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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Freestyle Friday Hour 3 - David Price's return and other Red Sox items, NBA Super Teams

May 26, 2017|

Hour 3 starts with lots of Sox talk, plus we continue some NBA discussion.

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He's in jail and Holley show forgiveness through two burglars and it's very clear and into the through their complaints. Or through my releases altered material Arnold Michael Holley and rich keep it it'll be fun those arms now I big. A as its muscle. On the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. Number three dale and Holley with team Sports Radio WEEI this hour of the program rush to buy motorcycles. A Manchester. That are the breakdown took a little wonder buildings and the budget or tail it out of it it is empty. So it's on no days off doesn't apply here apparently just outside of this half of the building are we always get screwed up. Your offices closing at 2 PM you can extend your long weekend there generally can we do not have that letter. No well here's my. Here's the good news whatever you are considered. Was the trees essential to send out personnel that's true. So developer academic progress of great somebody thinks you're sent somebody loves you. Among an audit that was to protect ourselves part of any future I don't know what the second and a solar and you're on a Friday get ready for the the Memorial Day weekend. I hope everybody has a safe and happy when out there we will Martino to heats up will take Monday. After yeah ourself they led Friday partly. Yeah. Let me just point this out to you blow. Not necessarily I've got doesn't mean you should take money out because Monday. They have afternoon baseball. Would it is looking a little Red Sox White Sox and then it. David. Wright's. God leave it will be getting his first start of the 2017 season. Over under five innings threw it over over five hits over five innings tunic over under five runs. Lou it's okay. Our. Went under. On your feel good I tried not not that would get him there must be over five innings on the cover. Look at the stats here and right appear on our message board White Sox have a 248 team batting average rate they're great. On base capability maybe they just see a lot of pitches but. Well we don't have a AAA lineup because he will kick fraud unless I was not facing mobile base and Lou loyalty and out of look like you know ride you wanna point out that David Price gave up six earned run six runs and I certainly three or more are good bad on defense that look at I'm down triple ADP still demo that's it come on now. What is it should be five look they do a little roll going here. Yeah born last night offensively the bats and kind of come alive a little bit we talked to John Ferrell about this on Wednesday about the cliche in baseball is. So what team looks like when you get to in it yeah you get to Memorial Day and then we'll have an idea what we're talking about here. Well they had a little meanie surged they're now a lot and one half a game behind Baltimore for second place in the American League east three games behind the Yankees. For first place. And and they are half the game behind Baltimore in the wild card standings so four game winning streak the Pedroia tonight after Italy last night's game but. Maybe but Seattle stinks that we keep the way Easter roll in there. Should be able to do it I would I would look at and say I get a little happy you got David Price. Returning. To the rotation. And so. Despite what he had despite what he has said and how you feel about him and how he's fit he's thin skinned and knowledge of the matter. You got. You were either your number two or number three starter returning to the rotation. As you're starting to win some games. Why is he starting on Monday and in center Chris sales on Monday and go to Chris sells turn. It is crystal and today maybe Chris he's striking as the guy wanted that don't tell what Chris Sale might prefer and heightens that a day game. Think that I don't know I just doesn't care at all I don't know physical back into Chicago he's gonna go in there is good for. Am for print outs when he I think he's done a good job so far of of getting that image across. Of hey I'm I'm I'm good with any thing and but you're saying I sneaky isn't what I think he's sneaky insane or that case that he isn't. The thing is. He's pitching so well. That you'll give them the benefit that we all will give the benefit of the doubt on anything. Yes and so he's actually complain about anything he's on he's good with and pillar Fenway Park it with the clubhouse is good with his teammates a little arms. But it's only 18 now they were pumping him up he's not even getting the start of this skipping him or somebody's. Find it odd that they both its on the same night and the god they keep on the same schedule is pricing not stale edit the right one game here alternately will it mean to speculate. That the more starts he gave Chris an illness and the quicker the turn around the better for me I have a feeling that that when we get the explanation of all okay. Are right now I get it. And and maybe it's as simple as you know. Would rather crisp pitching at night and then during the day and you know the the travel and all your playing here on Sunday then your plan. Monday afternoon in Chicago so. You know we'd rather have Chris you know go ahead today or I and I don't know threes merit or I'm guessing it's it's not well let's just bump Chris sales