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OMF - NBA Coaches have impact on their teams...right? 5-24-17

May 24, 2017|

Tyronn Lue. Greg Popovich. Brad Stevens. Steve Kerr and Mike Brown. You have to imagine that these NBA coaches are having some major impact on their teams...right?

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Beats or weigh in ceremony and 48. And after. And political and Lou and Christian the most blue dog because you've alluded to the finals what cynical outlook rattled the way of ways to cope with coattails of requests when they're already live and work. Well look I don't know what you're doing this to feather. Director so personal blog article talking about gave fine. Out on Sports Radio WEEI. Mr. Friedman. Every feeling good again. Feel good about Celtics guys see it I don't feel good about Celtics can't that's why I was amazed at what I witnessed. In the first half I was amazed watching a soccer game that I was doing the same thing that was kind of seeing some of the stuff. Do you think it Gordon Hayward. Is looked at the last couple games and said would have been nice place to play over their Boston. You think he's looking a little kinder toward I really don't think so. Games really mean. Do you think they are what they are you know they're good team there ways away from Cleveland throw wanna go to Boston don't get paid open Bret Stephens. Rather elect a future of course right. The future of the draft picks and everything else yeah Alec with a head so I don't think you watch him go and I don't want after game two not a modular Boston at the game 34 yes they do wanna go to Boston. Brad Stevens does get an awful lot of love you heard it last night Irving mention is game. Oh LeBron mentioned his name of the game is over early came up at different date is stated. On too much Loughner is let's face it. Did do the coaches really make that much of the difference in the NBA with with what this conversation before. Luke Walton won his first 29 games as a head coach okay. I'm the head coaches out right now in Golden State you've got the assistant coach. Who's who's who's running the place right. I mean that much difference in our lives we've had this debate ignited debate all agree it's basketball head coaches in the pros. It's fair at least amount. A different so why is he viewed differently Bret Stephens is viewed differently people you have to he gets a cut that is totally Sayyaf with outlook people for nearly three don't like oh it's got here without. What people view it as what you need to keep the sport is still a star buyer at. So that's why he gets a bowl when you get superstar players in here. And they want playing time and don't give a rats tested the tenth eleventh guy on the bench is getting. It is subbing me subbing in for me. Then maybe it's a little bit different right I mean we don't know if that's him. Star played on after. You don't have to have Erica not a you don't you don't captain sub and you know when it comes summit on a nightly basis he looks at what he had good rhetoric and see what happened to sanity basis right now he looks sentences. Kelly Nolan a nice not to go to Canada sub you out he's a superstar he wouldn't be doing is he's more consistent player. Or market Smart he's just not playing a certain level yet simply mythic easy game isn't on point tonight when it take you up. You know big pay was innocent in the week is rotations on the play that much as he's moving guys you know lineup. He's only doing that because he's that inconsistent players that are role players Evernote and give you ordinarily be disappointed we all quarter to quarter and we all agree Lou that Brad Stevens is a good coach. And he certainly is a good teacher and he's been able to coach some of these kids up. But this could be the difference of success or failure with the Boston Celtics and it's a problem we have like the Brad Stevens direct is a good coach. But then it's Oaxaca. Where we rank what he's a good culture political history is it easy one of the boys the second best poster Bristol he's a good coach. What do we have to sit there and say that he great. Or is Sox he's a good coach right that's that's what we know you have them right now it was very average which I don't know. I think he is but. Funniest guy who's. We never work out what we don't know we don't know his demeanor in how he will deal. When Lee when he finally has a roster where is that starched alpha males to write columns go to deal with that is that you think of Spoelstra out Mayan yeah. Because that was the guy young coach in America and picked by pat O'Reilly talked about him is a great coach when he was never they not he was just a body to Ireland and nothing to do it now even more so I'm gonna bring in now rally Wednesday in how they like him to bring it all now agree that we Maria LeBron James yet yard had knowingly you bring Chris Bosh you have all these personalities of these alpha males. I'm really distinguished guys and they put all over and respecting him that's especially the first year it was every store was. Spoelstra can't control this team Spoelstra