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K&C - Celtics missed Isaiah Thomas; Pete Frates is struggling to pay for his medical costs 5-24-17

May 24, 2017|

Hour 3: Gerry and Kirk talked about a big win for Cleveland and a rough night for LeBron.

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Wins most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. In a short time Paul Francis will alive in this country for the first time. I think he just has an amazingly. Seeing saying something without meaning to hurt anyone but say something anyway kind of unites us I mean there's a lot of peace that comes. He's an amazing amazing. Leader for our church and I really think he's making a difference in the way out. I mean much better person Frances and any Pope who has ever been at work. I'm I don't serve in some of these 497 you'll nun's washing feet. Coleman might they're feeding me. A little fight through that living life with the light his vote lead and what ever happened to Ratzenberger he's not dead you know they just put on the helicopters and some. She's okay how vacation retreat on Lake Como or somewhere he's doing and the snow fall I mean why we got Malcolm urgent care. I think he's a hundred years old but I mean he obviously was in embroiled in scandal but we don't know much about it works right then cut them. Rug yes I'm here. Ever with the Pope is anything different anybody else and they haven't you don't do I have and I told and went to the Vatican to techies whatsoever. The good the priest who did might that's my dad's great friend father Paul there is a great. The guy and monsignor munching its current course once he. Did you monsters and nice cat yeah it. Let her own songs are like the saints on goal than. In. Why does it live and Michael hot and patients I I don't know humanity and he lives in a palace with servants and I. Why that how that reflects Teamsters and when that virtue some righteousness always skate. Was told he's like the real people somebody when I goes to church of it goes to work. What does that say to them I don't know measles and put your money pocket to give it. Dan Burton law has gold ceilings. And I Bernard Law who was absolutely fine with kids being raped. You know debate the Catholic Church can make you sick just terrific route. He hit trump. Spending time over there was real stuff going on. Singer he spent about. Our within an hour to march arts she's she's not expending the night I don't care in the attic and I don't think too much time and is already with the Italians and with the Italian president lenses and I minister avenue Easter Bunny to announce what he says. Efforts of pizza at NATO and ebitda. Put his foot down when NATO wants the rest these leeches and that's their fair share annual. And I want the most stops open that. Rain and he went on in the campaign 2000 brawl at that age I was going on. Egg I don't let Asia ex. I would quit attending Catholic Church right many hot how many hospitals and schools. How many people they killed an educated throughout the years. Like many thousands tens of the most charitable organization the history of mankind army they raped. And curiosity not that public cup already couple hundred. Church to rate them they were fine would absolutely fine. I cricket second I don't acknowledge. That it W hanging I didn't CEO our president yes. OK well good and well the thing is I church or any giant organization needs a leader. It's part of the administration. And they just like us their leaders divine right at after the correct I mean he he's not the CEO we think the Pope with a CE John you think he handles it. And then I'll put that. You guys address where apple is letting on misunderstanding like. Quite the opposite this guy showed I showed the American people or hundreds of thousand people weeping over this man who I think you go to a church in America now. I Iguchi got churches and a better job getting ordered most of these creeps most. In 58 priest who say hardworking whatever 55 year old guy who's dedicated his wife to this. Who lives a little house where to retire somewhere has never really at the lovable woman is had a quiet. Caught the plate of life we've worked hard and is accomplished much more than Pope writes as much more I'd I had very little respect for me. What occurred you don't know you don't know post. On top three out of the top of all time. I don't. Happen on October Johnson or so it was kind of like LeBron yes yes we huge arguments let's talk only hope before yesterday so here's the deal. This morning we I am bashing LeBron James I am annoyed at these people say the getting great game dominant game are only as you are going to do normally it is time to people who've done. And that's these from two important people in McCain is an important person he zoo whatever McManaman right. He's the beat he covers the cavs were ESP he covers the left and Don Imus was he says. Donna almost dominant when the polls say the New York Post that he was not a great great game plan it out bounce back I mean these are people who didn't watch or just wanna lick is nuts he's wanna more like ignored or look at the box score the box score lies today your box score lives. I am bashing LeBron and at the same time Kirk is bashing Paul frank they both hope fracking used to love 'cause he's transformed me trends don't ET dot twenty over the Gaza City is Franz is Silas he's transgender right. These. He's saying was for a woman I think wasn't you know could be could buy and there was no abortion. That's right yeah his pro boards yes all the way through the third trimester and I think right that we have talked about the public probably tropics of course it is. Of course he is ahead of the election troubled by global warming under religious Jews the worst triumph it is sold fairly prompt Marcum vote or read and I'll vs it is his hope Francis Martin Luther King books. Policing of art of the deal can be gimmick English books or Martin's mechanic put prince can read them. I don't know particularly Amazon any humor and a sculpture to a scope a skull and what that statutes nose to toe finally gave him Ono large DR three coming up 617779. 