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K&C - The Cavs come back to beat the Celtics; LeBron James was not dominant 5-24-17

May 24, 2017|

Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry discussed the Celtics loss and the media's fawning coverage of LeBron James.

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Skirt and Callahan. Still think last night's game two suspicious yet. There's a wink wink nod nod with the league districts has sucked around wow Mikulski spears I believe a lot of conspiracies like cult and he feared these could use to better ratings are. The conspiracy theory which I do not completely rule out. Harry Callahan I think that work if you work work work work work is obscene that work is obscene that is very good. Yeah. Even the pictures of scene he asked half the tour can succeed yes it has yet. It it mimics the public trust porn bots that show up and out on the cast and crew committing. Happy to Celtics cavaliers so at the funeral and realize friend was there are so confused. But he never shows up at. You know mostly from the big concern for me many Italian weakened fuels combined the last couple but I. I give we give score cut to twelve and pay just or school down the treasury market like none of us. Where the costs which go ahead would last. Telling you moments like that on Sports Radio W. The worst stretch and I hear. Donors shows like a few little. Out sicker. She's Smart and port which is seizures that she's out sick is that please tell me this voicemail. But now now. Not that you know she's Smart she texted you yet. Got a text have a tummy. Okay please come agency I mean she and tied TU MM why are symbolic burial of soda stomach issues she's not have a postpartum depression like Tony Allen. How much work to be in this I was wondering that the missile Ali guys and that it. He pork to suck that up there that half hour day or worse throws twenty through Detroit through show prose is you know. Balled up piece of paper at the camera doesn't he doesn't that they do the point. Does exactly amber at the end of the show it is what let him and let us pray through it and he always said what would Rush Limbaugh says he back and point three and a half hours right yes so you each get some original material up. Up first half hour day yeah. Or I chose a half hour right yes half hour he white knuckled that he told did it get through white knuckled his aide with the commercials it's what twenty minutes 22 months. Point two minutes to get these 22 minutes of work. Despite his postpartum depression right plans they get a real as one might on the hurtles upon what limited. I you know that's been issued and called his father whose fathers alive McIntyre on the father I'd miss work. Had postpartum depression. He is the biggest post on our there's no we and respect for many languages and if I feel so different obviously now decent guy now. He just believes that posts know he's awesome he's he's pandering Uga gets in because of the New York Times wouldn't or terms call uncle these these second. Big liberal all the post moon back outlet that and call via into the New York Post Washington Post big thing for much that would handle that well so well with great sympathy why are we talking about Tony Leo and start talking and I'm just trying to cut put a proposed this right she's got to come these issues are approved mode you don't post dot we don't want heroes or else. She says she was working for promote dollar cash while we don't we've we hope she gets that we wish her well you believe reaches the summit issues yes and instantly so we want to group like a short. TV. Probably setting that's again it's probably that is that is that would happen would GR do you. He called in sick without us and then went on TV believes in the matches we just poked fun of critical for a we just poked fun he went on a conference call during our show. But he was able to mean we also called two days before the first time news public Saturday afternoon that Monday that would not be preferable to an attorney called like two days before could get someone I guess that's true was too late to get someone in here so I'm separatist view yes and I don't think can handle us. We've had can you unless step up. Your game today also like she likes what people call in sick and needs he can talk. More I don't know but that's scary with the US questions never crossed my mind and ask questions such a war. What's gonna add to the conference that was an articulate it algae in the booze shall all ages and seizure really. Why are in the book the shadow months on Friday. The shadowy channel or watch or did you where she's they're C macho license funded system to run the brewers scored. Did you see any of Joe's were rings this championship brilliant this new one soon we're all pretty. I don't know maybe he reluctantly earned him he yearned to be get well I think you're in the 0413. 2007 outs right as he was great it was like LeBron that you're a salary Saturday and was part of 2007. Says Bamako Bob Montgomery Harrington did he actually. Yeah I wanna fight with Cuba LeBron they can't describe it well and well I hope what he was good when he didn't matter right I mean the Celtics you know if you're just tuning into the bed the Celtics lost last night and it did she get the game score. I sakic and is amid I only can credit absorption won't play it but. Tweeters were telling me they did it went well daylight and night yesterday again. And and even know it was me thinking haven't I yes thank you it would have been a meal would be it would have been Neil I didn't get the game score exactly correct I did I know had the Celtics up sixteen in the Second Amendment should. Okay he's gonna put messed me announcer got it wrong of the Celtics. And read Boston won ten Cleveland 101 senators beat. Yeah I didn't say when tennis had won twelve Wright but used to say one once outside nine close 1129. I thought it was 112101. That I got to want a close territory here thank you 1121121. Wanna miss by two points a socially and break a total Williams sacked. It Gerry wrote went twelve eyesight Roemer read I wrote 1121 on one I think I was off by 22 point attack. Wrong a right to write to us I was the only one or the Celtics covering. That's true. Would remind you that cares and cares anyway. It is a glorious day for the LeBron bashers out there those dealers is two days ago. Not not I think is better on I would explain to you oil minister Yemen explained you wonder if you