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Bradfo guarantees the number one pick for the Celtics, 5-16-2017

May 16, 2017|

Rich Keefe and Rob Bradford (from St. Louis) are in for Mut. The two discuss the Celtics big game 7 win the night before and just how unexpected Kelly Olynyk's impact was. They also get into the NBA draft lottery and what their hopes are for the C's.

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A lot of talented players on the road there's not a lot of good guys your feet. Big headed. I'll show got to go into the citizens who visit is set itself. ExxonMobil. Here's my back nine slug Sports Radio W we. Another night without mod factor going to be without much all week long Rick he. The next hour joy to survive. From Saint Louis rob Bradford from our third. Whether I've heard it's nice Saint Louis. One firm doing my perfect one might complete and that it good night for a ball game it muted so. Except. With the with the one exception of the that was not a now a game it's not a new topic thing well now that wasn't so you have a full. You're really full plate here tonight either an hour you heard me and then you're going to be doing in the game with Tim never. Yeah but you know. I I I hope our. Celtics talk are you are not know a lot of I was outlet under an hour. Thank you thank you were up embracing he's the year's show up letting me. There's David. Brad Stevens coaches. Bought off last. He really I had no I was a high school basketball and you work. Now that high it's complementary. That it keeps his hearing from your short yes short and yet he's coached circles around us Scott Brooks I think. Is operated this whole thing well. I act this out. Tan at the end toward the end game right this is maker break at three yeah he calls a timeout. They drop and play for court. I don't know what they're doing what is going on rather deal can't miss these aggressive we get the big Fella gonna quick look at it don't let guys don't know about that but the yeah I nice job as solid the bounce back after he got choking it away. In game six and then to come back in the game seven the first game seven ever wore Brad Stevens. And they beat the wizards now is this one of those things where. You know now it's it's completely house money. Oregon changed but it is right tactic so don't you think I know I'm a 100% they side did not think so in the in the last round and we brought it all in Thompson article. Where he was saying odds and it's already house money of the now hold I don't know if you lose to the wizards I don't know how you can look at that say. They job well done for the season that you're the number one seed you have home court against the team that your better than and you lose. Out of bed extremely frustrate all NL so you book 20 the year at the home game follows yet in their place. And yet ago all of Brad Stevens is solving the problems which Scott wrote it is. If found. On the problems of the Celtics and why he turned it around I looked at last night's game. And I just I thought he is to set ticket so analogue you guys fell by. I just hope he is so so good with the substitute that even when he messed up toward the and cricket he was spot on this. Putting Bradley on VOK back in the game on people. But he beat people want to walk he won't spark back on dual yes I did what had been doing during that run. Yes Smart a deal on Bradley on wall seems really really work. And yet I think going into this series or even this whole post season yet some questions about everybody and even that would be great regular season you were wondering how. Brad Stevens is gonna coach the playoffs how Isiah Thomas is gonna play now Al Horford was gonna do now Avery Bradley was gonna do. And those guys have all passed the test they all look really good today big jump out at you or did you learn anything else about this team and they and specifically in the Washington series. Yet markets marked an all star stop it's obvious not and let Blair. Died out he's he's either direct Japanese didn't and on the young winning plays thank you all of them lost. By the way as the court decides to Saint Louis I couldn't see the other local feed for the post game show yeah. He was RF IDA could. You break those guys are funny sometime I love those guys but I'm windows serenaded them no ads didn't watch the game. I guarantee you Shaq and Barkley did not want to game. That and he's that is okay today's pictures NASA wants to use them at the that the put it on their ego but it is terrible by. When you look at it in terms of what stood out for me I will say letting me tell you that make himself a lot of money in and that's not hyperbole now. Back yeah yeah that's how it always works. You you do that in the post season you're gonna make yourself some money yes and markets are I read a lot of a lot that niceties and performing tonight. Throughout the series that might what's wrong when markets are even early in the game I had today my finger on the Twitter bought readies then why isn't terror rosier