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OMF - The NFL is peeling back its restrictions on TD celebrations, 5-23-17

May 23, 2017|

HOUR 3 - The guys open up the 12 o'clock hour talking about the proposed rules changes regarding touchdown celebrations. They also get into the future of Julian Edelman, the reported rift between ESPN's "Mike and Mike," and Peyton Manning's apology to an NFL referee.

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These award winning and moaning and 48 bribes in the camp that smells like a wash clothes and I think you're below the visually I was an upper lip crib reduce the blueberry muffin on the plane 148 this hotel room and dreams of former an innocent girl with a Glenn flew in Christian. As an oasis kind of addiction is an average guy wonder why you're not gonna get my problem is a reason why Allah he is to limit. An argument though got the job right they want to know reportedly willing able to talk because it. General. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'll even like a vacation break it maybe you get a sponsor Canadian pharmaceutical companies so like did give us like little medication. Sure that I down for that you know or you can just leave for like fifteen units you can do your little early now or you can deal will link. Everybody you know I don't know if you like shot. What did we ever got out. Everybody we're talking about regarding John Farrell time about the Red Sox were talking about the Celtics game tonight ESP NDP. That's the U. The probability rating celtics' chances of winning tonight. We are. Well I saw savage but I saw 70%. Of. But I saw pirated or from what about a corporate visibly game. Paul does thirty going to their chance of winning tonight is 30% no I don't want iso 16% of them to win at least one more game. So there is 69% chance of them to win at least one more game not necessarily this one but over the course of the next you don't. Couple nights win one more game Chris are gonna go back home they think 30% is too high. I if they do I go to. Yeah I think 30% this is jaguars all the fun Bennett is the one on LeBron James so LeBron James is averaging 32 point five points per game in the post season. So what would you think Westgate. Odds are for the over under for points tonight. For the brunch is 38. Thirty. Easy thirty. And so I thirty what 3030 points over under for points tonight yell just 32 point five per game so well it has to what they're losing one point where I'm one point. I was a sales is that a 3330 whereas around I would say the average though would you be an impact a game I'd be more curious of points plus rebounds plus assists. But in my but I'm just saying because I see his unit had an impact of the game. It might be 2830 points and complete dominate our what would the M. PIB Maloney probability index Dallas on triple double tonight. Percentage triple double for from a brought the postal tough. It is tough for him it's still tough now for him I don't but I understand that it's not like you're probably tired you might think you'd want it. I mean it would still be it's still difficult thing to do. Yeah I think he comes out of this one he's extremely aggressive he's taken the ball back to the program. I don't think he's waiting I don't think he's setting up and allowing Kevin Love. In Ky we Irving and JR Smith to take threes early on Muslim Y bit. Again a combination you you you think they probably sat back and watch that film has to listen we repeating their heads and they got hot we got cold meg Nixon you know we can't make a shot the same shots like Kevin Lowe was making. Everybody was taking a first step he was picky actually even more uncontested shots that he simply says there are setting up and fitness the looking at the basket for a lease good two seconds easy shots he was missing them all of them were missing their shots so edit and then next thing you know. Al Horford goes out of the game to rep bill goes then and then they come back they went and he's. So he's played this beast twelfth playoff game he's gone off in the playoffs correct get that one triple double. One. Now in others there's been. You know 1010 rebounds seven assists it's been six rebounds thirteen assists there's been a bunch of those games right. Eight point me eight rebounds nine assists so he he'll take a look. John author of get overnight. Well I would think that he's going to be god it's you know you had a ball screens can be 55 in that range you know points assists rebounds you'll dominate this game. I don't expect to put up fifty. So well how much I believe this. ESPN BP I and obviously it changes every single thing we do this you know we've we've changed a probability. So Golden State as one. All twelve of the playoff games that played and so forth yes they have already sent the BP guy. For the NBA finals whether it's Cleveland or Boston Cleveland slash Boston a cat. And the DPI right now for Golden State to win the NBA finals. Is 95%. That's him so completely not know for Golden State to win the NBA finals here out is ninety that's two five I think that's. It's two amateurs senators basically. Florida way better team that's just wanna see Kevin Durant as a blowing yeah apple that's a bit and I wonder what it was 1010 it was. Going into game three for Cleveland you know because the way they looked in game one game to. Big game three. Change people's minds shouldn't