David Portnoy. If you're skip Bayless. If you are who will soon be leaving a broad broad yeah sure Mikey Adams the late great Mikey Adam's music glorious day. When Mikey takes to the to the Mike yeah he says you whatever 2 o'clock 3 o'clock we just didn't handle finesse reckon up jet airplane by Steve Miller comes back to break Mike he's going to be a great mood as well he should be. This was the ultimate fraud on a fraud like there for LeBron James a point. When he sucked. Two days ago three years ago he didn't make the muscles to double biceps he didn't understand him and gloat after the game he took his medicine right people that. The device Udonis can happen at any beat him about that he hadn't faced in the post game press covers. In this game he'd literally. Acted like he had a good game he literally acted like he played a role in this big win for the Cleveland Cavaliers. EU Britain. What's the biggest rap against them that he is a front runner right that he may be can't handle. Great pressure. Mean I've never been on board. You know I had the game had a conversation where you can today a lot of these soc is bad class or wipe that out though. He had to meet sucked as bad the first half as he did all game for I agree that completely and by the way. He's pitching all all four of those follows right jet that what I was at third foul he hit Smart Car. Kirk did worst than legit they were stupid. They were legit and still most stupid lose that game after three now I disagree I disagree I think you have to be a put it this way if you're Lou if you tie Lou and you see him steam roll. There are rosier. Is a rosier whores who admire robocalls and grows year this year. I call them rosier. Morocco's emerge here are some level right now. He's at this time from our ego problem although it betterment Reggie Miller is really good I don't like him he's dealt him a layperson like me think. He's got really upset because I I mentioned his sister he did not like being compared to a sister says get mad at me I was like one foot. You know why you ask me development systems trying to be nice anyway right I digress. I digress who brought you have to be able to trust. The best player in the world the second best player ever to not steam roll a six foot. Little while Iraq a water bug in in and terrorism it that was really stupid here's the promise that was Larry Bird than that now. Here's the problem though this is this adds fuel your fire. If you can't trust abroad in that situation and saw LeBron LeBron had three fouls he also is. He's panic through a couple of past absolute panic he missed a dunk he mr. dobbs you don't help and talk to the first test hasn't heard zero looking the he threw the ball when he was. Completely out of sort this award for that it's called choking LeBron and ride again if I'm never said this. Like he's choker he was what's the definition choking. You know Beijing's pressure changes I should change you pressure affects you it doesn't make you better. Pressure makes you worst that happened at home against the blow Lee Isaiah Lewis Boston Celtics and if it wasn't for carrier in the series would be 22 right now. Me perfectly good answers to two record carrier ring played the best play of him I've ever seen anyone play it's right on a ton and I include bird and Jordan 63 yes bird dominate Jordan sick. As someone point out to me. He lost that game Kirk is to get lost that you could still play great lose he played great loss carry recovered Irvin played great and why they can hunt them average bass player asking your battery anybody play yeah like I like to say things like that it's Hugo looking at a water carrier routes third quarter you know when it kind of mattered it's unbelievable nine before him. Two for free on per piece. Plus seventeen. In one quarter plus 1721. Points he could not be stopped his ankle injury only made them better. This this. Is he. Carried LeBron. And the rest of the team and LeBron you know and in the fourth quarter. When the when the Celtics were my game is defeated the game was LeBron scores 157. Of eleven. Was carried are going to pick two shots at 11 basket as fourth quarter game is over if if they were close Irvin was what fifty. Urban would have scored 55. It didn't matter urban. That was such a great contrast the good economy that we said. One guy. Scored when it mattered one escort all the big hoops all the meaningful hoops all made all the big plays went to the line hit bombs. Mean hit that who ended up third quarter three and it's it's officially 26 now I think it was one of those guys thirty twenty it was a bomb and he'd hit it with with confidence slow. He was spectacular. If you degrade them. Obviously Tyree Irving is an a plus radical rival Ozzie gave us what would you give a C minus semi capsule the Sox tried. I'm sure it was seen the thirty SAC minus he sucked OK I want someone to call his his his. As Kirk men who would say call please 617. 7797937. X tell me I'm wrong LeBron suck if you did last night if you didn't watch the game and I hinges upon us what happened to New York Post right that's exactly right. You would say oh LeBron you know Irving had a better game last night love was excellent. And the bronze plated LeBron gained 346. And five. He would say don't play good solid game without knowing. But if you watch the game in the last I looked into these guys recchi channel there was a point fourth foul went to the bench to lead at that time was sixteen. And it was actual fear in the air these Celtics as we're moving without the ball where having great you know easy layups the office looked fantastic they can do whatever they want offensively. Defensively they are fostering LeBron. You could tell wasn't carrier if carrier ring plated B plus game last night right the series would be to do if this were like LeBron pre Miami where his teammates are lost last night. They would have lost second is emerging Mo Williams beat you be going back to Boston to two game and panic would be in the air and would say at applicants are obviously tanked and they get the first picnic at carrier Irving Karlsson woozy sixty point game and self trips sixteen I thought there room in the game last night. Not publisher's going to go seven games that the find a way to win game five of the garden. I feel like they had that someone had to stop. Carrier ring once it just stopped him he wants some of the shots and we it was unbelievable I will say it but I will say got the best able to easily for me at some point