WEEI>On Demand>>A trip to the EC Finals and the #1 Pick next year, the future looks bright for your Boston Celtics

A trip to the EC Finals and the #1 Pick next year, the future looks bright for your Boston Celtics

May 17, 2017|

Lots of Celts talk today with Dale, Holley and Keefe on the heels of them advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Cavs.

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You guys gonna help me out because you're you're probably more Twitter savvy than myself. It's like a sarcasm. MOG that you can use on Twitter it's there it's a little you know. Rowly I space or something that you can use there's not a and sadly. Most people just don't get it either kind of understand what's on sandy you know so last night. After the game I tweeted up following mad enough to admit when I'm wrong. Kelly a clinic is a Max contract guy bring on the gas now. Well I your arm here here here are among the responsible for dale I almost agree with you man but it's only one game I want you all carried away just yet. Yeah really way overreaction on our job means more than a night here in there even if it was the play I'll really. Another one today on overreaction Friday another one calm no. I. Yell. But now. Don't hate appreciate it was fun to watch it. Slick diesel picture reform and with a workable that. Oh yes I have my old dot Twitter avatar was basically with mobile card that gives me holding all of ball back weighted. I'm batting gloves that baseball batting glove there. I've had a tooth pick in my mouth shut out the Carl Everett and it's like a motivator seriously looking off to distance pose. And people I still get rid of people owe it to you did you know Lisa don't Wear gloves we're over there will look overall. I. I got good good golf hat that should collier you forget that that's why don't let Kelly Olympic come between us that's right let him bring us all together under the tent. They admitted he was insane they needed it last night from Kelly or manic and they'll need it. In the next series of not necessarily for in this court like that'll be you do that again you don't need a good idea that video it all again they'll do you have to. Beat we need to see we saw Kelly the score last night. Arlen and that deceit telling the rebounder. That doesn't exist just immaculate accidents I'm gonna get a good score giving Kelly the score existed like that last night in a game seven did you think Kelly Olympic would be the golf course fourteen in the fourth quarter for Kelly. A lick but if you told me like Eric Kelly Atlantic is either gonna have a 26 point game or a thirteen rebound game you would say 26 points over yes I want on the news. No respect for her every ball game. Well but I just got a great game seven footer and he is he's shown a capacity you have some big scoring games ethnic. And I what is organs Goldstein a regular season games last couple years it's a monster games against the pursuit Katy tweeted out last night. Eat in area 21 anything possibly not Annika is possible hash tag men bond. In a bomb. I'd I'd I can't mock the man was curve on Greenspan cited government hurled I don't know but I think that was of. Being again. It was a big. Win for this group not for the organization. Other organization has been there many times many game sevens. You play under all those banners and it's very easy to dismiss a conference finals appearance as a smugglers. When you got seventeen batters well Wii Fit there report. There can account athletic straight month it would stretch eight years eight years thorough and raising opera's college finals. No big deal with the organization but for this group. Well when they brought in the baby face this ash and Brad Stevens I'm a little brother bands that you're gonna replace Doc Rivers have taken over team this has Rajon Rondo. As its leader. There's no way you think OK they can emerge from the rubble. And be in the conference finals within four years it's supposed to be I didn't put them in playbook says Debbie. Three billion victim the voters you gotta you gotta punt on three or four years and hoping you had a lot of this stuff and this that this tank and after early jail's general managers treat you this first round picks for like three straight year yes or another bad general manager who used to work in the organization the figure Isiah Thomas for nothing while. Or literally nothing. So it's the fact that they won their first playoff series that was big and other than number one seed they had but they had been through anything. And Adam and experienced enough and yeah. So it went out of their own win their first series. Then they win their second series and now they are in position to play. For the Eastern Conference champions. There and it there there and there while on base I got a lot better chance the wizards do data of any of the field is to Wendell though Michael it's the field so you know really catalytic they've got all over the field along and I got to put up percent. Because all year long and said hey you know he can't play around with the basketball gods can't do this appeasement and do what the Cleveland Cavaliers have done. And just switches sweep the first two rounds by the he had that they've been arrogant they've been arrogant carrots with their what are their you know we'll see we'll see. It's the classic case of the little team nicotine basketball policy Celek Isiah Thomas. Jets get. Everybody we learn all the what buddy Brent. Well not even went ahead he got ahead of himself because nobody's giving him a chance right now yeah got to know nobody made it nobody not nobody is picking well except. I'm at it as as as the keepers. And I don't countless appearances talking about all we can you go extra external watts Michael Moore died of this room Mike princess mentioned you by name chasm and on the show on your name right humbly I think the other for a closer powerful Hollywood tale yeah. Called her from. And expect and this is of them though are zero I but I have heard anybody say. Sell through in the series of fact I've heard a lot of people at the Celtics belong in this blog on the same court with the cavaliers. Mic me and I think it's being roundly dismissed and ended inspected but I think. This is sort of ID Furl it a lot of fans. But you know not the players a lot of fans look at is this was best case scenario when they signed Al Horford if you looked at the roster he looked at where they finished last year with the landscape of the east. He's that you went on everybody's it was the best case scenario. For the Celtics next year and it would be losing in the Eastern Conference finals LeBron James in the so here they are that's how they are getting the first overall pick in the liar a guy that gets it in a row OPEC. But to Ian Thompson's article we talked about last week about playing with house money. I disagreed about the time you're playing with house money against the four seed wizards but you are now playing with house money. Against LeBron James who has been the sixth straight finals I believe there cavaliers just won the whole thing last year. Because of those six straight finals. If the subs when the series like I gotta I gotta I gotta be real with guys that great and I would tell them that I know usual he. They are now unreal at the preps to slow you down the back hall what's gonna say how. All the way to the real revelation is about all the sound and Dr. Phil there are now. That's out there had been. It's out there that I have little if you really tees it's of his pick here rumor among tell you guys up until today to make a pick tomorrow for the series that people wanted to know lawyers on here. I would I ultimately go to Celtics but stuff I have yet they both work. Kind of cut it a pop up. Those are the car the first hour of of the show this morning for for perking Callahan there and and I heard much start by saying that the cavaliers were gonna win you know but the Celtics had a chance. By the end of the segment it's our motto don't Kirk had talked. My act into picking the Celtics in 70. God nobody ever thought I talk to me this Selz in seven by the end of the segment. Yeah because you really mean it now we got talked into it I think we all heard it and there was a witness to get bullied in the right it's right I understand what the stakes are because of what you just said about LeBron James you know six straight finals and who he is. He's the best player or basketball. Even his critics his harshest critics say he's the best you don't say. OJ is charged better word or or Westbrook really stepped hurry you don't and I'll just know if you if you know basketball lodge basketball. No LeBron James is the best thirty game. All that being said if the Celtics win this it would be in the top five upsets in NBA history. If not a little higher now the bit I think one of the bigger upsets. Was it comparable upsets last year. Even though involved LeBron James again being a team that won 73 games went up and without regard to one. And you went to game seven on the road that was a pretty big upset about way back in the day. The Celtics. On the 69 Celtics. Beating the lakers Jerry West lakers. I think they were down three games when they came back. So I mean this the kind of stuff for talking about the Celtics if they win this yes it's tremendous kid is not just this series a win isn't this still does yeah the other huge yet upset in the league. And this is one of the weaknesses of the league were upset don't. Half an hour away in both east and west it's the number one seed against the number two seed. Yet they don't have to fill out I know you're better off brackets of the idea that don't own yet shows you what usually happens. And so now these series so the other Vegas odds. Cavaliers are minus 550. The Celtics are plus 375 what does that mean I give us give us the only guys rightly so what you put down a hundred dollars you would win 330 fired up. Her up and down a bit reserves are. Put out a hundred dollars hypothetically could argue that I was that it you'd win 375. Pick the Celtics if you will for the cavaliers you would have to bat 550 dollars just to win pounder. Gamblers out there and I'm giving you this one thank me later. In other words if you risked a hundred dollars on the if you just put our broadcast when the series you would win eighteen dollars and 11 cents. I was reading some article they sent some some Vegas book. Somebody came in today with a five figure bad on the cavaliers and completely screwed up that. The odds at their place. Where they had the Celtics like minus 900 or something after this jag in Toledo wasn't Floyd Mayweather. Now I yeah yeah no winners then we'll probably gonna bet big on the Celtics is yeah he's I think they're very close your arms. Hitler investment based on your friend and a lot quicker play Mayweather and I got to get three dollars less than god you don't care. It's eight it's crazy money in these games but it it will take something special in no it will not take any I'm not. Rooting for any thing bad to happen LeBron James I thought that's what I'm going with us at the spirit of it. They would have to play. Assume the Celtics were at their best I believe in this series. Probably. On the second half of game. Second half and overtime game to. Or in game five. Part two game five but he just really soared to saw yeah an energy to them. But I'm saying that in and you know two or three instances in this series you have to play like that. The entire series. When you can really hard yes hard they would have to just have that type of energy that type of intelligence that type of ball movement. Rebounding. And you'd have to expect more LeBron is an average triple double on the set right now 35 points ten rebounds and assists for the series got out OK moving up. LeBron is not gonna struggle in this series nobody's gonna slow down nobody's gonna get his head. But they will need for this series to go in their favor they won't need their big guys. To play to their stock race. Not to their stats play to their size. You have to compete. You know at Al Horford. And Kelly a clinic in Amir Johnson. Would have to put about. Only man not lean back lean in and they didn't do it last night right and got out of today I governing board that are on the boards again like I wasn't minus eleven why would I sadly think it's gonna happen tomorrow night when clean guys are the poor Dale Arnold. Your four wins that way at all you know last night you were one win away from going to the Eastern Conference final and you still couldn't buy a rebound. Cue up the Clark sisters I. About them. Yeah there. You happen but yeah it cavaliers last played mace. Major red general iron in late may seventh that tomorrow night is may seventeenth. That's the idiotic you know in all seriousness that is if the Celtics need game one because. If this if the cap it off to a fast start I'll be shocked they're definitely capable of all around. I mean I like I'll run it's going to be thinking OK you know play 48 if you want. It. Although up to him a little smaller than it is out out out of