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OMF - If NBA awards were given out after the playoffs, Lebron James is Most Valuable Everything 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

We continue to pick apart the beating that was administered last night by Lebron and Co. Glenn tries to stir up the crap between Lou and Christian. And Giselle is really not helping the Brady water brand.

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On you read he. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 but. Mr. Cleveland beat down here go fasten you did. Christian thank you again and leave everytime that I wanna puck do you apparently not. About OJ just considers different amounts how many staying only. Yeah. Yeah well yeah. Cool I know now. Sports Radio WEEI. We got more and we'll form Paulson will get to have a little bit later Obama got a Red Sox game that I don't know how many people actually watched last night and give away. Their tickets to the Red Sox in the next hour 12 o'clock hour bowl gets the Red Sox game in the way it into the genius. And John Farrell here we go let's go I don't know this young Cubans so couple. We have. And we also another story that deals with the professional sports where a ball player many. May have used a gay slur against another player that may cause some problems here. You know I. Her memories and Shanghai down six I think and here's the goodness did that and Boston asked to play god. They are gone we're done about the Celtics right now do you feel. A worse today do you think that this thing I mean. Let's face it we were trying to be optimistic. Trying to look at the hometown team. Could squeeze out more depressed than. Got a couple of days Indiana you had a great day Monday night getting even better date Tuesday night and Wednesday came right leg you know reality at this point out I feel like I'm ahead of the game. A good night I know you and I see very little chords going your uncle Joseph first look at coach at San. Jose and none all hello Joseph. That I thought. You could I am I went back fitness the only chance they have got to channel red OPEC as. Who went the dominant player fifty years ago. Fifty Oakland you covered team who's the equipment that. Fifty years ago. Look Chamberlain okay. I'm not often one year. In and what well connected. He's got Tom Kite and took the win and harassed and Coke and. So what's your suggestion which your suggestion for this year Celtics team to do that. To the new option. He didn't it didn't look and fell though he's probably one minutes saw it what do you do the other 217. Minutes of the game. So. I know and as I thought yeah Nolan technique and at. The lighting and night out of peace and yeah he needs to meet the media and. I can tell. Well Chamberlain couldn't move around that much around you know the fate of whatever. This can go wherever he wants to go LaBroque I don't I like you are on the back into court you do need to commit to kind of been. As a team. I guess there's this perception that Kelly learn some bad guy he isn't. There there's is Simpson memories of that okay that allowed the the son plays dirty. You know like I think Isiah Thomas grabbing African Nagle was like you know it's like. All the movies results are due only to get shifty with Tristan Thompson announced what it's like a little bit I wanna be engaged in real should be. This don't you wanna rain all you want gas or wind brawl yes. Yeah what you want like a seven Mikhail close Obama which I'm sure I don't you were a little Laker fan we you'll love pajamas I was at an actor but yeah. Why play the flop flop ravens is beyond friends and Mike O'Donnell and lets you mean not I guess bring the fight to them. After you watched it in less and I just go back to let him in a month and a half ago to where we're talking about. I say is MVP. And it was cycled rust working Westbrook and Harden and and I see story. In music. Put referral LeBron her biggest fires most valuable player in this league understands what he did this year. But he put in front LeBron don't know channeled by the way if OK especially when there were no LeBron that would realizing it MVP chants on. And talk acme you have appointed because what his numbers are the most evil sides if he decides he must be deepened the player of the year he'll be the defense played here. If he decides he's gonna get the sixth man award. The sixth man award a sound you must be the MVP he can beat the MVP and scoring -- do remain the best player on the planet you can look no need for rendering this when he does he doesn't do itself has only ever going to be like Harden and Westbrook who basically aren't as they do it themselves so bad you know it doesn't care I would have to be Hague regulations would it there in Miami somewhere parting and the Caribbean somewhere hanging out. Amid situated finals manor house on the walls first I thought red little girl group that says everything should call eight finals and he's going to go to with seven straight final. I think the stress management hand toward this out last night said the league is actually considering. Panamanian plane with 10 my grandma and the and the MVP vote after the playoffs. Why isn't a bad idea. Over the first up I don't agree with that either because you have a season a playoff MVP guides steps opens outstanding. Right it's told us of a lesser player unless a player or whatever and output and a it's a regular season award so I agree with keeping it the way it is. And but I just you know I just I mean look back at a guy like LeBron James is different you put Mike Trout mayors well it's it's not a great year. I mean you could do some historic even be considered. You know the MVP or you know of the NBA of the LeBron jeans although it was prepared. Indeed it so that's shotgun and you know Miguel Cabrera detail leader Triple Crown the rights by the neck you gotta be historic. In order to take MVPs from these guys. But he definitely has been declared a plan. But it kind of he entertains the MVP a little bit when you think