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Mut at Night with Christian Arcand - Celtics and the Number One Pick 5-18-2017

May 19, 2017|

Christian is in for Mut and he is talking Celtics and the number one pick. Christian discusses how the Celtics need to balance their roster when it comes to the draft. Also, should the Celtics trade the number one pick?

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He's much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. I guess now hour number two on Monday night here in Sports Radio WEEI Christian art can airway if you go until about 920 and then it's Red Sox baseball coming your way alive from the Oakland coliseum we hope. Evans relics speaking of hope will be joining me I believe by SPN if we can connect dorm. Be nice to get his thoughts here in this upcoming series in the Red Sox sweeping those two in Saint Louis very nice there and also got a lot to talk about here in terms of the Celtics. Game one it certainly not going the way we could have hoped game two is tomorrow night what do you expect to see from them. What do you expect Brad Stevens to be doing differently in terms or rotations defensive matchups. And out who's gonna step up on this team I guess is the big question we saw. Jae Crowder played the game last night it was very very good as me hitting shots he was during game one of the Washington series two and any disappeared after that. Avery Bradley we saw step up sometimes and that in that wizards series. Al Horford had an off night I mean there was a there's a lot to sort of unpacking and go with I was on last night after that. Four or five hour long Red Sox game got over and we talked for a little bit about about what happened with the Celtics but it. I don't know I I was listening overt I'm away and my other job today in my show on I seemed like very down to sort it. Lifeless not not that there was much to be excited about after that and I mean really you had. You had a game go about is is badly is he could've started. United to see them come out there missed eleven of their first fourteen shots miss all those three pointers and LeBron and cavs is doing whatever they wanna do it sucked a lifer anatomy and it really haven't there is no hot hate to be made there was nothing it was what we all kind of expected. And I think deep down all knew was gonna happen now. The Celtics hopefully have gotten whatever that was out of their system. I'm just not sure that they have that perfect game within them to go out and in challenge this cavaliers team with because that's what it's gonna take. It's gonna take essentially a perfect game from a lot of guys and not only that solid can play a perfect game against this team and still lose. It's also. They're gonna need some help from Cleveland here. That's the biggest thing. Subs on a winning game two in this series Cleveland's gonna have to go I don't wanna say completely in the tank but their absolutely. Going to have to have a couple of bad nights. And not only are there and it's gonna have to be bad for the Celtics are gonna have to play over there had. That's the situation herein. And that's unfortunately the way of the NBA are now you're going up against Cleveland you're going up against Golden State. And there at full strength and your being around each coming off would grind it out seven game series like the Celtics are. All of the all the hype and excitement from that draft lottery wasn't gonna wasn't gonna float them pass LeBron and catalog and that's that's the other thing here. Is it there're a couple of instances where I thought okay. If perhaps the Celtics were just able to make their free throws or the Celtics were just able to not fall for every. Three can pump fake by Kevin lob the whole time. I don't know if he's got the greatest up big in the history the NBA irked the Celtics are just super jumpy and super gullible last night what it was. Oh my word every time log had the ball somewhat which is go flying and pass them every time or sometimes right into one. You know there is no rhyme or reason to. As the Celtics defensively we're jumpy. The cavaliers in that front court just manhandled them in the first half. We did sees them some inspired basketball in the second half Celtics outscored Cleveland and into quarters. But at that point the cavs were coasting. And you have to somehow get them into that mode. Before they jump out to a big lead. And I'm not sure the Celtics have that in them. Then again. So does have beaten Cleveland this year. They've beaten them in regular season games they've been able to it's a match Cleveland's intensity and they've also been able to match their scoring. Cleveland's not a good defensive team. In that first quarter in the first half even. It wasn't that the defense was so suffocating at the Celtics couldn't get their offense off. They were just missing shots plain and simple. They had good looks they missed the can't do that and home. Can't do that ever against this team be definitely can't do it home when you're trying to steal a game here and turn this into a series. You can't like Kevin Love go off like that and you cannot. Miss 45% year free throws. That was the thing that upset me maybe even the most that's the one thing I know I'm pretty good at making free throws. It just for example just to give you an idea of how bad the Celtics were the free throw line last night Tristan Thompson. Who they were playing Hackett Thompson with. Was six of ten from the free throw line at 60% the Celtics shot 55% from the free throw line worse than Thompson. The whole game. Pathetic. How to really get to do that expect to compete with the abroad in the cabin kidding me. And it's easy stuff that's mental stuff. And I'll allow for the affected this team is tired. That they'd just come off it exhausting series. That they only have one day often in fine all right all that may be true in Cleveland is nice and rested and you know spent the last ten days eating grapes with their feet up. But really I mean it doesn't matter at this point. What matters now is two things. Number one. Can you hold in Cleveland in checksum now and buy or hold them in check I mean can you force and Kevin Love. Did it to mr. shots can he can you bump him off his game can you not