stated. Huge upset. Maybe even a bigger upset than. All four of the pistons over the lakers. You know bigger upset nab him. About the 94 nuggets over the Sonics. A the first round first round but now is shocking. You'll put that on others receiving votes cousins in the first round got it later on general responded later a bit later Colette IQ as you move on like how shocking. Is it publics were the ones the right they'd got they'd better hit a better record for a great technically Delonte ZUNL record golf receives product is that they were the ones the at the beginning. Beginning of march. I think the cavaliers had a four game lead. Four game lead in the Eastern Conference and they didn't care they and that won't went on record was ten and fourteen. They they paid they don't act as though they did not care where they finished I don't care. We appreciate how well thought god had you add it practically were they were habits from you take it I don't Carol yeah don't care. I don't. I doubt it would be it would be a big upset or distraught at stake if you're either you are the ones he whether it's technically or not technically. Your air assaults fire and the two seed them but it casually wanted to at the Celtics would have been the two seed. So that it's a big deal. And because imports steak is obviously more steak yet but if you look at the handful of times we went over Rome when the Celtics were down 02 to the bulls we went through all the eight seeds to be a one. Those are bigger mismatches that those were teams that you're there are listed as long before I went with this team and that those would be considered bigger I think than Celtics over. But you know they don't. I don't think the cavaliers. And just all the information. Let all the all the inside information you can get. You know whether it's from from Brian when a horse who has the bronze a year whether it's. And other things to whether or older I'll circle it seems then it anyway Arlene and I'll match saying we're going places I'm not prepared to root for me. Maybe a little later a. I dale hollow. Got a good luck it will I'll man that you know side. Whether it's from from known sources. Or just using your rise in just you using common sense. You can tell. The cavaliers here no one. In the Eastern Conference or candidate and it and if they don't appear at the Celtics there was a report from one of their. One of their beat guys. That whom for the playoffs started. Guys teams they were concerned about in quotes. The pacers were on the list the box were on the list the raptors and wizards and Celtics were fifth yes they should show girl literally is concerned. About the Celtics they went in at Bret Stephens said I think they smashed us to laugh and make it we played them they smash it and they're better now. They were then. So all these things would make it pick so cavaliers in four or five key for yet and got a. Orderly five Dail up. No no no right so help me out here I mean it did in an individual game or an individual match of some kind. You know Buster Douglas can beat Mike Tice are if they played seven games. Mike Tyson's gonna win that thing you know four games to one. This is this the best of seven and I understand that I I could see the Celtics winning game winning two games. Well with the have to do to win war. Well that if so it would dirty almost miraculously it hypothetically a player on the Celtics to grab hold of LeBron James his arm. And not let go out to pull out of the socket and have him as the co op are a player who didn't have that sort in Belarus and. Is that throws some things that you so it's not only what the Celtics would have to do but it's what would continue what would have to continue to happen. For the cavaliers. Now we've talked about market Smart and I am not saying he's a bad shooter. A large. But every shot he wants them unless you got. Shot that I shot yet console output enough and I say this that I thought I think shot selection has him for his career under 40%. If I didn't get to point five minutes and without you benched I got I got it right for a lot of good Michael well even though the cavaliers are eight no. In their first eight playoff games carrier ring is shooting under 40% for the post season. That would continue and how that would happen continue please do I kind Erving all over. Also are shooting 28% from three point range. So. At current market Smart like it it really did I know it's there it's truly has markets though those are markets mark three point numbers 28%. Three point range so you would have to get a performance like that. Throughout the series for target are to be off. I don't think LeBron can be off for a series. I know we don't you can't you want that tiger got lucky it was my neighbors triple double yeah. Can't let it could be what that's the thing is that's a matchup in the regular season where love was better than Horford but in the playoffs or present a better player and he needs to dominate that that you need to look up. Whether it's points rebounds everything involved Al Horford needs to be better it's certainly in the journal when four times in those four games he's gonna have to completely outplay him. And you gonna have to me and indeed Camelot moment. One of those bench guy is gonna have to go to that stone and pull that's. Tell ill and I think and yeah like that yes. It does seem like it's sort of food for the folks not watching on TV couple arms raised yesterday now all I know. And it's just that they were without Highlander reference that are sort of a king Arthur. The only be one and now there is more rotation feels that more defined rotation. For the Celtics rated played offense eight guys are zero and played four minutes so yes starters it's Smart politically Jalen brown. They are brown last night but the bench last night only outscored the wizards' bench what 45 to five. They're the wizards' bench last night it is out. And Padilla and maybe you know maybe today tomorrow and then they'll start grumbling when they have little exit interviews. And just start grumbling about Scott Brooks not put them in a position to be special not give them an opportunity he gave up on him he panicked. Last I didn't like putting Hussein. About the public John Wald socked. Saudis cap John Wall fell apart on the socked. Not yet tough second Castro a unit you know and and look maybe he was gassed the played every minute of the third quarter and looked gassed. But but John Walt choked that went away American Eric now Bradley appealed and choke anything away is at peace and Croat. Greg Anthony who said after her game for game three nobody. Nobody plays the political position better than John Wall no. Aggregate these great. On the air. As a pass some of the cut or player in the of the better letter and it is. Studio. Studio buried in his own American studio has to be called rust on us lately and an objection here. How was up with the TNT studio guys pre game. Rows and and growling and urge other uncheck accidentally which or go to break you took all the minutes already is it sent a coach Jackson don't you ever disrespect. For the Charles I. Reverend I respect that all are gonna fight again. It's it looked like they were ready to. Well a lot of hoops talk about upset Gail and old. Either way but lotteries tonight at 830 tonight will find out where the Celtics picked mathematically it is most likely they will pick fourth they can't pick lower than fourth. They also have the best chance of all the teams 25% chance only to pick first. It'll be somewhere in net in that range one to four that's where they'll be tonight. When the night is over now I if they're really on a roll here they'll follow up last night's game seven win at home. When a a selection tonight as the number one pick in the draft. And that way we go 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. We talked celtics' hopes with you guys coming up next. Including a guy who wants to know where all the morons are hello. 26 right here. Dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. It's fantastic it was unbelievable games and try to tell my friends. Back then yeah you know being in the last two years. Always like this building. He felt that this program. Him whenever reached this level now since I've been here. I was fortunate enough to close it is good reason yeah. Brad Stevens talking about the the atmosphere at the garden last night I was only watching on TV I was in the building but it sounded like it was rocking. Anyways it was loud and proud last night especially. Analytic kept it no shots in the third and it was like it took place was going crazy. There was I heard it was. Maybe it allowed us. Allowed us atmosphere and may be Brad Stevens is right since he's been here. A lot of the lot of the garden has been since. Since he was attacked it for me in McLeod with a Garnett pierce. Read a 65 best atmosphere I've said this for best atmosphere at the garden. That I remember is this that and the new garden in new place. Difficult TD garden some Micah misty regardless of college Boston Garden I heard yesterday on the radio or Boston and that's what I heard all of the garden in New York Boston Garden. But since 1994. Let's say it that way since 199495. Allowed as I've heard with game six of them in the finals 2006 while 2008 when he clinched. Lot of Steiner was from the introduced Booker T at the royal rumble and out and yeah now yeah let's let knots. They were diesel polo surprised entrance rule fall off the plate now like they realize now I KG and Pearson. He's agreed it would use all of us on screen and when they do those taped thing. Homes and what he's screaming after he won a championship and at the bleep them out he was going crazy now that's what happens when he's happy yeah. Sort of they get the got censored bought an area Tony want to see that that cut its target of tough button. At the news. I've got great at great up atmosphere last night is gonna get louder it'd have to get louder tomorrow night with LeBron there. LeBron in game one DOD have a winning game one. Yeah the Celtics winning tomorrow night but that lets you read this article big picture yet. This. Essex and they make it's a game at a time like a baby step one game at a time one game at a time who we got. In game one. This their best chance and they need it they either win tomorrow. And then lose the next four or they get swept so tomorrow's domestic. It's been real lift wallets luggage were taken baby steps market couple that was sick this aura is a very positive season as the great season. Edit for a lot of people it's job well done let's see what they get the lottery and and go from there. You're obviously going to be invested these games and ultimately win there realistically think. Wouldn't put money down the Celtics two in the series and if you do god bless you I would put a lot of it down but that's about how contrary really that they're gonna win anything that they do from now is like grand. Us 375. Freedom that you mentioned so. Hello hello corn down that when he lives and 100 dollars if I was hundred dollars. Billy you want people out of published in the series where you don't think I get 375. And be nice would that it would be nice nice spending by as much. Sure you would what I'm in the southern city I don't know what sort of violence and outside the building off campus off to an off yeah. And all happen at lionized as a very generous so now it's only got so we have to buy eulogies if you're out of luck out no that's all right. Made that April 2 cemetery. That. I got X optically tomorrow. Game one for the little pressure on him but the low pressure on those counting at the series did better when Nomar got to win tomorrow yeah. I I I at that the risk of you know. The street that's already been written down here I agree with Keith that their best chance to win system and you still don't think that's gonna I don't know trying to. I think adding that rest is gonna overcome rust. I think that LeBron James with ten days while nine days of rest and ten days between games he's gonna feel rejuvenated and and energized and and raring to go about our grueling trip to Boston Cleveland and Boston Saudi easy. You know you drive I know it's really has had back to that hurts a faded out a lot of lives and I don't think their drive and their drive I don't leagues are well there's some chaperones and kind of take a big auto something and they ran on slack I have to ask alcohol there. Oslo and hard me. Out of it they've some excellent four point dobbs tonight or tomorrow or tomorrow sort of home dog. Not bad though. It went up as it was three and a half earlier today all of that. One has come and on the cavs. And by the way to the text or hula who didn't believe my math deal did you just say the number four pick is mathematically their best chance yes. I if you have so works they have a 25%. Chance of the top overall pick tonight 25% best of any team best odds of NET. 21 point 5% chance at landing the second overall. Seventeen point 8% chance that the third overall 35 point 7% chance of the fourth while. But if you think of collectively the texture can be right they have a 65% chance of getting picked 12 or three net other top percent. So thirty partisanship and number force on. I rather sorry about he's about individuals the support kind of separate yeah well that's what I was talking Powell was that that's exactly that's their best opportunity mathematically is to get the fourth pick. Open it hasn't happened but that's their best chance their second best chance is the first overall under the gun. Look at the lottery is created by president Clerides. I just feel great today. These. If I can fly accurate they'll try it. Don't problem and so were you nervous about the during the game photo yesterday during the day you're little risky real tight during the regular ovitz a little bit of an rather deals are announced job oh boy. The only radical elements that he was targeted a blaze. Eight you know and it's it's strange because I would have guessed. In game seven. That John Paul would be that guy. It was it was obvious from the start and maybe not eight to start for it from the first quarter on. Could tell Bradley deal with feel and he does he was exciting and low bounced to him. If he was great ago. So I would have thought that role would be played by John Wall and I Bradley deal. And John Wall was OK. Was OK. Yes not in a real bad stretch just like he did. In game six the first half of game six whose terrible weather able to overcome that honestly. Let's get to the call 6177797937. Marks in Liverpool mark Europe first on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood Kate. Hey you know I don't know gas or hockey. The hockey legend terrier umpire thank you graced our mark what's up. A ball I was gonna material and it my estimate and and I called and said listen if you scored twenty cars this. Celtics with a game. America has done good today. And I actually as well and it's then yeah they're good aren't. He called on the telephone so it's loosely called I mean nada I did better moments in my life but hard to believe I was making money so the one part. So your friends with the to elect. Our you apparently now or you know being famous deviate from Boston arts. Artists. I was hoping it was gonna be more music wise I'll you know totally on me unhappy. He gets the whole full blown album version of disclosure the. Right I think is too called it. Thought I was better Kyra yeah I think as and I was better than now on one's super good today a gate. Everybody here that's all my thoughts all on me marks in Connecticut came arcade. Bigger. You know I am a little disappointed about the conversation because. You know what ever happened to having enough heart and not play in sports do. You take out. You know Goliath I mean. Why my point is this why even bother watching. Any up if we all doom well LeBron in the and the cavaliers they're just gonna win itself. I get my I guess my point mark is that Dick Goliath would have taken a best four out of seven. Would he yeah let's get my it's. It's. Or analogy yeah it. But I mean but I mean give me an example of boxer okay. All notes and I know you can't do that. Because I'm in individual events at his alertness goatee sporting let you know market got a look at eight ace 84 out of seven because generally speaking the better teams gonna win. Or out of cent mark I have to say and I'm more on your side I like your attitude of hey you know. Play the game and see what happens compete. Everybody is saying the cavaliers are gonna win the series and win the series easily the reason there's an enhanced because cavaliers have the best player in basketball. And the NBA. Upsets are much more rare out of all the other team sports. The NBA has the fewest upset they're more upsets in baseball more upsets in hockey and in football that in the NBA. You can kind of predicted grip optical one to eight. According to some not me we're about to see it trilogy. Yes that's correct. Bull won't we in the NBA final yes well we be surprised if the NBA finals is not a number one seed against a number ones hit it all don't all clear and Gerald go in Vietnam not his money I don't know it's a very day air and most the Smart money the Smart money says is going to be warriors. Personally and cavaliers hazards in order our players for the next 6177797937. Its telephone number text line 37937. It's dale and all our money not a Smart is that they exhibit with keep Sports Radio W media. You're always seal on this media Kelly after tonight are reverend doctor in the play in the man when you get. Good question. I'm so. You know he wasn't black and and anything post game I mean the post game interview with. Rather stern. Solid. I mean what we've got a joke about the man bought this that they have the theme for these Celtics. There wasn't a funeral a couple of different art form. You know we're nobody's gonna unity you're asking that question to you think I'm a joke as a player don't you use a product that. Surprise that I gave you twenty plus points in a game 7 yes yes I am yeah prior I had you know my team this year. You don't yeah you know we all had a chance to win any games so that's. That's the Strom delivers less I I I love that they're gonna play that card. But as I said after the game last night Isiah Thomas was saying nobody thought we could beat the wizard. On the says a lot because nobody doubt we will be here this past especially when I got traded here it was like I don't think anybody was taken that. Well that is true that is that party has to grow up parts that's true however. Expectations changed. After what they did last year and any follow that up at they did last year losing the first on the playoffs in six games that let off the top 3 record in the Eastern Conference innovate and we we got we got more work to do you know the world's countless we. We're gonna keep going regardless. And then they add to their team the second best player to change teams in free agency as well as a top three pick in the draft. The expectations change we all father going to be in the conference finals or at least expect about there I was gonna say expectations may have changed yes but this was I thought the C. Tell me about something you'd like nobody nobody would've thought that this would happen. Yes at the time that you required by the Celtics we didn't see that happening or how to change our opinion two and a half seasons later. And so when they started this year. Who blow away that they admitted to the conference finals but it's great. And yeah if you're looking at it in that way you're saying sense Brad Stevens has taken over he's been to more conference finals then Doc Rivers. That's awesome that's a great way of looking at the USA this year nobody thought we're gonna get there that's crap well all that. What will blow you away is if the Q is not a part of the NBA finals that blow you that would blooming right yes but you know being at a conference finals as a blow you. Don't know I don't need to be you beat the bulls eye wizards at not getting away from that got out blow away material but it's still significant that they are here yes but. You know that our argument is is is that's. From a gruesome new addition this the end of this if you listen in a lot today I don't know. Bad really aren't the greatest ideas that alternate mark from Liverpool leaving out of that terrible call. I gotta bring me down now. Few more of those domain that had hit I'll write it you know you gotta space those things out that right over four hours Ryan's in Weymouth and Ryan I don't. Until I you don't have to talk yeah they got two quick things. So that yeah I mean I believe this you know once the cavs I mean I would love to see them. Give them hell winning game two but I just it'll be tough but. I'm glad that there and they've had a great season in the way I believe the number two draft lottery. I don't I do believe in conspiracies right that the six would be in them to say that if this happens. On the flip out the Celtics get the number four pick. And with the number one overall pick in the 2017. Draft lottery the LA lakers town at that one thing happens. I'm gone militia get my shot in the fixes then would cut. Well Barbara we're gonna think it's it's the Rangers getting the next getting Patrick Ewing added I don't think Nelly wants yes yeah it got ugly after that is ironic that some of the stakes that big is because Patrick Ewing was no doubt there. And I don't know if if there's an idol I love on the ball I don't. And that's where there's a note to outer in this draft boulevard I can't I can't lie he asked in front of the show but can't miss Patrick Ewing was a campus. Yet this track has this draft is different that regard weather's. And again more more than Matra Tuesday mark health Fultz by. You go back to Tim Duncan draft the cookie literally couldn't find a mock draft but didn't have to dump the water or LeBron one or whoever else and it and by the way the majority of the mock drafts this year. Apple's let's a say but not all vote no but but a pretty healthy and how have you ever I don't do that again he's got Shaquille O'Neal joined in the league he's not. Even Dwight Howard I guess to a certain degree a certain players that they came into this is going to be the number one pick him he's going to be complete. Game changer if some people prefer faults are out hard ball some people might even prefer Josh Jackson so. It it would the lakers were Anderson's spot that would be because it would they just get caught up in the loss of balls thought they would they want him. It would they take him at number one I don't know but it oddity of if you know the sixers or the sounds are some really back at that we're picked then there's nothing there's a fix for the lakers yes. At least that's what we're going to be saying we want to Somalia Jackie's in Drake at eight Jacqui I don't. Hey guys good afternoon. Cola we're gonna. I called Friday Michael I'm with you Larry come on they don't sell XP they gonna get at it I ask you guys on Friday Daryn you know. Why is it equally when he keep you can bet well. One on one artery one tomorrow. This helped plated brand of basketball gentlemen like they did in game five against Washington. And at home court advantage. The roll please step while I think they that we can not call Cleveland and you guys and the peace prize well a lot of our audience ought. Yet the match it was you have to admit though it's a shock it would be a shocker right. Do we have regular shot you would want it and I I've. I want it to happen you want it to happen but even if you're predicting all have to tap you a big deal out and if it does you will be. Shocked. Rice they had I think you do it but actually I know. Yep Anil below the sharpened it the day I think what come on get back to his edict this feeling is if they are right now and a big dinner date with help govern out of what Girardi wanted to bask in the lead at the pieces to get. Global future I think but it cannot walk it like to. Patient well. It is it that should be out by now even if they don't if we're. Look there are thank you and they're folks out there who's at all why do in the patriots were down 283 or come back no you didn't. And this the first time I'd just and I'm not mistaken first time in franchise history that have a number one overall pick. Think that's true I think their highest pick is too. Oh yeah advice yes I'll. It is that you know it goes Bill Russell picked they weren't first there was a trade and there's space was cleared so they could take Russell. But I don't think Russell was the first pick. In that track. So. This over the years honing their highest picks in franchise history to win three. Two with to a bias in three woods Jalen brown and Chauncey talk. Billups will be a little bummed if it's for two years grow they've had four before they have it for tomorrow we'll little bomb went through last year. And its Rich Galen history that they've lined up at three this year that wouldn't be the worst. Wouldn't be terrible. Four or what would our maritime authority bad three we're doing our route three a BRA. 6177797937. The Cleveland Cavaliers Hector probably intolerant. If they're not there on the way here game one tomorrow night at the garden Selz in the cavaliers were talking about that in the big game seven win last night against the wizards. Dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Our government to bail on Hollywood's team Sports Radio WEEI. Guys believe in conspiracy theory yeah like I let my fans. Thus there with the awful sperm but I think about everything he conspiracy theories affect social we believe in conspiracy theories we we think that sometimes. The fix is indeed in. So then the question becomes do we think the fix was him. When the New York Knicks got Patrick Ewing yes and if the lakers end up tonight with the first overall pick in the draft will we think the fix is in for the lakers tonight. Now. Now I hope. I don't even wanna think about Obama. I can't get around. You're. Fisher for the lakers in the fiction for the knicks in the whole story of micro won the approval ratings are harder soundness