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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Freestyle Friday Hours 2-4 - Celts, Brady, Ortiz and steroids

May 19, 2017|

The rest of our freestyle friday extravaganza his here.

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Galen Hollywood keeps the Sports Radio WEEI. David Ortiz will join us at the bottom of the hour David co author author. I Buford. Growth coauthor of co author of the new book poppy my story by David Ortiz with Michael Holley. Book is now available in bookstores now and it's a big book signings lately has been yeah especially around here you can imagine what are the ones go in new York and I was worried about that no I don't. I don't think he was worried he believes he's not worried about it I think I. He it may be it's a combination of a lot of Red Sox fans in New York. There are. And the fact that now he's. A big and reasonable personality org this site as a celebrity in baseball and baseball and had many celebrities now now is very clear about. So. Is there are new York and and that he's not planning yes and it's OK at the filtered out but I guess you hundreds and hundreds of people that is and that is New York signings. Perfect yet so it's beyond it's been fun talking with him got a lot to talk with them about. You've done. Two that stick out my mind books where it was essential for you to get into the voice in the head. Of the person you're writing about first was Tedy Bruschi got where'd you had to beat Tedy Bruschi to write like Tedy Bruschi. Kind of fun you have to pretend they got left out role there I hit exactly yes I did and or is it so one of the no criticism is that that I heard voiced by Dan Shaughnessy in this book is. This doesn't sound like a David Ortiz the sound like Michael Holly's vocabulary. Did you think you captured David Ortiz in this thing. Our government trying. I mean if you Leszek bombs Nadia or Michael swears on. Yeah yeah did you try to do it and and listen as well as you can everything is you know a 100% you can't put every single. Word in there at the way it said at the time. Sometimes that you know conversation just doesn't flow that way so you can't. Saying okay I'm gonna put the transcript down and if you did add. And critical unless they have a full post ahead if you have any any book ever written with a co author is no reason for yet. So yeah I am. Pretty short just listening listening to him that. Now this is this is who he is this is Howard talks. I'll take the thing that surprised me from the book I mean a lot of things and that I didn't know which is why like reading balls heard this but the one thing that surprised me and maybe more than any other. Because athletes always say they don't listen to sports soccer. He lists there Ono he listens to now talk show hosts and callers and sports talk radio because I don't now at one point the book he said. He would seek out sports talk radio. They can't get the fires go on and get the juices flow a little. Don't work on a way to work especially about 2000 to a 2009. That's when that's when his name appeared on the list. And in 2010 to get out to a terrible start you know age be splitting usually is because tuning what Mike lol. He's done get a body listen. I was part his pregame routine. We listen to what these guys are saying is that I've gotten our legal into the cage and put in some extra work so yeah that was one of the things that. Well one of the things that drove him and I can't say well it drove them but now. In all of the time has passed and he's got a fake anti got a list. I lifted some things that. Bother them then I still bother him out books. It's similar Tom Brady and the guys stills thinking at the old salt of the six around I was 199. You're the best player now. Every guy every under the that's where you buy it by saying that people along that I can do it yet how we got to the athletes you can go at him with a artsy like I think what happened with him with the twins but still effective drone that's higher career still in there. Still talking about it I'm telling you talk about Tom Allah I love that here of great stuff so David will join its bottom of the hour and and I can't wait talked and we've we've talked them on a number of occasions over the years he's always fun to talk to. You know he he always says what he means and means what he says and it'll be fun to talk to him again at the bottom of the hour and later Ron on the show we will I have an opportunity for someone to win. A signed copy of popping my story orbit so that's all coming up as as the show goes along. It's a freestyle Friday which means we're kind of all over the place which is the fun part of freestyle Friday as started out talking Selz in cavs tonight. And and what we expect there we've talked about Tom Brady his agent now says he was not diagnosed with a concussion. In 2016 I think that was fairly carefully worded nobody thought he was diagnosed with a concussion who said no to sell to said he had RY had a animal but I've got to stop talking. That the so we've been talking about baton and and the new home by the way any of techsters credit because they think of stuff I don't think of we said that the the car that Tom Brady is now going to be endorsing is the Aston Martin DB eleven yeah yeah. I didn't come up with Drew Bledsoe eleven when his product that that is maybe wait a minute they now that. TB twelve. Patient while they won't that because DB is sir David Brown the man who. Bought the company a number of years ago by the way the James Bond car with the DB five. Their Bennett club sorry guy. Outnumbered you can you can you can you can discuss respect dvds TV. Now let's run at special obviously he had back solidly this positions as an ardent TB twelve months we. And they and it was double our total assets and spend a regular at all speaking of words that I don't understand. The new Aston Martin vanquish S. Brady will cure rate his own version of the car. Was a mean. Curator and curator of the museum in our like I TK just design a car are or you know trick it out or something yet to curator and curator. Monaco. I mean we're talking big money here you gotta use big money got to use big words did you know big terms he can't do that. 300 you have a 300000 dollars per car. Can't just say. I didn't you could argue it can do well this thing if you want you can design a Tennessee and it didn't jury. Curator. Nori begin I don't know either. But we've been talking about that as well let's get back to the calls have you 6177797937. Chosen names very kgo I don't. Ugly very very well nice or artificial saying Michael. I picked up your pocket Shia or dedicate your report rated structured Tuesday night. Uga should arms or perhaps salt it was excellent. I'll pick you up. And and general Iraqi got to go low shot out love bookstores. Always tell people in Africa and there aren't as many of them inside out and I always had directed the vick's really get them anywhere you go on Amazon and on sept. But if it is local bookstore or a support to local bookstore for general talkies. Independent bookstore as you said in Newbury port and his stuff phenomenal great story. And two thumbs up and hats and I had that's great no stick tap now thanks Joseph tarnished. 