getting markets arts minutes. And then out of nowhere markets sparked this becomes markets Smart everything you want markets Smart and in large part because he is he with a guy who recover Beale. Judge in the while employed because Rosie shooting at the free throw line in the files like 50%. In shot down 1% in the regular seasons there there might be something up with a well in an offensively unique to knock down the stationary threes he just want to make them. But this is moving around. You he's not a great creator anyway. But he seemed a little more stiff than usual and I'll come back to the beer game and they showed in the bags. I don't know if you saw this yet enormous wrap around the idea yeah that so and I saw grabbed his back a little bit so probably eat that. To me that means even more that you fought through what I read it and he was one of the most important guys. Every quick turnaround form to. This is quick easy and get in the NBA clouds off tonight and then tomorrow. Hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers who await them who have not played in ten days. Still even longer than that like and dirt aficionado of BA playoff basketball I am weak we see these layouts. Manifest themselves in various ways yet right. How do you think it's going to manifest itself are I think it will be a slow start for the counts and I and I'm intrigued because the Celtics had a want to slow starts in the Washington series. They sort of figured that out. So I'm opened the Celtics did just jump out to a big early lead special with a home crowd behind them may be the cows or cannot. You know. Shaken the cobwebs off type of thing I heard about it Arnold who's Isaiah Gardena. JR Smith OK so we were talking about this pirates' clubhouse that's so prepare to put the act itself you're you're you're pulling all the Red Sox. There isn't this little public's view members I was Pedroia about Kelly clinic what he's what do you think you study generally game out of the thing is they still states. But. Yes so. Well let's tell who's gonna guard Isaiah are alive but I did love golf so I said I said that. If you what you need on the other team is a short guy who keeps score and that I was going through the roster the only guy that fits that description mr. coats. I overlooked a tyrant who thought he would he regular guy Fries him. Tyler you supplied men's league ball here in Cambridge and you know what he with us this ago yeah audiences that coach for my buddies play against the neglected and knows everything is on downs just like children need is an audit of we was like oh that's that's the Augusta I loaded that I don't remember I remember I I interviewed Jordan for me was the big via I interviewed Jordan Eddie Jordan the old I was at a house party. Michael Jordan the actor who beat Jordan Ager Michael B Jordan an interview Michael Jordan when he was playing with a wizard and I would do with on that team. And law before it it was a very gregarious guy knocked it around you and and talked to him before on court interview and he's just saying how much he said I'm taking everything I can't indoors. This being around him every single thing every single moment I'm trying to learn from Jordan and to me that's analyze this guy was still player. And he could set on this cruise on through it guys on the one to be around Michael or by I thought it was sincere and I have that you contribute to coach the Cleveland I still didn't think that at least observed and fine but -- his career coach Gary played for Phil Jackson played with Kobe Bryant played with Michael Jordan and now he's you know the bronze assistants that's a pretty nice puzzle right there he's got going there and yeah and so and so do you think Isiah guards than if he can't. I'm with the ultimately I still wants him but my tie Lou argument by. That that was getting uncomfortable when you look at yesterday's game. And what they were doing which is you'll get it on yup it is the initially I say it was on. The first hour Friday. I mean I think he was on a whole lot you go a little bit but then he is also messed up with Mike Otto Porter at times and on for a particular realm all there was no easy answer for. Now there really isn't because there's a you know. It'll be interesting and cancers in your Republican that put him on parity at least a little bit. Now term probably abuse them but I don't I don't want him. Chasing Kyle Korver all around screens either like there's there's no it's hard to hide them in the series Olympus so to so Bradley matches up LeBron. Why would they crowded out at first router yeah I would say Crowder gets the most. Single coverage on them and that probably Smart. And Ben Bradlee the and I just I just remember if you know that's various ways to go with Nazi you put the pig iron and put that. The shorter guys remember Rondo Rondo went yes this was the ultimate rod as the prime moment. Where he he's he pound the Florida and he's like basically it's basic right well Brian's belly button and shut you down. A pretty good job. Yes