about it. Because you guys decide if he wants if he wanted to win the MVP if you want to MVP every single year cause he's simply. The best player in the plant he plays all five positions where Sarah weakness in his game. Yeah but again it's it's we thought we all you saw a tall stack that's on numbers. So whoever whoever is the scoring leader in the NBA he's probably a good chance he's going to be your VP. The activity UA defense of awarded me that's sick you're the score leaders are probably going to be the NB. You throw the most touchdowns in the NFL in Europe and you've got to be cornerback you probably gonna win the MVP you reference point Arnie art as a running back you're gonna be here. The historic. That a quarterback unions after that you are running back in you'd you'd need breaking records. It's got to be historic. From taken from a quarterback that he's having a short season from take it from LeBron or taken from trop and yet on this year. We have to donate without Matt Ryan and Tom Brady they don't want somebody who should be the MVP of the season I agree Lou that you need something special something historical but I do believe were always looking for a different guy. If we don't like the fact that. He's the best player on the planet Seth Curry might be degraded shooter in the history of the game he's not better player. The LeBron James quite Leonard is a terrific place competitiveness can now so every year if we're voting in calling it the best player. He's the best player and instantly it. The pace and that's the part of it to a key he paces and nobody played more minutes per game and LeBron James you've led the league in minutes predict at age 32 but there's also pace to. Right we talking about let him defensively. In the post season he would shut you down Q who ER. He's a rib protectors in a block shots in a regular season in the post season he's the rim protector. I mean he's just to gain become it's a different level as what we're talking about Cleveland or regular season and it's just. A defense of I know the wrecked and I know the Celtics missed a lot of open shots is no question about it. But that's not the defensive team you saw two months ago Cleveland. At all. They they pick it it Paterno and Ohno did much absolutely flipped switches don't do a good. And it's all all revolves around him or you can see it nearly everything you talk about taking time off for whatever and I know that's a negative to a lot of people. Every athlete is gonna take some time off in the course of the game. Just so the you can expand your marathon game out through an entire season and television do that notably in the year we minutes he was playing that's Mickey knows that you know. Our first round matchup is for. I'm gonna have 45 days before round two now. Next round we'll see what happens maybe get some of her five games whatever but you knew that he knew mistress in the playoffs and you didn't. You'll at least a day sometimes two days in between an efficient team offered you said nine days. But he's seized these fun I enjoy to play 42 minutes last night don't blow this. And had all the time off they never scrimmage. Tyrone Lewis and that they were dated run some practice like all right listen lets not let. Like a Q did he have the scrimmage. They didn't it is trend lines that did drills in the shooting drilling of these things and it lines. It's it's a weird thing Cleveland the club but days but you would think they'd want anyone get hurt. So I mean. You didn't even tell you tell us with that he's current. The last night he took some time off and McCain and you talk about the Minnesota that's an awful lot of minutes 42 minutes of that game was part of a game that was a clear cut blowout. But noticed where he took the time out. First quarter he did not take any time. He but he got in the heads of the Celtics and said basically this is the torture chamber of Medicare I I you put you under torture change chamber right now. And to the third quarter. The Celtics made that rut he set an adventurer like 45 minutes he'd always back out it was you don't feed love and a corner. Can Korver in the corner as he figures okay that got down to sixty. All I need is a couple threes here and we're back up over twenty band game I don't. And that's only restored that's when he was taking his time off. It's unbelievable and I and I do believe. Are on that those people don't wanna cling onto the the Michael Jordan thing he's been in the league now for thirteen years. Many years to Jordan played total in the week. It's looked at fifteen is took two years off. For that was he sport recall who that was he's Politico with the blues club in little hiatus. The club in the of the little ball within global. Com. 1919. Years you play so he's closing in. 191515. Years okay so was two years away. Put thirteen years and we ask is is it. Right it's not written yet he's gonna go to seventh straight. There's a chance he could realistically go to 910 straight NBA finals and win a couple more oh it's it's not written yet Wilson. But many Dominique and they he can't he can't move it. To the number one spot a not ready to do it yet because the resume is not complete with this more to be played here. By you can clearly see the when it's all said and done. It's far fetched to say he's the number one guy and Michael Jordan dropped to number two. Law degree you'll notice even if I thought effort to get here as well why don't just sit there put a bet on it right now hello. What do you say at five years from now who are we talking about is that a more overall player in history Italy. And it's not it's not farfetched just I think it's a at all it's not something I I would favoring him over Jordan. Five years from now. You sure can't. Well that debate awful 568 years when he retires told by six and nine of 32 and a certain. So Tony where is Richard and province well you don't know what's his wife's thing you know that as confessions are getting out of touch. It's never hear them every year costs but here's Richard emirates are. Good