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Adam Schefter speaks again on Jimmy G and Brady's futures with the Patriots

May 25, 2017|

We discuss Adam Schefer's comments from a podcast about the future of Jimmy Garopolo and Tom Brady with the New England Patriots.

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Peace is that dale and Holley show I'm here yes. Yes there yourself there. Smart thing beyond this year. Can't predict the future. We'll would have had his head tail Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie on the shouldn't the public to pay attention Angeles in the bill on the WEEI Sports Radio network. A our number three dale and Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI. This hour the program brought you by AT&T. Oh by the way I don't pouring out there the Red Sox seem convinced that there's going to be some break in the rain action tonight. But it certainly doesn't appear that way out there right now they have not called the game tonight for those of you keep asking. Jen McCaffery tweeted from Fenway Joseph Kelly right now is throwing with Carl Willis in the Fenway concourse in front of the concessions tendons. Good spot they've added a place that was dry and you know had enough room so that's where he's throwing right now but more on that. As we go on we we're talking football little bit patriots completed OTA's today Bill Belichick spoke. Malcolm Butler spoke you heard him in the open today Julian Edelman spoken some others. There was a podcast today it's part of Bleacher Report it's a football podcast hosted by Matt Miller and Connor Rogers. And they had a good yet today they had Adam chapter on there ESPN NFL insider while I should it's an NBA insider. Adam chapter strike he is back to a duel inside and out among the topics that was discussed by Schechter. He'd be was talking about the patriots and specifically quarterback Jimmy rappel. Now Adam Schechter is the guy. Member he was he was as adamant as he could be back when nobody else was saying this. The patriots are not trading Jimmy drop below they could get offered for first round picks they are not trading Jimmy drop long we'll body is full of crap. Trent Dilfer suggest he might have been used at some point I mean things got a little ugly did but he said it and not trading him. So today she after goes on this podcast on on Bleacher Report and the subject of Jimmy Rob Lowe came back up. Is there any way Jimmy acre rock below enters free agency or. Is even on the market next year after some expected him to be this year and he wasn't. Noted in the incident on a lot of levels because they're so worked grapple conversation during off season. And I don't think to speak you ever consider. Trading him and I know that. You know when when the reports could not that they weren't dealing him. There are people who were instant skeptical. It's just kinda reach the price the patriot nobody offered what to note that they were never treating you grow up well Terry. At that that was the case in February. And mark and April. And tin cup teams from calling. To inquire. But it wouldn't seem out there who can go to put together an offer that would have changed the patriots drinking. In this trading you Koppel now. Again and going forward Howard secular operate out in Rourke and not the patriots. Who risk losing your outlook. My my own and you know it didn't figure weight one way or another to keep them there whether that means. Signs were staying here franchising him more. You know making it work well we'll see. And that played out but I don't he didn't allusion. They wanna loose and I can get recognize. How good they think he has many of us don't know that right now because. We haven't seen implant a consistent basis but they've had they've they've watched him crack station even practiced. They know what you do is incapable of and they're big believer in them. Again you I like I predict that. Tom Brady exit or create three at one point. In a decade may continue on that course. The off season would have been dedicated to people talk about it are replaced I'm pretty cute brought. So when Tom Brady turned that game around. Not only be when it's possible the patriots. What he stayed golf all the Britain that would have come I believe. If they had lost that game is decisively in his once I leave it was it won't. So. He he's forty years old this year you forty years old and he's the greatest quarterback of all time and remember and dispute. But and nick went for 56 more years he may do debt but but the chances are not going to beat him nobody's ever done that before. And again I'm not try to challenge the great Tom Brady anyway like I would never underestimate deck I ever put. Seem bothered I'm usually win that battle who. Now he could be part time and then. I'll be even more incredible demeanor to think he has. So will they but again I think the patriots record as a they have. What they believe that it commodity in a successor. In the wings and they've been dealt him they put a lot of time to him they don't want to lose him. And daughter how to work it up and somehow somebody told me they will figure out a way to get it done I don't know how that. And figure out a way to get it done to keep Jimmy drop below as a member of the patriots and the line there. They think he's the successor to Tom Brady. Simple Bill Polian it's I know they were down twenty at a rate of overall picture is worth it's embarrassing. I believe that the bears thanks topic. No nobody would have said that. There are doubts Arnold I I might agree with them that that there would have been callers to the station. A it and lost the Super Bowl 23 and I don't want to vent their people texting right now saying that. It though. We are about James should be the twelfth man on somebody's team. Would have colors and textures saying collars were on the scrub yet earlier. Are you serious. 