getting you know getting you solid to me your big hoops guy you view a -- of view I think the key for difficult no hoops got it places Hoosier boys right. How come there's ever a play. When he regretted not on them why do they put her and likes I know why it is tough he's bigger he's stronger it's a Avery Bradley is the best on ball defender is the best point guard defender. I've ever are starving. By Bradley twice and I don't you need I'm not saying he can't beat them unless he can beat him but. When he sees. That Brad he's not on him he just starts smiling the only argument I agree originally argument that threatens all troubled. Yes yes I know they can use them right I think they need in my offensively which is too bad that's when they miss. As the guitars and we're gonna tell me today oh you think calls all day by they don't miss ITX. Because they missed IT they needed his offense they needed. That that is Bradley focus on defense was any easier predicted markets marks line in this game now amount for a tough. You know eight points of easiest of disruptive missile does things but but he's not a good as Bradley's not at all the president player right now Bradley gets in and as a even Reggie Miller was and ought one point. I realize you can't do this every play but there were times Bradley dug in just that I'm not gonna let Kyra urban by me and he didn't. And Andy was. I think term the term milieu was in his shirt. Market to that now Smart Campbell guy he's stronger he's tough right we assess Martin is the best resource part one point the second quarter. They post of chairman of the nicely in my purpose users switch and Smart was guarding him he could do on I don't know because we're pretty can cover anybody think I mean not for 48 men being cover anybody there's little bit at the consumer grade point is that the same player but there's over the dream on green market Smart when you say. I think that's as he's not the same player it's somebody said to us the other day Dennis Johnson not on night baseball fans vote count on defense he's cocky. He's strong. You know gets and he'd bombed she can do that just yet. In earnings at the same them asks the gas is right Dennis Johnson. But Brad he's the best on ball guy and the best ever seen and carrier ring went off for 42 yes I would look in at the was once stretch for brands on the bench I guess with four fouls yeah. And you say and kick his ass packing played thirty minutes or place eat as she QB Steve Kasper Wayne Gretzky. He's a doctor for sure great issued doggone ballgame any fouls out last night with amendments are going to skirt right or you'd he's so gas peaking right shot right and on he wasn't great last time offensively 719 but they need them up in the in my offensively or actually when Isiah they don't assume we need him. No they don't use it yet but you do get the sense of the series is over now I mean we agree horse meat they're gonna come here when tomorrow. With us yet Maynard pressure off the first half yesterday was this salukis gave pre fell fluke he. In that life. Here's the thing though yes but by halftime when he -- to be done and without LeBron you felt like it was just a matter of time buy and sell its offensively catalog somewhere in the second half the only either scoring or banking theories put his right there was tells us 21 bank authorities 500 thanks shots. Put this way if LeBron. Instead of getting in foul trouble rolled an ankle. Or separated shoulder. Missed the caps to what one want us because carrier from a spectacular unique about your three stars. My three stars for the game would be carried urban won right. Kevin Love to. Editor and Kelly elementary speculative pretty good. Caroline it doesn't get flustered and see what type who would but he doesn't this kind of emotional right but he does not get flustered and I think to radko. Places role of trying to get them clustered may be played a role in purple was good last night that way I wouldn't be ones in the gaps in the pushes any bags it seem away from the ball. He says on the keep pushing political as Gretzky portion of the LeBron last night at his job out for him right back yet it but you buy predicted a fight. I didn't quite get that right. He was a fighting team thing but coaches that you are pros would would be like by design that he would love to fight terror always pretty. He's pretty but he knows his role yes he does little but you're right if it did when LeBron what's that pensions for files he was really really fostered. I am moment in this way is not a big moment. I mean that's a good point series throughout your home. On the road that you facing a team's best player is he rebrand these public. Fifty best player in the Al Horford one of those files for one of those two or who are unable from the top fifty. Probably toward the end of it is forty so. In the post Al Horford received an year. You have I don't know spun people. He just sat I think it's a Stephens. Stevens decided without even without I say changes offensively we have to go through hell we'll clinic in Al Horford and they went old fashioned and went low post. And I think it surprised Cleveland. And you know Horford like that he was in his rejuvenated society's post modernist feel like this it wasn't mismatches and spots and I'll love yes he just posts and up. A top also decent pop shops still. I guess you keep doing that. And he won't surprise me keep doing that well known as a you have to and I will say though you got to remember last year with gold state guy real big big shots which are preserving Irvin not LeBron Irving and the bronze the best player in the game Germans about the fifth. All right if afraid of her eyes it's tough. That's all we asked that question you asked that question yeah yeah yeah yeah from now on Twitter should that should have pulled them. Did did anyone vote for as a in my. Had this is a boy he enjoys it before mr. mr. right a believes some mud was just doing that in his defense just to get under your skin nobody nobody. Nobody would ever pick as a post over carrier said this two days ago when you asked the question. Today you think anyone would say that takers and it's a much of their for better politeness or for better colors lead Washington mean there's so many more I'd say what war Arden LeBron may be Leonard. That's it. Better point cards that are players. I mean I guess on ease of pure point guard play that great he's the best ball handler of embassy. You say is that your replies to seniors yes and