morning guys. I still say that. Yesterday I called Andy's hit about a wing man and of course Gordon Hayward. Name is brought up as the wing man they can get but if we certainly could it be used. A rim protector guy who's really good defensive player. Plus score. Decent score. Two. Help. Against the onslaught. Up LeBron company particularly LeBron. A guy who's like 6117. Foot who is bill justice solider close to a LeBron. And so forth and witnessed together what is this we science. And they'll make them on the computer look. Richard was abroad yeah Accra holidays. Build saluted the soon and so what do you what do you want to hear that you would you that we want that here because we agree we did an almost casually you know. I don't I'm not sure usually you don't when they need all these they need better tasting event. That polling Nick Price and I I know what you mean that you want someone who's seven feet it's built like LeBron. Okay. To all the computers we it's nice but the run you had physical build them. Yeah fine you don't have polite letter I mean you know. I don't know if he can handle one award. So we know what they neat. Everybody knows what they need did Ainge knows what they need began to get. Question how do you get that much but it's it just doesn't show up how do you get those players shares drove I drove. Thank god made all good. What you want and hope expand and you know what struck me watching the game. It has felt this before it killed every year and I'd like to say that most so declared part hatred fans. Now you're starting no it feels like to be steeler fan. Watching that game because you have a good team you have a real good team with good players. And it just doesn't matter. Well we're more like being tips in the last night's AFC yeah it's about the entire NFL I went hunting the outrage fuel right now. I think the falcons do business Jimmy. Point is they dealers. A steeler fan. No matter how good we we have the best quarterback we've ever had were watching these career dwindle away it doesn't matter how good week yet. There's a guy in New England just told he played two more years. And we know it's a block you're blocked from getting to that final level because as it did the guy in a team we just can't beat. You have a better shot you have a better shot than knockoff the patriots I think the Kazaa. I makeup of the day the city then you do that you do. There's a LeBron. It that it didn't I don't think so because as there's an astute and whatever announcement of we have a coach that does not believe he can win he doesn't believe he could be dealt you saw the defense he ran. Again I mean he he gray and Tom Brady's paper to the world. He's the complete opposite quarterback that it I think that's why you're hearing while as we're talking about retirement he heard I'm Kris say I got six more years. From unit we. You're you're lowest seed to lose I know there's you know you don't have is the you don't have to us in you don't have all you don't have a terrible towel you're blue and I have a yeah you kind. Of boom. You really believe that you really believe low paying jobs then thinks that you really think. Wide to about retirement at 4334. Years old. It's because the all along that you know we want you back then I'll announce zero's for all employees know it now. You know overall lead at two years I agree with you or your I. But I would say more AFC east you know of Pittsburgh can always sit there and say maybe Denver can knock them off at all when we can get Denver you know I mean you know I'm not enough to leave and get a good by them so. But overall point yes and it's sort of like it ceased or other teams and say okay how we position ourselves. The beat it picking out to be in the spot two years from now three years from now maybe Tom Brady's not playing anymore that we can take over the AFC east. Just like Danny Ainge how can I position myself when's the timing right to goal all in and put a championship team together because I think LeBron sort of lose and that means very simple. More likely that Ben Roethlisberger is thinking about retirement was this past year and by the way I woke up and finally says dumbed it. I'm coming back and play in another year. But the reason he's doing is because. His stage right now in his body. Is a lot different than what Tom Brady's deal with Tom Brady may be older than Ben Roethlisberger. But do you think internally in their bodies do you think Brady is actually younger so. Whether you think that Roethlisberger is deeper now. Not his body or is what his intake of food is him in his sleep pattern that's a little different than. And his wife today you know white men's room stalls you know I'm not into our planet and I try and forget about that is not the holidays or do you take every Donald died become pliable and he's fine. Give advice to remote commitment Rothenberg to have pretty quick Steelers are a little Willis got what she would go our way. Steel City blue collar group Harden. Stays he's. Ever wanted to. Man you guys having. Written them yet was in the same thing about Cleveland is Celtics fans don't no no no no and you know and I had a listener of this I'll totally do is go to. On hunt by now it's the same thing over who owned fight yeah Saint Paul Justin Long. What most of the insanely out of the studio suits shocks me ask you engage in debate. I was supposed to tease each other's ass every hour at a lot of theory forced on me in jail a year. I've done you're done you're weak you're just don't wanna fight here you know fight to drop bro gets up close I'll take. Broke boat went existence be dumb of its program benefits is Darwin's cousin Tom Brady yet we have a three day week disgusted I Keyon. Whitney's cousin LeBron houses don't know they're not gonna win the series because of LeBron yeah. That's what's that's what's gonna happen they won't win the series and I'm not one of those guys that says oh wait till we get old weekly get sick he doesn't care about basketball anymore now. They start a fight. I. I. Guess. What there is