6177797937. Johns on the cellphone hey John I don't. What's up John was their minds are. Well I saw on the Internet at Christie's Leahy and then threatened. Yes yes I read that yet and that will all lauding. Heck eighty K he's got. Up edit. Lot of our elected well I mean he didn't he didn't threaten yeah hearts and at all. Probably double one that are involved in this. Really I think you'd think he has that job done epic now and ulcers I hope you don't believe what we're just saying you don't you don't think that. The hardball. Has gotten his friends to. Threaten to kill Christine let him. Why why why why why do you believe that. But you know yeah definitely business and yet he's at it if you're allowed to be you know being a jerk is legal but what you are suggesting his something a lot more sinister when he's when you think. Did you think he think he's trying to killer or or it wasn't make her think she's got to die. I want. I think the level of his chart the book was on display in that interview was on TV yeah I think that was the extent of the weather got a look at her. The most jerk he's bend Gephardt he's been everywhere he's been here he's in he's had some stupid things other you sort of disappeared since then has an. There were about these sort don't know I know he will but he Slovak radio silent over the last couple of days because you know maybe even he at some point sent him. Moms Dubai basketball shoes for their kids dumping but just the way traitor to even even if he wants market big ball or ran just to males. Fine but the way he handled that that it went from being kind of goofy like you believe this guy to. What what does he say let what does that really mean that really got a hand up and get away from our babies the bad guy. Maybe that's Oregon part of the part of the problem and I'm not trying to take Lavar ball off the hook because he deserves all the criticism he's getting. Part of the problem is that I am the great and powerful Oz sect that Colin Cowherd as. His work ethic where he's sick about it I asked desk over here but it's guess or sit down here and by the way Christie over here behind aghast that it is a stupid set design well you gotta accept we're curator of that's ahead. Audio phone I would high five yeah I can check a. We and besides I thought I've 555. Is if you can get another joke like you had just out trying to clarify you know their clients on laughed. It's just that it's what I think the message to what what's the idea that you know put that may just feel uncomfortable. I hate to say it but I think that the messages on the great and powerful laws. You know I'm I'm the big cheese here no matter who the guest is Andy said a lot bigger guess the Lavar ball yeah signal that's sent but hey I'm a pair. They look like me. I think of our ball is all about marketing I don't think he's about. You know getting friends of his. Two threatened media members would that now I don't think that's what his putt. Now it's interesting and you have to admit. And you know I give you guys will peak. He eyes is great but peek behind a curtain on this this involves you guys you are how great related at all all out effective. Of our ball everybody can say. How much. They can't stand. So we had a mind. The engagement was higher than normal lives but it that way when he was on the charter oh absolutely. Don't people or really wanting to hear and by the way I was against putting him on yeah of course. It was is and I was wrong. He's he's only gotten worse off those final about we should talk we talk about them my little talk why I don't I don't know if it's wrong I don't know for you if you were wrong it's just. What do you prefer he preferred talking to a got a to a guy who's got obnoxious or not and and some people well a lot of people. Wanna hear that it the obnoxious guy so is his presence here. Cause you all in the car to be more engaged in normal. And I think his his performance at fox the other day was great for fox diploma I think put him on you know about them on the map as we'll too strong. People are talking about that for that is if I'm not sure that it necessarily that there were any more viewers for Colin Powell I think you know like I think because you do you had no expectation not gonna say that you've got to study came clown show we always have died that day but. But maybe today. Maybe yesterday I would be surprised at all yet so everybody's how many how many occasions. Has as fox giving you too. Tune it at that's one. And he pulled on will think for a minute. That you see fights of all throng. But to their. You know their first face as I thought those shows are dead and hundreds of photos zero. And and just in the interest of of putting it out there but this is probably the one thing that has been talked about more than. Anything else that app that's one has done since they have gone up against ESPN. Here's here's the deal okay I had been critical on the air of people who kept giving this guy form. And I said Scott give animal for Emmys in these clown show EC's Vince McMahon. And then we're gonna put mine and I felt it was a bit hypocritical to then put him on. Out based on the numbers for the day we put on one I was wrong. People wanted to hear what he had to say. I'm sure Howard thinks the same thing ESPN they got in the car wash every other day I'm sure they think the same thing. You put on people watch but on the radio people listen. You don't always gonna say next music when it's also gotten to now is having more more people probably feel the way I do and now. He had nothing to do with lawns OpenId starter root against Alonso 'cause the bars toxin not so much. So much that you wanna see what he'd then have to do to defend dome or how much of it either distraction is gonna become or just how how crazy you'll take it. If law of those not playing or he's not playing well or. There's a game in which he's guarding Stefan curry and curry goes for fifty Ottoman Alonso looks law it all that you're kind of looking for that now. Because this guy has just he opposite each day he's talking about himself beating Jordan he's talking about his kid beating currently gets. It's out of control in just rethink its gonna stop egos some girls are not allowed now to the sexist ads and I don't what what is the sky was capable of and so I I am intrigued by these guys if that was and and but he. He's interest and I was gonna say you know he's he's led sanity he's he's Tebow he's Gaza but he's not because those had a shelf life. I I think he's gonna keep going at at. I about a series of losses sounds bad and let's go out that will burn this sounds out of the league obviously your body already out of the late but I salmon out of the league like three years like if he just can't play if he's just a bust. Yet at this worst number two pick in a long time. If he if he winds up being number two or Arco or could be number one. Now I don't read the Celtics take I don't know if you skip Bayless said what that if the Celtics don't take on the ball will regret it. I don't know if he's had in the big Boller brand somehow now a guy who who is shouting down Wheldon now one yeah it doesn't sound like he's in the big bowler Brad if you try to get Alonso to the sultan is positive aspect. Anti that's anti Boller but I guarantee you. That Lavar ball will have a TV show in the next year. We have a TV show you show yes he went on one network I don't know it's gonna be out. The II I could see him having a TV show in LA I can't seem getting a national forum but those shows always boss because there was a descending like OTO he needs to show how to show sucked. Ochocinco he needs to show album sucked though it did this so they put them together that it put me out sucked. Right again fallible when her Magic Johnson. Yeah well god our guys are crap up about five different and every eligible until about a reality alternative they just kind of the overcrowded. You've heard boo boo mama is June and that should shoot good point yeah I think it's not you tonight at the end of the fact that he's got the fact he's got all these these basketball playing sons. Yeah you know one who's going to be in the NBA and thirty offered him what what is all of us he said he's been offered. Number but they wanted to fight his brother and also its Japanese that he wasn't going to be the title much integrity for the other athletic and that you only that but you know come up with another plan and he will do it it's gonna happen. I think the irony here is if Jeff Goodman's frightened Jeff's pretty tight and appeal basketball players the collegiate level via the sun is go to UCLA won't play ten minutes a game he says he's not very good and even kind of shut down everything we've heard is that the youngest is the best ones that now just like a lot about well people who did and he was the 11192. Point game or whatever quality you shoot like all they said basically. I guess he just stands the other end the old way. They just it he's just that of cherry picker and they've fitted with the kings that's the kings' owner of one of the team to do that litter picker want stories that's correct sue barker cores in Boston hey Corey I don't hopes and at the right button has tried again. Now that's not working either Corey will get to court not at all I'm sorry that life all corners of the Oslo with where I'm sorry I Carrino aren't. Learn how he'll say. I got a little bit to say about this to box. I