28 at three. If that game to continue like that there are people saying is it time for Tom Brady's career to be over. In and Foxboro but I also want to now it's like those figured out to us one way that they're gonna figure out how Jimmy grappled Tom Brady or both threw me on the roster. Just look that he still triggered this question it was obvious tests in a number. There. Trading for. I've. Our car. It say it is is hot button is that he has really Natalie guys right evil people did question yeah is well they they questioned his honest one person. Question is what does this cold workers former auto worker all of a variety was going out earlier incidents but. I just don't understand how we say all is it they could keep a mile longer. And so basically he's saying Tom Brady has won your life that's right that's the only way they keep them into that that's the only that's the only way it happens one more your efforts armory accord that. After because if you don't happening if if you spend if you spend. Twenty plus million dollars to franchiser backup quarterback. You know not I mean that's that's just not even appear under the cap it's just not a good use of your your. Your funds. Not but there are so you can you can either spend 29 dollars 122. On a backup. Or you could go get three or four players. With that money. Who actually play. Yeah I would what leading the patriots who do and they go yeah right bigger debt. For more running racks two or receivers the defensive lineman yeah that's that's what they would do. But he just get a bit figured out the gathered just that seems like they're waiting around. For. It's what he and go with is spreading some people are are. They want more more people are are may be believing as the case is that this is such a wagon on the team. That what would be more valuable to this team would it be. Laid off first round pick whoever they happen to get or. One of the better backup quarterbacks in the league having depth of that position to give that sort of that's sort of that's come out I feel like since the realization that he's still on the team. Less people are saying he's Jimmy the starting quarterback in 2018. I don't think that's the cameras you know I do think that you you guys are underestimating. Remember after the loss to Kansas City a few years ago when. When people are asking Bill Belichick is it time to re sell the quarter. I have no way to members of the media ask don't always do that always happens so but that is not the social the fact that somebody's bringing it up. It does that mean it's the reality or does it mean the people overreact they have ones ESP with the over reaction Monday. Don't be an overreaction Monday in a Michael I'm not saying it was right but it would look at it they had lost 28 to three would've been brought it if it it would be brought up but it wouldn't be. Considered by the coaching staff is what I'm saying would it be time to move up from Tom Brady law's. 35 to three super well no Clinton. Furthermore. Bill Polian and Adams after hall of famers polian is there right now Schechter will be there he will be here for contributions to football to be that writers category of home but no question. I'm on a pair bots. How crazy is it. That sounds like. It's those opinions about 28 to three. You sound like the opinions of people never watch football game and their wives yeah really if it's outrageous. So he was down 28 at three. And if you stop the game at that point. But eluded their but it was in the third quarter and he brought his team back from may 25 point deficit. So despite the fact he was 39 years old time if you bring your team back from a 25 point deficit which has never happened before and Super Bowl history. And you win the first overtime game in the history of the Super Bowl it doesn't mean you're vulnerable in major agenda then. It doesn't go the other way when I say I he had he was responsible for the greatest comeback considerable history that's the most recent thing we've seen it from Tom Brady on the football field. So these guys W they they bring up twenty to three all the rest of what are the rest of the game what does that mean for him gone for. I think that teacher around against the don't understand that there's irony that featured a scene that's when he ate it for right tonight Britney with the timing of the other acts of terror but an asset backed. How did well. Yeah. Sure eight and three here's the part about chapters answered that to me was even more puzzling and troubling than that part that part didn't bother me as much it bothered you guys. He talked about the possibility of show after signing an extension