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Mut at Night with Christian Arcand - More on Celtics and Draft Pick; Evan Drellich joins the show from Oakland 5-18-2017

May 19, 2017|

Christian is continuing the conversation on the Celtics and what they will do with the number one pick in the NBA draft. Evan Drellich joins the show from Oakland to talk some Red Sox.

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He's much at night on Sports Radio we. We EI. What is the hype the hell it is. Chart kid tonight. A little earlier than you usually hear me. But that's Judy these late night games here Red Sox on the West Coast so you got me got me today and tomorrow in the in the my chair better than let it night at least. And street 617779793. Set finish your phone number. We have Evans relic he is tapping in here any moment now from Oakland and we will talk with him. For whatever availability we can get for him an alias to go listen to John Ferrell say whatever is John Ferrell as to say tonight so while will will do weekend here with relic. As we as we connect later on in the meantime this is good news for you callers waiting on hold. Because we'll get to his many of you as we can years we finish up are celtics' conversation at least until relic comes out we'll start things off with mark in Northampton name mark. They cautioned that technical you got it. So. I should you have to draft faults where everything ought to match you stopped short of our. And a lot. Guard. I'd like guys are so long or at least going backcourt hour ago I loose. Now make a lot of sense about a heightening it probably can't play. I hit it Thomas Edwards is well back in a weird where. Yeah and transition intellect. Eighty's felt pistons regard location. Where that name compromise any job. The new microwaves in the nonsense yup. I mean streak ever changed like where you know you have faults and Weber you know my preferences for a pretty. I at first at Robert moves sparked by regardless of what it is. I could see Thomas in time. You know. As usual. We get older you get space of all basically. I could come off the bench in like an adequate job to trigger a change. You know mark it's funny when when Isaiah first got here people were saying that they say well you know he's never a guy you can actually build the team ran a never be the best player but may be could be that guy off the bench to give that instant offense on a great team now are not quite. He's that guy and and maybe somewhere down the road that you bureau form the only thing is marked. I sort of see the end when the end comes for eyes day it's gonna come quickly I don't think there's going to be. You know this graceful transition in the work in an Alley Reggie Miller who got to just sort of stand on the three point line for three years. And chuck up threes like when that when the end comes for Isaiah when he doesn't have his quickness anymore just think about Iverson in Denver and some of these other guys who you know just just couldn't quite ever recapture what they what they had to meet him so good in their primes I think that's probably what you'll see with Isaiah. I agree because of the style played but with the law Jia met cargo bank. It met its distribution. Has. That's a good way to distribute the minutes marchers it's fine and thanks for the caused a great way to distribute the minutes but it. If Isiah you know loses quickness and can and can't beat guys off the dribble anymore than you know. Why have him in the rotation and ice you know mean nice guy I don't know that that's. Necessarily great compromise then again if we're talking about a Max contract here that can be four years. And that could take as they have the authorities 3233 years old. I think he'd still be is a fine player at that age. And certainly in the years leading up to it if you start the fall off around 3132 than okay December for one more year anymore ma. Invited you know if you draft faults there's a logjam there that you're gonna have to solve somehow. Probably through trades I don't think he can just wait for guys contracts to run out. Specially when you have guys who were making in town discount money here. Avery Bradley's may get a million dollars. He would be a huge asset and an and one of these really did change in huge asset on this team. I don't know if he's got to put you over the top he's a guided I'm sure a lot of teams want it would be interested in. He can rebound one of the best on ball defenders there is. And once in awhile ago offered 2530 points. Go to David Brock and heyday. It and I love you. Pretty that it ought to like it when people like to cherry pick one aspect of on the championship team in annual and we. Well the pistons we don't have eight. In and you're out on that big problem right now would rebound yeah. Anyway my. Three in the colonists. It would acted before portrait trade deadline. That's an area that England's pretty much. Play routes and get out and final. And anybody who thought that it was revealed outdated mean it got to put it in the finals didn't know what they note that our votes so. We care. And if we didn't care and secret sect would get me not making a trade but I. It in the immediate trade. Participating. Model in giving the team to win it so it's native tree is no guarantee that they. True you're right David think I think you're you're absolutely onto something there you can always point to the scoreboard here and say hey. You know and trade notes trade whatever they stood pat at the deadline in here