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OMF - Christian Mother's Day; Dombo's remaining prospects & Shayanna Jenkins on Dr. Phil. 5-15-17

May 15, 2017|

Hour 4: Christian discusses his mother's Day fail with his wife, a man lights himself on fire on Facebook. Callers discuss Red Sox minor league options.

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These award winning her moaning and forty minutes is the ultimate stupidity. It was studying all put behind pull up right. You wanna take the crowd out of the game. Dave did play well tonight. Clay and Lou interest yeah. Grandma who I've thought about the turnovers. A program to put your little kid (%expletive) up you don't disrespect. Yeah. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Not a good news is apparently an active world why. Shall. Probably we're different out. Though a lot of the guys said they they've they always Wear all black so wouldn't you show up an all black if you always Wear all black tonight. Really what a lame excuse me I'm always likes my favorite color group. I can't mixing colors I'm not a trend there was that's embarrassing I talking about embarrassing magistrate mothers than. Why did you Mother's Day ago. We had you had yet to lacrosse games that you really didn't do anything that. I would have been elected and we would today. You know I think I think my wife Bobbie you know we know budget gets from the kids senate Beulah brunch. And council sort of episode saw which I thought was a much which I thought was a massage which added I've been. I guess I know how to explain to police that as their Lego doll if it was us the whole assortment. I have to ask don't you can't I can't and you're asking Paul a who's believed in hell for 3 and I am. As currently on a rubbing and a belittling. It. Is that close enough and say I think we get the Idaho's that's so I don't I I judge had no way I did I guess I'll show you the web site. And the website looks legit the west looks like a nice place got. A budget pictures of like when we get us the lows in August. That's supposed to care looks like a quick of you know women getting facials and roll out of. Wait a good for a well yeah. It holiday I was mostly likely a reputable place like OK I expect spot. Bob whereas Lin and the kick. DC area. I'll come play this. I thought I'm on now drop prompted fine tune the kids away like ninety minute massage. It's all that is largely gay. When it gave up his car mood often don't know all angry. And it. It was yeah it was a one of those things with a lady comes he's got a long nails. A long long nails which town she's she's not license the okay you're not license a bubble sheets that heard the there's no changing drama. Ninety minutes and it is sixty days. And it and what you want anything else. I think we what's. And the odd thing is that opinion but it I'd put the effort in so I can't be blamed under review for I'm trying I didn't elaborate and put the F a I call I don't know I'd say it's no lie beside you got it wrong it went in double figure. Why would that please do you Milton. I have no idea that you among many did not put the time I did and if you if you found in the fake smoke that's I wasn't that big with I don't know that the place. That was a real place or show producers when she loses and he knows he's in no big it was. It looked as news front in the queen's. Like I know who built it but I don't millions of look like in front air frantically. The diaries about. Our guys believe mothers and fathers teachers and select a K a breakfast. And whoever's data says and see anywhere in the rest of the day. So which should want to say like you know it's Mother's Day guide that you want a good breakfast in onus of breakfast decent gifts in the morning whatever it is. And then bomb I'd take Mason all day long you don't see anyone do your thing do whatever you want once in a new. Bed and go back and watched our you know reruns of what have yet DVR choice you do what you wanna go out multiple court he want to bring you mean Father's Day. Nice little breakfast play eighteen. That seems mile I think I don't I don't legal counsel and I think is late I don't care. Get my Father's Day gift from white leader on the night so wanna give you want it to you one of those gifts over in Milton. I view as a bit actually I was really here's a reconnaissance for myself hey how does is create play. This is great equation really and need their necks out. All of these come around so I mean there. Once shift gears are dues or when you hold out here on out there and while on no other people that's excellent and the what was that wet so yeah as hell and only. I'll bring in Brazil. Yeah. And I don't know if naked it's going at a final word is that some nice U gonna be you know Debbie downer here you gonna take his today category as the witness is the worse craziest thing ever received man runs into crowded bar. Sets himself on fire to get back at next they'll probably show owner. Wouldn't that I showed you all ought to scar you for life. So I really popular local musician Tennessee guide for setting himself on fire while light streaming it that's the other thing everyone else got to watch it. He lied streamed it on FaceBook. And eventually it's so he's got all this cares you know run light streams on pace for them runs into the crowded bar where he was amazed me musician that. So this he was so gruesome and confusing that some witnesses but it wasn't even real. Skies will this gentleman comes charging in the room