as a Republican first and curly Neal. Curly Neal wanted to mark saints. Not as great Pakistan's most in front of me like it's good I was sitting in the front row when the edge he did voter rights front of me to throw polymarker Florida. No he didn't do that he's serious but who was sticking around now right number absolutely not say. In these hero there's no better ball handler. Yeah I think it's probably true that's probably true yeah. And what I know Westbrook and Harden a point guards but just pure report cards the wonders of or would know he's the best Oates and even after watching Ike wall the last series balls great and no comparison no actually no condemning the Missouri and and Miller sent best finisher. He he how he says so you're comfortable with his left to us that he goes up with a left. In his right hand is not even anywhere near the ball usually go put your left and army were steered a title right dead in protective he goes out. With the left as comfortable as the right he's just wall after the game I think it was LeBron say. I was so happy he's been able put Isaiah product carrier in these positions we could do before LeBron got their full brunt. Helped him at all he's glad he has he's doing mapping after the game has really yet on what to hear from did Kenny ask any questions please they want. Is they want I think he as loose questions and move him you know to have them rep ask us questions after a win. But I was looking did you see anything Chris I sit anybody other than New York Post say that LeBron stepped up. Brian minimum from ESP conduct all he's the Cleveland guy wrote James bounce the type of dominant night it always was hot. I didn't not until I say professional. Basketball writer and he's a writer I just T said Lucy Williams senior but he's a writer. He's from Cleveland I think he kind of he he's on the on the LeBron yeah anybody those sort of an insider yet he's in Cleveland yeah he used the word dominant yet James bounced back on he wasn't as good as Kelly Olympic class and he wasn't as good as Kelly Nolan he was this was the ultimate for more. Fact he scored fifteen in the fourth quarter. Makes it more a game is that it was over this record right Olson looked in in and by the way he carried on the old term. On that not determine the and we made them with a baseline and total carry all in the bay a lot of different steps. I and then on that stupid little turnaround week or you know turn around quick it shoots it I was lucky he was rattled when he scored he looked comfortable. You can have a technical state like five or six games I don't get too caught up in the last couple games. Is the weirdest. As such honesty right to form in the middle of game three to have been looking for the weirdest forty minute stretch. So the toast Cordoba what 403540. Points that little has the assumption crates all. I I and I think gonna run for what I think they hate to Iran and he could be warriors and he. Old and we went worshipping Steve Kerr and mean I want them economic plans but does that mean I have to report wrong yes I do it's referring. A roofer and my love and writing out some Little League answers OB answers well. And you think right would you agree there was the comforts of the chip computers first time I watch and I was in the not impressed second time I was really really impressed I I could count on one finger how many minutes and that's yours I watched that will be zero. After that was us. Joke they like to not do it normally reject and yet it was right I'm looking forward to the it is funny that. All league player of the play tomorrow in the first and but no final seem like. These tickets and got a national yesterday job with them if you're an embassy American -- out there's chickens out of a dunk but if you don't like LeBron if you don't like LeBron last night was your night. I believe last night saying it's a widget and yeah notre saying LeBron is some softness. Third on the 34. I'm surprised how rattled he was in the second quarter was like watching LeBron 2006. Over it right and that eighth in and for you kids out there. That never ever happen Michael Jordan or Yahoo! or that ever happened Larry Magic Johnson Johnson. These guys maybe not as good modest amount of all around as. Jordans but the other. They were never that mentally weak. Where they just eat you could really put I can do that anymore after watching him you can really put that guy ahead of Larry Bird he's a better basketball player coaches remind I of a reserve the right change from I'm Johjima and put them back there without English again reporting half that really him. We say is worse last night to make the other games yet to move down even further should. Yes yes so who's it between now I'm problem. And Geoff Petrie is just hello community that feel confident about where or not ego. She's the best player knew he lined up in the big moments art 617779. 79%. This year calls hang on was that. Pictures here automakers somewhere your arms I don't noises open mind who come of bombs truck a look at that there it is hard couple wide open we'll get you guys as well. A plan to get you today thoughts and prayers to try and yes she is she all right we've got a contract. Not yet. You want a visitor after the show I members who among big fan of his people I've stomach ailments and myself I really want suffer if she'd effect as one would she think she does yes I have my doubts I was saying I have my suspicions. Which. Might it's ought to get you today obviously today after the attack in Manchester. And I wanna lay down and shocked shocked as it was in the Olivia and three weeks sightseeing began two days ago and get back learned how to make a bomb came back may have on what did do is who sort come. And Donald Trump got to the Santa Claus to Jerry so excited and deference. Oh great and we oh that's right three if we have we interviewing a soft welcome yes and we can't get an update we we knew repeat unity of the of the wanna say title. Yes I knew was important. I lost the state files in the girl or guy. And a man who coached. Fort Myers irons to the seven days seven days state tests happen hey Sandra Ayers for I my s.'s us division seven whenever. And we win we're seeking and it's really hard time we got the sound he chipper in reviewing the ski championships. More p.'s well movement. Yes we have some fresh. New from boss hook it I'd I'd been on the air for him look at 4617779. 