forget freezing and we edited into the frozen envelope. So you're going to airing. You argued that caught the cold one yeah. And pulled out the cold ones and then there it is. Well this is harder to do now read the way they do it without the stupid formulas yeah it's really figure out what to do what's behind closed doors yet and a league you're not allowed to see what they did a to point. Morbid it's more likely. The effects would be now now which will be in that room to. Yeah and a representative from each of the teams will be in that secret room I'd have to do this in secret by the way. Because of all these T knock out no all of those thousands that are coming up with right now this is exactly like I could think they should do so this is grand my idea a couple of years ago how bad tanking laws and either go back three or four with a for your service Celtics were also part of that. Now I thought that if you miss the playoffs you should have an equal chance. At the number one pick mission literally DePaul ping pong balls out what you might do it at a fancy football drought fees on names that night I. You're a fourteen page you get the thirteenth pick image go from there that's that should do this do that lie that he much more exciting than. All right we've you know tabulated this in the back in hours gonna pull out on the slopes were arriving at a really do hope ping pong thing I thought at a sideshow. We already have a predetermined and now here it is that's Cadillac down. And forget this either one in four chance and I'm guessing which has secret signals. Saw adults alike call a light like it Danny's watching an island when they introduce Wiki feet straightened his tie. Yeah Danny knows we got it. Yeah it's like that that some secret you know coach signal probably Ortiz asked the cameraman tomba who's ever yeah I. I suspect there. That. Here that makes you wonder a little bit but the big nights of the night for the Celtics what a week. This amazingly early Monday night to win game seven at the garden Tuesday night you have a chance of getting. The number one overall pick in Wednesday night to bring in the cavaliers. And you win game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. Three win here right relaying the big war irons. I think they will jump on the game one. John Barroso of the government in the series to series which is here it is series and I don't overreact to 11 win one loss we will. With yeah upside down and I did I I I got yourself maybe okay the Celtics thought to zip. There'll be. I'm telling you right now this is what will be written out is up two games is there. And cavaliers played around in the regular season and we topic turned back on but that's not possible. These are the last days of LeBron James is Celtics are about to go to all that. Yeah happened yeah if they win the first two games of the series. They're already doing in the first two games of the series. Then they should probably windsors. Well you're you're saying it like it's not like it's. It's like an hour and I thought yeah I downwards its web so I would be shocked there every shot at that point I don't they allowed that Jacques. If they've blowing a 20 series lead that's a different story. Rightly I again I the market on the premise that they are playing with house money this is great this is as far as I think they could have gone this year. They never won a playoff series and Brad Stevens until this year they've won 20 yeah including a game seven's the 10 what is it seven. That's great and a clinching game inning game six on the boat. But just because you're playing on house money doesn't achievements doesn't need to go up to lower three water anything like that and then let it slip away. That now I wanted to conversational manner. Right that not all losses are created equal. Yeah yeah leapt out at the different than being up two low and then losing in six and one. And I'd rather get swept the guys that are beyond the old guy yeah. Well in your. Yeah and you lose than. For parole although I'd be off just brutal. I never wanna be swept in that wanna get swept out of the playoffs. No matter what is it debt that's just. Is there any and and lord knows there're folks in this town who'll try. Is there any negative spin to put on where the Celtics are right now you know no matter of one hour and you are doing now and four straight. There are no big loud noise out well and getting beaten four straight yet that you could put a negative spin on that say while I'm still. Yeah you're the number one seed. Won a couple of rounds in the playoffs but two years ago the Celtics. That the cavaliers swept you. When you're seven seed. Now fast forward determine all of his progress and they still sweet view figure one see so where I can see you know put that kind of spin on it. Yeah me ethnic mighty. You know if they if they have a big series lead and then blow it that's where youth the unit couldn't close it out why chemicals out. That'd be an issue but even that to me even if they get swept you look at it you say. They answered a lot of questions based off the last couple years and even the regular season like how offer real world today well Isiah Thomas. Has a lot of very good games and imperfect but he's a lot of very games in the post season. Al Horford you see where the money's going he's had a tremendous post season. Avery Bradley had a lot of really good games. And Brad Stevens has really coach setup in a series which we know so much different than regular season here on city to city different opponent to proponent. But they led the wizards seven straight times and he had to make adjustments that he did as so they they answered a lot of questions well here. I had heard you some questions have been answered in the big one remains. What does it mean when you take when you take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Because going into the playoffs some not not many but some people had questions about Isiah Thomas is he. The guy can you build around him can you win a championship with Isiah Thomas has your best player. Well. You look at this play out performance he's been a star power he has oh geez. Signaled that I would say yes I would say I think gets there. Yes you can yes you can only as an amateur you're gonna win this year that's a good point leg of if but if he's the best player on the team. What did you I don't again my chairmanship that's why it's so important to get that next guy if you the second best players. Our attain that. But it he's you were talking yesterday we will we don't wanna relive this or arm a Kevin Durant and a camera during can't and how do you do the best player idea Isiah be the second us player. And yeah about BA championship contending team. I don't think that they are I mean I don't look at the wizards. Yo John Wall is a great player and I don't I don't think her title contender. Whether or not it's I don't consider an out of their worst tee while the I understand that but you look at guys who. If he's the best player and a team that I think there's two different questions with. That's not the Max contract verses past our anti of those two different questions right but I can't imagine that's got our guy I want him on the team. But if he if you now or for your two best players. We're looking at it this is it I think it's going to be is gonna come up short here in the conference finals. I don't think he's done anything since it mean and be like yeah this is the guy. Why well well here's the question why can't another question and more that you got lots of why can't. Isiah Thomas be the best player on championship team is you don't think he's that good. Yeah I think you'd be the top ten NBA player I don't think he is that I think he can score but we have seen in the playoffs a few times again he scores 53 point which is insane addressing game. They followed that up with three straight games. 120 and and they are doing a good job defensively on them and there and they're swarming them and that if he's not doing that. I don't think he does enough other things whereas we've seen that you twelve assists last night as well I get everybody in this and it's going out but he averages like six. So that's not what he always does another great game for another scoring in congress is endangered it exploited defensively. And another great point. Well and it where I live in fact Scott Brooks is dot Aegon NBA coach because they are going right out Isiah Thomas and their scoring that Isiah Thomas comes out of the game. That it comes back in the game. They're like the forgotten that works that you can still do that you know a lot they haven't figured out nonstop but they weren't doubling and guys were or. Whether Otto Porter or whoever we're scoring on them. But that's not the only reason I just think he's a very very good player he's not in that. Best player army title win. Team has been done and it can do it all all you tell me is that somebody did it before. Then I'll latch onto that and say it can be done they're they're going back to the pistons yes perfect provision of adults. It's perfect example builds back if you sit bills not the best player go Rasheed Wallace Rasheed Wallace not the best score repair I would counter that Tayshaun Prince whatever. You don't find I think the NBA's different right now because then you didn't have a Golden State Warriors team which it. Those four guys on you don't have all of cavaliers some of those three guys like you had a lakers team we Shaq and Colby. Be Shaq and Kobe you know they did but adds up and you had the fossil of Karl Malone and whores and patent so I mean that's still. Good but they're good but it basically citing the upper cut that. As talent is ER. A 12 like Shaq and Kobe error many combinations like an NBA now got. So that's their hated each other if you guys exactly at that point if they activated I don't really Hannity jobs is there any doubt in anybody's mind. That Isiah Thomas is a Max contract guy on my mind that (%expletive) to say so I think I think the questions were answered. And the Isiah Thomas Ivins at the Thomas question without a huge one if you're paying attention I mean I guess some people thought honor I don't know about this guy but we knew about had a great season. He's got a great Celtics career his time here has been extremely productive so you knew. That that he's big time player but the questions were Al Horford with you don't play out questions answered yet and he's been terrific yeah. And Avery Bradley. Has been extremely. Consistency pro game is that Washington Dulles Virginia or game for a Washington record yet. But since game four he's been on. Yeah and his defense is this defense is supreme. 6177797937. Julius is in Fall River Majorly aside on. I have to garner flew. Aren't marred by reporters. Why can't go to soccer beat. Whispers of are not here area of the books birds. Beat LeBron James all of grudging green when he was what they eat. NA in in what six games. And they did not have occurred and conquer an old world where energy. And fun and game didn't can work on decline. Our manager normally would and crime and so was Tony Parker they played excellent feedback on which does soccer need to do. Beat the cavaliers are playing temple I. Arbor I agree with the other caller what he's one weekly our brand of basketball. We can repeat I I correct and I think anybody we shall be critical for the warriors we can go. ORACLE Arena and beat the warriors act. We got the number of Kabul and buy an order regular season games there where going to. But. I believe god we have we have a chance warrant. Armada. After that at that to be on a teacher Ashton won on us look I had it it is it is the exact way you're supposed to think that is a fan. At those players should absolutely be thinking you're damn right we can win this thing and then they should absolutely. I'm I'm trying to be somewhat realistic here. I just don't think chances are very good they're gonna beat the Cleveland cavalier. What are you guys make of the players saying it. Is that just do you think gosh it's Q that's adorable and what that that number Bradley's announce no I want the players saying. We think we can we we think we have a good chance Avery Bradley said that last and what do you think your chances we have we think we have a really catching up so. And I don't Isiah Thomas said we're we're weird is as good as anybody in the NBA. They're okay final four standing. Do you think that's what they're supposed to say and that's nice or. You think they also agree that they're delusional. Well. Well I think there are delusional but I want them to be I hope that's what they're saying 'cause there's not going to be a team that pulls off an upset like that that doesn't feel that way. So they wanna go with the nobody expected this and you know it globe but surprised some of the guys that locker battle thing that you have a time great. Go for that also the colors point about the spurs I I agree to a point. You know that wasn't a team that had. Don't 2.5 point fifteen rebound guy anymore that was the end of Tim Duncan enters the