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#DORK 15: Best Sports Video Games

May 23, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss the best sports video games of all-time. They break them down by sport and then ultimately crown a Top 5. Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.

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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that he has my dorm bond cash. Thanks to turn into another episode of hash tags or my name is rich he joined once again by Ryan Davey Davey how are you feel great Richard M metadata. Oh that's great that's great to hear that you know what that's like even if you're not have a great day you do a nice job of still. Presenting now on the podcast Joyce Linehan pretty merry. Well that's good because 90% of the time I am just crushed with despaired. You know I don't know enough but not yet they were disagreements that I right. You just that guys in fact we can see your eyes on our new YouTube channel. Yet again nobody asked for it but you're getting it anyway that'd be a YouTube channel where we may occasionally. Post things. It there's other there's no primaries and backed. Maybe our listeners are Smart or smarter than on Spencer maybe they can give us ideas of what to use would back those wondering maybe. Certain TV shows that we don't spend a lot of time on the podcast they knew we used to it quick reacts. Or or steer or like top five lists or things like down on the on the flawed as a war. The mcdonalds or right now we have really got us all we rubble drug ever husbands don't you have. We have a trailer operate now and we also have in the first blog where we talk about Tom hardy. As venom so are you to check it out we weeded it or not on Twitter he would religious searched hash tag or podcasts on YouTube it'll you'll pop up so. Aren't yours and a proportional program. Kerio Orion this week in door we had alien covenant came out last weekend that I did not see it so I cannot provide any kind of information regarding said movie but it definitely came out this weekend deal that it can add. It definitely exist. That's what this is what we now. It's out there and I started watching from previous added active through it entirely that's not the films all of us are watching a really late and is that you know I haven't been picked this up it won't hurt on. Folded over and that's a football most of the alien movies are. Yeah and I feel like this one it's getting good reviews. But regulated it's the people who are raving about this thing it's great. Are the people who have seen all of the movies and you yourself said that you needed to in order to see this movie you need to watch like it YouTube thing Ehrlich they'd be. A prologue watch it and they have a couple different videos that you don't want to particularly his. It's not terrible idea of his very strangely how to people really get to do that. Yeah like that's kind of but he explaining. Of the book of before you read it you know and like all this isn't gonna make sense so. Do this first you know gimmickry that first yeah that's not a very good sign for the casual alien Sam. I usually do with the sourcing nowadays will be. The previews or half hourlong wanted to throw it in the preview per don't throw her before though don't rely on people to go to YouTube and watch a video. Speaking of that we have a new hash tag dork channel on YouTube velvet. What's the ordinary that he could get better back goes welcome together. If you although prologue we'll do like a hash tag go solo does an excellent all the inside jokes and Ramallah Meryl wants ability go out now your your caught up. To a hundred plus episodes that door. Violated the now. But yeah. So anyway maybe I'll definitely see this movie but at a at a later time let us know if you did see it at dork podcast on Twitter. Or two or podcast that G and other content and email the my some spots you out on the movie. This weekend. Baywatch and pirates of the Caribbean. Dead men tell no tales are both gonna be out a thicket of the answer this if you only see one which would have been. I can only see one I'm going to be Baywatch yeah percent. I had a percent as of lost all of the parts. I vote on Tuesday and I'd I think the issue is for me it's like this pretty weak Memorial Day weekend and it is disposed to be like a pretty big movie weekend right. I mean you people along we get and everything. But they want so definitely deepen democracy in theater company get to work like you know for me and my wife to go I don't think it's worth what it's fifty bucks it's gonna gospel about ball and yeah. Because see this. I just don't know if it's screen and candy wording. I don't get I don't think either one is at least. For me and meant if Jose slower year if there wasn't seven counts of movies a Star Wars movie and and also is that the between. Maybe I would have no you know balancing Baywatch but there's a somewhat like the following week. Wonder Woman comes out on Montrose our money on that. Read them and give a figure I mean like. I do not understand what people keep drawing Jerry Bruckheimer money. Oh my god isn't it. Well and you can upload up and all that and only that relate. I'd understand it Johnny Depp is certain for money with his management team get all over him and his ex wife and all that stuff but let's. We could find that mattered and it is it going to be. Speaking of his ex wife. Lead developer that's perfect. Do we get a first look of amber heard as Mira. Course the wife of all the men in the upcoming film awkward man. What did you think. We got a look at. Amber heard as mere uncle miss wife in the movie Aqua man. I just said that for Christ's sake. Well that's how I feel about it valujet that it in the Tony give voice to exactly how I feel about it. A lot though the immediate response is a dreamer maybe. Yet which can be learned and they are not a fan amber heard. I did you know I just don't I don't know. I have never met her obviously that I just don't get a good fight back yet just her aura is is off to me. Some can't do that tad off with her. Go to our other big fumble reduce obviously we went deeper into it and our first and longest Tom hardy as venom for those who missed that the ride you're obviously very excited about the us. Very sad about this by the way if you wanted to get out it on our new UT can't. Every putt I I think it's about a bigger a bigger and better and I think we've over overkill that. I tell I'm really excited about this in the and I haven't said in the YouTube clip you know com parties at Pepperdine now he's he's got that status where he doesn't necessarily have to do that. Right another match back coming out and you get on the project phrase gut. The show any gut. You know he's not a mad Max to get all the to cool things coming out and who doesn't yet have servant to have a he doesn't need this so it must be a decent script as a decent director attached to it it's hard are so we're so we're told so. Yeah absolutely all gunplay here after a bit about the. So should be pretty good other movie news. This is is that it is terrible news and so Zack Snyder as stepping away from the post production work on Justice League. And when I first read the headline news acts tighter stepping away from Justice League. And my immediate reaction this is something that we talked about for my disk has done some good movies the past but he is not that a very good job in the DC world. And we knew we wanted somebody else to take over these movies. So the very first second I see that I'm like oh this is good news. And then you read why did you immediately feel horrible and so apparently Zack Snyder's. Daughter back in March committed suicide. And I made the original plan was he was gonna continue. Working on the movie. His wife is a producer on the movie. An image both decided to step away in Seoul. A 100% understand it is one of those times where whether you like the movies you like him you dislike him whatever. This is this is bigger than account movie and so we just feel terrible for for Zack Snyder and his family and and hopefully. I don't don't say in times like this but you all right all started just felt terrible. And I think you know whatever. That thing you think