there in the Eastern Conference finals with a one seed. And then the first overall draft pick coming up and in in a month so no matter what Danny Ainge looks pretty good I agree with you there but would you also say that this is an unbalanced roster. Would you also agree that this is a very unbalanced roster. Okay that's all I think we can you know we can agree on those two things at me adding they got here with these guys but it. I mean do you think they would of got here if they had someone other than Amir Johnson at power forward and didn't have to give up any other players on the team his. There were power forwards and big men who got moved first sector round draft picks. They got moved to the deadline or better than Amir Johnson that's all. Everybody likes to say we should have gone product and beat by. We order had to give up too much we wouldn't be aired just with him. Get joy Allenby yeah well I don't even know that that was the that was in the cards but thanks for the call that add to well indeed and reverend saying that whenever people see as you go for Barca. PJ Tucker Maryland's Noel. Andrew Bogut. The guy I really wanted to see was Tyson channeling. How come no one trader for Tyson Chandler why did Phoenix hold on him he's Megan thirteen million dollars on a last place lottery team. How did he not to trade why didn't that happen. Why didn't anyone to trade for Tyson Chandler why wouldn't Phoenix give a mop. You mean to tell me if Tyson Sheila. It was here in the starting five instead of Amir Johnson that would ruin everything. By the way tailers everything like thirteen rebounds a game this season. This except for that one game when Devin Booker drab seven lead the Phoenix Suns missed an awful lot of shots. Spoke jailer had a lob a lot of rebounding opportunities you see. To Joseph about basketball here tonight on Monday night at the it's human players may shots in the rebounder had chances to rebrand you see it's this whole Yang in the Yang of the MBA. I can't believe that he can get treated. Off of the one of the worst of the worst team in the west raid. Lakers and suns they were right down the bottom I mean they were the two worst teams. And he's like an old player making a lot of more money than the team in that position to be paying too would aging center become mine. You would have been a perfect rental for the Celtics. And they probably could Adam for I don't even know what may be Fini said these you know they lose lead negotiator. The figure might as well keep the guy I've known gonna give us anything. In Danny was probably offered a couple second round pick here in their commodity reading keep Tyson Chandler for what. I can't believe that you can get treated. The fact that Tyson Taylor didn't get traded at the deadline blows my mind. Forget to the Celtics anywhere. You would have been a huge. Impact player and so many teams. In Cleveland. You know any team any team would have been happy to have. No. It's go to work Albion in Dorchester a Calvin. I'm Jolene ever heard you line. What's up. Think that they might call aunt. And pat come on mark outpost on the pain that I feared. But haven't none of them probably region. Bone that fear is that. Since the wreckage that you would 11. And it. Yeah. Yeah now wasn't and he got hurt and there is you know sort of like going on their bit. I don't know I mean I is record like his team's record. I have maybe Hillary you know. React and know whatever. You know a lot of content I'm not a competition. Yeah I mean there in the pac twelve which is pretty good conference this year he did you know you rate he did indeed get hurt this team didn't even make the tournament and in a plane the pac twelve tournament to listen I I trust these people who say that he's the top prospect in this draft and I tried trust everyone does everyone saying it. Then came despite the weather and now. Actors have recognized. Albion thanks for the call 6177797937. Let's go to Ivan in the car I've minor UE Bonner I've been. He money and you on what's up. Not much but enough I don't know much about basketball but remember that each and you. And remember that it it would matter and it's not what spot them. MB Eric John Edwards. The rob Williams. Williams yeah I'm maple aren't they had done some English. Habit back what. Why air. An alternate in and doing well on some of them dropped. Marker Gloria guys hey Joseph do Mars or me as they analyze they had a lot of players your it. They had so. To block the port gain. You look plain that you want to team. Think it was the out at the eighties think it would course so what are now we go to and an eight man rotation but it really. It when you get go into effect. Team that not that it loud so that it might say in theory I don't know much about I. Why it will add. Your name and I mention that ambit all week go to bat for apple that works saw. With that team and then you bring up power or wire up the banks crop or. None to bring just. Rose seniors used. Mark you got that outlaw any and you know I looked in. Me beat green and end this guy. And drug yeah. All you still brought east and it was but. It opened at eight games like. Games in seventeen and the engine makes it Bob it's it's at each step. So it just seems. We go with the predictable strategy which use. It these so personal percent there is of the super power oh we have this email and Keane new date. Saw him like the Celtics to people back to the olden days when you add a weight in team. You know Scott's eighteen god name. Generously to your