimately agree to agree we've heard we will bring it in the case of and we it's we had this conversation a circle based thank you for your call. You take it case by case is what what I do you win and and there's a history there or might we need to question. Yeah I question what. What are its analyses is that these comments though just because they talk about it are aware of it doesn't mean that. You know he was asked specifically. In that instance about Boston. But I would guess that they also talk about what they experience in other cities as well. And that's why I don't think that it's keeping guys who come into play here because they think that they know it happens in all you know unfortunately still happens in a lot of places. Toronto what happened last year Toronto I have to last year and we know that that happened and that didn't that does he keep guys from going to add to play there. I think his point was more that. A lot I think the point he was trying to make it in my estimation. Lays out. Because Enron was coming out and saying. You know we don't bleed out and John not ever be a large. A part divorcing we don't have proof there is no video winsome assays say this when they say that I think with ccb saying he's not that people don't wanna come guys wanna come play here. But yeah we're all aware that is still takes place in Boston so to suggest that he didn't happen. That's what that's what he's saying yes it doesn't we all know it still happens you write quote from sabathia not since. He was asked to be heard racial slur when he threw out in the bullpen was that the Indians. Not since I've been here because we have our security guards they're emotional sabathia said. Browser Cleveland was really really bad you get called all kinds of names called the and more when you go to Boston. So he was disgusted about Adam Jones and experience. But he set among black big leaguers Boston's reputation is in good quote we know. There are 62 Abbas we all know when you go to Boston expected. I never meant called the and word any world spouting claim any part in Bobby's at the end there or anywhere else. On other players have since then said an Adam Jones followed up and said. In the aftermath who'd talked USA today as Jeff pass and now selling ads are Yahoo! Sports is tickets just Boston is eight joke and he went up above and beyond to say look it's not just Boston. The way the incident played out Boston to highlight because. Right now that's how when via. That's and that's what it again and it obviously. I mean outs they were right where I almost CC sabathia Rory says I never heard outward anywhere else like I have a hard time believing Matt. Yeah and she claims used and never heard the end were any worlds and point a specific incidents but. I points to Boston as being a place in all 62 African American players talk about when they play here I'm Tony Bridgewater on David Price who pitches in about less than. Let's allow yourself David Price takes the mound Chicago Tony. Page guide on our Garrick. I'll discuss it would the way crisis you know you talk about the kill whack in the thought they'd be. It's unbelievable this guy missed almost went right. Okay stitched it at six in the south apartment right. And he's given his it would be great like Arab stock. That's not slow lane quality in these guys. The you've got a guy charts and it just pitched a plea gain additional partly to produce I didn't stick to what he's gonna pitch. It's barrel on the upper Echelon to got to suck place it tonight you'd you'd always critical or five minute spots by the F taxable prime. It in the bottom you know also placed in game 21. You know it's legal. I I think it's awful. That Tony that's what it feels like I like to defend David Price but it feels like he just said I'm not pitching triple anymore I start the big club screw you guys to see BA says I'm healthy I can pitch. Aussie Chicago. That's how does that rate and mean it's it's inmates running the asylum if they worry out there really bigs that managers. And coaches. Have as much control and I would think they'll dollar check is is the exception to the world. Where for the most part your star players your big money guys if they say they're gonna do something they're not gonna do it. That's probably elated that it's gonna happen it's gonna go there way. Not the front offices. Price goes this after your we're talking about that and we're talking Hewitt 6177797937. Training and my input or way Maloney in for. Matt Hasselbeck thought Christine. 