here. The problem our problem she after talked about drop signing an extension the year beyond the whole idea of signing him. A you know a franchise in recent you know he might sign an extension. To. No idea why there was zero I would have Jimmy go drop below sign a contract extension with the patriots. Short of Tom Brady being hurt. An OK year you're the guy now Jimmie now why would he do that we took a lot of those calls dale where it would say well would you wanna stay on a winner and also subject. He always the plant the flag and by the way if he doesn't wanna play out I'd stick to paraphrase something you know John Farrell said it was yesterday I don't wanna hear anyway. Nobody should be an incentive total clipboard for his career why the hell I want mommy team. Insurance the only pop sorry man the only possible reason he would sign an extension would be if no other team offered a second ago a similar offer if you go away more money to be the backup at all in any event that. A rally that might take less money to play. That he went to back up that the only reason and that's not into the case is always going to be. A couple of teams desperate for quarterback in willing to overpay we see every single year of grapples on the open market I feel that somebody would offer more in the patriots. It makes no sense to me and am I'm assuming that the you can sue your agent for malfeasance. If Jimmy rappel as agents at two executions and extensions they would say yes but that's idiotic but certainly the trouble going on finding a place the wants you to start and stuff but it is funny how personally show after takes it but that he doesn't give you any good reasons for is that they were never. Got our freedom. Are why not right we'll talk birdies 48 he was trailing in the Super Bowl that's the best that the best or he had well he now Eaton and I'll give him credit in this regard he in in the answer and I read the transcript before right heard the the actual audio. He's right. Nobody's ever done what he's trying to deal. I mean he may be the first in chapter said I you know you'd be you'd you'd doubt this guy to apparel but. What he's trying to do BS go to quarterback is there is in the NFL at the age of forty. Doesn't happen about that's important he said he's forty but that's that's his best answer right and that argued that it maybe that is the answer I was expecting a little bit more than that nobody has done what he's trying to do it nobody's done what he's already done. But isn't outlandish to think that he has two great years left in an iffy and if he does. That you have a huge decision and if he plays like he did last year this upcoming season now brothels freeagent. That we have this conversation once every two weeks but county Cathy got the free agent and then what do you. What do you do you say well Tom thanks for that party and he gets in your career or and your career somewhere else. Rocket payload Brady after he has another really good year one wouldn't think so it and if you did the case of a scope but I will say. We were among the people doubting Adam show after when he said they would try to board tool first round exit of war it was an outright and argue that flew. That's right he probably and I'm sure they had an opportunity to trade him for a couple first trumpets. I would guess the Cleveland Cleveland probably was gonna do at least stay at more than a first round pick right yeah yeah. Bad and they were not entry at an opportunity to get multiple first round picks last year we're guessing for Jimmy drop low in the declined. The Dilfer who promised us that they wouldn't get a first for those it was. Shaft problem that I would say it but till for laughed at the first on a report he laughed at the first. Yeah I don't think there's chapters seem to think the starting point was a first or fourth and until from laughed at that. Back to the call 6177797937. Paulson New Hampshire hey Paul. Hey guys Michael I love you man but did you say. They know one quarter away and I get they came back and he conceded that he that you brought him back but if he had brought him back and I went away scholar or recorders you say we would never content are good quarterback controversy no record Russell played a game. After it was decency and Bill Belichick was being asked by the media book bought the quarterback decision yeah. Quarterback controversy from a perspective of their perspective we're patriots perspective that's really awesome really that's what matters right country thing. Media fans are armed. What you'll remember I'll go check into that he left you like that are. Like yeah yeah. I'd open up on sanity who is they're they're two different categories. What we think and what's actually happening so do you think if they lost the Super Bowl that the patriots would say hey it's time to move on from Tom Brady. Not a patriot I think that point was that we hear the media and the fans in general that this sports talk would be. What is Jimi. Yeah it's an idiot who cares what I think so I think. And I guess I like the I'm an idiot part I agree without an I guy averaged it would yet so there. Obviously there's only one guy whose opinion matters in this and we understand that. But the idea that it wouldn't. Held there were