can't stand the way he won't give them some credence much work any religion out. Ratings are excited and that that Beatty that you want. I don't even understand. One without that shot and are calling it shouldn't and the more I mean it was unbelievable scheme of our I don't know against anyone gives him any. Any credence whatsoever and I'm in outlets or. It's an attic. And I just don't understand why they keep our apartment. And like pollen even gave me any need to hear it didn't do anything to. Yeah I'll get a tournament where you see your sports fanatic and I I like take a look I'd love what you said about. Lavar ball most of the what do you mean. Collins should have defended there. When she in cropped. Hair shot. Mon dare show whether she be quiet about the offenders. She is much. I you did and jumping and boats. She's a reporter day 88 I don't want him and Z and I don't understand Cory. I don't wanna take it so far is that you know she needs it I admit I'm not saying you're saying this. But Christine Leahy I've used to work your racket down no wonder how that felt coat she has done well for herself she's I've she's and if she's on the national stage now. He knows what she's doing she knows how to defend herself since then need Colin Cowherd you know hit it it comes at that. Slowly. And big deal he wanted to shout about it. Corey want to listen I want to listen southern repressed pulled it off on America are volatile and listen to death complex weapon and you tell me what you think I don't mean eagle political here that this is what the left does. What are strong. Protection because they're being T. Know Christine to strong woman. I asked for her opinion. And when men pick on her I don't swoop in to save Chris I was an even picking on me that was just disrespectful and I let this is why I hired you. I don't swooping in to save women could just a little bit on higher good ones in on a guy fires atom they fired back. All know I agree I actually agree with that putting 100%. I agree with about her present what you know I walk us. Why. And again you know. I'm much I'll not. It right now clinical and all of you right now should deal does that mean. Did you doesn't mean. The last I don't know these then these birds in the morning a court. If dale if you attack if you attack me right now. Should dale. He Findley should should keep doing it. That an article says if they don't defend me against your attack. I know I'm satisfied that line sanction China like because she remembered strong independent woman rush port. Out there are so let's talk about it a chapter I don't have legitimate point that don't come on notes shall so cold. Should it. The part of the gazette and what you're saying is what you're saying is absolutely fine and she can sit efforts up. Hey if you want to dig out at AG I don't know maybe that's out of first and has had a personality. You know maybe shouldn't have but Georgia spirited effort as you do extend our doorstep or not. At about. The and you know really out there and I'm in the street and out but not look at why the beep at you know what they really are not okay. I'm I'm I'm gonna knock out you know violent and conscience that you know and IQ one shot. I shall okay which. Sticker and executed it actually. She could've said she could have said they had to get is that them. Marcia. We're gonna look at me yeah I had her out yeah let me in the eyes to. Mother that I problem with a plan Colin coward makes it very clear it that she's not even a co host. It's the Colin Cowherd chip yeah it's not even Colin Cowherd with Christine Leahy now it's Colin coward it is he's shell of the moon he idea as I said no that's all about gold. At least we see with real. Yeah I don't out here are all. Pro guy yeah oh by the way I'm fortunate road map to find Corey we. Easy a couple of in the public orders in the jar here. In. I don't know as I saw like I do agree with maybe you know maybe you could say Colin is trying to. Protect himself against criticism that he's gotten for not protecting her and I I guess that would be fair. You know he's not saying it is second coming from a genuine place may be just trying to. No stave off some criticism but the point where he's coming from. I don't like. The idea that Christine Leahy is on the show. And has no ability. To speak up for herself she does. Even if you don't like what he did she isn't speaking of someone who can speak for themselves David Ortiz joins us next Sports Radio WEEI. My connection would David Ortiz here in the next couple of minutes. He is. Getting ready for another book signing somewhere that he said a couple of was in mountains and Wellesley last night. Wells last night potential yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow. You would be. Problem and I don't don't don't don't don't make me speak I know it's going to be I didn't ask you I don't SL aren't you start your rotted out what if I can ask him and ask him. They'll join us in just few minutes he has he's on the book tour but I get the impression that this is not like a months long book tour like this is. Few weeks and then. Which to the back right. Why not necessarily because. I'll be signing some. As well I just meant his part about it you know so hills hills he will start up because I think. David Ortiz with Michael Holley a lot of people honestly I think that hey if he's got to know it today you know and hey what they did okay and at a the other folks here is there ever went there to see Michael auto weathered wood Bruschi you're now the Ortiz that's gonna be kind of always great you know it got to accomplish alassane guide to someone yesterday that stopped by their before they show the potential. And I was saying to someone how how interesting it is to people watched. During those signing. See how little kids approach and see how. A grown man is the excitement level substance. Georgia sitting back and does watching not stocking but watching people. Called him in and say whatever it is whether it's. You know I remember where I was an old Ford thank you for mad or 2013. Hail as written wanted to say the same thing. And I'm glad the FCC didn't find all kinds of stuff but here you learn I've always had this for my own book signings. I learned a lot from the signings and get more ideas. From book signings. But just watching him to learn a lot about people channel five how they deal with celebrity. They had on the news last night about his prudential sign. And they were really focusing on his interaction with with little kids from. Because little Kate kids just seemed well adults in Toronto until half but what little kids just seem especially drawn to David Ortiz. And I don't know all. Maybe it's that big cuddly bear thing or something that little kids seem that just wanna go talk. Two is he's great with them is great when kids now some people are pretty awkward around kids you know you know little. Moved germ tank tanks you know I don't know at all what are a little earlier today. What are they understand what are you saying but was age range for this book which he says. Well you know position that I sync stop there's an interesting words in there tonight so. There's any. There's a friend of mine. Who says her son is he's so many months to read. And he can you know returning twelve soon since grape juice and now he's. He's so and it's an astronaut. Maybe ever try to take advantage don't let the benefit is that. Maybe thirteen thirteen. That's the logic Jeter's agent third yeah I think at particular PG thirteen. Chair I thought man this is may be unfair before we talked Ortiz but what the hell. Was there's something during the time you spent with Ortiz writing this but just surprised you even if you don't tell me what it is was or something we don't Walt wasn't expecting that. Yeah oh yeah a few things few things and maybe maybe he'll talk about this but he talked about the book I'm surprised that he was so. Forthcoming about his relationship. It's not something that most people talk about. Where. It was bad run of on the verge of divorcing and it separated. Have been separated four year. And in 2012. And you know as they were as you said one autograph away when autograph away from a divorce. And they reconciled so ID. I talked about talked about that at the way I would say every his approach to everything is what surprised me because. He wasn't. Coming with a filter. Just said OK this is what it's going to be. And and I don't know that and at the end of my career. I've accomplished a lot of things so what do I have to hide it's gonna put it out there and he did. Yeah that's great about it is that the personal aspects because so many people here we've we've followed his career so closely this is Boston career because. You know some of that the Seattle and Minnesota stuff. You didn't really know and I think there in the farewell tour members of those stories came out equities in Minnesota or news and Seattle. So as the Seattle and why it was a big deal and that the relationship there what it was like in the minors some of the home run derby is also this stuff so. They admitted no doubt that the Boston stuff. You a lot of us knew that I had 2004 we all know 2004 we read about 2004 but to get all the personal story is really what. Separates. It's like I said to you from way back patriot reign race take me places I came on mile. That's what I've that's what I want and that's what patriot rained did that I first became hooked on if you took me when none of us ever get to go this book took me places we don't get to go. And and as I said Tommy things I didn't know and I think that's probably beauty of it looked at the highlights we kind of know what yes we watched days and our policy or come up a mega star right in front of our very eyes. But some of the stuff behind the scenes. Some of which will talk to him about here and a few minutes because I I will tell him what my biggest surprises in the book. And and and it's ironic because. I said something on the air do you the other day. About. Our relationship annual. Well. Mary she's here I am and then when I read and I went yeah hole yeah. Yeah I think an orchard on the connotes a surprise as he gave me heads. Give me and I said thank you very much. People would he's gonna Collins him. Is the reconnaissance and ask yeah she hit you what you want behind the scenes this is behind this thing. Yes we'll take a break first people Honecker and he's gonna call back in just couple of minutes I just called volt will talk to David Ortiz just a couple of minutes. Sports Radio WEEI. Three gallon Hollywood heat Sports Radio W we got by the way. I'll later on this hour we're gonna give you the opportunity to win a signed copy. A copy my story and for you Smart Alex out there I guess it could be side by Michael Holley what we're talking about a signature from David Ortiz. We can arrange for the second one if you like as if it that the size copy is David Ortiz does signature. And and by the way here in the Franklin area exit BJ's and frankly this afternoon. Always in my neighborhood all its tomorrow tomorrow BJ's tomorrow. On my neighborhood. What Franklin not far from where I live there okay going to be there are probably not now not and Hillary are over there. Probably with David Ortiz in the house. And and just recapping quickly we'll get right to the calls that you guys have promised. And in in this ball keeps he talks about everything he talks about being on that list. In 2003. Didn't find out about it until tilt until 2009 he does bring up a good point EP said in the interview when he set the book is well. Of all the people who have had steroid accusations. Or PD accusations are issued more correctly say he's the only one we don't wanna lives. Everybody else we know with the masking agent it was winced Raleigh was whatever. He's the only guy who their Ben accusations about where to this day we don't know what watts. And aren't Yankee thing now you believe that what that they they wanted to get him they wanted to know there's a lot of bodies on the list and they wanted to get a Red Sox slugger on the there. Well. I don't I don't believe that no I don't I don't necessarily believe that this is what I. This is what's so interesting would that I'll answer both of our own take on Dale's. The you know the reason we don't know is because. It was on MLB. Best. I MLB catches people all the time. Take our. You're suspended for eighty games because you feel this you know you you use it in a minor leaguers you've failed this you're suspended. MLB. Had moved on. From the survey test. So that was. The person who. You don't even know who is who is dropping dimes on the on the the list. And who's on it we still don't know who's on it. I like it in its entire party we know what ten people. 1050 others just yet this year and who does that come from so. To your point of tape the reason he's on the he's the reason he's on that says he triggered a tester failed a test. Is because someone in New York went to get him no. That's not why the test trigger for whatever reason could be PD's. Can be a false positive can be anything we don't know could be steroids could be. Something over the counter he had no idea. But you also have no idea. Who that person is in forming the reporter. And what their agenda and our New York paper do you have no idea. It was the New York Times that. Came out with a story. I interestingly enough by the way. Little historical tidbit for you yes Scott and Michael Schmidt his retirement down. He's the kite who broke the story about the call me hear them all paid very you know he he's right news he started out for the New York Times about trump and Komi and then those things as. Big time reporter and at the time he was on the it was on the PED beat him here was with a big scope. It was as agree and it was a grace Cooper and and David talked about in the book word of the day it comes as Michael Schmidt optimum saying hey you're about to be what's your name on. On ESPN any minute any minute now so what he talked about it like Manny wasn't on the atlas. Menu nationalist. PLO toward the story was David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez same time. But many was already gone so the Pope. All right Herrera existence of ours David is tired there a pair. And it was our arts and batted ball slaughters that authorities Larry's currents out there that if they can't pick it just forgotten anything anomalous but Rosie. He's been popped a few times over so they get very dry air crews on the alaskans he. Know that he was on different things at different times. But a guy and a apple floaters and ago. So we had the opportunity to talk with a Ortiz and and it's it's freestyle Fridays were kind of all over the place but we we will likely. Bring it back for folks getting into their car sometime next hour people who didn't get an opportunity. As I said Ortiz and I hinted to Michael before we talked Ortiz. I was surprised at how the relationship with with Terry Francona soured and what really bothered and it was clear in the book he standing in the batter's box. In Toronto bases loaded he standing in the box and here's this voice behind on David David David. Any thinks that something happened he signaled something was about to happen. Any called him back from the from the batter's box. And out and now or two Ortiz just told us he's good with Terry now. He said in the book in he was able to work it out so that they had a businesslike relationship. Going forward from there but he said it was never the same after that one at bat. It surprised me imagine at that time. Because a lot of people thought he was I thought it was 2010. You now man this is it that's probably this is it. And that he he privacy he can't I had had several good years after that but you imagine. David Ortiz being pitched pinch hit for now and it comes down to pride to you now I think that was a big part of was. Planned and hey David Ortiz. I have I've done a lot for you I've given you a couple of championships. Pinch hit for May. Yet in this election. Yep pitching for him. And not being able to beat out Jeremy Giambi right away hit that BOB don't look at Ron coomer referred bats and yeah so I always thought it all they have is likely is that what it is even Yahoo! this is. Art but here's the one good one it really have to get you here for Minnesota. When they Cottam. Had to make space. On the forty man roster so they drafted a rule five kids of the wrote the replacement for David David Ortiz. Some rule five draft team. It's all happy and got a race based at Camp David you gotta go about it a sense. Where where 302 million dollars at Tom Kelly stuff is there's grave aren't asking Yahoo! which manager he likes