have changed people's minds I don't think it should go I think we do that till weathered the pendulum swings now on the last game that was seen we suddenly go you know I don't know. This probability is supposed to be a more scientific right. They're supposed to take a lot of different variables and considerations. Apparently they don't same thing window and watch and games ago or. Several autograph and got us into Iraq without it Thomas. That's not chance of federal they're preying on the public it was a gimmick since they would be given with the people just saw again that would affect your months I would. Why are we gonna talk some football because police. The NFL owners are meeting right now and is all sorts of stuff going on to also also have bill oh yeah. So you know that we're we're we we made a big deal about this last year where. The NFL for some reason to throw fly anytime you had any type of celebration at any time you looked happy okay Ronald looking at these are Roger Goodell hasn't listened to all of us as we know he's always open mind on all right we he'll serve the people and the owners so he has really taken into consideration this whole celebration thing and he has decided it. That the players wanna go out there and makes no angels it's going to be okay. If you wanna go out there and have some groups celebrations. Because you just did an unbelievable thing you just won a football game. Or you just made a great play the key jury to lead in the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter. The National Football League. The charitable organization they are going to a while went kaput certain acts. Such as those. Mimicking weapons seeking come up there with a machine gun. And mowed down the the defense deadlines can't do that they can hooded guys confidence with gestures so you can't give people the finger you can't do that in sexually suggests job. Dances or I are supposed assume going to be bad Tony Brown noted oracle alliance collecting. Doing that no I know throat slashing all bulls can do that that would be offensive. Well I'll just say again it still goes down today mimicking weapons and sexually suggestive dances offensive gestures. And leaves it open Derek and yeah Philip affiliates of the footloose NFL versions of it. Now allows a dividend now allow after everything we've heard in FL group celebrate -- his group celebration Ollie can do the bull if all you're freaking be pins you can roll the ball no team to fall down is that word -- I according to Tom Ellis -- yes USA today the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can use the ball as it is Rocco and history and proposed you can use the balls broad group celebrations pitchers clueless going into the ground along with making snow angels won my fair especially around the holidays. Where is yes so OK okay cresting around this state they have oil we have it goes back to our old favorite clip about the one palm to palm thrown. He and others who bombs. He's really a testament boundaries cities clearly gotten reps attention a third couple draws like no matter what. Do you Justin. What is that the second. No I loved muscle milk and so okay so. Can you do the public thrusts once with a spike so I mean it'd. Is one rep connect considerate bolder in his and other opponents considerate and this is what they should be doing. They showed last year that they were just a little too up tight for my tastes. Is allowing now allowing guys just to show any sort of just. You know spontaneity. And personality. And yet nobody wants the guns and a throat slashing and all that other stuff but choreographed dances love it. Let it happen in the group high five the body high five whatever it is roll the dice it can you do that. If you do that you know there at Aaron Hernandez the LA you know drop a dime double doppler used to when you start out one that you gotta strip club barely. Yeah that's it will he keep you can't live unedited or can I put some but other guys get what they should be doing. You've got to put your team first in situations like this in the Pringle Barry's just volume there's too tough now you pop the third time he will draw his third penalty for today. So here's that. Everybody here waiting for the growth. Yeah. You're old buddy Diebler and Dino doesn't work with the NFL anymore. Senator a total of thirty celebration penalties that calls to thirty in masters seasonal fondly Aggies a small percentage of 40000 total plays over the season on care that's too many. Celebration is a good thing. If you don't want so Lindsay our libraries for junk shot so knowing your dollar in order balls and features though nobody would do it stated the. Priest but they don't know hole I don't know what they want. You know it's just they'd know truly are still open mind you think it's still I don't think it's amassed a civic and DOS I think it's a mess because I think you can see groups celebrations. That you could see the league be like. C'mon guys if you're you are taking advantage enrollment. Now we come up with you can have a group celebration consist of only three teammates not seven but it tested to date. They don't know what they want. And a Tony that these groups on offensive gestures. They ghost of a that was offensive and rest connector was to me again it's just gonna be it's open. So although Beckham junior doing the hurdles after a touchdown do and should not grant a