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Richard Sherman is still psychologically damaged by Super Bowl 49

May 25, 2017|

We discuss the ESPN the magazine piece on Richard Sherman being unhappy in Seattle, and wonder if he'd fit in with the Patriots, and would you trade someone like Malcolm Butler for him?

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Rich keep on sports break and well you've got some pretty spectacular news wow. Number five on the list yeah days per year and our values voters found out congratulations thank you and I want to always in the thank you. New England. And being number five on the New York Times best seller list hasn't done the Michael's head but it has caused him to break out his old Kevin Garnett Jersey city's so I gotta stop estimate to one dollar reduction in the foot long races that subway. And changes ringtone. Very fall. And his text tone. Very cold and the doorbell to his house yeah drink at all and that's not gonna get annoying I. Please people buy more books and hope that he doesn't start rocking and Adam Vinatieri Jersey when you do. Kindle and of that list. Mean started at five. Elegant finish at five thank you people thank you thank you thank you number one on the list you're arguing against them when it this sport story though. Its all time all books all books. I know that until actors equipment if you'd like yeah Obama if all all looks well looks. Nonfiction so the number five plot were working with Dan Brown here number one nonfiction yes the Bible. I mean it is so it's a lot of books but I don't know it's I don't know the always walk out that happened that I was zawahiri have recently put aside some stupid Bill O'Reilly book not that Bill O'Reilly. It is celebrity though the art of the deal by Donald Trump you can't they don't look it up either jet I didn't look at the trump. Etc. It's that book while. Think about red and wildly unpopular understand the power of doctor McCarthy would like this guy or not who Neil Tyson to yes. Yeah that's that's what you're pursuing is ice underground. You write about it and I thought yeah. And it's exactly that that it big yeah. Awesome yeah number one I'll I could now when we talked yesterday I thought it was number of finalists to sports book now or biographies or something. Jill is not crazy that is awesome. So let's there's a peace only happens here they only hear my best there's a piece that is appearing in the June 12 edition of ESPN the magazine but it's available online today written by Seth wicker sham. And it's it's basically about Richard chairman now it's about the Seahawks and other things as well but it's basically our Richard Sherman peace. And and Richard Sherman just has been an able to get over the loss in the Super Bowl the patriots are unbelievable I mean he just can't he can't get over it. And he hates the way Pete Carroll coaches the team. He hates the fact that Pete apparently is incapable of criticizing Russell Wilson he hates the way he coaches the offense right he does and especially Russell Wilson. I'd Russell Wilson is above reproach. So that there's a story in wicker shams peace and apocryphal story in which Sherman. I intercepted him in practice. Practice of June of 2014. And it's yelling at Russell Wilson you'll bleed big sucked this hookup ready at a and Ed that the general theme here is it it really does sound like Richard Sherman would like out. Always that he went out and once he area he has mentioned it in the team hasn't backed away from it. We talk about this before I think it was John's John Schneider the general manager. Of the Seahawks. Rules instead of saying the usual while eight other a lot of stories out there we're just focused on nob focus and our team now know is that yes we looked into it we've recruited me. Proceeds of phone calls but Sherman will be good for him they get a fresh start somewhere else. Well be good aggressively you know get younger and some cap relief. And they talk about it yeah but it seems like Sherman. I think that shelf life DL would be one year. Could bring in Sherman and expected to work for he can do even the Randy Moss thing Randy Moss lasted. Three years and four games. Richard Sherman would last one here I think it you can do it then and then you got to look you gotta look to move on because he would be seeing that they had eight. You think that's matched up against Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson as great as they are a little bit different to criticize them then told Belichick and Tom Brady. I don't think he sees a difference. I think Andy has been his whole NFL existence. Yeah I hadn't realized he goes way back where Sherman a piece outlines is. Sherman Solomon high school Sherman tried I was getting carols on and guys who would try to recruit in the USC. To play. Wide receiver yes. But Sherman wanted to be that's back. Or is it what everybody wanted to recruit them but I guess you'd have a plan that Stanford did so what's a more prestigious. Academically at least school. So. He's from LA Sherman isn't Carroll was right there he's been aware I'm for a long time as Carol said the piece I'm invested in him. So he's invested in this guy and this is how we treat Carol. Imagine. You don't have any history Bill Belichick. He he's not supposed to he's not your body you don't go way back within so you wouldn't have any wouldn't give a second thought does go on an errand trying to. Or for over tables and chairs. I can can we stipulate for the for the court here that we all think Richard Sherman is really good and great player great player I mean there's no question about it I love fisherman that you. So if you the patriots which trade Malcolm Butler form now yes. Yeah I look I like that it's okay Syria and to think Malcolm Butler. Is we can finally adding Seattle would take it by the adding but I think from as a great player is this is last year with the patriots but I feel like I wouldn't it yes okay so now look at how violent Muslim or not I want here yeah one year Germany got one year Butler. Now it take chairman. That's inoperable that's just how good I think Richard term tennis is better in Butler and I got to get their rights or Rihanna and Billy butler's got a better chance of getting the long term deal that he seeks from Seattle. They need to hear or literally anybody harm probably not anybody but Seattle yet. I would do. And once you get Sherman here first of all does he adhere to the patriot way we were joking about this last week. About how is in as they arrived here they'll become step for children and they'll say the right things and they all sound like they're in lockstep. As Richard Sherman fall into that saints under that same spell. He might to a four year so who's a guy out it would be I'd say the leaders now. Our defense saying you know the leaders and office. Leader on defense will be recorded. And high tower right up. So can accordion high tower. Try to control Richard Sherman I'll be challenged but I think they try. There are your defensive captains. Do you sort of become a leader till they rarely separate and I don't know I mean if you're gonna get rid of the leader now. As a captain no audit that captain and you've got on the coin toss but you deal leader. No I think he kicked in this is there's a difference it's respect the it's much recession ever players altar server get respect immediately but he has. There's no way can come in here and leave these guys because. He doesn't know how things are down but I got a group that really needs it either and let a lot of them like I'll I'll I'll make counterargument runner Rodney Harrison did. They said he was a leader practically the minute he walked through the door here the games and training to. But I'm saying from almost from the minute he arrived in within weeks of his arrival limit him a captain in. And date but dates but they gave him some and and immediately he accepted give him credit but Teddy and Willie McGinest. Messed with them a little bit vague as they said get the San Diego out of and it's not San Diego has now we do things here. And it was like a whole late thing they had this will find system where. If it's. It if the meeting is at 7 AM. Even if everybody was there at 658. The last person and was late. And so. Harrison was the last person and one time I saw you laid never had a big deal about it and I'd like I'd make you know as you. All the all about or to dale I'm I'm my asthma and we just we just trying to we're trying to groom you because we see which you've got. But he did it for the San Diego if yak on and on as an item a ship and showed Seattle I can just imagine yeah. Richard Sherman that that the stuff he's allowed to get away with their. I think coming here and try to do it all. Of our. I think would really embrace coming here because. Maybe some of them way they handle things at Seattle's part of why is upset because part of why they think they've left wins on the table including Super Bowl oh he absolutely thinks they should have multiple Super Bowl well. Like the way you do things here you're giving me too much latitude gonna play the type and age I was glad to. That they think about it this a year. What would you rather have a year Richards who you ask it this way to the answer is easy would you rather have a year Richard Sherman or a year of Malcolm Butler. Sherman Sherman. That and I think that's or talk about now there are already some of the folks on the text liners and I don't know I don't on Amy's cancer on your team. Not a big fan of the phrase Jonas. You know in and like I didn't want bogey cousins here either because I think he's an 82 but yeah 'cause I L I don't I serve I don't think Richard Germans and it. He's not hot and and now and I I I think he would absolutely take to the coaching he'd get here. I think he would fall under the spell of Bill Belichick. And he would tell the lie in fact so much sell. That he wanna stay here after he's been here Friday so much so to that like Randy Moss to lead you to ya right I think you they convince everybody there and we should sign him long term and then give a real position and here is that breast and be great in you'd all by its ability. As adults act would let him go and people freaked out and you go and he'd be you know probably be. You know implode somewhere else forever but I think for a year he'd be a that you need to reform would peak at what. Yes I think yeah I think they're more sick of aren't their their college look at them to move on doesn't it you can bring back. A guy was not as good the design huge drop off really good he is he's revolt it'll probably corner. I think the reason I guess even though I I would prefer Sherman the reason not to do it for the teacher dances. Purity and Opel works great here strategy and you really purity have Gilmore on the other side that you really need that upgrade whatever that apparatus from Butler to Sherman DV need to take the chance. Pretty impressive enough. So you've got talks are made are have Singapore for quality you would shut him down now if you think you can get Malcolm Butler signed long term. They just passed a different. It gives signed long term he was going down that he wasn't he wasn't taken debate that was being offered to dollar in my team a candidate future. You going to be here longer than when you can't predict future. LAD he could've done the alt you know I I've I hope to be here as long as I can be here are some nice patriot answers on that one yet do it. That's you guys I would do it. 10 god yes aka. Writes I would trade Malcolm Butler for Richard Sherman right now and if you're gonna always just turn change your mind and fun because of one year. Was that always is the congress isn't one year but it it's if you think Sherman is one you see you to try to do strategy. WA a W out you want to if you want me to go the other side of media writes I don't need to which he made it to the decade we need proof I want you we need now we might think immediately. And we don't synagogue and drop eight yes we do know only dollars or I want you to say we have as usual army of people and we did about. We don't so we come back writes have you heard Malcolm buck and I. There are our Brothers and stay and Richard Sherman should go somewhere else it's probably illegal the idea ball would you deal. Would you trade Malcolm Butler right now today to Seattle for Richard Sherman. 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media yeah. Rich keep us a break. It was just a businessman puts them. No they didn't think. We'll look for events I don't. On defense. Of course they irony here. If I did a tray Malcolm Butler for Richard Sherman what you'd be doing is trading to the Seahawks. The person who single handedly destroyed franchise they want. I can hear you irony can do that he topped it could because. If if there are other guys like Sherman on the roster say like the head coach. We're still haunted. By that playing yes now you've brought the nightmare to you. Ameritrade for the night that you exercise the diva and doesn't bring her head that's tough. And then they then you know what they would harassed Malcolm Butler to him arguing that he would never he would never be fan don't. Where uranium them in here ability over their Malcolm if you get traded constant all that's a good determined talked about it a lot easier there comes Butler. It would crush. The whole area I'm not I'm not joking he's won the most most popular players in the Pacific northwest along with Russell Wilson. Even so though because this this at all ESPN peace. Talks about example after example whereas those fans love them but but if it when they re dissident and it's and now. Meaning he's been pretty destructive. Physically destructive which on sent. They trade one of the most popular guys in team history. For a guy who caused the team to go down a different path to anything that would just be like so what are you doing to us. What are you doing. For the Red Sox that ensures you can never move on with a Red Sox sign Aron bone. Or trade for Aaron Boone right would have done that no probably now you just can't supply laden had. Great player either. I know but they've really the third baseman and would they trade and like two years later a ten years later maybe one thing but two years later would you trade reform now. And it you know it all the reaction be. And it that I think the difference between Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll. Is probably just honesty. This is being being honest about the moment he Pete Carroll as a leader as a head coach cannot say. On man I still think about it every night. There's not a data goes by I don't think about yea can I call you can't because you're telling these guys that seals live in the moment that's focused on I don't forgiveness what ever. Richard Sherman is saying it hurts. We're about to be back to back Super Bowl champions. We're one yard away from it that's and that played just throw me off and I haven't been able to bounce back I pay. We still have the same up at the coordinator. Get the same head coach at the same quarterback. And I haven't forgiven album and. I and I'm not going out now keep in mind that we're Christian peace here. He writes Sherman had told friends he allowed himself to imagine playing for the cowboys may be the patriots. Hoping lynch Marshawn Lynch would come out of retirement and join him in New England. I mean he's telling friends he Arnie great about it and let's go to the raiders played in say that announces preliminary Marshawn Lynch is already there. Of particular initiative but aren't there you go yeah we've got jealously at all these other guys out of there next year I would or or just take away one of those guys bring in Marshawn Lynch. Well I really need Birkhead. I've been told yes all four phases. Are all four downs three phases. You know again the more I look at things from Sherman's prospective understand where his camera for a. Those Super Bowl losses if I would much rather lose by forty in the super bull does move on that last play this guy play. The Seattle Seahawks. The may be the Atlanta Atlanta about Denver sure they're toast this yeah you just can't even think about it over and over. And now they had some that work for that Shanahan leave. I mean as it did also say use the office coordinator for Matt Ryan's best seasons later it looks at the Super Bowl they're like well addition by subtraction will say. There are seven and initially these guys and now he helps. He helps keep the Super Bowl away from. Not even know if I don't get them there. Don't get it there. Don't don't don't help get me there if you option. I don't wanna play the next game gonna choke like that you've got to lose earlier which goes against everything that you said all week what I rather than Elvis I'd rather planes were reporting so I'd rather also have your real performance and Super Bowl that's all of them now. Is that part of why don't you let's go to if it's on the players what you say 3035%. As Shanahan came in and make a good at it if he hires a higher. Now he's not more than 50% of the board. Is less than half of the blame for that. About this year the players always get an indication that a situation yet yet that the other drive after Julio Jones makes that catch their 22 yard line right there to 22 we got the ball. And they're like eight yeah. In the past. If they come up. Now maybe don't I don't want to stay back are there dances if Josh McDaniels had called acts. Would Brady of thrown. Already checked out our that you probably would've thrown. When you take a sack at any point. In and that's on the pats on our iron sell part to let the play call us for six or seven step drop seven step I'd say the great play call dead but like other written it better because he's gone there have been not going to be very good this year. 61 issue 6177797937. Better because he's gone it will be better for them they don't have that reminder around. Like the Seahawks Q all the same characters who caused the destruction in the Super Bowl for them were coming back. When it guys you can't tell me that there are players in the falcons who Makiko Shanahan who say that. Lately. Cause that I think you're ready exercise because we're not on Comcast's. On. I hear anything since we're all I heard about that 6177797937. Is telephone number Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.