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K&C - Trenni was mad at Kirk; Tom Brady loves Tony Robbins 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Hour 3: The guys discussed Trenni and Kirk's feud and Tom Brady's love of Tony Robbins.

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He skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'm desperately trying to find out Shuster. It's. People who. I'd I'd be I'd get a few more earnings anyway now we have to weather chaser catch. Just a case where that he had dropped just out front that seventy. Are offering. Bradford never chemistry. Bohea called. Martin Lewis. Who else. Captain Antonio does. The twelve Bradford is his captivity is captain is the bat and a I guess he studio paid for hotel if nothing else that happens it might free breakfast this week. Absolutely jammed and it dot com demands it takes our three kicks off your Jerry is not alongside procedure we think on Monday spoke to last night. Alex is here two months he's here and procedures well. Tube trainees in tomorrow right. Batches sides to mosque is co host we know that TNT show on the weekends we'll see boom here we gotta gotta disagree. The bodies and ending yet but eventually Saturday or on the Saturday. But let me ask your question I tried movement now yeah. She's not happy with me yesterday would you guys agree with that Chris the auto show an option assault beta suggestion suggestions that. I would think being transported from some significant other or whatever would be a lot I think trading will be a handful. Really mean that in of Lavar ball and mean that and negative way I think Chinese girl opinion. She's got a big attitude which is good she's a little self involved which again also at the into the world and being a boy from beat you almost have to be like. Second guessed it the backseat I think should I drive the car actually remote Jewish state indicate she's she's saying she choose we go to dinner radio or TV back back side. Would you disagree. I've been out to dinner returning once and that we came to a mutual operating at this let's get out every. Yeah our training would run their relationships and there's no doubt about that I must say she's not saying whatever. Fellow went up there if indeed one that's just neither man to complete from outside but. I'm saying I think would you put your group should run relationship there's no I had thought she'd Wear the pants I think she would end up with somebody equally strong well a sad note to know and now she's got violent guy that you steps all all you've seen these relationships. Where the guy just is and she calls it was two missiles to that as soon as it works. Its servers successful. But I happens you can have two strong people matter to. All I know is I show on Saturdays is a partnership. Partnership and everything opinions all you're offered it to your wife had the same laid back attitude you do. She was voted most shale and high school class and I was a category or down sprawl of this processional into anything. Finished third in best eyes. And I said I asked and behind igloo I thought some sort of held by outposts yet and by phone calls back then. I would certainly release the entire pole night I did so mad after I didn't. My own. Exit polling you do think we all did as we tell your friends you vote you vote for me over for you that you both yourself anyway I was pissed that adding gets minus that was there who got. The good friend of mine. And accord and Smart what's he doing now he he is in charge. Technology. From Smart you're. There is not I definitely he's definitely who understands that he's slightly Indy cutting Ito does it better as you need to use our eyes are good. You and anything. I did not know nothing know at the sites are sailed through icicle lights or stay that way. Yeah you're always the one sneering like in the back of their guests yet IC do my school now they say of this you've sound exactly did nice to just make fun of people and say stupid stuff and troubling gentlemanly funniest most sarcastic more sarcastic. That's insane like his two centers are the only it's the the only way they're afraid of what you might say. While except hater someone whenever I mean it is can you recount is Michael boost have let us not. Talked about his own election immaculate for the great episode right if my favorite episode rest development. I need to give another try everyone whose opinions I respect his thome it's it's it's a great chips will sway the opinion. A few my friends on twitter.com Twitter pals fair test yet so last night. So that's gonna actually rolled leopard at this week did you say sweep forresters starter not 55 to feel that yes I I think they wolf because you know what. They will have a game where they make nine holes even about a thirty factories and here are missing. Why open threes last first quarter especially economic ought absolutely terrible this jet sweep for five reject sweep sweep sweep dating I can't back off the sweep after last night although I could see the winning gimmick could see them winning tomorrow night. We've won the game Marty sought to humiliated. That's that's that's the best case scenario yeah and they'll go to Cleveland animals then it'll be today. Apple's been a day and a half say their in this area there and it and then the blown off the floor diggreel they lose tomorrow prepared they're swept. You would unlikely of them when a clean game after game four Cleveland look absolutely. You know now I can't that they lose tomorrow and it's oh no chance that's already