people last year talking about trading Brady after they suck problem play. He did look good first half against Miami and number of people I'm callers understand that I got Bill Belichick people to go. If you have a little lightly you haven't exactly thought were now I've agreement with stroke. Counts in Quincy take out item. Gentlemen let's now. Crap load going to be not talking about on freaky Greek. This guy and everybody better shape. Intake you'll probably never seen anyone. This grapple. And we need it. The that the that the from the colts until the blood boil. Everything down to a science you guys. Grapple. Oh yeah he's just. I would earn that it won't he will be treated. Already well originally 43 years old and it went Russian border story is a grapple. It and trap and it. They don't let this keep well. It will be good to get all the best possible deal. Now I I think I think it missed that chance to be honest with you and I think about a possible deal they were gonna get it was that was that why don't we don't. C branch out about we when he was he was worth more he was working. And keep. It out how I know about the weapons you're you're not you're misunderstanding my point. There was never going to be better trade market he was never going to be worth more that he was this offseason and they don't wanna trade him. Of logic ports in the coming. Up to your body. And it's not. It's not what's in the draft it's it and and will use Michaels example you know we think Cleveland was gonna offer up at least. A first round pick which would have been twelve overall we think maybe tool first round picks because he had a year and affordable Europe of Barack Palau. He had a franchise here before you really had to get serious about getting him signed a contract. So now you're gonna give up the same amount for a franchise Europe drop below you're not gonna give up the same amount. That's the point I'm making he was never going to be worth more. Than he was this offseason. I mean first mall you at about half of game take their right he looked dazzling and I'll. If if everything goes right united in the seem played this year you're gonna see him play against Jacksonville on August. I wanted to have a game and half arms and only game and a half as he got hurt so the the young guys get hurt and we're talking about Tom Brady being forty. Both both young quarterbacks yup. Are are out there and Kenny and I had to do was get through four games get two guys get you through four games. And it was a struggle. Because they got hurt the two young guys got hurt and debt and the old guy deal got any others the other twelve games are on the playoffs press had a concussion campground. Well these are diagnosed got diagnosed in time when I died no leads so good they can even diagnosing it better and I don't think that air I don't pay no. He's. Kristen stone hey Chris I don't. They got out on what's going on. With an unlocked Tom Brady might here or what but I live look at it as an outsider. Saw how many years you think yep well realistic. Three good years. Three. So we played this year you grow good in maybe next year in franchise drop it ought a lot of money. After that you like Ricoh is that a lot about and that we will look at the packers' Aaron Rodgers. Would you rather have Aaron Rodgers for two years. Really good or odd that you really believes in protect all you'd you'd think Bill Clinton not to pick the gossip and the or. Outlaws all. I don't I don't gonna become a magic break of does this week we disagree that's all of them I'd take the patriots aspect out of it go through example. I know I know what I have an Aaron Rodgers or Aaron Rodgers is has has been an MVP Aaron Rodgers is one me at least one Super Bowl. So I'll always take the great player until he can't do it anymore as opposed to go wrong with somebody who all the best it could say about him is that he's junger has I don't know what. I I typically would agree review our I would but I look at it like it they know more about crop organ. So they've only been out of chapter said the same thing today you're right they are not so pellets are believed them you still get. My dad yeah yeah. And yup so if you can get race this year and play well. Ransacked or. He'll play great. At 280. Caught on yet. You are you might would have Belichick really believes and on your gonna get ten to twelve. That's a big head and Chris I think that's a mistake they were making a lot of us are making. Belichick believes in him as what. Oh for for all we know Belichick believes in him as a good backup quarterback whose cheap. Look I party stated we don't know I Belichick likes percent more than happy he's on a runner and rosters so. We don't know if Belichick thinks he's an ex Tom Brady. Or it if he is just a really good backup quarterback. Who serves a purpose is right now because he's on his rookie contract and that hurt us to keep them on the rosters or give mom roster. To Al that this is that crazy of a statement might sound like one I think whatever Brady gives you the next three years we each of those three seasons will be better. Than the best grapple season. I know we haven't seen a lot of drop low but covers the best I still had they ever had affairs I think that's realistic to think. That 400 