from the rotation for a day. On the Q bumping him from anything right now by the with a Red Sox pitchers did strike out twenty last night. Your tolerance he can't get the guy out you can't figure him out. No first you think you nice are going to be able to go beyond five innings as he left I Buchholz yet he's complaining has gone out of a John Ferrell and what's this guy is not that good then he goes out and that's pretty good. Look for at that last. Strikes out of town and we did mention Laura and everybody else we did mention earlier Craig Kimbrel who earlier this year this season. Had an immaculate ending nine pitches for three strikeouts to get to say. Last night tied the Major League record with a four strikeout inning. He he he he is striking out now 70%. Of the hitters he faces. Yeah that's insane and it's just goofy it's like Bob Gibson like numbers yeah he's going to he's interpret. Back to the call that you guys 6177797937. Scots on the cellphone case Qaeda. Good afternoon gentlemen you know certain that they use of Larry Bird Bill Walton. Who was when the Celtics were mostly white team. And they like playing as well superstars. LeBron James definitely proves that a black man can run faster jump higher than the white man. Is this. If are you happy it's this shtick was that was sarcasm. Doing well recovering from there out now you know what I do need more and give you Oilers out now he had already gone way past my tilt point. Wasn't joking what was that. That are racist well look at that it is KJ what we need a bigger toleration in your mind or anything. Is very well maybe was that. Maybe was trying to you know you guys and wait for return a quarter of gonna turn a corner this was my second I thought this is some kind of commentaries I think he had set us up already now. He's as she faces incessant circle commentary. Our legs Bob Cousy Bill Walton Larry Bird. Pollutants. Great sell their food in all those people who say that you know Boston can be a racist city we have them from time to time have callers who. Make an attempt to prove that topic we cover it says the Jae Crowder Gordon Hayward debate. Yeah ever been balanced our 2000 pretty deflating day yeah it was cute because if there's a start up would be getting the dates a. Don't know about people don't. Then I caught because K I like to defend that last guy and I I would rather avenue. I say we usually. I'd say in in 2017. We usually have it I'm sick this year is that it is way too many hiccups but we haven't had to me. Like Walt but we've we've had some term positive one and on and you are. From the authority turned positive it is the freestyle Friday our whole all the precise out yet you I don't know if I look at that. Well it's not there like on its on the cell phone irritated on. Yeah you don't today guys that aren't good look at them so call. Well I'll. All of so you guys imagine Yale brown earlier and some of the players. We're complementing his game. All that's why I certainly believe it yet how the really consider trade that's number one I don't think they need to jump. Our young teens don't don't win. The NBA finals and I know people talk about this you know the rebuilding happened really fast okay so we're here we've rebuilt. So ORY. No a lot. Look at a guy like old you'll and I know that the pocket that you want to go to the lakers of this global mistake if Eagles. Like its magic want that door to apply. You're gonna have to jump over. On Golden State and stay at our Oklahoma City and probably another gene is well lakers. Wanna get to the final vote the Celtics. Will not too far away. Dale I have a question for you how you called citadel real secret. I think indicted since super team I said there are they are powerhouse team. Echo Y Leonard doesn't get hurt they are they have a legitimate chance to win a champion. Short. And it should Seubert now I don't know I said hey Ed they are three superior teams in the NBA idea. Yes OK because clearly they have the best two way player and I guess the best coach and GM will have to be the same guy. And pretty much a bunch of people from your bad and what's his name alternate. Our resolve her. Who's got worse actually and I yeah he was really go I I I love. What they've done I love how they built their team I think in Hawaii Leonard doesn't get hurt. They probably don't beat San Antonio right at least they have a chance there aren't there than negative they are really in our series that you have to say they let me users who redeem one. Words I have made it gives them two games zero that they are even if even if it's a five game series as the games are closer in their winning on an average of twenty points or whoever does register it to the to counter what Richard saying about how your your contender right now he's at or your party rebuilt is what he said. Yeah you you already largely due yours your better than everybody else. In the Eastern Conference but the series proved just how far away you are from them so the reason why he would draft younger guys. Is maybe you're looking at and I don't people don't wanna you know. Finally rebuild because again you are somewhat built spot B 20/20 Celtics. Probably project to be better than point 722018. Celtics. All right dad I can get the number one pick this year you had a top let's just say five pick next year you have Jalen brown and whatever else you could add to the team. Is nice is this team was a nice little tie is working on. They could be even better than end. Now the bronze gonna be. 3536. You know Kevin Love and Carol CO durable