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K&C - The Cavs blow out the Celtics; Gisele wants Brady to stop playing football 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Hour 1: Kirk, Reimer and Tomase talked about the Celtics blowout loss in game one.

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Hurricane. Through waves of bodies LeBron in the gonna Wear him down with it's hard to believe that he's better. A lot better. If they can win the series it's there. You never thought Boston chairs they can win this series for which current committee and I am all in on unmarked helpful speed he's my guy now. They've never seen historically ever not once they have they haven't I haven't seen him or hate though I don't want to leave highlight the great. News. It is tricky putt on the Internet you go watch YouTube videos they're half hour YouTube video that clip and have been going like crazy watching these things and Gerry Callahan. There's going to be more knuckle heads in Boston is Boston he. You've been up and hey you yeah African American and I suppose what Afro Caribbean do you notice a difference in treatment in Boston of Afro Caribbean I suppose it would save what they mean cup for America and let them play that gold William boss and I hardly see the situation again you're all racists. Homophobic pinatubo on Sports Radio telling you we. Yes yes we'll get to that later on. It's fever tees also Adam Jones. The wire century which is good he's with me Johnson pulled liar too cute. To your victory lap on that I think victory lap I predicted this week for Cleveland that's going to happen so experience it's OK doctor pick. They go thank you team. Tina nice here. Is average Miller said last night. Should during the game I think it was a web right guy outnumbered 71 or two guys said. If the publisher playing with house money right now that's why they're losing violence and the players think like that during the basketball I just alienated stop LeBron came just suggests. Is Cleveland roles in one of the worst basketball game ever seen life not in the NBA orderly makes a run. There was no run and that game at seventeen points his. Not a big deal no drama and all game one. And it's gonna be a four game sweep I hate to say. I called out on the Monday night with Ken Laird center on Monday yes so I was right as well kerik yes that's what's religious parties and as well you're wrong about Isiah Thomas that your right about it's we thank you Tomas the lot of great team now he what you wouldn't start and Cleveland now. They're slowly. Wouldn't start on Cleveland will carry it wouldn't be the star but he would start already starting LeBron. When he played was their crappy it was easier to go those are two guards and it deserves a second there's a second as they can point I don't take control the ball so guys neighboring upward Irving bring it up Irving would. Don came also like him to run Madonna's involvement Isiah would have Allman minister and that you just sit there Obama ticket out of the score a million points and Kevin Love last night and all the camps yes it was it was brutal this is I have to say even I would be practically in the sweet but not think it was going to be like last night although a candidate yeah. Dad just just because LeBron is overwhelming and the Celtics are. Back and they're not at that level they're at the level where. They can beat Milwaukee or Washington or whoever but it did and actually they would have a better shot against Golden State in Cleveland. It matchup much banks don't truly a good smoke goggles the tube came with a game winning game maybe two days would win a game they would winning game in Goldman's shirt that the last couple years right. Yeah it's it's the music front Stevens right LeBron has gotten better he's a better player than it was two or three years ago a much I was doing that. How that's happening it's like pretty much or what's going on. But he is a better player I guess he's figured out even more she gets older he's an Alex Guerrero teachers who is Alice. It is that's a whole another level that it does not mean this reminds me his performance. That early April game when all the Celtics fans are excited that we can compete with Cleveland and he came here to stomped. The Celtics out of the guiding it was actually deny us again and LeBron had the exact same body rest tonight. Not yet not today not ever. And I I think. There's something affected sold two Eagles game on Isa converts files are playing Cleveland you shall come out flat in the game like that a couple of days after game 710 cents a that is true. You can act like it's a big game you get this for you want the party is kinda still I think a little bit out of two days later after game seven because they often or ten days is that right. And it says nine or ten days. And if they'd listen if they win game to begin this week if not the wind five it doesn't really matter to figure for the Celtics put. You know this idea that you can bring in Gordon Hayward which I'm fine with aura faults which are finally begin to beat this guy in the seven game series now they're not clear what they're not go after next year the year after their building for. When does LeBron finally break down when does that happen you're sixteen you've lemons and when it happens it's is a pro it's gonna happen at some he's never hurt. Now he's never had a serious injury five years from now he's played you know. Another season's worth of playoff games play international basketball's whole career he never gets hurt he never tires he's. To meet the best athlete of of his generation in any of the four sports only it's even close is not athletes. It's a thoroughbred go. You would have to be two top LeBron you'd have to be about seven feet talk operate and be able to handle the ball maybe degree creek Sunday when he skinny I mean there's just. There is nobody physically liked him on the African planet. And Mike came in yes incident bringing waves of guys defend him and he's right they probably some guys in the technology right Al Horford opener at Olympic highlights and tried Jim Brown I thought actually in the not a doubt about LeBron yes deposits are allowed right jig. The browse best part of its last night before I think that that's not a good sign now. And and the problem was they'd never sent to Gazprom it was all well well I'd switch switch switch and LeBron would say Kelly Nolan cocaine and my shoulder now. Al