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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 32: Partying with Mike Napoli

May 23, 2017|

Texas Rangers first baseman Mike Napoli joins Rob Bradford to talk the art of hugging, why some clubhouses work and some don't, and some previously untold stories about his time in Boston.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Do you remember Mike Napoli and 2013. Twice three O'Brien's. 8420. Yes huge beard. World championship. And celebrating that world championship by walking shirtless down boil some street couple years later he was gone use out of Boston. Blow things up he was over to Texas. And couple years after that now he's back with taxes were a third time when we caught up once again was Mike Napoli and he's been on the show a few times he's always you always insightful always honest we get a little bit more into the behind the scenes of Mike Napoli in Boston which is pretty good pretty entertaining. As well as some untold story. Of one he was actually with a Red Sox and the fact what you thought of the clubhouse when he was here. What he thought the club policy when he was on its way out and what he thinks of release the Red Sox in rangers' clubhouse is right now as we it here. Mike Napoli heads in the second game is right Sykes hears of Texas kennel run to you still had them. You can also still give a really did podcast so here artists. For the absolute favorites of the Brett throws show podcast. Last time he was on a sitting in front locker in Cleveland and now he's sitting in the dugout certainly part of me that's with a six tours of duty. But at Texas Rangers as far as we know Mike Napoli might carry you. I'm just skewed the view in this Doug Allen. While some space gas so what you're talking about is they've rearrange the entire dugout they put seats in Fenway Park. Ever since he when that you left this place assortment (%expletive) hole. But now it's but now it's it's it's bring new and everything's I and you led the league and hugs I've seen that many hugs since the cubs came in here in. Activists say this might. You have mastered the art of and I did notice that the hugs for the for the baseball players for a little hug different than the hikes for the feet. Male employees or mean. That's how solicited. That's fair I mean to get the Droid argues it's really tough so the love butter no good news for this had a much justice. Given for the real thing it was a little bizarre because he literally nestled his head into your bosom is about hungry tiger is like the arms. That's so kind of awkward hugs I was make them you have common type for the real thing. So what do you miss most about the loss of and is is spin and so the atmosphere and everything else so what are you legitimately miss most about boss you'll still up you place here news rented out. It's a city Nazis who enjoyed. Being around city. So before. It's like. It's like mute people in the city blue collar you know they. It's hard throughout. So I mean you know opponents partner play here every day it was so cool. Know you're. A packed house there and I you're expected to to do if you don't you love it goes the less you know about it so. You know really enjoyed doesn't. It you go other places that is there. Texas who Bentley said he was in Texas or whatever happy career you've been to Anaheim. You've been to Cleveland and that was a great run last year crowds license on that but. But is there any other place like here and an online talking about you know between seven and ten at night. But the whole ball waksal. It's it's pretty tough to beat here. Thought they enjoyed it so once he knows. Who's just full package. So I mean. I'll thank god I mean home so that placements are really tough to beat. How much she rented out for law. Having songs. 32 months. Of thirteen Graham among. Sports and so the same person it's Amber's it is such as anyone we know non. Mentality players in there I mean I know myself slip it cut it. So deep and so when you talk about Boston. And being here and obviously part of Mike Napoli Boston and it's. You said you were on the streets without a shirt on you've done you've done. You were one of the people you're a man of the people in in Boston. What's it like him he's just some guys don't like that some guys don't why it. There's more attention there's this you can't kill you can't do this akin to that. What is it like to be. Man about town in Boston. Boy I think that's I mean. I'm never looking for the attention but I'm just. Silicon like everyone else news drawn out here. With two you know it's although it doesn't hurt that doesn't of the you know the pace for thirty or Iowa mean every goats. Stream in Los yes there onto the art house senate. Hang out for a little bit. That the government. The Sonics going to public coaches that. It's what happens when the road for a championship in Boston it's that there. Spirits and I mean college elected off upon I'm not afraid to. You're around people or have to have a security guard or would there you know samba and I think that's what. Car will draw on top of the time. Not view this. So called special person that needs special