79%. Mortgage backed the celtics' side in the third hours walls as Pete Brady story which we saw yesterday which is. Unless he disturbing. But by opening usual pick about stuff like now it is hard to believe but it makes sense when them indeed yes we'll do that as well. A lot more to get to Kirk and Callahan. On the year the track now Turner's strategy and hopes she's feeling better. Hope so I will grip back. Wait a moment and Fauria break Michael Vick played in his state he had eager fans ultimately and he's gay he had a good game but it's yes or no way to license unless woman knew you'd think he'd had a good game by the rose right now we give it to you know I've never hate you more injured anytime in my life and right now our way we're loaning and 48. Tended to make its fox Sports Radio W. EI and WEEI dot. Com. Pay its Lou you wanna lose weight and look great this summer mean code doesn't go join New England fat loss like I did they gonna take the bummer audio or summer Lleyton only real vote knowing and fat loss dot com they gonna make you feel great fast. 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Being home for Boston Red Sox baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FEM ADHD one Laurence Fox News. From the O'Reilly auto parts studio but don't you we eEye. Yeah. 8 o'clock hour per game and here's what's trending now all of them yeah I it that yeah I dot com LeBron James picked up a fourth spot with 646 left in the second quarter in the Celtics surged to a sixteen point lead in the first half of game four last night but Tyree Irving emerged ten straight points before the break when he won more in the third quarter en route to a career playoff high 42. Indiana castigate 31 series lead with a 11299. Win at Quicken Loans Arena LeBron finished with 34 including fifteen points in the fourth quarter. Cats as a team shoot 71%. From the field in the second half gave vital back if TD garden tomorrow night 830 that the cease facing elimination Red Sox eleven Rangers six last night in game one of that series it that way standard Bogart's three hits three RBIs for runs scored reports yellow gets the win despite allowing five runs over six. Third game two tonight at 710 with Chris Daly gets fourteen Perez 645 pregame on the shots of the young Red Sox radio network front Gradkowski restructured contract for the pats for Adam Chester incentives could boost his salary from five point 25 to ten point 75 million this year in a few rules Jake is coming out of the NFL owners' meetings in Chicago including overtime down from fifteen to ten minutes at a cut back on analyzing and zone celebrations. Weather forecast brought to you by Nissan chance of morning shower than partly sunny this afternoon at Boston and high of 65. I'm Ken Laird that's what's trending Kirk and Callahan continues. What happened. How are we OK with the police overpriced cough its its want to become normal for these donut shops over let's saw. The people demand better not talk about great coffee for 99 cents all day every game but talking about Cumberland forms. It's spring and no one wants to replace a dead battery and the greens except for triple land and get AAA. Hey hey hey dot com slash joined now. Kurt. Still think last night's game two suspicious yet. There's a wink wink nod nod with the league districts has sucked around while Michael was he spears I believe a lot of conspiracy they called and he feared these could use to better ratings okay. The conspiracy theory which I do not completely rule out. Harry Callahan I think that work if you don't work work work work work is obscene the torque is it seemed that is very good. At. Even the pictures of seeing the Ascap the tour can succeed yes this did. It it mimics the pelvic thrust porn bots that show up and out on a cast and crew of men had been to Celtics cavaliers Celek funeral and realize friend was there so couldn't. Although he never shows up with. I'm getting you know mostly from the big concern for me many Italian weakened funerals combined the last couple but I kip Williams scored what 2:12. AM page yourself. Cool down the treasury market like none of us. We're the costs which go ahead would last. Talent in moments like that on Sports Radio W. So Isaac pick up our through your right on its excellence and it's it's a good night's host. Eighteen used to what went into it and suck it was full does this generally on the attack overly political relaxed. I predicted the game almost exactly sure what you mean yeah right no wrong. Almost enjoy or wrong I'm the only one on the show predicted this Celtics would cover spotlight. We mean so what I make predictions indicate glow when you my right eye on their this year she's human what was your prediction 138 to twelve was like. Austin won ten Cleveland 101 payers between we all agreed on more on two things and we will write a low one of the men wrong although one room we all agreed. The markets Smart would come crashing back no doubt about that that was a given he was 149. Awful on the offensive and ended up with eight points he saw three turnovers. I mean we've he had he had zero defensive rebounds. One that's Rima enemies of tough