about you know you are obviously not a parent but you know of you could be right now that's. And I I am and you know that's the first place or mine goes to and it's a terrible terrible thing to you know I'm I'm assuming they have to go through that and you know we take the pit that is that Snyder now on this broadcast com. But you know it. We knew we'd have as much as we try to hide it at times you know arable human beings and you know feel awful about this and you know I I think. That's terrible and they are obviously we had plastic door podcast field for the spider family. And and this time and stuff like that but the silverlight rich that we can talk about now. Com is that it's been good and I feel good that you know turning it over and it turned it over to just Wheaton. Right they did else we will see how my I don't know exactly how much work jostle and of doing because. It is more post production stuff and so on The Beatles or be unfair but this is if Justice League ends up being really good. People an essay out just we've got his hands on and if it's bad there is there woes too late forms fix it now is on Snyder slid at the top spot. In fact I just right just finished read before we got on the phone I finished reading an article text nighter and they were asking him about that you know what it did but Lebanese. Obviously he's just become so past that now like I don't edit the furthest thing mine basket there terrible question. Yet a terrible question that would direct the map but. Does this now just a little bit because we you know we're it'll heavy that's all we normally do in your news yet do we now who is the king of the did dorks in the JJ Abrams or is it just we had always been just Sweden and just in JJ Abrams is kind of an auto what do we what do we do and if I could it be a whole episode. I think it might be just Sweden. I agree I think that I think it is I think if you look at everything that he has had a hand in it easy either as a base is bigger past that door portfolio the JJ Abrams does. And mama yet. But JJ Abrams arguably has the bigger titles. Yeah the economy by up there so it did that that would be a great debate restive maybe a poll on Twitter. Or perhaps. An episode of law which is now bill and it's. Okay so let's get the more positive news here Wonder Woman Davey is getting all great reviews it's this comes out June 2 C a few new posters probably or is it a million trailers by now but this is very. Very positive because. The fans. There there's fans who like all the other DC movies and it next week. We're not locked in on yet but next week we might duo a bigger look into the DC expanded universe bought. What killed those movies were at the critics and people saw them and right now not brought tornadoes given I don't know why but I'm not getting those areas so Wonder Woman if it at the very least. If it's getting positive reviews are weaker to before in theaters it should. Do really well on the box office and hopefully this really go the got I don't know what to think with some of these these critics are always agree. And oftentimes I don't so yes but that's very positive because the first DC movie to get actual good reviews. Yet it's it's weird regiment of the tricky thing where I've been on and I've been reading reviews from people in the elect really wishy washy and the connect. Well this is terrible but they or they saved in the accepted to own them like you think they're being positive but they're not and yet that the positive reviews so that that metric it will yeah. That aside. I really rooting for this movie the FB is as much as we. You know (%expletive) on like Batman v.s Superman or suicide squad or you know either of malignant steal whatever yup but you what I. Genuinely want these movies to do well. You go to Munich I want this to be good and furthermore I'm kind of rooting for delta dot. I believe that perhaps they occur and however about the currently. Brought that to our attention before. I'm really rooting she she has the potential to be liquor huge movie star yeah per share. And this is it I mean did you know for her mean that he is stunning. All Mike caught and not like it's hot like you know we have like that you don't need to girls who have expertise if you walked into a realm I'm I'm assuming everybody would stop but they were to. I have to sit. Yet I would for sure had to be embarrassment because of the embarrassment at least I had the look away I would look in the eyes of the scenarios I learned over the which he has. He has. Close circuit these dominant yet these stunning about more more news we have all your boy Tom Holland yeah the Spiderman. Yeah apparently it recast as a young that Nathan Drake in the uncharted. Franchise. Now with the bat. I think we need it hopefully we'll see about some Tomb Raider shakes out and hopefully that can break the video game they'll be Crowder. Video game not is that that's another future episode actually did a game Louise are almost entirely. I think we discovered who our next episode bode well lose focus here but how do you rate now Dugard now. I really look at naughty dog is one of my favorite studios knows that they did the last of us that at the uncharted here's the uncharted series is than nominal. In terms of this story of the game and stuff basically think of like console and Indiana Jones some how merge. And they have an it was going to be a news show called fireflies. Exactly. Which brings up another point I mean you have a lot of people peg Nathan billion to play. Megan Drake you know they're absolutely Internet yet he would be phenomenal he would bite wired but younger Tom Holland. Playing young may enter don't get it but. I guess they started that way over there like tell the whole story from a well obviously when he was younger is that given the dog. I got damaged met that we also just recently. More according to Sarah and it's Tuesday. Those may be used Monday us on this. That the king of Kong. Which is crazy to be glued religious that it up there on this a couple of weeks ago we didn't know happening. We had no idea what about actually would have made more sense to do it after this news because I don't even talking about this movie we just decided to do an episode on it but apparently they're gonna make it into a musical. It's a corporate directors Jimmy behind the. Yep and that Gordon if you wanna reach out I party written songs. Us or. If I don't know. About Hubert Davis is an accomplished musician he put the ferry to saying so it sides are making it out like I said I was doing that it would actually be a joke but they would Daly literally could do this. And and give. Com are one of our favorite band on the podcast but not really capable corpse. I think you singing a song about all the awful things that thought of doing to Brian Ku and myriad you have your musical. I like it. What we are go to Walter de can sing he is shown at the other and I didn't yet he had the best. Broad on the beach and that guys so weird. It is as though we it is so weird guy all the girls there you have. It. This will be one though I would. Get tickets or what's going gaga got a stake as a musical stupid or edit here's your program with theater didn't put under your Sunday's best this or go to the musical it's a double watts. It is the king of Kong fiscal quarters is that what is this. I have a quick TV no rhyme August analog some on this but MTV's challenge to test the water is still in a big fan of they're doing something new was going on right now it's got the champs. Vs bros where they have ten MTV challenge champions vs ten. Professional athletes in all different fields and it is amazing one of the athletes as CM punk. One of them is low low Jones and she was the first episode the real villain also Shawne Merriman is on there. And Alex and X games people that are really know but it looks pretty sweet NC tees back. Bananas is back on it. Yeah well I don't couple up and it but I had no it is without OK but it the note but want one. So one of the big game you have at Lindsey Jacobellis who's famous for being an Olympics no border who tried to do the trick. On the last jump and fell and needed needed even medal. Yeah her. Well PLO Jones and that remember her categories she's going to made a big deal out