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5-26-17 Red Sox Review with Ken Laird

May 27, 2017|

Ken discusses the Red Sox 3-0 win over the Mariners and Kimbrel's continued dominance in late innings. E-Rod's emergence and John Farrell's decision making is also a big topic with Sox fans

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You can break Sox review was brought you my town fair tire. As prices on tires nobody beats talent for your time. Let go back gigabyte technology grows that first birdie op play. Dial 617779793. Step Red Sox Rudy. On Sports Radio WEEI. But that's your Memorial Day weekend indeed indeed a great week for the Red Sox any five game winning streak. Brits Oxley three nothing would over the Mariners tonight from Fenway Park had Kent Blair welcomed the Red Sox review will be taking your phone calls up until midnight. In the Booth here where Cilic in just departed and some party fans that made it through some of the weather tonight but. What the wolves were studied it about a week ago Saturday. And at the Palmer raids be Ferrell scared other dugout. We've had some of the reports this week if David Price. Not getting the best treatment Pataki with his rehab starts. And there's some feeling the Monday he's gonna be accelerated beyond where he should be to get that first start of the season. In Chicago. So you had a lot of drama surrounding this team and of course. You know they'd fallen back to 500 in the standings or watching the Yankees in the Orioles keep their distance in the elites but. It put a week together here five straight wins from the starters. The offense not really the story of tonight's game. But in the four games leading into this 130 runs scored. And you're looking at a Red Sox team now that it's two games back to the Yankees with a New York lost tonight. The Orioles dropping one tonight so. Boston back in second place. I guess the topic just the start tonight your feeling on this Red Sox team in argued believing. In the offense. It pitching staff in the bullpen all three of them coming up pretty big. For the week for sure. And facets in tonight's game that was some adversity to Dustin Pedroia out of the lineup tonight. Don't think it's gonna be a long term thing sounds like it was this that caution with a knee. But with guys like Rutledge in line up. Pablo Sandoval still would AAA he goes oh for five that I would a couple of k's doesn't look like he's ready. Bull pens you still haven't seen Tyler Thornburg nor Carson Smith together. Red Sox in John Ferrell doing pretty good job here of out. Not tiptoeing through the great jobs of 500 putting together a good week with some of the naysayers started to come out 6177797937. To get on. Here for Red Sox review tonight. Look at this Boston team their fifth in the American League in runs scored. They're fifty ERA goes blue numbers coming in tonight. It'll respectable numbers. Fifteen Philip home runs dead last in the American League in bonds sold is not get any team that's gonna. Live with the long ball clearly missing David Ortiz from a year ago in that capacity. Without sin of all they've been forced in Brock poll by the way who had a setback to that have been forced to go to some back up parts Detmer rarely seeing action Josh through college. It doesn't look. Like the scariest lineups. At times especially at the bottom half of the order but. No Christian Vasquez in a catcher tonight he's been. 350. Rutledge has been useful player for the couple games ago in one of the woods in the street John Ferrell with that seven run seventh. A couple nights he'll in the win over Texas trusting his bench and going to pinch hitting situations with Moreland and what would stake came through for him. And so Ferrell as a week pretty good week where he started to make some of the right notes. Push some of the right buttons. The John fad that they John Ferrell skeptic and over the last couple years there have been points where. I thought Tory Lavelle would have been to guide should have been the guy to go to but it SA it's tough though. Picket Ferrell much this year and last Saturday to scared Arnold Palmer rants that was one of those moments for me. Wasn't very obvious to me why he wanted Ben Taylor to committed pitch that game in the fifth. And moderates pitch count was up a little bit. But you thought OK is he losing his guys. Palmer it's been one commodity wanted to stay in Ferrell said too many pitches in that. Too many have had too few innings so he wanted to make the change. And you had a bit of the squawking and it got caught on camera. Where would it go from there well Iraq stops the bleeding the next day and which is that eight strong innings the offense emerges. Chris Sale of course is there but even you'll his win early in the week it wasn't vintage Chris Kelly did not have to ten strikeout night the offense sort of emerged around the whatever Ferrell has done this week. It's worked any offense has rallied the team has seen two bonded together have been open David Price situation we'll talk about coming up that remains. A little bit of a mystery to us how that piece of the puzzle was going to fit in but for a week anyway mariners obviously struggling club. And while the no lesser lights in the American League. Look at the standings. So you can get to over the top and giddy about. A win tonight the package it altogether and it's looking like team that's got some things to look forward to some optimism. Heading into Memorial Day weekend which of course is that. That. Measuring stick against the phrase that's often thrown out there for fourteen days to being its debt. Whenever trending top of the hour