7937. It is Kirk and now. Can tell. What do this for a public that would which would be pleased that happened that this special. High school coach put his penis and I thought of my life story okay Kirk and Callahan. Yes Sports Radio got. The growth of moms that can be. I was Brussels and and of course after the default show themselves. Know from Florida to be aggressive and not try to make place I want to be successful and greeted defense cells they would still be aggressive and find. Note to our shooters you know food for two threes phone K. False wish so. Who knows this China Rita gam and the game between again and or we'll force. Showed up. Shot to slash it's okay and I just say we sent up to game three he says. Wouldn't they didn't get it done Harry bail me out that government and in the spotlight I feel that I wanted to better do better in Boston honest to god this is your day my Kia and this is your song this is your day. Doesn't work. Or annoying you really have to pay attention understand if you look I say they won it 34. I don't care I yeah so I do kinds of people pitted those who watched and those who's heard about it afterwards. Who's who got the hawks scored their handlers or. A report on this pier and if you watch the game so the first half and stand. It would be easy if things to do the Red Sox were on you know people had places to go that's it. Or pay an excellent it was when I was watching. Some people were. Sorry there is no excuse whatever if your sports fan you're OK okay enough not through with your kid has something gain more if your kid as a school players. Even our. Anyway what would you admit that if you're casual fan and often skip the first pass and a game that I do all year absolutely I would definitely do on he's neutral playoff games. Now the Western Conference injure other game I'll skip the first half foresee that barks and the numbers that allows them Barkley and and get caught up in the tune in if you did that last night he missed another horrendous. Performance by the king the king yet. Is lying in the first half I got it right here and Farnham encouraged it. In the first half he was. Five for nine he was suspected three turnovers. Minus twelve for the king. In the first half he had. Zero offensive rebounds three defensive rebounds he never had of the second quarter he was two for two the second quarter. Free files three turnovers. Mean he he doesn't take a lot of stupid shots you know we just don't addicts and throws to give it up to his shooters like swish swish it for swish through a point. When he threw about forty foot past the Swedish. And he was open behind it was a left side of the was third quarter and a he was open on left side for a three point. And in some rooms run an atom but you know so what LeBron. He passed up a wide open free and whip it is long past the Swedish rate is much worse. Which knocked the parents wish look at it again if you get a chance he's wide open and he gives it up to switch even do that his whole career though he just does that or not he hasn't done do you aim to who won now open but Pritchard threw to melt your theory that's that's farmers he likes it he likes to give an. He likes to give it up for good time in good times and bad he likes to give it up. But I mean I was gonna miss the dunk and wasn't it challenged don't like someone was on that's not that's not shall. Isn't it always as they randomly mr. Dong now that thousands tried to you know trucking as he tried too hard that's we used in an easy Bab Al west that's missed the free foot putt that's not tell me that's a missile technologies Lucchino and isn't he can do you think you missed the dunk because he's choking yes I want this done now is he now trying too hard he was feeling a little tight now. Was trying to destroy the roadway starts once the play like it but when he's relaxed and he's feeling good dunks in the first half when love to that great outlet pass that he dumped the second quarter that was before it started token. BC's choking the second quarter it was talking more Zach that would knock. Yeah until moment. No it was first half. Mostly that's me go to the first blow from a past we don't like we also missed right so but he was joking and it's hard to its three foot putt yeah it's always different sometimes doctor goofy on exit free for parts. 242 less than acts to one for par. After we'd been extremists like Cho who uses these to explain away that way our Egypt who is hot knife. If you are adjusting the way you play because of the significance of you know little dogs like that. It was a different approach to know him tried too hard. It takes all right let's take some calls to think. If you if you think LeBron was. Dominant or if you think he was good when volleying any calls to and these people watch the game us all go didn't Brian McManaman from the history and watch the game yes but his life is too equivalent. Oh. I think it. That is true compared his job is existed that's get the job right. When it was got the job the first time in Cleveland right you can just feel it coming up. Yet and the next time we get Cleveland they needed another guy. To lick LeBron it's grown them right and they hired this guy that's what brought people back a LeBron all the time you know he comes across as pompous but. Given how often has not applicants with ice and took what was remarkable he's it is way yeah I could hinge on who I don't hate his personality his. But you would never ever seen. The kind of shrinking performance from Michael Jordan Larry Bird Magic Johnson on several uplifting for Scottie Pippen bailed out Michael Jordan now or Mikhail Dale Bumpers that might have been one or two or think I don't think whether it is bad. Would you agree that when he steamrolled. Every route here that's choke that that to me is yes the moment getting too big for. This is your ESPN very high profile correspondent ESPN. They've McManaman and covers the cap and he's telling Mike I might say about who you this year that he is sure don't tell our people. I'd James bounced back last night with the type of dominant. Night they typified his production in the cavs. And in those start in the playoffs and more than made up for his leg or clunkers Sunday. Are you kidding me primus is a primary may wanna say say statement meant what city had a decent game we can argue that I don't think he did use Jerry. But he dominant. He's dominated a that you want to be that. Dominant tonight the guy with four fouls in the first up for the first time the guy who follow all Marcus mark on a three point oh which is pretty