the most or what you can just Tom Kelly responded down time. Probably going retaliating had to play for one home again even Kelly. Until this slap hitter and it got played I want to punch out Bobby Allen I don't well I don't get a great relationship that managers. Are OK here's that here's an example. Those guards they're behind behind the scenes. This is how. From co author standpoint. Are you sometimes have to change it a little bit you have to change words a little bit because I think he'd written a book about Tom Kelly. He said. I learned to you have examined this is that yes. We had to change that we have we have that. That that African I. With all the other words you alluded to go to Winston wolf moment I can see how they say. It. I think. Yet I. Well good I'm David I got out of it and and I. Well this I don't know anything. No we can say it that way truck at stake too big to adjust. The there are some things that you can't you put everything. Now 6177797937. Let's get back the calls that you guys and it's a freestyle Friday so we're all kind of all over the place but that's fine. I Jason's in Salem Jason you're next on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood key. I don't hear me. You'd like to quote acute you give me ordered to appear. On the on the New England. Direct allowed Alba. And that I remember your first name and any other guys ignore idea that man. Who could start things solid on the clothing that because I love that I would do it all other talk. What makes David. Kramer lighting isn't Edgar Martinez in all night and comfortably. Ortiz locked and Martina yet David Ortiz better than I knew about it I agree review I think both arms and I love Edgar Martinez -- the best. But both Ford David Ortiz at best designated hitter. I'd I'd ever seen is if he's amazing I love record I think deckers and hall of fame. Yeah I would agree 100%. Not disputing that hundred I don't play devil's advocate I think you'll ever known and because I want people even remotely know. I am the. I already own self aggrandizement. Nobody that should come up with a different event is not her real name come up with a bit more creative about the character you can accomplish that Jason you and all that time to think. Lookup of that. None of us are suggesting that that Edgar Martinez shouldn't be in the hall and I think he should pay. And I think I think the fact that he's a DH is the only reason he's not all of that his numbers would have put him in the hall of fame if you were a position player. But Howard Ortiz is better than Edgar Martinez. Yes. It's better I mean an editor Artie has been in the DH award after forgot things which it they should change. And probably cause of the series record but I don't I don't ever. Think of Edgar Martinez as the dominant guy who was you know in the MVP race every year like I usually go. He was not the best guy in the lineup what ever. Was that ever the best hitter is on last I don't think so I think again that's probably identity are all halting debates is you you're only talking about the best players anyway. But then when you don't want in the hall maybe got a pat on how yeah how you like LA and ordered them. It's a nit picking out process when you're talking about the the all time greats and chipped up to stop that you know ultimately is is not that important but you try to separate. The great the greatest. From the mere greats. You know you gotta do that kind of stuff and Edgar Martinez played with. One of the greatest players come in graduate history and in Ken Griffey saw he was never best hitter. But he was greater. He loves you marks in Connecticut hey mark. Arm and part. Hard to follow up that last thought halter and his arm of the crisis over these parts we wrote it is that your real name and that it actually is and I'm not hide from that touched on. But. If you can't put David Ortiz in the hall of fame as a sports writer. Then you've got your head so squarely at your life you can't see daylight because look at look at how much. Aside from what he did on the field okay I recognize that he's the DH. Look at the importance of this guy. In the club house his leadership for god sake there what is your bench out there now on the economic statute how do you not. How do you not as a writer go yet this god was probably eat probably transcended the position. And it is probably worthy of going in the hall. Mean how do you not yet. Well and and look I will say this even for those Saber match Trish ends who don't believe that you can measure clutch. I know what my eyes told me yeah and my eyes told me he was as clutch as anybody I've ever seen play baseball. And you know we can go through held just the Yankees series alone how many clutch hits he came came up with in the in the course of the ALCS. I know what David Ortiz is in addition the 500 home runs by the way. Yeah I mean look at that aren't the needs that they got used to be the number and if you wanna throw that out now we know beyond Qaeda Arabs and find the order out just look at how. It packs or he was in infamy it's you know MVP. Voting in and things like that in in. The overall just the dominance that year in like for each year it do you what do you associate with baseball Ortiz is one of those guys for so many years. That he should be and blots. We've heard from how many different writers that just say all any link at all the steroids amount voted for him. Anyway yeah all I start to turn a little bit though is it about time he's on the ballot it'll be. Concealing them but then again. I would even understand it if you said look I can't vote for many are merits he was suspended not once but twice. Fur fur steroids I can't vote I can't vote for Alex Rodriguez yeah. If you can tell me that David Ortiz used steroids then make your argument. If these guys you can't you can't even prove that. Oh yeah you're right but many of David Ortiz it's proven. It's what he also a couple of years to get in Jessica's people assumed. And and he wasn't on the list site I got a little could be really damning. Yeah about the rule five player I mentioned is towards a more bond of course he got a bedroom for him play six. Oh is it Jose is hosting its host its accuracy. So topic we may never know it's hosts its holiday host today. Eight play 61 games in the majors. And it's seems law it's a little look yeah it's. Not even fools who is about. A little a little love 617 so I Yahoo!'s games didn't come with the twins. These are we gotta get him the hell out of here 6177797937. Its telephone number. An opportunity to win David Ortiz his book is coming out just few minutes. Our final drive today's keeper madness. We like to look inward sometimes that's a torrent you on Friday see you know we all wanna grow we wanna get better that's Wiki for madness is all about. Dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Its telephone number. Text line 37937. But to back the calls that you guys and give you an opportunity is that we will for those who didn't get an opportunity to hear David Ortiz and especially those via. Who don't get out of work until 5 o'clock. On next hour we'll replay on most of what you you heard from David Ortiz and wicketkeeper madness coming up as well so sometime after the top of the hour. A little. Well ray racket nice re rack. Iraq I felt that way and sponsor summit and it working on new book characteristic. I guess you're right you're all right I we're stranger named it is wrong. Could do that I George on the cell phone hey Georgia you don't. Yes I want to Europe via pre election ordered. I don't idiotic option but I also believe is so well I think we want to. We'll probably have sung or establishing and separated or bill. Agent looked at portion of the credit solitary passion or at all. How often. But we're that's a cut no I don't think you did that doll I I think you know what I think happened George and to get a concussion. You know when you just won handily but reality I know you're not just wanted to get the office line he was working I I think that that Don the release that the statement that he put out that keeps talked about during trending now. Was very finely crafted and carefully worded. Tom Brady was not diagnosed with a concussion during the 2016. Season for a which by the way. Good collective to the National Football League if they if they go through all the medical