and then will look take kind of reset here we hear from John Ferrell after the game you run also talking to reporters in water Rodriguez is put together one held a season. Right now and a Joseph tiller but that's a good question about the crew silly packed on him our rob Bradford at that it's asked sale about. David Price and what a teenage he's been still hasn't really general David Price much but Salem Rodriguez pair lefties have been. Going out there next to one another close below for a couple months and maybe there is something rubbing off there. Because right now you get to two lefties that are among the best the American League and that's something to build on go forward. But Sasha view here up until midnight 61777. I 7937. Until it with a here on. Sports Radio WEEI we'll take your phone calls and more coming up next. These seasoned Red Sox were. Red Sox rookie was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody is a recap of Red Sox and the Mariners. That he had a delivers. Actually well. All the way from the jagr got Jacqui good as gone. Look forward to lady crosses that makes the evening where of those concerns that his second free nothing Red Sox. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Longest win streak of the season for the Red Sox are you a believer you believe this team. You're more of a skeptic of the offense. It's the pitching staff. Why 617779793. Set orb. Mortal believer and one of the two of you want to spin it positively I can let at Fenway Park tonight Red Sox win it three to nothing. It's your phone calls and we'll hear from John Ferrell coming appeared just a moment but. The back of the week's been a good week after losing the first three Oakland the fell to 2121. Unit Ferrell beat Palmer it's dug out. Was not staged critical but not looking great and with the Yankees in the Orioles looking like two tough squads that you're really old division promise come on. And the rays are not a total joke. It's a tough. Elie shall fall behind too far this was a pivotal week in the Red Sox come through they rally around Iraq for two of these winds suddenly the twelve to three win. A fifteen hit day. In that one Moreland hit a homer. The off day come back to Fenway Park you win but we're selling game Tuesday eleven to six Bogart said the big night three RBIs for runs scored but again. Lots of picture contributions eleven runs in that one. The nine to four win for Chris Sale Wednesday which had a seven run outburst in the seventh. Still with a 52 but he was really the story that one couple big pinch hit spots for moral and Rutledge. So you've got sillier a one your offseason pick ups of what your bench guys coming through John Ferrell good of that game seeing Travis made his debut and had a couple gets. And ended the sweep of Texas 62 with a twenty K combined effort. To moderates had 111. Of his best starts of the season giving you some possible encouragement for the future of troop pottery it's. Pardon me. And tonight we welcome the Mariners in there is not a good team they were 1717. A few weeks ago and had been on the slide it luster. I think now 1115. You've got some players obviously Robby can knows the name but he's a little bit. Get you with the quad Nelson Cruz can hit some bombs but this team is ripe for the picking so sullied your beating. The best right now it's not a sweep of the Astros the Texas was not committed here they wanted in a row recently and you've taken out of courageous team that was playoffs what a year ago so. Where's your level belief. And when you look at the possible. Problems this team could still have will accompany the pitching will come from the office because the offense still collecting new long ball. Despite pretty good the rug department fifth in the American League in runs dead last in homers. Course though David Ortiz and as far as we know he's not. Get ready to come back off the off the bench he's writing books of Michael Holley to looks like that's where it lands. But you brought quite up impressive here for his last two starts and really seven straight quality starts what they haven't this guy. Years ago they need to to trade get it in for injured Miller. And that was as good as instrumental was last year for the Indians. That's tough to watch. You ride that. Okay season last year of course he had some injury problems got a slow start added eventually went so what three and seven all the 47 ERA. Now is CRA down to 277. In if you take away. As a some people have selectively done you can't really. Does this but you know six runs in his first six innings in the years since an easier race at two point don't want our at least in your best. But I guess not target sales your best picture clearly he's been the second best Porsche sells regress the debt. And upon Richie you never know quite which you'd get from he's okay. And price of course looming on Monday so this is the rotation as you see it right now do you believe in that group. How badly do they need price to come through work really can you have a 12 punch of sale. And now you run and get get things done. I would say I'm more worried about the state of the infield despite Rutledge in Marrero come through a little bit. The trade deadlines in two months. Ended July. The big names you've been. Hearing in its early but the White Sox for a while have had a couple parts that interest you. One of them is cantata another lefty. Who's very cheapest got a lot of years control and he would need to give up pretty good package to get him. The browse he's willing to course but army chips he's got left in the in the farm system. To really deal at this point but really the bigger