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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Final Drive 05-24-17

May 24, 2017|

We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

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Final drive cosponsored by arraf restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster connector commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place and make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more at ARS serve dot com and we're gonna get right to final drive here but just one moment by may. Congratulations to our pal that the under the table. Who once again is a New York Times best selling author. Number five on the list yeah same for a year and our values book just found out congratulations. Thank you and I want to always. Thank you New England. Here Hillary lives with the best place today it really is desperate to be to do we do on radio. TV and and an inference. Now this is the highest you've ever met that and ever and ever never. So injury and be satisfied that in the edits to the dollar wartime. I books on the blog they accumulate evidence that you I don't know David Ortiz that I. It was and the manager so much regularly medical programs so grateful as you well we'll go from the good feelings around this table to. But on the midday on that show yes Coca old rivals by that little. Bit up. Actually Christian Fauria finally at their breaking point wither host Andy's being now. You're of his who it is that the guy with excited about the win. Do real did you sane so you know I don't want an owner like you're in jail that he he's giving the pull to games beat so Paul and as people are so. As Moses gonna do did you Zetterberg and I want to live there and I don't know my dog is no reason why not we'll submit it. You're an argument got the job right there are no reportedly willing able to talking it. Well you wonder why did you ever gotten ahead. How well it's don't know what we're seeing Jessica British don't want yeah. Hand she got he's on the carpet out he's he's only you just Charlotte popped outside and hold on to something wrong. I don't know who have been on the phone lines like let the data on Google and I'll have that I don't think of her Craigslist isn't where it. Seems wherever. Let's take a blood. I think that favor without. Shell out about Biden who a viable that by how do. The bodies have brought it. There isn't great if there yeah broken job I had factored heckler a job. Well we're dealt with media that it probably got another problem. Hitler took the part that's a hard worker but I. Might go belly are writing it you know how it. LB it yeah and I'll never heard of it I took another media cat but last night. TNT. Little six to between Shaq and Charles. Barkley chuck you know more do we don't want to use a real look towards Austin because you wanted to do funnels more cynical outlook brat not to look at ways to cope with coattails amount of children go to certain. That you have to live and let you know and I'm proud been rapidly lose coattails anyway waves into our animals over Arnold's out of those who have little brother amateurs are well. Rick Fox. Question when who already live in new ball. I would say this says. Most of them that get so personal what we're talking about Dave from local struggle in the liberal journal that you want to write to please and let me it it was a good movie or a quality while. It's doing it to. Don't let the birds and didn't look at the moment. That. The original votes. Did I don't know. Kids are like I had an opportunity. Buyer. But it's getting real close on I'm telling you what where when plays notably Iran you know wanna be around. Shock in Shaq there's alcohol of all. Guys get drunk they will they they might kill each or. That they I feel like there was available some furniture and Blair both Anchorage he called a bad ass like three or four times where they call from a bomb at a Baja people question my hope is another but it's not enough people what people are what people don't people don't do that Kobe is here you'd but at age. Other people got it dead and their utility guy out of work out with the good and a purpose in Africa Alonzo Mourning to. Shaq hates hates. That fact that Alonso was second and that draft. He'd always say it's a big difference between first Atlantic to the Ludlum a Miami you have so it really odd ball. Fox. So you might remember now LeBron James got little catty himself where you have to direct and or restaurant thought like over entitlement there at the back Micah Wright and I could agree on that after the Celtics beat the cavs in game three. Their defense or just not the popular one. Cardinals. Report. Fumes and some are the only answer this question we move it's just we're pension can. Always come around we move elsewhere. There so last night. Tyrod Lou best coach in the NBA. What government. That's got the NBA championship coach Jack decided to have a little fun with LeBron comment. Like any room Debbie to BC nine turnovers in the first. They do this by your visual those that happen you know it's. That's why I imagine all that you don't ask us when we Booth. Here dude went to. Thank you. How do you think LeBron like do you think LeBron thinks that's a little doubt probably that brought you here every you've got press conference on. They're