is is it over his head. Eight inmates running the asylum tightly. They stuck with them to their credit. And now he's you know CD that he had with Miami without those guys about boss. Without LeBron with a break basically a brand new guy and he's basically Brad Stevens placed Tyrone Lue. I supported Pinochet or maybe doing a lot with. A little yes yes he is but it. Tyrant of the when you watch and see game being even being four things aren't going well. Is it can open mouth guy there and mouth but it's thicker Gretzky has no offense down the sidelines arms and move and they showed that run though it looks like he's faces like swollen up. And he's at the open mouth and I was a set of worries. Suspect this look. Eddie just doesn't seem he's. Yeah definitely I would always well with a look at what the players that they have on that to what's the most important thing for parent to do. It could is that different job description your tyrant Lou get along and David black. Won't give an example of it last night you had an example of that last night. So. The brunt it's the third personal foul they can still plenty of time and at first half the one thing you don't wanna do is get number four in first out. They don't take him out right away. And you said legal wedeman LeBron still out there. Now I thought LeBron I just not gonna get of course but yeah I thought someone else play better schools here in a mistaken that they did not tried to exploit that right away and later on we do get that fourth was at the Ruggiero. A charge was the what was the force file. But it's but once the timer on those not taking him out of the game you don't want. Because it was taken himself out of the game that's what happens when LeBron finally says that's it I'm going out of the game. I just think this is overrated when I keep on hearing this and I think I'm not trying to put Bret Stephens down an effect on propping up. He's done a tremendous job with the talent level that they have. They shouldn't be in some of these games that they're in right now. He's got a tremendous Jeff what is he really the difference of them getting to that next level. Almost giving the players and how he how he managed that player so give them credit. Just for keeping his team. Not allow his team to have any like consecutive bad game consecutive bad games like this you know one at the other. We're really give the biggest ever three a lot of these teams especially in the east. Is okay efforts they don't view that the players we got good play at its Max effort now he gets the maximum that we have home home court advantage. I don't think it's different then I'm Lou has a different job yes compared to us if what you make of David black all it usually just get along the took to the Eastern Conference finals. He and and you could say you should you should at least get of given David black. One more year bent on that stands before love was hurt and carry Irving was hurt and he still had the best play he still may be competitive. David black tried to have two big voice you pat on the Jones before with some teams you don't need that others teams you do need that. It has to do with age has to do with everything veterans in the game sometimes you control the balls out there and you do your little part sure there's. Coaches in this league it's a good body heated to the coast or Cleveland cavalier team of Golden State that's for sure that it would be a Boston Celtics. Right does and he can't do both just and maybe sometimes you different personality fit parent. We didn't Platt Tyrone Lue. And really did a blast victim of its in his own personality but he's that apparently a better coach person I was when I was more accomplished it Chiron Lou liberties to you do Tarlow because what Al. President walked over images made a missile bitch of a black had his own way of doing things and remember what happened bland was already easier than it already brought him in as the new coach. And then. LeBron came after him but they did was never there is a discussion about and they ask LeBron James about David blatt there's a lot of respect their base of from the Olympics and it. International competition they had been in and he knew about David black blob blob of law so there is that there is a respect let it wasn't Spoelstra who had an accomplished anything blatt was it wasn't a cop. As coaches and applied who's coaching. Susan now I think yes. Because the last year for him a couple of bucks a strong personality here reigning in Governor Perry is back now so here's the difference the difference is. That it furor. Bret Stephens you gotta find ways of what can I get out of a Jim Brown what can I get that every road here. A need Gerald green is my started tonight knowing Needham off the bench I need four minutes out of Amir Johnson he's trying to pull porch all the buttons. If you tap room you said they're going. What do you do with the Richard Jefferson. To run Williams. I he needs to get this four minutes of exercise who can drop by half a pound that I could be so fat you know what I don't want to with with with Kyle Korver. A dud Dahntay Jones every