beginning of quiet Leonard I think that was the coming out party for airlines and one day the finals MVPs and I was sort of a passing of the torch. Also Parker and looked up you is all NBA second team that year so sorry they had no all stars or anything like that. Plus I mean what Popovich is as billed there is really what I'm pretty unique thing 300. Can can Brad Stevens be in that I don't I don't the next Popovich. Like in three years he's not as if it is does all of on comparative published out that's unfair but he would I have noticed is when they do the the silly little coaches my cup thing in the huddle. Most coaches in very good ones did you nothing to begin yeah absolutely nothing it's his time. Everybody out there and back Edward Norton and waiters and they're people that debacle mentally if not there thank you Steve actually have like a few adjustments in there and making regular hours of the argue brought up the point when their organs crashed about one games to victory legislate something on Sunday to elect an actually good coaching well that's right that was like all this might adopt finally. It was well let's play the right way here it may not. Let it be great for us play that way anyway ended in it might pay off warrants. In this game but if not this takes up the from here Elizabeth Sunday. Does turn 6177797937. Shows in Connecticut page up. I don't let's let's not. That might not let you guys though allies look at Brad even in the past that I know it's frozen pros and amateurs Letterman. He ran the coach K you know he had he had Gordon Hayward and back on the team they lose by half court shot in they get back next year. With the kemba and I've been all star and cal vote. And I look at the look at our own little rock and a kind of compare them to those players are both in that debate but knew it and executive David college on that you know. If if you're gonna get it close to hitting it out of the guys earlier I don't ever talk about. Yep seven game does not grow it that I'd not rubble already have one game you know and and college yet the one game against those coaches and I think that what area ideologue and pro yet you know or maybe that game. You are review party put your finger on the difference only for one game he could come up with something maybe Al Adam yeah I can figure out a way to beat these guys tonight. Can do for games out of seven. And he's even said after that that playoff series used I still wanted to best interviews. I've heard that I give credit soon might you might goalie can Greenberg they had and I think they were even off that day. Ha ha so even more so no credit credit to them did then then I'm gonna discredit him but dad Brad Stevens in studio. And he was talking about the series and what went well on the challenges of dealing with LeBron and I think the richness you guys before he said and LeBron it's fine club something the first quarter you think it works. By the second quarter he's figured it out yet or something else so can he come up with something for a game is is it's really a matter of coming up. With fifteen things for one game. To deal with LeBron yes he's got it. But that's what's great about who is so what he faced in the first time in the playoffs I was just his second year in the NBA wrecked. So not only does he have that knowledge those four games but they played on the four times a year sensed that and so he's now compiled. What 1215 games wherever it is of them against LeBron let alone to his NBA experience and that's another thing I reverend talking about either his first or second year. As head coach. You know what's different about college and pro or but it was asked about one thing you would say is that. He's there's not at a enough practice time or not as much rent them as you want the other thing is just how much the best player you really dominate the play. But what ever that player happens to be like they get the ball. And they dictates so much of the game they have such a mitigated so you saw that wave they say Jimmy Butler Resop would John Wall and even Bradley deal. And Agassi into another. Crazy level with the brawn but. He said for years to get. Get accustomed to it and it's going to be fascinating to see all the different things in the. Girls if we do the whole you know classic newspaper thing. You know the check mark in the boxes newspaper what is it with an what does that what does that as a thing of which you speak of wouldn't put the check mark for coaching. On Brad Stevens that I would know I would I would I would secure coaching. Now here I understand that tyra Lou has the best player in the game and he's got a championship. Have Desi it's okay go ahead ask god media now. I am praying I understand that chairmanship he can't hear you ain't allowed pull off with a lot actually thinks of better coach right now today Stephens LeBron. Yes even. Stevens. I don't know if there's no there's no way for Lou to win this conversation in which are saying to anybody coach and LeBron. Is not really coach is in your opinion so if if unity and a terrific coach who's coaching LeBron James. You you basically have cut him off you've emasculated that guy right because it was. So be it a better part of that I don't do you say the prodded thinks ago. Then LeBron does think. I lose a good coach and he can't be good either because LeBron thinks he's good so we'll probably had your back coaching LeBron that you're Goodyear's Stu why I said I think it back I shouldn't say he thinks he's a good coach he can just walk over whoever wants so that's what he wants he wants complete control over the the signings of the players the rotations of the players. So he feels maybe more comfortable telling tie Lou what to do I haven't seen anybody make an argument that that's not the case and it's sort of like a given that that LeBron run in the team tonight. Getting her hair and heard governor David Griffin speak on the cavaliers general manager that's on his rants. Two or three times a year. Like it's it's hard to say hi Brad Stevens. But he is under 500 as a coach and he has never been the NBA finals and even though. A tie Lou was gifted the team if you look at it that way. Here it is you got it. He took a team that was down three games to one and. Maybe it was all LeBron and he just said hey good job LeBron get suggestion maybe it was I don't know he was on board for a big comeback against a great opponent so you have to. You have to give him the edge at a championship lead and have a losing playoff record. I don't clap yeah opposes it and have a losing record at all. But he's it seems as the losing record the an interactive look at Africa and its speaker and a losing play. If all of the ping pong ball fairies do exactly what they're supposed to do. And they finally hold up that very last card and it's got the Boston Celtics logo on you have the first overall pick in the draft. Do you pick it do you keep it and take that guy ordeal we'll that pick because it's never going to be worth more great question it is at 930 tonight. It's a great question and you know we talked about ceilings when it came to this series Celtics vs cavaliers were well there's a ceiling on that number one pick on what you can get. Let's is easier to eliminate guys who were not available even though you have a number one overall pixel LeBron James not available Kevin Durant now available stepped curry. Collide Leonard John zarrella yup saudis to forget James Harden yeah. Russell Westbrook probably now available anybody else after that I think can be had. It was governor David Ed and they have any games but I think he can be had. I do aren't and I'm not want Arnold Brown bogey I'm not sure what they're doing down there but I think you get if it gives you probably can't get Carl Anthony Townsend and put them on the list. Now he can't get him or give up yet John as you could get degree creek now the public good with the number one pick now now you probably could not I don't think so. So now that's I told you we can't have put eight guys are our colleges and a joked his bird or anybody I haven't mentioned. That your excited about getting yes. Well Paul George is the answer if you at the first overall pick you trade it for Paul George if you sound a lot turn the only Iraqi site entertain the idea for one year in convincing on that that's not worth it to me. I would've done it last year or at the deadline you know whatever yours take your one of those picks and because you didn't know if there was one through four. Right you know it through army needed opus number one overall and who have had to post seasons with them and a chance. And did you think they have a chance right now to beat the cast yet imagine they had Paul Georgia lying on the team instead you might mess that the chemistry are okay. Canister for that's the point. Thought on that anybody would know do I did the peck away that I got to an idea don't spread out that Paul George might be the one guy I would trade the and again assuming Russell Westbrook doesn't wanna he's the only guy under was good for Jimmy Butler not a modular or forcing guests. Where zing it's when I first overall known now for number one overall it's gonna vote for now that opens that I had a reward guys for me yeah a lot of beat and so that's I think tonight's image in a number one. Let any change. Decide whether he wants faults or whether he wants smaller or does that surprise doesn't wants Jackson whenever maybe in the next to do. By the panel report in Lawrence a traitor than a draster. I do. Yeah treaties what lost lost one trade. The departures are you is he lost that big loss yeah it was a big loss but he's won a lot of trade and some significantly. Calico the IS the edge like this one the fact that we're we're talking about a lottery tonight that's a huge win as I was like ten wins. Yeah votes and it's not so we we like his trading yes. His drafting. And distracting is he had had a ton of picks he's a picture of top ten a couple of times. Right Marcus marches are trying Jalen brown. Jim Brown's too early to tell. Yeah we've seen some flat Camelot you do I don't might of those yeah like you're in jail and is Jalen was Jimmy brother. I hope so as it is I'll take a four years ago at Yale if I take awhile yet but Butler of you did trade it. Yeah you you hasten the progress that's great ideas guy who's NBA ready day one. Let's use Paul George just for the sake argue an idea it if you got Paul George here next year and you went out and signed Gordon Hayward. Pretty good there are you very good wanted to I do all that same amount of work. My OK about it but even money wise does that work in terms you're team if you have. Paula George. Because now you're bringing in yet big money guys I don't know how much money they have this is it just too big money guys Paul George can you sign and he got under. Sign an extension and we have Gordon Hayward. So. Your lineup with how to George and Heyward played together as George good jolly did you know determine to a four he's now. George Horford and hopefully upgrade over near Johnson. That's what you're starting lineup would be I think for the next several years and I'll point is if you draft a guy in the top four and he's under team. By the time he's really good I don't think Horford will be and Thomas might be a fine. But it's it's it's that it's a transfer power Ehrlich we're talking about before with a look at spurs team. Where Duncan was aging but they had a young guy like collide Leonard who was stepping up Duncan was told contributor but. Carrying them carrying the load was coli Leonard so in this case you draft somebody. Right now in three years it very the star and then Horford is the contributor. So it but that's your banking on Jalen brown and this guy that unknown both being really you're really really it's a national special. 6177797937. Do you keep the kitchen appliances the party. Or do you trade them for the door that Carol Merrill standing in front of right now what Susan said this how happy I did have a client is what you get made 6177797937. Right back to the called would you coming up next Sports Radio W media. Michael how rich she supports. 