negative play you. Personally says he's just. He just needs from I mean obviously from opening your ripping up or down. Them free. And at you right now resilience of our display test and if I mean you would think you would go away agreed to trying to in his little worried about you and avoid a dream agreed that your ass. And he ordered two balls it's yeah I figured him to board about Vermont green. There's an effort don't know where Paul remember that was gonna gets extra out of there is some Christians more inches long and freaky losing habits and how it's an end and don't sit down after an accident and then the outer clothing I don't think there comedy team because it is Florida it was odd analogy on line. Is your line now little. I thought we were gonna actually get the judge to really fight have a good debate. It's gonna happen how long we known a show like I did guarantee you that. You're fine if we buy US five we actually have the two of them debating each other on this very program. Now back to the guys who don't use small ball school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls are I want balls off the wall I want balls in the stands out one extra base hits or wait we're loading and Fauria listen don't get me wrong I think you steal bases. You can you can run but they got big ball on. Sports Radio WEEI. And all I am after an all out on top of LeBron James just thanking the Celtics coming in their doing anything he wanted just. Basically toying with a for the entire game there was other little angle to the skin that was going on. And that was we have between Tristan Thompson. And virtually everybody in the Celtic team that would mark is so Smart they got a double file there. And then he and I say we're going nose to nose and over its that was activity going on there they got Tristan Thompson's off the floor. And so Thompson at the end of the game said whatever happened in the past is the past week that doesn't understand. That whenever you take extracurricular. Act actions this consequences. For it. And for us we need every one every game so I'm not gonna put myself in that position hurt by team or my teammates. Equity basically seeing is. I started out. Exactly what I wanted to do I get into their heads and now I gotta be careful because my guy. LeBron is tell me we need you on the floor you can't leave before now he talked about all of this when the game is over. Markets Smart who was involved and it was them did not talk. He left without speaking to reporters at the end of the game. It is even if it got sunny it is so he got every first hands on it is getting in yeah you're so uptight upset. You pick it with a bad that's just drives me nuts more than anything. He's already kind of an up and down player anyways ET CU so immature he can't handle he loves it when the people or chair form. While getting a lot of calls. Trying to be disruptive wasn't working out forum. Wasn't that many shots. Taken a lot of shots. They got a house they at school that was such a great game on Monday night when he was part of the reason why they won that game. You see any of that by any of those guys especially him stand in there take questions like a man and then leave. Honestly the bulbs you. I'm Justin Townsend was talking about this no history what do you little right. And it. Police and race and it may well have. But that's not dog I thought I was so this baby that these. It I just interest in Thompson got into their head and say you're out there struggling it is the Kardashian or something someplace else like his style I like that and which ones who this kind of legion has been sending some risky pictures and bombs. Yeah past capitol closed its use. Celtics and it yes trying to get in on outside his locked into us and made it big outside the box here Kelly Olympic enormous work something out there and falling. Have those fish hunt for those aren't my dramatic market are normally completely because look at any connections that stock artwork. Photoshop because it wanted to it is I think going to be the whole package and it it everything you ever there every. An interesting situation going on a Major League Baseball right now. Kevin pour. Is being investigated he's the us the center field for the Toronto negligent restitution he's being investigated. By Major League Baseball. Because apparently he made a comment to Jason mock hoses again Kevin. Law like. Mall are yet Paul Walker okay Purdue. Show he was yelling at them out on the out my own. Before or Kurt Suzuki stepped in and calmed things down the benches were clear. We now have learned that the reason they are investigating it is because Kevin Clarke apparently uttered a gay slower. Okay. And you can't utter gay slur now let me ask both of you guys who have played professional sports not willing to attack each other but both blatant respective games. Have you heard a gay slur before out on the field. Every time there's an argument yes. Ida argument. So but Major League baseball's investigating the F four the F four yes yes because we are in this PC. Controlled world right now. And we saw what happened here in Boston this is going to be a big deal Major League Baseball is investigating. And remember what the Red Sox came out in the policy they have nobody racist remarks we'll look forward remarks sexist remarks. I had just think that this is you know we're we're gonna investigator. They are a lot of people are apologize to Jason mock. For saying he struck up it was it was a heated game Batiste had the apps that living hell out of a home run benches cleared a couple of times and so large it's an argument this guy he dropped calls and probably in an F and F right. Yes I would say as an interest probably wouldn't call him we're gonna investigated yes we are what's gonna come of it we'll begin due to suspend or we may all. Gonna come that this is a sham publicly this an item this day and age if you know. We we remember Kobe doing right. I and and people hurt consumer now I don't know if this video or anybody heard any of this is audio