those guys remain over the next four years a bet unfortunately that's probably your best chance to really strike. I Johnson milk hey John I don't. Good. A couple of sitting. Well you know like every sport has disappeared. You know. I mean any Cho right almost too into us here. No they're not they're predators with a little red planet predators were the sixteenth seeded team going into the playoffs this year. Okay John at nearly every I think you're going on the right path let me let me let me throw one matches about the NFL how did you team right here. There you know I was getting rid addicted two yeah. All we call it security teams until they beat Obama. That's right no but I'll let John I agree with you but I also think that that if you ask people across the country the patriots are bad for the NFL not good for the NFL. Well that's what this airport yesterday he. And it. I think the pictures of Africa and if I really thought of our but some people all I absolutely do but ironically that's how it's the feeling is I'm happy to represent the entire race. Thinks they are but there's so many people who hate them. And tune in to watch them. Who watched them lose and watch them be humiliated or or maybe they're just watching them they hate on but they admire them. Because it the year the year at all started all they that the first of the gates gate park ones fighting the so 2007. But at their ratings were 2000 they were capable team and absolutely despised team yet but every time they were on. People tuned in to watch them. And they'll tune into watch them this year to. But if they go out golden nineteen in all which is a legitimate possibility by the way turns and and win their third Super Bowl championship in the last four years. The rest of the NFL's male cock c'mon again. The NFL but I understand what you say bad for the leader you're talking about from ends internally or the way the fans that got to because all the NFL cares about his. Are we making money are people watching. They community care about the league weigh in on what buffalo thinks of the patriot for the jets or Miami is immaterial I don't care what you think. But there are also there there are a lot differently I can understand why the patriots look like this juggernaut team that he can always pencil into at the very least the AFC championship game but LeBron is now going to seven straight finals. His greatest Tom Brady as he has been seven straight Super Bowls ever. And at the beginning of the year in the NBA if I ask you who's gonna be in the NBA finals I know we don't know about us and we all come up with cows warriors. NFL. A lot of us put that patriots beat a lot of guesses the company falcons yeah right on the other side or what kind of come out I would not have been wanted to pick so. It seems like it's more likely fourteen even though again. The playoff teams you can pick probably. Half of whom the deal to more than half loom every single year but as far as what the Super Bowl matchup it's going to be that that's certainly changes. Community here but I do think that let and the caller is right it's great for us you know where we live in New England area we love that the patriots are this powerhouse. If we were outside the five and a half states we would hate. That the patriots are like this because they're the patriots will because because there's no competition. Well but I'm just thinking of the previous. You know great teams and a poet and and it didn't bother me the Dallas won three out of four at the 49ers never bothered me. What would Joseph Montana. If I run a lot of answers some sort of obstacle along the way yeah I think even the pictures there has and the Broncos are the colts are rather than a loss since April yeah. So as long losers that that's flag and the NBA really sticks out this year that. The two teams meeting in the finals have won combined playoff loss. And you know it the problem for the in this I'm in the super teams that are problem for the NBA the problem this year is you don't have that nice. Disney story. All the overcame so much to get here. They almost lost in game six of this series or there was no Ray Allen moment of they get those. I get those get those chairs off the floor hit that three point are against San Antonio it looks like they're gonna lose and they come back when. It was eight. Cakewalk. For both of them another league is there's just no words to it was not. I think it would if finally if they might of tens in four it is awful for the end Diana dated in even for the final until seven it doesn't it's not enough to save the playoffs a seven game series will not say I'm against a thorough clothing not in law Putin sit up short memories I don't let the playoffs are so. If you know what's gonna happen anyway. And then okay do you get to a seven game series. What what you look back on its why waste our time. One or worth my time in the playoffs if I know it's gonna be the result in greatly entertained a little bit different something we now think. It was and I think as for whether a quick side note what Craig Kimbrel did last night he became the second member of the Red Sox to have before strikeout and only the second and in Red Sox history in a -- the first ones. I don't clip articles that he you know that would be almost as good as he let it get back at what I did I have yet. August 10 1999 Red Sox against the Kansas City Royals. Chad crooner Scott pose Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran were all struck out of one inning by. Tom Austin Tim Wakefield Wakefield