let him get into such an easy and smooth rhythm like he was in last night. His battlefield I don't feel like Harry Irving's gonna get hurt that badly. Now when you have a bad combination of Avery Bradley and Marcus mark check and for most of the game. And even when Isiah Thomas was on it didn't seem like Carrie was able to do anything he came out flat. And out was was pretty you know pretty much a non factor for the course of that entire game. We Kevin Love you can't like Kevin Love do that team. He's easy good player yes sure great player. I wish he was on the Celtics. But he's not a guy who's gonna drop 32 on every night LeBron James pogo for thirty to forty points on you every game this year is most likely. And it's almost like you have to just let them. And make a concerted effort to not like guys like Kevin Love or Tristan Thompson who was also a monster against them last night. On the boards inside. I mean there was the only time that the Celtics ever really got back into the game is after they got under Tristan Thompson skin. In got him you know when the ball around their all the sudden you saw some light from the Celtics. That follow up dunk from mark is Smart I mean they got the crowd into it it was never really anything real. But it certainly seemed like OK in other fighting now they've woken up a little bit. They've established the fact that the series has begun and that there are participated because up until then. It was all Cleveland and LeBron was just doing what every wanted to and kind of gloating about it in front your face. You know he was showing off. That little move against Kelly politically analytic and in one on one on the left there. Turns his back to want. It. You know what I mean like that's like gold tie me I challenge you to you know. There was like Charlie Murphy and you'd slap somebody of that also and you gotta slap him back I challenge you to a duel. I turns his back Ernie dribbles through his legs and then takes into the basket anyway after that. I mean it's not like Kelly Nolan again much of a chance but then again nobody did. Jae Crowder had no chance Al Horford had no chance Amir Johnson the onetime regarded him had no chance Jalen brown had no chance. You know LeBron gonna play like that you can't do anything about it. The best you can do is try in in limit what the other guys around him are doing and they couldn't do that either and on top of that they couldn't hit their free throws. So a lot of things working against the Celtics last night many of them self inflicted I do believe that there will come out better tomorrow night. I don't know why I just do amassing an gonna win the game I just don't think it's gonna be a blow out laugher in the first half like last night's game was I think they're too proud for that I think Stevens is too good of a coach. And I still think we have one or two hopefully more than that. Pantheon level games left from Isiah Thomas who I thought actually played pretty well last night he couldn't couldn't hit shots. But I like the way he was short right in the offense yet a ton of assists he would have more of guys are hitting their shots early on. But they need a game from him where he's just where he just can't Misch. Where he's going to the basket where he's getting to the free throw line recent histories were pullen up in transition I mean that all has to happen here. This team to stand a chance and you didn't see partly any of that last night's 6177797937. As your phone number. 37937. If you're number on text we only have a couple hours usual get to your phone calls early and often and we'll kick things off with. And then undergoing. A actually all of you I don't feel real quick. Ought to be moderately eat it right the water to what are you actually. It. I'm on the Dallas maverick that the bunker on the lower. They have a chance to meet at bat right jerk or what the Celtics all ears are more I want the second or third AJ. Wright. That's the way to beat the ire scheme the balloon but anyway. That he'll well. A lot of guys in Austin when we trapped Jalen brown did you like the guy now I would argue that it put him on the lakers beat it and it. You'd probably be getting better that than and Ingraham you better than editing room. Like get more out storm member of he can't compare it to him and honestly put. And to their even when you put on the project in order to retreat Kardashian and Horry checked the one comment about. There were few and I thought PGA he actually out of all the guys who guards LeBron he probably had the most success. In twenty minutes he had a he was a plus for any was guarding Lamar for most of the time he was out there whereas Jae Crowder had a game of his life 21 point great shooting night he was a minus twenty twos so. Yeah I think. You may be onto something here I think Brad Stevens as has been rewarding Jalen brown for his playing giving him more minutes more playing time. I don't necessarily think he's gonna be in the starting lineup tomorrow but I would not at all be shocked to see a lot more of him. Out there just because you're at the point now where what else can you do you know how us can you can you attack him he can't double team LeBron can't double team anybody and that team is too many good shooters there and you're right in terms of the defense. And in trying to trying to limit LeBron. It certainly helps to have a better perimeter defender. Who's you know somewhere in that in that same height range and then a real rim protector to meet him at the basket in the Celtics don't have either those. Yet at the bingo thing was due Vietnam. Deal and I don't think get enough respect around town for kind of exceeding expectations low at work when he got trapped right and. His expectations were that load the I mean I think the people were disappointed the Celtics weren't in the top two I guess but that's not you know. Jalen brown was a guided they didn't know a lot about him he was a guy who played out in Khaled Lotta people hadn't seen their game you know sort of like mark L fault really if you think about it wasn't in the tournament he didn't really. In other wasn't really much to go on here it was in the big name. But he complained I mean we we we see it in your right if you resign if he was on a legitimate