name I think becomes Mike the stock is all the royals who had a terrible start of the year. And publish say the ball kick it together that maybe you chickpea need to go to down a little bit. To the office but you're gonna be in the mix that's gonna make you all the more willing to go out and get a piece like that. Our rental player who might be loaded more affordable Jim isn't Peabody Jim I know he was to complain about the timing game it wasn't that long time was a gym but. That evidence that mother's big game took four dollars and 32 minutes. Yeah me that. What what did you do maybe limit on what Patrick I guess a palpable Luxor. So that pitch clock and development of overtime to go get. Talking the picture is going to be leases. In view of the three out really asphalt flawless execution or. It was a he had the sixth was the problem tonight it was what like a forty minute bottom of the sixth inning it four walks a wild pitch a passed ball. So that that drug it out that made it a grinder to get. He's sitting there right field grandstands so. I look silly but eventually even you know I don't think. Newpark getting fed was going to be here for what Jimmy but I appreciate the call 311 wasn't the worst of it tonight of the if you were sitting in the stands though tonight the rain was pelting. That was so I'm sure a little bit more challenging. But out. No that's another thing that it and watery guess had to face the night too wasn't war or the best of conditions and he's able to stick in there and have a one looking lead hold up a little bit. But he only did Chris Sale attacked Gary it's pretty clear that sales becoming a leader this team certainly toxin looks a good game. But in the clubhouse. Enough to safer sure that that's the case he's taken over the your t.'s role but. Would make sense that he would take some somebody like the 24 eroded water Rigas under his wing a little bit you're gonna have control of for a while. That's a pretty exciting future short term long term coming up for. Iran right now let's let head downstairs and listening to John Farrell's comments after this one a three got to win for the Red Sox at Fenway Park Ferrell met the press just a bit ago. We'll do that moment I think get. Mr. Ayers has got some of the phone call duty lineups with the fair ordered just a bit. I he would. Master Jeff back at get back at the controls will be doing a Ferrell quiet won't go to Ferrell island Jeff could screen. Screen some more of these babies your own suction feels let's go to John Ferrell. No strong outing on his part in particular what he was able to do against the middle of the order to keep them in check you know and crews in particular. But he's in a good place it was powerful in my but he got a couple of key strikeouts. In opportune times particularly the last that are faced. Look like his night was coming to a close. But to me that the key in this game was second and you know and that leads off with a double wheat we manufactured run with. Get over by a Mitchell rumble right side and on the ground ball by reluctant to drive in the run. In the two plays defensively in the outfield Jackie with a big cut down those extra base in the second. And he makes strong throw to prevent. Potential tying run to score. So the defense very good pitching and then a little opportunistic. With. Based auto with a wild pitch in the past also. Were able to put together enough from here tonight. Our readers will. It's just a matter of his abilities coming together and this has always been an extremely talented young guy and we talked about a maturity we've talked about his progression. It's been on display here for you know a good number of starts consecutively. He's in burger place so bottom. Could see him put the other. You know with the exception of about a four game stretch where Barnes was a little out of sync from delivery standpoint. He's he's he's got a packed together he's executing his curveball good power to his fastball. He's you know we hit a one inning against Tampa on on Mother's Day that was kind of outlook puts. Both those guys have been outstanding in the work that those tune in addition to Joseph Kelly. Robert Scott that that it's been a really good combination and and when one pitcher hasn't been available on a given day without a mix and match so. You know a lot was mentioned about guys being missed because of injuries they've certainly stepped up some models. It can. While it continues Johnny you know I think early in April it was a game over in Detroit where maybe that was a little bit of a lengthy outing form but since then. He's been automatic. Just just outstanding. Yeah I mean you know. The impact of the ground on the slide is where he feels a little bit of a zinger but it was able to it and you know whatever discomfort he was feeling goes away quickly. Had no hesitation if it was a base that he felt his mind yet score he gets a great Rihanna on a passed ball that ball's not too far bottle plate so. There was no affect him what you play. Serve rather. No not concerned because we did that we did as it. A lineup up and down you know we we were relentless in our approaches you know you look at what might basking in an even governor doing the bottom of the order. Even though there might not be a base that are on base there's deep counts is a lot of pitches seen. But we once again create tremendous amount of opportunities but you know maybe tonight the two up he said it wasn't theirs it's been over the last reporters. There are obviously. Huge wood street apartment. It. There. More than anything in there there's been different ways we've done that it hasn't been just out