have he's the only other member of the Red Sox you know I got it right that got the notable about it all around they saw as a catcher can't come up with written. I'm man he's on the cell phone came any NATO. They got thing as soon let me was. Hey I can hurt you guys talking earlier about why your regular move. Chris Sale from the it'll start date on Monday it is today if for David kite and the only logical. Actually I think while. Is apparel are seen as they crisis and shall there to eat a lot of football. And then so you won't fail the next day she generally goes long in the game you're not going to be. All and I don't give a chance to recover. It seems. They also. If Peyton. By the way that that makes a lot of sense because even he doesn't get shelled. I just Carroll said yesterday he's on a very restricted pitch count they're not to let him go deep. You know pitch wise and what you say makes a lot of sense at all the follow up with sale because chances ourselves like only need a whole lot of bullpen help anyway they're good thought I think you've hit the nail on the head man and a gut and makes a lot of sense I'll be fights sustaining game to. OP despite serve her there's a little calmer heads it's also sits on top of that its power and its is after. Sales associates which the 20 would have been head price leading into tolerance suckered into toughness comes up in Maine hey Tom I don't. I don't know how much out. And many stole my thunder but I screwed everyone it white but in my thinking it is Tuesday night a little bit more primetime game and the digging which they might get buried in I think they're trying to teach yourself. Against his old team on a primetime game and maybe there's even any at the end you know game that we are Tuesday night the optical. Yes it's possible possible rather right now it's not an ESPN and and they don't generally I think try to set a pitching matchup based on what's good for ESPN. I don't Manning's explanation makes a little more sense to me than. Hey let's make sure we got have a good pitcher Golan at ESPN picks up the game. Yeah I just think it Monday in the all the people who don't parades barbecues hopefully the state. But you know the Chris sells the Oregon back home Vista there's the uniform all they can make critical story for prime time. Yeah it like it's certainly possible. I know I know sale has been trying to downplay this whole thing is you would expect. You know pitched their long time and albino how to get to the ballpark you all those things that you'd say that. Just much phases him nothing and yet. It is still not yet you are right some rate or sometimes they're a part about it there aren't always perfect that's right it's gonna happen if I do it's the playoffs out of every time especially here yeah. You know that's all they welcomed or not it's not overrated is that overrated there's always. Something that happens. To a great athlete in Boston is not a single great athlete in the history of the Red Sox. Who is this who's played his entire career here without something jump and operate in the history including bay based. All of Illinois Germany Italy currently at seven you're like OK yeah he's in the back bay but he got a. I don't know got to up our government did did you happen to read doubt Brad vote today on WEEI dot com he's talking to sail. About the return of price. And and Chris Sale is an unabashed David Price and by the way and it's it's pretty clear when used all of his teammates are ya okay and he sets this guy's one of the best teammates ever says he's if he's not the first guy here every day he's one of the first guys here every day. But he was talking about you know the criticism of price and I love this Chris Sale quote odd and an assist from rob Bradford he says. He says it's 2007 man. We've got Twitter. Lot of people would voices that don't deserve it. I don't think anybody and here is gonna say anything bad about him I love that. A lot of people would voices that don't to circumvent. Let me just by the way through are sure every week to be included there and so what what he does though is. Doesn't read and have stuff words price is the exact opposite now Rosie greeted. He response solve that he plays into it and so he doesn't do himself any favors. It lets us. Are starting in the now but now he's in the he now he's in the John Lackey and I said the other day it was the Ferrell zone and the pharaoh zone as you can't win no matter what you do. But it is quite apparel Sony's in the Lackey zones that means there's a there's light at the end of that tunnel. When you're in a pitched well we Lackey and so Lackey in 2012 and one hated them here's our here's hurt me hated more. You know he's traveled to might actually. Had a yeah it's all these will ultimately black did is lagging that in the next year. Lackey wins. And John McKee. A bed net Heidi good he forget everything I can't believe they're only did I don't know I am glad I think that's where that's where David Price is right now. He talks people say talk like he sounds so why the other day and Pataki he doesn't talk all led the this guy doesn't talk it he is in that zone in all you can do to get out of it but that's what. And in the playoffs. That's not that crazy out there and then would have been crazy men have. 6177797937. Keeper madness coming up by the way up 545 or thereabouts Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Michael Howard rich keep fox sports break. 