6177797937. Excellent 37937. We've been talking about the Celtics huge game seven win last night the upcoming series in the edit far off. Starts tomorrow night at the TD garden not the Boston Garden. Sorry my princess at the TD garden. I against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. So have been talking about that of course the draft lottery tonight now we told you yesterday. ESPN sports and imposed on the numbers. The Celtics according to them had a 68% chance of winning last night. We know that they have a 25%. Chance of getting the first overall pick in the draft tonight they said last night that chances of both things happen. Was 17%. And and Alan and that's what I say I didn't look today to see if they've updated their number well because I thought when he tied now and it's let's got back this point 5% is the one thing it's happened. And to know now we wait. One through four elements earlier unfortunately the fourth pick as the most likely in terms of odds. That is the classics opens their eyes and with a number four going to be wide Celtics. But maybe have some guys that you like aren't for you. Maybe they do they have for. The Celtics are four all they need is for. Lori Lori market and now until now. Isaak John Isaak when a caller specifically they don't. In addition Tatum somebody does somebody called in earlier in the dropped out but he returned my Tatum on the Africa he watches highlights. You've got a guy who looks very much like a great Celtic. Are there a good spot so eminently control all of the all the cards here come and outflows of intrigues you or whatever they happen to bill. 6177797937. Ivan is in Denver say Ivan I don't. Fantastic brother what's going dice. Well what's quite on the witness and I don't know much about basketball but I'd look at countries like utility takes so wanted to ask you. You'd have picked up a thing or two since then when Chad. Awesome for now I'm really come back with a I thought that's I think I need to I need to be on my own out of the light years. That's the problem all right all right hit it a little hum what your level. The written in yes harmed by it wouldn't let you need and group. Players in order to win a championship maladies. I would like the Celtics. To keep this same team that they have right now so that you had gave him brown so that you have Crowder. All of mixed. Mock. And perhaps. Who the other got rosier. Young and sprinkle some other advantage. All. And then adding you know law a great center and that center. Yeah it. You know and then you look at you know it started people up front in the united and yeah. You. I thought I had been did not under sell himself now you are home ran up a half hour. Done. I'll check you know birdied ten you don't need ten players to and so. Eight would be good. Like three. I'm just saying that he it yeah Ian Ian Gold you know three deep on the mention gap doesn't really count yourself and self outskirts. Really hurts them want to baffles of that in 76 he thinks they need ten good players there really good Saturday to add pieces he's that he that nobody else but not really adult theme. Don't know he wanted to he wanted to radko we want all you what are you every he wants this team yeah. But that that really good center. Yes out of center and Emory Junior Johnson the mother hey hey hey I mean doesn't like America that don't even read I have not accept more of what he's forgotten. He liked him to them. I Johns opened main page guide on. Yeah it. I'm John John. Now let's not much date might take a quick questions ordered all day. 21330800. Or. Members. That's got to be my Jones about who. Do you like to know. I. Now are that's what these guys the watch are eight awards such I was acting in the last eight. Never have been to a Jeanne stat that ever you know I'm 26. At it last night that atmosphere was unbelievable. Idea. I wouldn't solve Michael Jordan's last game market are out quite our old. And it didn't touch it grows it was on the oh lead global. But my main point is to vote on draft. I understand that we're worried about one terms or works you know a model white I have to last aren't Big Apple states that the war it's happened. And on a roll you might want. To what my point is there's a car and strap. That's currently overlooked in mark's point and you know on the green cheaper but also India AD Lew cheap virtue will sort torture art. AM there are any adjustment Jack's. And did you just hear and I'm man enough. Yeah maybe what there may be would there second. I'm. Another don't have to release that are either now or. And straighter next church which is in the second second round. But whenever whenever they are going to act they take the second half and that's fine but my point was sentenced. He's he's a guy that crime does. Looks like all third when he got into the two rafts. I mean he's tall lanky he Turkey cup year so probably grow more chewed. Dimensions and yeah I do care act. I I really instinct that you saw it you know sent in to. It was amazed me that there are there are folks out there who will latch on to wait a player. Like Willie Collie Stein for everything that they latch onto a guy and they just they they just love that guy we all do it. But some album are they realistically. In the minute. Knowledge. Jackson. Will be he'll be a first round pick. Is he won't Donna I'm just not where you are picking get email on NASA has a great work out for me to get into the teens. Maybe just as sure incredible workouts for teams are the odds are better than we thought things got pretty good size and you know team has a drill and he sets the record in that drilled. And it is funny Kennedy goes up. Doing you know draft talk the last several years when the Celtics have had. Stayed the the third pick in the sixth pick or wherever else are even lower people are bloody thing. Get your road to part Parker and get a well known as a and fall and now the federal the other way it was inevitable and overall taken to a job Isaac I think about just that they don't. No you're gonna get or the four best players in the draft those guys and not the other enough. 6177797937. Or final drive coming about 545 or sell. We reset the scene for you what went on last night what we hope is gonna go on tonight. Gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Important final hour Daylon Hollywood he Sports Radio WEEI it was a magical night last night the garden. The joint was jump but the atmosphere was electric. The Celtics. And up and down first path. Really kind of took things over at one point had an eighteen to two run in the second half to kind of seize control of things and let by the clinic Kelly I'll let it. Wanted to beat Washington Wizards in game seven move on in the Eastern Conference finals against the LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers beginning tomorrow night and and everything you hope for us is Celtics fan going into this season. Has now come true that's right yeah couldn't realistically have expected more than what you've got right now. I app finder of the Arctic plain. About team and the only thing you can even make that statement it can be more accurate depending on what happens tonight close to 9 o'clock. So you're excited about the Brooklyn pics here excited about the team on the court up and coming team and let's see how they can progress from last year when they lost in a first round to 2000 1617 season if the number one pick. And you're in the conference finals yet it's it's pretty much word. Most people wanted to see happen and it would they felt like it was realistic. Yeah you look at all the questions have been answered along the way you know whether it's Isiah Thomas I think everybody was questioning him but you're still wondering how he was gonna play in the post season. Compared to the last couple years. Al Horford. Kind of up and down the regular season I feel like you know the expectations were high because of the contract because he's that you know former all star. And there were nights where he looked like that you look like one of the best big men in the league and there are other nights. Where yet to hear all about the new wants and also stuff what does this. He's been terrific so those two guys have both been great you've got big games out of Avery Bradley is while. And then Brad Stevens you have seen him win a couple of series because we're so quick to say the best coaches in the NBA. All right let's let's let's get a lot of wind in the post when it matters most is done it twice I'm not a couple of series yet on posters including game seven and yet you said there were the second best team in the Eastern Conference at the beginning of the year I think that was a very fair goal is probably going to do it. But it's not the beginning of the year it's May Day is finally spring I've seen you out there. I jam in the road because the weather is nice got you dwindles down Napster music up. Skirts and high. He's pretty slow path that allows our guys aren't sure how it. I error. I error Paul okay you know close that layers of clothes are coming up it is warm outside you're gonna get it or with the salt in Riyadh an episode of light on what I'm I'm Heidi right now. I know. Here we are may yeah. Where we don't. Where is this this conference finals it that way I prepare yes yes about NBA finals now chances of chances of the substitute for the NBA finals. Less than not chancellor yeah not a you've seen record I don't think the chance of going in the NBA finals with a home court advantage yeah I don't think so. It's up minus. I'm going to plus 375 the scene for us I think they play their best basketball I'll put it to you this way I think their chances of getting the first overall pick in the draft. Are much better about love. I think I think they play their best basketball. They can win this thing. And it just it was six or seven games. C in May not even takes seven they play their best all good team that basketball. Today eighty ladies. Or they love Ireland thick as an exit exits Orszag has admitted after they play their best best article out in Cleveland now. Hour and I'm. There's just a player sure. And it really difficult time in Washington yes they couldn't win in Washington the matters of weird matchup thing that was it we years ahead of the match I think mental thing I don't know what it was of las ruled out here. All year they would not Thomas success against the counselor that I had played four games and lost three of them. Let me give you the numbers for tonight to see you know which are up against panic insert the chances of the Celtics getting beef fourth overall pick in the draft. Is 35 point seven they can't get low more than four OK time now over 35 point seven is their chance of getting the Arctic air. Seventeen point 8% for the third panic. 21 point 5% for the second pick. 25%. For the first overall pick in the draft. The chances of the Celtics having a top three pick is 64 point three. Of having a top to OPEC. Is 46 point five not that that's going ended ended tonight that's what the odds tally less than 350. Do I don't like how has sort of coin flip kind of red and not really wait one right. No one. Map back up now will tell you your best chance is getting the fourth so but the draft to your best chipped it to your best stops and takes on the winner yourself. Okay draft aside I don't want the wind out of the sails yet when it. Just wanted when I understand why you guys think that they have a better chance of winning a lottery than beating. Cavaliers for the lottery is really out of your control. You know we know what I all of our hard but I don't something on the court yeah it's it's in your control if you make your shots you find the open guy he played defense you rebound. You've got a chance you can make this happen you can take down your team can take down the cavaliers. It's literally a one in four chance that you win the lottery. I got there are debating that that's that is whereas the Celtics to have to beat. LeBron James four times you're not gonna be LeBron James LeBron James themselves on their team now that the individual will win last I checked who have winning stats. The check well I do not winning you know they'll have winning games if he can Whittle morning. If you look at LeBron James the last time the Celtics beat them the last time they kept him from going to the NBA finals yes look at his stats for the series that they were incredible. So you can also look at it necessarily beat LeBron James yeah. You beat this team will enact an eye on that team. The last Ener1 the the cavaliers only remember there probably summit craft project. I see like who like booting their best but I guess that's my point is. I think that now do you have LeBron who crazy enough six years later is playing just as well if not better. Always get better is inevitably turns out better than the one to conduct more play Albert should this version has gone to Miami. Has been in the you know Pat Riley wasn't his coach but is it a Pat Riley culture for about one. Two championships in Miami so we got that. He had some psychological problems basketball wise he did win but before. The Likud wins in all this thing he didn't take big shots in the moments too big for him all that's gone. We just plain. Better LeBron James now needed then so immediate better supporting cast. So the starting lineup for LeBron the last time they lost both on LeBron didn't make it to the NBA finals. Was a 37 year old Shaquille O'Neal knew. Antawn Jamison. If any Parker and Mo Williams. So I will take bows abroad Kevin Love carrier ring actress the constant harassment over the group and created yet. Right and that Celtics who have been in the you're in that. I do yes it does so that so it's really Rondo pierce Allen preakness at that Celtics play the cavaliers four times this year 11. Comfort and the last time they played. Well we got destroyed now home. Got absolutely toast I think. In the first game they've played this year as some demonstrators there are couple of asterisk. Games