over I mean that CA I wallet no chance even I think competitive game in Cleveland just so quite a man of wanting clean before a neck. For all the talk about the NBA out a home team always and that. Not only the Celtics. Can winning game in Cleveland I agree the and then bomb mockery to bargain Jordan LeBron conversation I will say this if LeBron beats cold state and it plays great again beats that team with two and encourage. Amok I can't sit down this way isolate dorm is a better player. I think Larry Bird is best was just as good as LeBron I do believe that problem and myself not believe it is but I take it up I take it red faced our neighbors anymore they say for Broncos from gold state again and wins another title that's what that five titles. For. Four to Miami won in Cleveland more titles and a mystery what is six straight trip to the finals in a separate sensors atmosphere in the Eastern Conference soft so won seven straight trips to the finals that's un believable. Unbelievable were put. Though he's top I mean stuff I've asked to be that you could George have yes you referred heads and steel. Now now now it was a time when Ira and I wrote that last year at you have to. And he's gonna pass them for titles of math announced if you wanna be that bottom line about it I guess or I will say if I can win one game like pencil to paper. Yeah although I will save the late career LeBron is race turning into the assassin this truly guy that you can't beat that she wasn't that way for liked and you could change. Game six and 2012 that that Eastern Conference final eight when the Miami and one member Garnett looked at the camera that game. I thought my god and beat him again in the brawl beat them a bronze 45 panicking yet and he scored fifteen and for a fine for game seven was great and since then he's been wholly different guy will say Barbara never leave a finals game courts now that would never happen now that's that's that's part of the whole even LeBron last names need member that kind of went a product of the times and yes. Yes definitely yes it is half quarters knee where he was like hobbling around he's fine and they and they and they announces a breathlessly like I know landed on someone's foot and I didn't know we on the no drama he likes this moment but to write this. A second act LeBron has become like almost toward mask and ways and he's gonna kill. Which never was before now I mean the way he did last year to Golden State. You can take me to Jordan they'll ever really take over and dom the actions are yes yes. All I got. Well like like us more on gas or flight that Jordan never had to play game seven we did you think the most dominant force ever Tracy lake laughing I mean and always I'll ask you Michael Jordan could take overpass like that that would not have adopt a yes Georgia just. He's a different players' minds and playing abroad is how many pounds headers of 8670. Imus breach is taller. 22 Bernard Jordan 666. The brought 66. Detroit 5060 pounds of muscle made them more the different he's more physical player. Yes but Jordan was towards a better shooter he's a better score. Yeah him exit much better defense or better defense of air mail the bronze a good deal as when he wants to see it was Jordan was a shutdown defender. And the greatest sport minister well yeah connection. Yet he was c.s was a killer yes I could or could take over to answer questions like I. Like about this that are up here. The NBA com as everybody that's in the Chicago guy Isaiah Thomas compares the Michael Jordan. Bought the US said that I truly yes it as an enemy that nobody said nobody says LeBron. Last night was. Unbelievable it's as good games is gonna play the class a debt and Iger Brad Stevens before the game. LeBron James a better player now than he was two years ago two years before that much or how. Other than maybe just the idea of getting older and they're totally different player that's of it used to be. High flying you was more like George muses high flying guy. Now he's more like a powerful lord right not to over. Right in the east and you know. I know what it stops against rubio blows me out at some point of egos or get her get old. This idea so it's a building for the post abroad Eastern Conference good luck and went went well that's why you don't trade epic that's why you keep the pick because. Paul Jewell harder Jimmy Butler whoever you Gary that's gonna do nothing for you your hope. Is that your drafting Russell Westbrook whoever bright and five years from now the bridle after a slow down in five years ain't Smart too he's not treat panic he doesn't mean unless he gets blown away by something you're right well even Paul George and his team right now. Now now and George spotted a guy who's had the best yes. One success against LeBron Indiana although we got swept had some moments that's yours yeah it was a close years yes from Toronto was not close all occupy all I can see. On the James colts lost the playoffs so far none none right both teams have lost on teams are undefeated bankable easily be twelve. Easily that's why Ohio. That's only a collide an insult to our true look back spurs did in game one true in two rather play that that is true. The great publishing grade. Hey he takes a break trump he's afraid to say the things that people marker for the sake don't trust it and his credit takes a lot of guts he's like it is these desolate policy that I positive ruling on their notebooks like writing it to the public if and Elena psyche when he said that once this thing OK you know what you play in a black