lottery team. Then yeah I bedie would had a pretty good rookie year of AD BB you know in the end in the conversation for rookie of the year even buy it. In other way that this team is set up in the way he was used you know you saw flashes of it that's it. Our thanks for your call the appreciate it let's go to way Jared in California hello jeered. Why are a lot of human brown eyes that 100 miles away from where you play. The sensational player I've just so happened that this extracted in the what they but the bulk import the fiberglass much. If I'm hoping he changed it once was watching very very closely. To see what the future's going to be like if he stays with icing it Thomas at the point. Because the reality is your best player in the actor's close to 29 points a game. Perch in Japan to pick anybody can argue against that key virtues defensively when he indicated that quite correct XML and the close game in the quarter and that's essentially. And they spent a lot of time trying to hide in the half court sets your right now that's absolutely true. And the other thing here is what really. In the last night and I actually do and so Smart. He's so Smart TCU. That how typical is that port part port CI ports up and guard to play in this week it'd. And scored just at one point in honor it is. His sister who passed away that pot and folklore I didn't want security should stock is ever going to be higher than it is right now. I think it prompt you'd go recruit character you'd go for future. Which you make way for Paul or until well into this see. And be able to play right away because that's what separates you right now from. Moving forward is she gonna got a spot at age and last night he struggle. He recently and the this could get a shot. Reality. Again and they are thinking taking six law in Washington because icy comet dribbled into a trap. No word should all I've now been called timeout at eagle woodland gonna try it. Muscled its way out that app and that all too short and that means that the reality to shore again. I played basketball Barkley and Michael Clayton college and besides. Okay and did you ever averaged thirty points a game in the ambient. You're averaged thirty points a game in the NBA third leading scorer in the league. Now though we're not in the regular season but in the playoffs he dropped 53 in that last series now 51 injured c'mon you can't count and this is this is it really for someone who played the game. I. Of course not gonna happen every night no one averages fifty point two gains the Wilt Chamberlain out there but my god I mean your act like Isaiah was some. Flash in the pain and easy was consistent all year. Know that occurred. Culture little flash in the pen caddy guard them with no cap flashy pants between any Smart enough to know that this stock will never be higher than it is right now he's got a chance to go after a legitimate point guard and months though or fall city the rim protector so wide net. So you think a rim protector is more valuable than Isiah Thomas is thirty points again. I think electorate what the game could be replaced by other players on that actually the fault that keep people like all of the court of planets. I mean he's gonna start averaging thirty points a game in his rookie year. I don't know but I mean even even with that. I Jerry you can't tell me that their big guys like him who can who can score like bettered a dime a dozen. That you can just replicate dad's from mark health faults and who the hell even Alice GA crowd heard Avery Bradley. Or forward Amir Johnson like who who is gonna come from. That's I you know listen is Isiah Thomas a perfect basketball player no of course he has no one's ever gonna make that argument. No one's ever gonna make the argument that he is a great all around player. He does one thing really well but in the NBA right now that one thing is very valuable. And maybe yeah Isiah had some problems in game six and yeah last night he couldn't get a shot off he wasn't what they're never great game offensively. But please. That's makes it sound like you only watched a couple of games in his this year. Like in the last three weeks. Isiah Thomas was must see TV this year. There was nobody he couldn't take off the dribble. His. Incredible ability to stay balanced in the air and get shots off over much bigger players. His floater in the lane is three point shooting all of that. You know he's about is is guild of an offensive player. As the Celtics have had another in along time offensive. And that's something that you don't just discard in the NBA for rim protector what rim protector. Think this team with. With Avery Bradley Jae Crowder Al Horford and wide the Andre Jordan is gonna be better than it is now of Isiah that's insane that Timmy is straight up lunacy. Really it is. I thought we were done with the whole Isiah is too short to be a star in this league stuff. You know you would have figured to find out how many games they've played 82 plus seven plus six that's 9596. Games. Think after 96 games of a sample size this season. You know that this guy is not just some you know wow look at that little guy scoring points not the skies and MVP candidate. But I thought tonight. Feel died at thirteen. Shoot threes thirteen of thirteen at the free throw line. Fifty two points. Nearly every two from. Say that. One thing about Isaiah and his problems in the playoffs if you want even column that. Is a you don't get to the foul line is often in the playoffs in general OK not just the Celtics not just bid but everywhere. There are much more likely to swallow their whistles and let guys play and that works against the guy like Isiah Thomas and absolutely guys. But not to the point where there's value stylish trade him trade him for rim protector. And then you bring in mark health faults and hope that he's gonna white replicate thirty points a game. You can't get that from anyone else on this team not consistently. When you get when you have a guy and the Celtics when you have a Jae Crowder Ernie re Bradley summit step up and dropped twenty to 29 points in game. That's a big deal. What would you Huey issued would have Isiah got his normal thirty bit but Avery Bradley look at the game the end. We got a big game Jae Crowder had last night