scoring by big margins it it's been called pitching it's been consistent pitching it's been timely hitting it as well. So you know you put a string together there's going to be different ways that we do so you'll win. But it's been really it is it is not a with the art but it's. There like one. Of the to start. I don't think there's any one thing you can point to you know he he's generate a lot of talk because of the run that he's gone and doing very good job that's that's clear. But it's been a combination of a lot of things it's culminated in increased confidence. Pitching very relaxed. It was very very good stuff. The move for tomorrow we've optioned Ben Taylor backed its market Ben jealous woman to start. Tomorrow. John Farrell left the game tonight the Red Sox three looking Winslet Taylor this is Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI with until midnight taking your calls 61777. Night 793 said a couple notes different. Caroline agreed about the bullpen one of those questions about the middle guys Kimbrel has been unbelievable. Jeff Anderson put this note out right handers now all for 39 this year. Against Kimbrel all for 42 going back to last year thirteen saves now. 27 pins based T it's at Fenway he's gonna close in on the Tom Gordon record their shortly. These two shy edit. Second longest consecutive save streak. Everett then went 55 of the last 59 retired 35 to 37 he's just. Sick he struck out four last night with that weird night dating. With the incorrectly ruled wild pitch swinging strikeout and he comes back tonight gets the job done. And it's been no drama with him Florence Ferro try to get that bad stretch. First half and made three. Eight ERA over a four stretch. You know set up roller for bar it's over his last couple outings nothing has given up. Barely hits ten strikeouts no walks as Euro ERA from may sixteenth through the 26 so Barnes has been good. Every you don't really. Count on to be a lock down guy every to state great seventh tonight and without Tyler Thornburg without Karstens that the bullpen has been. 35 esteem. Coming in where there were sixteen and one leading after sixty now seventeen and one syllable has not been an issue that all that doesn't seem like. Something you'll need to it to make him before the deadline the starting pitching. We'll see about price Monday. I've got no problem with giving price the ball Monday I'd rather see him and Brian Johnson a second time war. God forbid Hector Velasquez who had the spot start it. Yet a perfect world would you wanna see price it is our build up a little bit more. Yes but I I'm gonna trust price obviously he had a little roll down shirt squawk ended when it pitching AAA anymore. He has to figure out over a start or two in the big league level little bit. What are your other options the not real good Woolsey Brian Johnson tomorrow you can make it stick a second start of the year but. Price is obviously huge battle to terminal the need to trade for starting pitcher to go with this launch. But I think right now you feel pretty good about your pitching and it's just at third base spot it's a big collection market. Double and Mike the stock is that is the name to really look out for you to read so shouldn't be that. Typical the pride in in here. And Iraq Jimmer Errol done OK but you could use a little pot than. This team to screening for a mercenary bad at the corner here and a couple months and they're they're keeping themselves in it right now. And just two games back at EA diesels got Eric East Boston here on Red Sox review what's going on air. They can I do first of Wal-Mart or mark for the more so that muscle. Yeah. You can't hold it into your ultimate. Car worker so this whole PC game thing. Yup or at what point of Farrah I don't to the big deal I don't know why all the sudden death tutors this it's baseball why -- Leno pretending. Is that someone grew by identity and everyone wants to go. What what's the big deal its effect of these well there's no awkward when we tried to shake off talks at the and it's. I may have with you yeah I think the biggest thing is Erica court and it's. Yeah I think that's probably what it is all sold them that they hit eighteen is a little bit of the last couple years did last year they doubt it back. Like 510 minutes or something off the average gain time this year it's gotten it's regressed and gotten worse so I think that frustrates people. I mean there are some droop moderates games that are tough to get her writer the course there's some Chris Ellis so refreshingly bulletin type. Yes that's true but also a different point of the global political the greens quite well what is the course so long to go to. Can look at different aspect of outages you know you're right I your quick but not that convincing their own outcomes. To this being so. And I'll just I don't think. Saying it's deep deep down actually think that little. But anyway my political Jones for Ireland in again he got one tonight this guy. Constantly take this star Euro. Way too early and that's the mentality across based hated the pitch count mentality we treat every single digit as saying that I don't what the situation. If you got bailed out and I don't think. It free and Barnes did located at their job obviously. And then cable that goes about six but why are at risk why did you have. Have to take out a product or sixteen. Can bring in true additional guy people who are just had an off night. When he does this all the time during its short winning streak. He made so when the states he courting Jackie Bradley in the lineup cards and eat the low on the bench Chris Young. You know oil or Clinton taking