league and you're standing up your players and he said some offensive they couldn't buy. Once and attach it to say and now now we're going like deep into his biography degree like a former intelligence officer or whatever and now it's. So I mean like he's big he's a great coaches agree Pasco budgets and so pub which is like aware of these have been slow yeah I was just doing it for for. Did you see his halftime interview with Doris Burke when there get blown out. I miss between orders ground she says what do you have to do to staunch the bleeding he goes we need to score more and she says. I'm gonna leave it at that I'm gonna cut my PC I'm gonna cut my losses and chic she got enough that's the DC gave her three hours and she is like a few. What about the call through and get. When does look so great great examples with the took a shot and let's go to Vinny he's calling from the Lansdale. Of the Coca. Vinny do need our help. Eight you know it reduces real quick and I get it in Bill Clinton's goal. Cracking schools. Did you know trying to determine that we. Died and we gonna make bistro where. It set the record straight keep the don't go out every other guides. No reason. That's the sign and trade deal got to go mark all's. Have you ever seen mark hopefuls play basketball. Yet you watch you watch Washington games this year. On the games Hewlett. Two of them and that's more than more as people. Second. Good win by the Sox last night at the back started to try to harass and I. Bet on the air a landfill. We liked the sound of the bat you know. Identity as adults cracking based in Atlanta appreciate all of little performance art from yes we like him he's like I think it kindred spirit with me I think so Tony Clifton we enjoyed it yes it was a big it was a big win for the sucked and the bats were alive last night. All LA not a hang up on people don't know I don't care and how to do it and click this here detective and that's really tricky you're forced to Gerri with phones it's my first time doing the funds. He sets most learning curve here. You hosted should get a look at the kings phones got became a 461777979837. Was a program director upset without exposing him before he was very angry about the headlights that hasn't happened let's look at how to run pass it. And guns go to west San Diego and talked James good morning hello James welcome. You are. Pages it's up. We can't take full I don't know how to eat it and queen's you please. Download and quick as TJ leaflets iron but the big white guys the UCLA. If you're gonna take him number one overall all particularly liked god. So I'm happy in my whole life I want to finish yet from Arizona talked to the white guy you want that's we won. Now it about it like. She talked to before our zone. Actually I'm. And I was like I'm I've been yelling are beyond where I am hurt and I do these secrets it was a lie. Apologies to James is. Two before heavily. Yeah Deborah I've heard it it one of the Edwards look like you do you get like someone would use class you lot really quick. James unfortunately I agree if you did not it's that they did not TJ Lee from looking at. It's like dale go to NBA draft doesn't DJ leaf every point he scored his because alarm goes off fifteenth in their mock draft right now they're dishonesty and faults than ball. Where they have that mark in and errors from Arizona. Words easily talk to Detroit. Yeah. You think the best way to. If I mean if you don't invest like yeah now I don't know if the Finnish guy accounts we preferred all American or Canadian I'd rather have a can finish Cara black and blue book's been picked right. What's market control here. It's amazing how stuff changed Europe bummer but looking at this the solve them. Parry Giles and the first yes yeah 27 right now. I remembered him doing anything for. This year yeah and in fact I was looking at some montagne and the other day and I like I had Tate and again and that was the clear number one and like announced John out since he's on court happens all the time so I don't mixtures looks like they're Fultz is gonna go to the Celtics he's going to be there. They'll be other than the guy from landfills he employable. He put to the rich keeps on YouTube clip some like he's so everyone can wait meanwhile. That your son Tim Duncan played fifty times fifty times in college easily four years though the you know more the on the tournament all the yes yes I know it's different now I don't watch much college gospels and before but it's it's it is differ possibly from lousy team the Washington nobody watched these immigrants you know I can't call was of the package late night. I don't actually coached basketball games like eleven Etsy Betsy Wright in my window and I such service and that's nice Alonso by Nazis 11 o'clock and sealer games yes here at some on the bad. Apps we've done without you go back to normal I 1231. He usually is and how much of a squad to tell you. And tonight activities but sent to look at 2 o'clock in the wake up. I've together with food while my wife gets up with the kids but I have to be up by 730. And when that I direct to bring it to that cost the school now right pre school grad school and you go back to bed back to sleep. Sometimes for how long hour that's like what o'clock at that point and what's that. And I yesterday I bought some mulch aspirants to my dad was a little hot for us tell that needed actions. Take a break that's a very nice lunch should embrace their catalogs app. That I know now yes. Because my thing was I wanted to be able to follow sleep last night before to