48 he'd like a mainstay here. Like you know Jim Wright ray Bork. Horry and commodities more affordably Maloney and 48 months towards redo WV yeah. Think it's helped place the plan I mean experience on the other side decisions there based. They love this to me. Like that I really do like that. People can will be as it was for them whether it's. To concentrate or whatever it is worth the pacers. It's to me I don't I don't worry about. As much out of Boston and raise them for all of involves defense that's where is going to be. That is that's an opportunity. I love this city of Boston a lot of people here everything I don't think it speaks to others. David Price you pay Shiites shoot ten today in Chicago pregame 125 are here on the WEEI Red Sox radio network will take you up until then and can flared on the pregame show. The queen and cast and count streak is their what are you back with the more actionable Wednesday. Because want let's go trivia potentially potentially. I was only donuts callers hear a challenge you by now they're gonna make it hard on them or wilt under the pressure you're not gonna will you stand up and you're gonna. Swear need to do Jones to death stations all over America's he won't be here that's true I won't be in my alarm mostly warm bath of my love that's that's a good thing as for what at the board David Price coming up by I promise we'll get to at the end of this hour in fact. Is turning call of the most. Hit the story of all time. And it's really really good and you defend women maybe I'd maybe I've missed this whole section of women what they did do enough and less and all the years. I'll keep my thoughts to react. Well keep people waiting until we talk about this article we tried to figure out on Friday. When they were not Columbia the number two casting couch member and you were busy winning again. Why Jimmy drop low is still here and you and John Tomas he talked about it yesterday what was your theory as to why. Jimmy go Rob Lowe is still here even though Brady's playing in a high level and the contracts don't match up what did you guys come up with on Saturday. TNT. My theory is and has been now for awhile that Bill Belichick. Clearly sees this as the next to best option. Four day the patriots moving forward to continue their high level of excellence and playing and I think that. He. I always thought that there are things that Allah checks sees that we do not see. With Brady BA it's lingering injuries. Having to ten more to his body and before that he is aware that this. This lull Eddie's playing act comes to an end sooner rather than later and he needs to have somebody ready to go that he does this mark guy. Philip Bill Belichick you know. It's hard outlook all of the moves he has made or has not made. And think to yourself he was right on pretty much solved them. And I think he just looks I think you've looks at Brady he says this guy's going to be forty. And even though is playing at a high level now what would have been like if he would've played four or five to get ready mr. pre season game last year music kind of self. Then missed the first four games of this of the season. Like it or not. That's for yes that's five last times each day you're not getting smashed around out there account before the pre season one those guys don't get it and resold the right are you missed by a story that's sport is that his body did not have to undergo that I'm wearing terror but he still waited in MVP level one out of one the end absolutely he played those four game. Absolutely but I think Belichick is Smart enough to know. That he is to protect himself behest to think about the long term viability of the franchise and you have to look. The data you have to go off of is how other players' bodies have responded once they've hit forty years old. And maybe parade is eighty Brady is you know. Super humid and he will planes at least fifty years old and he has the kind of body because all the hopeful. But I guess is at some point you need to start thinking about life after your forty year old quarterback even if he's still playing at a high level not because think about how quickly. An okay Manning had more injuries than Brady did that a big neck one that Brady's never get a break and he bits and it's an easier one to come back after a quarterback with a neck yeah absolutely. East and some can't hand deteriorate. Fast and go downhill very very fast the big bill and Jerry talked about this awhile back. And I thought Jerry's point on this is great he brought up a fact that. Maybe they didn't trade him face time here now. Died and now somebody from hang up crime decline math. For him as I'm going to be bun. Yes he suggested that maybe a bit Vick quarterback crop this year. Was it what Belichick did they didn't think that there is anyone in that. Could be a viable replacement long term for Tom Brady so maybe that date if somebody don't want to trade him this year to make up a lot. Maybe they see it better for now. Its year to treat him. We're also hoping at that point that that market is still there and a team won't give you license it front you know front first round pick I guess then to your point. In Belichick sees this weren Tara Brady behind the scenes as a result of the feel the exact same right there results are still a very high level quarterback you could argue if you wanted to. He was. At least as good as any quarterback in coming out and I saw last year he should of he would have been the NDP had he not missed four is ultimately hands he's betting on the decline for brain. Let's say Brady again for another year. Goes the other way and he plays an MVP level. How does the end game play out in telecheck is waiting for the is how long I know I don't erratically weight given the contract status Jimmy grapple which is. And the franchise tag 25 million bucks or this seems impossible to meet. Get him to sign an extension here at below market value and say hey whenever homicides that take its outlook oyster and go home. You can be the quarterback that iffy it grub or does that one. Eased