Brady while they better season than what ever peak crop lawless. At the meeting recommended it in a nice track. But that's how good are gonna be the best of all time probably not that that's pretty safe to say 6177797937. Our final drives coming up at about 545 and the it is free ticket Thursday so we got tickets to giveaway for the may 27 game at Fenway that's all coming a little bit as well Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Good drive home with dale how he and chief continues watch Sports Radio WEEI. Bob Brady was a quarter away from losing the Super Bowl last year pretty decisively. And then he showed some signs of being human last year. On a number of occasions including a super. Tom Brady. Or create three. Is that it may continue on that. Course. The offseason would have been dedicated to people talk about our replace Robert. So when Tom Brady hurt that game around if not already witnessed both the patriots. What you staved off all the would've come Bible. They've lost that game as to exactly in his one start leaders was formed. So. He's he's forty years old. Bill Polian Adam chapter. Let me give you one bit of baseball news is we get back to the call 6177797937. David Price will next start Monday. In Chicago against the White Sox. John Farrell told the media Fenway a little while ago physically price feels great. Return of price a definite boost to the team. It's very. Don't know mostly Chris sales start to have Monday at that point on they said elegance though the white thought that's what he says money hey game more today. At a world that yes throw water today and that's supposed to be Chris Sale. Going to be working that day. I'm not now I'm off into gridlock on on as a lot here's why there's a lot of I was just our own there may be. That's going to be a long game. Yeah are you just know that's going to be a long Brian. Yeah. Become open. The actress price did not do a sharp last night I'll look it appears now that the public really please read it what you get the first clue whether stuff had been tail lights out for the canto and they eye disorders and I wouldn't why they wouldn't give one more start. Yeah I don't understand picker to pick your time I know you want him back and add a date or price even as bad as he wasn't the market. As last two appearances he's better than anybody you have replacing. Eight price is better of the argument better than any body the Red Sox have trotted out there are yeah we saw out I asked NCAA. Yeah I don't may be Eric getting a little impatient and the season is on the line regatta we really got to do something. Picket Hartley told us and it may in Erie is it today so there are right away dropped its price Monday it sailed Tuesday. Honestly do an extra day. Price Monday failed to it's pretty good now. When we heard Adam Schechter and Bill Polian there and have you ever made three shots here is in the same things I can't I'm not. There's a comic premise. What we can prove we're here all the time. Taking calls every won't be your Memorial Day but pretty much every day we're here taking phone calls. So the patriots did come back from 23. They did win the Super Bowl Tom Brady does have five titles. And for MVPs. And yet. Gary its on line 92 time political Brady. Mike's on the line line for this is Brady's last year with the pats the point is gonna get those calls whether the patriots win or not. Those calls mean nothing sorry Derrick sorry might look if but they need something saying thanks for the while what I area about what I say about Tom Brady or urgently grappled doesn't really. Set the agenda on it it's. Does Bill Belichick follow the Super Bowl. If they had lost it didn't stupid but they've been effective if they lose a game this Bill Belichick on the games cannot man. We really had to move on from Tom Brady right now. A start that conversation. I don't think so. Yeah. With the guy and replace them with a guy who couldn't get through two games yet. I think that that's what feels good yeah Al Haig had eight really good to know he I'm. Yeah that body feels good arm feels good that's the literal sensitive questions like do you think Brady's done after year and do you think rob Lowe's the next. We did have the ball yes for war. This whole scenario that chapters are talking about to make sense to keep calm and it and point out how old Brady is on nobody's been that good you know and in their forty. And so at all managers I've. Got to so. He was gonna be the MVP it it it was either I was either Matt Ryan or Tom Brady. For the regular season yeah I see them yet. He played an OK game against the Texans and Brady in my opinion would have won if he played a more than twelve even one more declared OK then gets the Texans in the playoffs right. It played a terrific game against the Steelers and AFC championship game. He did the pick six against the falcons but if they lose a game the guy who. Gave you no problems in the regular season he's suspended for four games not not because of an injury. He has an MVP type season he has a bad Super Bowl because no great quarterback has ever had a basketball Matt Peyton Manning never seen a world that's ever Howell. Ever happen right now are CN then. You've got to move on talk. Yeah I don't see that in your trade on your