employee James Jones doesn't play there. He's not even use those guys got to be disappointed at all about it is an entitlement scare last night LeBron didn't have that for him out of the gate. And then he finds the Carrie Irving as it for yet that's the guy and so all of the offense just goes to carry it. There's nothing to and it when the Celtics finally get to that level. That's when you're not gonna rely I don't think is much on the couch or you. No but I would still say we did the job Tyrone Lue did last year when his team was down 31. Like I know we keep talking about late you know. LeBron James is related to the factor head coach he's really the guy you don't pull an all strings but the head coach has a lot to do with just you bring in the team together pull. So you know x.s and knows inch screens and pick and roll and all of us of the goals along with it. Kate in downplays. The case to the ball down the volume best player get out of the way to open it up. Was obviously that's especially you know it in the quarters Norwood carrier was on fire stood up to the hell out of the way he brought the brought up too easy the best player in the world. So in the series is over and we have a winner with the NBA finals who'll be listed as the great coach will appease Tyrone Lue or Willoughby Mike Brown. Process. Of debt that's going to be right that's what's there really BI openings in the NBA finals and you look at these two teams had two coaches. And you say okay. The matchups. You know person knows who kept the check mark the coaches who has the check mark them both can it ever was sit there and set the matter it doesn't matter. Right medicine college it doesn't matter if your might elect to be Cleveland. I'm sure if payback old assumption but doesn't really matter the color of my NBA finals the two best teams in NBA. Either one most delicate either one of those coaches and state of this could come down to this isn't exactly Pat Riley you know and and and Phil Jackson it's just two guys along the. Right yeah give figure holding give me an example that's just incur a lot of people think is really could coach I heard that because if you remember they had done. Which is faces two and broadcast. On Jackson and Mark Jackson. With the coached there before and when Steve Kirk came in they walked. And suddenly people said oh my god Steve Kersey he's a difference you'll Mark Jackson was on a good enough coach so now Steve Kerr has health problems. And which is Faso and Luke Walton takes over wins is what's in ninety since coach. All right so it didn't make a difference and now Steve Kerr is gone they have lost a free can play off game. These coaches don't mean how much they just don't apply to everyday college coaches in basketball or everything to the players. Version out every night here personality and in two. By the by the time Luke Walton got hold a team. It was pretty much you know plug and play with that team so coach and some veterans at all at that point but I would say. Are you negates the curse of greater price to get him over the hump. We think given the right knowledge the right you know you know push that they get over the honey we're good we're Witten could not much points Detroit got to let our staff actually got better he was the MVP. He too cold or give you didn't some credit for that okay. Originally it regarded but what you have mobile or all stars under the won what's more it's only five guys on each team Courtney what's warns. Or should we care is the difference here's the difference when we talk about other sports if we would talk about plug imply. If we looked at Bill Belichick up out of knowing and we were to drop him in Cincinnati OK I would bet you anything. But the Cincinnati Bengals within within a couple years. Would be a a tumble out may be you paid what a playoff game yes they would what uplift it and they would instantaneously. Become a good football team a disciplined football team without peace you know it's Greg ego you know punks they have on that okay. It would be different. Team. So he makes a world of difference in basketball. What's more important here's what's more important can get Paul George here can. Can he didn't write that Tony who's not out as you say it goes that equation he made it over would you rather have Brad Stevens who would you rather have guys that you know. If you made a tree Ronald think LeBron you know yes you want yeah. Well what about Antonin Houston. And instead I'm OK so the owners like Houston turned their season around as a pro bowler with a were blasters because they moved team's hard to guard taken credit one move. On him I think there was more than that. Mean there was more than Jack up threes but I think I think we don't got that number I think it was George young victim is. Personality. And I think it's like it's only have how do you handle it John Ferrell was. John Baer was coaching in NBA team in the post on how he's siren little bit Darrel yeah. That's. You got it at the only reason why they don't win because the manager screws it up because I grew up at that manages her you know it's points not runs what's. How