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Sam Travis Player of the Game Interview 5-24-17

May 25, 2017|

Joe and Tim talk with Red Sox first baseman Sam travis, who made his MLB debut tonight going 2-4 and scoring a run in the Red Sox 9-4 win over the Texas Rangers.

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Here's the one to pick to the right Ian batteries when it gets a strike three. Throwing strikes out the leadoff man punch out numbered 96 he leads the league of course I large margin. The pinch ground ball bounced right to Devin Guerrero too soft tops fires to first for the out. And seeing Travis has his first major they put out at first base. I could have been positioned to any better. Door swings and misses strike three how was it easy now we've already experienced the strike zone and that's why. And Darwin's theory Edie won't be at 206 but he chased the pitcher for the half outside the third strike three swinging high fastball found eight dollars. So I'll. Sam is at 30% of the weight of a record three strikeouts over two after one and a half post or. After he had slept here at the picture is one idea hard this jacket grabbed by a door Musharraf knows the shortstop product on the first 463 had to write down the no right at the second baseman. Next up for the second inning through. You know score here's the ones those swing and have a strike through. Four strikeouts for Chris Sale these retired the side in order to each of the first three innings we'll go to the viable third. Red Sox nothing Rangers now we're 31 swan around a bouncer toward the metal and navigators and just wrote a first time out. Well Elvis Andrus shall highway robbery stealing his bit. From sand trap us and a terrific play. By the very talented Rangers shortstop here comes the payoff pitch. And we'll keep bounces it toward the middle won't talk yet. There you. Lowe's store. For both eclipses point nine run through them. Shot strike first. Amber's it's a fly ball to center field though tiger's game drifting toward the triangle is Bennett and he makes the camps. Shields stores fastball proved rather costly. And it's now 11 ballgame and it's RBIs and number two when he one's room with Sandra. Swing and a miss strike three you know short by the home to active there's strikeout number 5120. Yeah I'm still fail that they. Mom and gone into the seats. Mike Napoli. Can look so bad event just turn on one and 93 mile an hour fastball we've seen it many times. You don't want Rangers the first hit the Prius has allowed eleven home run for Napoli. 11 here's a line drive hitter right the other base is growing its third as big wave tall man who keystroke on the the second straight don't want. His Gallup poll that between. Travis and Pedroia and this gave it only does the couldn't reach it in three straight hits. Here's a ground ball bounced off the glove of pitcher goes to the shortstop very strong positive. Ford sand trap that's. How might it gone up the middle could have been hit the by the shortstop perhaps it would have been loans. But then handers reversed itself made a nice pick up with a variant of the off balance throw we'll happily went off the bag at Travis. As his first major vacated infield single. You don't want rob ball up the bill but right there actress steps on second throws to first and that's a double play. The 02 pitch swung out in his strike through these kind of numbers six. And Travis why implement the senator failed to get down probation offended. It at third pick your players for Travis and I think back to the bag and Travis with a second Major League hit and that tying run. And as a boy were runners at the corners and one out. Solid single force and Travis is two for three. The 11 them match moral. Leaders one on him on the ground there. We'll stop there it's going to be a pinch hit single for Mitch Moreland hits three hits those. No one in rock legends of rock bottom. The sand trap us. Here from the rough but since it's so that was the first floated inside. Ball gets away. I mentioned it's let go for about let's have a small business and it's very. Back to back. Are the guys Vince's brother. Red Sox. Won't bother. Pitcher through windows and no Red Sox now have front. In Cuba Iran. And here comes the pitch. But trying to throw a ball off what club. What let's just go. Don't catch the fuel. And at six that the it's to win with a base. Six. Cent been attending a slice of what the landfill doesn't get at least one of those. Bogart's tags and scores. So a sacrifice fly RBI. It is now eight victory. And Jews. It's a floater in the left center field as shields will come around third score. It's now eight to four RBIs singled. On the cue shot. My Shin-Soo Choo. Choose twentieth RBIs of the year and that's gonna do for pursuing John Ferrell can make the difficult walked out he knows it. This is gonna fall short of that strikeout mark tonight but. Eight straight games for the second time in his career was ten strikeouts are more at the substance tonight. You'll leave this ball game with a four run believe and a chance to pick up his fifth win of the season and you'll get. Rousing ovation at Fenway Park. Who won pinch. And look he drives it inside it's not a fair ball horrible score the ball exclude. All the kids out of left field will be the basis for vets. And both he was ninth. Multi hit game against the Texas Rangers. Do you pitch. Well in advance for night praying that we'll go at Red Sox win their third straight. Prius sales gets the victory is bad. And the Red Sox beat the Texas Rangers tonight with a seven run seventh the final boss that mine and Texas more.