fine okay rates so it's it's spontaneous it's. I mean it's premeditated he knew it was gonna do. Fine all those things are fine. And I don't have a issue if they should let them do it but again they will push the envelope. They don't have to fill out all around the bay you don't know they're too old brick and it takes to the cameras don't lose confidence so. Oh to hell. And I didn't know then you're gonna let a young poked like Bryce Harper. Dictate this game or use experience. It's different sport what we get it says jailers say a lot of I had my way you know that can't celebration at the Red Sox outfield is a dude at the end of their ever again. The end of every inning I'd cannabis now on good that is both baseball gods in order to run baseball needs more of that is that if they wanna attract a younger audience dean need more of that. People love you so that was our times article starts your kids are no double blown all over BJ's. Dance moves you up right. Any any actually does yeah all of of touchdown ourselves every time I don't want us around to go carts turned double play you should totally do you have to Michael Jackson who opt moonwalk we have students are real not what a Fuller which started in front like that it'll tool for. You're down nine runs or maybe you don't you don't want the subtle about it because it's because you're down nine runs you gotta. Places where. The real genuine emotion. Is is called for but I wanna see more of it. Football ideal but you know and doesn't want another one to. There's a few more things coming on number one it's them they're allowed to players now possibly return from the IR. Oh a year ago was again predetermined who was gonna come back. The change that because teams got stuck the new guy get hurt either come back and in a more valuable player would get hurt maybe screw. Now it's too. That's good it's. My question is one that allow anyone anybody come back to go back prepared it well and that I don't teams can abuse advocate we look at how to avoid teams abusing and stashing players but can't just sit there and say. If you got four guys get hurt in camp and come back weeknight McKinnell. All four compact or differences because you limited to your roster so if you bringing a player back with the salary cap that's right you bring the player back then you just let a player go. So player it becomes available to the other I don't get that and your practice squad players. Are always available to other teams of other teams want to write yet and then so that's and that's one in the other missed two more. The other one was. The pressure tests the roster arts which it went from two to now just watch. We did a 75 its allotted ninety to 75 it's ninety directly to 53 who don't like huge cut which I like well wait a you say you like it if I am a player. Who is between number 54 and a team and number ninety on a team. I may not get an opportunity because that want to cut down date they're gonna that the market is going to be flooded. With play. Wolf but most of those guys I think as a as a player it is gives me more time. To show that I won't make mistakes that I can make plays because the quality in the pre season the last for starters play. And then you have injuries so if your cotton that first cut may be yet one more game. You could you could shy maybe one more game you could prove to that that that they you have one more game on tape. But amateur those guys. Becky cut that person in fact they're going to teams are gonna practice squad you know it's gonna tell you that they if if teams are still out there are cutting players early on from the ninety. Then roster and not adding the bodies on there. What it's gonna tell you as there was nothing to do that but also they'll dodge really questioning that player that gets cut right right away but also a you can do when you wanted to if you have a backlog at one position you don't you know those guys you cut we got one of them like let's not get any reps anyways. Nobody's hurt go ahead and if then if somebody gets hurt you bring them back. You go back and what I like the fact that it goes all the way to the and now that last pre season game you may see every last person that you've. That helps. We are right now in game four we always attention we gotta be some it's like yes and you're gonna how to expedite get everybody and I don't want another one I don't. Which one overtime. You're from fifteen to have voted from fifteen minutes ten minutes because I always feel like in sports the object is to try to avoid ties as much as possible. I think you know she more times. With wolf I don't like it I mean that's fine and easy to basically have one possession and maybe they'll be a third. And a quarter be over. Yes see my thing with the overtime I think they're screwing about they wanna go back to the hole sudden death rule. I want to keep out or make sure each team has an opportunity to. Get the ball and trying to score regardless. So happens and like the Atlanta answerable. To go down to score. Would be great to see if Matt Ryan could leave his office down through least score and I know you don't like the first possession if you get the touchdown game as they're they're they're they Florida with trying to make it easier than I used to be sudden death in their possession guy scores are it indicate a few goal you at least get back where they scored touchdowns. It is it that way