records and all the doctor's records of all the training records. I don't think they will see the words Tom Brady and concussion and a sentence anywhere. I don't think he was. Mickey had a concussion. And they pleasant guy multiple concussions. Was it diagnosed with one you are not they cover well fellas kind of get every one word can we use. And diagnose. It yes yes I wouldn't talk do we change the conversation diagnosed. Very Euro from. I screwed this up so let me fix it here text or text that code word book. To 37937. Within the next ten minutes to be enter to win a signed copy of poppy. My story out now wherever books are sold general contest rules apply messaging data rates may apply. Text the code word book. To 37937. Right now. And enter to win back to the calls John is in Hampton hey John how are you. Take. It was a pleasure times. Caught about a sizzle pocketing and yet you know not make it all in commuted DH now. They implemented T position the MLB did okay pat being not. He he could not later that you would have been playing first base every day. And hitting the crap out of the ball he'd get all of your you tell me if I was situation he'd you know alt and because you implemented AT each condition and we and they used it. Now he could not call same cotton again against cents. And then not art history book when I'm on the line and I can and just to look good sign. I there are good that I hear on ice it's a nice throw like that yeah. Outside the box a DH you should be all things that really goes if it was not a position afflicting if you don't catchers shouldn't be at all yeah. Yeah probably second baseman I'd be in the hall of fame now I don't think you like need to have a certain number of DH is urged Yani but if you're that good if you dominated the position in your all your numbers stack up and everything else that you shouldn't be penalized for that because. There are guys that. Happen to play in the field but they were terrible in the field both days they added a lot of possession of terrorism they get off that's all that matters. 6177797937. Tonys and Bridgewater a Tony. Pay as you guys don't let's not only you know. Without separately it's all like outlook that was also Eric. And I still want it to police. And that's what a lot of these bits and preparedness to a radio follow Ortiz. You know people look so much is it a one belief that if the lights. Equity so let's face I mean. It is let. It has led at this was old that will be July at all this about. Now. All this started like still looking for one has to laws for. No he's not looking anymore you know he's he's long since given that up. We're just ridiculous what do you how quick the players association. Apollo. The charities. And still they won't tell them what he has. They don't know Null and hope they don't know all Tony they don't know if they did he didn't fail a Majorly great. Candidates the Major League Baseball doesn't know Major League Baseball has no idea. That that was set at the time I mean if you if you just count look at. All that thing how that thing played out and rob Manfred said this last year or other than last year a couple of years ago. So you know at that that test. Did didn't tell you what you think it tells you that. So I don't know I'm images of it but let Tony it's when it comes down to always. You're either you either believe them I know you know you've you've found out that seventh it was a senate closes kind of early spoiler so. You either believe poem you either believe or you don't you don't that's fine you can't eat at you get to appoint you can't I can't talk he went to listen you can't talk me out of it. One of the stories like that it's a I don't sit -- eat these seven active or diet under. Project and a lot as an output a slight doubt and slowed him not to be able to find out all this is something that we want us out. Don't think Tony you didn't listen to what Michael just said they try. They they can't talent because they don't know. That the Major League Baseball Players Association. Separate art yes. Or shot or no with again and Tony I mean I know you understand English. They're with they couldn't tell them because they don't know. They don't have a substance. I don't want. That's usually on the lives on that led by the way the list included amphetamines. And it includes include a whole bunch of stuff. So in other words in other words Tony Tony and that's because I know I know what your position is so I just wanna give you all the from a wanna give you. The full range then I'll get back to you here's a full range. Get it tested positive for amphetamines. He could it tested positive for taking. Like 500. Different steroids over 200 days so it was a range it's a range from could be amphetamines could've it could've been a false positive. He could be a Rory monster he Rory ranger. So that that's what the list is it is it's. A Motley crew of a test results. By my memory. Like deal will fought I doubted let's start off I did not say bye to its tickets are in the Dominican suck. It now no he didn't say that what he said was heat know what he said wise and I've re read it. He took vitamins and supplements over the counter or things some of which by the way could easily trigger a positive test result. Okay okay thank I get your points I hit it could. Honestly I'd like to keep it made a mistake. That's fine and and Michael said we want to talk you out of it. And and and by the way Tony there are people across this country or absolutely positively convinced Tom Brady led air out of football still. Know what to let ups they had the L it's it's like. I a lot of people don't wanna pick about it because they liked the guy he gets the better than that out I don't let a lot of joy. You know we like it is their only sucked out. Talk told Carrick. I just everything the bottom so that don't wanna believe that you would today call supplement that could be the other way. There and and patriots fans don't wanna believe Tom Brady led air out of football. Some of us don't believe he did let air out football's. Are we are we in denial to. Those patriot fans who read every in every page of all the stuff and and read all the science and copy it if if if we say if we say no I don't think he did this he used ironically in denial. No I don't think there was anything done. I don't think anybody did anything to do. To be voted on the one stone here in that you point over at him you know. That's not true because I got McCarthy days ago my it was cold and the vitality. It has amicable for awhile yeah. Jarrett I had more Internet went that I have more McIntyre at the inflation alert on your dashboard. I was is that that's that's that's why change the subject to save lives and and went artwork colts football. Help anybody's ever said the card 86177797937. Its telephone number it's Dylan Hollywood keeps you know an oxygen is not an ideal dog to solve real. Hey hey dale could you throw a question no one on government. What do give back but they'll have a good question for the very you can teasing AT&T the Nazis while LA they're very good question that is levels up I had. There's a vertical fees there's horizontal tees dignitaries that tees. Richie plus sports really know. WEEI. I guess the question we wanna ask the simple question. On a scale of zero. To wait Bo Derek follows Dale Arnold on Twitter how surprised would you be if the Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight boat there. I mean that's where our Iraq bad and upload there that's on there they've been very good home team this year. Right the cavs have lost this post season although they haven't got a couple I went there and they're undefeated all our and all season. Yeah I'd be pretty surprised so on a scale vote it boater or out of Bo Derek follows Dale Arnold a Twitter. If it's necessary for the gals that it is easier to Bo Derek real I'll get your bag they got to throw it back that's not all I want. Well yeah Larry I'd let a little surprised that you and I hope they surprise that you want us to know you want people I would try to come up with a winning way to put the question again if you forgot she followed him follow that are being. The sheet pretty much. Yeah yeah 9795. Tweets she's only following 618 people so not like she just follows effort. Want to ask hey Dick dale as one guest she's not take did you want to