I you know what I wonder is it and it is gonna get to a point where Isaiah Thomas. Is having such a good game that LeBron does that day or is this I got around me let's get there they pushed every other way you play as my guys are on down. Well I if they tell me rates as the game went on so you have the first half right. And they're down to do in Washington figure something out yet coming back what was making you uncomfortable it's made me uncomfortable. Ice there for some reason was hesitant to take shots elect and I get a he's tried to facilitate everything else. That is certainly initially also Horford not immediately hit a fifty foot jump shot. Yeah. About they couldn't and nobody could hit a shot Ramallah inside you know online now there's about ten times. And I don't a few of these moments where. You composed tweets even though you know that literal almost goods winner always always wait three times a weave the three time before you actually hit the ball is that the roll the rock that law and I guess though I did the there was that there's like five things last night it was like. Horford. It hit a fifty footer to back and nails a three you know what terrorists here why's he played front markets Bart. An analyst Smart makes great play by the department's great place though LA Politico there was a bomb go about their game is amazing. But yes so it was a weird that we just were we're gonna remember that game for the run they went on yen and the game by. It was an uncomfortable. It was yet because they had a couple they had you know in game five you just that was an easy relaxed game there's just no no problem their a game seven it was definitely. Much more concerning I guess to answer your question. Any time in the. Whole series whether it was wall or appeal if one of them. Haq was like over to hand or the one for nine of like these guys are deal but you know he's got to balance it out and they're gonna go on Ron where they hit their next five or six shots. So that was wells were about in the John Wall discount fell apart though in the second half he was like you're in the same out of the map data but the minutes that catch up to include atonement. Yeah that's kind of how it fell day's news you missed wide open shots before. He'll take it over so that's what you're worried about it Morris with a guy Morse was the guy who was awesome. I mean absolutely I asked you with. He was Gotti this is going to be here Kelly let me get right lose yet he's a there Kelly element or whatever that means you like Corbett -- elect he was in a realist in the series prepared the Olympics one game is always capable of doing that again now. And those that. Well it's probably well he eat he with big job of human to break their big guys. And political want the ability to do is the ball on the floor who I think that's how I GoDaddy gets confidence that he started this job. By. I don't think you can do you. Probably not now I got so it got into an argument with the Michael today we're talking about it like we're sorry about you know if in the next series here you look at they at the rebounder for Cleveland now Thompson and love and even LeBron can really to really dominate and so are you saying you know Horford. Johnson and Domonique. Need to be better there or not a day after Al reap on the house the date they need to be able to hold their own. And I said I I have no faith in Kelly Miller the rebounder now let's look at the finals like if you told me. He's gonna score 26 points or Sony's gonna thirteen rebounds I would believe that the only six points way more than thirteen rebounds. All those things frustrate that last play in Washington. Yeah eighties you're kind of at the Battelle and he stepped all over himself and now he's knocked them be rebounding machine it's going to be a problem that's kind of the reason why light there rouge here. Because terrorists here it's. Silly sound if Rick good rebounder. The Yankees are good rebounding games yeah I mean he goes in and he makes a concerted effort to rebound the ball. And it you need every little bit to help you can't argue with that team. Its applicability. Did you see the interview right after the game with David Aldrich yes. Op how awkward is where all our Olympics pocket every guy on the wizards like hey you're on TV like buzz how how how often he's doing those but I ambiguous tests I think I think it was a little passive Aldridge came about. And did the oh. All yet liquid how to get it now that to him like they definitely and even the press conference at the post impressed converts is it a little salty. I think it's because terrorism it. Is. A he's the old people make a lot of room for being with Tom Brady. 01 week Kevin Durant and price allies human news capable of something like this that's game seven performance the thousands of hadn't in years. It's yet. I immediate way and I. Let's if they lost for Kelly Olympics future for his money making ability it might have been better. Because he might be exposed in the Cleveland series. But if you just ended that season right there this happens all the time yes you you'd get you'd get the good post season but it. For the marginal free agent and what's a guy every Olympics by the NBA anyways. You know my favorite example was I'd believe that it was. The Sonics back obviously back in the day it was to Rome James remember him the big Ellis. Yet like a decent run of the aisle to act and there wasn't at the knicks are we need this guy we need to give them all the money in every everybody is that he's terrible when he got to get some rebounds and in a playoff series. What are you doing. We had the vote they are GM's rip people GM's goat dots. Well he's flat rout is the same thing in fields guests yeah they give him the poison pill because they were trying to. What also happened there was they were trying to block the knicks. From keeping fields because they thought they were in the Steve Nash sweepstakes. So they give you get that you feel this insane contract. No I guard take that next Mexican you have that you can do the restrictive created a gecko go work harder to argue week to read such examples because it happens all sports yes all the little the first whatever number in your doctor remember this is that could be dating myself was. The quarterback Larry Brown. Who is the Super Bowl MVP it was overhauled. Now gone on how holdings and it's not all would you feel like I did it once you put out a hole so that out the door podcast makes you have tagged or podcast or on iTunes now yeah. I stay young guy appealed for the younger demo that's the deal with the plan. But he. Yes but I so that was the one that I remember yes. Two interceptions against Neil O'Donnell you know and and that yes the big contract with the state with a Red Sox we have a couple examples John Lackey. Number one. The pitches really well get the Red Sox in the post season at Fenway Park which he was always bad yes now you would probably aren't out yet right pop in and of course bubbles in law. And it may it may actually in the press conferences says well what things he we elect about Pablo would he have that he's able to play on the big stage. And the big stage is every night in Boston are you kidding me. Well that's a 160 until late this guy is like a seven point UPS guy. And yeah I caddie you know he hit 400 something in the in the playoffs the World Series. But it. You should not spent one single dollar because of that. It what's what's the latest on him by the way and he's here he's here in Saint Louis a dozen bodies. It would surprise I thought I. Have got to keep it. At this point on I don't care about this seat between another debate does such a big story in the spring all right now as an author I saw one video you boxing over the break a sweat off the party's rise in the mountain bikes the groups. Ballplayer OK you know belts outbreak he looks better roads but yeah it's great by any you know what he let I don't know if you knew this grapefruit league in RBIs only uses dropped the ball and but it's no he plays. Better as a baseball player in a regular season baseball game not that it matters in they have no choice they have to get him going this is. Everywhere at the what you do at third base that is what they're going to do with third base they have to figure out. The stock market bloodbath everybody go to rehab assignment I'd believe you last I heard anyway after media. Well can we afford that that's rock Bradford in Saint Louis he's gonna be on the call tonight the Sox and cardinals a brief two game set. I'm rich keep back here in our Brighton studios Celtics are on to the Eastern Conference finals game one tomorrow night against the casually talk about that do you also. NBA draft lottery is tonight we'll find out where these Celtics are picking 123 or four. 61777979. 37 gets on your phone calls and talk about the lottery would Bradford come up. On tortured Adobe media might at night on Sports Radio yeah. I doubt we will be here this past especially when I got terrier was like I don't think anybody was taken that and a couple years will be in the Eastern Conference finals where. The players on this team from the first got to ask are we from the last guy we believe in each other. And we knew we never give and we feel like. We're just as good as any team in the NBA from coli we we got we got more work to do you know the world's count us out we. We're gonna keep going regardless. But of course Isiah Thomas this is mud at nights on Marc Rich you and rob Bradford. Trafford in Saint Louis he gets set for Red Sox and cardinals and out prodigy year run as a descent right there yes so. There's a lot in there at the first part. I agree will present when I first got you know first got here nobody thought we you'd be here this quickly like that is that on its own is true. Yet but this save that say even at the beginning of this year that nobody thought they would be in the Eastern Conference finals. Is completely inaccurate in fact we all picked him to beat the bulls and we all picked him to beat the wizards. Explosiveness