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Mut at Night with Ken and Alex - Shayanna Jenkins on Dr Phil; Brady on the Madden Curse

May 16, 2017|

Ken and Alex talk about Shayanna Jenkins on Dr. Phil and how nothing new was revealed in the 1st hour. Ken and Alex talk about the new Brady video poking fun at the Madden curse and what the TB12 team is doing to protect him from the curse.

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Yeah it's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We EI. All right again. I expected more gates' today during the Dr. Phil Parker one interview. Talking about her ex. Aaron Hernandez did you watch the flower I did and fortunately go. Rough to get the I haven't seen Dr. Phil like ten years and I didn't you know use the lawn I doubt it was not in front of a live studio audience that dollar knows you know was very pre produced and he had he had all these like little EE on behind him in bushels pays something rule yet not out there. It was really soap opera easy we just got anywhere for at the end of segment. Coming up next Sochi it seems like it's twenty. Years added that whole model. Although it works shirts proven model they're gonna get me to come back tomorrow and watch because as you pointed out the only thing really PP key question laws the gay stuff. The gates is he gag. With what my actual right which. When I was that we talked to listen Kirk Italian last week would there be anything can not disunity and I thought. She's got to say something this is now her meal ticket although in the letter in the prison letter in the suicide note one of three. In parentheses. Your rich. From we think Aaron Hernandez although one that moment. But that advocate cell. There seem to be. Spare her count zero right the the state is worth nothing the state is worthless so she's got to make some money somehow I what do you think Dr. Phil paid her c'mon. Couples had worked I'd grand power that it I don't know how much of CD. Phoenix 88 million right seating can afford to throw out Jack bottoms like 2030000. Light note that on their selling his home. In north now borrow right which is acting a little north of a million but is Gerri so locally pointed out it needs some work on the on camera system is so desperate to pubs Carrie still to get away keys upgrades fine. On but they have the civil lawsuits against you know when's mother filed one in need to bring you an effort out of families are likely gonna file them as well although. With the murder conviction now vacated. All the legal experts say it becomes a lot more difficult for those families to win any civil and assembles in a civil case but not possible. Right but they can no longer go off the murder conviction. You know right they now Nadia before they not to do it all again from scratch so it's a lot more difficult so. Assuming that they win the civil case they get to keep the money from the sale she does. Roughly millions well legal fees but roughly a million to play the I expect plus litigation which she wore. During the telecast today is not taking enough. Yes where is the watch we need to know that I no 7000 dollar watches to not I think most of us about eight that's the bar and that's tomorrow. I thought she would see something kind of bombshell in this interview to. Get the get together for a bookstore counting out there and some of the future appearances you know you wanna. Make the rounds below Riley will be back on somewhere shirt you listen introduces first get there with Larry can make in Cali like you Larry King. Peter King I don't know your guideline and Peter K good. No more Peter King passed the only thing she did today she did sort of set this up on a few noticed it states it's all this is probably her lawyer instructing her to do yourself. She's created the that's that's her ankle that's Jose Baez is angle as well yes yes that's so that's I guess it was obvious. But that's the only thing out of an hour of watching today. She said nothing fact you said she came off sounding sort of open we're talking up the air about this she's spoken to a point. But she sounds like such a dummy. When she saying. I didn't know it was an gang. Yes he had some friends over I I get ya I never paid attention to who was over I was the Dubya the quotes that's because. Honestly I never hung around with them so it's more or less that you cook and make food for everyone you make sure they're comfortable and then. I would kind of go into my own thing I would say it felt uncomfortable in my home. I separated itself so. Talk about a woman who stays and plays hiked and she collects seek leans into it's the boys a lot merit it the boys up there on it either makes you sound complicit which she probably was carrying a package out or you're just the total done. Well. Obvious about who wears who Wear the shoes in the relationship immediately hit it and not only was an gang still still to this point one don't has done now she's she denies that. She thinks he's innocent she c.s set actually separates it idol thinking right now doesn't. What do you go back even to what she said she's on the stand united way trial she didn't look in the box that we think had a murder weapon and look at it. My favorite is she drove all the way to a McDonald's in Rhode Island with 500 bucks to pay Ernie Wallace and she claimed she. Never asked why that's five. Sure honey let's get that tree puzzle at five under on the fire other a text you saying that according to arm you guys this afternoon in the mid day. 200000. She got paid. Hundred caper episode 200 greens so so that's so now pocket arts that's a series the security outer. I guess that Donald yeah that's nice. Habits start and on getting to two couple years but she's looking now you said. Greg if Iran last week you said that the crafts. Should pay owed Lloyds failing not share I don't want shady get money from the craft's