no one was coming and he strategy I tired myself out it's kind of like you do with a toddler you on camera just eventually collapse as you don't let him take a map. And then at eleven I was able 1130 as obviously Ireland what's holding him. About three minutes ago that it's. Now. And you know what it clearly lied about that it was sort but you're always afraid to go to bed it's insane right well the thing is around the third quarter I thought I might go to bed and then they have their little bit like says seventeen yeah Saturday news you know and I just enough that you have to write I can't exist this income and moderate Celtics won. If we can do it you pretend for years what. Would tend to pick the kids that you pick because opera. I'm yeah I'm home products oh they get off they have a bus home it's weird I don't give us more and I must also do you ask those 240. To force at the the kids to all the stuff to us if not working order when you were you call. Federer here and plus he's a fast sometimes late sometimes. You know one man and as a late night post some on eight to four and 95 that's my house without the kids go to bed. And get six hours with nothing do. If video games CD. Beer. Life and guess what life I'm I'm I admire it. I admire is what is the reason why you have to do a 110 it is no had no government now I am very. Best of dynamite dynamite giant boredom you know. Just to reverberate much to ask him to understand evaporate as doubts there. Badly well it probably. Six. Mossy fascinates me it does look a look just a Chile is nothing seems to bother him you're the one most chill. And out right now I don't think we I didn't win a single thing has just about you're back as I was ironic is your most children would not be pissed and it's a point see it's it's latent it's hidden. 677797. That sooner we come back and you ward three inches Izzo talked to a almost called Charlie Moore who goes Charlie Moore missionaries from heroes now would be entertaining Charlie Moore yeah got a mortgage and trying Mort great fantastic. So I jacked off tremendous he was armed with she was on Charlie Rose yesterday. It was a big national stories some people thought might be. Note the break even puzzles surprise it seemed to die down by the afternoon I thought it was a I mean I got a decent. Tell rob would be should essentially now just higher in breach. We have that's right hand and Malia I Hannibal post every FaceBook posts right in instead granting Brady's ever doubt that she's bee's job to sit right orbit the other stuff just have a Brady right Mets a full time. That's pretty much read outs yeah along with running the web site and iron in irons and patriots and it's X games. As he always exceeded them not doing enough Republican enough. Doing a lot would be doing a brand personality from everywhere today. No I U 55 or 65 opposite end I've sex on how many words the Barry's sometimes 250 sometimes 500 sheiks extreme has been a machine as the media. Turn out the contents out and he does the two outs podcast. My hands are everywhere. That's essential are needed it's needed it's needed it is neat I'd like I guess I don't miss writing which was right he stopped doing. I've kind of stopped him a little bit. Are appalled at 2015 was great. And a guide to I would miss that at all Redding feels like work when you come in here it doesn't feel like Mort now it's a joy right Eric apps not work at all eight sports drink that you know. It's good games hey you know peep and I get to go anywhere I wanna go with some notes and me anyway when we're you gonna go I don't know cover something. What's on the dot com to keep hearing about this dot com jet when you go to a game can never cross country yes. We wanna I wanna stay in hotel traveling more solid Cleveland on Sunday but you are that's here is that the series. I mean knows Los Celtics all felt the Red Sox added I now. I don't know where it's he is set to clean the cover of the basketball game. Take it equipment costs that I'd be starting with him packs and I would go I'd say what's that is a beyond us as a matter who they are watching TV government writing and it's better and it's better. Well it's definitely better to be there because well hey you can actually talked to guys afterwards him a much better feel. As opposed to just like booking it quotes online or whatever but also being in the crowd you have a much better feel for its own on. I write I always a better columns the event that night too from now I'll take your work or is it who didn't do any traveling now way to show this. They're not so much better and justify the cost now freely admit that it's like 5% that was and then that was in 20102011. Would say they know that it would send us anywhere that awaits him did you travel and yet yeah would you submit description content with the Miami for Celtics heat two years in a row cover that nice yes sort of big guy but Paul Pierce got suspect I remembered that the key to the game in the playoff games. There had your deeds you're com next they lose the ninety cube structure it was. About politics Saturday sprints around the field as it was under Obama I don't know he must have mixed indefinitely inflicted bush laid the ground work true yeah without closely because by starting yes yes that was it out of it outside a war now. Now 61777979. Severed their free tickets we get back to. Red Sox Red Sox to the mid day guys if these sub display after in the Red Sox too teams such as the taxes Red Sox it's expected Texas she's Bradford Red Sox Texas tickets we get access site are give those