column when it really mean I've already got a hall of famers. They are hall of Famer yet but. Yeah I I don't know I think you sometimes as this is about Ron Borges when he had a thing against Belichick. Sometimes a Smart person can look really stupid with an urgent that you Abner Jenna gets in the way he could be brilliant. Which looks to a poll of the RS I don't know I don't polian agendas I don't have shut perhaps one or peaches. You know taking looking at Bill Polian is talking points and borrowing them I don't know. But polian worse because they're the how he got to that answer was talking to a bill's stand about why the bill should still love Alpharetta buck up their cigarettes okay if I patriots have been winning their division by you have that was this whole thing was he was tried to help out of pills that have hope because the patriots almost loss this approval a couple of if I gotta admit that dumber than just ideas Rory words way dumber Mike as Michael said my regular phone while Mike Mike I like. While there's little let me tie it at the part that caught he got done the times you agree agreed to meet some disagreement about you never discreetly before you can go. Actually it has yeah and do that. By 2000. Legitimate reported it's all of our problem. I know if I win the apply to blow to be got a little in the way I want your signature on it to plug it anyway. So here's the thing to neglecting this what will happen it doesn't mean I think it should have I just think that if you look objectively. At the move that they'd made thus far I think all spider according to Brady being. Being dotted and it just follow Whitney first Sackett. Things that. About Jack is famous for one being that historically and I unsentimental. And still is maximizing value and dale you already set a new book you know what time. Grapples value would never have been hired then India off Pete are you coming up on a black yardage contract at a stretch I've worked senator that are that are that are oak acts. We can all I could agree that trade like how would Sam Bradford last year are very rare in the NFL always I wouldn't affect it by injury I don't think they'll check. It is banking on another starting quarterback or doubt I need possible short I just think he's smarter than. To beg you hope trading Barack blown back to bite the value there solve it maximum value garrote all would have been betrayed in this offbeat. So we held until why. Brady. Yes he's forty. Brady has said that he's want he wants to play two weeks forty arc and keyword area why I wanted to peak it updated doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Then you you tie that went to bell and what she went there last week about caution. The key sound like someone who want to hug and if you're playing for a year and as you guys all know what you're married Pat White equal track you like I just think bad. And hang out and Rob Lowe is just a signal that Brady is done what are you gonna retire. Where they got caught them or try to trade him I just don't think that you're gonna be here after next app next year. And again Mike it's an adult world beat mark McKay couldn't call my shot when it all back in a year and and let victory lap. And I remember you but I'm Ali and I'll remember all Michael remembers all of our member you might indicate Upton. I think that guy is not self where not all the Q what's the date. I think to date as twenty gods they are and I did the movie by. Well it depends on your death and that's without a Carolina guy we are missing pages in Beverly hates him I don't. They guy he'd like public but a little bit like. And I thought this before that it is ignorant which is all that this date. Plus oh yeah that's what this is she so I don't that. It. Yeah it would be super GQ. One more year. What a dollar check just credit chipset. One more yet so it got so she Q let's loaded up and go far it's possible. The only reason I went I was thinking it isn't so is that is seen his his podcast with Peter King. Was in early march. It was several weeks after the Super Bowl and a super G I liked the term it's super G it had that discussion with Tom Brady would have been before the Peter King podcast. And he told Peter king and he has repeated sense aria he did this recently. Weary said well who knows I'm feeling go to 45 maybe I want to keep going to answer to the test the time where when it's fun. It's evidence I now do I think that Gisele would be very happy if her husband just. Handed in his playbook and hung up his cleats and walked away I think she'd be ecstatic. But I also think she'd she'd would have an unhappy husband. A guy who might present or a little bit if if that's what you try to force him to do yet but with less brain injuries so used to get a kind of weigh the pros and cons there hasn't been diagnosed with a. I'm a national more so and it that I got the the odd geek all of you thanks on purpose little loud and clear in the other the a lot of a lot of moving parts here ever evolving an underdog we got a six led 77797937. We got tickets to giveaway a little bit later on in the price is gonna start. On Memorial Day in Chicago against the White Sox thought about that as well as we move forward Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB.