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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Sale Fails To Make History 5-25-2017

May 25, 2017|

Hour1: Chris Sale wins his 5th game, but fails to make history in the Red Sox win vs the Rangers. Christian take a look at the MLB and what teams are threats at this point in the season.

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Good evening welcome in the late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm heroes Christian argue it here digging until 2 in the morning on the program nice to have you this year tonight thanks for stand up the only show of its kind in the market here. Stand up past twelve. Talking sports with you. Wants to get to your tonight. Two big topics of course. Celtics facing elimination. In about and when he hours from now. And the Red Sox winning their second in a row the debut of Sam Travis in the end of Chris sales. Insane streak which just let me let me just put this to you win in a way that sort of. Brings it all together here for Christian. In his last start I said that I didn't think he was gonna tied a record and I didn't say because at Parker show is gonna get slapped around her anything I didn't think he was gonna have a bad target. You know look like David Price down a productive we'll get them in second. I was just sort of marveling at how insanely difficult it is to do what Chris tails doing I mean it's it's off the charts insane. Tonight. Was the first time. In six weeks. The first time in over a month and a half. They Chris Sale. Didn't strike out ten or more batters in the start. The first time that that's happened. Think about it six weeks. Every single time he pitched. He struck out ten or more batters this season to start the year. Like heat mosey on into it I mean he came out of the gate like fish. And he's been doing this the entire year and tonight it was good it's not like he was bad tonight was very good. Went seven and a third innings struck out six I now rate to six you believe this guy allowed it. Four runs only three of them earned only walked one he did give up a blast to Mike Napoli. But Mike Napoli made up word with is some of the most interesting defense of seated first base in quite some time. Pop ups in foul ground that it looked like Napoli just had this deal blunder in catch and twice in this game. He's standing there in the ball lands better but it's a blast it happened again white the beds reap it now what happen again. What is I can listen. The guidance when a bad period. You know we all have these were complaining about him there may I really doesn't play first days and they got to be careful what you wish for their first base but I gotta say I hate it handling won't play first base. I hate that. You won't really you won't. In the you've only faced this wretch actually pays what six lefties this year seven counting tonight. And you just refuse to do it. Once every Saturday even though how long. I mean listen. Hanley Ramirez. Probably should be the full time DH I don't I'm not saying that he shouldn't be. Buy it for him to suddenly think that he should get this Dave are T stream these 33 years old. Any spent almost his entire career playing the field. If he really believes. That he's in those sort of physical condition to play first base. Well we get it checked out with someone in the medical staff and have them make an announcement for you because that's ridiculous. He DH tonight in the end Sam Travis made his debut in Trevor is actually very good news debut. I was very impressed with Travis and sort of his patients at the plate and his ability to sort read the strike zone and I like to swing and I was just I was in the San Travis tonight it was good. It was a good start for him and I'm glad we got to see him since last year is a whole season got lampooned by a big injury. So it's nice to see him back up here at the Major League level nice museum over their playing first base and getting it in getting some good at bats scoring a run through singles. Nice to see saw a lot of pages. Good overall night for Travis. But our man in my entire does everything. I just didn't hired him and ended constant scrambling at the Red Sox have to do and ordered it. Is figure out who their first baseman is going to be should be due in the making twenty million dollars. You know you're not left field anymore this is a position you're familiar with. Play it once and awhile. Just hearing there in a pinch. When they need you when the team needs you. Go out there's stand at first base take a couple of pros and do the same thing you do with the plates they you know. You think you heard asking him to news split the atom here. Asking you to play a position that you know how to play he played last year all years. You're not that far removed from last season when you're the everyday first baseman play first base once in awhile won't Killy you really want. Helio for three on the night by the way did a walk. On and he was the only one it seemed like who was in who wasn't getting in on the big party in the seventh inning. And I don't know I don't know much about Sam Dyson and other one point this year he was the Rangers closer media was last year. I remember seeing him come out and and enclosed for this team before. He did not record an out. In the seventh inning. He led in five runs. On four hits and three walks he threw twenty pitches. In did not record an out and I think that if if Dyson was left in the game. There's a good chance the Red Sox would just kept scoring forever because I mean there was nothing to strike should people really there was nothing he can deal. First better the inning in the seventh Chris Young flies out. Head Dicey coming in at that point yet I don't think he did I think Dyson came in after the first that was recorded. So. I can't see exactly it's not shown me and on the things that would better he came and a but seventh inning. Young flies out that attend the infield single Travis single to center field and attended the third. Mitch Moreland comes in the papers annually on singles to right scores Bennett Tandy Ratliff singled to right Travis scores smoking gets intentionally walked. There's an error by the way the third error of the game for them I'd change you true throwaway. Marquis gets walked. Then wild pitch by Dyson moral and scores Pedroia singled to left scores that's. Bogart's with a dud doubled to deep right center Pedroia goes the third Haley gets intentionally walked. And many walks Chris Young. Scoring Dustin Pedroia with the bases loaded before they finally came in and relieved him and honestly. I think they could've probably just kept golf I don't think there was. And there is any stopping the strain I mean they just kept pounding it either pounding a decent or Dyson was all over the place. I honestly think the Red Sox could of scored like eight more orange. That's how bad Dyson once and that just goes to show how a team like the Rangers as hot as they've banned. You can be on done very quickly by a bad bullpen. And luckily the Red Sox starter after really worry about that all that much right now. I'm pretty happy with the Red Sox open and it wouldn't get a great dose of it tonight mayor Joseph Kelly pitch an inning and two thirds and it was with a huge lead and so it didn't really matter by. I better press lately with the Red Sox open. I haven't had much to complain about with them I I like what they're doing I like sort of the form that there rounding into and I also really like with the offense is doing lately two year against these Texas Rangers. A team that came into this year he's having won eleven of their last twelve and the Red Sox who cannot seem to string a winning streak together to save their lives. They come out and blast them through straight games and it will Sue Evans who drew Palmer and tomorrow I'm certainly not. Certainly not. Too optimistic put listen. You guys. You got a chance here to sweep a pretty good team they're pretty hot team and not only that. You have a G1 three or our Red Sox won three games and are right now they've won four straight games one time this year it was in the middle of April wanna say. The boss at the scheduled to say exactly when or whether he was in the middle of April and won their first. Four game stretch exactly when it was April 15 they beat Tampa three times than Toronto. Once. And then they lost to Toronto beat him in the loss to Baltimore remembered that little stretch there are planned all the elite teams in a row the play Tampa Toronto Baltimore and the Yankees. Right at the beginning of the year. That was the last time in three of those wins were against Tampa. Now they have a chance to make a four game win streak with three wins against Texas won against Oakland and then coming up after that. You got yourself as the Seattle Mariners. Who right now our an absolute disaster. The Mariners. Oh my goodness. There there an absolute joke this year and they kind are every year and I don't wanna spend a lot of time talking about the Mariners because. In our only gonna see him for a little bit. But they're but for the grace of god go your Boston Red Sox the Seattle marriage that's a team I look at just about every single year. And think man this team in in the offseason they really they're really look like this can be they're here this can be Seattle's year. You know king Felix in and the rest lead in the rest of that rotation right away all the memory injured now. Hernandez is injured you were cool was injured patched things injured they're all drew smiley all of them. There are all on the DL they're starting rotation right now is is a joke. Aerial Marie and they of funny guy are no chased Jeanne. Christian Bergman and Sam Gavin de vaguely are even though we had never seen him before never heard his name. They have some hitters in the lineup. Stylesheet here's a better. Jeanne security good leadoff guy Valencia a couple of other guys but for the most part. They can't do anything. They can't get out of the basement. Of the AL west right now they're down there in the basement behind Oakland their game and have bagged their twenty and 27 so far on the year. And they're coming to Fenway right after the Rangers are done. And I believe Red Sox Nation I believe in my heart I believe in my soul. We might actually see the first extended period of good play from your Boston Red Sox here and if you don't if we don't see it. The Sox send up sorted this and it away against Seattle here at home. Against whom they played three games this weekend Friday Saturday Sunday. If they don't went to those games. Then I'm really gonna start to believe that there's something inherently wrong with this team. Inherently wrong fundamentally wrong. 