back. We get back and we'll get to Brady and I Gisele crisper thought that people these are. You have no money at the front. I read that we'll get to. What more. Sports Radio. The guy. These I'm sorry that you were aware of all of this system story. He's suing me yet chemical supreme green suited infomercial for. He claimed that he has studied 200 people that were dying of cancer of the needs of other diseases and sit two years later all but eight and survived it later admitted. The FTC to cook the entire thing he's saying you're not aware of that entire part of your business partners history you'd know about that. Which part what you did note and at that party don't know. From. Who now with all due respect to my friend Kristy Lee that's that's important that is he fearless report. When you say does a great interview yes thank you lose your headlines that we got to oversee goodnight and good luck yes yes I had a cigarette. Do you that is that aero and Brady some Brady is two McCartney yet seems reasonable as a three. Those Brady 2015 went back and forth that Boston magazine story. I'll I'll tell you guys you guys are good journal sugar reporters dig around you find stuff. You should use out. Why not read more of a career worst the big nationals other than the men's health and a couple of weeks ago other disease Davis needs into my angle it's Eddie Guerrero has been quote dogged by allegations Guerrero admitted to the FTC and if I believe right. Yes that's a dog by allegations that is out accusations that's being guilty. And I I got a gimmick even that was couple years ago even I get angry now and I think what this cancer schemes stuff. With Guerrero that's really infuriating he made up this thing with these people and you talked about the two coaches thought before. My guess is these infomercials some. Six year old woman with cancer was watching that night when I certainly don't strike distance and that's what they're trying to do some or 180 doesn't it. Yeah I guess it's such a scumbag hearted embrace the with its work for Braden get them to associate itself with that but that's dumb. Is unbelievable these guys that man's health needs for either of these cars and stores are worked out with them to get its just the guys have bad guys. In your bag guys out there. And it all of them and it's the patriots tee it up all single story they came out the and its when he fifteen where they have that partnership with the TB twelve senator where players go and they paid the full 200. So I mean the patriots are in with Guerrero as well but on the field with them I mean this there's no doubt they beat him previews is is sort of Foster this relation looked is it too so then the question is guys if we think that Brady is not telling the patrons about asking questions and it's getting treatment by Guerrero into at TB twelve. Our other players doing the same other places he Guerrero like. Settlement yeah tells me let me let's just make something clear the NFL welcomes its players playing with rights they encourage street team wants their guys playing with concussions. All you have to do is much Julian adamant in Super Bowl 49 after chancellor helmet they can chancellor him where he did not know which way was up now was he coming out of that game was no way was the united I don't remember the exact phrase that the NFL uses the what an Edmonton Euro some Enright you know this laughter you're not specialists yes the those guys. Eight game they signed off on him playing not because it was soup bowl on the patriots needed to win but just because not a. There's no rocks and it was a blast through the year before that he be lies about if he gets concussion he doesn't say right post crock maybe a year and I times to welcome plane and looking kind stupid all the time right zealots are the ideas of this base leads to yesterday Gisele with. Without Charlie Rose in the CBS morning show was asked about what I've been by Brady usual spring keep playing is that the question one's. What the concussions it yet she's like you why he said you've you've said you want him to retire it right here it is. Like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it can be on talk about what he does have concussion. They've got some some brief second Trudeau has talked about it but we have he has coached yes he's had concussions a concussion last year which obviously you about a mature you know. I'm I'm guessing it's truly just tells me he's liberties called me Bridget. Estes. Said had these are concussions in the past. And I believe the NFL league believes in my group Ossetia felt was of Beckham's Forbes as I've had a concussion didn't deal with it but the perfect world. Tell change from nineteen. No it and I don't think it'll ever changing plays are competitive there once I got there and they want a wind yet and the NFL knows damn well that it can't have a compelling product without concussions right. Yeah now but it's exactly the cartels he said he would lie yet right that's what that's what threatened levees that. Yes a really geez I mean seal these court and quarterback injuries are the worst thing for the felonies all those lousy prime time games this year with back up guys they want Brady out there they want Cam Newton out there absolutely. They need. It's an odd Brady's is the odd position with this one guy in use that are really touches I was doing this to what to pray to retire I think just trying to change the narrative a little bit his Brady said a few months ago that if it was up to Gisele would have retired all I would have retired today