I think she was complicit in this whole situation. I want to get money Democrats I've just sad. And true anyways until little bit to want to go in with me and impartial when she was would further almost went right. But my hoping is that craps Robert craft a very Philanthropic we know that on he would be better charitable club shake no doubt it's Oden whites and other night her son got murdered. Kind of some compassion on left dogs and its and crowd roars enabled. Hernandez to an extent even got Jerry to admit that game the forty million dollar extension on after the double murder took place less than a year before the road and wade shooting. On you know. I don't think that crap knew about the flop house by Nobel protected Bill Belichick suggested it more these did that he had he spun that somehow it knew that he. Lee's never spoken on the record about it did not testify in this trial by on salt Ronald Sullivan as a follow means the yen last month that you guys he said that ballot check. Talked about the com mines to confirm that report and said you don't find the safe house fine somewhere safe freak but solid Belichick knew everything ferries that was going on as he does not want the quote black flop house I think he knew that something nefarious was going with her in an addict can't if everything's going well at your light you don't fly out to the Columbine Indianapolis to ask your coach I you know what to why do you I feel like you know my wife is in danger here yet but it. Might not been his fault but he just. Cross the wrong people you know from about just would you you're pretty straight laced guy right yes. It's your life ever would you ever have but not the people out there are looking to murder you. A lot of football it's about compares. Outlook or granite increase my profile and I think what really his people out there Nikki feels like is like is in danger you punch security people that watch over him very close at the point I mean the flying out of her seat house. I mean if if you're at a point where you hang around with people who you know disconnect you'll you can as he crossed them here here in the wrong crowd. I think it's safe to say okay it's safe to say the patriots knew a little bit about what Hernandez was involved a little bit that he was in some trouble for short and puffy extends that doesn't mean they're culpable the report did not sick comparable. I said enabled okay. And other teams obviously knew a lot about Hernandez too which is why a guy with his kind of talent drop all the way to the fourth round definitely it was not a big secret. Okay now back to chase peers say Shia say well well Phillip they're bad at Bayard Bayer bait is what she says that Hernandez he's Kolb is right so that's treasuries shack she was suspicious that the letter was not written by now that to me is the biggest news worthy they nick came out of this has its new. At least it's in New Orleans hadn't heard that theory before. Yet but not really depends she would like they broke down the entire suicide note as to why she suspicious about it and painful detail. And she mentioned savage Savage Garden song she kind of tried to fall off as well Yan was. He knew I like soft whoa she's a soft rocker yes it's hot but nothing nothing rock about satisfaction. I don't know if she said Tuesday as band after. But then here's what. To me it's it's an opposite it's a legit. Suicide note or just hurt there are two names that are scratched out which she admits are one his brother and a nephew or something right. Pretty specific detail for somebody to forge a suicide note. And go to that length about. It's it's a losing cause her she's trying to create. This mystery that she's that he was framed somebody in it lacked in my guests and was he probably was looking for someone more from the note it was pretty short she mentioned that yesterday she can't believe that her her with a lot of her life. Would leave this planet and giver kind of a trite little letter. Expecting more from that some may be so why so loyal she should be trying to convince yourself rally and a little clip it is right but it gets this is an excerpt this disease. 55 seconds of pain in Israel available our account we'll give you little snippet want you can't hear. So this is that this happened. That was not suicide. There had to be a pretty elaborate conspiracy for this to have been staged. Can create I've listened there and I don't know what the situation may have been conned by it. That being sad I think anything is possible. You showed it well you weren't clear who was you know we don't. Bail after. His death. It was reported. That. He was. They. You were his fiancee. Who was she secretly get a. Tune in tomorrow. Yes we all have to but yeah that's basically that was the key phrase anything is possible that's that was the theme interspersed throughout something at the what was it's not surely and so it's the correctional facility Souza correctional facility and surely solid OK it's incher. Anyway they're trying to set it up that something money gone and I guess it. It sounds like somebody missed a check so there is. Some flawed from the prisons as the we think right in some innocent young arena security guards actually put on leave for missing his 2 AM check out we've always sold bias will be all that they'll be pushing that but it's a sad thing here is that it's like a touch of another murder to defend now I mean your your work here is. All this a lot of money here at stake for right as you pointed out he had his client that's what they're going for now. Possibly could be awarded. Some funds from rent from the contract is that still well I. Heard actually get you walk on with a glint in the boy is last week cat and he made a convincing arguments about why the patriots would not. Have to pay it anyway because Aaron Hernandez was not available. At the annoy other past and in my opinion