with a different original when he says something like this degree tumors get pissed off that because they you know they idolize spread I think he's terrific coach to give Iraq. I don't he's a stiff at all I think he helps there's no doubt about it but if you don't have these players. It's irrelevant you can you can bring Tyrone Lou here next year. As your coach and a three year contract you bring in a really good players I will guarantee that this team will be far superior to what you've seen him Richard and lesbians I don't think there's. How many coaches and and an audience to this but if you took Tyrone who put him in the south and east conference finals. This team needed Brad don't don't don't he's he's been go listen but you understand the direction yes I totally agree and I think Danny Ainge ride him again. Specifically. For. The rebuilding process a Breyer because he knew we was gonna get young players he wanted to take somebody who was that an accomplished college coach who we see that song had great. You don't promise and in problems. And he was really creative and said this is a guy that can coach up these young players. And give them all the credit in the world and we look at what is that the market Swanson he's out of there are nights he's a curtailment markets want to probable player. And I would you Brett all the credit war. But going forward. What is Tip O'Neill what we have Brad Stevens but we embrace it. You don't have Paul George yet you don't have scored only eight. Tell you you're only gonna cradle and take yeah I just like any there's a budget great coaches out there. The lead or in the NFL and they may be great and extremely Smart and bright they're motivating but he just don't have a quarterback. And no matter how good they coached him anyhow how many great decisions they make. They're never know because they're guys are better than your guy that's it he's better. I think I think they've got a shot here coordinate with the more keep on hearing on have you talked to George Hill is company are now they don't know. If Utah's gonna sign both of those guys if you're Gordon Hayward you're watching what's going on here in Boston and that's where I'll give Brad Stevens credit and we don't know what the relationship is they admit together and what. 56 years so like yeah. But that's the one thing he might be able to do he might help wore. A free agent that may be the most significant thing. That Brad has done to this point. And I. I think he's eager to approach to. And you know Mike has to be in Indonesia Romania Poland and then you might solve that. The income is registered as I was gonna have had a really funny line and of course you'd just. Ruined his deadline not. They're online must be our air variety. Of all of the air you Mike was off though was doesn't meet with him. It was it was well on it was all exhibited there that's the NBA player should do it was really Michael may may I. My dad right we got four outs are bad the club I don't know I think I'm glad you pump says so this episode seven editors. Back to all faster and lower the number he's making around me I know you have just saying. On the numbers. Sports Radio WEEI. That is until these phone call 6177797937. Era and pool in Matthews Dennis instill what's attendance. Hey guys I have. I I have to agree with outlook fluctuated saying it's abundantly clear that sort them out in the NBA. It's all all the players aren't in and I think birds even our heads about it comes. And what coach of the team like the Celtics of this year because they're clearly got. A team that can compete at the level of even that paltry remaining teams although Antonio's gone you'd start with the with the ball movement. And for the for the Celtics have a chance they really have been hit they picked by the 50% of although the shock they just don't have the chance. The end. The other thing. Sometimes the coach gonna make it different maybe the last two minutes of the game and you know what would complete congress but do you really mean. Well look confused tap it in him and he's still won the cup tie here that's. Natural resting place that. That's have you heard of the Vermont just sort of resting bitch face yet but some women may let alone uses what he told them don't talk as they do they recognized as I see them to order all the time this would be you know Maroney will be resting loop and. It says that this dissembled the retreat this Joseph Thomas Lowell Thomas love Islam exactly what's rounds to weasel who's that guided who's who's that was. That was Desmond Bryant who's a receiver for the Oakland Raiders and it was his mug shot that. The famous are your thoughts estimated at third and he kind of specific yes we've had been a big there isn't just the what tyra who looks like all game long just. Insurgents. Can call our. After problem. And the thing about it we know what they it and this is sitting there saying to Bret Stephens is not a good coach. It is what type of impact does he have and I keep on hearing that when people talk about the future big effect on of the of he has to this point yes affect most of his work. To