he's. Implicated they do look good they're that I have seen for God's sakes so we we were we had a pretty high expectations for a month sent. Yeah and end it at the figure that would be interesting conversation the trade deadline. And I know that some people we've talked about that today with the trade deadline. Not making a move that trade deadline and and I for one obviously really wanted them to. Because I look at the Isiah Thomas window we can't assume they're gonna resign and I visited Thomas. And you've got to take advantage of it scoring a bill he he's one of three guys that you need to win so go out and get that other guy but he didn't. Yeah it beat these guys in and Didier to have right now I would probably aren't because Jalen brown the jailer brown I saw last night. And in this case is going to be good thing. Yeah I mean last night he you do week we seem kind of flashes of it all season long and then there are times where. He just doesn't quite likely that Brad Stevens just doesn't get him off off the bench or it's hard to tell that there are other times. That game six. Like he looks like a rookie there you know it is a kind of lost misses and shots had some turnovers at the dumb fouls. Or that game down as game. Six. Right yen that game seven nobody looks like a different player I can be erode the I don't know for young. As he says the after the game honestly I don't know which is. He's a few years ago I was in high school basketball the game seven rightly game seven but. He was fearless you about the shots made him. I this I think is enough and maybe this is on Brad Stevens for not playing enough and I'll ask you want me Brett Stevens went to the rotation last night Whitney Brad Stevens today. This is the guy I am going to go because you point out there's certainly wasn't. All are my goodness Jalen brown playing awesome and I would have been the most important what made him think that was vetoed it's it's usually out. Don't know if it is because you know its home court he feels like some of those younger guys respond better home than they do on the road he's the one guy like Brad Stevens in a really good job. And now and nobody criticize them specially analogy he's done really well there's there's no doubt about it. How he's handled Jalen brown all season has been kind of curious you know there are games where. You know take routers hurt or favored route is hurt so Jalen brown starts and he plays a good amount than their other games where everybody's healthy and he just doesn't play at all or everybody's helping aiding plays twenty minutes is all over the place. MI one criticism would be I understand he's trying to win now Brad Stevens is. But Jalen brown should be a big part of the team's future and I wonder if you could have played more during the regular is that where they're more minutes to be had. We could give a better idea of what he was going to be a year to paddy played or and maybe even have to be a bigger factor in the playoffs. Had he got more wrong in the regular season. Yeah that's a fair criticism by it and we were talking coach ardea or talk about ports and if so would you trade. It might have brought this up with the which rated number one pick in jail on route for Vegas and now because achieved by in my moment's notice yes now I probably wouldn't do it because I've seen. What juice and brown can be and you look at the draft from last year rates. It's what a great draft that we all kind of stinks. Kind of stakes in and if we look at it you look at what you have last night for Jalen brown. You say he might be a top five guys that draft which you think would be possible without the particularly with a minute gap yet and it. Again as another one of those years were the one of the top guys in the draft misses an entire season and so we don't see bands Simmons and all branded Ingram was. On a really bad lakers team you know we eat he played a lot more than Jalen brown did beat you really do much more important happily. I saw. Brittany and this year but rather. Right now awesome routing also going to Ingraham and over the whole year in I mean. I definitely wanted to Ingram more than Jalen brown last year at this time so they each had a year in the league do the brown played. Less minutes but there are more valuable than he did he did so wonder Brad Stevens but not I think the ceiling is still higher than at this time ball. By the attire was living room is there higher and higher ceilings dropped vendors try to manner you have the very expects or in the ceiling is the roof to paraphrase the other great Michael Jordan. I wanna or those shooters and I know those guys are great this year but I still really like body heal the Jamal murky outlook he'll numbers when he went to Sacramento. It just it was great day's data is really really so I mean I. Uttered army Gillibrand to still be a better than those guys I did see that coming but that's obviously Danny Ainge in the and the Celtics wanted. It's earlier were bitten those nets knicks used Jalen brown