said that right after the Super Bowl and I think Gisele. I think just those its media savvy I don't think she says anything by accident maybe she didn't want to go as far as she did but I think she went in that interview with the mindset where amassed about Brady's playing career and his longevity I am going to talk about head injuries and passions I don't added I didn't sound enemy yes it's totally Irish president done my men's and need that sounded he had that sounded like she went somewhere. And she couldn't quite real back when she started backs it wasn't pre plan. Yeah I mean yeah I actually grid I don't think it's you know I matured in the legal doing about its not fair news stay right nothing is not on injured four and you know do you think there's any division between these Alan Brady in terms of how long he's going to play. Yes she wants him to retire I must really I. She declines to keep playing it made you think is all gone yes it changes along reasonably for now. As to keep playing and he's gonna keep getting concussions and people are gonna keep you keep gates' passions opera ten. He's like honey just for that and play until 48 not what it's it's the same thing like fans pretend to care of players can concussions but they don't care who your basic page it's fine it's not that their pieces of meat. There's a later date okay they like Julian mundane like Wes Welker did look at them as people shouldn't their professional football players of actually I don't think I'd all the admin. Wolf will have field fifties and sixties now lastly they're going to breezed through that they're going to be tough days yet in financial pretend to care and they want him fox is another example. We need to fight no examples like that. Fans don't care what they're really should that's not their job to care. About the players post for now let's not their problem if I am slot receiver for the pats is it tests and Sox targets yet can be rough but you know they did they signed up they're doing to get paid a lot of money. What adulation and made that that the tradeoff is 3040 of them gassing of hell. I'm guessing I mean he had thirty's Friday that's for an immediate what's focus could have been English walk awoke this morning feeling good feelings Scott Dixon at Kentucky Derby but he's there anyway I don't momentum at ten years now. Now an adult who struggled to now. I wouldn't be playing today if it wasn't firm you know what he's been able to accomplish with me and yeah education process and I've gone through this learning how to take care less. Tough against us that Tom Cruise I sit at times sounds like Tom Cruise Sophia had their career he would be playing right now. And he'd love tomatoes. Or how mr. brings play Eli Manning's never missed a start in the how to do it. This is busy I think all line there of been. Athletes from the dawn of time who've played into their forties but somehow. Radius the only one of Brady's agent out of Brady's a usual how the high level ease this race I forgot and that's hard but he has not made he's made it through 39. I mean we don't know what he's gonna do via troop would put the number two right grow up guys play in their forties all the time the cream Abdul Jabbar have house career. Ala. I thought he played for ever Robert Parish. In marijuana that mean I did but I mean you know. The Phil Niekro have and elsewhere in the life. The difference here is that Brady is better than after their I I agree and he's got he's got more mold bile I mean skilling is doors or better deep ball any ever has that's because about career. Maybe it is because of hard work I think Brady believes they Brady's been brainwashed strong work. Sport in their neighbor of the Guerrero negro Brady is a total but it was totally bought old believer in Guerrero. And this is the thing I don't yet between Guerrero and Tony Robbins. Brady it's Tom freaking Brady he's the brand and not them I wanna about it I'll backward now that's about it leaves Robbins like you know we played those cuts the other day we have some weather problems Robbins cuts. This basic generic dumb stuff and three. It's great just not as bright as I think he has no he's not very Smart guy and like all a lot really. I don't I don't think Brady's down I. I come Sony's brilliant more energy more focus more determination more confidence more certainly more ma had more success playfulness. 36. You on your body where I totally buy on them and outline viewed I will not right. I got off the phone with him after like fifteen minutes and I bought at all and he did and it changed my life spewed what would your I didn't get around 2007. Maybe six in size and it by the CDs or by the tapes. Now it's expected that's. What they're rich Smart people the love Tony Robbins I think that's a rich people thing more than Tom Brady and gets Gisele thing I think the whole choice I think the whole thing easy to sell the whole thing. Minded audience appeared before agreements that's a terrible book you read that book now Harris the way it's just cliche it's so trite Terri may be read from the show was the worst book I've ever read it was written. I read like accepts this yes. It was so bad terrible dedicating her personally it's all that it's yes it's all these like little cookie cut his saints saint saint. Food is more debris and maybe I'm wrong. No no no my card giver not wanted. To know your wife matters. Does it feel we know you're here to lean. Want to feel like when you look at your fear or you look at laziness when you look at just how did you get to this new you. That's okay