and you can hear any of the stuff but we heard it with Colby. And they made a big deal about this could be a bigger deal on a board with what would you with with the speed cigarette or outlook. It even though even while was read at the end in my career that there was this overwhelming. Movement to eradicate all sellers. All of them at the N word blizzard out an ad is that NFL right now are back at all flag if he's well yes yes yes and you can't see anything. Mama jokes and nothing you're not allowed to fill a much bigger moments here your act like you're laughing like it's a fickle I don't I mean it's it's really it was in it was laughable back then. But now that you don't you just can't say it. It if you're not sure. You know I think that the careful route just don't see anything you can't say it's you can't say that and what can you say your stupid jerk. Now you this MF. To keep repeating it thousands of times they'll use anything else the goal there. I'm I'm a graduate supplies and I'm not surprised whatsoever it doesn't surprise you the larger the right thing he said it was immature it was stupid it was uncalled for. It's part of the game I'm just a competitive guy it was the heat of the moment he can say all of those things little in this piece he. World we're living in Europe they write a Vietnamese artist you know. Investigate and they're investigating it right now. And doesn't sound it is needs to be an investigation know it sounds like some of the parts that get this is what I said Dana so now what I wanted to get suspended for my name because of this that they might based on the world we're living in right now to satisfy the PC police. They might suspend it for him. And again battle like this at all because this goes into the it's some guys has a beef with anybody all you have to do is say he called me X name he called me this and doesn't have to be racial. Doesn't it could be anything I'm uncomfortable with that it makes I don't I have a history of this so by your bag and so you don't need witness is right that's going to donate witness I don't that witnesses around. So I adults in in an argument on the field. If I call you you know I'm just wondering you know women's rights by stack and you deceit at the Siewert who yet what the people are. Well. A powerful we investigating that my mother has declined in May it involves altering the face of the I tell you what Lou yeah if you find the if you finally strap on the parables and actually go at him and debate him on the show. If you drop the Siewert Politico ONE TV copy flip flops and segment the segment will let you know all. About the make these. I'm. A bit about Obama is the idea of what I said they let me go alone and. He's had a three point nobody told you that you yeah. I've never got to the point and as a team you play to where. You know I I've sectors and you know what I completely disagree with the Christians that I find it hard to completely 100% and it would you want to know what I'm not gonna. Not gonna respond to settle wanna fight with Christian. He's he's thing that's ever happened he's he's so that you are thrilled we are just so great so we just don't disagree at certain levels slate when we knew just. Flip flop or contradict or just make up stat so don't that aren't true or somebody has the goods. Part of the show could you do obsolete any like their drive and no police you don't have to hold hands or would you leave your studio work. The word adult women show ours I Eric yeah. Often and I just trying to have fun where we're looked on regular Tyrod hasn't Matthews and his idea argument totally agree on outline on a lot of lying around that's like six I didn't want the final and you won't lie and lie made for the on line. What's the more impressions let's put went commercial. Our aim at other pressing the buttons and showing what Lacey showing you don't what did you can't play and yet you have to come right there and act like he owns shell. You do. You act like the three of us. It was supplement product unit three of us on the I'm sure it was something that's present button. Russ is that it won't eat the best thing about it that did not press enemy jets out of openness to get a challenge him when he systems it's okay and it's way gets our first coastal in all our physically kick his door opening round ever since audio is okay so what's your I didn't want my doctor back to lose pointless to tackle John. You're talking we'll see we're glad repeat that again he said this you all right keyword or opinion and argument on the field. What does an investigation. Complaint by the way. Somebody it doesn't have to be the player to be somebody else to hurt umpire may be. But see something say something here's something say something is that the new rules. There's so much a location months it is and he called me this. Because you wanna get them. Then look at Jason line of really yeah I didn't really gonna go to begin go to the league as an umpire really. I'm gonna go there wouldn't this and we're gonna bring this up living make him bring some attention to this what do you think this special transporting it does. Team have a and I believe this is special interest group out there right now that's at nickel and you've got to be. What's going on average is all guys are dropping gay slurs we need to do something about it. I'd understand if markets dramas on the mound through strikes amount major streams. Happened and bomb. Right and it's a whole health reasons OK but. Your argument ornament houses houses different view if you're where do you think you only get a slower with the like whose game. With the launch of the late Tuesday alone is analogous sharp run through throughout the referee. Yeah jump on this chair is it's just that and it's an older mentality. You take Alex if they Buckley sinners and yes they should investigated it suspended for game. Think Barkley would sit there and say it's it's like a College Baseball lives to drop. F and F gay slurs out there and feel I don't think he's I don't think he's that I think is that