and it's not like there's going to be a lot of issues you know since what since 2012. They had 83 overtimes. I'm since 2012. And just fourteen of those 83. Sixty point 9% the team that won the toss marched down and and ended up getting a touchdown so doesn't happen a lot. So you get that situation. The other teams that it doesn't happen a lot okay dip that other team the opportunity to school I'm a dual electric policies do they put 125. And you say OK it is never ending scoring opportunities. Did each team the opportunity to marched on the field know Phil both specially you scored touchdowns but you are gonna get the opportunity. To save your eggs or you know we're you gonna end up with you gonna end up with if it's a ten minute overtime period you're gonna to put a lot more time. Even it was just hit that putt it even more so it's as easy Kmart even if you get especially if you're giving each team. One big as NFL game should never and and tie it but let her in the early supporters like I haven't you don't kick off or whatever like OK I'll do it from four in all the. Our mind. I don't mind doing it would do and regular season I think it should be some different in the post season I think in the post season. You should have different animals team should have the ball once each. You know but they're in a regular season. They got to get the NHL like it does and hockey NHL is a victory on three and penalty shots during a regular season is a lot of games come playoff time forget about that crap is apparently shot right Regis yeah it's overtime. An NBA you don't you don't need to change it because it's five minutes and it's so much scoring it'll happen. I don't even mind in baseball regular season if they wanna throw guy at second base and tenth do it. In the playoffs and let them little back old school we played to some of scores so any NFL. Keep it the way it is. But the post season changes. The problem we have with having different rules in the regular season vs the policies. Is that that one win or loss. That you gap or high did you get during the regular season may be enough to keep you out of the playoffs approach you wanted to play so many of huge risk of lavish April. But that's right. But it is amazing hockey baseball park 62 in hockey it's 82. Okay there is a different. It was a vision in my BZE get into this on the end of more than us you know shortening the overtime. And you read about what other executives former executives say about it and they throw in light you know injury. Like you year and allow him to go over overtime. And that's just more chances for guys to get hurt yet and yet the cause doctor Matt can you imagine going into having an overtime game on a Sunday and it happened to turn around and play game. On Thursday that's a bigger problem. Experts estimate of the hits of the opera but again it you don't like overtime doesn't sound like it happens all the time. So you lowered you keep the ten minutes each team has an opportunity. If that team that person gets the ball fatal scored an excellently Pont you get the ball you get to. I don't wanna hear the NFL teach me about safety this is a league that right now would like to see them go from sixteen to eighteen feet right regular season won't stop it. And and and concussions we know they push it aside. Aren't they day they say as much as they need to say and do. To satisfy people and we US. All of it and Emily you're talking gullible fool you saying it's different in NFL and I agree that prosecute the way it is phenomenal army ties do you have and info. To keep it did want him about three you know got escorts custom games over and with a you score a field goal in the middle school W wind is what custom they will tell you that I think that's likely to post season. Out of the can play like that in the post season everybody should have different rules. Or that you had a US if you less players. I would say most of all I was gonna say no we each wanna have an opportunity. Would Brady's offense you go down there. And the defense. I didn't go on the field first you have on the bestseller the patent any. A couple years ago before before you were forty retired. Each office should get the opportunity in the players want it bit ought to silliness of the college game were like he can it's it's literally never end it'll never end. You bought you get the ball right there and it's 180 go back and forth he scored they score you can if you call it that. 07 overtime I promised to be pretty amusing and then. Crazy yesterday so we talk all the time but Julian element wants to live the life of Tom Brady wants to be tough break right model wife the whole war she wants all of that stuff. So yesterday it's his birthday. In the treating him like they're treating Tom Brady there's only one difference Tom Brady is 39 going on forty. And the talking about his career ending yesterday is elements birthday. People celebrating it by people throwing doubt is a talking point that is just the last year for Julian Edelman at 31. Ball in this offense. I think it is I would Dodd told you that he's getting talked about in the same respect that they Tom Brady at age 39. It's there it's it's the wealth Welker fact it's exactly requests you know look at same position really same mentality Dartmouth is also the times had all these concussions right. Are you think you comedy these Julian Edelman has had an in even you know Wes