in San and I feel kind of illness and it is it's a bit about how strong field yesterday. We didn't pass shocked that you push through it. But the field have a ride got inside. Yeah playing Detroit and we couldn't. Some of us today we talked with a rob signified my whole show and what people went to my belief that guy and spend more still. Con artists what's hot what's not what's missing your life that you need because we mentioned you look at tape around DC OK Oprah loves him Brady loves and Bill Clinton loves them maybe I should love and a but it too much he's point I agree with them. Brady is as successful athlete it's his country's ever produced basically. Successful guys had no problems in his life no scandal seems like he is a good family. Seems like he's good kids seems like he's got his stuff together what's he mean he hit the Robbins and. You know I will tell you because he will always be Tom Brady sixth round pick Tom Brady who had to split time with a baseball player at Michigan and Tom Brady who has never been given his due I think there's a part of him. That's always going to be that sort of insecure guy. And he needs even Tony Robson tell him it's not knowing what to do it's doing what you know. Tony Robbins it's all. Right Tony Robbins has figured out life if you are in that. Entering your past is not equal your future I'm white I'm Marie. Feels like he has the answers as well I don't know I don't know what it was Oprah and Tony Robbins. I think Oprah but that's sort of like part of Oprah's thing I think Oprah's using Tony Robbins for her like audience well Brady may be using. It may be doing the same thing we know blazers 200 art cook Boxee as the expensive begins vaccine may be wants a little bit of that crowd. Yeah Brady is definitely not the common and that that angle of bellowing Gus he's he's tried played. And to us that's disappeared the first time terror Reid should that's true too good points aren't 61777979%. That's kept him from Concord records called and his golden boys to talk about Robinson was pulled. Immediate comment coaches are good let's do take him. OK Tim and conquered Europe. Actors got a collection there are rock the boat. Two result comments what do you rate your. And collection Marty was all during the mortgage spent. Would be at the end of quote business. Good point how it does happen. Maybe this could happen before on the stairs. Arab you know. She came out that it is one way to dispute. So you think Brady is similar artists. About us house. Sunnis Tom Brady came out today timid said notes is already had a concussion was not during the football season it was I was always preceded me would be re not so cynical media would say and did it that way Anderson Maria let your medium fell into an idea of fell to a vat of NY who had a concussion. What's up. Are they and people fall down people get hurt. That's just one word pillar of salt. Part argued. Guess I don't maybe you should start where in the fall plummet in home my guess is we ask Brady about the first of all of this said mesa apartment forget about the by September the Prius Brady buddies is committed. Choosing a brief statement. Like it's a guy concussion master no I didn't have a concussion pasture I don't think. So I don't wanna Karr wrote this on the beat to preach either. It does have a terrible message to kids or point football terrible message. Decided to hide that's Gary's responsibility. To send a message to kids. In us way. It's a great quarterback that he just did you just stated he he meant I had it to an extent that it wasn't even talked about and easier for is tricky there is a football really well I think if you're a kid playing football in around new England's Tom Brady is that your eye Greece also now are doing this game where athletes because they're great athletes have this greater societal well I don't know but I think hiding key cautions is a dangerous game and that's. He's a real ambassador for change. We you know to promote and we know every year that guide you talk with stuff like that tackling health. Brady does that I don't Tom Brady does not meet Brady's different talks about health. In getting through you know doing this and doing that would trigger that the Brady is a guy who preaches without a doubt so we do that don't you think you should mention that feels like she's a play both ways will be he believes that you know him in Guerrero they have the answer taking passions to hedge Romney talks about the pro active tri nation so Akamai worse is that possible and it's far do you believe that's true of course. So if you're that guy in your wife seizure of a concussion Egypt concussion. B did you do anything to prevent it before and how did you take care but after you know a unit do you feel looking another concussion and those are the reason hoping for Brady talk when he's waited on this before he thinks he can cure it. So he's had one's hitting it that doesn't look. But maybe he doesn't think it Syria may be just thinking passions are all that serious a thing that may be thinks it's you know discarded training I don't Cuba to Tom Brady doesn't think concussions and that's who they created he doesn't combat. Walt Disney be king said he he may be still doing a little bit is now are safe and thinks that he can take care without Oscar Rowan acting here before reacting quick break. Pay well and acting you're next up. That hey guys I'm so curtain we're talking about Brady. And crude you are thinking to myself you know other extreme loyalty to Scientology's over the top rates and a lot of people sink