some coast to a wanted to persons who honestly speaking. Who remembers life changed also the other world. And Ryan. Abstinence her own revenue applicable anymore there were loaded Oakland in the rhetoric. Right it was souls to that this wouldn't want someone ma. I had no idea what he's still an undetectable acted game. Chris several gonna start that game they had all day. Yeah it was always wonder that decent but it's who you can get edited into the the next batter out of this summer but. Wall the last this thing to thank the color key date proved that we look back on to be right there the last is that no business he's a cool you know quade pictured best. I can't complain about he rots in 9312 pitches it was a season high form I guess you could say. Managers get to lock in that and that do. Aware that pitch count but this guy had some injury problems grand lower body. Last year and he's a roll right now only this was not the easiest thing games with some with some rain conditions. He looked like he was fatiguing to be to just eyeball test you walk to Garrett before it is final strike out at Valencia there. In the sixth I think he was done after six I can't get on Ferrell for that and you know at Embry in Barnes and in debt and Kimble did get the job done so. We'll agree to disagree there have been tough unfairly I gotta say this year I I have a tough time coming up with examples like that to complain about. I thought Paul principled way too since Saturday out that that was my biggest complaint heroes to stretch. And I think you give him credit for the seven run inning Wednesday a book fair we'll keep you looking when he he pulls the right strange she got to give all the credit to. Let's go to enjoy what next are red century by Andrew. It's going again I techno magic question of the morning show Ford Explorer impartial or. Why do you get out of your hockey IQ. You know Kirk and Jerry they patronize you if you like locking. It's so we're going to need that they are people who wants they're shot a capitalist structure Russia shows garbage I love your show what. It just won't get so little patient as you feel like talking. Yet is their personal preference you know there obviously there. There's some people to station that big hockey guys dale is it is obviously. One of the faces of the Bruins so you're gonna get in the morning but that's. Let's just those guys personal preference. That's where this other social cook a substance tweeters that are connected to the White Sox in Scott and White Sox players and Caracas when Boston was saying he thinks it would be. Frazier more so than can. Cantata well you know lyrics such strength and significance for Frazier Adobe you stay. He's had a terrible year I don't know what's going on with him but he's decent ball 200 isn't. And he's a worse person about a block destruction went on you know obviously can't get he's you know garbage man and what do you think it was stuck us. Again I like the stock is little more than inflation publication your prediction on what treating any prospect about you. Are there for a third baseman I just don't think it's working at this point why. Think for him and thanks for the college level think forma stock he sees a free agent the end of the year maybe there would be a bidding war for one of the mets' pitchers did. But I can't imagine you'd have to give up devers groom. Any of your top prospects undersea San Travis has been called up now so east east or with UN. I wouldn't think that. Is a big blockbuster deal for rental Mike the stock it's and the royals are going to be willing to sell. Doesn't mean you know you can't give up future draft picks or some lower level prospects I'm sure Dombrowski will do that. As for Canton I he's had a bit of a tough year so he's not been as dominant. He his contract is unbelievable though you would have him for multiple years he's 28. He's under contracts this year scan 87 million next year eight and their team options for the next two years after that for ten and eleven so. Mean that's a high and pitcher. Great contracts. And it would take a boat load to get it you would have to give up. Probably devers grouting and all he had enough the Canton. To be honest so that's why prices shoot stated if David Price comes back on people. Rag on price but he was 230 inning guy last year which led the American League it was a least. Pretty good for while the big stretch ate a lot of innings hasn't won the post season yes but if you just get. But vintage David Price but somewhat vintage David Price. Then you don't need to go out Newton now you can just get some rental parts that are gonna cost them much and you've got every. Bit of a chance to get to the World Series any of these other teams in the American League in my opinion. Wallace in Fall River he's up next here on reds soccer Eli Wallach. Right what's up and I think the next two and a half weeks it is deemed to be very crucial tip where we get tough road trip coming up. I mean by price is definitely music keys. Yemen that problem let me get this series can get out of these guys yup he would Dave Dombrowski and bill. But I love to seamless doctors so here I just said these are rental they can cost as much as may get a judge Donald and elsewhere Asia. I'd love to see him in this lineup. Yeah I agree you Wally and appreciate the folk called it this is a big. Trip coming up for the two they will play at Baltimore for four games they get. Three more Yankee state and don't put the Yankees twice at this point. So on its interest from that standpoint com. I don't know what they're gonna do in terms of and those sorts and while the other. I don't know