there has to be some cause and a contract that is if you are a arrested for murder if he can't play. We don't to pay your guaranteed. For hurting continued the I would I would never watch another appearance hitters after tomorrow. If she says nothing which I think she will I'm pretty sure she's gonna just continued the I didn't Lola you know it's a beautiful wife then who knows I mean I don't maze of cuts for the boys and and let them do their own thing is there any chance he's gonna give you. Atlanta you'll. So I take it Aaron Hernandez was bisexual yes he admitted to me now zeroed by sexually curious what it foursome that's humiliating for her. That any G I mean that is I mean that is now in on their level of humiliation sold on the right to fill but you know suspects what is right is Graham light out but so would that. But that's and that's a real pods now you know and you know million unique. How to get another hour tomorrow that's the other thing and it was it was it made it very short commerce Gary short tail and rise. I was I was it was such a cheesy production with the music and can you wide studio lights that's the fun of watching the shows I from the woody rockets studio lot zawahri wanted gluing I wanted Schering. And I have to wait for like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. Yet this is like an outside the lines production of south freaking cheese. Anyway even with you know I've got very low votes and so I think the only thing we got out of this is it's more like you say it's the bias that's another deal with the prisons screwed up. Let's London. Anything is possible to happen once but but then how does that work you know it's of the prison screwed up it wasn't a suicide but what happened I don't know what's he murdered yes they only wanted what's the next step will ways the proof of you know liver Friday's open the floor in a debate today and hang Hernandez to make it look like he committed suicide mean what is made an excellent depth of this that's enough to. Compiling. If he did it sort of thing. This I can tell you this thing is losing lamented I listened slightly out Kennedy's got to speak out now yeah her brother or grab hold your peace it is. What's he got Raddatz got a call rabbits we need something to advance this again when his pal Kenny get out January nick in years. In my next year so next year it's don't. And if he had it in who would pay like let's take house account Kennedy stays in prison until next year stay silent about. Is there a market when he's released in 2018. Are. The Aaron Hernandez salacious you know it'll it'll pop panel and I guess that. It won't go very funny Daily Mail happening in. You know meet the teams he has been in the ice at this mean it happened yes they have not been on board the space. Now they will report their nine what they re report that doesn't exist. They say that the third out was to bias. Well that's it I guess we at some point. She is she will get asked tomorrow about the third letter was the third letter to put a state that is the last remaining big question I have about the hall. Hernandez suicide who was that there are no two it is. Exceptionally odd cat. That we know the first one is tonight it's been confirmed. Reported by every media outlet second ones out via Al the four year old daughter again confirmed by everybody. But nobody I'd sent Daily Mail and knees who's worried did out you know outlets like touching Newsweek and clicking Callahan are touching. The third out yet Kirk and Gerry want teachers made. We killed there and it is like. I like it could be cancer yet personally hurt because that was our idea we it was our baby we wanted to can't see teacher with good weekend the finale Friday when. Old Curtis back in the old on New York Mobil's good weekends and everybody and it's uplifting. You does he can make this or I can make deserts for you it's easy on line. But as I as cheap yet to elude to the profession other good and oh they are I'll cross and I'm bustle street hover on shortly concerts all really does our insurance number 22 box and two outs vodcast that shirt not yet. Coming out embarrassing if you guys nature fourteenth seed but you'll do on your own so I guess slogan great press that we are you know Peter King tweeting about us what's a copper prices shirt. There's like a parcel guys they have all kinds shirts to keep publishers I think like I mean I know districts I mean the passer college radio shows and stuff is like 20/20 two books. Is the rules. It's an investment ten. The nicer of how much to Biden of fruits of delightful. A turbine in winning the price of the surely looked on looked online you don't have to buy new just on line in all you sort of them or I'm one at a time ala cart if you well but your bank and tidy profit. Making it tidy profit that's see that's what competed which they liked my idea for teachers themselves. I can't but Alec I don't get here and an editor it's probably not going to be. The week you'll Aaron Hernandez probably will not be approved by a corporate thing that he got corporate message they want. It's. It's nothing like tomorrow's draft lottery. Anyway if you watch the Dr. Phil nonsense today and you think anything will come of this moral 617 cents and 9797 has changed in any way and how you feel much gate. And Aaron I did their study earlier soccer's just that she comes off assisted me some yes that's Demi hat and you know it is totally in the dark about what her fiance was doing a woman to. Really as basic state indicates that he seemed to just know her place. Let's and it's hard to this story before because I came away feeling even more so she's totally complicit. Can ignorant but ignorance is not an excuse. Yes as many people sent its is supporting to the other things the trial as you pointed out. Right so yeah I mean it's just it's she's casting doubt you know this is suicides in