Welker all the ones he said the ones you know about the west I mean. Julie Dolan will go the same way. That Wes Welker did he'll have to play for another team policy just sought in if you want to play veteran minimum you have Brandon cooks young Malcolm Mitchell you know Chris Hoke and. All just and that's the difference to me are excellent M and dole who's restructure three years straight. Takes what he can get largest whatever I'm fine here is secure and Adam and it's he loves in Iraq may loves Tom Brady. Obviously but obviously credible his brand to be here but it may be but I'd say that his contract with the last three years that thing he signed. You really think he's gonna just take league made on the combat debut at radio music you know if I can just one year. Don't go west did and and do what he did it and make seven million or six million is making what three of the last two or three years that part of this deal. I think that and I think you'll get paid the more time any occasionally showed. But did you think Wes Welker we get paid. You think and in and they already let Julia element of that before he signed his concert go out test the market the end didn't he think any dealers are generally not nobody but what we found out with with Wes Welker. Is that other teams do not value the slot receiver the way New England they don't I don't know element already tried he showed it showed that. And this is when he was younger so he went out there they say go go find a great deal and that it's Mabel matches he could find you recite. Based on what he gives you he's undervalued he's underpaid teams into what he'd done but you're right teams a look at this already cooks can sit there are going he says some pattern and a drop money on for hours while he could play in different roles to so he can play different receivers outside it's almost like Isiah Thomas effect like they see what's. BC would jewel in helmet is doing and he's a product of the system but once walker had a lot of success his first two years in Denver. First two years and and his numbers went down. But otherwise and he was he was just Cisco but the patriots knew it they knew that he was they need to replace them. And that's exactly what's gonna have what the Julianna double his salary was making three million. You think the patriots got doubles out of the you'd double it somewhere else now he could could double the three years ago when he was younger. Nobody's coming off one year right. I mean it would you was that streak right now in one year of field being likely and an everyday player I think it was following a 2013 season. We had hundred catches but it was. That's the only year I ever had this car. Reed have has two things still little one he's a slot perceive that the second when his other teams are gonna look at and say. In a brace kept his rifle arm perfect timing perfect spot. Our guys not definitely kick in usually I don't outrageous debit but they're well that's what they're trying to do didn't Wes Welker made seven right few years back. Six sick when the Denver at sixth okay it will whatever double what joins Macon right now I'd get 62 years to twelve million but that's double of what Julian to make it is what I'm saying it you don't think he'd want it appears that. I will only get it somewhere else yes bully get it here no no no I agree and that's and that's it means it's. Base that on your time you'll get it ages legitimacy as a returner as well you think about it I mean it's we always used Beasley as an example 'cause he's a white guys that same number he looks like Julian Reynolds you when he runs not I don't but there's other guy is the lavatory. Yes this is true there's other guys Nazi like Hilton over indeed there's a editors bunch of different situation where he if they had him. But if I Russell Wilson. Add Julian Edelman in the slot just running little return route that Ottawa route several slant angle route poke out easy you're already got a great team. Indeed he needed BP he's got a good release he's underrated as a passer. I mean that would that he's gonna be 32 and you're gonna talk about. Giving him six million dollars that's where the thing goes awry when you look at other players like neglect and Anquan bold and other late older receiver answer why it should. They'll pay that money some guy that's something that's desperate for two years worth of service I feel like at a small window have a quarterback that. You can you give me eighty catches. Did you give me six touchdowns really actually you and you touch the third. Convergence in his west west with Denver 32 is last year malicious at age 31 jealous numbers island animal. Yeah which once Mike Walker was Walker's first two years in Denver the first three years. Earlier in his first year it's every three catches. 