6177797937. This telephone numbers of freestyle Friday with. Primarily talked a lot basketball tonight as you'd expect. With the Celtics season coming to a close yesterday but we got at some baseball under the makes look whatever you want talk about the I saw where Bill Belichick that OTAs wrapped up yesterday. I'll Belichick spoke last night at the welcoming banquet for the lacrosse championships NCAA lacrosse championships that are at Gillette. And I saw a number of teams tweeting out pictures he apparently was visiting. All the different schools practices today Ohio State had some pictures of them in Maryland had some pictures he was at a lacrosse banquet. I'll last night yeah. You know it's so crazy at that across banquet they asked about Tom bridge and I got a profit media. Hard hitting the price they are endless and I'm a graduate and struck out here but. And very disturbing report about Tom Brady Gisele said that he's had several concussions. Can you confirm that report. The argument gonna answer to probably hit the cross designated for it and not restored implement its dirty secrets and it's a tough sport what do you think you've seen. Did you see that movie business and at Lincoln got Cigna Will Smith is great over all of us now if that's the fruits of that. The fact of the calls and 6177797937. Broxton middle borrow it Brockton area. As they go in the afternoon gets. In this spirit of resolve pride one new kind of piggyback on. In eight that's based on the patriot and I completely agree it it. Totally within a carpet they gonna go on ninety you know this year book I would order if he had any early predictions. Book as myself I think. Regular season they'll they'll fourteen YouTube because. It's I mean. The nature of the NFL that though it's great things that can happen I mean you have now. But anyway they got to get stopped and the AFC championship going to be Oakland 27 over New England 240. Are going to be helping the whole year. They gonna be detained at an outsider. Final score in the final score you got a team that we whereas the AFC championship game Oakland or are out Foxboro. On Foxboro there than the other ones who are fortunate to end legendary ones on what are you basing all this I just is he's got to feel Ford that's on. Well no bias have been vocal fan my whole life even tell the Airbus and I'm. Do they have been doing nothing adding more. You know they're adding or utility in law if I acted I think yeah. And now and I eat so that they're. Oakley live animal aren't. Big players. Got a handful of good and they're getting better every year I expect quick. Are there be healthy all year that. It was going to be that they know watch out. Good names to the patriots well I I think. I'm not gonna Brock I'm not gonna argue with you at all my my predictions have been is as slightly as she acts who. Last night so ball given AFC championship score on don't have a scorecard out no matter. I do know that. What Brock you know Oakland's very good especially in all the stuff. I could see Oakland being in an international limited its altitude and you always have to feared jacket over coached team as well c'mon. Well when I'm being nice to Brock can now actually taken a shot there remain Jack Del Rio you know execute with nick I. And if that's the nice things of that idea and Erica they're gonna on this issue I don't he's got coach these secret coach OK I don't you know. But all of that problem that we are art it was. Think about this now if you're a fan outside of the five and a half states. What you have is this brought to our Oakland fans. Other got a handful of of good players side at march on you know ability the utility. I mean that what you do and is basically say yeah well I think we got a chance. Cellini is a chance. As obnoxious as it is and ideas. Patriots fans and the season saying you know we kind of think we're going to be in Super Bowl yeah I haven't night you know. I don't see I don't see another loose. That's your prediction yet there's so Wagoner better than they were last year at the mid eighteen and one dollar and they know best tee shot in the league and they're the best Italy last year they're better. Are you had a Ramos and what isn't my problem with you right now rich keep you have the night you know yet you don't have any of championship games court. Yeah. That's enough rocket. Very athletic as great JP and poetic chase he's been taught me JP I don't. Yeah I think they can Michael. It's all portable we didn't talk early in the super team and all that yeah yeah yeah. And now I don't think it was because you mention the patriot but anyway it is stupid team that would that India built them. I think it's got this respect what call them stupid beltway targeted. Well super team B I don't know why that should be a negative just that this is how great your team is now you're great players and you can't do the same thing in the NFL because. Yeah yearning have they weren't happy or five guys also take. You know what let's go play with Tom this that it does feel that way this yeah you have about where one player could join the patriots have been the same impact as Kevin Durant join the warriors. Late besides our quarterbacks that what player has that kind of impact that. Yeah W Antonio Brown but like that. That's good that's a good that's pubs close you can get it would seem that value off that loss to omit any joins them but even that. I'm argued that oh that now all of a sudden their unfair I guess there was you know don't maybe Richard Herman may be Richard Sherman would. Yeah perhaps. Yeah I guess. But I mean it respect the PG AX they build a system where you know to