happening on security note. I don't think Hewitt in all of the other great quote she said why is you know he said no he did not feel in light that was good enough for me it was good for me good for her okay fine. Getting up from eight here's the other quote I believe there's some on counts of time talking about from the time last lights out than when they found him. Quote I don't think things were improperly it felt like he could have been saved some what was in the wrong while she doesn't argument there because as you mentioned they didn't miss that 2 AM check up they found. AM I think it was us three. Senators in that range but he did miss at 2 AM check in an officer was placed on wheat so she does. Then it Shea Jenkins bias camp does have a point there that protocol was not followed to a tee the night in and his albums. Are again bank's phone lines. Jason assailed starts off here a month I can learn out three were filling in for the boys that it was up Jason. You guys. Like I deploy you know there are I don't know anybody called and sent out a party talk about it for a while there is there a common phrase used by correctional officers. About inmates and I think in the accusers well on the street it is gave should stay right straight to date. So I don't know if they are quite right. I don't know Hernandez from old wall beyond missiles story. I wrote this whole situation. Involves. Prior to being in prison or extinct in prison got out in. I would assume that Jason not being at all familiar with prison culture gang culture is gonna put to a two together that the gangs would still not approve of him being homosexual for this day. Order that's also something that part I would agree workers while doing the bloods and crips are big with LG BT right Scandinavia 'cause they. I don't know and it is read part of the rainbow tour and beyond it is but. Yet the other thing is and I'd. It's certainly Thomas doesn't mean they're always buy it you know inmates if your bill collectors and remembers because everybody has spanned. Is there's another reason why I I I don't know what he did it. Beat carries US threatened. So much so where's he he might and Albert was told about. The loophole in Massachusetts about the end. Of the money. Like that he was and I think that's why committed suicide is and I do I mean it and you make an after reading 'cause other note pray at the seizure rich that's the one thing pretty obvious or use alluding to. I don't think you guys are pretty spot on with the idea. Kruger. The Sri different letters were written to. We're never gonna have a error which you know whenever we're gonna have one per cent lumping edit something also straight. Something else so. It's it's a tough situation. Or. I apologize and percent or so disgusted at what they are they not forced to release the other the third letter that will. Nobody's required to give that avenue and issue least any of its date should I Dinkins letter week I think. And again it's it's been reported by every outlet for the third letter that's that it's the third rail would have leaped out. That's why isn't in question. Daily Mail to says sources like it's probably rat and make fate as well the problem I wait for next shoe to drop here from XP because we're the only reason why I ate. Think the gay issue is so relevant with Hernandez is because it may have been a motive for the only in labor. Of course the boat Emo. So that is the public interest in the sex lies and Kyle Kennedy gave for the state stuff that's fun for us to talk about the that's not really relevant to cry. This is a silly question again. The two gangs permit. Homosexual behavior as a masters he used that word a couple times tonight. While in prison today endorsed gay for the state and a and a dead under the contract I think that they view it as if you're the top ten. If you're the one doing the penetrating Q well mom you're not. You just get some of you out. Stretch of record. That's the guys thank address that question by going eight to two celled extent that's who they're off to a Ron Allen I predicted as I predicted I pick today at double blow out dart to be sparking into early start. Yup out three or gospel Xperia ten that he Celtics. I will talk more patriots added his dad broke Belichick their front row and probably is right in the will be wearing a better sport company was in the qaeda's brutal. See when he's wearing. But a little pats stock because Brady was done on the record again today he had that terrible. Our response to the curse the jinx the SI cover jinx he did this that'll only answered Nvidia yet Rosie feud you like that is fine. Pretty bad bold discussed that commitments also when you get your take on SNL's. Latest editions this is part more action that you love headlines on Kurt and I love doing had what I wanna start doing headlines even when Kurt accent. Today was it for a chance of that because Kirk in one point was looking for somebody else to do it. Probably is Kirk likes control he's a stimulus likes mass controls and he and he's on the record he hates it when I host he thinks it's unnatural when I take charge of a segment he has said. He has said that he carried eighty props for headlines in your impatient to wanna do that today so. He's clot on the site couldn't I can work on you work but anyway is dominated by S and Celtics will go through their shots at trump of course Michael chase been. In the news why man Colin Boston race is so good that that them more poorly Brady you know Connor you have some quotes she thought. Jumped out somewhat today someone and it gets talked with Brady I mean we we've read this story a million times the only guess what Kenny wants to play to his old. He really had takes is nutrition seriously. Wants to win that who he wants to win six championships that was that breaking news out of this feature story taught us a bit of an oddity for him to speak on