what they're gonna do in terms of the price. Pitch count on Monday how long they're gonna let him go. It's you watch these two rehab starts in the tuck it in. When does the pitch count got up he just didn't go very deep. In two two games innings wise he's gone it five and two thirds of for two starts. And he had six runs on twelve hits so. That's your first game of the road trip that to tax you a little bit I guess that this scenario where I could see a lot of people. Getting back to pitching it's fair OK you let the the inmates run the asylum priced at one pitch against Soviet squad this way back into the lineup before he was he should have been there will be a disaster would be. Disaster scenario to a pay that the pessimistic Brian Johnson gets hit around tomorrow you lose that game. We're Seles if he proposition this year seem normal to get Sunday that price. Eagle on the road and get shelled and not get all these road games coming up. They have. Eighteen of the of 23 on the road after the six evil stance about Chrysler will be the first done it in he's probably not build up to go very deep. So your your search is certainly not out of the woods yet in terms of feeling great about your rotation going forward but they knew gets silly rod back next week in you would think they'd be in in decent shape there. But yes seven games in the division with the teams that are right ranch coming up slow will be a fun little stretch. Let's try steal for one more time to get before the wreckage was ordered a pizza even and what the drive through line till first NATO's stated. Our question. Or what's up. Well a couple long outlook people still score well so I did last year and I can't argue about the issue because your lady. I think he's doing what he can hopefully guys are at third base. And emotionally injured they have and I Ali and Frazier. Soccer anybody doing anything special situation. What can happen in this. Get radiation and chemical. Do you all done and I'm late. Well not like she is staying in an area. I've been terrible entirely at work. And the law and he gave an osu. Plays at their pace or I'm not really too keen on giving them in I don't know how. Going out there. Eli Sunday afternoon turning out that sweetie with well more. And look great and great questions. They go to Kabul. Let me question patent child. Maybe you're coming home and I'll let you are well known that challengers. It really. It's even hard. And didn't rebel. Arctic Egyptian Greek ship in shock. All right thanks Steve he had to work for four for so much in the playoffs for the Celtics I guess but. Yeah I get you know. Is he matured a little bit that could be part of the case for you run stole young guy so I mean he's still growing as a pitcher that's what you get excited about somebody. Like California got sale and a price potentially for a long time you could have if if David priced its back to a three. Crazy lefties in your rotation and that would be the dream scenario at least that 270 million on pricey hasn't delivered. To that yet annals say it's a disaster rural a blast yet he can obviously opt out of the deal that weird. Part of the clause the sale any rod maybe these are the two guys that are beat the count on more it's more so than David Price right now and you know. I would say threats such sitting at 26 and 21 the Ferrell stuff. We get on with the last caller it's. Yet get a better option to if you gonna make a change in manager right now there their role not to make any any changes Carroll's kind of got to the worst of it here that was the last Sunday here. Monday anyway when you were starting to hear some of the calls for his job began. But peace or CNET to see the answer you let Lavelle will go I really like the bell and not just because he's done a good job so far over the Arizona but. That is the team responded in two years ago when Ferrell while you don't enforce chief for him at that the cancer treatments. And it looked like they had a nice fit their nice coach waiting in the wings nice manager in the wings this year I don't know about these are seen at. And Kevin bulls AAA doesn't seem to be like somebody they have long term hopes for so we get up got hired Jim Lee wants. Ferrell should guy right now as much as I've been critical in the past and what the last caller I haven't seen that many things to bitch about it and it's been a good week for John Ferrell so far. Tell us what you think those 6177797937. Red Sox. Do you believe they're off this you believing they're pitching and this week it enough to convince you that yes Farrell's the guy. Support what you do with price on Monday still some things to talk about the squad into whether airs tomorrow at 4 o'clock we'll keep talking about the socks up until midnight here read such review. I can't let Fenway Park hero Sports Radio W yak. I think just overall consistency. On this special. When I'm impressed that he can do it because we know we can do it. You know he's gone very talented. And it's very fun playing behind. Jackie Bradley junior talking about even ride the player of the game tonight Red Sox review here on ten Laird. At Fenway Park mostly at the at this point this is my first time doing Eric Sykes studio hosting. All location. Doug lane that they're talented those slippers are struggling babysit me till midnight he's got to get Becker early warning the seat he goes the extra mile. I was up early with Turkey Callahan took a little naps on not quite sure what time it is. This is one of the past my bedtime when normal wake up it's 230 but what complainant a fun night 311 time the game with some complaints about the like the baseball times but