stupid. And then steamrolled. Little Terry Rosie which is even dumber. And had to sit down. Because he couldn't. Until you fire and I believe this day. Tony for Tony for those points came in the second half all walling managed just four files can you point out the second half the game is actually over me in his before files about a stop playing defense I mean fourth quarter though it was seven points in the third quarter. And the third 8780s that's all right that's not switch mean he has an 87 if not a game is over right. He said the name it related assault should come back at that point no well no but he now. In any talks with the missed dunk dismissed and the commitment that he's in his basement menu McMahon. I even got my without once sequence of brought to my Sunday's game three Carpio a pass from love. Down six united sixteen and then the third is hammered congregate in and out. Stifling McCleon crowns for the go crazy missed a couple of thoughts McCree Jameson got me more than miss though. Immigrant rights no matter more reasons that you you're about to come your cute with it but that's. And let's let him at love in the hardest road that this six foot eight inch 270. Fulmer Britain no push at the hardest road previous holder agreed. On absolutely. Codec that the man but I was blessed. More athletic gifts and anybody Emily ever and ever and it born including Michael Jordan yes I can you think of anybody in your life who's been a better people Jack's anybody who's gotten that more gifts no I wouldn't put Bo Jackson Deion Sanders no no exposure to substances like your size showed some news is that by the class we've witnessed its. I'd say no but I'd say number two on the list would have to be Michael Jordan right. Bo Jackson obviously is fast and strong but it doesn't. You know translate to the kind of success in sports that LeBron I was literally has testicles massage and he was eleven years old too good question who is more physical gifts in the history of the planet deal. Said. Auntie entity on its not that big enough he wasn't a good base could -- I have -- question could LeBron 45 minutes in Oakland treadmills four point 5 that's 2 o'clock a physical by the way I would say probably no I was at the gym with -- and tried to do it or what he said it's hired isn't it debt that is right he's right fourth place I was a weird and it's it's it's weird and so as Susan is running really really slow. Yes I've seen a son Jason whitlock on treadmills same thing he was running but it was literally. Like that the war so to the facts are SP it's of fat so running speed if you can't walk for an Moscow. We could walk if you were like really fit remember it's a piloted by our. Office on which that you do when it's 37 years old. We want peace Phillips went into the sixth. All right that's why. Oh you do we don't know why but I do it you too young to be walking you look at the law 6070 years that your guy down like Florida Q do you hold of them those in your hand. Swinging around your walkman I'm. 6177797937. Let us know if you disagree if you think LeBron was dominant. And at a good game last night as you would be wrong. Let's go to John Parker John there you don't put more. Did not feel like game where. IQ what do matched that rod yes I read. They missed him anyone who says today that's another game they don't they were scared to Cleveland without Isaiah proving they don't need. Is wrong house all fired and he did his office up sixty has are coming here today and say these guys are right can revise their defense is better there or moved the ball great Avery Bradley plays more freely yeah he's knows he can take any shot he wants. But but Smart suck on offense so terrible. Almost like the Bradley deal gave Washington when they won it all. Drive for drive with each other. Right they needed offense and they needed to isolation offense a guy get to the rim. They didn't have a Smart can't do it. Bradley can't really do because she who thought he shooter. Andy and he looks confident he looks more confident in the I was there and I always play well on the play gospel when you watch Jim Brown do you think this guy's going to be like office one day as you know all star but he's going to be good. Is what their picnic for a third pick a much who's going to be third pick in the draft record but my smarts not sixth pick in the night I agree I agree you take that you could take you certainly see that talent yes but DC and I had to or way you know I look at -- word he's like mine and historical picture like when he comes in their return we hold orb together right cries like. Absorb some of his knowledge he says could be. Young Jimmy Utley. That he looks like I'm a visa and that's what he says he's not skilled enough offense he's more athletic. Yes but he's that's Keith I skilled office unlike you develop that piece he didn't. You don't develop skills albums execute easy score and the score. The schedule below average of 2312 North Korean rookie Jimmie blow out. Do you remember do you see rookie Jimmy Butler no not muted Latin you use what a lot of bulls games for five years ago there was Avery Bradley is he pitched. Pitch on in him he definitely is an arduous write a wooden one guard he wanted to punch in the face. Johns of the card John. On that. So I don't people brought. Out an hour or so bossier let's hear what he carefully. They separate and sort of beta program for for sure did the first half he absolutely didn't see the Celtics. It's exactly and that's and that's my second quarter in the in the second half you have to be take brought out of the pitcher's still have. You know fifteen or additional shuttle prepared for it to defend field we got to put brought in the post you gotta get it fits well we felt get a mobile. They try so hard to reckon he's not gonna do. They try to limit was back in a minute and he stood there with a zone straight up in the as the word got caller. Yes yes they thrive Olympic scheme is that the force fouls on LeBron James he's that that the credit where what he tried to I section or frisking me it was a finance guys but they try it this failed to get the fifth -- -- you -- -- you saw the game what you saw them try to get you and I think the bronze and pick up his fifth and sixth files in those games that they weren't gonna call that will chance you have to be so obvious is the terrorism your now public option out of the rest thanks thanks John if the Russians throw an egg hunt brought to the four fouls in the first half