the record in this forum and I think it's a result of the Guerrero piece in the journal piece and also some mother atlas like on current been writing about it in the Brady areas closings at Philly he's. He thought press the response somewhere and raised thing going on a little bit of the media toward this offseason about long sit down pottercast interview with mine and Pete king. I'm so he has not kept quiet the sot down Tony Robbins coming up. Right now and now Decker correct this morning is not a twelve hour twelve out of and Yasser starts at seven I don't have to stable long hours but I guess is it's pretty good that the typical twelve hours. I've probably not getting it. It's even is he speaking is that we that we don't know any details about his ball right I mean he's ready I'm thrilled he and Tony Robbins and he will be there I think he'll speak. But he Kabila's deal street shop and it's Brady TB twelve product everywhere like. This waves and it throws video. Like via satellite from Rome here's Tom Brady for five minutes to reduce I don't but of course Brady's into Tony Robbins all those rich. You really think so I don't now it looks strokes I'm a Marxist at heart attack and is Karl Marx at everybody's only concerned about earning their daily bread right. So you go to work to pay the bills and to eat but once your Tom Brady once you're on this level. Your daily bread is taking care that they lets find say the deeper meaning in what else can hide Cecil I don't think he cares about Iran I think he wants the Tony Roberts audience. For post career race. That there is Cecil some people that he can reach there Oprah isn't it Tony Robbins Bill Clinton called the men and during the Lewinsky scandal right. He rides in those circles I'd spirited mud at night counters Celtics programming by the way the wizards just want a huge runs somehow they're up twelve to attend house quick play and I as I predicted. I read before via NBA experts segment we'll get it to a Brady will get into. A little bit of the SNL Stockton at a comedy bits as the Red Sox not afford and it's like that leading up to a Christian arcade is it tenure at sports rated B. It was reported. That. He was. They. You were his fiancee. And was she secretly go. Each month at night on Sports Radio we. We ER. I think it's safe to say. We're gonna you know. Personal curse. And there's no need this ball. Is that ridiculous. Chase. I know it's only your second week here and love the effort and let her creativity. But come on guys and TV twelve performers say bubble. The past two weeks of my life sucks. I can't eat and can't sleep. I can't Detroit. We're about bugs. The CD twelve empire. Speaks out adultery. For those few on the music got an off. I am not really did you have a laugh that was out. I'll write some mild chuckle it was. Sort of embarrassing blocked under the ladder and it Paris. They think is that really in the TV twelve Saturday does his people was of the Guerrero people gathered together that was on a FaceBook writer is your sister was it Seagram. As a response to media. Number idea. That anchor as Hearst news now and it was an eighty dollar video game right. Yeah you came from means right you can afford. I did video game I was on video game all you went after as a kid now to sports hockey to sports talk as I just the scene yes I would yeah I let out what I did before my podcast is I would record. Eight readership is just nobody. And out even record commercials off of the real radio. Pause for greats employed the commercial tape that assumption out even pace yourself out there and it's even open and preparing to host effort for decades now one of these days or title Tom Brady because he was. Back in headlines today. Five was five or six days ago there were flurry of Jimmy G armory analysts even Tom Curran wrote the genie over Tommy possibility remains were deal. That quote is kind of a grabber pro football talk picked up on. Well struck out this of several people and it. We desirable of droplets in September. As a boss where they're but it seems like I thought he died at the you before the draft there was a stretch there it looked like they might entertain. Trading would browse the there was a point of no return and it just seems like now a key crop like that account it's wrong they're just. Keep an ad like chapter was right it's over yeah I mean the best and in his eye you will never be higher. It is right now and yet as the lots lousy Jerry disputes that he says next year going to be. Now even higher because the quarterback. Crop is better but. That means they're less likely to be a trade a top pick your tennis. Let's stick in pick. Sand bar me from USC and and drop was a year older and he's not mean you still have them under one more year at a cost controlled rate if you trade form this season so it is his I would never be higher than it was this offseason I agree with you. And my theory is that Belichick and retired couple years and he just doesn't care anymore he's keeping all his good players both quarterbacks and he doesn't care drop blow. They yet the franchise of whatever well. There is some. Yeah there I think there is some trick that can't is we've now had two years in a row where the patriots have not had. Never mind the first round pick but even a high second everio Belichick I mean suit to basically and this year a totally punted deter. There is no doubt about that. At four picks right and last year Cyrus Jones is their first group so you two years were you more or less punt the draft. Yet now what I can't. Put together though is I kind of feel mcdaniels would be heir apparent with Belichick's sons so why would Bill Belichick screw his own sons and document in the coffers. Just the build up his own ego maybe nobody wants to Rob Lowe is the guy then he's giving him a franchise quarterback yet but I don't think they're gonna be able to keep reading drop