defense supporters of guy brings an edge in like that. There was nothing flew Q that is point seven points and seven threes in game for nothing too cute with it spooky game in many ways but that was the cookies to before I agree that. We were all right about that. Everybody thought LeRoy LeBron won't have a good game last night that we all agreed we were all wrong about very. You and I agree that you in the C minus agreement deep plus generously it was you know what even the good did. That he did last night is doesn't reflect that well on him and explain why he is the rap is off committees. Panics that he gets a little tight in the big spots that's exactly what happened at a question the other rappers is a front runner no things are no longer the man he's lineup and on the floor. Duncan and door and ran threes that's what happened last night. The the number US foreign gotten here. From the moment he left the game LeBron left the game with a report files to the end of the third quarter the last stupid. Who assumed the office of filing stupid file while Garcia Marcus Smart the corner and then well then just steam rolling her rosy so much time is up to that point. How much turn out better than them seven minutes in such a sixty and yet okay. Seven minutes in the first half. He goes out. Carrier ring scores 36. Points and a prayer on him on the third quarter when the game when the Celtics were. With the empathy I have I have a hand in a pennant to have there's obviously still in control sort of didn't feel like Libya he scored 21 in the third quarter on nine for ten. And some were amazing arriving lefty layups in trap off salvage shots you follow and then that 26 foot dagger step back three he was spectacular in credit could have been what issued a third quarter. Nine for diapers. For ten and with a two easy ones may be too easy yes maybe hum. LeBron James could have been anybody could have been you know they're ferns and at that point Hank Finkel of them and they still win the game. He was irrelevant. In this game I re Irvin and an NC Kevin Love. Low rebounded to. Al Horford seventeen. Who for love at six rebounds and seventeen to in that third quarter and a third quarter Horford had zero rebounds. I mean offered his. Then show me something low oppose some corporate awake it's nasty you know. He's just not physical boxer but that's not what he was advertised its we as an it be good competitive play with Kevin good shortly with. Some big anger or Robin Lopez right. Or Martin grew topped like Joseph while these guys get like direct one play with Horford Anderson my who's trying to parents. Or pretty good guy to play yeah really good passers Smart a player of the channel stays out of the way as direct a Smart things pulled he gets it. He's taken well before few technical center I don't sense yes but but but that LeBron finishes with the softest. Most should host the seeding line all Xenia 34 points. And five rebounds and six assists he had five turnovers and obviously for Paul's first time ever with four fouls in the first half. And they were good calls there was nothing wrong about the moves no conspiracy no conspiracy. He panicked he. The moment was to Victor yeah we've seen before. I wish I would disagree with the broadest hardest player in history in almost any sport to figure out what he has historically. He really is because you see EC nights like this the good thing you look at it and you look at the record and you just can't ignore this week I mean. I I watched towards entire career which almost birds Packard magic entire career. And they just weren't like that but yet when LeBron has done for five years his record's gonna match everybody's been Jordan. And but the question was. Three days ago is he better than Jordan as good as you I never thought that Padilla. But you heard it assured that I never I never heard people and the best that will there are good too many moments on his on his mark like this there's obscenity says again. The one last thing he scored 34 points to go into the finals for the seventh straight es don't files in the seventh straight year and yet I think. If you David port Miller skip Bayless from Mikey and who made a career out of bashing Ron Ron. You can take a bow because this was the bad LeBron on the supplement on the front Ronald Brohm was so last night I don't care. This growth of mine you know two or shooters you know from the two threes I don't care. Faults which. I'm switch when when by the way when Ron Ron was wide open he gave that switch. Which was a little strange but it was not. And and also maybe one or but the finals he can of do what he did last year mean an inquiry was great in the files analysts. Is brawn brawn gonna lead the cavs over the news this Al excels as smoke and hunt gold state examples is barren world last year in a much or Cleveland so I didn't make any changes to upgrade to the upgrades they did small for high I think they're going to be went 56 games. And I'm I'm gonna root for LeBron. I don't think he's a bad guys you know he's fine he's an ego maniac a tale all right buddy Scott Adams Jordan wasn't that wouldn't wanna hang out Jordan right. I could hang on Obama like that role we bought some question as close Rangel obviously I don't. He plays golf doesn't. Know much about. Always a boat and Miami's yet it bodes. Bunch of kids are all right yes we've seen one of them dribbled between his exit don't do gardeners I hear that and they show like athletes kids and him April is only six years old that he can use his left hand. Mean you said earlier and we get nobody. Disagree or nobody said the best physical specimen in sports history. I'm sure missing some