Horford are gonna take you off the journal markets Smart. And knock you into the stands it didn't matter you get to the hoop whenever he wants well I thought processes and that is that he's such a good passers in the Q do you view the and I think that and they'd had some success earlier in the year two and against him just switching switching switching but I. He wasn't in the same mode he wasn't and like I am taking over and we're going to the finals mode he was in February it was in settling for three point mode and now states are nasty and taken out and obviously both played great. And and forget a Tristan Thompson told Mike that it's one camera to build the fence. Asked about mayor there says there's my best guy hunches and Thompson was markets and when that happens you have no chance that's true Ed Smart this market but the fight at a given that that you know. Where's Isiah Thomas last night was your Macs last night. Terrible terrible overwhelmed what's a good sign overwhelmed against its Cleveland. It's not the first is Cleveland going anywhere next couple years. Now so the not so you Max contract guys overwhelmed by Cleveland. And yet maybe they have every single year because if he's there first Dotson then he's gonna get overwhelmed. What you need him to be is the second or even third option nagger business until that happens where he's dominating the ball. He's just gonna be physically overmatched but if you have Gordon Hayward who opens things up for him as a shooter and say mark health Fultz is the real deal and you now have a legit. 64 point Carter every as. Now Isaiah can fit in there it if he's the number one guy had notes. You saw last night and it's going to be it's gonna be an ugly series that's probably okay big picture consultant Alex Solis fans in the two workable slots last night they're happy to fat happy. So it's there's a party got more than they expected to get the first. They get to a conference finals but that was kind of it even for me you picked Cleveland for that was an eye opening first. Whatever twenty Foreman it's just how far away they are you know come along way about it home court advantage. All core advantage most of the home court advantage LeBron is like. Almost that was at 20112012186. When he twelve to college 45 point oh five years removed from any idea he's intimidated by Boston about a Kevin Garnett signed out there Paul Pierce or Ray Allen. And those guys easy oldest guy in the four. He's not that awkward arrangement nothing. Net zero not a nice crowd they do a good job there until last night the third quarter they liked that right sure I did almost the opposite he likes these guys don't like. It's off you could see. Eight you can see intact in the band she pricey and he did that little light shoulder saying after running you down around risk that dollar tracker is an optimist slotted aside like a bug. LeBron was feeling that all mine I can't even make it what you see abruptly like that I can't demand that people who say he's better than Jordan when he plays like that. Please I can't go there really. I can't I don't it is either but I can't they at least you can have a discussion about this guy last night yeah just an overwhelming physical frightening Jordan couldn't play that kind of game. Not that style is you're different right short game was about avoiding kind of you know whereas absorbing contact whereas LeBron is about dissing Adams is so physically to stay so physically such a dominant game LeBron house. You know get to hoop whenever he wants the Celtics have that roster and you see Crowder. Are Smart and bash. It's time we Jalen brown mocked generally reduces tunnel project is good about it my right out on land Jalen brown. Did he seek first pick Cleveland in the in the same setting the Cleveland six. They are in as seven and I cited the consultants and seven talked himself into the pit. I think just to generate phone calls he was so. You some nervous Adobe's recall like it matters he decide to pick the Celtics in seven take a bullet force and he's gonna be wrong and now he's gonna take off on houses and mirrored for awhile and make them pay with a gun and. I'll believe maybe maybe used to show. He sets to point a look at did you listen Dave Ross Ross in the game's pretty good that and you put them all back and forth now not all of our commercials now. We know what's yours I'll note because I started to get Celtics game in Ireland to fast or I'm on the veteran ultra. It's that's about hitting the Latino brag about doing that we ask size towels to fill it. Plus you don't want to Gail Collins entered tag Aussie I've watched a little bit to the back and forth during halftime as much for special is no Barkley. Baron Davis stakes he says nothing they cliche so football Russia's good future. I covered news awesome yet is it hurts us when last month alone they did Christiane innings. Christiane game winning it really something Grasso at the call yup that's right do we have that and he was and playback with the play by Brett what does it right he should but he egyptians in place and never says all thirteen innings when Brad was there they don't switch. I'll at all while I've done this spring training games with both of them and so works and in a that. For a case of a baseball threw away by the latter who took there's no. How many fans are left in the stands in the thirteenth last night. It's a ten lose a lot a lot to dealing Saint Louis they love their baseball as of right now I am not gonna miss my five flight. That aids as of right now. Never now. That Bradford got two hours sleep he texted me good luck before that he and flew out because it fluently he's on a plane is not going to. With the local diplomats now he's coming home so it's also takes all the time now he's going to be at the garden on Friday. Otis the it's on the lose that games when the season ends Wednesday night well Ortiz Ortiz decision sidelines and baseline so I saw last night it would look like a leather teacher. Racquet like what I. I like letting users just does it say out that was an interest in August and on that quite advance the nod your commute it why don't like to name big poppy but the Angelos you sign autographs and he chart the progress that he does them in spring trend into Ortiz and it was. C fifteen. Or sixteenth of youth in its expertise is a hero. She's 6177797. Actions laid out here Kirk Italian jury's not here we have Roemer alongside. To my seizures well