while he was if only to do that every night in the salvage should be. 61 team. None of those guys can do that every night. Now you need that you need that alpha scorer you need. And yet it certainly appears to be is done Isiah Thomas is your rant. And yes she is a diminutive gentleman. But that is no reason to think that. Number one the Celtics can never win with them or number two that they should just trade him away. For some senator who's gonna cost you a ton of money. And it won't really solve your team's problems. Because even if you do get some help on that front line you're gonna be doing it at the expense. Of about a third of your offense. And that doesn't make any sense to me at all six months. It's much at night on Sports Radio yeah. We are very confident guy just how confident are you that you guys are gonna win yeah. I'm very content. Believing these guys. Not scared to improve the knot in my stars tonight. Let's presume that I think they Lisovicz uses like jerks they just haven't played better than us in game one. And he's got to protect home court and intuitive to win. They're not the moms stars. Although and they looked like a game one. Especially that first that 6177797937. As your phone number here mud at night Archie and infra might renewed talk with Evans relic of the 8 o'clock hour he is out and Oakland's. And we'll get his take here in the air Red Sox going into that series in the meantime I'll be taking your phone calls Celtics phone calls mostly year. For the next thirty minutes or so. One other thing Isiah Thomas congratulations Zambian second team all NBA. I was not aware until today. That their contract incentives. That come along with. These awards. With all NBA that's voted on by the writers. You mean to tell me. That the earning potential of these players and I'm not crying and forum here obviously they make very good livings by it. The the potential earnings of these players rests in the hands. Of MBA or X. Seem a little weird to hear that seem a little on who. There's a lot of great MBA writers out there don't give Iran. A how did that system come into effect. How did that had a bunch of people sit interim NCA you know I'd. I think dead. We should let the NBA writers the basketball writers from different towns different cities and in what have you. We should let them. They have a real serious impact on the type of money that these players to make. As there is right it is three all NBA team drains five nieces fifteen players. Who have. Large sums of money. Either given to them word taken away from them based on the way that these writers vote for. The Allenby eighteenth. And I again and that'll mean this to like crap on NBA writers who think MBA writers are fine you know for the most part. Why it is that a responsibility that they should really have I mean is that something that they should be. Is that should that be in their hands like the producers got together to determine your eighth. And I'm thinking of making any law ourselves and the area. Yet Connell like that isn't it. It's more like it's more like if they got Chad Finn to decide how much we all got to make money disease like that he's like the media writer on here. You know search ads and gets to set the salaries for all the people around and it's not the salaries but save as Sam was supposed to get arranged in a and Chad generates an article IR can't show cyclist Lance. Now the race a while now like religious seem like an odd system perhaps maybe even a broken system. How does that even legal. Is what I wanted to six point 77797937. All that said congratulations to Isiah Thomas he made the cut he's getting the money and sorry whoever is that you know necessary Klay Thompson. Looks like looks like it's not your year went after you a lot of second mortgage on the mansion area now. Just stick with the through Bentley isn't that a three a 61777979237. Let's give back your phone calls here on the program DOS and as the water broke the thought and the Celtics say dust. I was just calling previous caller had talked about oh. The idea of taking one's all right it is completely disagree that. I think mark helpful much better option. And he doesn't bring the baggage that on the ball Britons and then in its other whose fathers and I am not the kind of person you'd see in boss needs more. With the character. Problem. So I'd I'd feel that mark helpful much better traffic I would even take Jason Tatum for the Celtics over on the. Just because of ball's father 'cause of the game. Our analysts say Alonso ball's father was and we've that we in no one's a loss for otherwise it would you'd still feel this way or not. I would I would still feel picking mark no faults former. Laudable but I think that won't go to as critical players people make him. I'll be honest with you DOS and I saw a lot more of Alonso ball in the in the college basketball season this year than a default which everybody did because faults got hurt and you know didn't even play in the news in the pac twelve tournament in bomb it all the way into whatever round he didn't move in the NCAA tournament so I saw a good amount more of him than I did a ball I barely sub ball at all Arab volatile faults at all in fact if you brought out the team picture of the Washington Huskies. I'm 90% sure I could pick Marco faults out of out of the picture but I'm not a 100% that's how little less often this year. But I do agree that you know this is a guided it pretty much everyone is unanimously agree on is the best player in college basketball on the best player to come out of the draft. I would just say this. Is he good enough and an important enough and is she going to be a big enough party your future. That you would pass on a guy like ball who I think uses it better pure point guard and can maybe even in. In bear with me here make Isiah Thomas Moore of off ball scoring option that a guy OS to run the entire offense would that be so bad. Notably could be bad but I think you'd be hard to put Isaiah Thomas at two. Just because besides I think he has stated the one and I don't think want to complain too. Eric that's fair thanks for the call dust appreciated. I don't know it's hard to really say and Alonso while the couple inches taller than than faults and that's. You know and