this point maybe you'll get. May be far more than what you need him for in that in the future I don't want to get out please don't this. Now he's got we'd like him but let's talk telling me that they are going to be able to do this take the next level because they are brand. Really wish to cause Leonard never got hurt because that would have been a Mike Brown verse pop. When teams got more talent. Is on game one of those kind of eye opening point five point machine like. Good how big of a difference what that it made you know similar pot making adjustments or whatever with a disciplined team vote against the superstars. I I would still fickle storm windier but in that setting. They just a better team they have more weapons than what. What's yeah drop any defense you want to Popovich but if that Curry's thrown up three pointers and you know five feet beyond the arc was and then what the hell bitches is a great nobody gonna get that the seven game series. Government. Ideal when he's got a problem and then you watch him and still depend it's it's. You reliant on the players LaMarcus Aldridge he get in the play one. Then the next thing he's at the same player Popovich is is gonna coaches have in the league and LaMarcus Aldridge will do nothing. So what do you do. The player. Whatever in the heart is what's in the heart for that play there. But I keep him I'm sure you guys here to for the green team are well on reason that Celtics really have a future Bret Stephens. To put a Dalembert. Would that what are as a player as he does is it that is part of it now. That is it that is part of the coach you just can't throw anybody Hayward here I would agree what you that's basically your editor at an extra you're gonna choose between. You haven't you seen. Budget great players get together and screwed up. Because they're just a they don't feel like they need they need to be coached they feel like they know they have all the answers to the test. And they really don't I don't care how old you are you need to be coached he'd be pushed he'd be motivated because there's a lot of things dirt outlook connect. And they're not paying attention to it Ernie gains capital times in order Alexei it and it's it's particularly the at some point it yet this discussion by what's what's more important. But ultimately even in last night's game. Brad Stevens. It's almost like he knew he he had a plan based on what he was gonna uses timeouts. Even when he had a leaders even pathetic the if the Cleveland cut cavs showed. Any hints of going on Iran time out. Mattingly get started out I mean there's a dumped here reporting or time out. Stopping. Any and that to me. How plaza as I that's a definite game plan mentality. Kate we're we've been we've been victimized by runs by the Washington. Bulletins callable notes Wednesday by the ones it's. And I were let out early while. But they're not he rocketed back with. Yeah yeah a bunch of superstars. Good luck. There they're gonna end up playing hero all Internet are going to be selfish. And basketball when you get to higher levels and we should attempt to game to get the team that is well coached with superstar also they're gonna beat you. He's gonna freelance and here's a good candidate. Who gets the most out planners he certainly did in the last game with mark is Smart he had the same guy same position same set of of obstacles. Any didn't get another Marcus Moore last night my complain Bret Stephens and I'd but in the early and we can't pump them up and say he was the reason that markets market 27. In in game streak and the reason why he didn't get. Anything in last week that he was here brush shoot is sure she hears a Mike in north Providence might. Hey guys yet. That the law but to say I chalk under way and heading sins of the seas cruises are they going on all these and not just in this. Somehow it's okay not passable the Jalen brown especially when you're supposed to pass until the off. And the like the big hike actually Crowder fielder pat simple we've got even he would act. Corporal while trailing Monica right in front Crowder was simply applicable again pocket. No there's no shot blocker in place but you know pat that get me. Hey eat at JR Smith field underneath the basket we need to wait and perhaps. Nobody else's. And there everybody else on the program both teams are you know what. It happened to him for that shot or get eight re Bradley tested two point jumper and he that sort of thing that's going on. You are usually obviously a big fan Jalen brown and I am is as well think that the kids got tremendous upside I'll tell you this they're there's not another player and a team. In which after something screws up. That you don't see players going to Jalen brown and pointing their fingers supposed to be over here you're supposed to peel be my guess is he's out of position. An awful lot OK I am and defensively. He's still working I like I'd like he's defensive intensity. I think he gets it I think he has a good basketball IQ but he gets burned and some place he could Burleson to get frozen by was a LeBron last night down the block it. I was a double dribble. And