guy who's builds for the sport like nobody else is a football guy armed robbers who may you mentioned Bo Jackson was phenomenal but he. He's not the best player ever even on the top white balance. I'll grab a great Allie must know wood and bronze months Randy Moss has more built in the export on now. Wrong. And he's not in LeBron I think could play the NFL right this I don't go on a plane in an hour right. Com Youkilis each sport but it's kind of hard for me and I mean out of with a lot of footage yet hard you don't really want him you know. We did the fifth hotel wasn't at triple jumps how much leeway 215. He's bench I mean look at Aussie great football player Carlyle and his coaches actually pop Warner. Saw my show that that's that's you know quite the clip Pope or. Heat we played for a popular albums went public or else one like annoying neighbor it's awful but he that is it's true no one has been built for this sport better and by the way on top of the height weight and strength. The athletic ability is the durability. And announces vulnerabilities and managed plays he's homeless and takes. To arrest tried to do and accountable but but but I mean you know again this year it's only four games again mission led the league in minutes per game. Minutes of talk and swallow literature that if carried Irvin broke his ankle than just roll that. Who wins that. So let's agree alters there's no doubt agree it's very Ervin if turner has a good games was 25 Celtics went to be doesn't have an otherworldly game one of the best playoff performances you will ever see in the publicly and that scares me that you need that kind of performance to win that game. And that's Celtics team and you think the local state minister Cleveland fan. Is thinking of local state. By obviously this is the Celtics have. Give you the best shot and it's also play well tomorrow night. I'm sure they're gonna win them assessment close game I don't think I don't honestly don't think we're gonna hear today when Walt Walt talk about those on the there's a could I could you could last for sure they could use some offense that could use someone to get to them to the rim yeah. Because you some clutch shooting. We knew Marcus spark Smart was a fluke mean. Avery Bradley's been good office Lieberman. In eskimo too much load I look at the team I mean look at these guys Cairo and Brad be Smart Revco brown rose here this is not a great office that these include include as two of the five best players in the MBA. Celtics don't even have to them. 25 best on click post three Celtics don't have one of the thirty best player I've said that a sort of pressure rises people freaked documents web Saint Louis is there would be in that group fish all. Right now you're so right now Justine Celtics have any of the top thirty players loan. Now without my dad says three of the top thirty and two of the top three of the top twenty. 25 when he and two of the top five yes so they are. I mean that's why pick them through to. Lose 112112. Runs and yes the cover the spread on twelve the 99 that's what I said Boston won ten Cleveland 101. No close enough he was close to him. As those used reading your hearings we've Woodard who would now expect he picked up on the blow rightly. Kirk. Knows the treasury talks with physical when what time did try to call in sick. Around eleven I was asleep. Eleven she called at 730 acres obviously Alex Alex welcome he would jump right na in the 200 retreated zero now but he would have been willing we define. It's fine what's the while it's allocated to them to us. I get a lot of people wanted to be just who showed. Toss from we do we know. We don't want the companies say too much not correct reload spoiled too much but anyway so if you think. Doctor bronze in the had a good game or the Pope is the line give us a call. 61777979. For seven much horsepower for LeBron James Pope LeBron James LeBron is accomplished and I have no problem I don't hate LeBron I'm not like. You know skip Bayless just looking for reason bash him but she would admit temperature pretty good and are you vomiting or will be a note saying of the indeed make mean and some here post. Headlined a note saying that LeBron you've played great and talented you'll hear it spent twelve or an error that at all obligated to won't textures from five always. Saying it nobody doing this. To me it was worse than game three in this were I would be yeah right you in this units can spread the word out because I text and what it does he use. Solidified. This. Reputation on the front runner of mentally soft guys not just off night and once Kari urban kind of won the game Furman says okay. And throwing them dunk a couple times I'll hit a couple of shots over whoever Jake router why thought or I was. Was I thought watching likely answers last shoot gold stated that this had been bank which is LeBron whose artwork and I see him again meet to continued roll through the first ten games of the playoffs. He looks unbelievable inning getting a little quiet talking the first two games of the seabright the first ten games and play tennis though. I'm talking with the smallest. Bit of adversity yes and that's how he's been against the team that note it's going to be Q. Any notes he actually melts. That again at that for me is not put his numbers up there's numbers match up with anybody in history. But that means something would you he had when you leave you when you leave the game with a cramp in the finals that means something. Those things add up eventually what does he have to do to be better than Jordan. So at first voice to his any type of insulin like six titles to begin a six time was spent probably