doesn't mean much except for the fact that may be good place swing man maybe do some other things. Then again you know Alonso ball game is a lot different from false false attacks the basket a lot more is much prettier jump shot I think he's more consistent scorer. Whereas Alonso balls game really sort or. Revolves around him handling the ball in and he needs to have the ball in his hands and and get the offense going. And if he doesn't he's not one of those guys who can run around screens and hit shots and into all those things that the NBA level I don't think maybe I'm wrong but that's sort of what looks like to me. I wouldn't be too upset if the Celtics and a football. In fact. I think he fit in OK here are really don't and I don't really care about is that he's dead jackass but I don't really care about. Now was gonna come over here in it and probably go on these airwaves you probably have a weekly hit in a he is that he's ratings gold I'll give you that. Fox sports ESPN whoever has a mind they get clicks. He's good for business. So maybe it's selfish that I want on the ball is too old Barbie here we get to make fun all the dumb crap he says and make fun of the stupid shoes and no one's buying. But I saw all along. Today you know unless unless we start to hear the kids come out and say I'm really. I really had it with my dad here wish he'd stop doing this year and on and some have grown man is in my life in my career. Until I hear that it's that the family you know that's the family family business. And nothing to do with me here you're the Celtics or anybody else. And if Lavar ball thinks it. You know he can treat Brad Stevens or on even though the coach the lakers and the coach the lakers are now I should know this. If the dvds he treats him NBA coach the way he treated that poor schmuck out there in California not the UCLA coach high school coach. You know he's gonna end learned pretty quickly that you can't. And he's also got to learn pretty quickly that in and now that his son is just. Guy and the bench in the NBA. Probably won't even be all that focused on many more they gonna the next kid thanks. Next it's going UCLA I don't care about like Lavar ball I honestly don't. You know I've I've heard everything he has to say I'm not impressed by it I don't think he's particularly intelligent hitter in round. Blakey has a lot of worthwhile things that we all need to hear he's funny. And he's you know bombastic but that's about it. And I think his act is kind of tired honestly I don't think there's too much more to it I think we've heard everything we're gonna hear from Lavar ball let's go to John Hampton agent. Hey thanks man would mean you got and by the way I'd vote would have rated every albeit moment. Our rights so I called uncle had colon that that got called in Archie not that upbeat on the clean in the NBA are sentient. You know. In India unfortunately in the day you're not gonna win a championship site. Creating great team with great coaching chemistry and and and like. The leader we need a detective but he. You'll by the championships we bought that last championship okay that the league is rigged. They traded I mean they made trades in and sign all those guys image trade. They need debate moves to make. That the big stories. That the Indy Lights with them that the Big Three in the end and big war with Juan story they want a story. And then you know that the story sold shoes sold shirts sold everything so the TV ratings and that's what they want so arching doesn't have. On the big name stars to sell the ratings and make big money so that's why. The rest are gonna help us win a championship even though that it was so much heart and we love. John I think you're going a little I listen I know I'm I'm sort of with you here and that I think there's an air of inevitability between the cavaliers in the in the warriors but that's because his two best teams is not because only trying to help them. They are extremely pack back pack two they're good I didn't. On the second and I think we'll marble is he asks the real deal I mean I want some played once a default like model. And like you said that's a lot more and its faults and he knows about shot at Q real acting which. In an ice ovals what it was we got second. Because that way we can't screw up. Are we left. Was committed to the first in your wrong with all that you're the idiot for years you're intake. And it ought to start you know well it would have. Sort of reversed her rant Oden situation maybe I guess I don't know I don't I don't like to think that Danny Ainge would rather be reactive than proactive I think that he's happy to have him number one particular. Yeah I hate him but you know it must have been a lot less stressful to have the number two is you take whatever get elected. I'll be stressed about that John leave that for Danny Danny Danny can be stressed about that don't don't concern yourself with that. So these are the first overall pick that's a good thing of very good thing. And I don't know I don't think that they haven't. In and noses with Danny said some going just by and honing his word here but I believe him when he says we don't know we're taking yet. In our gonna take along look gonna talk to these guys are gonna talk to their representatives will talk through their agents and one case broke we talked their dad. Which by the way is the most annoying part about all of this from Alonso ball don't you think at some point just wanna say he pitched a complete properly it can you let me just live my life here. Reports are it. You don't want lawns at work out or maybe somebody in your camp has decided not to work out for Boston right that's true that's true Boca. So are you going to try to. Discourage. Sprawl and not that you don't take long to discourage or yes I hope they don't take more kill folks is the perfect pick. Thanks coach. Thanks coach Lavar. I love how is it yeah I'm gonna discourage them I don't care what you say. You get discouraged I hope you're not in the right they she shouldn't be allowed in the room first the ball. If you don't want to try out for the Celtics I don't want to do is work out okay. Great. You can go to number two well I. Bite the first of always talk about mark L fault is the perfect player. For Boston but he's not for LA. It mind you sampled does the numb you know they got the number one pick people best players take the best players get in better the miked. I'd taken it. One does not even the best of my kids. As century actually is from everything errant 61777979237. Shot as a Maryland nation. A couple of checks if I. Couple couple caller talk. While on the Libyan bigger. I'm mark held Marco wingspan is 610. Gerald. Look at the market wrote in the Paul George but what you guys bought she and into an indicator. 