needs are being you know a slight draw up fun to neighborhood person. Was there any time where he felt when you you have a moment to be a moment commuter give me your favorite. Moment being. Once again man about town beaches. All I have to do and believe me it probably will when it surfaces part Cassel threw the picture of you watching you know Jack though with your. Post season earth. Blocked that though oil sensory. But. Besides that was there a moment like this is this is pretty cool this is pretty cool to it to be here to be in box. Call me and there's always the moment you sort of cost. Or rent and Chicago product you'd have to spend another dime. Bust. And knobs and after winning in two in the whole. Spiel for a month party after. You know it's. Cool men go bowl parade and you remember the pro a little bit and I remember talking to the book. I'm on the water. That should or whether the job I'll just pop in the warrant wave and people. Actually here's a here's the thing what I say do you remember he rubbery thing and you say a little bit assuming because you have a few cocktails. The part that you're supposed to remember isn't postal through the park where you're actually trust it yet. Five success and it. Bob whatever it was it was just almost fondness. I have so many so many emotions going on with the full Pontchartrain. I lost a World Series and taxes and have another opportunity therein and actually wanted to. One of the best here's hiker who she is. So perfect. Summer house in their fifth but it was just the whole moment. You know so very. Doing here winning here. Tall trees the fans where Jesus. Was so perfect. Did you ever in all the times you were too obviously traded 2014. Who do it and throughout since that time was it any point where you thought there might be a glimmer of hope that you come back here. All I mean. You keep an anti us who have you know some of the guys I mean there's hope. Of the loved come back here to slip. A special place from Ennis I understand the business partners. What goes on so. There's no hard feelings of how it came back and are we. Does that weird you go over there Dijjer hugs and everything else that not a lot of guys that's not a lot of guys left out guy's argument yet but instantly cuts accompanied me in me Q all right you know replay with him. But it's nice you know as those of the but is it but there's not a lot of guys left over is it a little strange now. CNET. Or ESI's. Smoke. Really we're playing against him no I just played against Cleveland Oakland and it was. It was weird team you know silence came over the last game played his sudden. Rome open the season against Gaza just went through a whole you're with and Krieger really shifts and China have that it is some stuff you and your time please include your. Those where but I mean. Well a lot of guys not being here's nods here. Plan gets. Busters list. Oh yeah it was I mean it was just. And what they did for me here on the on the Jumbotron and uses. It was foolish whose hard. About it and we'll. Oh what in street today or when as we sit here right now parasites point of view big talked to spoke the other one game over 500. Clubhouse this clubhouse that John Ferrell. You click for John fell tell me what type of manager is enough in terms oath like how you view that. Not only playing here but from the outside this I guess because the top of the day what type of guy puts evidentiary. Renews whose great put us. That's that's just the nature. Of peace and units. You're expected to I have a really good year every year I mean there. Hasn't. The trades and does. It's what you're really good come off really great year I think the presence of poppies. Not been an act of Austin has productions. It's tough to I mean my. Tough song that everyone looks up to. Todd keeps their own together. They balloon. Given to somebody's ass needs to her and saying you can control so many different things over there. Who's in garlic news this talk means it's hard for someone. Bill to step up and roll justice. Coach tried and done so. And I think it's a song and they come together until someone steps up to uphold. It's going to be tough. They are game over 500 the evidence that's not acceptable if not is not to use. Look forward and behind me these so it's not that's unacceptable so. All of its tough you know it's. She won a World Series two years ago and it would be fair to say that when you were a year in 2013 especially this was a clubhouse sort of rule itself. And this is a knock on Ferrell whatever but you guys were able sort of delegate yourself. And that's I would imagine the best way to do it is set Thursday. Yeah honestly wants to be done. It's the way it is here how we. Who was the ultra. I mean we police ourselves you know you don't. Brought her out manager and nobody comes. And make sure everything's all right you know we've enters. Soft enough set in stone we have rules and you don't follow the rules you guys are young do you know you are one. He wants to them it's part of two. You know ticket to the next guy and then next year in and people are learning how to be leaders. So I mean. That's for need that is usually arrived and and