season. Yet and yet that sharpshooter from Arizona law's main web Scott Wittman and you. It let Beckett we. There is a lot of guys in the eighties you on thank you for the call there were a lot of guys I would like for the team to be English and there's a lot of good role players in the southeast that's not the problem. Their problem is that they lack role players like jury sees things got web and who was an all star by the way. And I'm not even sure as who's talking about but I think US. It's not that they don't have guys like that they have a lot of guys like that they're mostly guys like that. The Celtics team for the most part in now is. Mid round picks you know Kelly Nolan making Avery Bradley were mid round picks Kerry rose years amid round pick. Isiah Thomas was the second round pick I don't know what Amir Johnson wasn't into my guy was yet high school in the US use a high school guy and when he got drafted. Now where in the draft he was taken I'd imagine probably somewhere in the middle of the around markets Smart was down top ten. Jaron Brown's top three and whoever they get whoever they end up taking your OB first overall and that's fine and that's a pretty good course or work with but again. The big guys. Announced RM. And that's something that you need. It's not all you need but it's something that you need to have more than this Celtics team does if they wanna be successful. And I think we all sort of knew that going into this year. The cavaliers don't have some great big man Kevin Love is very good big man Tristan Thompson's pretty good. Other warriors don't have any one great big man they never have. Spurs always have. And you know other various teams you sort of look at lake do the best centers in the league right now. I go bearing Utah they went pretty far. Idea Andre Jordan in LA that team went out the you know I mean it's it's. It can be part of a winning team you need more than that to be sure he needed superstar on to go along with it. You can you can go places in this league with that. Tech's decision Celek an idiot Chandler has one more year left no Hayward if I trade for him. At center of you could you can work that out a lot of different ways. First of all Chandler I don't think there's a Max player. He's making good money but I don't think it's prohibitive for me let me take a look at this contractor. But in mountain because you have to keep her around and all in the team for another year after that is only making thirteen on ice the lever for Hayward if you wanted to. You can make room you can clear cap space and and keep channel her around in you know I. I be right with that. He's signed through next year the year after unrestricted free agent when he nineteen. He's 34 years old he is mentally for fifteen years. But he's the missing it I mean he is big absolutely everything that this team is missing. Is embodied in Tyson Chandler write down of Iraq and beard. Let's go to Alex in Springfield payouts. It doable gonna. Situation. In slugging and hopeful. That you. It would make that. A perfect little widget and a market partner. Here one of our many guard. Maybe that we don't need or. Someone. You know in his heart. A manipulative would go there now what he's torn. Ethnically it's. So it was. Blocked shots out there and quote. He Republican put up a lot of work yup it. Not a bad pass by Kimball the ball. You know some honorable mayor John. I think you guys in the nobody even by god ladies night that's the biggest problem where. Not gonna get. Oh work. It get down there at age of that age. Pat upon. Also a political mud yeah. And elect what you're saying that that's all I. If acting talent ever since we're talking ninety. All of player. Someone that they were two year we can that. Polls while we work on oh. But they met we have all you'll. Yeah you're right in this and another thing Amir Johnson's coming off the bucks that's twelve million dollars and Tyson Jana coming on thirteen. So you're really only adding a million dollars to your current payroll I think I don't think Debbie prohibitive at all. That in like a five year contract. Two years electorally. I don't I think you know what one that they met from. Early water Kabul over something like and so much but he then we have to. Guys back on here at the starter and so welcome back it's that it is I think so well that. No be in the meadow far far while we developed. While. We have been and then what that number one pick. You can either drop the ball toward Marco font also log all of the case may be short. Trade. I've got put on the wing and I mean as far as that. At the most sense and we're spending big money here trading a hole they were. You know let us are so. Yeah. And there's not really that many of them to go around in the first place Alex thanks for the Kolb agree with a lot of what he said 61777979237. As your phone number intake quick break we get to open phone lines anywhere around relic. Any word from the governor. Now or. I made it look like DeVon Jordan Nigeria in the meantime steady stream of phone calls coming keep them coming here on Monday night it's much. At night on Sports Radio. Pack a bag here's where traded WEEI Eric in here with you go until about 920 taking you right after Red Sox baseball here on the program we got full phone lines will flow through mir's best we can we'll talk to Evan relic we'll start with Anthony in Dover hey Anthony. Sandy was up. What I'm watching their expand and it don't. First. I felt that was the mistake of children aren't striking out