five he's gonna it will get this seventh in a row has been a nine in total eight or nine until. Com. I'll check is that right my seat and eight finals there I'm MVPs for. Yes he's been he's gonna win number 8000 wins career. Before you win. 13. Right. The win five is that it would six not only six so no he's not going to be more as a way when's the rental freeagent semen come to the work we've put. For these these Rhodesia forgive you for Asia this year that's right yeah the opt out against the Cleveland and Boston. Think most non. He's gonna win the title five or six games he's gonna you know. Gonna cry it has to win is not mean Jordan won ten scored targets over he's not going to be nobody. Not gonna be gonna score is not going to be a better over her shoulders better than Jordan people say can we start saying he spent in short they say it and you're talking they're young you talk to anyone who really thinks she's better than Michael Jordan. I yes I've heard a few tonight it's generational I think Tom Brady's better than Joseph Montana. They might try outs better than you know picket guy from the I'll always think than recent guy is a better games as more people playing in the competition's tougher tests. Generally don't work I very bad that's when I don't agree. Everybody lots of what's the latest thing to be the best. One nominee weaker player of the week awards he's won and guess who won 4757. When how many player of the month awards he's won a fifty cent thirteen. Forty. He's what forty player of the month or 260 weeks I was doing what 57 part of the weeks I don't know. 14. MVPs are what you said how many years did AMIS three pointers and Horford in the third so. You don't. Eleven times in the top five of firm BP to twelve times. Of the matter at twelve. Is is Tommy's four YE we don't know about such and yes who shouldn't we'll get back twelfth time that top five or if yes. Did you just appropriate reference page were burned in my mind sucks it's his slow I just that's why I was and it's I know it's asking Anderson went out when it really advance in the computer age but you know I would like to be able without my reference we're taking you calls on to the great. Human beings and 21 century elect is that physical particular position. You your for your reference page wolf pressures and uses much. It was his thoughts on how that's that I've been beaten back. Art simple question who I don't Wiki on the biographer got a really talk about that Democrats. Who is disciplined and you're here being in this appear human well LeBron James or Paul friend I would say out LeBron he know your answer what shorts a mind spoke France why. Because he's decline he's a legend has of the smoke that you Pope writes his patient is way more nauseating LeBron James. I'm pitching the ball pretty ostentatious as a to a bronze and vons followed his vigor of a run as a guy you know bonds those guys as a pitcher himself from the room. Lego again horse thing that dinosaurs and the mall that is one of those. I can be would be surprised that LeBron seems. Surprisingly. Level headed your ego and abroad to Thanksgiving dinner Padilla he's one night when male or Rachel Nichols national export and eat at the hotel great guy he also serves as we need him. Tourniquet it will have let's get that we get Turkey for fifteen times guy caller hey I'll get to six oneself all that is on dom wants to Hitler from you on and on them on the power a good. I'm not a couple Mike's world that you guys six once said said that 797937. More on LeBron I do you wanna get to the Euphrates her because it I'm trying to do the rightward. It didn't it didn't anger and it just the surprise seems unfair that she is unfair possibly think W when you pay a shame on us you should. I ever think it will do that as well was Lou burden that story. I think it was to our timber was its emirates on pitchers back I'm over that. The skirt and Callahan. Background people out what is that boy talk like that and Kurt he's in the mood it's Friday and it's. The hockey game. I missed you yesterday got a lovely but it is a god we got here first Merrill punch in the face curt can Callahan. CE fox Sports Radio W. We believe the incident though Jackson is referring to when LeBron wanted to stay overnight. And the next day he could the entire team for Thanksgiving dinner at his house and hacker wants to. Otherwise they would had they had Thanksgiving in a hotel conference room to run don't go totally selfish behavior. It's like worst film of the act. Any clues that. What was that Phil Jackson the process that was racist. Yeah wrong remembering the rights and that's it. You know when LeBron would Aussie Aussie pot policy was right now Phil Jackson who's coached and played usually thousand reference democracies are racist and done that fight that fight he's a racist I give up the wrong race there was like a thousand references of white guys apostles for and the like as the policies of Phil Jackson to admit right Graham for Jackson and he hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the team and in Akron. In Akron so we had like a team of chefs and cooks in the Boston market but backed out and that is bird and has a market basket as yet that up himself at thirty pound at night and whenever that always has been stuffing his incredible bonus. We're Delonte West yeah. Very days I was taken that first half so it was on his mind was distracted. There's only street thought the lock there was Macon over the Mahler like the third row in the mom became a blue again the even the F atmospheric. And little absolutely frightening I won't say if you or. A son. Your momma seek somebody else would Delonte