ten and Chris are here. They really get this stuff I wanna get to his Brady stuff obviously get a chance to win and I believe yesterday before you bring the to sell stuff started going big. But attending an answer well it did did you yeah. Tired of bad month training basketball segment that was ridiculous and yet we're lucky it just is on in my talk them out last night so that was going to be the longest hour happens life and if invited. If there was no Gisele news you can ask that it could screw. You about a usual day later about who to back the Celtics in the second. And so I'm confused still a daily so. What's your some theories here revision Zell suffer the right here from mrs. Brady or ms. bunched in them. This bunch of blue ocean bode shouldn't yes bone chip was you have to have the things over the yield of Camelot Camelot Seattle lots. OK she's on the Charlie Rose yesterday right CBS this more under what pretense with the Shia upon them some global warming emissions. Past my girl and she was asked by Charlie Rose who brings a little youth and vigor to the morning that's an important at a CBS a fresh face I five years old Charlie euros fastening. He must have been thirty million dollars in bank rate document at least. He's getting up he gets up earlier that we rise up at 330 guys on TV to do that. Set aside yeah. So everything from Verizon has fiber to appease in the lately senators and yet in the audience forget. Surges Els on what what what we're playing for which question this is the key national right to concussion stuff written much about that with your husband said the other day. That you wanted him to retire yeah you're trying to get him to retire you know I just have to say it as a life. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like. Let's say an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it and we don't talk about making it does have concussions in his I don't think it's a healthy teens invited to go to like cats can you know to that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be healthy for you right now and I'm planning on having him. Me healthy and do a lot of fun things and like hundred and I hope. Opposites a firestorm. And people need to know what's going on that we get a break you like statements fair enough nothing nothing just the chemicals come assessment add a comment that was at the end that fell. What do the figures here Oregon. I think they're fighting it out through the media guys Brady wants to play until he's 45 or older he said that take ESPN's Ian O'Connor adding to cells saying on. Not undermine watts so why why would this diesel common Brady to retire. Well you know that the power that apple iPad and it wallets and that's the dance we that's a telling me that she's the reason why he's backing away from trump right. Absolutely okay so then why wouldn't she be the reason that he you know maybe idol is my Aussie loves trump to a dismaying degree. He loves football more in foot fault as well life is like the community where not gonna say you choose football over spam going. You guys agree that Gisele is pretty media savvy right keys that got a few interviews and heard dad I guess you she went to say something by accident right I mean she came in matters how does that rank and how does that lead Brady to not play football. I think you want to put the message out and say no now what men are immortal being Tom. We mean like so feats or she tells and that face to face is different and she tells Charlie Rose but she just wants to get the speculation out you know Brady's never said he has a concussion he never says he's hurt because he wants this whole mystique going eighty's Tom Brady he's you know he's he's an immortal figures. You'll never die she wants to just you know change the narrative a little bit I think. I listen to that answer and I don't think shoes and say I think she agreed to it sounds off the toughest action and aren't as she starts to say it is now correct you he has lots of concussions every. Sound off the cuff dimensions you can tell. I'm with you she said it she said about Obama which is fine. After not not so sure it happened with power and our current this morning. I don't think it's and I didn't hear much of this a look at some top secret patriot the that these concussions and wife either. Now bed all of than bill vast nation of patriots haters will immediately say how they're doing it again their hiding the deciding that. I I review I read Tom's thing is while that this is on Brady Brady is maniacal about like Alex said being immortal. And concussions and get in the way of that narrative so you just don't. Disclose them. We have Brady with us we remembered in the Guerrero thing part quote take refinement restart in the concussions. What are senses as a concussions we've treated lots of people concussions TB twelve. With incredible success which is again that is so to speak of creepy and it's it's it's it's. It's the guy's name David who's the guy for Scientology's documentary David. Don't talk idol you know you're tired and that's the Brady gets the site holds on certain was that was into the drink. And I Nero say yours are taking cuts in rent and entering yet so I mean you know nobody boo when Brit starts getting that world. That's right that's for Brady loses sounds insane he says he sounds like he's going to be talkers right on and on Oprah's so before Brady comes on the show times development like them. And he's an odd post playing career Pete awed post people aren't diehard football fans are gonna give him much differently. We don't every stops playing I think yeah I mean honestly when I heard the concussion thing in my you know what this makes cents. Trump makes sense and others say the events like holidays have been stealing from best buddies make sense like all this stuff makes Welker interests there are safe to worked out really well and still thinks he placed the patriots great. We have got this and on the carpet at Kentucky Derby your brave of us from 2000 is 215. Yes let's hear you still know rose safe and do you think it protects your brain. I did at the time absolutely and you know it's it was a different product Alex and develop that product key issue because because he really liked. You know what it was about in recent look you know if you're gonna get him ahead in the if you get it you know depletion wanna try to do some things proactively. To try to prevent you know things that may or may not happen to your brain I think that's. Actually incredible thing I think so much of what we do western medicine which says. You get hit in the head and what if you've done previously to try to prevent post. And it's that's that's kind of our approach to medicine is you know let's wait till you get sick let's wait to get her away and then portraiture. How are trying to find ways to prevent yourself from that even happen. I think that's a much better approach to minutes. What celebrities started their cause mr. talked about stuff that they have no idea about. I don't think Brady has any medical history could be wrong maybe is doctor I'm not aware of babies practice medicine where it. When he gets into that talked wanna save him. Just Jewish not to news papers how do you proactively treat concussions are unknown and really understand you're basically saying may you could take care of them and it's hands. If there's a single high school football player out there tried that stuff because it's. Such a branch in Israel and that's what's what Carrera doesn't squares peddled for years old flight instruments and fake impressionism. And Brady for some reason cited along and why because it's work. But I do paper will burn in the end absolutely knows that and I believed to sell her percent with you I think. She asked the question should kind of flustered she answered honestly about odd Jesus. Yet and and the question was even do you want him to retire Brando wasn't even too icy at any dangers we've been possible concussions and says just won't talk about it's on me that's you know. For obvious obviously had. And he's buried it and it's you know. Unfortunately it's the way it is no matter how much you know attention you know madam Kristin with these are our stores are are. Source of his remarks of arts or the colors yes they did outcome of these guys are going to hide these injuries it is never going to stop it ever look at rock Holtz brought Cole plays baseball I was there the night in Toronto when he collided with Pedroia right it was on football scale on a scale of one to ten it was a negative 2000. His career hasn't been the same he's got vertigo he's still deal with this stuff. What do you think football players DO. It's unbelievable have so before. Honestly I if you look at most information if you do the reading if you do the research if you're an adult. Apparently does listening and they say if you let your kid play football I really think you should go to jail for three to five. That's all I a level like that ice behaving now and I'll pop Warner don't know quite rightly stopped pop Warner not even high school. 141516. Days on the hard that's when they hit hard enough to really do and it quarters at this point it seems to me like he's he's he is itself there. Hug each other around here at the pop or people understand. But to me like I said that's a gateway drug so Harry met him please pop war he really liked what she start really like something you can't then pull the court. You don't like here's a golf club. That's exactly right and that's on sale of the sale of the fact. Right she's the cross country my sport high school card read write rhetoric over the gymnastics is a fantastic way to. To get your exercise figure skating I don't know I really it's it's but some during privacy debate all the time. I don't know I don't know he stammer I would never let my kids play football I mean obviously you adopt you know Korean boy exactly sixty right so be different for you. About degrade great Japanese and south pass play as far. Yao Ming but that's again the ideas I read the stories I missed him accuse the pro sports. But electric can play football or hockey is it's. Yeah. Since two things we'll not let our kids do know football on the cheerleading. My regular gasoline democracy and a girl standing on the sideline each year and for boys like check oh. Well yeah I told us there and do your thing I'm gonna stand here and cheer for you well always believed that Palepoi cheerleaders that's wrong with that. Oh yeah. All future. Couple nights ago would she give a bugle boy a boy and a girl so if your composure doc you know percent let's say she's her friends do and she's really into. So ours now so it's not that they. But discussions to. Dad believed her that's it seemed that's obviously not high in my list and in that in this particular instance yes yes that's more of it's a sexist thing like I don't need to start teaching my girl made seven. That your here to cheer for boys. I never thought of that way of MM my daughters has shown no interest in seeing that. Is mortal could be wrong. But morally they're sort of with the team their own way yeah like I'm glad I had school that go to competitions and stuff like outage of the football games that wasn't there may I mean isn't like even when we're in high school like you did your late. If I played bass what he had truly nearly two letters and again responsibility yeah I area those days are over I think. I'm wearing my rock I don't know my school at the pat dry we had we had a little bit of that but I'll think players got assign specific cheerleaders and I think in our town I feel like that you and I could be around them not in this world but I feel like. The cheerleaders do their thing at the same time as the one in Aussie artist that dynamic is internship or something here for right. I guess that's true would rather be better be cheerleader football player. She'd be kicker if X ticker at Kathy Ireland and a mr. A maybe not exactly opposite affect her. Sick at that I've never heard that from anybody so the Thomases are saying now. Notes here so little you know Burnett Katie Thomas whatever it. It is to battle back we'll hear his name vote that ozone to Ossetia that the dad when things is down to the makeup on she might do to Wear the skirt on and the flips. Want you say no negative negative. She actually had a dance recital last year. And flipped out because she had to America she wouldn't although you know I was just refused to Jamaica because my daughter. Did she stop instantly four or five shooters four years old in. She went backstage in one of the moms are up. And she frequently Jonbenet Ramsey yet and I feel weird I'm of this world that's all yes we're done with this world sorry kid it's not happening anymore and it. The that's what it's creeps me. The dance world peace yeah. But tonight. He had some little weird she's going to RC knows announce she's doing like hip hop dance class and its master if that's what color scheme but it does not there's none of that. Generally you don't like you can't just are in great shape really gauge it very flexible. I nimble. For me not really that could deal breaker he went arrogant it's like this and I mean. It's why there are other ways to do that that's true I guess all right six what you start of the Celtics and the but. With the hip hop dance like that 6177797. Knives and see a couple calls aren't. To my seat is telling you if you if you're a parent and your parent in that could surely your bad parent. Yet you guys adding you know our daughter up. To be in an abusive of OJ Mayo shoot it click I George W. Bush I didn't get much know what you're someone to be male children. That has sexist if you allow him do that don't like your daughter and I hadn't really ever try to ironically I'm Sam I don't I think I don't think that's going to be an issue you know it's it's a fix Hubble mission leaders overalls as a whole had really given. Will he give in the second when we get back to regular I like the origins in his I'll go on the record I like male cheerleaders did you commentator and I'm amateur I was not announced here later no no cross country and across country ranked as anyone to play book baucus I was reading tackled so I had the right here is that how has. I 20116. What's 2000. Like I. Was fourteen when he doesn't met each other before now know it's our first time to really know so while I was there first time we had a spat on Twitter watt yes last night that's an interesting about with Hamas and oh and with a must have now when I'm. The Tomas is more upset about. About Chris cardinals' passing him I think as well as I tweet about it. Not happy for her to grunge you look like you sound too mossy it's yes 6177797. Knives at tomorrow she's alongside. Roemer is here I know Jerry today and the procedures well. If your phone calls and more reactors bradys the we have to get to I guess. Since we have to mossy Reamer here the president United States in his struggles and lectured the coast guard academy yesterday. I'm telling us that I thought toughest client base to do is listen to out tough my life is nobody's been more persecuted in me believe me I'm over it back. The wings most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. They can sell this morning on CBS impact Brees had cautions played us that much here. That's no big secret I bet there are how to players in the NFL that have plagued concussions and ever told anybody that have been on the injury report. The big story is she knew what she was saying. She wants her husband out of football she wants in the quick two day that's why she said that and tell you right now Tom Brady will pick football over Gisele any. Day of the week. That marriages. We miss them. Leo we miss him every day he's review. I'm with tanks why couldn't agree more Gary Smart take. And digs deep in the catalog for I didn't see iMac and watt and heard the song but you are now. They start with some. Move you move in and out yes how about when what's the Neil Young guys. Rocket for Bruce which underwrote and brokered born in the USA but about Ted -- about it nugget lists. Yes do it does. It was it had not yet to a few minutes to go wrong and helped get right to be secretary of state before this putt on what the post better respected Jesus. Us a cigarette to your your penguins who. I would say that I am actually not settle long. No wage is now projected cost of football. In this world in this climate to people that famous will never stay married that. Ports that never it never happens ever talk eating actually taught each other face to face like have real congress oldies honestly my feeling in the world is available plea. Whenever we your opinion is the in the sport and sleep standing up until you're the chamber that. It looks like reruns are. I am a little bit of the sign though I guess I am infrared heat natural natural son I think they decide to move the ball in the sun for some reason like is open available from all day right yes if some weird thing is we put sixteen hours each enemy. Maybe communicate the morning that's so I think they do their talking through the media. And that's why I greet Garrett to Zell said that intentionally stay off that they've had that had merit why does she want retired. You did to believe that you have to believe they normally choice to play games to one hunter for she said which rose. I think I think he cares about she cares about is how they mean Brady said a couple months ago on series sex and that if it was up to my wife out to retire tonight. So Brady said this before that to Zell wants him to quit and I think I think this is a division in their marriage here's my thing when he retires she still going to be super famous right associate. None of its famous in terms of she still gonna be doing their thing that's gonna be a former player she's going to be a supermodel. Until seized early fifties it's up I mean she'll be like Cheryl Tiegs. As great problems and I think that's an I don't say we are today so usually in these cases. The athlete retires in the marriage goes to hell because suddenly. You know he's not doing his thing anymore and spouses and like this got to begin a dislike the function the marriage can stick yeah I think it's actually to stick this time because she's going to be more and less he can't handle our series acronym and secondly the bitter like you know. Die news though fading glory now we you don't he's going to be he's gonna be like Jack would jackal and what's is name tackling gas. He's going to be back guys let me do it sorts out so little right wing I don't see that the death this been like supreme greens securing greens keep beyond. The precaution to explains Tony Robbins also. You know what it does yes lanes all of us Tony Robbins like open get rid of that can push if you walk and fired as the repercussions. Not if you stop. Politics I keep going. Al she charged the phones than his or your job and why I wanna settlers see what's mossy took my seat size and I'll snap anatomy that's right I click on add the names is that how you doing here. I think it's now out in the working Richard you were all the hold on how did you hesitate or don't need to do right now there's a way to impress her hold on there's always O'Donnell gets his second relax and they're excited. I don't do headlines they too well hold I have I have something