vote I think that's a big gigs in. Is Twitter feeds going to be aggressive suck so Michael would only be like a two or three on Netscape aka because she's got a Michaels who might have thought. Yeah it says or Michael X you. Ready to come here to fans are not that that's about right about. That's higher than I thought I appreciate that. I'm gonna go Bo Derek. You'll be you'll be surprised how may I thought wow now governors say. I'll be shocked if they don't. OK now they have gone too far the other I'll be shocked if they don't win fatally shot shot I think it was the Celtics don't win tonight way to make my day in Philly don't know we talked about tonight. I they would win and I thought they would win one of the first two games to have them going back to Cleveland tied at one. I think but I thought it would be on win game one that if they lose it too. So now I'm just glad that the universe is trying to sell me. Put a script at the right idea. This is the around in those game one of the universe and smoked in game one thing game two. And win it. LeBron did it or do they just give her a little like what I don't know Friday I don't understand what LeBron to be in perfect health. Off while ordered to be man to me. Physically spiritually healthy sleeps and as you know I don't want any while I'm home cooked books. I think we've created that your legs right out from what are you population Boston I don't want it did he think. They had trouble that could affect it that is they did it you want to get another problem I don't want any excuses. For this cavaliers laws. So yesterday you came up wind. Some some positives that you throw to control your momma about things that's Bobbitt. Watch out or accept a we felt that she got sick the grandma's club where dad watch what would you do you grandma's glove got Negron and did you add anything to your list as yesterday. You were saying Isiah can score more. AA is on they're gonna they're a jump on the floor for loose balls that I got I got out of view I yeah Isiah scoring more you know what he's eleven was 1112 points below is average. But his playoff average at a pretty high it's lower than his regular season average yeah but so you know that fifty plot out our players go up and down blouse on my guess go down that it and three kind of skews it. And even got a lot lower than. All right I gotta be in our twenties into their twenties counted twenty track gets 44 point eight Ers a 25 so get used to create more points Tuesday morning nine in the regular season. Yeah 38 down to me eight war playoff welcome go to playoff numbers eight more from Isiah Thomas in India is somewhat close game. And make some open shots. Oh we're not sure they do wide open wide open now. Think you're missing contested shots understand. Any of face. That looks easier. On TV that it actually is but opens on. There's some high school kids who played at the garden and hit some open shots at Boston's shootout yeah I mean come out so open shots more energy. And better performance from Isiah Thomas. Is get a little better against LeBron too by the way like us out a tad more resistance a tad. So so so Michaels at one or two. And you'll realize why use the ball Derek think this will attend to is now. Thank you so that's where we are right. In fact I might be at eleven. Have to theater on file tab on us who you are eleven on America and risen Ludlow and raid on. Dario has Andrew dude. A question. And it's LA earlier area are still. Stop it and get. In castle hunter or. Check away. Grace. I don't think they give 200 points. Or. Oh did you look we get a score more the senate did to 100 before the cavs get 200. First he yeah. I and aren't adequate yeah. I saw the same way it wouldn't pictures could what are the don't want you. Yeah I think I came where it was all sent a chill out looking like cents. So cat having an op centered. Iraq and every four position if you counteract Tressel promised dominating. I feel like to get under white or cats. They prepare catlett. I yeah I think they score more points of the chances there'll. While they should be carrier you write down on them that way right right Michael space it's going to be carrier ring. So you got Carey got carried on off tonight Dick and I agree with the Iraq and get fifteen with a 52 points from Walter Thompson yeah you'll get that but there make a port somewhere else there'll be carrier ring width 35. Josh is in New Hampshire hey Josh I don't. I'm doing well thanks guys lets us. Four game one. I would gulping down totally Polly Kool Aid. I would think in the sell its exact in line and I was thinking about like that lakers in six here you Iverson you know one that. In one. You know that last series people think about it like oh man what performance. But now whether they are a lot lists. And I'm at bat terse and current thinking that having chi routine sweep their way to the finals would be pretty cool to see. I am not a bad person just lacked faith nonstop golf and left no I don't. That actually got a thought they are absolutely right that a finals are gonna be awesome it's just right now we're not there yet say you're watching a lot of bad basketball. And just this matches there it was just bad just a terrible game terrible game on Wednesday well and it was bad. And it was just a bad day Brady thank you always have very bad night of bad night an off night don't be afraid to love again. Don't be afraid to extend yourself don't be afraid to believe the hope. And that's I'm sorry that my thoughts and voice laughing the ansari. 6177797937. For those of you who didn't get a chance to hear David Ortiz. We'll replay that come out just few minutes have a chance at you guys are important it is there it is now. So Laviolette adult period and we'll be real sympathetic. No chance out of the ship now. I'm to have tonight at list he. Arnold Goodman. That's the three gun. Aziz Nike he's already going over the Dhabi I was menu structure already hit it. We get that David Ortiz coming up final drive without a keeper madness and about 545 Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. His telephone number we've got some time. For some calls before we get to. Our Friday addition of keeper madness as we always do wanna. Freestyle Friday for David Ortiz you heard the extended conversation he had with a Padilla text or less the question. Is there a Spanish tradition of Polly's book with big pop yes their assets. So it's available for you right now let's get backed the calls that you guys are Greg's down on the cape hey Greg how you don't. That you don't go. Out there and press corps didn't say it. In light did read a couple brain swords or so straight back and say that. It to me he's one of honest. 40 where are bad for her. I I do think a lot of people feel that the you know he says an outspoken honest guy looked are there other folks out there who will not believe a damn thing he says no matter what he says. No matter how many times he denies that we see some home on the text won a liar that Roy boy Ortiz is let there's going to be dose. Nothing neat there's nothing you can do to convince them right he could he could provide medical records they wouldn't be convinced. While legacy he's got somebody he's got somebody on the take that it won't matter. And I'm sure David knows that there are people that will believe them and their people who willfully. There and at an all all topics and even if you if you say. Yeah. Babies on the truth about PD's but I don't like what he did with I don't like his approach with TO well he's gonna tell you how I felt about it. Andy does it tells a story in the book of going into that press conference room I was about that too where he didn't apart and it seemed as though he didn't know that there was a press conference going on when he went barreling and. It knows press conference but he is still the reason in view our. Those were critical about the stats well you'll continue to be critical about. I'll review stats because that's what he was upset about that's what it's paying off as president upset about it yes. Don't take you know it's at 99 if if some of the contract negotiation 99 is different than a 101. So. Don't take don't take it away like he. He might not a he would like negotiating with a Red Sox during my chief knowledge that was that was about the only way out in there so at least two