I have one it's been like yeah incentivizes people don't. Think people undervalues. Chemistry. And hope your body and her out to each other veterans mean. There's not many veterans in the game. Others that are there acting out what who's teaching these kids how to. How to go about their business or our way of putting gamer these off field suffered you don't sound like there's. It's all. Baby's arrival look at this year olds and so it's tough. Do Karstens took the ball the chips. They makes thirty million dollar that's okay. Might go back to when you're here let your last year here that's what I rice said. Note you know Pedroia sit there and you're sitting there you're trying to figure out how to get us off I don't like it going. And you don't want to which I don't have to deal with a lot of them just have to get to worry about yourself. To draw is the same way and Ortiz is in Ortiz but it. There wasn't it wasn't like the year before writing get the sense does that. There wasn't a lot of other guys to sort of lean on because whoa like you're going through a slump you know you want someone else did to fuel this stuff. War I mean it's. It was totally different team up. We lost the whole middle earth. You know we have Pedroia. Two weeks Steve and take royals variant. So all assaults was those those lists of different. Soon. Young guys coming in. We're trying to get their feet right and stand a big reason in China do what they have to do so they can stay there and incidents come. Young people going different directions. Was totally different teams where he had. All veterans who we have will. Was fired there are young guys. Brenda did Narnia is in comes up at GM but yes bill if he. So who is who's all of all of us winning no one cared at all. Anything but winning like we. Know how to treat each other revenue you know we announce further so's. Was there is one of the coolest. Tees off the simple chemistry. Wise through every single person. It was humbling and is this a tough thing is that you know obviously you're not as you go we'll keep debts Jack valiantly and been intent you have. So in a bogus but they're all through you know 24232226. Years old. Mecca say well we can't have them because they don't have experience but what you setting fit the chemistry in the leadership part of it however you can find that is pretty. Or. 100%. Six that's where it starts. Again how often does on different directions. Have the same. Goal. Excellent when the team comes together. There's none better than you guys known you know them. You know each other for each other tough on Washington home of Parker's. In America each other's. It's a big part of watching it and how important was slovo. Really important news he's Smart he's Mara news. And of them vote there's a little. If you do your job and got a good dedicated team nerds. What's on the body divisions. They had to have players could be wrong he's he's a Smart guy knows the game world. You reload. So the last question I know you gotta go put on your UT shirt that you just received. I since we are now for three or four years out I can bring this subject up one of my favorite moments in baseball. Bomb it which was when you got here it was it was 2014. One of them they're. Too dog. Good you're trying to get things you know you try to loosen things up a little it you get your shipment about him. Usually they say Mike Napoli on them Louisville slugger Louisville's what is it what was your records brute. We don't want the five votes or Moochie. Don't ever say the murder she isn't creative isn't sympathetic to their clients. What did you have done to your bats instead of it saying right now. Monetize cobol lady friends name on the backs. Whether oil and are getting it out he views now on and took awhile to find which one had hits in he knows it's a funny thing to do much on the Gaza coast. Guess Thomas long boasted I guess it. I've never have you ever every I don't know how does that come about because I've never seen that. That idea crowded with this is something one day you said what does a promise to wonderfully for a thought just autos biologist came via my. It's on main moment. How does that both holidays. And easy for these men on the value. Like. How's this gonna go down. But they hit it and it isn't good virtue would do they say what what the hell would retire. You know I really hear anything. That happened. I think the I don't remember the first ones are the real first name do you remember the first man. We're not gonna reveal that we won't that's fine but we won't ruin the surprise of nobody picked up on us if this went basically entire year. I think. I think some people picked up on. And this. It's over now I don't know what is one of the most creative and can we can sit here and applaud view of all the things I applaud you for that is one of the greatest things. I might well once again one of the favorites with a podcast early preach it and I finally came through. Good is not a beer Mardy lost he sure wish I still to this day so you've got him elected by putting that on in the bar. But is now Bradford T shirt night for our thanks for coming on thanks very accepting the teacher thanks.