22. And and it's quite. Talk about it. Alonso it better prospect than Martell at this point out the body's not developed they're not mature. And quite frankly I'll teach good over that Pollard but. It's not there or exit package on. And number one thing well. A problem. Any deal at. I got two more kids that are lined up at LA and it call now and he's gonna happen in oh. But it this first pick goes to hear him make that mark I'll vote is the first pick overall. Much better or. Much more talented. Offensive player talking or that better and only a couple of that. You'll spenders Italy. Now should get tough night but Crowder is element that better we all good Bradley is comedy duplicate here at tech smarts to. Mark L all they can grow and to a body and your turn out there going to be evident are tightly DeMar DeRozan and perhaps. You know. Chain Harden you gonna happen body type JR put up by players. Here are your image and art and they're really good. Question and Christian. Well it is actually. Secretary. Player. Or point guard at it yet. An error and Purdue are changing their expert Eric. For Hillary out yet three or somebody a little later. I don't want more quantity. A little bit value in getting the right I don't think it's case might it Josh Jackson. That they're sick or. Or your time it just kind of ally in particular point guard. Yet listened to shine your absolutely right now I think that something has been in the back is Celtics fans minds this entire time. In downgrade we're gonna get the number one or number two overall pick in the number one and two prospects are both guards in this team RTS four guards that they've played semi regularly. I'm including rosier their enemy hasn't played much lately but united it's with Thomas and Smart and Bradley and rosier and Gerald Green and you know these guys it's like. If there was just for once and it usually historically. You're top prospects. There's one big man. Whether it's you know three year four or even five. There's always one big man in there. In the team that needs the big man generally gets the gets a crack at so they need the big man in this timing just doesn't exist. He's not he's not there it is it's a two man draft its top two and I know that did later on we'll probably have some guy gets picked in the middle of the round do. We all look back on sail off on the Celtics the deck I mean it's very possible I can happen but. You know he just looked on the list of all number one overall picture. There's Simmons and Townsend. You know all the way down there was one stretch were a bunch of guards got picked. You know it was John Wall and carrier ring and a couple other there. Couple other ones there and I'm trying to remember here for to bring the list up there was one stretch three got a couple yeah I was Derrick Rose. John walk carrier ring got drafted number one overall only three or four years but just look at the rest them Benjamin's Carl Anthony towns Anthony Davis. Outweigh gains visited swing guys so he has really count but Blake Griffin Greg Oden Bargnani Bogut Dwight Howard LeBron you know mainly. Kwame Brown Kenyon Martin Elton Brand all the candy I mean there's a lot of bad Tim Duncan there's some bad names and their don't give Iran. Kwame Brown Michael can the news and Greg Oden or three of the biggest boss of all time. Anthony Bennett throw him in their through another big guy. Bite. Those were the guys you know those of the guys it at number one overall these teams looked at and decided we need a big guy out get him. He's the best he's the best choice I remember they can for UConn who is seven foot three. What's his name has seemed to be remembered him. This seemed to be can't teach size. And doesn't matter. Really doesn't. Even a guy look at a guy like Yao Ming in 2002 of you the first overall pick. Dwight Howard never won a thing. Put these teams get that guy in in place and they think are right we got our guy. We got our Shaq we got our Tim Duncan we got our whoever. And now we can move forward Celtics on the mound. Varity have a date they have a very big need at that position. And when they finally get the first overall cannon are complaining about a by the way because I think it's fine I'm very happy that they have the first overall pick it is which wasn't a different year. 6177797937. We got banks phone lines as great I'll take a quick break we'll come back after this. These mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Like out here opera. Might be it's got to do. But it jumped up on top of everybody I'm very excited. And just. Danny Ainge. Not dead. Enthused about the hall first overall pick then whatever we're gonna taking first second third fifth and who cares. I think he's line. And there of course you want to be the personal topic is even if you're not sold on whoever that player is. What trade chip would you rather have the first to the second overall how would you rather be able the trade the best or the second best that's pretty pretty easy one for me. Is excited about that everybody was excited about that. But I did appreciate. DM measured response from what grows back. It was almost leading her realize rapid. And I gave quick or respect a lot of crap for picking himself to be represented when Paul Pierce or in a corporate and it on the it was really pulled for an. But I guess they got a whole thing about siblings now camped there like with like what's the point really. A sibling can't sit there and have no idea what's going on until they finally folded numbers that at the end. I love that guides through the deputy commissioner. The guy makes all the announcements because he's so happy. He's got this big smile on his face he's just so happy to be there and he's Poland these envelopes