here. The first game they played it was a no Al Horford no Jae Crowder. One of those games it was no Horford and there's no Crowder. And then there was special case and another game 00 for Cleveland and in the game Cleveland lost in this goes against the Celtics. I think there was no Kevin Love. In that talk yet the first in and they played it was like the fifth game of the season for both teams those forever ago. The cavs won once when he one point two. And there was no crowd or there was no Horford OK so they started. Tyler Zeller. Celtics that. Jalen brown and Amir Johnson yeah I'm getting your senator Johnson is a star I'm gonna yeah I guess two of those won't be starting tomorrow I that are directed you'll guess right. Sony as one might not play the. All. Yeah well I doubt we'll we'll get some is this these are our the last set of questions because of the questions before the season had been answered. How Isiah Thomas gonna do in the post season some of you had that question some are either. And don't have a question anymore he's great post season great regular season. Can the Celtics went around a playoff just they can in the Celtics went on the road yes they can't just on Washington. Yes I am confident that you know what have to win on the road aptly got wrecked so low and so now how far. What is the gap between the Celtics. And and the cavaliers. Now if you want to be technical person. You could say there is no gap because the cavaliers are behind the Celtics you want to go there I don't wanna do that. I'm when it over to go in with the presumption that there's a gap. And that is that the cavaliers. Deserve your respect and as their their champions and get the best player best also there's a gap. Between what the cavaliers are doing and what the Celtics are doing what is that there so and it hit the Celtics overcome it with. Flawless team basketball. So they have every series there may have the best player on the floor Cleveland us as the second best player in the series on the Salt Lake surge on the caps. He's on the Celtics ASE your mind in the way he's playing and in the carrier in the third best Blair. I did more for them now and are you had to say you can't say carrier reduce the purpose and a back. In an hour now does great I get a lot of effort. Tiger what the way they've pulled away late in the playoffs or present batter the Horford to better because I love is that played that great playoffs I'll get a really good regular season game with a lot of games due to injury but when he's played the playoff suspect Tenet and where is for Portland query. That I all the sudden it's looks a little closer if corporate better and let's say that he is. Now it's it's much more even so do you have the eye of the five best players on the court. So with the two of morality or best tool Rumsfeld and he can't be haunted by his past or for him yet because he's had a good Moline he's had some period. The depressing experiences at the hands of the cavaliers. When he's with the hawks. So Al Horford or perhaps. And it you've got to just like that like that's likely news new team game and it's got to be corporate this this. This trio of Horford. Johnson analytic and all that are not organs on the floor the same time those three guys. Are gonna have to be. Solid on the boards going against Kristin Thompson who's an animal. Is and hit it there and he's an animal. On the honor guards and you've got to be able to compete with him if he can't do it can't compete with constant. And you can't compete with LeBron on the boards is our party giving him a triple double for the series at thirty point thirty point plus triple double for the series I think 35. Twelve intent. Well who realistically is about a rebounding team Cleveland or Washington. Oakland and Cleveland shortly and as you know and I watched the Celtics. You are. Up on the last offensive rebounds. They're very good up and two rebounds defense or rebounds Cleveland is at the bottom of the league that shocks you doesn't it it's surprising man yeah you know at the bodily defensive rebounds. But offensive rebounds Tristan Thompson is I think number three or four basketball. Everything is I got there but is that him and haunt the cavs in the series because how good of an offensive rebounding team as the Celtics are all outside the three point arc of that just chuck it shots. They're not really looking for second chance points so much so even a bad defensive rebounding team in the will be OK there. What's gonna kill you is the same thing that we saw two years ago where you play really good defense and carrier Irving. And like every Bradley is on Brady's flap the glove on him and next thing you know fatally shot missed that but they did your rebound rebound kick out of Saturday night. Yet that the cavaliers were twelfth in the league in rebounding the wizards were twenty footer. And overall old or sound overall in total there. Each. Which is a deep which is a difference of exactly one rebounds per game. Where the Celtics. When he ninth probably aren't part of that apartment and rebounding rebounding overall rebound again realized that allows a second half. 27 place all day my daddy get a life. So that's different if down the 27 for the Celtics at this just for perspective okay when he perspective the 27 for the Celtics in the twelfth. For the cavaliers is a difference of how many rebounds. One point eight rebounds as though having. You know it's back to read through how. How about an hour our possessions and there it is to win that's critical that's right they're gonna have to play their best basketball in high. I just feel good today at a terrible caller we have a caller in the 2 o'clock hour let's rev the engine development and think about those I know I'll object he was trying to say none of gently with Kelly Atlantic he was trying to the president. Trying to bring down you can't bring me down now. You can't. I'm feeling good yes grand not only do I think the Celtics. Played great team basketball. I think they can do it tomorrow night. And win that game. I didn't want to win game one of the series set the tone the most fluent. Now some muscle to series. I had to take game one out of its. Well yeah. Now I like you wanna laugh it off but yeah I try to do well hold secondly you've got the back before he left. Views that they haven't played in ten days wreck may slot that was the last game for the camp LeBron James had a quote about this to their asking I think he's played eight teams. Like over a month. A forty something days he has like that. He says it's worse for him when they're not planning. So he's probably get and he's Vietnam is rusty is possible to be some degree but those guys I don't think they're going to be in secret way. We saw the Celtics have some really bad first quarters earlier that wizard series while there after their after the jump on the cavs year. Into the Indians and go from there and if they don't win game one and it's only disables when wreck but it's a home game then and at the time where the cavs aren't really clicking yet. If you had if you can grab that first Monday and then maybe have a chance. They don't respect them. So that's good that I ultimately had to disrespect card and Arianna it I don't know if it comes from disrespect our. If this is has nothing to do with winning and losing OK just to take. Who I think it's gonna win who I think is gonna lose take that aside now this conversation. Conversation is. The Cleveland that if you're the Celtics you know in yourself to expand you know. Cleveland Cavaliers look to you as less than they they have no fear they have no fear of the Celtics they think they're gonna to state. To the NBA finals now. You can know that and if you're you're going against. The warriors. And they don't respect you need to be mad about it. But you also felt powerless because it's not in fact I got a there's nothing good about it now you know they go out and make them today. I just the way I look at the world hate hate wouldn't win. The arrogant that they can do whatever they want so I'm rooting against the cavaliers had been so arrogant all year. You know look with the way David and no playoffs yet they touted an okay have they done it against. Superior competition have a. Not better than that everybody has good teams while Toronto was a good team Toronto I thought so too so yeah I think and I think Indiana was detained now but they're like the bulls. Andy you know they have and most games and possibly others that ultimately they swept them they came back from like 25 point deficit on the roads and maybe maybe that's actually helpful maybe their arrogance will be to another level because they're saying hey we just mail it in and oh by the way we haven't lost in the post season. So they development I think there's a slight I think there's a I think they will. I think they will. But the gonna go in the game like this that there's no way they're going and are saying. And we got a player that's fastball the year we got to get on it because this team can hurt they don't think that but the problem that is again if you're talking body one team like instantly turn thing. They're great they're arrogant take it lightly and actually you know as the third quarter to a close game of the Celtics pulled off wins or or not ports on a close game I think they take you so lightly that they're upside down by twenty and they wind up losing by twelve presidential bodyguard putts. How can that really planes. Set a seven game series or even the Celtics win too but that doesn't wake up the cavs they wake them up. They've got to take advantage of every resource available to home. Everything available from home court advantage of being home court advantages 1%. Gives. The Celtics 1% better chance of winning the series OK he'll take it. If the cavs are arrogant and that gives you like I have percent advantage take it yeah they need everything. They need to be. Almost perfect. Should there are two back to witness an outward. Conan and maybe I know now anymore it where whenever anyone. But there when it and not just not all of typically don't Wear black period ahead do it and love them. Had it bounce back they recovered from that nearly go off camera. They had. In game. I came seven at eleven amid turnovers and eleven turnovers. Last night daily the red box where I'm not sure. But there was another game where they were even lower. The game tied 88 last night at eight turnovers last night and in the wizards had fifteen is that what are currently or so eight turnovers that's and I think yeah also had another single digit turnover game. If they're gonna and that carries. Have to do that any need to shoot threes. Like a couple of hit it one game when they shot what like 48%. From three or if they got a couple of those where they're obviously gonna have to hit. Well between twelve and fifteen threes probably and that's the way they they go and they're gonna have to be you know again issue close to 50% which would we've actually seen that done. Isaiah was great last night. Ford 90% of it. And in our couple plays where you know they would just kill you if you do this against the cavaliers so he got swallowed up. And it was marquee mores. Was guarding him he was falling back he had nowhere to go at the ball he just throws you saw it out man Morse gets it. Goes you know they pay it forward may get a basket out of the cavs cute but he was 1212. Assists last that the two turnovers. Then don't which is great and eighty it was loved him scoring yet any more what's the elect you don't and feel that way. Do you think the cavs though will do something to Thomas. That's maybe different of the blizzard to the polls I would say that for a couple of reasons you know two years ago again that the Celtics were very under. Object in that series yet but Thomas was held to each he had a terrible shooting percentage he couldn't get anything going. What's also urged him with the cavs do and each the last two NBA finals. State a great job and stuff Currie forever reason stuffed her youth and does not play like stuff curry in those series and there's some similarities there as far as the guy who will shoot from anywhere and he'll sort of you know run the office ball's in his hand a lot. They don't hit job on him and I wonder if they'll also read my job taken what I. Beat him up pretty good and pretty physical and here's the difference between Isiah Thomas ever lived several differences but one of the big ones. 20152017. So 2015 something so happy to be there there are seven seed that cavaliers are two seed cavaliers sweep. 