three. Russia in in on one yes. Creating drama extending easier on would you John tell me an extra game or. Yet there are gonna tax rates parables tremendously sickness or anything else John. It's like to know better. I would agree with probably I mean it was a good. Interesting show for awhile yes wondering is this possible mean when you see the best player. In the game second best player ever recorded the most choke of order arise. It's pretty compelling pretty compelling I'll never put in my hand Larry Bird again familiar and what are you Ayman paramedic and I apologize and Larry I apologist and a walk to French Lick. At Obama. Probably Naples Florida he's about that maybe. Adams on western mass they Adam. I just want to say Jerry Brown took a rookie. Other injured people. Why not well because he's better than as a rookie at each of you betterment understand why is it not possible that possible on let's say it's not possible I'm saying is you think he's the boss. Not at all I think he's a third pick in the draft and say am I watch him on us is a question I see county guy Jimmy Butler this year thanks to rebound this year. 24 point two game. Five and ethicists. Five rebounds is is gonna be that plays great. I don't know Alex do you just say gee these media player. No but you know what I do think god is good NBA guys have blossomed debt and you know what I like about it is he seem like he's. It is willing to learn as I've seen the moment does not seem to release marked yet here that all the time. He's not he doesn't look like one of these guys who's gonna go off the rails I agree he knows six you know rolls Royces in his driveway and six rugs and Smart player former kid he's Smart he's a Smart yet at three good solid as it tattoos and it doesn't seem piercings and don't know that you let's wish does he have like switch and body it's good luck. Asks faults which. You found Swedish. Which is another front runners any yeah you totally don't worry votes wish when their when you're gonna lose and I think what that series is gold states uses carrier has a couple of bad games there's room. Right look at this team to look at like you know. To wrongly and Richard Jefferson and corporate corporate played. Winning twenty minutes less than twenty didn't take issue ticket shocked but that's OK you sure come on jacking up stupid stunts but it's reality CNET don't you think not attempt to shot. Coaching feel better if you're cavs and feel better because they have so many veterans like there in waves and income accord they don't test dummies and I'm like we're gonna the moment be too big or not that young no emotional players true at the history against Richard Jefferson who. Look terrible but if those the kind of guys that defer to the LeBron to cure to carry don't do stupid things to like I mean you're gonna knock corps over for not shooting no I'm saying is he played off you see guy play twenty minutes about at the shop you know and he only takes threes in his pants shoes that's true I brought aids into. Jaws of law and about my score now finally like his voice that's why they love love. You see yes every loves loves loves playing loved Greg got to play beloved. The love who struggled for years of Cleveland has gone out this guy this is saying he's playing defense he's getting bored sees it dive in on the floor. Playing great he's a better player now or for you Greer. I would agree but Horford pretty good ideas give blood to better player I don't think orphans Abbas I don't know no bounds play what the plan seamlessly. Love looks so comfortable from twenty feet looks like a free throw I will say we talk about this all the time with Horford though when they're blowing this lead. You look at before and he's he Horford was making thirty million dollars a year he's not the kind of guy who's gonna stop that run when he game for you he's not that and play. We have less than it was beautiful words seven minutes and had. Three rebounds 330673. Kevin Love had seventeen I must eat at 617779. 79%. Good news is he's the powerful lineup. Tournaments dollar Robert aisles agency William and if you get a bunch of LeBron and goodness also wrongly some LeBron phrase I would put right now. Jordan magic Russell. Bird. Kareem. At the minimum of LeBron James any minimum those guys I'm with you I'm although an average and so. New Britain and then mom crystal forget Monica I could I would put bridge and on that list that. Whitman over your weapon and people went and definitely no question. What would play. Wanted to look the best halves of all time the judicial Hubbard so honored definitely yes the little jealous right now. The Steelers act powder cocaine. Callahan and right now blood Sports Radio telling you. TI. Because. There's not a bad one bad day you look at available. Required it's 34 he's ever seen as a partisan. Barkley doesn't have that filter in the business of that. Obligation to as you wanna look. Who bronze he's it's hard enough liquor wholesale Barkley. City just before we get the calls that really wanna get to Albert and now. You said earlier that was the best player if he'd ever seen. Like to come up of those Jordan at 63 I was front row center for that he lost okay mad at me that yesterday actually six finals Jordan. Plants that are behalf. Was afford. Gordon didn't he could've but I don't you are in play less than two reef we knew feet behind his back that I could do that you could. He can do that yes you can fake Blake got behind your guests were changed nothing and that's not elegance which hands. Just collect issue fake around the bank that's easy that's overrated or when he was so comfortable going was left hand I knew you know he was good Miller Miller points that he can be the best finisher. Who's a better finisher at least someone's not six end. Like Cilic like to ramp or on it was a bit of finisher at the point guard position what's where nobody that's right say is Thomas actually want and now people think what freedoms how many inches shorter than earth. And six 46 at least 45 right. Now urban is listed at six war in 864. Now you know I don't it was victory. On this I think I grew them last night because that was one or pol. Probably six to sixty abandon. Thomas' five and probably six inches he's. He was spectacular the best play a game of scene in a while. At either compare him. Magic and in this release that has the best pledge to you ever say anything about it should be George flavors best plan. I don't know how many did Dominique came B