'cause it's not just the question of OK drew pom rants goes out there every fifth day gets bombed it's not that anymore. Where were short beyond that at this point although it is it is absurd level with year drew Palmer and is pitching tomorrow night. And the first game of the Seattle series. I'm Brian Johnson get the nod. In place of Hector Velasquez who is going in place of Kyle Kendrick who was going in place of I don't know a giant black hole that's pretty much what you got there at the number five spot in the rotation. Johnson did pitch once this year was early in the season against Toronto. You got the win they won the game but he gave up four runs in five innings seven hits two home runs walked three struck out six. And as you are raise up in the seventh as after one start seeking it really. Based too much off of it right there's your guy who starting that series against Seattle. The C got Palmer and Johnson pitching your next two games. And the so long as that's the case at the end of this rotation and I'm not saying so long is it the case that it's those particular two guys but so long as you have guys the caliber of Palmer and and made the shape as we haven't seen that much room of the caliber Brian Johnson as well at the bottom of this rotation. Your good stretches of play are gonna get lampooned every single time. And it's been happening here all season long I mean it's literally been having this in happening this entire season and were only two months and not even. You know yet the end of this week in the beginning next week and ended June. It's June on Thursday a week from today. And by the way. Month of June starts before against Baltimore and three against New York. That is the way that month starch. If you haven't noticed the Yankees and or heels of the two teams Eddie in the east with the Yankees now. One half games up leading the American League east with that team. I gotta tell you. And I know that Jacoby Ellsbury just suffered a concussion but they bounce back beat the royals tonight. Behind a brilliant start from Louie Severino pitched eight shutout innings. And is starting to round ended that that picture that maybe we all sort of feared he might become someday. Surgically Severino was a bust last year. He's pitched well this year. ERA in the low threes pretty good record. And I other royals aren't anything special this season in fact they're kind of big of a disaster the Mariners are. But still yankees impressive so far. Andy you got a big old date with them coming up very soon here. And I would really like to see this Red Sox team go into those seven games with new York and Baltimore all the road by the way. I'd like to see them go into that with some semblance of a hot streak in some semblance of momentum behind the I don't think that's too much to ask now when you just took to order a row against Texas yet three coming up on home against Seattle and then you go to Chicago for three play the White Sox who also shocked. They're five games under 500. In the AL central. Trailing the tigers Indians and the. Surprising Minnesota Twins lot of surprises in baseball right now I feel like god on this particular program on late night we've kind of in taking the foot off the off the gas or baseball for a little bit in when that happens when your focused so focus then on the Celtics. Things happen in baseball asserted don't notice right away they cannot happen under the radar the twins are really happening under the radar they've been like this the whole time except what's crazy about the twins. Is that they're under 500 home. At target field they're eleven and thirteen when the twins are on the road. They're fourteen and five. That's weird. That is bizarre. It's the I don't know that's the best record is the Astros are fifteen and six so it's either the best burger right around there. I don't know exactly what the percentages of its better or not. But. Fourteen and five. When and under 500 record at home that's weird. That is a weird thing going on there in in the AL central. But as for the Red Sox. I'm trying not go overboard here. Especially in light of the news from Pawtucket tonight. And I'll watch news. David Price off. I gotta tie it may not seem like it sometimes but I really room for David Price a really am I want him to be successful I wanted to do well here. And it's not because any reason act is I feel bad form it's not today. You know I think he deserves. More of a break from fans or any that's tides really that has nothing to do with it it doesn't. Don't care about that. And he's a multimillionaire he doesn't need everybody tell them how great he is all the time pat them on the back on its gonna be okay buddy good job good effort. In 31. Should've gone somewhere else should go to Saint Louis. I don't care about that I'm rooting for him because right now this race. Sharks team is so frustrating. It's so frustrating to see them play good games see the offense go out there giving good effort seed starting pitchers sale and Rodriguez and Porsche Salo and you know that's about it really so far but you know she in those three guys go out there and pitch well to start the year especially Rodriguez. Especially Chris Sale. Chris Sale has gotten off to one of the best starts any pictures ever gotten off to a year in history the Boston Red Sox. He's five and two on the year so far. Which isn't bad it's not a bad record. Boy it. The fact that he's lost any games this year is kind of amazing to me. You just look at his numbers and look what he's done. And that's the guy should probably be at least thirteen and nine. To be at least seven and 18 knows something like that affect he's lost three starts. And one of them wasn't the last third against Oakland he didn't get the loss in that moment the team wants to get a no decision. It pitched seven innings struck out and you're up two runs. The other games you lost against the Yankees eight innings. The reruns. Not only two of them earned a Red Sox got shut out. And then on April 10 against Detroit seven and two thirds they lost 21. And of course you give a deterrent. And forget about that for a second because Chris sales obviously been very good he's been strong he's won most of his games don't have a lot of complaints there. But it. You have a stopper like shale. You have a guy like Rodriguez who's having a break out year. And you have a reliable guy in between human report shell and you can't put more than two games together I mean this is this is nice right now this is a three game win streak. And I'm happy to see it. But with that's sort of talent inability at the top of your rotation. It is thought by now we would have seen at least 156. Game win streak one streak with a 19 out of ten when streak where they win. Eight added tens something along those lines and I'm not and I ask you that much here. Boy this is what we've seen. We've seen them go up and down and up and down and hover around 500 and that's that that's it. That's where they are. Right out of three games up over 524. And 21. They finish this series tonight. We drew Palmer it's on the mound. And Palmer ranch lately has been brutal I mean there's no other way to put he's been he's been tough to watch. And he's the best you got right now. Beck there he's your number four starter there's still the matter of the number five. What's funny about Palmer it's is that you remember in the spring. He was is really bad and it didn't seem like he was ready even pitch. Fastball topping out like 8889. In the spring. Couldn't strike anybody out he's getting knocked around. And then in the month of April he was pretty good actually. 13 start. Lasted into the sixth a couple of times. In his last three starts. Commerce has pitched eleven innings giving up fifteen hits. And nine earned runs in his last three starts. Two losses and a no decision. Went four innings against Milwaukee three against Tampa and then four against Oakland and then at the famous blow out there in the dugout which unfair. On or cattle we she's going to be on tonight. Or there or even be a leash maybe this time if he blows a fairly as we come out there you know are you wanna stay in the game standard group and have fun. I hope they don't resort to such pettiness speakers. You know you're you're doing some good right now I got a three game win streak going lets you know in the bullpen is rested by the way because sale went seven and a third. And Chris Kelly is the only guy came out of the pen tonight so. I would expect that if pom rants had struggled again and can't go past the fourth the fifth inning like he has been able to in his last three starts. There will be likely. Planning arms ready to come mountain and shaven but it doesn't really solve the problem. And it really doesn't solve the problem because opening up the next series starting. Friday against Seattle is Brian Johnson. Who. I don't know if he's gonna be a step opera stepped down from Hector Velasquez. Or Kyle Kendrick you're either of those I really have no idea. We've seen him pitch once this year and it wasn't great nobody's pitched in the five spot of this rotation has been good. And forget about good not on the on the you've been serviceable. Serviceable it's really needs is someone who can get into the fifth of the six turner over the bullpen and what the offense do they think none of that it just hasn't happened. And affected David Price it doesn't seem to be coming along the way we like is one thing to go out and have a bad start it's another thing to have a bad start. Topping your car driver out of there without targeting the press. Not talking the press makes it seem like there's something else did it afoot here like it's worse than just saw I didn't I didn't have a tonight. You know maybe that four are still sore maybe that elbows getting worse may be without those like. And this was an I didn't watch the game obviously and only pitched three and two thirds innings six runs only three of them burned. I had a couple walks. Finished the start by our retiring the final four batters that he faced. By our man. I'd like to think it was just. Typical David Price being insensitive and kind of obnoxious. Bite if you can't face the media after a triple A rehab game. In now start no wonder is this guy a ever gonna face anything again. I mean this is this is the tripling media with maybe a couple of the guys there's another game going on tonight so it's not like your normal Red Sox beat writers are going to be there. Maybe some play maybe channel seven or the glory another Harold somebody sends a send a writer down there just is just to get a quote. But you can't even get more quote. You can't say I have felt OK FL find adjust my location wasn't there are. You know I'm still little sore and I think that's what contributed to this you can't say anything. Nothing and always get the car drive on Karen aren't great. Well don't don't be shocked when. Red Sox Nation isn't super happy to see you when you come back. Because a guy like a guy like price as sensitive as he is. Incoming best say he makes a starting in Chicago on Monday. The Monday or Tuesday. When they start that Chicago series does that memorial that things moreover it's got to be. And that was sort of tentatively going to be his schedule returned it I have no idea what they're returned it's going to be an. It could be Monday maybe Tuesday and Wednesday it can be next week the week after that I mean arrived we don't know. But it doesn't seem like. Doesn't seem like growing more towards Monday and now in this team just needs something at the bottom of their rotation out there will be at the bottom of that rotational probably be at the top of these pigeon and the level we know we can but then that would bomb robbery is down to the bottom of the rotation and that's great you have Brett read is down there with the way he's been pitching I'll take that. Even if it means Palmer it's in the five spot. Because I think he can salvage something with Palmer as we saw him pitch OK to start the year. By a man you know it really all revolves around David Price and we saw from him Snyder didn't she from hamburger from him I should say. Doesn't leave me feel all that great 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That Asian armor on text and take quick breaking gets your phone calls when we come back here on late night Sports Radio WE yet. As far as the next step for David is it a certainty that he's going to be activated next sir is that where you and discuss tomorrow wet weather another ya you know Michael I think you know there's there's there's no announcement at this point I would we've got to sit with him and and talk about what's best for him best for us as we move forward. Addition our have a conversation with David for the sit down who'll and had a tete. I say we like I'm going to be there I'm not going to be in the meeting with they reverse the mark. Probably a good thing for everybody I don't know what I can really add to the meaning. Probably you know over with the Joker something that is probably argue there. Maybe say like this if it's like a breakfast legacy grace before they Ollie there's some point then you know the one of those things. I think he did you know maybe add something to the opposite as what's on our economy tuchman. Well I'd imagine not much I think you're just gonna say David what what's what's up right you ready are what make you even look great down in the minors but how you feeling is it. Is it health visited Marie missing your spots. We just rusty I mean what is it. Com. Is his second rehab start. It was against. Louisville I believe it's the Louisville. What's the name of that. Came the Louisville. That the liberal backed. Percent. Think it is we go back creative name that's pretty lame by the way the Louisville backed. Minor League Baseball is all about wacky names like the buttered biscuits are the you know. There is. Definitely callers things that duck billed platypus or some like daily dance you know the bat. All obvious when you send it to the point it does in Louisville's where they make bets are used to make sense rubio Louisville slugger but still. But the Louisville sluggers. Be better in Louisville back a hundred dollar at current. And to pitch that the meeting from a big guys that sort of off topic what you think if you think David will get to you