2017 Isiah Thomas all year has been the primary threat. For the Celtics and being treated like the primary threat throughout the regular season he's been counted on to get thirty points people go and say we gotta stop him. And he's still produces even though he's got a lot of attention so I think he's more used to it in the upper difference. Is he's got more trust in his teammates now they needed then some of the similar attempts similar teammates Kelly clinic was there Avery Bradley was there Horford wasn't. On the key trusted those guys. Like he does now. 6177797937. Eddie's on the cell phone handy I don't. Hey guys acquired a couple of ports don't want to make record you know what will be taken right out later. The cavaliers in come back from 31 down last year and watch that series. What we lost at least it backs. Gone can't beat people flocking to beat Annika you palpable as well. Day one may play well they've clear conscious. And I think Kevin these games at home in a matter. Units abroad you can do well by law. I have confidence in the Salton Sea because it seemed like one may play in the garden is magic here. I had beaten its normal aggregate nominal tightly. Very special click I don't count these guys out because. You know LeBron LeBron these guys want to last year in Egypt got to wonder how hungry are. Pay any task is on them. How how magical is the garden the first two games of the bulls series. I agree and you know what you do whatever happened these guys were ready that they say I'm so mad odd couple in they best watch and. I don't think Washington played. Absolutely. Incredible I think that I think they play every one of these games so once I want them all but eight shout out. In. Art is it back an all out on the Arctic out and we just look at these sit back they are you know like. Gradient and the take it to get this one and the giants want to win anything can happen sports that's why we watch the game. I like that I agree with that I want in one game anything can build I am very did all in one game I agree with him anything can happen yes in a best out of seven that's a little harder less likely. It would be one of the biggest upsets. In the history of the National Basketball Association the Celtics when losers when I think it's just collect the association it was a good there are vulnerable. And router vulnerable in the regular season where and I think they might have some vulnerabilities still. I hope that you know these are picking us on the side you know. Looking at them as a team that desperately at the car aren't end of it of the cavaliers are an individual right and there's individuals vulnerable. But he's popping artists yes if you can't see. Is pretending to be as invincible. Aka buddies actually ball horrible psychology major and argued. But a couple of heart I don't know do I do at that as a psychology major it's as a sports fan I don't know half a path that's what 77797937. Final round about twenty minutes away. Iran Sports Radio WB yeah. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Text like 37937. Tomorrow on the program we'll talk John Ferrell we'll actually be a baseball game tonight. We'll pass it feels like it's been forever but it's only in name only missed it more interleague al-Qaeda. And lay out of the lineup tonight in out and order a re as in. About the way. And also and we're talking about betting. Well one view area pretty much from an out story. Celtics cavaliers are Tuesday morning Cleveland had been than that up to. Minus 700 favorite. And Boston was plus 500. You have plus 375 plus 500 now they did a one under 100 dollar bet on the cavaliers when the series would now win fourteen dollars and 29 thank you very much thank you a route 100 dollar bet on the Celtics would win 500. Dollars. We also had some odds that Westgate Las Vegas. So it's plus 600. Hope we get it shifting now is getting your dad how does it make it easier for them better for them to win that means that as well betting is better. Well law and that's it makes it easier for them to win but those who are looking for purely out of action would be taking a lunch already promised. A magic guys here at lunch off campus. Opt gloss off campus. 600 dollars you can get a lot of stuff that launched way you a lot of stuff yet don't just be ordering stuff just for the sake. I'm thinking all you guys and I. Yeah I gonna take it revered. You know what they get the arts kick particular. Genetic line here. Thank you to the commonwealth changed the laws. If this cup can take your. We reported the cork back bottle and I think at home then I'd Dave's of Rhode Island native united on. And what you do and god that's. A hypothetical point. One is on the game last night. And that's been a lifelong Celtic fan of foreign and every once in a lot easier game where you just think. While these guys just became like the capitol the Celtics. And about about the third period last night I decide that energy level team first play. And I just thought you know that and the Celtics should showed up again the next generation. And a fan I'm happy that on any series with a team that will play that way. I love the optimism from Michael there so just very happy along plants and in the sort of comment on the south its future as well. With a draft coming up. I don't know if you guys saw that a one of the major sites one of the major besides track expressed or something. One of the delicate rang the players from last year's draft. Then went back and look at okay cool at the top ten die like now it turns out there and now with their value is. And so that has three guys on the clock and in terms of perceived value now unpaid leadership full war. Tablets Elliott five and Taylor and I Taylor brown at seven. So in terms of all four of these guys have legitimate value either in trade or actually you know contributing to the scene so actually optimism and a great talk. Thank you Dave I have a hard time believing that the other two guys would be I'm ranked ahead of Jalen brown based on. They were playing against this year as compared yeah he was playing him I don't know there there there are a lot of positive pause I had a Jalen brown went to brown do well. Plagued the NBA no that's true but there's a lot of hype from those guys there's been so many hits from guys goes on the foreign guys that are brought over here I mean look at you know. Mirotic in yo kitchen circuit should always divert I had a video forcing Gasol is of guys recently that have played in some of those leagues over there have come over here. Dario starts even this year might be rookie of the year like elegant year so there's a lot of rather got so there are pretty hyped up although I did out of the same article of the similar article. When they're talking about if some of those got a good Jalen brown was in this year's draft. It might be picked from a ten or so. This is sort of talk about the strength of this year's draft and what people really like all these are value haters think of faults and ball Jackson and almost I have by good news Turkey and bad news from. Wrap them up. Q layer so it was a series of wins series that excellence. Now here's a here's bad news for you well dale this bad news for you good news for a the quarterback of the show can you do it when you're drunk. And you know I do and you thought yeah. Are not a big deal I mean honestly via. Kelly and hammers they Kelly night. Am going off the map that Celtics when I was fun out. Oh very cool and how much it would actually going to be cedar that'll help from neglect in a reputable. So X. Are you made a comment that you you know mister Collins let you know it thirteen. There was a comment made a minute ago about. I think that there over Capriati and it letter carrier ring number two guy. That's the case. Why aren't why is that not the case I know what lies and I'd just give me tell me why that's not true. If you added up aren't you could be convinced me that I that it was as good of offensive player all around. On an average guy that hired Irving I will give you that Isiah Thomas on that night. B. Does that resentment that is averaged. An average pay is not the average and I get swallowed up. What do you. Think this is in this is I think this is part of our problem with the conversation. With when it comes Isiah Thomas in Calgary urban people are just going with names that's it. He's going with one guy was the first pick in the draft and plays the LeBron and one guy was a sixtieth pick in the draft but if you go what numbers. As what you give me some at any numbers you pick him. You pick numbers to support your argument once debt you know had to be fifty on anyone's got to support your argument and then a decision or shut up. Not that they don't have in here are excellent incumbents are let. A candidate could give me one reason that happened about stamps I'll I'll I'll wave this debt. That the stat standard and just give me one reason. That Isiah is not is it diary. Yeah it didn't take away that if he three point. A lot of great success in the playoff carrier ring that had. Great success in the playoffs that not only just unveiled I was acting street in Cleveland Oxford but first let quite a bullet itself. Put Cleveland in that series and the eventual under the Nazis. Well wishers are done much this year. It to my this year last year when what was series lead he said that's who runs. In game period you're going to be fine. Oh lead on NBA finals. Yeah yeah that so night let that he but not quite but I'm so sick and they think. I think it's just bigger so if you could talk all it. Everybody's. Everybody's lives and doesn't tell the shortest guy on any. Exactly which is why he's able to get exploited. Oh heard over and over by the liberties. I would not want to think he's the best player on the team that's in the conference finals at 29 points and twelve assists last night some exploitation it's one meal like that. Yeah I wish I bet John Wall wishes he could exploit the Celtics in that way Sampras went away from that they work they're doing a good job and and in Stevens takes Isiah out at one point now maybe just get some rest he still played forty minutes in the game so I was wiped him out but. He came out that team look better defensively. And then they just never went back then like whoever Isaiah is guarding one eagle why don't you post them up or have me go one on one every single time graduate. Edit I do. Is that what takes you out of me I think you do it when it makes sense but at the. But I thought I don't last night is if you double that neither I gave dire at a sinker got to anything but if you pass down a lot of times he's gonna guard somebody who significantly taller. Only because he's an inferior offensive player. Like in this in this series against the people out there he's not gonna be unnerving. Really you I don't think I mean not much thought it would be of somebody much taller than them but somebody who's not really great dynamic profits of player but even that guy. It's not in and teams don't do enough. Well I would say Anderson Isaiah at 59 is much greater than the guys I'm gonna mention. Mugs you boast spot where. No this what you do you get guys that size you always say. I got a little guy here mouse and house 5355. I'll take it at the girl got against her boy yeah I doubt I think this guy down low. And I'll give my office well there are couple of problems with that one. The guy that he's on May not be the guy you wanna feature. That's one number two it's 242 clock but time to get the ball over now we're talking about. Nineteen. Eighteen seconds he's hit one right on our posts OK but it's but now you're taking yourself out of your offense. With the hope that your guy this guy may be your second or third option yeah. It's gonna take advantage of and so now you do you do toll on your offense. And that's all that that's if Otto Porter can't turn around he's a foot taller than Isaiah Thomas if he gets around to score in the paint. Now this enforce the southeast and at least send double teams or do whatever they are gonna do whatever stretch there's what I think guard guys. Ara utters I I get your overall point that hey this is this your offense you don't wanna completely go a different direction yeah I think when it makes sense to do it. But to say that this is our consistent strategy over and over on. I don't know about that all last night we saw what happened was they were trying to double and then as much as they could give help on Isiah Thomas forced him. He was finding a political was open because Gortat was over there somewhere that. And an Olympic made them pay now if if that guy who was open makes them pay you gotta. I got up and out you if you're if you're breaking those shots like they did in game three because he he was finding guys in game three to Jae Crowder was open Olympic was open. Is that gains or would Atlantic had a point that pretty epic you break treatment in a one point 01 point game. In and Jae Crowder was like a lot of guys just had open shots and they're doing next game Avery Bradley has five points not making a lot of open shots. But if you do that. Isiah get the ball to you and you can knock them down not got something but. I think guys that criticism is purchasing they played almost a hundred games. So they were the number one. Seed in the regular season they played thirteen playoff games here they are in the conference finals. And we're still talking about exploiting Isaiah and he's not this he's not that well. I have people figured out they shouldn't be here. Our final drive it's coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.