below. I don't I I still love lead paint and Jerry's right about that. Papal seems. A problem well here's my thing so you're reading the Ian O'Connor story on ESPN today yes and they talk about Brady you know same old one equate your 45 in Brady's eyes. My love for the sport will never go away I don't think at 45 or go. At some point everybody moves on yeah idea Rihanna I feel I want it to be on my terms. I've got to make appropriate choices of how to do that and put myself in the best position to reach my long term goals. I feel I want to be on my terms that tells me Ken Leonard that two years from now Brady sees. It's gonna be Jimmy G time in New England I think he's sending a little message there. I'm going to hang it up I'm going to see a lot higher before it happens and I am ready no Brady is intent on playing well past two years yes yes and in fact I think. You're right that's why he's been so active in chatty and he is definitely marking his territory mark our territory. And encourage brought about this last week in its right there is no wait this isn't exceptionally. Awkward in a grappling Brady's stick around for two more years. It's going to end poorly for Tom Brady you know if Iraq was that. It has to how could end well if Brady still wants to play if he's still playing relatively well how could it ends well for. Well I think he could. They could just keep them both for two more years and then lets it loose drop low and you beat Daniels will be left with a broken down Brady and he didn't play out for us right well yes that is idiotic but I. That was my Belichick's theory he's just gonna try to was nick you don't skip Bayless front at this point though he thinks actually Belichick. Is dead set on getting rid of Brady to prove that he can win without hawk and Brady actually was very. Defer some in this thing to date to his coaching in a nation that rightly he's compared soon. Michael Jordan argue the greatest of all time com. What about you when Joseph Montana I don't agree with that braces. I'm a product of what a bit around who I was coached by so he's given Belichick's some love here. Which is a little bit on an apple thing but I that's gonna teach the theory from. Bales to your Belichick it would. Body and probably Brady to substitute teacher gonna be just for Everly that this guy. You wanna show people you can win without the other but if your Belichick and an attached to trade Brady is this off season duke has his value is only going to few. Decrease over time. NASA decided on an affordable wind tree it's almost impossible to make that tree now I agree batted Petri Brady each year from now two years from now I mean the value is not. You're right to be higher it just hit the fact is if Rob Lowe is on this team in week one. I think he's the quarterback of the future are also makes zero sense for the patriots to keep them around because his value was never going to be higher. The in his own if they white people men and two years that is. Idiotic they could get. Multiple first round picks form. Study Dion they went to were super bulls and he plays 456 games a year so Philip for Brady stow the why. You couldn't find another quarterback to play four games over two years he obviously knows the system welding temperate Belichick gushes about he can do everything you know Brady can do you heard those quite a lot this date to get after 21 round picks at least for Jimmy Graham that those started to one. This year like the twelfth pick was too. I'm not to vomit and pass rush and I'd corners okay you'll never heard but I don't Belichick in the past I know Chandler Jones and Donta hightower Logan Mankins Richard Seymour I mean let's go on down the line and not as valuable as the quarterback who's three years into the system as you party scene on the field at least for a half against Miami was I was dazzling record record doesn't play and he's been back headquartered quarterbacks. Forty plus is great isn't it hurts. So the scissors in the precinct that your. At this and thought about it again since he got to keep drop allow it to be could get 21 round picks form but we're gonna keep them because they make you scissor accident. In the pre C hey Vince you admit it's an anomaly that Brady stayed healthy this long Guerrero at CB twelve side. It is an incredible stroke of fortune he's not a major entry in game album Rosie some twisted an ankle of course it is but added only increases the likelihood with every year he gets older and every little bit of Pappas that he looses. So you keep your back at city but that you can you keep grapple for that for that purpose only just a packet radio yet is next years but again you can get at least 21 front export that is immensely valuable not when you're gonna win now mode which in my. Crazy theory may be Belichick is disease once again cutlery but anyway. That's the overall question is I think right and wrong is Brady. This vocal in his present these last couple months because he's trying to send a message to the patriots organization S you I can't agree in Indiana. Once yet although he is going to be here for as long as you can imagine. That's the message radius. All right 6177797937. What message is Brady standing couple calls don't go to a Mike and lets them think for both idiots what a Mike. Any Eric Staal and a lot on this show then. Big time listener since I've been at any hair lets you know they. Thank you Mike what a night is very popular was you name. It I've been trying to spread the word out at that economy. So little thing but I'm pretty commercial art and it's not humorous paradox. I'd get it not ruin the mood outside the New England can upon that funny. Damage America cheek not. But at that they aren't you understand that Britney just solidified himself as. Legitimately without question one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. And now that's why do you feel that