West be a bond among the very the last. Two or 3 on earth am who else would've put below. And say. Too in ways. By doing away as Ian says TDs much true reasonable way Hanson were clean cut looking yes but he has diseases. Put something on your fine. Almost wish. Yeah I saw techno the worst one of all time would be birdman bird man died as well he's got all of you for us at some of the predilections threatened. He does well wasn't he one of the bill when there was house for for a could only audible as a child. Yet no I think that was sent remembers his out of a westerner or cradle my the wife said they'll believe me crisis. But he's the creepiest he was cleared of Barry is one but Hungary Greece or try to research research and beat downs and capital to come but he he's got diseases he got to sustain its elastic. Yeah yeah will be the last the clips. Take some calls let's talk to dom in mainland feel these guys school you on the Pope paid down. I'm I'd been thinking about this here and I can see. Being divine packets to the Pope and Savard. Specialists in pink flamingos. Table where addresses their little heavy. Look to me just address and I have yet I could see the Pope being divine or problem. It felt about it but. The other thing is. I don't think it's the same DeVine who John Waters only no not now want to know about him. Opened up a monarch or. Not. Just don't comes and goes and infrastructure here but it never ever since then X years ago unlike we have Kevin sellers we series jobs or just Albert there's no serious competition it's serious Kevin might be or scholar at the station know Albert is always gonna have a at least entertaining it's it has been. Well I mean he can get you've worked up his Kevin loves you series Richard Hartford also in the third that's true it's a good point gave rich yeah the president's serious tragedy like you to allow him to reach us the lecture re Marie and acts like he's you know. He's gay guy to the world that so much we'll talk to help speed. If he's gay guy he's a Montreal like going like crazy gay bars and how much was in the back line the neck kind pieces this week in Montreal. Not that tall the problem mikes are Connecticut a Mike. Hey good morning guys yeah. Thoughts and best wishes to vote you vote yes and this tragic about what happens so you know no matter how much we yelled you got on the radio you may never once he got so look best wishes to you when you're. Listen the whole LeBron Jordan saying even for me some of the group eighty Celtics and then and love Larry and despite the lakers but hazard deep respect for magic darkness I'd love these and the argument because. If you look at the path of resistance of LeBron after his career. He he had been quick on his team and run away and former super keen to defeat an aging Celtics team with three guys that were passed. Well let me say let's say this Mike let me just say this okay. Peers or I actually disagree to a missile just play the game say Larry Bird was now in fact playing in 2010 minute LeBron did that. And never played with him Mikhail never played O Robert Parish never play with Dennis Johnson's best teammates for guys like Scotland and and Sam Vincent I guys like that I'm convinced he would have made Joseph Barry Carroll whole thing OK fine but let's just say he never yelled let's say at the same guys abroad had. If he had the opportunity there for easy Dudack if you structure with ownership and the Germans did ever and are back left. Well no because that's the last personalities were toast those guys were the real Abdul Jabbar and James were. You know back then you know with don't less watered down lead the way it was that's the wasting words he's got an instinct. I grew with each other in the face right now to win again the checkered I mean you look at Jordan scored a camera legendary about how to stay up till 4 o'clock in the morning playing monopoly in the. We Lance and psychotic yeah he's insane. But Larry match at the same way he saw them in the interview with it would Letterman a few years ago based they would do whatever it take to beat each other now if they're walking down the street these guys are. After absolute like nut job when it comes to competitive they wanted to kill each other no matter what it took coming in just the way that they've played basketball. Magic and Larry got our magic Jonathan labored saved the NBA the waited they've played. Different argument that's different I I agree it's but it's a different but that's that's a different argument that's a different argument your argument is it LeBron. Bailed lacrosse second best player in his team year they won 61 games in 2010 his second best player in the team. Was Mo Williams he would Antawn Jamison was 92 shack who's a thousand years old the one they west. The team was horrible. Ilgauskas awful anybody with a laugh anybody. There was just one yea that's. He left the wrong way and we didn't get heated but did you. Yes you did the decision thing that the boys club of the actual the actual no leaving team now know. Leaving the team now what do you do after awhile however I don't think Portland and the decision now he engraved on the left actually would that was company. Playoff MVP he's won four must rent Mina finals MVPs. Most of for a good. Did he won every your Miami was the final BP. We had 33. Who won the only way it wants only won what three titles also weighed one when Jacqueline when Shaq who's won three toes when they repeat every time I have access. Byrd won three titles and should have won the emissions through a pretty adds it's night and nothing against blacks but that's treated Max was like a lot like LeBron he's front