it's OK. I understand it maybe you shouldn't be used network about it. I'm just yours that you be one of those guys think this should be an investigation but you should be finds the should be suspended over that's all locker room talk you guys been shame publicly. They're good enough. I think we're done here ya I think did not. But he just posted everything else at work that we've been talking about its locker room talk in uncomfortable viewed as we we like each other and we have a nice release that car respectable guest of. Ohio and yes once you get darn place you guys just on yes OK and we can do to show he can get a room downloads download history here again for your watch. I don't know actually I didn't and I do. And allies are. Listen to you rightly argue with what little. I will listen I don't referee I will be out it'll be good for the show but no not watch and the ones I so I Hewitt. Same that you're not gonna get it out of the game because guys do that but if we're sitting here talking about its offensive. If people jumping the N word we made his big huge deal about it Boston became the disgrace of America's were racist city what do they now saying about. About Toronto. I don't this apply try to just play. Racial slur and I'm not I'm sure it's not the first time that he's that he's. So we don't write it off and say. It's part of the game because there was. Did you feel comfortable saying that. No idea. I don't either because it than people think temple art. Has not said that I would say most evident result of these use all the time in high school. Ugly game called smear the queer. What can you do with wheat that was the team we play that we are trying to win Oregon Q well let me indicate whether you probably think my iPhone and place. The hallway until you hear is yet one ball with the ball. This game you recall that we play game culture and smear the queer. It is now. Out of touch we work well when I was younger. All going in the man was like ten guys are just all goes include Weber picks up the ball well you're supposed to keep it. And quickly what is the eighty depict the ball. If you love the domestic. If you're running away your your being chased. OK and that if you didn't want it we threw the ball up in the U smeared anymore but it has called. It was cults in your decree that slowdown call colonial the ball. Yes probably hills it was all a game that I invent it re viewing we've hiccup this game called Madonna's fall and the holidays just heard. Dodge ball as a contract we planes you actually don't pay day basis of the game was just you just look at the name. Well at the ball is game and they need to be viewed. It's about I've run put the ball up their level and but I was taught otherwise okay yeah. You're targeted. But we had no I am able to play it Hewitt queer was it was just again that we just rough I'll fouled somebody. School. The Colorado in the high school gave him go the high school in Brooklyn you know it's at a wild game implored. If there and it's really crater known. We feel whenever the ball you have you spoken with will look back on that. I would God's fault line that. We call let's talk act as a the first I don't know if he gets if they Don Vogel fox Coakley kicked followed foursquare. Foursquare is know foursquare. Foursquare a couple of dynamite to you don't accountable article dog are you guys doing exactly what can import it. Some believable is unloading at both games. When you go to school. Catholic school and the good news as you didn't you can get angry and we can debate a lot next week Lou because he'll be suspended for a week. Tied 6177797937. We got some open phone lines talking about the Celtics. Mystery story Major League Baseball where. Who knows this might be a game suspension here for Kevin people are because when we're in the PC correct world right now 6177797. On its recent. Back to Fort Wayne were moaning in 48 they showed they can pretty much handled just about you kidding him I can handle anything you. Brother you can't yeah anything's. Sports Radio talk. People around them when anything takes on land and a lot of people who played a lot of sinking cube play guys. Jenna shocked that to happen. And who lived in different parts of the country so it's not enough. Not a regional. It's you know what you know want it. Most stores up front you wanna get any trouble okay just don't you wiped him out. And tell people that you can trust numerous times to get his career and you'll even last year all we have we have an end and that's gay rights is about as good that we already have that in the hole. That is in case emerged to be what do you do equity thing yeah. Maybe she was usually Bill Weir when he left the house today maybe that was Jews l.'s way. Yesterday when she revealed that that the Thomas can cost. It's men would talk about it and I certainly is of that last year bill got some trash and people are still talking about him. And this whole like there's talk about you know. An investigation. And every time I look at what are its editors five different mentions of our reach we have some guy who we got a picture Brady's entire body and every injury that he had since 2000 I was your thought he just likes to body. But they but they did but they did the NFL came out with a ace and last night. And basically said that they've never filed an opinion I think if there's there's it's so hard for you. To get away with. Heidi a concussion. Analysts supposed to be hard for you to get away with hiding illicit on the field. On all fours shaking your head on national tennis does it look closely at saint Louis the quarterback. Well in any case he need him yeah you get in the third party independent. Doctors that monitor at the extra person up on the boot it looks down at you you're. And and you sit there rocket are gonna pull off the field and they never seemed to get it right. So that statement from the NFL wasn't sort of clearing everything it was almost like that they were planting you know four it at a foundation to look into it more. Well it's never