LeBron bottle that was a double trouble two and a pledge that you really want to. Call for calming last night did you notice that we didn't think it existed. It's Jalen brown. Playing twenty minutes that he's shown what you want is a very good rookie year. I'm good and I don't I don't think the playing keep away from Jalen. You know the offense is what it is that he says and not get the ball when the offense calls for I don't know this guy knows all the place. Are not aware of ball's supposed to go to. But yeah he could utilize him more than that back don't usually some of that that would appoint a sharp again last night yes there's that point a finger an anomaly is supposed to be over here. A Georgia's own thing here hello George. Think I don't card to make us. In that they have jewel it's been. I don't tell by the river. Let's get to that point so a little while ago and I think it's a subject bought Bobo checked you know possibly go in Cincinnati and what we eat what would he do repaired the the instant playoff. While I can't disagree with record Bill Belichick was anywhere turns a football game into a very disciplined club squid make it to the playoffs a couple of years where a couple of playoff games and virtually will what is suitable. Depending on. His tenure there. Now I don't wanna be. Let me just say right now I'm a citizen. Afforded understand and I in the saying that to one terrorist still the greatest quarterback all types but it's. Because the game is completely different so are trying to compare tiger would too technical you know it's completely two different completely yeah. Having said that now. If tumble anywhere to go to working on the verge of the playoffs without Bill Belichick how would you care. Pretty good. I think you'd be pretty good but I would say this eight now that's about basketball it's all about the player it's all over the plate to take Gregg Popovich and put him on the Brooklyn nets this past year. And I I don't think the record to be any different I just don't. And I think he's a tremendous coach. I remember. Though it last thing I want it to the players make it bigger difference I don't want to ask your caller and in Boston I you do not even in the top ten million decode. Now it's you know I'd probably go to Jacksonville mixture out exit here. We're not they'll vote. I think he he would he'll fare better than bill go to Cleveland quarterback. Turks. And it brought in thumper ordered. No. Posing like you give bill a popular as an awful roster. Was when it's admirable even last year's Cleveland Browns roster and they win. Through games committing more disciplined about it and it did any player slots at Neiman no discipline but Brady go to a team they did obviously a lot more steals for give him three years to fill the roster difference or. You'll see which you got to pluck him in the middle of an offseason and let that Cleveland Browns thought process from last year he's not doing much of the deal bill's winners. Every year and he's drafting low. Down every single round I just think this huge difference between the impact of a culture of the National Football League. First as a coach and Ian PA the next day and night I'll say the same thing about that in a manager we can bitch all we want right now by John Farrell. By. You play somebody else you might get you know a change of attitude for couple weeks or whatever. But if you don't of the players of the players continue to hit the way the it right now it could get into which you have a bigger impact as a coach in the NFL that's so we're so. I 6177797. Andy threesome and right here on alignment. Back to Fort Wayne Ramon Ian Fauria before telefono oh percentage and got called about description right now anywhere I go over 617. And on and off all your daughter. Of the Sports Radio do we eat. 48. It was ridiculous the draft is what appears to block you know. But his kids not to beat the number one pick for what this kid drops to number three completely. Soul. All the Peters did you make a play what's up Peter. I got a in the questions. During the simulated revenue 39%. Three point shooter entered the global producer of points sequentially during the period. Even 25%. They're the most 55%. And I think that's great welcomes whatever seven. Comedian Chris Perry got to kill them and what he admitted they had very he was. It appears that'd be in the senate from requirement America it would make a little bit pretentious. This now as he missed three slam dunks or for so far in this series. Is this like. While LeBron told that last night but Avery did it last night as well and it is already done it like at least twice. This or. Yes he missed some open threes early in the game DA did. I want to. I have okay they sold out we have additionally eight coined the term being tumors. I have no idea he'd have been. It's it's been around for a while. Uses little blue dog uses an all time great teams tangling this. And it's almost like it would make it I mean what does what does it has been beating. Total tickets to negate the ticket you know going to do stats are baseball bat. This topic pink. They'll