runner. Knew Max was. I'm right but he wasn't the MVP not that was why it was the MVP. Same same question I would Deion Branch of the Deion Branch was MVP it's not global knowledge not tumbling radiation in the we unit here. And give to corner I find agreement Claiborne can be I don't know yet his hall of fame ball was great guy. Is the third best corner in franchise history to brief story French peer reviewed them and I thought it was a great guy I didn't see the guys that in flocked will McCullough that's interest. He was in very nice guy and kill somebody and meeting in the fist fight with a player today a group that. One day yes educating the Mike that pepper sprayed because they mills talking. Running a heated could be mistaken that one prices knots. And if that's a flight a big swing and big truck I mean our attic that could happen but you know unless. China's human and it's the only ones and these two. That's over those days are over probably amid a whole different dynamic I wasn't there for the movement on them right clapboard fistfight near the Cleveland was. One of the nicer guys have ever dealt with the and he got his fault probably. No I wasn't there may be available. No kind of strong personalities but I he was a great great core yeah. Surprise you guys don't trust any little guys I was shocked he beat up Mike Vrabel and Seymour Richard Seymour that seems Siro was a better player than label. Yet apria how to how we want them the fan vote Claiborne was a three time Pro Bowl that's it. And nobody seemed more like seven or any kind of most patriots fans like who under the age of thirty million that is notable is what both points. It's shocking. To see more M and I'll say it again the attitude that thing down at an appropriate. Bill Parcells and CEO I guess I mean it's a matter anyone care what counts with the in the store ten disorder want assumption church appropriate. Why is but she or a couple of that's. Right Seymour had but that is used candidate yet. News he wasn't. He cute in like Bruce your program right left thrive afraid Rangers and mainland for the money right. But it's been quite what was better toward Vrabel. America clears page yes yes rebels kind of romantic figure apple player type exhilarated. All those catches and all of the rooms were touched on this note you know we ever column protection. The playoffs I don't think it appeared he might have a look at that chart 61777979%. Of talked to a few times we get back. Of the story last night WBZ headed if it was going on right now with Pete freebies and this film is a tough situation right now will play that sound react to that next with more urgent challenge. Sports Radio WEEI. Anywhere between 859000. Calls a month. Creation and growth because it's. Any family would be broke because of its. Yes you know you still think about stuff like sub CP phrase that would have been we're coming up on three years is that right. It was a 2014 the big payless summer of 2050. I think it was 2004 to force. We did the radio and on the we went out to showings killings Moses. Should our team. Every issue we got sick. That was the year correct yes yes we came in on us that appeals or three years ago we don't know right what sporty yet so three years ago. It was prefer a month of the biggest story in the country I mean who went absolutely. Insane the Byron really it was never seem like it it was so great idea great simple idea but I spoke to challenge it did well over hundred million dollars or more that the top fifty portable building a quarter billion dollars fifty. One of the great stories of everyone's going to be alternate. And you know and in the amazing to me it was we do this all the time fund raiser table worthy causes and give you. And whatever road racer golf terms say you know support this cause. This was real. No money real money corner by Billy handles for simple idea. That treaties and whose family came up with right and you have to think at some point maybe not soon enough for him more or anyone living avail us at some point that. Saying that that phenomena on the ice but the challenge will lead to real medical breakthroughs I mean. You'd better think of that money think of that that awareness that he raised. It it has to write I would think yeah indeed I know that they're I sought his mom tweets coming out the other day how to make some progress on there's a news story that obviously. I'll bet that that comes to fruition so we learned yesterday. They're not Pete the Stanley are struggling financially in and you know like I said before not some action must be just don't think of stuff like that you'll pay attention. They go way you'll pay attention to gain realized that it makes sense. That they're in a big doings now for how many years on what you're peek at diagnosed. I believe it's five years now five years she saw on the issue mystery and a WBZ. You know they say day in day out it is what he's done 85 retrain my 85000. Right 85 to 95000. Bottles or more a month. So many crises expenses. Have been for two and a half years. So. And through. Two and a million dollars it hit really get they only had a couple minutes of the story it was affected issue his wife is his dad should Pete and his daughter's well. And I I'd forget and he had made some fool here but where what cost 95000 dollars a month. I think the mean actual machine selling a home care yes we are right. Okay he's home appears to be home applauded because Paula white people do that that's not as vibrant month. So I that's I figured the actual machinery unions that keep Malone here and medic in Madison lessons a million small share and access. But. This family that that raised a