of being a virgin and then they. It makes sucked in the Olympics. Emergent. Now. No she's she's terrible to Colombia I watch read into this start. Just don't do with the stars most honor and not the spoiler to say I do recommend people watch this if you like. If you have any interest in the stuff but on blog Watson but. They're all playing for charities that usually they play for their own money like MTV tells you about how they make their economies people but. They're playing for charities and Mo Jones charity Islamic she started. Ed basically to paraphrase her when they're like going through to like to figure out who did voted in and things like that. She's basically saying my charity is better than your charity like she's she's got those people like well I started to charity and their like okay. The oral turner is money for you know stuff for pat and I don't care. The music but anyway the other they don't lead with Shawne Merriman and beat the am glad I don't think MTV hasn't repeat these. No I don't think though that they have not for years which is great idea to which is good news we have a videogame or is there a lot of videogames obviously Ameen ya podcast today but we it. The release state of South Park the fractured bought whole. That comes out October 17. I then found it on fractured. Of love inevitability. To develop them and it big it's funny that like it's fractured but hole. That's and it stayed out loud in the safe bet to elect. Yeah. Which is good for them little little bomb humor from the Boyd so art and yeah. Either man. Our right is it a million men would be absurd. I gonna be equivalent of the news that retarded a lot of video games there's gonna make this quick com the only game in mile on my radar this week that's coming up this week some music game called shadow warrior to. This game is a reboot as it is a sequel of a reboot. Of the game they came around 1996 in 97 I believe. Called shadow warrior which is basically people look at Duke Nukem engine. Mixed in some really really stereotypical and racist Japanese dialogue. And there you have it Tom I. It's always been recruited Dexter really cool and the coolest thing about it is they actually have. Really cool. In game like fighting system. I like this stick like controlled your sword and stuff like that thumb stick the united means that they actually really cool that's probably the most innovative thing about it. Fog at the stick controls your sword the. Had a boat. But economics around you know enemies to attack economical obvious that respect but if you're a Big Ten first person shooters that are are it's funny. They became really funny about so check that out if you got. Some time to waste that was it wasted on that are there other than that we can get right on with it and do some but talk about some better games. This I'm surprised that this topic has not come up with them over a hundred episodes we've definitely talked about some of these games before rove numbered only solo episode even the free WEEI hash tag door we've never done this. Best sports video games which is very daunting were talking about. You'll original Nintendo PlayStation for Xbox-360. PS one mug every everything in between. We're going clue here there's a lot of different ways to do it here's here's our that we should do it. Go through. By sport first round and it's been like this game's great it's great we'll start by sport ruled narrow it down to water to. And that will pickle crown a best game by sport in the world can also do is may be. At the candidates say best buy a system or at least you know groups of systems so you know it. Nintendo verses and then segues superintendent that kind of thing makes up. Our source our football would be the first team in football that you'd like to throw out. Although it did happen to be super possible right yes with vote Jack committed to be. You know that the very first football game two out ever playing making ten yard fight. Again everyone moves to the same time that there really make sense. Well even tech always great but we vehicle just the slight advancement the more plays. More teams to protect or tech Super Bowl was better. And vote Jackson. So he had put Texas Tech my super all right so you object and yet which is awesome so that I mean that game could also play in the game and it's incredibly fun. Tom a lot of these games. Like use to protect Mo but tech most super bull starts we're obviously used to us settle a lot of arguments a lot of debate yes. You know it's there aren't fine we'll just do will be as well settle it in the tiebreaker here in our enemy. And you lose that so that. I think close second firming up. Would be NFL blitz of the year original and a public places in Europe it was coming up right up peels or Nintendo 64 if you if you worked yeah right right right. Lumped up low absolute love this game. Artists. Every year you start it's like first I'm thirty get a pick up a thirty yard first down every time. Yep and I like it in that it was covering up the public and BJ am. With they have Billick RK eighty feel to it you know and I mean yeah like art yeah all of yet. I feel like all the latest would be iterations of Madden and stuff like that is just one thing after another of the graphics just get better a little bit and then. Yeah I mean obviously had a Starwood mad men or lose morally games it's a it's a great rated team every year little sports game. And it's hard to pick a year ago it mad no for like the year with Michael Vick Garnett amateur personal preference as part of the one I played the most. I would say. Madden 2006. We Ozal McNabb on the cover. Is probably the worst because that was when they they introduced the passing cone. Now you can shut off passing cone but that was such a terrible idea admit it more difficult also uses crack what do you place in step on the and that did add another two. You know. Level of difficulty but I hated the got him passing down so out of there 06 sock and I also says Perot a stretch. I actually preferred the NCAA football games. I tell a lot better people he had a lot of people are still playing that because of the option they gave they love playing with the option was how about Motorola's I'll do this I'll make him. I don't like people still playing them. All they have to do it unfortunately there's not new ones because our I would've bought and I think over the course of my life I've probably bought more NCAA the Madden some years I was a Psycho allowed by both other years out have to judge that one or the other. The bank college you know you'd have won a rule made up the other seeded player all throughout. Tom NCAA 04. Again this may be just speaks more to me when I was playing a ton of unions but the one with Carson Palmer on the cover. I think might have from the past again there are pretty similar and so different pictures of under one. What are the most fun thing about those games that he could start in high school in the typical championship game whatever. In a move up. Yeah oh yeah yeah yeah did you do don't you do liquor raw there was must do is. You can play because there are both E. A. SPORTS games you could start as like a high school kid or whatever or make yourself as like a freshman in college. Place for years and save the draft class on the memory card meant to ask them in the Madden. So we were due to agreed on colleges and simulate for four of us that they were in a franchise mode. We reach a college team pledged years that all went pro mission real draft that are released traded for our own guy and then played however many years of Matt news it was a not it was a sea. And every. I remember you and I talking over AOL instant messenger about that and you being like I got to show you something and took with your little crappy camera phone. It was meeting you playing for Fresno state on the cover of sports illustrated magazine I'm like batted the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. And we I would like I've made you when he looked exactly like you wouldn't it. It goes like they always are some of the little exaggerated but we're really look exactly like as a one year and Madden and get graded our entire high school football team. Yes you doing it taking forever forever but it was it was on his