having a pretty up. Secret codes. That's coach in the NBA coach up writer Erica carrier related notes about. Receiver Brandon Marshall let the New York Jets this offseason but that we town opting to sign with the giants. One guy who isn't sad to see Marshall. Is jets' defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. It is. A lot easier to do well who knows when. Yeah. I put them on the peace Jonas. Dominated. This and yet it is reason why he was. He doesn't love to monitor and trees because of her own players here are Paris and that there's these media of the audience cells and it. There love the guy after the response. A. They they got the number one pick in the draft or something Yahoo!'s. Athletes take notice. Joey got out just gave you the playbook on how you can effectively shut down a group of hecklers now audio hears from a cell phones so it's not great. But will recap and after we play. Okay. Parts of the highlights of their Ben tells thought I remember we used to be good motto shot back I remember when you used to be thin. Then bottom told the hecklers right now this guy's filming this I got something to lose you guys don't even have a life so you got nothing to lose at all. Wow what a terrible you know it can give bottle one last. And as I'm got to give it to be able to take it you have to pay a paper rolls. All the guys that I remember used to be here. It gives them a factor oh yeah come. We don't know a fat joke of a fat joke and then. He's gonna tell them. You don't really have a life moment. I think we're at the ballpark right now right in the front row some of the ballpark. And you're above it and what got into too much of what. As you you what it's definitely. That's not Smart. So as we told you earlier the patriots signed wide receiver Andrew Hawkins to a one year deal today. Hawkins played the angles for having some injury issues now you might remember Hawkins trending on social media at the time. When he recorded himself asking his then three year old son who is favorite player wise and his son replied so new and AJ. Meaning Mohammed and AJ green Hawkins in jest of course through his son and his son's luggage out the house Hoosier player. Well. Yeah. And good luck for this event. It's you other receivers but these are due in eight years all right so what shortly after the young Hawkins quickly reconciled with his dad. You can have a full. And executed it on the planet. Two favorite players on the house yeah and what kilometers is when he wonders if packet back or. No you throw it right out of the right yard back your own stuff. That David Ortiz apparently by the right now the co author of the number five bestselling book on the job David assay to regret. I we want to read and David Ortiz got area they're just for that China. Had its eyes on the acting world in a viral video today Ortiz reenacted some scenes from. Famous movies based in Boston including the town goodwill hunting and fever pitch. And you know. I can tell you what it is you can never asked me about it later we're gonna rehearsal we. Who's gonna who gonna take. Pay like up close yeah. I during the debate I'd end up. Wait wait wait. Do you love me enough so you take it. I love you enough not publish. It's never in my life. I'm not them. I so I'm a little disappointed if he was good a deal of this section of audio out of town and here he didn't do the part we were. It now a partner Purdue Boston movies you can include fever pitch that. There be on the list. On the out on the list three or Jimmy Kimmel absolutely. New York Yankee fan in me is valid ballad you but yeah. You donated Derrick Thomas Kimmel and Fallon go to their elected him to be known to do now. OK so finally back when Tony Romo retired and was announced as the next announcer for CBS sports. A color at a simple question for Mike princess. You have to always a dual role in golf. You already play by play guy old are you are a professional golfer. Arnold became a professional counsel for awhile. There any money. He spent all is probably got off to a good wind up getting a holes don't they like guys can get some moral victory here and then every bit character all completely separate. I would I would I would and those who I was only in the business school for thirty years but I noticed that anybody could do what I said Romo wouldn't do it. He said OK yep got it apparently yesterday the same question asked to Mike and thanks to our pal at sports on house we have what. I mean I think they did Tony Romo Kennedy. And all of the golf. Can't really ever see yes. He is a scratch golfer as I don't know if you're aware that he's a scratch golf he probably knows a lot about golf the playing golf his whole life he's a very good golfer he probably knows a lot of golfers he hangs out wouldn't answer I mean so it's the way into dozens of new audience and an image of the senator Elizabeth good. Remember a while I got whiplash listening to Michael. I guess at that Michael through that would do Lothian Michael their final drive also cosponsored by cars reported about tomorrow. I close it. Who who would say that that that IT is better than drivers and fans are very easy it is a great traveler good drive to the badly what did you get Dave seven. It is that shot I would say that it. Donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kid through parts for it dot com.