the a lot of money on the table and two that's seems very. Non competitive for guy says he wants to start as soon as you can possibly. I think you don't want genetic problem like cool. Paid him on empower sit back your not playing you want that guy is. How how quickly and and is he quit on the field how big he is back and I don't think he is at all I think he wants to play he wants to start it again the only thing Matt and I'm just looking for that teeny little clues of what Bill Belichick might be seen Mac may be the end it now that he's gonna have to at some point make it tough decision to move on from Tom Brady. You know he did and I said this a couple of times. Brady had to. Have more of those meat in Steve's last year he was on the injury report a lot more off and he didn't fully participate in practice a lot more than me but I didn't see that the on fuel it didn't affect the on field much but at some point when you need all that extra time to be ready. At what point. Are you a nap practicing enough that you can develop that very important tying and he needs of all of that that's important to his game. But also aware that means your body is wearing down to a point that. Maybe when you take that hey you don't get back up next the result here and made aspect that that's the theory is he is seeing his body start to react. To it that were more on game day because they're managing up to game day. But that that is an indication of yeah that we are in terror that slow decline. That it made manifest itself on on the field this year our next year and maybe he wants to have an again. How does he I don't care how good a player you are I Belichick's afraid to walk away from anybody I'd never I don't know it would not surprise me if he treated. Number eight seed out that was shot because I'd I don't think that he has final say on Brady I think that he has to do crafts to try to get control over 99.9. Percent of the roster. The crap slow to say what happens to operate your craft is often referenced Brady is like a son to him. He and ballot check in Kraft had built whatever you wanna call patriot place in the the did the organization is what they are an operating. I they're gonna give Tom some leeway here I don't think it's gonna be as simple as big bill bill could trade. You pick your patriot player can treat tomorrow and what maybe early anyone else on the roster. He could train and gave him craft to find Alter Stacey Stacey James it's a about a late bill traded this player. I'll again happens that way with Tom very dear. Now because it's a he's a far bigger piece not just added that that did the patriots on the field with the patriots is a franchise. Mean don't ballot check in Tom Brady. It's a single handedly because that's two people. On to let handily in tandem who in tandem. Put this franchise on the map as arguably the best. It was like sort of puberty. Like. Asked the best franchise in NFL history let's start to be fair star Parcells told different issue period ourselves and not really cared streets hall of fame which is a joke that it's a start but adding you have to admit and we don't know how would we we don't know where the Parcells Bledsoe old legacy would have gone because we they were able to seats or you can only take what we've seen animal we've seen that Bill Belichick. Came to new England and made this team not just our winner. But a perennial front runner and my offering which they are a model for and it's not football the tire land and all sports other coaches look at and say it and probably it's somewhat model the way they do business. Based on what Bill Belichick it's. I was disciples of dying in the NBA EO Paul Gregg and Gregg Popovich who I would say it spreads to falls into that category. A little at a much Harvard called the equivalent but I mean pop is done. A lot of what Belichick is that would unheralded players taken second round guys are late first round eyes and turn them into legit. You know stars when it's quiet letters a whole list of players that was that he took in any chasing about Bill Belichick they would take players and Logan Mankins. You take Logan Mankins in the first round and and no kite for junior mr. traffic from rolls sides I would take this guy Obama and he ends up being a perennial all pro pro bowler. And so he's done that but he set the standard. For this did Belichick well I agree with you on that. I just. I think I grapples here is a a one more year insurance policies and portable my insurance policy and that if Brady has another good year. That it's drop blown operated and getting trade it you think it's the other way around. I mean I don't necessarily think it's absolutely again I can I could see that Bilbao attacked again this guy. Has stone piece don't colds. Like its literal it would not it would not surprise me if next offseason we're talking about whole the balls. Well hydrated Tom Brady and Geneva rob below is the heir apparent and he aren't rookies are rubble and god for big draw apple struggle that start wreck notebook of these start today I sing he is anyway I have been but it would not nothing would surprise me like middle of the year last year that they are gonna trade Jamie Collins for a bag a four balls. And some skyline chili shipped in from Cincinnati Ike. And go when