770 yards ten touchdown of course they had you know Emanuel Sanders areas that are. A Jewish promised to I think now unedited edit or lower. And he went point seven even greater loud that's any injuries and he would audience 49 catches and when the same guy the next year they ethnic after the. I'm gonna get back to the phone calls it 6177797937. We'll get back to the Celtics and their big game tonight we got a radio program. That apparently has a need your program. A quote from an insider poisonous. Atmosphere. In quo we'll do we'll get to that more coming up next. Act ON net on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how everyday keep up with the show on Twitter at oh man. EI let's get you back to more of Fort Wayne rebellion 48 right now watch Sports Radio WEEI. Neither of us is leaving ESPN in fact we'll both still be here with you every single morning just doing different shows for today all I wanted to say is that this experience has been by far the the best thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life I don't expect anything I ever do to be this much fun again and I'll be grateful for it for the rest of my life. Again we have weeks and months to continue talking about this so. I don't think that there's any reason to go more deeply into it than that but that was the first and foremost thought on my mind today. Maybe they don't have weeks and months ago. I'm the word now news that allows. Maru no they're read their schedule. To go until January 2018. So through the rest of the she'll probably take the holidays off and they start their new gate. I must tell you reading all of this stuff about the breakup of Mike and Mike. The showed me in listening to is is boring is that it is total milk costs it is two guys shoot child's play a the same role every day reading all these. Cigarette off someone stole it says wanna eat the pie and the fact I've learned to budget from. I am now at an Angry Birds and could. Do that no no no I don't find it crazy you don't like a you don't like the connection to those three now one reading that the little bits only. You're so. Poisonous. Atmosphere. Behind the scenes now reading that they don't even looked at each other unless they're all of the cameras are all of them when they're on your kids me. Why didn't all of this stuff come out and deep part of their show and maybe I don't. I spit the profession not you or hate each tell. In no way I want to real genuine stuff. If if the toilet and couldn't stand each other behind the scenes and you'll need some of that fire out on to tear would become greater good he did yeah I was actually on earlier today introduced so funny like you know Greenberg is like you know it's lighthearted and do this and just go signal after so exactly is still at you have now you greedy pig you. You've you've you've backstabbing jerk what do you say early to me wanna grab my fat neck. My original being looked at a few having an old would you. Honest viewpoint he saw us on toilet only got people looking Greenberg going at it right now each other would you give to god on there not the first time. A Chara so this is what they're saying now this is. Richard Dutch. From Sports Illustrated said it's really a poisonous atmosphere right now said one longtime ESPN. Who's worked on the show most of us don't see the show. Lasting through which contractual end which is believed to be the end of December but I can both these guys immense crowd. Because when the light comes on you would not know what's going on here pros in the air. They're marvelous actors on set. Said another ESPN on your staffer who speaks to vote Greenberg and goalie but they nearly even make. Eye contact with each other these days they virtually ignore each other off layers of the current ESPN's staffer. Which previously worked on the show and said such tension. Has existed since late lashed you. Well to entertain ration care Kamal more fully fit Kamal more so what are they don't just post so wrong. I'm still you know reading in reading Richard I. He has a totally ass backwards looked. And it went with a he commended him for being professional and operating under green out their dirty laundry industry and they say that's ridiculous. I expect him that I Howard stern show that that's right that's compelling radio and TV that's what I wanna say that the morning guys that like the Oregon Dana let it all. Will edit it right and while that's nice. I'd be a half an hour the first group at Augusta National will tee off I I honestly don't know that would that would suck. When that I mean if you mean you've liked everybody's work. Right pretty much. I've got one now that old that difficult put. It was good for get into it right now difference we can play the Mike in my so he's OK so effective Greenberg date they approached duties do they approach it like this economy listen Ager Greenburg a gold to Lisa there's illicit work because the united we stick together. That's where oh where are most powerful that's where most marketing dollars are gonna come from subway they did everything else but nobody green vs I don't deal we had gone off my own will go with yards total lack of. Humanity. Goat and this is all crap to greet her exit Nicholas is the greatest. You know time in my life whenever he wanted out. And goalie gets pissed off because he knows he Greenberg went to ESPN said he wanted to help the others back to using the case us this isn't just one guys two guys and it showed again this always just the one guy though. Little bit more suite goes behind the other guys back anything. On soda my own show you don't feel my own show Google finds out he's doing it and sixteen league issues. TV ESPN way to do things his. Is before. That actually gets to the point where they immunity to get your first are gonna be scanned for sarcasm all the time right in the very beginning. Candidates out there here's a story okay they know we don't like each other. A ticket I had good. Now maybe they'll listen maybe it'll watch. And need