states because it is. And they know something about him. I wouldn't want publicized and some wondering if perhaps. Guerrero Mike knows something about Brady straining method that. He wouldn't want publicized and he sort of it's he hoping to. Back. I've event does not serve Guerrero and all right Guerrero he needs a 100% loyalty to and from an outrageous is that was looking for some sort of health thing and Guerrero came in. Pitched them and worked through library as a salesman Brady's body and I'll think it's anything he delegates and there're now well again this is right when Maginnis it rocker hair around it for us that's right yeah yeah and even if Guerrero noses and bodies are buried at their irony so what do you zoo made it serves no purpose for him out regardless he has that exactly 617779. Seven knives she said we get back when do some immigration for tickets with some good can. Let's do that next yeah budget next in here we get back assets. You're chili's is it's retarded as you right Red Sox Texas I think is that correct it we'll do that we get more of Kirk and Callahan Sports Radio. He actually will bring in bill for someone. We have a free tickets to assert our. It's free ticket Thursday be midnight caller right now 61793109%. And we two tickets for the may 23 game against Texas a fifty dollar gift card Jimmy jobs I can replace those qualified fifty dollar gift card. The Red Sox team store general content rules apply free ticket Thursday's presented by town fair tire also by Cuba AFC urgent care. Am I Jimmy John's so again be the ninth caller 6179310937. Right now. And win re devastated by via the use of Chris grow. Yes I was set sound card and I don't at a rate at a time when they reckon that to my CP and the took so yes. It's close to your resume because of. Now on nine ounces it's a work gas yeah I I don't think I've seen it's been forever. That sound garden is they were built last unlike I'm not I don't know where you phone Pearl Jam. About Pearl Jam is going to be over and over and over it makes it good good they're good they're overrated and a year and yet whenever I understand why people like him so that. Is a truly great that his best work is the into the wild sound that's the best guess if he ever did ever. Yes it matters a great voice but he simply dismiss them not quite great yes I agree. And her violently very close today to kind of on Nevada was hugely influential right there they're they're sound as in this so called holds up so well yet. Amidst. Which have occurred furcal they went ahead but yet. So will the cause of death now I can I was just updating. There was concert last night actually tweeting about you know Detroit there's no regrets I was never big ones. Is having missed I don't if that's kind of missed the grunge I actually got into a more accurate pass I wasn't really would have when it happens or bicycle yeah it was a nice way. Then had to sort of was not in. He kind of showed up on April sort of normally for sure it's like what happened is doing that again now it's come back if I do know and yeah I was arguing Welsh it's still Wear them and they're nice outfit and does now. My wife I said this the other day like something Aaliyah congress could she can't work our assurance anymore now they're there out there out I might add or China is aware of them on the north cars are so I don't Wear a wide eyed and nice are you not cargo short shorts he does a Guy Stewart is at non starter shirts on today but. And ARRIS is saying in my life love you know they'll come back and I'll still bailouts we said. Just like a light jeans like Blake colleges and it stated Jean I spot a nice new pair I don't wearing those nonstop since 1980. Both pursue your your part of the cycle two or three times at. What was I think what's her clothing and everyone's talking about the last couple days these guys were now. All I see this yes he had a slight freaky in light footed pajamas what is best and only two radiates outward. It looks like eighty one's yours yes I human beings where is. Yes we're jam and I just happenstance. I jams attached to Angelina is I was in my we'll go anymore missile might come back he should moderate. Let's look now oversized but he's like back and aware of what this thing's called Emma what's called. It is like a ones each Chamber's job to catch word yet some. And also Roger Ailes yes you know she's been the biggest debt that it area sentences that you made a good point. Alex trouble tweet about it absolutely great I think it's it's because I had my first reaction masters that now beaten them yes of that you like with a politician you triple definitely totally innocent and it's right great crowd and while more women like you who has loved his country levels have injury. His wife statement called him a patriot is like is that just like the Fox News thing you just have to use the word patriot here and there is that the earlier each year tenacity he had ever book about him a couple of years ago he had. One of the most influential careers they'll definitely means Patrick Nixon always when he was around all and I guarantee you still. Its ultimate trump all the way until the end of yesterday aside from broken heart he data requests Robert Mueller with the product is packed. All right our fours and 6177797. Not to have to back the Celtics and now Curtis mentioned. Even Ortiz yesterday is that with that was with Kellerman. On first take a first take waited as well we have some sound we want to react also. With the never ending Adam Jones saga David Ortiz weighs in as well that's next.