and a second I got this great idea whole life. In a good team you pitched against yesterday are at bear with me here at its. In his first rehab start it was against the buffalo bison another very clever name. Price allowed three runs on five hits in just two innings struck out four walked one. It was his first rehab starts so I don't think much more than that was expected. But in this start mortgage. It was OK this is it now wort. Were opening use you next week. Not even actually grove museum 485. Days technically that's often these pictures go right by the. And so let's see it. Let's see here at Major League ready and stuff let's see we got. Any didn't have much you wasn't it wasn't good. I did watch her and so I can't tell you for sure exactly what he had now looked but I can tell you that the stat line. Not what you wanna say. Try to pull up the actual numbers here. Leah AAA game day. By doing that just that quickly let you know by in the war in Louisville bats they are actually ninety animal the animal the bets yet figured it was probably the case. Com let's see here. David Price. Went three and two thirds innings allowed seven hits six runs only three of them were earned he walked one struck out four. Is GRA in the minors is over nine and a half. And bad. He gave up a lot of hits I mean that's that's pretty much you know published in the ball play in this game two other. RBI double first inning and and better game and sale. Com. I'm checking this year of these innings went. Because that matters. Com. First batter of the game ground rule double line drive to left field. Second better dressed the bottom over pops out the price. Next guy singles in the I don't know I didn't single men. But he. He singled him over to third. Clean up their walks bases loaded. And then a wild pitch brings in the first run. Rates that she's. It's is at the bases loaded one out there as a wild pitch to lead in the first earned great okay. That's that's while. Next better. Reaches on a feeling ere so that's where the unearned runs comment. Com and then the news. There was is. Sac fly. Not an an uneven sac flies the fly out. And then. Guy at the bottom of their order some guy named Brandon Dixon doubled to right field scoring another run. So first inning it's four nothing. As a two run double by the way first inning for nothing after one. The pos arcs. Battled back heroically. Publishing and the vote the aforementioned RBI double. And then someone named Brian bog you set victory. Irate as probably run. Hit a home run the dress and drove in Sandoval. Announced for three McCarron. Second inning. Leadoff hitter singles. Next guy strikes out. Guys single steal second. Next go way singles admin. Then. Passed ball. Again umpire said passed ball not wild pitch but now this is. Tennis is more runners getting in the scoring position. Based on miscommunication with the catcher in the pitcher Dan Butler was catching in this game. Next guy RBI single. And it makes it six the three. So first thing he gives up 42 inning he gives up too. Then in the third inning. Lou not much happened there let's see you gotta give up a single guy install base they are still a lot of bases on tonight. Any gets out of that pretty much stunned unscathed. Fourth inning. And this is when he got out pulled. He retired the first two batters he saw and then is manageable so they go three and two thirds innings. Final numbers not great. Very bad start but he did seem to sort of settled down at the end of the start and this is based off of me just looking at is that the game day firm MI LB dot com. So blunt. And I'm not gonna pretend like I watched this game and his Omar what happened. Wild pitch get the bases loaded I mean clearly was didn't have it in the first inning. Didn't really haven't in the second inning neither was better in the third and then seemed like he settled down in the fourth but then they come and take them out so I don't. I don't know what this I don't know what to make it Israel I don't know how to train spin this in a positive way. Country can't. That being said. This Red Sox team needs David Price and they need him yesterday. They wanna put some sustained good play together they wanna put a run together here. And and really start challenging for the AL east and that is looking up the Orioles in the Yankees earlier on. While every other team in baseball puts together some sort of. Not every other team in baseball every other good team in baseball. Puts together a runner to where they go through the rotation and don't have one giant leap up. Red Sox are still waiting for that week. They haven't had yet. And it be really nice to know her at least to think it. You know David Price is going to be filling the role of either drew pom rants in the four spot or Brian Anderson Kyle Kendrick. Hector Velasquez did and re always whoever the Dell also mean it's you know it's it's bad. And they need him back. But. We'll see if he's ready they're gonna have a conversation with him today. And I don't know how much of