the window. With a separate plot that's episode and I. They were dancing in the series is over. They're not talking about how you. What you typically would garment state gotten much attention and we have to get an up and I didn't write your. And you don't want it bad that I don't want. I don't shouldn't either so it shouldn't be at least direction that it would like to try to underscore that point last night according. You've got a project which did you try to do. And you know one guy that's got shot. Yeah Anthony thanks for the call I think that in around getting LeBron James and foul trouble is never gonna happen it just doesn't get in foul trouble ever. Kevin Love different story. Kevin Love to go uncalled he was out last night cooled off that would make a big difference in your free throws Jordan is in New Bedford Ager and. Record Arctic Circle yeah. So much better career right here which will thing. I'll order on the exit color or national security here. Your career. Record in. Years earlier Chris Cooper. All of whom we pitched it and here's where. I figured there should be recruitment and career a crack up began again yeah Brooklyn you bet against apple now now you know accurately. Count. Home at all this year old could art art towns that was the right here at these figures they're earners actually Kirk they're on top. Here that we picked projected Cooper. It's cute name Mohamad Bob. I'm booked in the country and no. In. Public on the side yeah. It's convert your. I can't lose almost kind of its quarterly locked in now greatly political it would be excellent work hard here Gordon Hayward. I think too little than that I think he's maybe you're obviously Gordon Hayward is 27 you Sony seven. Police have just turned 27 march if you think about it that way. I think things quicker but it wants to win now what we caught ourselves that we don't or will all work. Creating regular treatment or it would technical stretched her subtle and let's. The director of it pretty clear there. Yeah nice to journalists and I agree with the I think that this team has a very bright future got only go to his we got to relic waiting here and I got got more calls the blow through real quick Donna Providence A dot. There are careless and not with respect to the drought. I think that the parent don't look at your door cars are Thomas orbital socket struck politics that it's warm. Buckeyes are the court ordered up a pick that's going to be a worker part was just like with real problem. It's father's consult discordant but we just. I think they'll look looked at some point. They carry they. The guys from Bob the clippers and they've just ask you heard the end you're mentally as well equipped and likely to be a great addition. This follows Haywood goes I think he's a six man off a bunch of assault pitched a good and should look out of the box and will Clark obsolete. And. Okay thanks for the call I appreciate it. Blake Griffin I don't know that I'd I don't know that he solved your problems. I've never been a huge Laker content like him in college I like him and then you know he's a rookie and you know first couple years. But he doesn't I don't know he's the dual forming. And CP three or. Yeah. And they star in nine and Jordan it's a good front corporate you know if Griffin can't can't intimidate and really idea. BA game changer with with the best one of the best point guards and only one of the best rib protectors in the league sort of having his back like that I just. I don't know what he'd be in Boston. I think he fits well with that system and he's a good player and everything I just am I am okay with them quicker than. In keeping us go to Chris in saga stickers. You don't question. I had already hit it all I've watched him play it well I've I've did not let anybody think he would. Lot of people bought it if they keep a bit. You guys are. Obviously not. I've but they also. You know outside the and all of position that while that's likely haven't given up at an annual rock and LeBron. Whitney presidential. Candidate. That. Out of pocket I'd have to look at the point. But they got a bit and yeah. He. Does talk about that at the plate I picked apart. And he out but I'll look at the end. Ten history on denote Gallinari. I'm not sure. That's what he knocked out shoot what I you can get Ali to play god. Very big news. Not even do what you do you. Guys can pick them attitude about it and that back there. Yeah and you got actress thanks for thanks for German in inside and things here with running Quincy with a bottle LeBron era. Secrets and there are really in the short mechanics thank you but I got wet you try and star all of Lawson can't ensure president we're gonna start the NBA all we're going to be general manager or coach Bert up that you get your Turkey. We're gonna play here to each other next week. In your app plunging right in the next year. Although all NBA you know aren't. I am a saw which can't on the wind changed. I would pick LeBron James over any true. Other players together. In an era America expect the birthdays and magic and you know watch a lot of basketball loving and I'm probably not an assault action by its western the other night. You've disappointed people in the first couple years in terms of uniforms return the playoffs and it doesn't warrant time. Actually scared users. He edge is the best player basketball I agree with you thereon I would say this is be my only argument. Is that it really depends who's around them you know yes they have a team around him he can't do