out and announcing these picks. As though he's not ruining everyone's day except one team. But he everybody's hoping that something other than what he's gonna say is is happening. Except for the team against the first there maybe sometimes there's like another team that moves up and they're happy to that sick everyone else is day's ruined. Or at the very least it's exactly what they thought it was going to be insular and Abby about days. I thought that and his lovely night and the fourteenth pick goes to the Miami Heat and they cut to Alonzo Mourning he's just like cart. Prepared Tariq. Tiger analog or Laxman. They just move right on to the next one you know like you didn't just destroy the hopes and dreams of entire fan base again and he does it every year it's great I love that guy. OK that guy to be my speech you be the new White House spokesman. It's accurately (%expletive) he's good 6177797937. In your phone number let's go to Mike in north Providence and my. Tigris and it's up. You know with regards Fultz I mean he's. Pretty steady stream player that we talk about that the past and it says. He's gonna take this guy he fits the profile and likes to eat. Honestly need to be decently especially after common being developed in this system. Could to basically turn it like managing partner. Which could be a pretty awesome thing. Debbie nice. Is not his biggest hard naming you only 64 rates though it's night in nine is not that. I like hard to accept and he's only six or excitement so he's 66 but I guess like the even shorter in minutes. So anyways. When you're dealing with these guys. Wanting to keep in mind you'd ever want to be the Portland trail example do Michael two EE. You'd just you'd pick the best place you can get that as great talent obliterates everything else in the MBA. And I am I'm looking at this and say it would just look at last night widget on brow. Witnessed tremendous that advances them and in a game like that really showed up for the screen and I mean I'm opening he'd get a lot more time on LeBron. But. This draft process means next year's draft is going to be loaded up with the banks. And we should just that that net yeah. They're couple really good Sanders couple really good power towards. So maybe some patience has warned it would get this it's over. Well I know years yeah like oh Wheatley premium but I think he's gonna be early go. Everybody's really stoked on Jesuits a player wide basketball people in and everybody there are all of their dollar unanimous they think the JJ when he's ready is going to be your real. A real asset to this team and I hope they're all right because they could certainly use the help up front I think that's that's obvious I just I don't know I mean. I I'm very reluctant suited to starred in I'm planned my flag on these and these guys who gets stashed in other countries are just think that's a dangerous game to play in her. Well I mean it's this thing is is that. Having gone up completed the Euro league played very well that Turkish. You know and for a very good coach he kind of prove that he's he's kind of got the cut. You know I mean that's and they Euro league is better than to be made a lot better immediately. That there's a reason these guys get paid millions and now play in the Euro. That's true but not every guy who does well in the NBA prospect either I mean the leading scorers in the you know get a necessarily think if you're in the deal we give means that you're probably gonna get called up to do one specific thing and it's often not scoring that's that's the big mr. thanks for the call my ethnic thing about the dealing. You know fear in the Dili. And you're a good defender. You can bring the ball up. Or fewer some sort rim protecting rebounder who can mix it up inside. Those are the kind of guys generally that you called up in the Dili. They don't call guys up through for their offense. And I mean if if someone has to GoDaddy don't have league rehab assignments in the Dili either selling baseball so. You know I I remember in the morality Colorado others that team out there played Broomfield public eighty sixers on like that. The 46 Africa with the team there was something like that end. In guys who get called up you know intermittently firm from the team. But it was never the best player on the team. It was never like their go to guy on offense. It was either some big cool who could you know may be blocked a shot or two and come off the bench you know be the tenth man and NBA roster. Or it was some sort of defensive specialist swing man who can also bring the ball up in you know. Just fill a role because the team blossom but he knew when injury. It's rare that you see the best player and a NBA that's her. And maybe with a collar was trying to set. I don't know enough about the early on and on of about the Turkish leader anything like that the tie that. You know it's that much different or that you know a guy like geez you're playing well over there means that he it's gonna translate into the NBA just have no idea. You know I really don't and that's why sir to stay away from that I just think that's and it's it's nice to think about. It's great to think that this front court is gonna have an infusion of two guys in the obvious selling injures recouping coming here and it. Contribute right away. But I'd I just think that's and that's lofty at the lofty goal for for a guy like him. In I mean he wasn't he wasn't an early pick they pick him at the end of the around. So it's not like. Saw your reduced fight and get this guy is he playing well in Turkey Asher grey parrot glitzy lets him play in the in the summer league at least first. Before I get before I get onboard that particular band wagon let's go to Allan in Greenfield now. Take action on the port read my column when you're talking about. Argument number one overall your carrier arrange on law grows yeah. In the past forty years there's only two others besides those three have gone overall. I'll Allen Iverson and mad Jon yeah it's pretty rarefied air where mark's mark helpful. Sure I agree with the I mean and also with all the busts in the first overall pick over the years it doesn't really matter but I know what you mean now he adds it's certainly fair. In forty years and none of them