the Super Bowl. And he's always Super Bowl and it ever thought is the dumbest decision that he made in the world. Made no sense Greg no sense and yet there are new ones Euro credit or island on Tom Brady's trade guy I Craig. I did that you know are good morning wherever we acted in the car. That I do all right when you are up about eighty. As being an object portrayed as I'm looking at your Beck. And call them but they do it couldn't so I. You have a at a upper part of the market. You're at that marquee player in the Anna bell and he'd bring in people people that ought if we lose the game. I don't win I tightened our belt why I don't even debate about why you would trade. A marquee player who is just that marketed now. Because that has at eventually I I agree with you I don't think he'll be traded but. If you're trying to put an end game here Craig how this works out grapples in his final year Brady's forty. He wants to play forever wise crop will still here they could trade Jimmy grapple for an absolute. King's ransom a month ago the draft pick at number twelve pick loss per brothel agents let me ask you. Why is he still here and how does it play out. Well I think that you're you're right about that I don't agree with your back everybody out there at the idea that there is all about. Hard about talent trade. He that he gonna bring get all sorts of revenue that being there and I got it. The air base but he beauty just because they want to keep all of. OK now oh no no signals and Craig Craig cannot Wear brightly using Tivo Craig. Joseph Montana. Brett Favre. You think that those guys were at the end of Israel they were able to trade them two teams desperate for a quarterback to to think that you couldn't trade him away in thinking you're gonna keep Tom Brady Jimmy garrote all on the same. Roster where they need it one's gonna play a first in the third quarter gallon if the play the second in the fourth like come on that. Every time somebody calls in but that I literally just want to be like if anyone ever tells me to get back in the kitchen replayed call. Is that is just down the EU and the speed down. To be fair Brady split time in college maybe you'll go back to that model that's exactly the break intrinsic to rent and my command of the snaps. Quick break we'll come back we'll get to the persecution of rich man in the Hamptons it's really unfair. But the rich guys in the Hamptons tat what they have to put up with just to get a little. Action there in the Hamptons this summer we'll get to that next. We return to a moral or the way Murr moaning and Fauria I don't read everybody. Who aren't completely sure that can never be accused of Bo regarding any day on Sports Radio don't. Our socks baseball coming your way at 125. And later the producer of curtain Callahan also now. Part of the Red Sox studio makes it here and it is actually keeping me. About suicide or you write it somehow there it's very. We're in the fourth while he's talking do what you brown on some high level baseball stuff. Which you'll get done during the pregame show today. Beginning about 120 or so here on WEEI many people will be. Coming back from vacation holiday week right weekend you're tried driving home right about now it's that reality of getting back to work closely around noon after launch and at home and people. Laser cut back on its kind of crummy day like today. Ass sticks out there but it's say it's a Dade not to love barbecue and celebrate but it remember. And many people will be remembered today as they should on this Memorial Day 2017. I've not been in the hip that you have been and hip I am not and the Hamptons so I'm not familiar with this but apparently especially this summer. Hampton's bachelors are really have to go the extra mile to really get their act. Action yes at the Hamptons the headlines of the New York Post Hamptons backwards are getting the sect Emmys. So gold diggers can't trap them. On the latest hip. The latest campaign summer accessory. A vasectomy. When Scott a male model who says in his thirties kicks off the Hamptons high season this weekend at the Sag Harbor waterfront house. The unattached pump won't have any reservation about hooking up a win that he hardly knows quote. I had a vasectomy a few months ago having a house in the Hamptons and being fairly well often encountered some problems. Within try to get pregnant said Scott irregular on the society seen Warren's a cool half million. He called sex partners who lied to him about being on birth control it's a trick they say I love you we don't need a condom. Scott who describes himself as Tarzan with light eyes typically beds up to tender for women for summer. He grabbed the sex god but at the little slow and it's for our its face and estimates that 20% of the single ladies he Connors are looking to trap a rich guy. With a baby is this what your gender does he try to trap us. I'm acres hi hey I don't know of any women most of my friends I try to do everything to avoid getting. You know plan B birth control pills IUDs. Fallen prey bullet now pulled right not not very popular among my front now yeah they're more of the true. And and Z diet. You know a lot also most of them don't wanna have to go on to answer antibiotic. Sent sixty firsts. Depths of this surprises me in my theirs