been filed. It's been known patriots never said anything about it right to Celek ups and declared now maybe did you set it up for investigation. Because the patriots never filed the that this guy didn't have concussions but that it's it's nothing nothing in common let's get nothing in this building can't get. You can't do anything if if somebody's wife comes out on TV show and they asked about her husband and whether he's going to play forever and she says something. What evidence does that give you that he was compressed and we don't know that all of these players that can cut a strike. The question and I'm articles. And and and the legalize about it in the league as much as they put up this whole you don't protect the the that the safety of these players are protecting the shield in the national football. And this thing gets destroyed. If suddenly the public believes that players are dying. Or their lives are being shortened because they got can cost. So they play games with so yeah I think I don't think anybody sitting there saying c'mon Tom Brady really wasn't impressed surely asking guys you guys get can cut strut. Everyone audio. All I mean I would say that yes but you sometimes you don't you just may feel. You'll be able to like an independent third party guy looking down some binoculars. And see you get see you get out like you know your head hits the back of it's ground. Nothing may happen it's no big deal. But honestly nothing it's a little hit it's that needed ahead it's the you know they just. This slight glance that you may hit when you catch a pass is trying to get some extra yards to the temple. It's a little it's the big plus guys most guys tend to just get up in their file. Do you think you still use this as an as an excuse now but Tom Brady was a fan of Donald Trump in which he writes it off and says please can it and open. Just think. I think that they'll write to the luncheon anyway that was like OK I remind you. Out of thousands like there was interest and that becomes a date after that Ian O'Connor's story comes out. Which Tom Brady says he wants to play to which fortify that's the reason that that Charlie Rose brought that question RP obviously had read that piece right there she goes back a day later music Taylor. So all. Look at this thing from a different angle now. Do we really believe that Gisele wants him to play until he's 45 the way she answered that question. Training and hazardous decision wants him to be able to do things we saw amber at. You know my attorney had this this this theory that. That was plate Gisele way of light. And fighting back. Fighting back in pushing him to passive aggressive I that. Well today before talking about out forever and I'm on board and I'm coming up the next Daimler and everybody note that was much of BS via an I'm not I mean she's. We all admit she's she's worldly right I mean she's it to Dallas he wants to do this once traveled she's made millions elbit millions. If you're her why wouldn't you want and stuff. As hurried on her time tomorrow that do we got everything we need to. You've played this game because if you want everything on the supermodel we got millions of Scotland and don't travels to buy a home and some other weird country ruled by an island would disappear what they gotta keep going for. Awful why would she won keep. Seattle by attorneys thing that it was one of these pre planned things I think it probably. Was part of her thought process. Over the last 4448 hours who knows maybe they even talked about it. It was part of the thought process and it just came up you know and you but but if she feels that way. Is she not going to apply pressure on him because it was a great season he was phenomenal off the charts. Okay he knows C you know the questions put as we said earlier. He wins the Super Bowl. But it's not going to be as easy here if he plans on playing for another five years does anybody think this thing's gonna be easy for so it was a becomes more difficult. Does she present more of that obstacle of c'mon enough is enough. I can't get we get to kids. Not good for us here that's gonna play that's like out. You know how you know what the relationship is like she might she might have a lot of those SA unit and I think we'll send interview yesterday. Jimmy bureau watch that it unions that isn't yet I hit a girl if a candidate to maybe his wife got ugly when night. Oakland last call me Roethlisberger who could go flip the fortieth. At Pittsburgh Steelers the weighty what does it aired there a possibility. That even though he wants to play five years. The fact that she would do this publicly. And again I'm not saying that it was planned I think it should. She revealed may be too little too much of what's going on behind the scenes. You can be saying to him. Do we really need to do is if you could really get hurt out there when your kids need to give these kids. You know our love art tension and not had you. You know it in a wheelchair area it would dimension that ten years from now not know the names of each one of your individual kids. You think that's possible. Yeah I think that a football family and you the discussion. Good luck. As you know you don't realize how bad Camby are how bad it will be until injured Don and then you start. You know staring at the ceiling going what element gonna do with my life more or you remember where you electric car keys at least our point is it just because I'm old. Or secure them actually have an issues. I mean it's on me and and good luck they spent their most of these guys in any sport you you you live your life he'd get to the level that you rat. By sacrificing doing things aren't comfortable go do we get the most people wouldn't dare do. And that's just the way your condition so you don't know any other Oilers are yet to go to like a hold. You know just to figure out what's wrong with herself and just re conditioned yourself to a new way of life and thinking. There's always she's gonna convince him to stop by she says I'm gonna leave you. Think that would do an event