different people. It's hard but I got it and it's all it's all out there and I think when you when you speak like that you Lotta people will be. Fine with that and other people's heads don't like it. I Davidson Rhode Island hated it I don't. They got it or what was that. They. I remembered that you didn't always Ortiz and he said that he'd probably. Be what it would work it out Miguel are. In the Dominican and it's in everybody's going of course there are still talk about medical upn Lana rational all. I think he said that that's why aren't period I sort of an interview I don't think he did you know which one group. No policy easier this probably objection. All or nothing may be right around there are well. All right is going targets when 09 as when he found out that he was on that list and O'Dowd is also give the press conference in New York. Ten days after the that the New York Times piece came out here. He hated waiting attendees but he wanted to do it in New York set. So it's a new York and he talked about vitamins and he talked about. You know taking supplements. But he's he's denied the entire time taken steroids. And daily use you said it we've all said. It really comes down to you if the guy is gonna have as he can. You either think he's sticking with this story to protect his interest or that keeps on her New York. But there's no there's really probably going to be no convincing that the L. You we can really give me everything is some truth you think it's on troop then. Thought he was just another athlete and 2009 who said he didn't do anything but he did it. You probably think that 2017. And when David Ortiz points out that they started testing in 2004. Lot of the damage that he did Major League Baseball was from 2004 right up until last year he's been tested. Dozens if not more times throughout the course of that period. Never tested positive but then what you get is Ollie just got better camps. You beat those tests so simple bing search will give you this that down Rafael Palmeiro. Told our tritium panel they tested positive for banned substance 2005. Because of a supplement that Miguel Tejada had given them. I don't know that three things are now Merrill missing about pal Merrill now it's autos also got those on the report that himself bought. That loses one link of a player blaming the Honda does not RT I not a rumor I had never heard David Ortiz say he took steroids in the Dominican working out with Miguel top. It you know lack. It's noted he's had a legend stuff that the appeal I heard him say this or whether you believe him or not he's been asked many times point blank. Did you take steroids he says no. Yes we have Miguel Tejada or hitting candidates are pretty clear no again it's up to you did that you would choose to believe not what he also said and he said this in the book by the place on you know this isn't just aired during the course aren't you he said. I probably was not very diligent about. Vitamins and supplements that people were taking AT and seek some of which by the way would we give you a positive test he said I wasn't as diligent as I should have been. Until 2004. You know and all of a sudden their okay now putting testing and while we wait a minute now. He and a whole lot of other people by the way were probably not as diligent as they should have. I understand they'll be aided and and that the steroid culture of baseball. Leads as far as some most people are concerned leaves everybody up to question I understand that our lead anybody. I bite it but especially. Especially if you've been on that list. Yes hard to check out yet you go on the list now. I can understand some might say well him and I never appeared on any list of ever done anything. Are you accusing me of of steroids. Oh you've been on that list. Yeah it's it's hard for people to say. Oh yeah well it was just. It was triggered by something or you don't know what it was in. And he got a raw deal because we we've heard a lot of athletes who heard a lot of athletes say that. And then come back and find out they were lying. Yeah that's the point is everybody who is initially denied it and it's later caught up to them whether it was Giambi or patted or Manny horror. Just gonna last. That I amber on a Brian all right Brian Ron wow loud out one piece of working out of their what are you guys got a piece of work that was as high art south unbelievable it was so it but it was your data and it was very believable when he first it and then the best part was Aaron Rodgers is the best buddy I'll bet my paycheck my whole paycheck in and so some. In other click OK a ticket a ticket now. Is it for a is that. Is very. We all those what all of those guys were ultimately found to be line. Right. Ortiz hasn't been but I've never but but but Michael Myers and now all those guys have so I think a lot of people the people who do it don't believe Ortiz. Or just sort of waiting for that time this sort of waiting for late what happened to all those other guys to ultimately good ego. They are folks who. Would never vote for for the hall of fame I would prefer it if I had a vote. I would not vote for somebody who I know was suspended because of PD usage. And your marriage and document vote Alex Rodriguez would not get my vote I am one of those people who thinks that that should keep you out of the hall of fame and I know you're not. Look for the best players ever and are Elijah. You know and in the same way you know you think about. The big home run chase and you know how it saved baseball and Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire Mark McGwire was a hall of Famer in only one category. Home runs. In no other category with COR hall yeah I probably isn't he probably shine baby gonna give it the overall numbers I think you had to then throw out but just the the impact on the games in the in the great seasons that they had. Ortiz is a different category to them after says do you defend Bonser Clements or you hypocrites and only defend Ortiz. Barry Bonds admitted he did what he said what he didn't know what it once I put him in there by the way I don't believe in that he didn't know. But that's what you set yes I took it but I didn't know that's what it once. Clemens is different Clements is that Clemens is interesting output memento. All of all other all in for Elena art exhibit but Clemens and his. Responses Clinton's. Has repeatedly said he didn't do it. He has never admitted to doing it in through flight from a glove and it. Let me eyes then I should oppose resolve our stuff like. But each day. Death the play out is that under the bus or is it just the truth or is there in front of the bus. Or is it is if you know high got to save our our phony baloney paycheck out here exactly but now he. He's a lot of people saying. I won't do it and I'll go to court to prove it and he did that and did it it it did it yeah now you can say all of the case but he actually think the court and Victor acacia. Brian Mac news credit character sold to a renewal a lot stuff I don't know I can hang on a lot of guys do that a lot of guys. Claim to not. Think they they're so adamant that they didn't do it they are willing to go to court. Rafael Palmeiro comes to mind and asked him whenever that was record know how much are you congress he was pretty evident yeah. He yeah you leave lied to everybody and then. Nobody I guess I don't know agreements stop it I don't know if he loses his work ethic yes great great workout you know you could put his hand and and and a bucket full right. Did you just start squeezing it or arm strength I will admit that that even if you say it's only circumstantial and I'd agree with the circumstantial case against Clemens is pretty significant. In bonds' case he said he took the stuff he just said he didn't want a wise. Out he wanted to cream the clear eyed you wanna believe that he didn't know what it was feel great yeah and he missed remembers. This Clemens line. You know I don't know I think he missed remembers. I read a good grades. This remembers and I drink water is that like is that good or bad tonight and I drink water fight you know. And I can swallow that lets you know. Always good amount of thanks stride never clear that I'll the thought that aren't what about Mindy. I think it's time to take a break in go to Lackey for madness our final drives got a better. Sports Radio WEEI.