he can come out and you can make these jokes you can do and it's not he can make these commercial court. You know two super regional art great quarterbacks. Either he's just having fun he's he's earned it he's just had a good time. He's. Dumb part you know all of the other good. Hey you guys are patriots. Did Ing ugly you agree eagerly for a five year clocked him. Okay died on yeah. The horrible commercial wasn't as bad as this and now some of the skits is not as if Jesus. It was good though. No it was include eight. Better than us he's got worse he's done more embarrassing commercials or. Brady usually eight spot we did that one last year equities. Which is and his dog right in his luckiest man lying king now I was really that was him. John a New York up next here on Monday night with Larry Reimer what's going on. Dallack would never wanted. Your mom's basement they can pick podcast meet. Yeah you're that they want and it's not gonna end well it's all right in doing that it will not here yet yet easy to its current state. Q did you go back on me and John Bryant the great at Hewlett whoever Olympics and fantastic. Whatever you want to do what they have a lot more right. Public though in two years would have Belichick goes to Armon says I Tommy where Jimmy it's Jimmy G time time if you believe. We're kicking you out here and. It's not gonna happen if if if it. Millions with droplets that he didn't say drop blown up out with a backup plan administrator David adult dating. Exactly so dominate. All all we hear about ballots Jack is not how he gets the most value added everybody right. The most value added Jimmy GE's trading him now multiple first round pet grass the most value of Virginia she is to be a great back up. For a championship team back up what does I don't miss a beat or. Barely missed a beat when Brady goes down for the four games he likely will miss this year that we have been evaluated a threat and likely you are one of these basement guys to dislike the future part lays in picks and fantasy trades and you like to talk about. The twelfth pick in the draft of what he might be in three or four years I mostly got that guy. In this case with bill sought to receive court droplets on fuel valued this year let's backups are Brady is likely going to miss four games that sees yes. Odds are one out of four based on one. Based on his age. Based on he's never missed a gig entry in his career outside of await when he Tories ACECs do. It's quite equity track record now. Okay comedy quarterbacks were injured at some point this year for their teams meant to suck air cargo down Roethlisberger is on every minute that's like radius so great. Twice the goat that he doesn't get hurt. He doesn't often get hurt but he has wants no way. Ten years ago and now. Nine years. And it's. It's just it's bound to happen. He's getting slower but I'm always pastors mobility has never been back. I guess The Beatles got IMA before it lets you keep. I groused I think Guerrero is that she eighty is how. Thank you Tony Robbins stopped in Scientology's ask I am concerned about the path Brady is going down but when it comes to. How all this is affecting him on the field. I'm a full believer that he's never been better at 392 years or not Tom Brady but still these and blunt. Because I think Belichick is gonna what did you BG regardless of how Brady looks two years went house pull. Two years from. Crop was on the scene he's going to be the quarterback of the future because they're advocate if this is what you think that in tears of Brady's still playing well. A drop was here edict that don't really dislike rappel golly keep Brady. I him and wait wait what a waste it at that point they want choice it will want to. Oh what he's gonna go to the highest bidder I guess they could just trying to outbid everybody to market that's hot July droplet size here's said again it also in what's with you drop out here till. What does he get. Why he has the choice to attack we get back out whites people players to get out across the league. That's played the safe force the issue. Not really due to report by a certain Dayton a new level if you lose a a year of them. What in the NFL guys guys hold on all the time couple guys I don't know. Normally doesn't lead anywhere but that lets you import causes cannot Howell and for Brady. He's starting to chattel and he talked Ian O'Connor take couple more quotes in this piece Canada out three are in for much. Who Texan that he is indeed huge Westfield state pitches here's the text from from. He is big lots of beer drinkers because you stay Adam has the Saratoga so he sees big unit lots of bush lite senators at Westfield yes it's Celtics up four in the second quarter will keep you posted as that goes on this is modern at a sports rated. Much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. That's just my from a distance gut feeling. It a big part of Bill Belichick wants to see Brady starts. Act his age next year because a big part of spell check would love to go forward in the last phase of his coaching career improved to the NFL world. It wasn't all about Tom rate. Obviously I give Brady would have liked or 75 you give him credit provided I greater the credit. In some people say it's 5050 but we even if it's 5050 I think fifty if he sticks and bill Belichick's crawl. Skip Bayless on the rarely seen FS one Joan Allen telescope a disputed undisputed in a chart. And rob Parker sometimes. Speaking of rarely seen and heard Ken let it out three or for Mike and ask you tonight much at night emergency fill in for what you Bradford that's why. Proof which I guess is that game entries at celtics' Tom I really am I might really I name the ascension of my career about Phil and I conflicts and failure or not. I don't think that's pretty much the credit to birdie peaked to be honest it but. You know arc in mops up for a select canceled Dayton what's