to address about my headlines doing that is so we will do that the second. Textures and relax so excited he said he said before it came on he's got a ton of tennis authorities what do they shared all the time I swept through every sirte where you and yes a couple times the first segment look at year architect's week that appears what. It's a deficit it's a bad feeling but talking to be sweating in here it's like 52 degrees but it's my seniors energy isn't crazy anxiety and a nice it's it's that it's cold here though some doubt on the outside I used to markets Johnson high school were to meet your complete. It was awesome but what it was freezing in one it was a hundred degrees out sent out this time. The worst job better. Or immature in Asia. To Doug Jones for a few Summers are related to get in Winchester your parents meet you where to Dunkin' Donuts Peter may and made his son work and I wanted to diets or to look at those three Summers running out I don't. I liked it's just for seven years with any. You remember how old you first were there fourteen. Member of what you guys remember I was sixteen wouldn't we got paid per hour I was when I got like 470 an hour or something like that that's more than I get now it is it's I actually didn't want on the Arctic did you lose which do you scroll that over as the number I guess I see it and click on China to name you you are charged my goodness they're Rhea in Watertown your op with a Roemer Kirk in its animosity. Hello. Good morning guys good morning Maria how are you. Nicely done Alex thank you though thank you to put tape that I have one is related to Jim bell and just. Why there's significant others. In the athlete. He'd like to keep it high poll well. He has opened up a can of worms. That the patriots organization doesn't need to deal with just gave bulletin board material. To everyone in the country that hate. The patriots. The simple answer to that question should now in the future is. Tom and I have discussed it. That's between common. When he's ready to retire we will make that decision together and shocks your eye. You know Maria I I I did think of one and a third option is it possible is it possible. That you Zell really loves Tom bring all the way down to the bomber feet. And Brady is keeps have these concussions in hiding them and this is her way of calling him out so in the future and has a concussion. If the deal with me behind the scenes britney's room struggle with the stuff they be said severing concussions and it's an issue. But it still don't you think cart if you're out. And actually you hit it to shady ways of doing it it if you pass. Oh gee do I really don't I. I really know the team that purpose though I really don't itself do you think it sound like that you did she you know it was it was orchestrated. I think she just was rattling on. And it was one of these instances where. You didn't think about the question and you didn't give your brain thirty seconds. To find the appropriate response until you realized oh my god what have I just done. But it's still gonna cost them a world of hurt again because. That means that the way what do you what away from that world of hurt how. Lead to do I am. We're just the trash talking to you that go look at their hype and crap you know they've been lied. They didn't do with a concussion protocol because the patriots were up at all just don't like that and just. Just some of relationship standpoint in general I don't think those things should be discussed out in public. That should be locker room keep that in your pocket of. Apple's patriots mentality extant extends Everett SS has watered down at banks and how about if you're not out she's his wife. And she's worried about him losing his mind. What's wrong about probably back there are thought that's a pretty human response actually found. Her comments refreshing instead of the hole like let's just feed this myth that Tommy's indestructible. This sort of like you know whatever year mentality of late. Hiding compulsions. Honestly that's 96 mentality of you know it's like you know it's like that TV movement that has seen the athletic director. Like the guys had concussions she gave an honest as I do think there's a little bit to be said model. But if you do the whole whatever ply. A percent as this is not her first language also it is fact I'm Jim yes she's the word on aggression yeah there's a lot of sense. So as much to be fair. Stem cell occurred and we noticed the last few days on what fractured and mingling the language he's always like that out but much of your mind it's like yeah yeah do you even as he used that language he admits he knows he'll say things. Authority got wrong evidence. Debunked in the meaning of these are calling ball is transitional. Pass a we're going to the elusive when he's talking to somebody and he's talking about somebody he's like. We Africa and Fraser who's talking about. Can't forget. Ian lag is not as Gary and that I was here for wag the stop and think wait like concussion. We can't have these you know wagged his thumb. A wax figures. But that's. You are not going to turn this way. Why didn't bother me. Arctic oh out of the other proud cheerleader out article yeah plus factor at all we do call kinetic a year on WEEI good morning I think she knows. When the people OK I do article. Adding. To refine. I I did I say I am a cheerleader I can play well enough well all the hard. We can't. Helped build the eight carry there team let it MacKey you seem like. Appear here you really talked did you Johnson must get outs or I don't yeah I love surely so do you cheer for our football games and that kind of stuff to. I used here when Alec and Heidi globe play peek you're our competition and get our current. You actually care for our own. You know like you've seen that yet seen those movies yeah. Given to get in Mexico again and I get it on yeah. In it tomorrow or is it deputy chair at any place which can act makes your wage are making John Berry and all that. I eat like a great pro am very girl you always. Are you do you do cheering on teacher now retired the entire period. It's a good case to sign a call I don't want my guys. A lot lately it's she sounds very nice I don't want my daughter on them aside I'm sure there's lots of teamwork and team building and all that stuff. But it's also skimpy outfits to yearn for boys and noninterest public just the just just the team aspect itself for the chair for what it needs. You