me. There is only call on the team and hopefully we'll let it. Work he put it on the side. You don't like JB you know this is the problem the problem is in this will be talking about earlier there are many ways to get there. End of the modern way of looking at the super team is. And the players as it ran out and decided that this with all this is what the team was going to be the sometimes super teams are created by general manager. So yeah it's like the cowboys were a super team that's OK Anna it's okay to whether the patriots created it or not it was created for them. The Celtics UK was more of a Danny Ainge thing you know Danny Ainge convincing Kevin Garnett to come here and so. Can you sign this contract or you will make a trip for you. As of and there's a super team and you can draft some guys can be patient and the result is the same they're all. But it's different because we get the warriors they have four of let's say the top twenty players top point five to four problem in the league. The patriots and they're doing that top 100 thing on and phone network. How many of that but when you look at it. Like every they didn't even have the most pro bowler last year. It was good but they have Tom Brady. And I think a lot of very very good players there rock who obviously got hurt last year. But other than that you're looking through your pro bowlers of legitimate guys like I tower and according to but. There are probably individually. Five to ten wide receivers better than all the receivers they have they're 55 to ten running backs are more better than all the running backs they have. So as I guess I'm in the same as that that insane star power. Did you see the story about the way about how the patriots ended up with Rex Burkhead Andy Dalton is telling this story. So during the season last year you'll remember in and it would be okay he didn't remember that the patriots and mountain and added Matt lingle to the team. Tied in from the Cincinnati Bengals lingle and according to two. Andy Dalton pieces. He says I remember talking to somebody so we had a tight end who was with us Matt Langley ended up with a patriots this past year they picked him up ballpark practice squad. We're asking if he had a couple conversations he had with the Bill Belichick. He said one of the conversations was actually about Rex so I kinda felt like and this was in the middle of the year. What's he got free agency I think were I think Rex fits perfectly for what they do he thinks. Pallet Jack. Brought Langley and from their practice squad a photograph little about whether Rex Burkhead would be a fit here and so Rex Burkhead is really good next year we can thank Matt Lendl for. That would have to get another ring if they were to win one this council. Meal but that there that's how much Belichick is in the heads of everybody else you. They brought Matt lingle and from our practice squad because they were planning on stunned scouting Rex Burkhead for when he became a free agent the following. But I think by and actually you know you know Burke here's a free agent throw got to get a round what do you think but he figured. It gone like. I mention I mentioned that Richard Sherman of the few minutes ago. I know we talked about. Set the wicker Sam's story yesterday on Sherman in a lot of play two days it should always stand he intercepts Russell Wilson says. You look at themselves. A practice that affect your practice all right that that before often before Wilson threw the pass in the super balls that was imagine it yeah yeah exactly I feel now. One detour on the story is I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it. Before the night before. They play the Broncos in the Super Bowl in New York the wide receivers get into a fist fight. Right before disapproval of their stuff going on there well despite each other when they there's something going on and then they just go out in me they. You got the Broncos the next the best game so. I can understand how loud people criticize Pete though that style is not gonna work. I can understand why he. Thought it would work because it was working. We we're not really having this conversation if not for that one yard. If not for that one yard what they did at the one yard nine. May be Richard Sherman is not bitter maybe Pete Carroll continues to do that thing there's more than one way to get chaos yeah. But that chaotic stop oh worked for them and then it was they were one yard away from saying Alia we can be anything we wanna be and do it anyway we wanted to date the patriots have their buttoned up way but not us we're crazy and it works for us. A fight before the super ball but this played out nobody believed in the Escude I think I believe that's. A figure you're planning on each other vital for the game. Like the intensity though that there is nothing else that's a month just now a 6177797937. Is telephone number freestyle Friday. Just talking what do you want to hear until about an hour from now we gatekeeper reticent our final drive. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media drive home with dale holly and chief continues on Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Texas whatever you want a 37937. Some of you like to to do that I had a guy on Twitter earlier. Who gave me all the numbers gave me all the stats. Gave me LB Larry Bird Burris is LeBron james' numbers and I think that's what Mike at west Borough once talked about as well Mike. Hey what's going not only to. I'm gonna let them go what's gone on guys am I I just like I think you can't. We can't say that LeBron like about a basketball player and Larry Bird rights because like Egypt like not as competitive it's like. We base it. Even more dominant player in a different style league play like at Spartan basketball don't like he can't be able labored at on the court. And like I more recording what I didn't even get to watch the men play well you can do it you know on the court in the playoffs is something you don't keep. These players do nowadays it's very often if at all. The types of passes you do in the wake you re in the court the way you dive and on and on a twenty point game. In either don't get nowadays LeBron doesn't have a bit but Leahy commander that team having it not even the same sort of. Does. It go and it might not think I you have to watch it you know you watch the it's on what you want to highlight a highlight your right Larry we are look at the island of you like to highlight that so much. Island real feared possible. You want to highlight real of Larry Bird you want to highlight reel of LeBron James there. Magic Michael or anybody else is gonna look pretty good. Had the privilege of watching both guys. Mary Watson Larry watts and LeBron BM say LeBron is better better best actual back. Alcoholic yet they act they had any battles are and I said somebody on Twitter gave me a little statistical breakdown bird vs LeBron at age thirty. Oh. Or you have points per game rebounds per game assists per game field goal percentage. All of that got it it's got all Erica. As I pointed out to the to the Twitter follower. At the age of thirty Larry Bird had one more healthy season and him after that. 131. He was still helping instill Larry Bird after that the wheels fell off the lag. Now it's certainly possible that the wheels will fall off the wagon for LeBron James here in the next year. But it sure doesn't feel that way doesn't now. Are not based on what I've seen. And and the other callers point that that you know he's not as competitive. And I saw a guy in five games here while four games right there would be largely entry that in bid bid debilitating fever in that one but that's also something that got made such a big deal out of and that's fine Alec talent on LeBron to bought it's changed an early on in his career he's a little more passive there are times he didn't want take the big shot past that and people piled all over him for that and that's fine. When it's changed the guy's won three championships. He and MVP awards than the then Larry Bird did meadow civil soul Larry had to go up against better guys LeBron is going to forget some great guys to clusters voter fatigue with Andy probably could want it even more. But he hasn't. It's so that that killer instinct thing. Our rate so even if you wanna say Larry Bird is more competitive than LeBron I don't know exactly right quantify that but let's just say you believe that he is. That trumps everything else they so so well guys more competitive and you you can't give it basketball player than him. And I'll tell you one guy who who it really give you some insight on this and he would give it to you straight because that's just the way he is Larry Bird. We're trying to get them to try to get money obscure photograph argument here because he he said it before you've always been very upfront about. Talented players and all he does he's better than today when he's better than a one bit in the that this whole exchange. And Jackie captured captured beautifully and her book. On magic and bird. Where there at the Olympics in Barcelona and talk and Michael Jordan young Michael Jordan talking trash to the both of them. Bird and magic. You know you guys had it but it's my turn now and Larry was such as any magic he's right. And it yeah Freddie are a variety of yeah he's yeah this is his league and so. A bird has always been good at this that is talking about modern and he's great he's he'll talk about old school players that mom modern players. It's not like all like some of these better. Old play better players who believes that Arab world would never do that matter LeBron says. He's tough to beat and he could've played with us open house at one of the best players have seen big. I soared just analysts org guys that are retired had been randomly do an interview. They look at the league so much different than guys who remained in the league as a coach or as an executive who think broad glared birds out there he's a roster full of guys that are playing in the league now he's at NASA either coach. Or be the team president against guys only Sybase seem to have their finger way more on the pulse which makes cents. That some of these other guys when you Brigham and you know he'd talk to Karl Malone now. I meant what he says about the legality Carl you can watch. He was bitter when he was in the appointed I have to that's all. You did you bring any of about LeBron you guys angrier. And angrier now exactly how to have a guy will be good at this conversation began. Yes we need to have them on anyway playoffs are over and is there any game John. The book in the show now the that I got hurt and changed dvd burdening originally one of a little bit what's that book got published yield 300 dollars and certain ones. Same same day same time that's fun. You could do together probably nuts whose front part of it yeah I don't. Got I don't know but. Unfortunately some bad medical news for the Red Sox will give you that only come back to compliment dynasties. And diet. Now daughter larger and some bad news don't everywhere 6177797937. Sports Radio W media.