cell and in the grade a players and younger of the cricket player is the press. We'll get ten game we'll get to a game that was one of the first create a player a little bit later on the other hand. Well by the way did these games are responsible for my most unfortunate I have a lot of nicknames but my most unfortunate nickname came from these games these. Video game football game. It's a great point you Meehan Bessie in high school were all in a franchise mode together and what we did different team. Well yeah we're day out we ever sees or playing in the same you don't franchise mode and for whatever reason. Davey is the best that videogames amongst my group of friends but for whatever reason than Madden. Nasional or far superior and Matt I'm terrible how many pairs of the so. To make the stats there or to keep up at least for most of the season. Daily please don't make the playoffs to modem play otherwise Davies. Is he played on rookie mode. Which is ridiculously. Easy rookie running back Eddie is running back and you pleasant south who just hands the ball to himself. Then bored as he has a cell like six months because you rookie mode. A and it is. What I do stupid. Older and it's so bad the other thought what am I wanna mention though is. I ESPN NFL two K five. If you remember this odd TO is on the cover when he was playing the Philadelphia Eagles it was their it was made by us Agha it was for the PS2 and Xbox. This is actually the last game to compete with mad. Because then the following year E. A. SPORTS got exclusive NFL right so no other. No there developer could make a game with the NFL players and teams. But this game was great end. They went out there and they sold like twenty or thirty dollars. And I was reading about this how it freaked out E. A. SPORTS they had depth that they as well the lowest selling year's super Madden they also to lower their price over the never got down as low as two K five did. But but pretty crazy because E. A. SPORTS is dominant they're under on this list all lot. But the two K games and some of the awards are really good and it's almost a shame we don't have an alternative or for the Balkans now. Yes and 2500. Seat gonna come up again because that was the year that there was like a lawsuit against EA and they lost. Basketball. They lost. Baseball. Right. And they lost I think it would just that they like to cave was like you can't. Monopolize the whole market of sports game that you need Billy you know I mean that's great I think that they lost the license be exclusive license for baseball. And basketball and 2005. All right so to go back here. The best games. Probably again technical Super Bowl NFL blitz we have to put a Madden right. But look at the Madden 04. NCAA 04. And let's just leave it down again to gave I was very opposes the other four was cool we can circle back to those of the four best football games and again tech most Super Bowl you dharma Nintendo game. Let's you're talking about. PlayStation and N 64. And then Matt and NCAA. Really birdie you know your PS2 UPS three PS four earned all of them. Our best basketball game I think there's there are fewer during their fewer. Great basketball games to me but I kind of starts and stops in my mind with engage him. Yes. And turn him in addition if you turn it a decision because you get more players the roster older bigger that's great but either one specifically the first one. Is it still holds up to this day who wants it what a great idea. Focus on the star players plates who want to dunks and threes. The the commentary is amazing the graphics are goods are cheaper second super Nintendo. All absolutely. Eight and an arcade to do wanna throw that into the arcade they didn't just their tremendous game. Yeah and the like you said late limitless play ability. On the replay ability Emmys and the like depending on who you light in the I had to teach I was always the Charlotte you the Charlotte hornets. With Alonzo Mourning and grab a mop layered on I got. I doubt be those guys that that's my dad's sort of he was greeted Nintendo. That he is really get it's I got it in the next system it was like you got to advance. It was Leslie is yeah. It's the DLLs like PlayStation ever try to play like you a game today against another one of the Blagojevich mentioned a player like NFL game day. And he does what he has Legg is like too much more of whereas like it Segui that he's epic battles he would always beat the hornets. If you'd be knocking down threes of the Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson and how much you know ten years old and I'm screaming out I'm like. Don't shoot the breeze any way to realize Eagles of their shoot him in this game and also picked. Does great any day you shot they blocked all these stuff and everything argues there was a tremendous tremendous duo there. Yet I would say from my NBA game and get to meet a knock is that. For a non basketball person this is the gold standard of basketball games and that would be NBA street volume two. They tell you why one it's good if you turn the game on the first thing you hear is they reminisce over you by Pete rock and feel smooth which is one of the great at tipoff on the all time. Like that thought he got sold out already. Then you do it NBA game didn't do and that you have two different versions of Michael Jordan in the game. Yeah in my NBA legends and the need to play Italy you know like you play it Larry Bird like Isaiah Thomas but they knew also had. The current NBA players would that roster. Was even better yeah indeed it. That you put on top of that the soundtrack in the game play which is liked Alley oops and like off the backboard dunk you can do it he lingers like all that stuff like. That was. My favorite basketball game of all it's somewhat put that in front of me right now I would play a per hour I love that game. Our us a good call the the other one's a mention our NBA two K the first on. Was really doing it not also give you an alternate to it to E. A. SPORTS now is a tremendous game and they've really continued. You know the graphics are off the charts if you updated BA two K. Sixteen or seventeen right now. It's so good how every play here. Has like there. Form of shooting units Alec oh here's three different shots like on either hold the ball up early high yelled in front your face your hold off the Sutton all. Each guy it looks just like he's supposed to have relied so they've they've gone to such detail now. Those games are hard to beat as a from the old school games. I've ever NBA live 95. Or so ago was off the charts Bonn and bulls vs blazers did tells split burst blazers are super super Nintendo actually the only super Nintendo. I believe it could be wrong but Dow's great. Odd choice. I've heard her correctly they only have the playoff teams from the year before in the game those let you had half the leader of the all the good teams really are like it is all the teams that. For all of you fans who are the old the old school band. Become original fans we. Talk about the game a little bit and one of the great things about all the bulls vs blazers with the fact that. Deep brown. At a spot just beyond half court on the parquet floor where if you shot the ball from there it would go in everything there was. Ridiculous. This heat and half court shots of the lament the morale brownie would go read those great. There is tremendous sold for basketball I think will go with NBA jam and logo with NBA street bowling too. And yet MB of the two K games understands two of those games it's like Madden in the sense where. They're so good and they come out every year it's hard to really. Pick a favorite or order really you're doing a good there's another name you'll like it is impossible to be imbued him with my mind President Obama hockey. Where. Again in the obvious would be NHL 94 NHL 95. I like both of them a great deal I personally in 95 more. The night before you had you know the blood. And and and that's the conference lawyers that's the number make Brett Quigley here this tremendous and I remember 95. This is the first game that had the capability but the first game I remember the create a player Ambien a blown away by you can create your own guy. Throw into the game and MB whatever position and then