know plays soccer is planning other ways to be on a team. And they'll Lackey pitching great seat that was Nicole said competition and to genetic index that's fine that's immediately guys are you talking today by the collar being potentially fate Nicole first faith in me so which is almost central casting purchase on issues like an OC I could Patrick the bubble gum maker growing your hands at all I don't know that's I don't know if I'd buy that she's retired. Our annual out of my life you're six and now. At which it will more refined again and again and run through the board had Tony and malice here next up. It actually took place yet that you'd teamwork. Than just saying well okay. I think I'd rather error radius ever and Smart than a true believer and this I eat and I think that. I think YouTube earlier this ticket ABC and its current that they regularly checked and the thing that happened to the net. And I think we need. Brady anger to it in the Pacific or to. Well I think it would follow Brady about like you wanted to bring you. How do you know that this Darrow C works like that you have an adult now it is an hours for me rightly in the works for years because you don't report your contention I think. That's I mean it just seems Breivik as a sort of stop the Phillies have suffered some of these people like Guerrero. It just seems so below him. Well it's been a lot of that Robbins is around a lot of rich people right in Oprah uses and Bill Clinton called demand during the Lewinsky scandal sure that's what happens you know your true Marxist like to mossy and I you believe that everybody just wants to get their daily bread in and once you have badly Brady dies you move on to the next I don't want that bred to be made of gold which hampered meaning true true so I think it's what it's about what is the weather is Robinson. She June 8 and you're Ayman. The car's going to be now how much did you pay for a ticket or did you not doing their advertised in the station other elements are great events after this I've said that for its Curtis can you guess for the full twelve dollars it's a twelve hour singers with citizens and their unbelievable during ads on the station yes. A parent of trouble sound and there too moving merchandise here had this stuff wired set to meet two of the last three days that you got this at your house now to last three days of about you you won't work yes I loved. That's what flagrant at a sound like re let's not even every day looks like seal the McCain. Does that that's. It looks like Tom Cruise and angle looks like easily do it looks like an absolute scam I. In an interview to an era that's gap for what. For football stories actually good ideas like ten years ago was story it was. Tony Dungy vs ballots second the way the different ways they motivate their teams and I was like are get a motivational speaker to talk about it. And I am telling you. I talked to Tony Robbins and on for ten minutes goes by your body and I hung up the phone I was like I'm gonna change my life I totally blot it didn't go. If you raise it usually. I just 6177797937. Niger is not here Alex for Amber's here. Alex as a has a thing I guess he wants to compliment the studio now every day now that's a nation is shop shop. Jesus and he and there was this long but canyon canyon for second time it would it's called the tease her strategy yes sir Alex is considered me becoming every day yes life has as I've hurt. Ken and Chris have been talking of this all along outs remarks come into the studio every day. And you had its is that is that where your understanding is that that was my understanding person that was they understand that is my understanding we'll discuss that and more we get back Kirk and Kelly. And show these flaws Sports Radio WEEI. What do you think we were coming in to do and once he once told me this big money issue. I don't out of Ottawa at new releases of the coming here for twenty minutes first electric outlets would be to wall. Because if you wanna be here and he's. We'd sort of feel badly that came in we have a longer than normal at good morning Boston out streamer filling in for Kurt many hand today. It's lives overly Nolan scored the other thing is is that authoritarian it would get into some debate almost every show. That would carry over we're. What do we do here we keep him in again until I went out we own. Striped flag Michael Jeter. There's no matter. Good thing about Curtis is Curtis has got. Adopted some phrase that kind of took for me is that use it too much ladies will. He's gotten you know assist and he lost in the weeds all growers much of a much as the might do and I realize that nice and I sensing some. Legitimate tension between two for the first is going on for real interest. Really you know subject overall on the air but off here. Off the Oprah watch it yet. Crank he's been you know talk podcasts and totally good to see those things too which is true that's true that he said. It's just a joke or you're on camera like McCartney. Took money for. Occurs board. That is embarrassing as anyway Ken has two cans get not a little run on NTS I think this summer there's no no disagreement that's firstly when you first on the station flew out you know he sort of get this. No sense of and ties sort of self work for the first. MacKenzie man there was never any worse than now has it it is just like. Think you know it gave me my first sense of worth Craig and Larry really creature preacher and teacher. The Bratz was still alive. A putt bad it's amazing when I first Yemeni really with the regular is Greg Larry and brats really have time I was on this call and in. To Mike yeah social capacity to call it what happens now I only for an. I love going to yield treatment and archives and yet dot com everything else to do with your time not the only cheeses states Credo but it if you if you can help lines if you do headlines every day you could. Go back into the way back machine every day finding nuclear story that's true 2008 that's true so you wanna do headlines one. Driving here every day your that you bring run out of high stats that's the issue who released sash and your way and yet well. And you headlines every single day I know that's fake news from 10 layered I am I sad. See what I meant to say it was I wanna do what I am hearing Kirk is here. Anderson I want you had lied to encourage silently and that's nice sure app and hit the general issue but the white the everyday thing I'm