OK so now he's left she slept with the guilt of making him do something doesn't want. Ninety today. But you just keep witness here hearts healthy. That's all she did the fact that she reveals this. In this interview. It opens up the the door for chatter around this for conversation. She's constantly. You know being referred to when stories. Maybe many outside of football you're gonna see more more of this right now I would say that. What interviewed him with terrorism and to show that maybe she is missing a decent today before. She's on the same page at me with this and deep down it's a wife she's probably not me who would be. You know I mean really I don't blame her in her position if you're in her position. You would say the exact same position or everything we need your forty Iran already the greatest of all time. Everybody's gonna referred used to go do what else can you accomplish here and you've got to do this to 45 with the possibility. That you can getting serious injury between now and the time you wanna retire five years from now and I can. Kids are going to have to live with for the rest of all of your life. Would you want your team. I don't think she's on the same page with Tom Toms competitor this is what he wants to do she's not gonna say you quit right leave you. Because even if if that's the case that he quits now he's miserable he regrets it he resents her. All of star Lily that Hodge on national television. And resentment of Iceland honey I'm sorry I didn't mean to say it to jobless on the injury report or reason. Not answered the bill. Come on the girls' reaction that. View event that is their Hariri you're kidding me right now according bradys are in its like. Opposite end of the deal with all the stuff like just there part time they've the world climate change. Ice caps are melting the broader than it's going to be a water world and it's fifteen years and all you guys taken out of that is like concussion. And I'll. Did you think nobody that though the product now. Was that neural safe. These are the water yet that it's always helped them yet again may be on the it was a recovery thing though so maybe it is therefore I mean look I've got all these concussions and never missed a gain a year ago but in Quebec city and that many of them in his career. Have you ever seen her there's a lot of products receive them there's little Honda products that. People you know push on athletes to help and do whatever. The cameras on camera with a liquor laser beam in Malaysia B missiles to you know help inflammation it was basically just acquittals lights EC people bring stadiums. But he's he was marketing and ads like this help but it you know crazy new scheme. But the mental bubbles you tell me. Mental bubbles as there's basically just like seltzer water you know its assaults club soda is what it is that's gonna help you. But that recover from a real solid mentally anyways community that doesn't appear that doesn't go what liked. Let's hope so he doesn't have been must say I anything water would bubble did you could you could package and sell off as you know. Some you know recovery drink whatever I don't know what it it doesn't matter. Escambia at this that's him it's all mental to me honestly a lot of that stuff and if it works for you works for you the only thing I can say that was tangible was greens. It is that stuck with their silly when you take a they'll play game have Gatorade you know the priest off the post stuff that it and it played do wanna have play game without you really notice a difference I don't know. But I know god knows the difference royalty greens only did I crap kicked in boy I mean you're just immigrant that it was speed and it was completely illegal they made legal. But I mean you know with the difference immediately be reached at some of that stuff more guys with Sarah scandalous and you basically just had to take their word for it. This is gonna help you recover rest get editors and I don't feel anything right click OK I don't know I don't really feel anything but OK and science will be back up some of the stuff electoral light somewhat. Always leave it Willis always leave the witness that's why ephedrine. Mike OK green needs yeah like that's like guys love that stuff is you feel adrenaline really your heart accretive was another one. You could you mean you see it you see it pressure pushing more weight you you get loaded. But there's that as a terrorism as a negative too because guys were pulled hamstrings left and right. Pulling him for an off the bone. Because and they were cramping up because get to drink like two gallons of water to compensate for how dehydrated you want those things that sell. And handle bubbles. Now announcement colorful confident cells can be legal authority gigabytes then I instantaneous I have a couple of days maybe three of them five time 545 under feeling really good. Say wanting one more thing about the briefing and a when we remove markers we get some are of interest and stuff coming up in the next hour. Including giving away a pair for a Red Sox tickets and praise at least in from my erection. To borrow money Jones for showing some consistency. Believe and I'm gonna applaud his glory glory expecting it you know I was not expecting it any shock and we're gonna get to that in in the next number one more thing of the briefed. So let's say Brady starts to show a little bit of slippage here in the next year to. And and Belichick decides he's going withdraw apple. And they're gonna suddenly said Brady c'mon you gotta. David the end of gonna say goodbye he doesn't want to say goodbye and he wants to go play for another teen how was she gonna react at that point to. He's got all of this he's played for the patriots three years and now he's gonna go somewhere else and they don't move pick up and move. A tablet that's where it might get a little bit stinky when you think. Over there and a little bit of a little bit. A six to break and we'll get some of this other stuff including the on the Celtics as well 61777. On seven actress.