I'm sick of protecting your ass you know what's good actor shares were good actors are. Good actors are two guys have to do on the show. They have their little gripe austere they scream and yell at each other may be over beer too. And he said damn pissed off that you you're going behind my back you get six and half million tell you. Let's do a damn good radio show on TV out there. Let's (%expletive) and moan and each other on here let's please sum this up. Certainly got a veteran will increase the viewership I woke up higher ratings well that and a zero point 07. That is the amazing thing generally right I would Cuba harp on it the morning that many hands all over it's like they just ESP and they just they take shows. That you know ratings. You'll ratings and he moved to a better time slot. And they do zeal ratings and they doubled their salary in the pay him millions in that article listed Greenberg makes six and a half million dollars. To talk about sports and topics to talk about just regional. To a pivotal listen if you listen to goal can break it down like whatever somehow Denver you like I'm good. Wall the only Aussie rules the only thing that I used to like about that show was during the football season when they would have a coach. Or a player on like that was really the anyway tie them. Honestly yeah because that's publicity I don't mean you can check that they bring another bit not a man also not like one of the one of the crew that actually does like in a lot of National Guard Chris Carter did that show he was on a regular amateur days he was like so are we talking. Non talking about coaches around the legally gas aren't dead yet yes I would wanna you would if there was a coach on there that was gonna say set a GM I was gonna say something I it is. I would Tony if I heard them say hey at night there we're gonna have. You know you know. Greg Max our work and hours and so so well so Mike Greenberg it's gonna do chauffeurs Lucent six and a half million dollars on the that's particle to problem. Is that he's getting nowhere close to that he's doing a great deal only thing in my songs those were the sun is gonna work with a sign by the way throwing golf southern wage Siegel looks others are. News this stuff tweeting out ripping the crap out of you that's I think that's where it started yet president if the sun is Lopez poppy knows about you know day got brutally any. It's based on the titles say today but for six and a half million dollars you interested in watching the show the variety show. Hosted by Mike Greenberg in which he's going to have both like athletes on and like. Artist variety. Or terrorism no water there's more old. Leaks like Mike Dolan is the men don't want that guy commercials. Get them. That is just that's it just for elite that is he was born to do this he was you've been training for this is entirely accurate do some hard and I guess there's an English I don't. I was more work to our god and all G I would want to add on performance and. And since fund. For everybody off. Everybody Hewitt they could of showed a they would do promote double the pay move to different time slots for successful show. Don't they shows have been successful now you move that a big time slot. Until they don't do that over there don't they don't don't have any. That loaded it so much to get him so you know what you don't be good for you the cold out. Colin well they righted like 830 and 830 McCall of my Mike backstabbing buddy over here being a jerk and a liar but already they've done. So they've gone on the year we played a little benefit and go one on did he is that. What it and it was the worst kept secret may even open up the segment by calling it the worst kept secret everybody knew that they were going separate ways. Think they would do something a little bit more instead what we're getting is we're getting. Contrived. Radio when TV. Lisa W executives hideous team and everybody says we're gonna play nice we're gonna make it all up we're gonna give a phony impression out front that the two of you really get along. Everything's cool you're going your way Mike Mike you're going the other way we're all good everybody's cut. It's all yes. Instead of allowing it and that's where some of that and I know that. Some of these reality shows are scripted or whatever but they at least give him the impression. That it's real pinch hit the weight in goal closer to final shows it is not my story to tell someone else's story to double check. He sort of doesn't want to but he didn't want to basement I don't it is one of this up his bosses pets or is he says is to everybody's playing nice. They don't realize that that's the problem it's the front. Just playing nice it's fake. It's not real little and that's even worse right. What is she real emotions before this that each other we're pissed at each other and we saw it and listening to radio and watching TV. That's what I wanna hear what I wanna say that would end and that wonders for that show that's normal life you get along with people one and another day you don't necessarily get along all right got to live if you gave my goal oddly some truths or when you think he'd release at all because he really Tuesday secretly worth watching this is a big bill Hillary don't you right back. At -- read his sons to choose you guys aren't really related it. Yeah real I don't want this full week. Two guys signal there making