that conversation is gonna be made public to us that will be privy to here to be able to lend our talk about by. Well no probably a lot better how soon he'll be back Willie. Next week well at the next month will be a later date who knows we'll find out 6177797937. Major phone number let's go to Joseph in the car with a thought on David Price Ager. Are you my door might you know he. Don't know them normal it's never you know that song now and willow. Never see they're so why he's scared to some finally hitter. Yeah I guess but Joseph if he's scared a minor league hitters. I'm in if that's if he goes and that line and he's like not sure he get minor leaguers out. Because he's unsure of himself for scared or not in a confident that he's David Lee and Bryce in the user guys in on the Louisville bats then we got a real problem here. Now whoa whoa whoa. Okay thanks for the call Joseph appreciated 617779. 7937. As your phone number there you're deep dive and David Price start tonight. I promised there are the shall be like this for despondent that I wanted to get the bottom of it before caps and I'll price was awfully was that he was bad news bad he was dead. Again I just wanted to make sure what I was saying was factually accurate. His sometimes guys. In round numbers don't exactly tell the whole story but in this case they'd kind of do the only thing you can take away from a somewhat positively is that. Well at least towards the end he seemed to settle them he started off terribly. Just terror four runs in the first inning c'mon. Wild pitch walk in the bases loaded. Can't get a big strikeout when you need more really. Great. Buy it in now in fairness in the letter to winning she seemed did pitch a lot better. Any got a cat treat these like you don't get the sort of treat them like spring training starts. Had a your fastball the larger curve ball I was this how was that did you work on it did you get a chance to sort of get your mechanics down. Is that more important than whether or not he did how wild pitch against Louisville bats. You know he's a rehab starts their night they're not. Auditions to see if he's gonna make the team in he's David Price is making the team these are just to see is she. Is he healthy enough. Generalist pitches working and if so. Can you picture for us on Monday came as we can really use your. Sooner rather than later 61777979237. If your phone number 37937. And armor on tech's quick break over back. Hip pocket and pointed out a fix that sooner. Just think we've just stuff over the plate. It's a good team they've they came in. On a pretty good roll. This team that's rock and roll over either so they're. They're fighting the whole time and gender thing I could do to keep my event. As the voice of Chris Sale winner of tonight's game. And snapped a streak Doug and operate the record. The first time in six weeks Chris Sale did not strike out at ten or more better. I now rate. Santa. Unbelievable that he did that that he started the year that way. To begin the year I mean. One thing to do when you start. And I guess it wasn't from the very beginning in your very first third of the year only struck out seven. But I mean it was a second star for his second start to this one. But aunts and insane. That's just insanely good. And I'm glad we have him on our team I know I take great but it. Really it's. A pleasure to watch your page even on a night like this one where he wasn't as you know in January wasn't of freak. He was still very good. You get to squeeze a little bit. I don't think I remember seeing him yell at an umpire in any other start and I guess why what do you mean you know went eight innings and twelve strikeouts every night. Buy it today you saw you saw him get frustrated you sound start chirping in the umps a little bit. And. I was a little. I saw that went uh oh now all that I had not dish because we know about increasing our enemy we now. We know he's a little bit touched. Eight. Gotta be to do that thing with the jerseys. I think you've got to be a little touch to do that whole thing with the La Roche kid though. I mean jeez really. A kid's gotta be in them in the clubhouse all the time and it's not your eggs hatched I'm Don and he really. Wasn't even his kid. Why would you give it a baseball lab that whole thing was just so with the kids twelve years old. You want him in there are all these dude living link. And I am not Adam and that personal friends with any major leaguers right now with. I I spent a lot of time covering college teams inserted in a minor leagues and even some of those wooden back college summer league teams. And I wouldn't want my eleven year old kid in those locker not that there are all big hooligans or anything like that but they're just it's not a place for kids at all. You know. They'll do lake promotions and stuff in the let the kids run around before the game and batting practice for this kid had a locker he was in late. Again I'm nod and trying to tell anybody how to raise their kids but it wasn't even Chris