play a whole season with a home that was unbelievable and that's also a game where. You could sit down play it right now no no questions. And I doubt I have a Genesis in my classroom that we we pulled typically play on but I think it's safe for me 94 has the roster. Yet the roster of NHL players. At the time yeah I think if you look at the all star teams like this act 80% of those guys are and also. Well I think I know I know the player in even though I do Sports Radio for a living I feel like I you know more. NHL players from 9495 that I do for hub sixteen center. There's good guys disciplining him all the time in the first few lines of each team. You just remember every single guy in the early you said it feels like they're all my hall of fame that is loaded rosters. Yet it's just super super what team do you say. The brunt. NASA liberals cannot because the home not to get them a whole other great days ago already here in the lineup but I know it is Kim Daly. At a modes. Joseph Juneau Glen Wesley. Ray Bork in in remote as it is starting five that's brilliant yeah I mean it does like some of the best or whenever but just. I like Alec sabres put Pat LaFontaine and now Campbell the only. And I also enjoy read. The Maple Leafs surprisingly with Doug Gilmour. And then to feel more credit it is great in the field the cap Potvin and that that's something so they were at all. All other hockey games ablaze and will Wendell Clarke who's good at that data hander chuck he was on the tenth two. Yeah they're they're really solid. The blades of steals really farm and with a fighting and everything and this toll shot. I was out than just regular ice hockey for Nintendo would though with The Beatles back guy's skinny guys short guys. And add a little kid you're swearing up and down. That. This team is better than this team. But it didn't matter if that was just the color isn't as well listen. The girl you would sit there with a chuckle Slovakia like note but has seen it they're just different colors in debate dependable guy you pick they got them can attack I did nothing to do with the team. Yeah usually don't sit tall short fat that is rolled out they're a good ago. But hockey for me I mean I wanted to so hockey from the public unlike other games I feel like the most recent hockey games. They haven't. Gotten it yet but I feel like it. Every time they improve upon something or they get a little bit better like NHL seventeen but I I play a lot. The E. A. SPORTS hockey league is ridiculously fun. Where you play a specific position in you know you're you're playing with spin off five other guys in. You know but the ultimate team is really on side but they did just not there yet you know and I mean. I find it a lot of hockey games that works I'm a rookie mode before but some remote it's difficult to find. The right setting at least for me like they'll be. If you haven't too low your score and 678 goals in the game than a gimmick to hide your your scratch now these you know 11 nothing 21 games or you know your your fortune to score a goal. That that's more and it's as a meeting but I think there should be one in between pick the from dominating on the first two levels via a mighty you don't get killed in the last two. So Billy that's been a little bit issue with. -- making a realistic a different little game of the gun to a whole season you don't wanna be going through. School and tangles it. No war no controversy about it. You know doing that either redo win it I think generates a 94 will call 94 again I'll maybe partial and 95 rule bull. Put down as the hockey champion. Art baseball games now that baseball seemed similar to football where there are a lot the Jews from here signaled first. Solemn first let me say that they did they'd be reconsideration of the show which are PlayStation exclusives now which is a shame that it of people play Xbox or put console whatever art. Able to play eight. Baseball games this is this just seventeen and actually really good it's probably the most if you like creative player if you like. Different types of game modes they have an arcade mode now which is like Ken Griffey junior baseball is tiger reduce the color covered up but this game that he really good in terms of the pantheon of greatest baseball games ever. My personal favorite would be NCAA baseball 2006. Another engaging. Yes. I was very. The reason is is because you can create your own stadium it was the first game that allowed you to adjusting your creative player you're happy. So I have a flat brim like that Dontrelle Willis elect decide which really big in the day yes but more than that it was. Was the first scheme to use the control stick as a it is swing which is click below to huge heavily load in swing I'll write right. Not a pure hitter you know in my in my own life as a or semi retired. You're not hitting coach. But that's the tool you know I like you know I like to hit the ball where it's pitched. You know I'll I elected spread it around a little bit you know I just look at that as a pure hitter in my own life yup I like to see that reflected in I've. Hitting instructor really I'm just appear under your dinner and a staters gainers dismissal all that that's Lille going forward are there yet. And you know go to touched chords that Vermont news developing now what he would not let them give up on runner right field home run to left field that McNamee. I go out and away you. It on the show so that's one of the more recent games obviously and I played mostly were the old Williams Brothers Nintendo. So I got super Nintendo so I start Little League Baseball was my favorite Nintendo another another great baseball games I know there was RBIs baseball there's MLB baseball there's bases loaded their thought there's some degree games my favor with Little League Baseball. And it was a similar it's like ice hockey in a sense of where yet short guys in fact guys near tall guys and for the most part the fact I said stingers the shortcuts or basketball gods were kind of year all around players. They're great teams and it like there's teams from all over the world obviously if they believe baseball World Series. And now owns just fallen for days or being in the New York was really good Canada had a really good team. Now a Chinese Taipei are there is just it was a on mass games are probably baseball's my fear of the old school. Per Ehrlich saga of a World Series baseball. Darrell wrote it ought to get all I got the home runs it could head that the commitment they've they have the commercial public Brad Radke. Music or he's like gays and I'll of the he'd like I gave up like 2.2 home runs last year never admitted to show. Parts of the game disguised to smash and singers that actually was sick in the house also won the first games I remember. Where the stadium like being blown away by like look that's Fenway Park. Yes and like that was really cool C with a triple play games triple play 96000. Elements that stands out to news as a as an Alzheimer. And the one we get an honorable mention obviously we've mentioned it before on the podcast is Ken Griffey junior presents Major League Baseball oh my god it. With the all the big name first game yet in the first game I really remember. Playing a home run derby. And enjoying it you know either. Where they had the cast so take. What a concept for game you have all the real teams. But you don't have any of the real players except for Ingram junior. What the players all where they all resemble a player it's the old college football games were like there's no name but you're like well that's. That's Tim Tebow but I know that is electric clearly Tim Tebow is the number is a reality its like the whole thing. This was they really that cheap sooner right and they gave them names they remember they give big names so I think Boston team. They they cast the cheers was like the names for some of the players. I Malone similarly asked Malone is all the guys I do remember. For whatever reason that the one that sticks out to me Lenny Dykstra on the Phillies was Denny rails. And he was fast the ship and always be out forever that beat Denny rails and into gasoline clinger junior baseball's good also shout out to. MVP 2005 the won't Manny Ramirez and the Dow's a really good game so wordy