people that believe that they like each other. Making believe that they're they're really and there's nothing compelling about the show is the most boring. Milk to show you what. Oh yeah I know I want a wall and you know whose real it was real. Hey man injury. No Peyton Manning. Is real I I I gotta get it was real quickly realized it was a friendly titles though it but and I tell you this. She's not real a case is nothing you tell me he's not her ill. I don't think he's a thicker a law like Mike Greenberg that's what I think let's get you back to more of new England's. Family friendly show. In the ha ha ha. He is. Wheatley caps today yesterday's division. On Sports Radio. Your team. Consumed two thirds of its. Answer questions thinks that fell one patent and do. Little bit disenchanted. Well so it's Sharif came up with a. A former ref Fareed outputs hander is retiring so butch and has been to overeat T seasons. Work in the opening games in the in the NFL fourteen playoff games was an alternate at two soup bulls would never actually got to be a ruckus nobody got hurt. Like got a like most folks in the volunteer state camera has a favorite many story. Another many story from another person who's just in love with me many here is our work says. Patent that next to last year the Bronx or face the dolphins. In Denver and the whole game was a struggle for them anesthetic called back. To Denver touchdowns to bump but they pulled it out by two or three points 3936. But late in the game clock about to run out Peyton miss timed a snap. And they had to run one more play. App page that's something off color to be what travelers which was not like him at all so obviously. That Rick we know you'll and then as they can out pace slowed a little hate tennis has listened a patent you're better than. You better than that seen thoughts just the kind of feel bad about it. And next thing you know he said. He sent out a package. To the attitude Hannah to apologize. And it went to the NFL offices in your Sudan that letter actually ended up. And is dorsett said here's what many said. He said he wanted to apologize for his reaction to me that day against the dolphins and a related what I please accept his apology. That's the only time that's ever happened to me all my years of species. Does this guy right everybody latter sure that everybody can alert so. Telegraphed to go off. Just tell the guy you suck you have to upon it gets he gets better though your Greta later on in the season the next season. He feels somebody you know like tapping on his shoulder and he says all its patent. Who's known many is that you know so this guy hand actually Compton rep about two games in the SEC the mid 1990s. And paid and ask him says he'd get a car. And he said Payton you got to let Disco you have no idea how so it was with myself he says that's the kind of son Archie and Olivia well. Breast. The things on that drop. Duncan mysteries Keyon. College not different battlefield bad interpretation and it isn't. Every guy hits letter so I'm really I showed she used to be like Peyton Manning so recent unregulated today or doing since that's my letter. I didn't need to stay out of habit that strangle your bat that I saw your grandma you kind of raises the odds are very shelf value on the dumbest debate ever known and loved Christian. See you better than that. So we see these letters said excellent or what is gonna get. Why don't the he gets confused with the boxes disease that those FedEx processor from what I didn't bother adds an account with FedEx. Everybody that is provided the letter I could still do that oh yeah you know what that's that's like the story that you get on the Mike in my each yeah yeah exactly and set with this largely I actually listen this morning. Pulitzer and nine point seven was recruit talent and I I turned on my to my table than what's hot topic of the national hockey page letter. I don't pay very electric. And they did the whole. They were you do you know when we put the music and I'll read it really slow. Here and a I'm so disappointed at myself for using those older words you have better than that you know what it'll never happen again. Always love and respect your friends men that have the music they shouldn't plan that white complexion and a little back of and recently scored that everybody got last year Arnold wherever you are may there'd be nothing but fairways and greens. You're immune to all of my goal you know the goal it wants to look over there I'll be here you've got a disaster in Saturday in this. Stock at a gear back your bottom bond this such as some that's tweet on stuff should like to a podcast. Some of you get in touch with your. And do podcasts when someone in the morning that he threw at the podcast by the which has now is it it's it's angered there is one little truth of what's wrong with that I'd like the real truth you know people get angry that the people. That doesn't necessarily I'm gonna do you know I like our boy from Monday Morning Quarterback we want to do that oh yeah you know you spend a lot of pain all right of the daylight that yeah in light of the my goal it goes on tour. And it could be some element Fuzzy thing funds tweets that Hillary is pleased we get a read history I will get into more of the Celtics coming up in the last hour and big big game. Game tonight except nobody's given a chance to win maybe we can find some 6177797937.