a prime self he tried to do appliance off for the first what eight years of his career. And they surrounded him with the hot garbage in Cleveland effort out dazed and tired entirety until they went to Miami was surrounded by these awful awful teams with Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison is a drum the so gossip is in those with a good guys I mean it was. It was pathetic for a long long time so I would agree with you think he's got 11 bite if you're talking about you know would you rather have him in any other two players share. But you also need him to have those other players so. I didn't shoot period. Thank you very much so I got. You got to run thanks 61777979837. Is the phone number as promised at long last on delivering for you here folks Evan drone joins me when we come back don't go anywhere that's next here. On how much at night. It's much at night on Sports Radio yeah. I am back here on Monday night our Dan and for Mike. Red Sox baseball coming your way in about a half hour about in the meantime as promised curator Evan throw the keys out and Oakland in after. Well after a whole lot of issues here with the highest the end line he is now live and direct I hope avenue there. It looked on on Evan my main gate I'm glad you are were able to connect to his here I thought I was just gonna have to talk about the Celtics on the and it. Now we got now we get used to that's good news how is it out and opener and a. Let's get the weather's great never complained about the and they entered in the candy is not the lineup which booklet states and after. Oprah 26 over 27 canceled the company's most active tomorrow but special kind of right and I awful. Last night when he would thirteen innings and get away today. The break go to the West Coast it's a pretty good feeling. Are they riding high would think there might be a little little fatigued. Yeah there there's a hangover sort here they didn't take batting practice which you might expect to grant recently they choose not available today. Hectic the last is the new guy from the Mexican League is making a start it's not perfect timing for that. You you probably wonderful little better rested when you've got a guy. The team they root for the first time but it though what he can do right. Yeah really that's not the worst problem in the world to have I will say this however looking at things hurt a little more big picture's been going on for a couple of weeks now every time it seems like the Red Sox start to put a couple of games together and and look like a team they can bust out now one of those nice you know elongated streaks of good play. Kyle Kendrick who drew Palmer Internet Hector Alaska's somebody pops up in the rotation that you just like oh come mind. And every single time it seems like it just stops are right in their tracks I mean this is happening now. Coming on three or four weeks in a row and I just hope that this is another case of that because this is a beatable Oakland team they're not very good and sunny Grey's gone and he's not having a good year. And this is a game in in a series they should be able to set the tone for here I just feel like this is a recurring theme in it keeps happening every week. Yet this is a chance to them capitalist to agree with the starting pitching is it a big picture concerns. What you get from David Wright to the rate lost Stephen right here to Pomeroy it seems to be something wild card. It appears he's healthy after the last few let's say bless this does not do you think you really kept on Tripoli is Brian Johnson. It's less this can pull this down and turned to Johnson. He doesn't do what you basically guarantee you've got a lot at least one story. Not even give a Henry owns a chance here. You know. Definitely not I haven't checked the walk great lately but. He everything we've seen from him so far. It it's just. His control is not what it. Needs to get do you remember when he was it when he was an untouchable prospect you're probably in Houston at the time he was an untouchable prospect in the system. Yeah well dare to care to Keeney grant same way in the you know what you guys got a big name. Victory at one point with will churn the prospect related and he CO quickly these things fall but. It that you talk about another starting pitching will kind of they'll be on a roll look like mobile roll mammal apparently gets stopped and the traction around the league. The cubs in nineteen it's done right it's like the the where. They're 2190 excuse me at the Red Sox really. Or behind all these other teams you had a very strong plea the American League east but. I'm more optimistic than most if you look at the numbers. Just you know where they rank and different things to profit categories pitching the ball and been one of the top five majors. You can see more games go their way it is they have underperformed it to this point. And. Usually. Corrects itself over the courses where only four games I don't. It's still very very early on here I would only counter with this and that is that this team's very top heavy I think in every aspect of their top heavy in the bullpen top Evian lineup top heavy in the rotation and usually when you see sort of things even out it's because the teen evens out and I think that this is sorted. They're going in the opposite direction in terms of even in things out here may be in the bowl panel little bit there's some consistency there now. But in the rotations the same problems they've had all year and neat. Starting lineup I'm just