tonight we're gonna find out whether it's 123 or four a the next year you get another one. Other likes to talk about oh hold on on trade. Wow what a week what a week crazies. It is crazy because we doubted. It started with Brazil giving up a home run through updated their vote to count and that's you know Kelly Olympics at the podium but who would have thought that now. And now value of the potential of the Celtics walked away actually breaking news lottery carriers. And I I'm not into curses them on the ultimate package jinx it and not a apprentice. Let's development with the number one there really. Aren't popular you are a passive I mean. Abroad alive but yet be confident aren't there what is it like I was at the blackjack table last night here's Saint Louis a look to you you'd you play by check your black hack but I wouldn't call myself the black Jack died and I've played out. Yes so your arm of the yeah that that dollar tabled no more yelling at the time. And then on to Smart pats aren't losing you know you'd you'd start with sixty and maybe creep up eighty. And and you start losing it he could go either way can I still does nickel diamond it's like you know what. I'm confident like Alec might might aren't saying it via the number one pick yeah I was I was as confident last night win if that this morning and I went on out for that last set of a spreading it out having potentially two and one on one hand eye is what I want an exit on the go all ya go hard to go home right by the echo. Now when you got to go home we'll play dollars last. Only ask you do you always double down on eleven. It depends what there the double post them at the mystify everybody left. Pointed out I happen to that situation where it I would like to right now but it just so bored I'll. Yeah yeah which is the hotel stay out yes ice there a couple of years ago for some than and I was in the and this shows county by him. I'm downplaying whatever it video poker or something and the lady comes around would like that the drinks I get a drink she comes back it's she's like. He likes Xbox might Xbox only his third degree pitches I could not the state of Missouri they're not out like oh my god. Like I did not that I did not budget this of other free drugs out there as well exactly that a slow gut. It's good to have signs although the waited best voted best he'd be very. Low it's got to be the only lone bar but they do have liked soda machines set up look around like the side that with free soda might but thousands Booth who. Sneaked out there get yourself but I thought peppered. Don't feel bad about losing a thousand dollars. Thought I'd lay out. Paid have you seen the arch of the housing market yeah elements that we walked it yesterday yeah. And and I got all the way it maybe that day ago yards. And I tech I might market. Now Brian. Would you how would you describe Saint Louis in the less than three words. Attic. Adequate yeah all of that I was thinking underwhelming. Is well you go here's the thing fine. It's so we got the off day here yesterday yet though is here. It was it was great because it was 85 degrees out there. The anywhere beat Detroit 85 degrees would be great that's it's it's fine it's it's there's nothing WA I fight or all the cities that cut the same. But the Houston saint louis' Milwaukee's Minnesota's. Is all if you stand out Chicago. Toronto obviously New York now you know all the other ones are from the same like ice like Cleveland. Because while you can you can walk everywhere equally. Every eat it every yeah he's right there I don't gods are meekly leaner. And people think it's the worst thing that's fine it's fine. There's there's an adult club. In Cleveland that if you bring your Indians ticket you get like half off at the door I heard that from friend. Now so there you expect that paid sick that Biden's announcement he could signal that out. 61777979. To 370 join the conversation draft lottery is tonight. Game 1 Eastern Conference finals is tomorrow. Between the Celtics and the cavaliers rob Bradford down at Saint Louis for Sox and cardinals. On Waldrop accurate portrait at WER each month at night on sports. Yeah. We played them four times. I think they're better than any of the four times we've played them including the last one where they they smashed us. So we're gonna have to play really well and so. As we go into tomorrow the most important thing the coaches can do the assistant coaches that have already worked on the scouting stuff ahead of time. And myself is make it is as simple as possible in the short turnaround. Brad Stevens. I would selflessness is take on the east Cleveland Cavaliers a team that is a perfect 80 in the post season. Retief you're right rob Bradford in Saint Louis rob will be on the call for. Red Sox and cardinals the you know overbay two games that. Here tonight. We have Bret Stephens been really good I think you know it's made some adjustments are times where I was questioned whether Amir Johnson should be in the starting lineup we are all questions. And their