OK read the part we're island I want you read what everyone wanted to give decent space you because women are coming under fire because they're going after. Rich men in the Hampton's gonna get themselves pregnant here. Your people. Yes I just asked shot 834 year old bachelor who had a procedure this month after his name be changed for professional reasons that young real estate developer and upper west side residents he said he can have a different sex partner in Hampton every weekend. Just want a repeat of last summer when a woman emitted a party tried to pull a fast one after sex. She offered to dispose of the used condom but when she was in the bathroom for awhile John got suspicious he found a woman seated on the toilet and inserting his seat in in I don't. Like the fact I'd get it but I I do hope they smile and I do know this. This is a warning given to pro athletes about this kind of behavior. Really yes day I I've heard that and many of the rookie symposiums for the various leagues. Soon to be very wealthy young men. Are advised to. Disposed. Of bear. Stuff yep. So that that cannot be and re inserted but. Just I just. Just think totally out of seven this this this is never crossed my mind never winds. The next my eyes a big thing that happens let these men are lining up authenticate then. Doctor David Shuster in says there's an uptick in the second he's right before camp concedes. That's how guys are worried at how worried they are about this. The extortion happens all the time he said women come after them. Some guys do an analysis of the cost for three days of discomfort after the vasectomy it's worth millions of dollars to them quote from this doctor. I never see a poor guy asking for vasectomy. Rich guys are a population that's abuse a lot. Those four straight guys that did so off I haven't. Yours is just a quick idea for you rich guys who are so persecuted in our society. May be particularly is better. Maybe we wanna gotten just have a little fun and maybe your rules smarter about it. While baby uncle after women who have nothing going for them except the hope to get pregnant. I changed right up there Alex is 37. Some some B Alex for him already has two kids and wife Donna and their primary there. I'm but the health care administrator got to dissect. To be late last year specifically seek a full round. No strings attached in the Hamptons the downtown Brooklyn man and a spouse a ten years with two kids again. Are an open relationship but he almost screwed things up last summer when he got stealth. By calmly Russian models that he met any dinner in Southampton during sex the woman pulled off economists and WTF. But he did this course you'd residence. Two weeks later he got a call from the woman claiming she was pregnant. Could a motive have been shaping up for child support I don't know but it didn't work thank god says Alex it was a wake up call. A lot isn't the best part this is the best are treated as the best part. Now read it I I just wanted to practice that this is the best this the best quote I read an entire article. It was they wake up call it's not like it STD the you can treat. It's akin. Ha who would do you know. Heard there hairy legs and easy derby you're stuck with hairy. All live in laws so you were traveling in Spain couple weeks that you're not looking for a man to impregnate your Rick rose Spaniard now Lola. On list I just act. Do you need that just seems. Free easy. Absolutely stacked deep clay crazy. Seems kind of I had a better ways to go about I think it'd show ladies. Is that that too but they're commonly Russian model they need another job she wanted that. Nationwide a green card on missile around that is also referenced here that we can do this the green card. And for the child support I guess that scientists. Now I was I was raised differently. Has raised different I'm glad to hear that but there are a ZDD as a woman and he loved when I mean when someone asks someone of a gender or color speak for their entire gender or color. As a woman you're saying you don't approve of this I do not approve of this now that this is not they're not anyway she performed trick. People. Into English I. But I think just to myself. Clearly book mother are you going to be. And if your starting point now that you're digging through the gardens are great I don't might not agree and that's that's after the starting your case why is just such an I'm pick I am in the process of setting up of the sector because I'm done having kids and don't wanna abide number three I think I'm finally to. But the says that port guys don't get them so Arnold to do I see any gear and make your capabilities. To our shifts again death. And save some money on so be aware and I did see that that line and Anna Torres I'm gonna need to they can't afford and then on insurance Isaac probably. Who knew him and had used I play tennis that's so bad summer ahead. Where rich. Dies in the Hamptons and you guys have open marriages cancer forever when that you want I just he and I just don't blow it off a rough life. Tiger Woods would opium deceptive or not but he's back in the headlines today will update you on that ink which is set for David Price he starts today Chicago what do we expect. Well do it up until Red Sox pregame here trendy and much W media.