experience. Romo old and isn't going to be candidates are sensitive. To its biggest Internet fan base we have in the city. Our quarterly income under foreign port and read. It took me a passionate about. Yeah delusional is to the point where. Where they they they can't see the truth sometimes stages. At Evian that late. Any phone call Lisa since that angle you about that sounds. Almost like that I. I thought well I. When you compare the real quickly compare like the assistant impassioned. Threw the ball and fan bases patriots and Bruins Red Sox Celtics will rule how would you recommend a particular order. I think the focus in whipping girl pregnant and the puppetry and their and there was anybody else. But then. Did that the only you take it annoying calls on this station and I haven't heard any street seemed pretty and so we. A little confused that there are packed and is not seen as not passionate Celtics fans of course they are all are I'm just talking about as a group I think Bruins fans in knots. Okay patriots fans Red Sox fans there are some Celtics I think the other three sports. Have more so I would say Peter that did this more resistance. When you get negative about the Celtics now. Eight in its interest in that that happens that dynamic cabinet when it when you're talking about the patriots for the last fifteen years. It's pretty hard to do that isn't it seventeen managed. I tried to do and and we general time. Retreat it is it is but you gotta be able to see sort and I brought up the the the Brad Stevens that you heard what we've been saying abroad Brad Stevens do you agree with what we've been saying. Or you one of those people that sit there and say. None of a Bret Stephens is gonna make it is a major difference. In where the Celtics can be here vs other coaches coach in this day. You are saying that this scene because. He sort of the other. You know they take into an abyss go to learning which LeBron James said last night club. The key to tuscon I would. As you GP. Did you channel is so brittle too sensitive and parents and saw everybody getting into it is James embossed and I James. Other. I've met it should be viewed tabs open and written it better it haven't had a great day. Other then relying heavily on superstars. Wait did that that that the cavs. Over prepared for Isiah Thomas and now that he's a shoot outs. That that's part of the problem. I dated debt indeed a threat if they don't detect it just. Really I picked up but when it yeah I think it I'm a small. Imitate but it went totally the James they play totally different so you're gonna put two guys you have a third guy available. To defend Isiah Thomas I think the one thing the series might have taught us it's certainly isn't that there are better team without Isaiah Thomas. But it might tell you that if you add another offensive weapon. Glorifies it Thomas moves the ball a little bit worn frees up some other people. That a team like the cavaliers can't defend you the way they did the first affair. You can't get better idea that your idea up and get marquee bowl. Defaults to do what he's nineteen years old design our age your play forty minutes. Built around it yet you know adult franchise the city. I Vietnam exhibit a locked and let them. That it if it did to intrigued with you. Gonna last that cauldron is you don't own zone irritated me and I've watched the entire trailer for games from Diego was. Can watch him I don't want to press the bugs it probably do this probably. So some soap. You know you little tomato and also so sorry we sell cellular bills so kilometers south hills pizza itself if I caused and I immediately used make that nobilo is get a lot of them got handle on a valueless and awareness of him here replacement until they want also little. Yeah that's what feels not that I'm a man now beyond it. Asleep in the future. You may have to see you play this Saturday let's let's written by your wife yesterday you might in the don't bend its huge dog. And I can't tell if I don't he's humongous. SO BC of one of those nights where you you rub your wife the wrong way is right. The wrong way through the Hubble is hopelessly unlucky towns close it down his clothes or. Both for awhile now. The solitude and sound and liberty are particularly drawn to daddy I would recite that progress also tunnels yet we're gonna we're gonna talk some Red Sox. I know Lou's got some issues again yeah and I got I got you gotta be gotta let me do the cabinet and if you are upset at the fact is that you had some sense yet City Council. Women a woman in a city councilwoman over in Seattle. Writing a letter to the team or man is explaining to the Seahawks why Colin happening is a good fit for that gridlock college property would be welcome in Seattle great Nancy admittedly says she knows nothing about cobalt don't have now. You have I don't know what this group is that is there is they're planning a protest like a seven city protest. Against the NFL one of them be in front FL headquarters in New York City look at it in Providence. All this to put on cabinet support in. That. Sort of every comeback probably all over the data.