wanna go top two or top three baseball games here. Looked up three are already got the show I got to showed seventeen is probably might the best base the best technical baseball game ever play are the shows seventeen. I'm gonna force will league baseball on there. And I don't like depth of that happening and where you wanna go with the you want MVP NCAA excess output balance of those dude get over it yet MVP NCAA baseball doesn't six. Those that are perfect. Now I don't have a long list for soccer I really isn't. I don't I mean the these games are credible though I love seat there are credible I play less people than a lot of these other sports intern now. And I guess there's a lot of heat coming our way through this but one of my day. The first my first reaction to this is like you remember that scene and camera guy when they elect what's your favorite Madonna album and the public if he says anything but I don't know what you gotta admit that's occurred to detect. My pirated I have I have never. Played a match I've played Pete spoke before but I don't I don't place he's a regular. On to me it's like playing jets. It's just the pace of it is pretty slow. Yes you know that's why not for me and that's fine but as we head to our podcast understand that there is an enormous. Audience. But this game I love that keep and the people who played this game are. Incredibly loyal to do it and tell you that it's the best game they've ever played which I understand it I get it it's just not me. Now there's like no other Sophie furthest part away and its like mad and pick a year that's fine. Not a quibble on the year with that but bull nominate feet one of the best sports games and other also rode in the World Cup. It's of the other ones that came out but he put sort of took a two to another level so the next group cheered the. I sort of hey Don Imus I don't I don't know about bleep on the Super Mario Brothers super strikers prevailed for the gamecube. That game of a lot of fun. OK I lied about it technically that the list. The next group I have is sort combat sports. So we're a lump in wrestling boxing MMA. Any any kind of like the the fight even if you will. So the young I'm not fighting games but sports fighting. Yeah so that's the thing I wanted to say is so like you're not gonna have tech in or street player I am a committed argument those those history of fighting in the other sports games. And the other thing I would say is if you wanna applicant NASCAR game. That could be they were going to put like that that would be a sport game. But like midnight club and like of these other like dad racer like those aren't to me sports. Those are read and write. So yeah we have combat as yet so let's combat sport gate at I would I would say I have to. I have a new book had OK my first one is fight night champion. And it is because a little known fact about the other than fact that I play instruments with strings and have known to rock a microphone or two or is that I grew up. An enormous stand of boxing. And I hate the fight night of the fight I games have been really good fight night round two with a personal Mike Tyson. What fight my chipping was great in that it had a really cool story mode where you actually at elect goes through the hole start in jail which is sweet. Like the odds. To talk to bare knuckle but then like you get into the game and like what you beat that what you could unlock bare knuckle matches. So you could potentially. Fight bare knuckle. Mike Tyson vs Mohammed Ali or even like butter being. Like they're not current views as each other up in one of the best things about that game with the corner work like you actually had to do your important work. Well then I woke up ref and everything so that that was my eight favorite like fighting combat sport. Fight night champion. Yet. Gathered there's a bond to fight against right so that is now route do now Mike Tyson's punch out to me is is the game. Jack and David. Got a better read the giant that it really is about one dollar jumps to the to the front I'm with you on fight night. Gaza is a really good boxing games I would also say. There's a lot of really good wrestling games I think yet wrestle mania 2000 which we played for army and 64. Number outlet next. We play that it Ozzy on and talk about great create a players it just everything he could do you could have run in this you could set up pay per views he could. Create belts like back team. Was off the charts bond that's also one where I think single player you wouldn't have nearly the amount of Fon is a theater group of friends pulling out one. All we forward it only tag team matches and Mike. It was it was such a cool thing to like I would I remember being in our dorm room and you playing somebody and dislike tournament somebody up. To the point where that they were to commit similar to what wobbling if you'd like special actress. Gotta keep it there and that's all we love our member of one gated. Ever one kid whose name I will say they've been Crosby entry list. He you're just beat the crap out of him. And then all of a sudden I need really like hit the button. Like the start button and it comes my guy Alex yeah credited to bring it because you want one them until he got up and let for a. Most of it is clear we will. The name of the game is you can have a one on one match it's a Davey guy we were tag team we were though the party boys what part of obviously a playoff hardy boys so we were a mic in Tyson party. And we we know we had we elect a kind of matching outfits or whatever but the at the point is. Because we wrote a stable or tag team if I had a singles match against like Sharkey Revver. Davies character would walk to the ring would make it because you have 64 the four controllers like mean sharp will be playing. But then the other controller peavy to the move his guy something. People against is over this like it's a wallop that's all I know I felt I don't I don't have a Davies like gravelly guy by the beat like dragon about it the Reagan or beat the (%expletive) out of this out there. Believe it I can't I can't go in the ring. Now you kids out it was like I jump out at and the guys that I'm not going out there has been I'd like a little noticed suited Sharkey. It is great usually go with him good finishing move which is. Feel like it's. Kicked this year that you this guy has critic I've ever read wolf. Ripple new data that we're we're so hot (%expletive) neck gave it at all that he beat up bag out of both of us with one guy and it was dark with. It was horrifying. Early scream Osama. We got better we didn't play again until he got better and that we have moved on from there. I games on the top a no no mercy which came out I believe the year after it's really good reviews that was good. They did some of these smackdown vs raw games like 2007 or so. Were pretty fond du good. You could draft you'd be a good GM of one home immediately put on shows like when the ratings battle. Now get it out to go back to like sag. The old school game and it was royal rumble thunder BF royal rumble. Like razor mall at a young once you retain it was an admin and some of those games so does that wrestling is good and I personally I bought the first. USC game. May be the first to I don't think they're great I don't knock any of them belong on the on the slowest of all time games. Unless you're just standing up and Whelan on each other like you did the ground game and that is like it's. Really difficult to get good at like you could do things by accident. But it's really good delay it's really hard to be good at that and you know I mean I'm sure there's that that the audience Cuba it's just elected seat plus B minus. Yeah yellow arrow right play that you end up just like punching kicking a lot and enemy in nearly all that's the question is he playing a box again at this. So I would dominate Mike Tyson's punch out fight night champion and wrestle mania 2000. Altria. Now so we've we've done football basketball hockey baseball soccer combat sports was his quote group together in the last one disorder other. And there's one that that jumps out that has been a Melissa might be a top five game of all time I think you probably think in the same one. You're gonna say they police say it Tony hawks