bought. Rose hurt them eat for her yeah I like on the super Maxi you're talking. Our players are eligible snapped and the team that draft. On Alec it on the team knowing that he'd maul and yet he's not eligible to Max topics can be treated. Like. You have to be drafted by your own team in the region what about it and guys like LeBron took its. Counts from Miami in them money in hot spots where America got what doling out and jumped ship to Golden State media keep dot. Murder rates it's that same sort of idea written. They're trying to keep it doesn't. Formed secret wire saying hey well 200 million dollars to build your own air to return decrease compared crossed eaten. And on. One last thing if I'm. In regards to mark L fault. Because GAAP and now and entry in the year sure that's yeah that's right I Kevin Garnett out Jefferson. He groomed on and shipped them off from the outside player available right. Got it. Well him and like seven other guys be managed surely was he was part who's the he was the centerpiece of that to articulate prop you got whacked. I. Yeah let's tonight I'm kind of with you there around thanks for the call. I was thinking about debt that today. About you know was there a player watching that game one. Is air player in the league right now other than LeBron or Kevin Durant. Today you could have put on the Celtics team last night. And they would abandon. Really competitive and a gamer even won their game. I can think of maybe three names ended Allen and Greenfield just in on a couple of Davis Anthony Davis. And still I don't think I'm not sure they when they gave me with him. Into the compo. May be a guy like care Rudy go bear. Why just really like I don't know if he Emmys in guys not us orbit. Someone who can get up in and get and some only Tristan Thompson's face or maybe get down. Bothered Kevin lottery and LeBron a little bit looser presence in the middle church. And this. Westbrook amateur Westbrook I would've would've done anything you know and. These guards and that sort of thing. Is that people say I wish they'd. You know you can just trade away Isiah for a protected him bring him Marco fault he'll be the new Isiah Thomas and you just go from there it's not that simple but I do think when you can do. And you know I'm just this is me sort of plain armchair GM. What I think you can maybe do. Is draft faults. Get Bradley Smart rosy year. And maybe even Isiah if you can swing at first special player one of those guys I just listed at sit if they're not on the table Isaiah is not on there. Any of those guys. Smart. Bradley. Endeavor rosier. Maybe even throw in another you know one near your normal picker in your regular pick in the next draft or some combination may be ballclub tonight your lottery pick the other when they are protected one. And cry away and not some great rim protector not Rudy go bare but somebody. Anybody. You should be able to do that. And then you don't have that log jam at the guard position anymore ASEAN trade all three of those guys but some combination or maybe while whatever you can do whatever you can make happen. You have to balance this roster. It's some I wish they did at the trade deadline to I think it would help them you know just in general but also I think it now that we're treated to build for the future here. And you have a guide mark health faults and I think will be a great player but he's he's your guy or if it's not him islam's a ball to guards. And not mean we can convert them in the sun now those are cards. And you have a lot of guards. The say gonna have to do something with it there's a logjam here right now on this roster desperately need some balance going forward if they're going to be. You know ever taken seriously as contenders. If we can blow through one more call here before we go to break Kelly is an Amherst take out. It was well not that Arafat also Airbus. Wanted to spend owed them an event with the bus record grows. Series series yet there Hitler. And about all it is you know he came in in the day that I've monitored over enemies he's taught when he's broken. Such Motley Fool. Unsafe for the anybody as they used by it was a bus. That's a but it's against cancer presently expect somebody to be great and then they're not. They were like he might never play and then he did and very delegating its order elaborate and separate numbers since I don't like her got out you know that'll I think that's not play you know I like I think I think in the game. OK I wasn't I wasn't assigning any sort of character. Problem to that I was just telling you that your the facts are they Greg Oden was Abbas the number one that's the that's undeniable. Social well that's what they did it diet they didn't work out equivalent but they'll bust is somebody who you expect to be really great and that it where potent. A bus to someone who gets picked at number one and they saarc in now was would Greg Oden once. The reds back into the play well and illegal we go back and forth Klein earlier stubborn I thought about it that. I collect call and let me on and that's great and didn't see your heart but a lot of formerly are a little bit. Kelly from reversed out works I just watch some of these guys that watch the awful person ball game. Firing firing two coal. So far at this stage and gain. Almost better he's not public speaker and the analysts saying you know like charts and it is and it's and it. All like slot. That's not yet you know 66. Well. And he's any tell grow into any same with faults and then Kelli thank you for the scouting report or up against the break your sword got to let ego. We have one open phone linking go ahead and granite and also coming up next our will be joined by Evan relic he is live out in Oakland. As the Red Sox security for this four game series in Oakland with the athletics. We got a guy making his Major League debut tonight Hector Velasquez would kills me because every time it seems like this team is getting on the right track they have to trot out Kyle Kendrick who drew Palmer answer Hector Velasquez or somebody and the train comes crashing to a halt. So hopefully that's not the case tonight I'm not optimistic but I'll talk about a withdraw it when we come back don't go anywhere this is much at night here on Sports Radio WEEI.