there. Wasn't the worst one tonight and operates the one that's tough to get through somebody's starts you broadest. He can be a little deliberate really the beginning though was the six re it was a win. Weird dating her for walks a wild pitch a passed ball Red Sox added two runs and editing. And that got a little bit of a comfortable cushion there to make it three to nothing at that point but. Rodriguez the the major story Red Sox offense it was one of those nights they really. Actually they were lost this game you wouldn't complaining about oh for nine with runners in scoring position eleven left on base. Eight hits the six who were singles a lot of the infield variety sedate. Got it done the offense had been though on a real terror. You had winds of twelve to 311 to 69 to four and 62 this week. Ravaging six point six runs a game over that stretch most in baseball small sample. But even you're really going back yet to the early part of the month. The offense has been. Pretty prolific the AM. The Red Sox stats guys. Spotted from net gain in net against Minnesota. Going back to the sixth of may where they lead the AL OPS over that stretch at 829. And nosair. Under had been one of the guys that it really come along 347 average commend this Alexander tonight was. We reached base twice once for three couple strikeouts but he walked and singled. So Bogart's has been hot that's been one of the guys that I have always. We always the last year or so wondered what the future's going to be. Sydor Bogart's right now is. A guy you don't consider trading these. Really been loyal hard sole place this month for you in the in the heart of the order there. But if you examine Bogart's from a long term standpoint if you're considering going after a blockbuster deal like Canton. Who's got four years of great control left and I don't think Red Sox have a lot of lefties already so. You've got sale he got he rut you get price and you never know if he's gonna stick to the end of his contract he could opt out. But would you wanna add a fourth. I guess young yet for great pitchers who cares they're all pitching from the same side of it but then again it would be a law to give up the farm again. After getting sailed to get everything else you've got the system for cute products I don't really see that. Is that likely. But let's say there was another blockbuster. Offer that came up nearing the trade it for some peace. That was a long term fit again like the stock is is my guy I think that's a perfect fit for the Red Sox in a need at third base. Okay we'll see about published in the ball he's trying to come back you go for five tonight the couple strikeouts for the socket. I've just lost faith in public sample I. I can't count. Her Dave O'Brien and seeing on the telecast unless the couple nights ago but she can't hold accountable for what. He had done an April I'm thinking how can you not hold him accountable for his numbers in April. What are you pulled a player accountable for its got to go on what he's done on the field. So. It all out OK it's only one looks at global we see enough public suitable to know. This is a terrible contract one of the force one of the worst in baseball and they're saddled that for a couple more years out of argue it will move that. You Waltz is the answer you won't move that contract but it doesn't mean you can't go out and get a better option. And just have saleable be a bench player for you the last guy in the benched committed pink sheet here or there that's. What you're stuck with soma stock this is my god and get be getting back to the possible blockbuster. Would you consider down the road. What's a what's Bogart's future with the team I guess to the bigger thing. If we had for the last year sold this Betsy Bogart's who's the long term option. Debate. Bogart says two years of control left and then he's a free agent Betts has more. Look he seems to just the a long time life for Red Sox player both subtle knowledge 24. He's defensive range is. Average to below average of -- look at some of the metrics. Is not a home run hitter which you don't expect shortstop necessarily DC he's a really good player obviously not try to. Take away from Bogart's what he's done. And even this year now. It would be hard to see the Red Sox with without at least a given you much power but. He is somebody fear in the heart of the lineup would you consider moving him. You have a replacement in the wings not really admiral I guess could play short for yet and you would not lose defensively. Effective light up very little defensively offensively though right now what admirals committing 178 tonight he did have a hit and a walk. I just I find myself wondering what the future is for Bogart's that's probably down the road. Are they sure fire gonna sign a note to a mega contracts. And if so awareness Ari Ari and you seen enough from him that he's somebody you're gonna. Commit millions and millions of dollars to a site just watching blow horse this is this week especially he's been great. And he's been part of their five game winning streak they're on right now in a lot of these games. As you watch him is he one of the cornerstones that you can't deal without 617779793. Separate. Now meantime you still have other young players around have been attendees had a bit of setback. Here this month which she knew as a rookie he would but I would not treated your benefit I am sold on. On manager now if he was O for five tonight but his numbers dropped to. Then attendee down at 280. But he still among the the rookie leaders Kennedy he and are judged taking a lot of headlines in the American League east as far as rookies