triple double game six against and that's the most memorable Hertz is the best he's ever played this game 686 against Houston tripled. You rate I was back. Com. I was almost in any way meant more to think of magic in that rookie appliance center and and Jordan 63 losing open wrote a loser goes on to both rookies of the way. You prepare a good parent where compare and what we saw last night that back right that's pretty impressed. It was toward second and no. I was rookie hearing I think six he has an announcer came back most impressive thing I've ever seen him do was. They cleared the floor they were down to it through shots and he distinguishable. I was under the hoop like waving my hands and it really good ability to discredit. Allen is in New Jersey area on. Had a gun and good. So was second only to statistically accurate. Owes us nothing to hide. I paid last night that Ron Dayne played thirty minutes and about that got fifteen or 27. On the field more assisting Tyree did and still scored 34 point. OK you know them and ask you know Letterman asked did you watch the whole game. On how LeBron played the first half. Average. Average shall I finish first. It ought. I don't care what I don't care who's nine for nine he watches he watched the game he had three turnovers he had four fouls. He was minus twelve. He was totally discount populate. This commodity he threw one into the crowd is in a regular rule rule this year and the mold and that was right that was him choking that moment right there. He was admirable Allen absolute terrible first notes adjusting the two games Allen back to back games that was the first time you've had four fouls in his career over 12100 games Jackie before that. And it was the first time that you had eleven points and six turnovers so back twelve hundreds of it back to back games he six career marks which is kind of tell. But couldn't you also say that I'd bet on the going down Bret Stephens came in game plan. That com that LeBron James Moore. Now how that Lemond Jane huddle all they got the ball the G-8 Crowder. It is LeBron was on Crowder who sucked. By the way. Credit and we're gonna be upset if they sign Hayward and just. That car was all right Ian psyches of for him he's okay it's we use. It's 6818. 84 last night crowd shots to twelve and terrible. You know he socked in for Jae Crowder. There is I guess it is. Welcome home from go unto them through shall we keep Albert hang on pick and we come back and I'll scale ground on Alex only down one on my life the sooner the better. Okay. No the but I do and I hope he enjoyed that game unless they're paying uncle we usually keep talking about what Kyra read it what you saw last night. The bill pretty well what he did is something that only. I'd say economists it's obvious he's willing to ordered the only guard point guard perimeter play do what you did last. That usual backing the glory days used to what you were thinking about is tightening economy is not magic not Donna. Well what to guess what comedy was not a point guard you. Forgive more lightning within the same all reports that he said what I would carrier ring did last night Isiah Thomas is the only point guard of that era who could be. A mean the first 'cause of the time yes. When that but I try to help electric cylinder. Apparently. The creativity of these guards in and get Russell Westbrook getting carted tightly. As are all they're all great players Albert who says who says they're not great players are great players. Here are better at it why you have to get rubble credit card to the waiting game lead the war that it is west looks great player. You'll have given more credit because the carpet. On the coal and lately. The competition. They'd get parents and amok acting like a vehicle and Engel in. People that should have been in the NBA. Eighty that look like you're talking a while great for. Okay I'll flip it around Albert off the been around in the eighties was that the good position sector maker a dual Jabbar. But Moses Malone and try to keep Olajuwon yard Robert Parish for all the hall of fame give me five great senators in the NBA right now. It it's of them so we don't really figure this all day and by the way out and did you budget great guards in the eighties are are there better guards right now than. In 1986 maybe there might be. I don't hop. How can you repeatedly why would you need obviously that it. Is that I would look at it if we get could be just. We Magic Johnson best Michael Jordan ever honest John Stockton all played the same time. You're gonna put us up on the cool until people got tired we look what we've got a job that bill. It's got best zoos are great players. You guys can read it rained that you're trying to her argument or you just legitimately stupid one of the great. If you are stuck in without being put in a pretzel could god. I are well. You have to be bent. It was apparent to this what is your problem what is your point 21 double LeBron is senator Larry Bird that's what it says. And when you look at it. Like now. Obviously good not great news is. No I don't let it it's great says a lot would go. Back to. Normal. About a couple. Now we open advocate at all. Let's do it wasn't this. They. Argue they're really. Well positioned here. And it blog run. Pre regional if he wanted to. Act. He won't shuttle on what. He. Which is about which is about BLU maybe the best in the history of the league it doing Albert. I want it okay that's fine but I want to do that now with the 168. When it army nothing nothing. He's about seven break it open is built like that it not national but it concretely. Should peel away did you I think was bill Wegman Scott's brother he's he's like chuck and am happy days no one knows what to bottom bill Wegman. Yes I don't know elements just point. Always put these sales volatile way I was in the in the something. A work in a mental hospital in Massachusetts unfortunately his point is LeBron is better than bird I can refine my drill argued Albert. After the last two games I saw LeBron do half a dozen things that I have never seen Jordan bird magic do. Agree he's a flawed superstar he's great he's the best player in the game. He's gonna win the series may go have a great final series he's a little weak mentally he has he just is in moments where you say while. He is not perfect it wasn't for Irving last night playing great EB did talk the country was born right Irvin was spectacular transcend historic US or 6177797937. Hour two per gallon next. Since 1920.