sales kid that was which really sort of got really don't want about it is like. That's like just the guy that's your friends kid. You know your co workers shot why are you why are you going that balls the wallop that I guess is hated their owner. But. I'm not saying anything came of this obviously didn't sell got the when he was fine. But for the first time this year you saw I saw a little bit of that though got okay you're Rio. More so even though when he threw behind the job when he threw my amateur I didn't really take much away from that. He threw his shoes. He missed them. He needed to make a big to do about it afterwards either. You know it was yellow which Otto he didn't stare anybody Downey wasn't you know point the debenture due in the old Pedro gonna get you in the face thing. You know. He just got back on the mound kept our veteran. Any went eight innings in that game allowed just three hits and struck out eleven. So. To see him get a little and it's not like it's anything wrong with getting frustrated. It's just that we you know with this guy there's frustrated and then there's Chris Sale first treated. Which can go sideways pretty quick. And hopefully there's not a lot of that this year and I think that was just some pore umpiring tonight. There's a couple of times through the amiga pitch on whatever it's called now the drafting page owner of the pits on sponsored by. Where I mean it was it couldn't have been more clears a strike. And you know that happened three or four times and only the fourth time you saw sales are really you know sat on his face. And need some chirping in the jump. And I just told that that doesn't become a regular thing because. You know as good a sale is and is robot like I mean he's like a robot out there like late terminator machine. When he's on the map. By U Khin you can sort food cracked the surface of that happened before. Maybe not so much on the mound but in other settings which ended up being issues for the team in in whatever so I don't know so Parker sales seems like he's been a model citizen. He's been everything in more the you could possibly have ever wanted for restarting picture from an ace on your team. And what he's done here over the first six weeks of the season is absolutely insane. Insane wanna start to a year is the best starts a year that I have ever seen from maybe any baseball player forget about any Red Sox pitcher. I don't know that I've ever seen. Well maybe not any baseball player any Red Sox player who are trying to think of a comparable stark to that. You know pitching wise start to a year. Where you come out here are just nails every single game. Even this one where you don't get the ten strikeouts be used soldiers blowing guys away. Hottest team in baseball you come up and then in cooler right opera just the reruns. Mike Napoli did it a bomb off from the within the hook or boy. That thing went far. But other than that show is awesome and he's got off from. For six weeks he is grand must see TV. You know for the majority of the basketball season Isiah Thomas was must see TV Chris Sale in just a month and he really even. Before may even started you know there are some special about this guy. He made five starts in April. And easy area was one point 19. And he had struck out how many altogether 52 batters. Five starts. In you knew right then that this was something special but then as he continued in the may and was still. Just mowing guys down in in doing so quickly I mean this game this game tonight wasn't even three hour. Chris Sale games rarely go three hours no matter who is pitching against just as he's so fast. This game wasn't three hours and there's a seven run inning. Usually seven run inning bring our game usually and now Chris sales pitch. And I love how after the game he was I yeah I wasn't very ghetto is pretty mediocre know Chris you weren't you were awesome to work awesome tonight. Against the really good team in you got the win. You didn't break their strike our record to whatever. The only thing I even slightly worry about it's a slight worry it's nothing that I'm and Jenin. Freak out about here go on some hot team you know of the hot streak here about it quite. You did see him start to get pissed. And I just you know he's been so laser focused here's the for these first six weeks that I hope we can maintain hidden. Continue to do what he's doing because what an unbelievable start to a season he has been a pleasure to watch 617. 7797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian armor on tech's quick break. We'll come back we got a elimination game here to talk about as well game five Celtics and cavaliers a game many people didn't even think would be played or would be necessary to play. It's being played tomorrow and after the while the tough. Turn around in game four will will look back it. Some of the things that could've gone differently for the Celtics in game for a look at the what they can do in game five that's coming up here in the final hour of late night.