quarter billion. Having trouble paying their own medical bill race and they put out the call for help numbered I as a legitimate hero and then she defines the term and immediate from. Fervor of what was going through exactly what you decide to do. Was you know spirit this insane. Causing pain in the age of the quarter million dollars for its more than that since then. And now peace treaties is having trouble and his family which is understandable when you think about 85000 dollars a month. That's conservative sounds like they are struggling financial. And how you pay that for you know six months what you do. I assumed insurance covers some of course. Something right but they're asking for help and they're gonna get it. If you wanted to he's dot com and they're gonna get it in a mean there and they are really effective at hit people and hearty. There's also a book out by. My good friends Casey Sherman Dave wedge out yet raiders. I think it is so it's actually all the advocates have yet. I could be wrong that will get a silver dollars and you're right it's just it's just called the ice bucket challenge right. LS. Assumes some of that will benefit I would hope. Birdies short does comes out October yeah realist coming out soon the 1990%. Of US LA USA LS patients decide not to go in the event this is from the mob rate emailed us Chris yes need to separate the notes for a variety of reasons but no more reason given is they do not want to put financial burden on the fan. We saw that with Steve police and her chose to stay on the ventilator and which was surprising it seemed like he wouldn't he did and he still going strong still tweeting tweeting and friends like traveling and since sang amazing as Steve Gleason is still out there. The finance I mean when you watch documentaries are pretty effective fund raisers to yes absolutely so yet she says. Communities coined the phrase bad television drug her predictors technologies are cure for now she beat against that most of repeat. But it's a sad story election streets it's obvious he's struggling. And you figure always done for them for them to suffer all morial financially sat it's tragic news. It's be afraid he's dot com on helped keep freebies dot com just remodeling from the real names secret excellent our force coming up 617779. 790 seven's number will be packed the Celtics I think. A total peace treaties and other peas star days shepherd to shepherd yes we have to please them these sui. Sent our congratulations to these kids full time. Real power of drive time radio did yes the South Florida who get it we'll sample of his first child was at its first show the debut. It's going to be hit it's going to be huge be shocked us on syndicated. Hobbies are ready. Fishery is here to be honest it's true enough of this as the jays have been I have a question for you my basketball print your expert I guarantee your view in which chief and a click yes I suicide while Bryant a tournament that might whoop guys move schoolrooms Uggla and order way you know that old thing that prompted with the yeah on the guys here I do with colon and Eagles who uses belly is well told and has old belly him. And I kind of just hope to absorb some of the knowledge shall and has abused. Simple question is there any chance that mark hopefuls who's who's a carrier for. All. Answer me yes good that's he's just look at for the guys don't. That's true and and believes that and I don't care about wants a bowl mean to be fun let's be responsible before of his carrier Irving you really care that much rising at arms. No becomes expendable and right now yes I do agree with him and I must love with us I mean as I promises or carrier ring was the first pick in the draft and correct yes LeBron James the first Potomac John Wall there guys that you look at and everybody knows are going to be stars right is Apple's. You need to ease Harvick playing college played duke you saw wall playing college pretty big school he'll be some all the time. We never saw awful like Kentucky yes and you you you weren't here for this I the false question this is this part. There's a ball the U at all. The full won nine games they won two games in conference he lost to Yale yes yes it should in basketball more than any other sport a great player wins games and let's say the 23. I I I am I don't think color Irving went on nine and twenty adding that the Yale but for more on the ramseys it was a month. It was much much as he didn't think was a big deal at all. You gains that that may just think it's a big deal what great players in college basketball was no great lead the games under 500 of great players didn't play in college basketball at them. I honestly think LeBron James of the one more night games college if you would play or Washington. You know Washington again. There was some it was a reason. Silence. Most watchable and YouTube yes Kyra the big YouTube highlights Mr. Bush says I can't find it mock draft that I looked for me and doesn't want whenever one. But I will say this people's Ameen bought ball's not always number two that's true but polls is always number one. Do you think of GM you'd be surprised less of you when no outside the box move absolutely not right I mean nobody is it possible Gainey is totally privately and enamored with. Which Jackson or a smaller and it's or some guys handling samples trades down but if it is yes right because it has a number one right that your that your. Magic Johnson theater. Right paying off. You don't think he could do Magic Johnson for Smart guy just did what to show. Which for the British tweets and a Smart guy I think he could at least tried to do magic and to give some are over.