back and forth on it would be very strange you know a lot of tight deadlines and click on done and that's a guy I don't like the idea the president is vetoing it that doesn't I'm aware that while these four people and see this work. Too many voices awkward you shall do it gets weird I say it's the and I can't afford it edict. There's every dollar lift lines that out of my friend let's play it what it's what's economy that rents bikes. Just take one of those last summer he can then that I hate cyclists. Item yet yeah I mean but that's not cheerleaders in a Greg Lamotte you're taking your your bike from from Europe host the year I. Aren't you afraid to buy so yes I am that now is your time I've actually no problem that. I really liked it a week do. For weeks it does little transition just a terrible week on. What I do in Anaheim and speaker of what you get out of my life. And out of what you can bash. Is doing headlines it's it's not offensive it's one less thing for me no. I eagle eyes as limits as bounds I'm I'm fine with and doing. Although you other lame little PD this week correct something and saying well okay doable please let me have placed a call me what you are saying the other day I'm only on here has and gang correct take anti great offense only. I creates a reason exclusively not only a exclusively and if you're in here if you're hiding a white kids and we that we had an issue I street is any reason sure I'd buy it not the only regular I listen you can unite Alexy motorsports takes. Now's about Celtics you missed the 8 o'clock. We had tonight it's a radio Guerrero out my point is what the difference in from the start was usage were gay and that was after a good at the end of an already good appears what does my sect parents present. Yes and even come out and off I always try it's it's it it's it's a nice to blame to the show it's a different look I agree that's what you said. When I say he said I'm only on because and get us him. And it's entertaining asking. Wow moment on the street and it would it would mean. He's everything take offense that of course you're not affecting my I'm only here as a my sexuality of course will upgrade events that written with the offense and it's offensive. You have your job because the sexuality that is an okay YE token white embark we have a podcast I ask you one here we f.s. Were you offended by that you know because we did we're we're filling in the next it all all sorts it so yeah that's exactly right it's a niche for us might need a book Peter King said he needed podcasts on their back. Cool I stated before that podcast terms that you need my life it is Alex buck talking about being gay buck. It but on stores would Dick Williams he hasn't done that yet know now. Where it no no but story throw on the weekend. Really yes he can't help himself know well known but with media toes the line don't worry and my dad's wake last week. Buck did you know boom it was written in line buck comes up to me. In the in the middle of this week and says to me. Thome Dempster Somerville why did you ever totally and you tell me that tail so baucus. A great spot to have discussions like that the I'm really sorry that never mentioned you were my father was born. It's of such a buck mauled by Susie right mayor so he distresses me as his neighborhood funeral home yes we deem legal history but there's other people into. And I don't care that's that it was a dockside about Embarq actually policy you know I think. I think amend my way here. Contemplate that they get to walk home. And you say yeah I don't believe it's. I used to have a saying I don't beat in the closet in my kitchen he says that he sees they said that every it staffer I heard that button for. Sang there was we thought that about a thousand people that way the last person in line at the weight loss closer really. And I've written that sort of speaks to my role here. We'll explain the perfect slot person and wears sport but it felt a little under address you looked a little bit like yeah it was it was an odd thing it was like called my mother answered to have two or sport which is now now now this year cheerleaders yes he was that you as a matter what you really yes and a Roemer was a cheerleader right agreement I should know better you should put it. Was disrespectful I was offended you are now so I didn't expect to be last. Ash and capital except one I've figured yeah. But then there was a long line at a time it was. I think I got there right around a little yeah you guys went before his death surprised it was good we thought in the past they too were kind of pleased that news was good was he is a fine job close eye on what happens I'm fine yes. Outselling coats different an old Ford for weeks for bruising election were today I'll be wearing. We're going to you're going tonight I am now yes for one take my cycle that I think you should you showed a ripper and they cite towns or it's now he's there at 750. Or to come out it's like so where are we gonna happen. Just really just. On the cars this where this thing when people in the car who. That's the short every day actually hears talk with the game last night one here that this admired his I was at this it's Iran. But here's my thing you can't have three shows you have them show the talks about the game. I think that's what me talk about the game I don't know what makes this show good as it's different if all the shows like this it would mark. TV get issues. I think the other shows should talk about the game. OK I'm fine. Apps that's six I don't I don't know what to say about last night's game when you say about the game they got up and Jalen brown a LeBron how to start and they could do great wonderful. Cleveland kicked the hell out the Celtics last night it in the sweep and win four games like there's no there's no what's the talk from the game last night. You're one of the great radio personalities in America the home court advantage so bright what's the domestic box and went bust our word us. College shooting stuff better myself I would call a picket the old Nicholas 1415 nations like nine and she's retired and your dad over the phone. None out kids have their own Jessica to doubtful iPhone cover. Yeah my daughter's in fourth prince and her friends have. Phones aren't my daughters and first grade and one of her friends have really got to be kidding me she. A girl after she hits these days my Tuesday at 617777. Knives in the hour to. Noted Celtics talk.