restriction. Which he's got the date a pair of Calgary and so nice Andre are you did yes what's that facility like oh nice. In the app sounds Akira broadcasting out of it out of an item about their install you don't digit lead England's podcast glands in the basement yes he's done herald. Course you defeat of the show before that without a curse. Which was going on until last July partly it's all very recently that acres yes. Jesus out of new reps as we all the archive footage we have is have you got port uber boring stock stock. Well Sony's dual stick stick around to get that here Nia. Next hour of the show perhaps sort certainly in the summer Celtics lose tonight. The one point town. Although Brady is very actively talking about the last hour we talked little about the sheet Jenkins appearance on Dr. Phil but mostly here it will last that when he answered to stop it and Tom Brady latest ESPN interview. He's talking a lot about playing not only does mid forties. He was asked in this piece. What's the say you couldn't play it fifty. That's a great questions is on us at fifty than you could say sixty. But yet that quote about my love for the sport to delay in all seriousness. I'm not a patriots integral one you gotta appreciate somebody whose love for the sport with all these guys. Getting out of the sport left and right you know quitting early game one paycheck and retiring concussion problems Brady's loss. Well Brady wants to be defined by his on field accomplishments right. He has no interest in wading into the social issue waters like LeBron are a lot he's a star athletes TO as with a concussion stuff like guests in his career at time but. Again not a political well stocked in neutral pat questionable to back down that road but. Buddies back to wait for yen by as quickly as you know it's quick and is a pretty harshly as possible here in the last years but Brady though. Only he wants talking about football loves talking about playing until he's 4515. Now because this is this is his life this is the only thing. That he cares of now cynic would say he cares but TB twelve he's just trying to drum up what will support that the longer he plays the wallet or else the more helps TB twelve in the Mort props of Guerrero as a legitimate. Fitness to yank it something after football the release. Dig into but it's hard to beat it's hard to look at Brady when he operates and think he's making and operates these phony it's just it's legitimate. It's it's the old history in pent up frustration in the days in the draft and everything you psychotic and Nina is a man who has his work outs planned out three. Years in advance I yards skip Bayless coming in state. Belichick's the psychotic and he wants to prove. Dot dot dot. Which is more accurate Brady wants approve it without Belichick broke Belichick was approved them pre college at once appeared pre hubris get angry skip ads here per usual it's very fright. But and they get I think that's the only reason why I really don't understand your theory can. That or Rob Lowe is staying here in here's a chance. That they'll let him go free nothing two years from. It's totally ardent believer that just goes against everything that we've got Belichick has done here. For 1516 years he always extracts the most value out of every player and if you Keiko Rob Lowe when he could have gotten to first round picks for at least not let him go for nothing. That is eighty. Okay what do Brady is done in week one we've seen that. We play this tape back and say. You can do Ari can I was wrong. But no but I but you can put that all the timing it can't happen but we've never seen it. The quarterback this'll. We never had record years old this good in this healthy droplets could you will admit yes what we've seen a drop was great. When great but and at first half against Miami mean he's injury prone to it away it's a short step out even more so than great. You know you ask yourself that question to you know dig it but young did the ballots checked sour on when he didn't play that there's a night game against Houston. Yet there's lot of drama surrounding it doesn't seem like it delicately prosecute live here I mean I just think that it's everything an elbow Belichick they're keeping drop well and that means they're gonna keep them for the long call two years from now regards Tom Brady is playing. Jimmy go Rob Lowe will be the quarterback the New England Patriots. And as a result it will end very poorly with Brady in New England it will be a bitter split here in town. Texture says there is no trading Brady will be done play if that happens. And you know the the reaction assuming he's hinting at the around these march when you say end badly. That's pitchers you're suggesting they're gonna move simple yes or even grapple to keep rounds going to be gymnasts but politics going to want to do it at the end of the day can. Robert Kraft games football control to Bill Belichick and I know Tom Brady is the most marketable guy in the world but he also has really marketable. A great look in Italian stallion like Jimmy drop well. You itself what you jerseys as well the patriots brand if he's gut. Will not die if Tom Brady street six or seven cents at 9737. Called program one more hour Christian market up and it's a tent with late night. Celtics up by force six and some change to gold second quarter will lucky date you furthered trending. Also some Ortiz and Jeter talked to weave into the attacks on you wrote about Jeter a dead at the dot com. I've got new Ortiz book out may be doing some that serves Yemen very far. We were called in those what politically comfortable quiet reading. The result that sounds I don't they're commercial it can't happen. But anyway there's enough though Ortiz used their I think to get us through little of that Red Sox knocked we'll continue that into the 9 o'clock hour Ken Allard Altria reduces which rated B.