what is he doing to the other kind of like the best game we thought things that was so I don't a male I felt so there. A particular items are now sorry. Is this really this is this those markets sparked one thing I don't completely rail Mark Martin knows that players is. This was just the best version of mark Smart yes but that gave Amir Johnson afterward electricity there's. What are you doing he does nothing that nothing. And he does something it was a lot but he did dissolve and it was it was something right where I was expecting nothing in it and it appeared the the right call. What about their chances against Cleveland how do you how do you think they stuck out all want them to do rich is when the first. Yeah and I just I this one as he Sydor early show. If house money it really you made Eastern Conference finals it's sort of like it feels like. Back in to whatever 2002 New Jersey Nets that that's Ares. And you do the house finally hears it at the finals rush. But it was great it was great that was the first time I felt that the new guard flies out I always remember that. There's no thought to act aren't you though it's acoustic it is the only time with close out yeah although without it was capital that was like you map first BC commonwealth last. And I was a good one that was it out as crazy college kids yeah. But what about the Walter McCarty they welcome to the jungle that you have great yeah it was is absolutely great and so on whether it be that think that would that layoff that the cavs might sort of the my take a while ago Johnston. I don't know. If you always you always think that that happen it's it's got a bunch of different ways when. When lining it up again how history's treated these layoffs yeah sometimes think about it in that you can look at the Celtics know they're beat up tired. It's what the Celtics to win efforts game because I think it'll just make the competition's so great I think it's. Yeah and I think it's a great town measuring stick. Series because you knew Cleveland and includes on the best team now is the third year you know they are the best record in the best team. In the Eastern Conference he said art. How far away are you from Cleveland to the Celtics can can safely say now. They're the second best team their their better than Washington veteran Chicago I think there would have beaten Toronto I think there would have beat Indiana it almost seems that made the playoffs they're better than. So how how far away are today from Cleveland oh what's this offseason apple like well that's. That's a great question because this this the Celtics would a couple of games it clear. Make you make it. Respectable yet at that you go away because I guarantee that your number one pick them as you mentioned a couple times and yes yes so you go way you get mark helpful or you'd trade the date or. Someone somewhat legitimate. Would admit veteran. It that you society Gordon Hayward if they also couldn't do that again you. But also so right now if you do that we after having won despite that you might not have Kelly Olympic anymore. You have a tough blow in it. You do with that way of coming back with that group that you add what the guys are talking about in the draft and free agency. How are you all of sudden now legitimately the favorites over Cleveland. I don't know argue. Yadier has court ultra rods are all. Urge him to do with some boy it would. We said before he's going to be in our food or for some point if he's 32 I think he's going to be great for at least another three or four years he was tremendous this year. He's doing it again in the post season he's been one to beat them. It's a me too atrocity but it's just not even close the happening remember last year when he was so bad in the playoffs and he's just classified by myself as the Joker. And you're part of a choker last year well you wanna take the shots. What are those forever ago or that where he would take last year he did it early on the playoffs you wanna take this death shocked spell is overblown early on though his career I I doubt last year wasn't early on in and out of nowhere. It was early in the it vehicles to users but then you get to that game and he took over a game like Milan Lucic took over the Textron. Pets are similar and there there the you get that Larry Brown analogies I capitalize yeah on our policies of the that they paid to go back to the other Jalen brown point -- make and I looked up the odd guys are drafted this year. And where he ranks in minutes played. Yes so wordy so this is not just all rookies like Dario sarge is on this list it's literally just. Wrote guys drafted in 2016. Where do you think Jalen brown ranked in minutes per game regular season. Four rookies for all all all 2016 draft picks. What is twelfth. He wealth there as well so he played T seventeen point two minutes a game that was to tyrant. Similar today a little walls for the films every sixers OK but. Again I think he I think he could've played brightness and a lot of these guys are many of brain and anger