prosecutor to prep yeah exactly athletic pass and what about the best video games ever. It's amazing. I'll tell you what I a lot of the Tony Hawk games now they they did start to get a little redundant but even like underground and now. Was or dominant power ground running on an underground. Although the there are great but there are so much on the tee and again toggle create a player you'd you'd be your own guy and then. It helped us we learn although we knew all the good skateboarders. Like oh boy that's like about her listed room closed Bergen and everybody they. Rodney Mullen my favorite skater while I'm ready. Mark Rodham almost it's so. Just a great idea for a game and they they executed perfectly confused you don't know what they're some like so notes serve. Out Cirque or others and surfing if there's likes snowboarding games and they're kind of crap. And then they made this and it was just so much fun. Yet now as it was if that's spawn you know all whole litany of games like that lake EA made it you're difficult gate which was. The way different and Tony Cox news challenging in the attitude of what tricks with your bombs. Instead of doing it with the buttons goes. More like real skateboarding and now agree game. On that sex tricky which is one of my favorites. Obviously this snowboarding game. But Tony Hawk pro skater to our member you know having that game and playing certain level you'd find the line we could just keep going you don't don't and like. I scored like ten million points right now that I'm not I'm not doing this and on a single righted fault wants ya know no Chico's and Everett it was just like I had played big games so much that the like I couldn't ball. I'll bet. It was awesome and debt below that Spiderman and do I remember correctly who I think you're right yeah there are about because never stopped it just made it Spiderman game. For like 64 or some like that forbid there was Spiderman back in the game. About that made it for me to but again a game that don't sleep on the is that the sound track of that game. Both front and outbreak to the bought tickets per share Obama. I think Tiger Woods golf. Maybe it was 2010 or one of the world's Tiger Woods also I've ever raise obsessive for awhile now is a great game real. Golf courses real golfers and finally there's been that gonna handbook off its reforms like links there's some good computer games and things like that but this really capture all animated a lot of fun like thousand. You look on yeah via even for casual golf people who don't have one or people who don't want anything to do with golf like this was really fun to play. In it was really well done and I I really think that that's one of the best like other sports games of all time I agree I and there's. Let me get let me run this by and did this deserve a place on this list I just don't know where some putting it in the other category and I don't know where it goes. But probably one of the most fun time they've ever had playing sports games is actually Wii Sports. I was looking right I wrote that down I was of those the next thing I was gonna say I ignored either I literally wrote it down next the other I would you go bowling and tennis. Are related to that people played the most. Owns other mullah baseball box or come hard to believe if you really get after it was with friends you can play those two. But bowling and tennis. Just were were great games and yet a different ball was pretty. A good point yeah golly that's right golf was pretty good that was there are archery on there thank. Yet public debt but I just remember. Religious attendance and bowling and just be blown away about how fun house simple enough on that. Are we have a list we got under him when he. So what has pretty go bush probably get down or top five. So we have tech or Super Bowl NFL blitz Madden NCAA. NBA jam NBA street ball into NHL mind before. MLB the show seventeen Little League Baseball MVP NCAA 06. Any fifa. Mike Tyson's punch out fight night champion wrestle mania 2000 Tony Hawk pro skater to. Tiger Woods golf and Wii Sports. That's pretty good so. Yet so they can before we get any further like you said the dirt here is is amazing. Are greater than most series replace station where uncle and he's just racing games. Yes I don't I I put them in separate group. Yep but just that we want that those racing fans updated now the yeah would that we can forget about you it's just we got an hour so. You're out also throw in there is tracking fields for Nintendo with a track that would not what. No secret let's do lists are all fours and a black and that is Java out of that's still that's still my favorite story out prior told on the podcast but we have the Nintendo in my college dorm senior year and he in my body decided to play it it's a relief drinking like keystone mites are never. And so is just the tourism that we I lived it was at a water whatever the four most. It's a me in my one body. We're playing and worm like. Shorts may be sure listen really headbands on we're sweating bullets were heard drew or have a beer cans everywhere were like trying to raise the cheetah. Added finally my body and his girls are like come marketed it might be suited to a bus and look washed dot hell is this product she'd. Can't beat Jim Carlson can't we did you got to connect America to handle the bat and elect out of year the better widget to ticket we could to help out to help out. But right to we will put that on there so. A top five I think it's going to be tough to do body. By console because we would or personal prominence but tops alive we should have a hash tag dork top five sports video games of all time. So. That first first ballot called same. I mean ago. Tony Hawk pro skater to absolutely ethnic blessed. Apparent heart so we're going to keep this Tony hawks. Pro student. I've no prominent. You know probably I would I would argue about that now I will go with the NBA GM. I would say they would head out again as as much as I love. And I think NBA street climb to perfected what NBA champs started there would be no NBA street without immunity. Exactly yet regret that the UN put in a job I am good at Adam might tighten poncho love. Good call on the notes aren't man this is tough yet I think I'm gonna go where is. NHL 94. Perfect. This is this is real bad. But ours so we got to come aboard one. So it. We don't have a football game on there we do not have a football game. News. Which no we or Norah baseball game or baseball game. And Norris soccer game. That's okay I'm up shall I mean shouldn't a mad and beyond there. Or deal late tech most Super Bowl that much or really blitz. I think I think com or blitzed much like NBA jam we heard an MB Jim. LA it's it's fun but it's not the greatest game yet I would day. Take your pick. Between tech most Super Bowl or. You know Madden. Oh alone 045 whatever. Let's go when that. No matter what we're gonna put Matt you know we're gonna put a matter comment that they are an act let's go manual or five ever so Tony Hawk pro skater to. NBA jam Mike Tyson's punch out and it's a money for and Madden 04. So basically the best just a simple way of doing it would be best Nintendo game would be Mike Tyson's punch out. You're super Nintendo or Sega would be balls NBA jam and and NHL 94. PlayStation would be Tony Hawk pro skater tool. And then like UPS to an op would be demand answers. Cool and that is how that deal. I you know what I am gonna go to bed tonight and I'm going to be really mad. At that we missed that I know him I missed something. All this work that we are gonna get letters. We are concluding that we're gonna get them angry Leno might get an island forge the nice ones now. They'll let you know like it hit us up are not Twitter at dork podcast and a lot of your sister probably screaming out the whatever device you have analysts analysts on. And you can also email that the if it's. More than a 140 characters or your best you can dork podcast at gmail.com. It is up let us know what's going on there any file things daily on sports video games do we get to meet a crown on number one of all time. It's hard to deny yet I can't do. We have your top five but my editor Bonnie talk. I my gut that Tony Hawk you make me want what's going hawk and then you go I don't