go. Those two I think we're gonna be big story lines for the next couple months. But. You know Bogart's c.s can also be in the mix in a big part of it. Wool but takes more your phone calls before the top of the hour all the ESPN radio at that point. And then you she set for your Saturday actually set the rest of the series you're too Brian Johnson has some thoughts on him. Watched him in the miners used to do the former port for our website and our podcast talked to him before he's an interesting guy. He's. Not like he's making his big league debut tomorrow black. Would quit would here could he be in the mix as a surprise. Starter for you if price falters or even if David Price is good. Maybe Brian Johnson a bigger story than what they did though talk about him a little bit coming up this is Red Sox view it can lead at Fenway sucks when it's like three to nothing at 150. Idol stretch a Red Sox reviews Sox three mariners nothing tonight to win streak at 54. Boston. Looking around the Yale least yankees lose. Orioles lose they've lost eleven of fourteen analysts that are blaring eleven of fourteen. Jason the rays win that the rays game with final Chris archer had a little strikeouts. As a hit this point six point five assists at the ministry division. Toronto got back. Donaldson. Off the DL it Tulowitzki a little market play tomorrow so there can easing them back into things that brought it to eleven start there. All of a sudden the next in the mix to get five teams that. Are not eliminated anyway it is smothered like you look at the National League east insists. Am CEO of terrible behind the national mood she's chasing and that's. So Memorial Day and much to be decided tomorrow's did you see one you got a couple of call ups really the Mariners are going with the a right hander I don't know much about rob wavelengths he's making his first start of the season he a couple of his Atlanta last year. And though the Red Sox you know Brian Johnson left the who's had some headlines you get carjacked. He said. Basically stage fright were some issues that he would he would. Worked out with I guess sports psychiatrist I remember talking to Brian he was a one of the top prospects a couple of years ago when I was on the form report. Whit for that EI dot com and really. Pretty fun pleasant guy to talk to I was surprised he had the issues that he did last year he had once start Ed Rogers Centre did okay. Last month they want to gain weight the seven he had a bad first inning. But of late but the pos like she's been pretty good four straight quality starts to those 279 ERA. And last outing in buffalo we went 72 thirds struck out five give up seven hits he's not a dominant gather he's got a good curve ball. After the lefty and he's been up been down enough now that he Scots and experience and you would think he's got some confidence and building it's the mayor's team. That's not. The greatest and had had a tough time hitting lefties actually did their lineup has been held in check especially the the long bulletin at a home runs off lefty so. You feel okay about tomorrow certainly the Mariners don't have nasal mound. And that we're solo goes. On enough Friday are on Sunday rather it's a Christian Bergman who's got any array of six and perhaps over a real chance for a sweep here. And the possibilities you start the spit it for the day wins seven in a row headed to Chicago for the David Price game. And that's Memorial Day and who knows which could get from price I would say. You kind of can guess you're gonna get five innings David Price and probably 45 or Russell out east. Just not had enough work that he's gonna come up and be sharp but that's fine Ben and Hector Velasquez and your calendar office which has been pretty good over the last week not great tonight but good enough. To that each got a little bit of lead. Here for these last couple games gets embarrassed pitchers step pitching staff write for the taking in enough obviously for the white such against better competition. Beyond that with Baltimore in the Yankees as well but all things considered excellent week. Not a great week for the Celtics of course they get out of it but think. The folks are still pretty good about the season and they got the draft next month but it's not Red Sox done. And another second places they're gonna get more the spotlight and more people paying attention to them with the only show in town until patriots. Kick up for training camp and a Petri settled CA's. But these are gone for a while the Celtics now out of it and it's gonna be a Red Sox now here for the summer if we ever did good weather. Nobody will complain like one or previous college about kind of gain as much when it's. A misty rain and in the fifties gets tougher sit in the stands for three hours and whatever was eleven minutes tonight. But it'll get better it's common 68 suddenly seems nice debate. And that should be a terrific crowd your Memorial Day weekend it's been fought from hate sitting in here at Fenway. That's an idea with the Cilic Tim and the crew Dudley is always taking care of slowed business up here in the Booth. And knowing that belied the local programming tomorrow morning must in Johnson on the air at 9 AM training at the mossy after that. And a leading into Red Sox baseball the 405 start tomorrow afternoon. I'll be back there with the guys on Monday. With Red Sox hosting duty so some good times come and have a great Memorial Day weekend Brendan ESPN radio coming up next here on Sports Radio W yak. Not then they scare me on this precise it exhibits how much. I do dead I don't know it is the brace during daylight. Some days are better than. Others.