on the actually Malcolm broad view was on a good team IndyCar general in his role for you don't win rookie of the year starts when it either way it's sad isn't it at the sad state of affairs retire when a guy's gonna averaged 1012 points a game is going to be your rookie of the year. A body healed who's third in minutes. And get down as the Missouri gathered as they are white Hannity Paris Le vert but I'll a lot of more on bad teams but. Jim Brown I wonder if you're gonna have to throw literally everything that LeBron James in the in the conference finals and I noticed during the regular season there were times were Jalen brown would. They've put among Carmelo Anthony or that put him on you know some of these other big time win scores. I heard of them putting them on all of Ron James that much I want everybody thrown out there though just to see if he's. Got anything NN utility which you will brought what do don't you post about. Yen at a school. The it's it and I think there I think you're right earlier budget crowd Vijay crowd probably the way ago. Yet and I'm trying to think of someone like I write I write this the fault that my Rondo. A case study with when he was guarding him because I thought it was awesome. Yeah now the horse of the other guys that they've thrown out of over the years Paul Pierce obviously yeah years. Like James Posey is poses Oden Lilja Tony Allen's no doubt cats dogs there a couple of guys that regard and then. You know he kind of just ran out of gas yeah we're looking up the. For the last time the Celtics lost. Are outside Boston Celtics beat LeBron to have had knocked him out of the playoffs who who we have on that team in the starting lineup for the cavs the last year before he left. It was him there was a 37 year old steel Neil it was Antawn Jamison who also was there about two years too late. It was Mo Williams and Anthony Parker both stressed out the starting lineup so I think attic LeBron has upgraded. It is it is time away now he's back in Cleveland which he's Shaquille O'Neal checked out 37 girls Shaq. We will take you played today I don't think it does. Does litigation on their addictive yet it will be was at I think he's fallen off the face of the earth island. Oh please who follow the booby Gibson oh he was going out was. He's a coal but his wife. Shows you how good LeBron is that made these just. Down into household names Ullman a we have renewal is does such a panel that. Yeah the secretary at that goes to go to what happen with your oh. Basically you're putting. Your. Carriers and there was at 45 or every moguls finals games yes and I the argument with Michael. About this when LeBron went back to Cleveland. He says he would've gone back no matter what it no chance though in the with a you Irving who averaged over at what point game already for. Two or three years. The number one which New York trade war. What they trade for Kevin Love right they had three number one picks and a four year span and the bandwidth on one of them but they didn't matter they traded him for Kevin law. And I don't Burris Michael college bubble. And now is now up parking lot on storage attic rate. Great. Round of yeah yeah. My final burst that bubble. But that was one of those arguments might as well I couldn't believe oh LeBron. And when all else nobody. That's what all. The upgraded he swapped out wade and bosh for Erving and love. It's as clear as that and what it once you know rich once you get that group. And everybody wants to come out and that is easy yeah yeah yeah whatever else you want. You know that LeBron. James Jones comes in that James Jones will be there. Mike Miller. Present at Ray Allen of the of the shock round of play the game that. Was last year Maria that was made in ways he won the difficult day. The mistletoe all EA LU's gonna join them go to borders yeah the most runs jawed Howard asked them to want Howard. The drugs and play a little bit in qualities. Like five offerings office via events they've had whatever that works. Aren't that's gonna that my five hours or up robbed of a five hours this case it was. It was like beauties are now know what it's like you were trashed this there are all that's also a nice way to spend your time this they're all very productive I think it's all done for the day I'll I'll ask am I always have a good time talking with US guided to its Iran's gets is sets up for the next point 15 minutes or so right into the pregame show now do you do anything differently. On a day we're doing the game at the different mindset rob nine innings you're gonna pace yourself a little bit little bit lower my toys for all we are pleased. That's. I business done enough time to be run around in Tokyo in about. We go to about I walked in the clubhouse today there wasn't one to play like seven riders now. About not getting anything done and any sort I want Isiah Thomas and this is Obama gave the government to talk about the Celtics sounds get our rob Bradford and stuff right now and will be listening tonight's Sox and cardinals coming up.