know why you not think right now what we're in the pocket just like at the point. Aren't so there's your top five again I I awaits you were up predictions and again this is just according to hash adore so you have your own top five. God bless you make of the. It's. You. Our daily time for the pick of the podcast accept a couple of things are gonna see first if you would like to go. Are you go first to monitor. So one of mine is be a plug for you with facts Ryan Davey was on the boxers podcast. I wanted to it's it's an. And the boxers. Who review movies at the red box today's his review movies that are wherever they do it to retreated a prayer for movies and episode. And they've part one of the segments they have is called hot garbage which you could imagine it is crap movies and so they also open it up to other people to. You know call and leave a message where they crap movie and so Davy is on the most recent episode of the boxer's podcast where he has a scathing review. Sure I giveaway the movie are now I know yet go to the call the go listen to it. It's. This week's boxers episode. And I think a even tagged it with the you know. A special appearance by. Davies so I'll make sure you listen to the hat and autos great are those that it was really funny I thought I might not know that I did not that you saw the movies I will give one hands. We are not the sky. This will be. On the podcast at all no we have not at night gated and I kind of wanted to explain it because. And it made on the target like why did you read concede that was why would you even sit through that I didn't do it the reason was because on. And it is Anaheim on being a little bit of a soft right now but the guys from Mac can do and it got from the podcasts have been so supportive of ought. You know I mean like if you asked them. You know podcast let's do like it you don't we're probably the first one out of other than the two the other other than their own like we're probably the first about it. Com and they've been so good that like when Marcus and west's approach but that Kate. Up and Mac and go to like you guys wanna do like Colin do our covered hotline. I would like I need I wanna do this for them could have been so good for good. Dabbled in it through an hour and forty minute probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen just to do that for those. That's hilarious that you want that for them. I want while or doubt about that all this that makes up for albeit throws that Marcus is that it hit them yet nevertheless there are now. Market to market the entertainment and food you like so much for us you know drained a hectic at least I could do was sit through an hour and forty minutes of Arkin horrible movie. That's really funny so I actually. I think I'm gonna do once do I I saw a movie guys' policy and a pretty good and it was terrible and but here's the crazy thing like you're so I was so good at. That I feel like I need to watch the crap movie again this thing to do this that and again to the road less odds I think I've I've I've picked up the movie I wanna do. But I wanna get the dip the tails of and so Akamai go back and classic. Everybody knows select whether it what's unfortunate for me is that like. I am. I know myself well enough to know that when I'm at my funniest is when I'm the most angry in my dad's like victim comedic Hulk. And but I get better if they get angry Vietnamese though. I was real mad haven't watched that movie so if you wanna check it out please describe in revue boxes Bartlett and Mac can do yeah produce such great work for us so we need to look them up a little bit. And also. Subscribe to reviews to hash tag dork. As it was your party app as well as this remind out of left the review they're listening which is which is great it's free to review it helps us makes us a good. Some of the nicest things I read. Are the comments. In the iTunes because on a daily basis I looked through the cesspool that is my Twitter mentions where people urges very unkind and then I need to get dazzled me up to read. The iTunes. And see what people said about the podcast so I have another pic of a podcast Ryan last week or do you owe more so last week we played. We had a and an ad for come caught which are we gonna army going to a couple of weeks and so that there's actually a new. Advertisements. For comic con. And it's. Okay cool. So by the fans for the too many glories viewed as it gets any on Wednesday care. PGA card himself Michael and. The navy trainer Todd Warner pigeons that from now on top of each owe anyone who's knocked Obama better watch your head. Did the baby from dinosaurs. Chevy Chase his son Brian Bergen plus years now where you might get rotated by our roadmap for Marley Mac and neither test vote on happily ever after her that her fingers to bond. Let me eating contest cynical politicians hey good morning my daily trivia it's being held in the parking lot of West Hartford middle school. Dokic. Okay stuff. A lot of information. Now that mayor made out of and do for Mac you grew. Provide you with his take on a couple of side. Which last that we played you littlest of all the people going. And now he added some the more characters they're including the baby dinosaurs. Let's close let's face it a very good show yet a done a great show. This year I just visited the podcast I just wanted to give you little anecdote I told you get off their but I wanted to let her listeners know that I've. My Latin to class. Can get Robert Downey junior or Ryan Reynolds took followed dork podcast in retail suite one of our tweet they will receive five points on their. It. Happened. Happen goes I don't know I did seek want to limit I'm Amanda integrity and I would not just give away points like that you weren't quite so don't give you know at the point. Five point five points to get every night eight. Every time we'd follow meter rice and at all from Peter Ryan Reynolds Robert Downey junior orbit through a mile code that week where they get a big gamer. Yet that reeks of desperation on the. No I just wanted to give them something they wanted extra point if they do their work they do very well. So I said I incentivized it to a eight recipient after that they're not gonna be able to complete. Well good luck till. And thanks everybody for listening in this episode of hash tag dork next week Ryan. We could do DC extended universe as we prepare ourselves for Wonder Woman the following week. We could do it's all movies. Based off of video games. We could do little. Option C. What is behind that the door when cold. 2.0 the debates. Any which way you leader right now or shoot I'm gonna put a game videogame movies. Are elected videogame movies. Next week. It feels that feels pretty good. So I remind you of follows on footer outdoor podcast you can email us door podcast at gmail.com. Hash tag door podcast also on YouTube now you can subscribe rate and review on I tuned to be very nice if he did that Derosa. We're also review on the old ides insist on the nice that it builds me up when I'm feeling so down. Andy can also check out Mac until late check out the boxers thanks to those guys for. Help put us out check out Davy on the most recent episode. Of the boxer's you can buy god damn tee shirt. If you go to our Twitter page there's a link to it or you can go. A to represent dot com search dork it's a beautiful black T shirt with a hash tag or logo on it. Posited yourself oh god they're T shirt. This summer near any urinated T shirt out there can be hot and you know no matter where you are looser in Australia that the reverse its you know wintertime. There. What about you got to put it go the other way it's it's a crazy thing. Yep we're not yet switched jobs we're going to be over watch team back together very soon yes which can think of me rich. West from the boxes podcast and Mac from Mac and do and we're yet to be needed dvd player to be named later so. They got another guy. Another Greg Oden. Yeah let's that's gonna do any file plus Iran. Develop bought some great episode of we appreciate the feedback and again if you disagree of their list let us know. And of them will be forced to agree to disagree I think at that point but Doug thanks much for listening to hash tag Dorgan will talk to you next week.