looking at a rate now Moreland young Bradley junior Vasquez Maroney in in allies that's. That the bottom of your line of have been looking like daddy here for coming on a couple of weeks now and I just. I don't know is that Kennedy is the cream get a rise to the top and in that regard it doesn't seem like that's really on a path. Anything better and a. You know what John Ferrell and him your parents both caught a break because they won both those agencies that lesson Ramirez coming off the bench. We had kept Guerrero and Mitch Moreland played quarters. And basically what if your top three hitters useless because of the shoulder issues man. And or these simple lack desired clippers based how much a bit isn't the lack of desire layperson expert verses. Of real health issue I think he's in the real question. Thank you back generically place so the question comes to size but it bulletin picket out. It's going to meet him premier speak with a plea first dates and healthy enough to clippers right I'll thinking. You've made the shoulder thing about it in here like. They they've dodged the bull by the you know pull out those two went with a significantly. Weakened line that are that once that before playing great third base rate they haven't had. We use that it once before. We're talking with that Evans relic here he's live in Oakland joining me here on Monday night. Have what do you tell me about the last is I haven't watched any Mexican League kids and I certainly wasn't paying that much attention to what he was doing in the minors what kind of stuff does he have what he tells about. If stuff is not really W ways to Heidi even blown guys I'm about 56. And for. Yeah he means to me there's some polish here at the Red Sox and yankees achieved and giving it to. Something people. Bidding war. What they went after this winner kind of impressed everybody in the corporate leaders of the winner. Surprising that a guy who's now on the equity was one altar boy was picked up blatantly teams sooner right heel clicking keep that in order little putt. It's a good mix of pitches. Ignited spot them. There is potential here you use the Smart side of the rich knocked the reason that. You don't have that much in the market at Tripoli is a full slate of option he could call up and down to play. This year next you're you're. Fineman when he the world and maybe actually have the need to polish that you can do that with the fuel costs 30000 dollars in state in the weeks. The cost more then that's money that the threat that's paid his Mexican League teams somebody that goes to him occur kind of a creative contract ripped off. Are and that's doesn't sound too bad I don't love your scouting report on the dress that sounds OK Tom let's let's turn led to David Price do we have any updates on him other rehab is going anything there. Well it is supposed to pitch tomorrow and the doors still open for her to return after that act. To me. You're Russian. I just don't want you with either two games against competition against a team really is sitting 9395 people flee Tripoli hitters. You say want an operative back. I just think you're playing it safer if you slow plated single bit because. If you bring him back after one out of Tripoli the packets rocked more he gets hurt you really opened the door to a lot of second guess churning it just. In a traffic ticket so slow up to this point right did we really think. That we would just maybe we're we're a little ahead of schedule now cute it's hard to keep the conversation that that if they're Smart. That they will still wait to basically you. If you were you know to look into the future if you were just asserted taking days off into into what we might see coming up here from David Price do you think ultimately. The right move would have advantages haven't have the surgery at the beginning of the of the spring when you know when when its first talking Andrews and Anderson if you were ten years younger would apology have surgery. Ed that you could still maybe do it many decided now I'm gonna try and just work through this and rehab do you think maybe we're gonna up all look back at this at the end of the year and think wide and you just have the surgery. The problem is you don't know what the surgery won some was at the forum right now which is a shorter recovery was actually Tommy John surgery. You know when Steven Wright. Got her and they announced that he was going for surgery put out every medical details of this guy's knee like I like Ike at that point via. What they were talking about the. Like the one on air and it indeed had no problem kind of laying out the medical which all we do with David Price is it's an elbow strain and that. It seems to be in the muscle if we think the form usable but they were very reticent to say anything so the state should go for the surgery. It was always a question is Tommy John Gray or is it. The form because it's form. You have no risk rehab all year because he can go for that surgery the winner in beat the actress portrayed it it's Tommy John Plant. That's your pluses and I would have. It it's not work because it was in April 28. Our Ed and we got to take a break here the top of the are you gonna stay until ninth one near you DF about. All I have here aren't very good dialogue continue this conversation with the Evans relic in just a moment we'll get you trending now we'll come back got twenty minutes ago earlier that work off to Oakland for Red Sox baseball relic continues here with me when we come back Ahmad at night.