on fire from head to foot screaming in comprehensively that'll. Like so many like someone wearing a flame retardant suit there are some people who. And it isn't she. She and several others through their shirts on to him in an attempt to smother the flames. So he's they like my show is dating this exactly right now though it was probably iron via unborn chain and flame buoyant shell. So here's what happened so this guy is named Jared Michael Moore is dating this girl Alyssa more. And there is a restraining order obvious are you the back history is lots of restraining order this guy's a Psycho he strangler he's attacking her. So what he does is he in or accused arrested last year on charges of strangling and threatened to kill. Is there you are just as. That the more sex girlfriend whom he has a history of domestic violence against. Was working just feet away it was almost like he waited for us to be ever so that he would be the center of attention and you know. He wanted to go down in some sick way and for everybody to see it. So he waited until the second band. Woods is of to a second there was done for the nights of them and there's actually like this yeah we like it wants. Yeah you want everything lighter right literally edit and that's the latter. The renewal list that would walk away from the stumbled shoes were gonna sound board. Tier approach illicit and mumbled something about goodbye. Then he grabbed her arm this is the real sick part to do you grabbed her arm in wiped it on his chest. To show he was covered in carelessly. He then walked through the crowded bar make his presence known to all the patrons he crossed the street. When he saw Alyssa he had he is he had walked outside he quickly douse his body with more carrots he started here are seen on him. Walked out I put more kerosene on little assault on fire streaming and on FaceBook live. At full moon view of onlookers and the I you've got to be so he decides phenomena go out. Like a rock star. I'm gonna go out and blaze of glory days showed her. Yeah out to teach you lessons done and you dial up on fire and die. Say that it's crisp or as you think your streaming on FaceBook will be enters footage. From a camera across the street showing these guys lighting himself on fire and running into the bar so bars at 12:30 AM. Of late everybody's done their lead for the night sets done nobody's playing any music you know tip you bartenders waitresses that whole thing has gone. This guy in the hole inside the bar lights up like firecrackers at it and saying. Let's show everybody. Assure everybody what's going. Well that's what's happening now we are with people who live streaming on in and FaceBook that's that's what's going right now. And this whole thing I mentioned this whole thirteen wasted dire it's this crazy youth movement yet this netbooks movie were obviously it late. Where this kid does this girl kills herself and she leaflet. Video message from skated about how she died why she died. Now other kids are copying it at school. It alert you yet they may tell me what I did thirteen was a thirteen something's. Right the last one is. That they commit suicide amidst the Smart but. You know I I don't know the do you have a lot of people right now. That are looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. And I think this is the way thirteen reasons why you call her a few reasons why she killed herself through at least that's really disturbing that it believes mr. and it didn't even do. Jesus was this was this guy decent musician I didn't say they are you downloaded music and I cannot. Absolute artist talk about missile Eddie lacy thing yeah follows a week issues they made by so he made it made way maybe it's fairly. So to 55 if you weigh in at 255 in Monday's wing in the Olympian 55 grand he waited 253. We think is Dave was like yesterday. I mean I would say the last mile that was Friday night can't say I plummeted crap my dad threw. It was hit it through 48 a good walking out is was swept walking in the you've probably naked on the scale. Many of us probably have 17%. Body fat. We probably ate nothing probably stopped himself yesterday did you get it as the try to lose three pounds literally of who did at lax last night everything he could and I tonight I bet he's probably to 62. And that's crazy pace a year. So he was like it almost went to seven election didn't finish the year in huge. Running back he was huge honor. Yeah. So in that. This book is to live there so what do you take it away admit that it works every day every time its way to you just cram what's gonna month June 12 is his next swing used to be 250. Alternates and progressively lower its own way a little icy cable we stick to lose and those three. Do you think he's in a statement victory that you sheets at the T sixty note to clients did they already do this didn't show up last year with Green Bay having lost all that way and then put all the way back on yes I don't show up at a week on nobody should not content showed up that was a big huge deal that he would drop that weight. That he comes back he gets out on the field instead of between all right. Oh against Seattle he forgot about this that your seahawk fan. Senior running back you'll get lately scenic I can't easiest fact. And 253. Regimen at 215 A he's got five more. 5 more wanes from August to December. Would like that finally I think they are in love you know these qualities and what Kabul have put all of us on this guy that we have to actually weigh in because he can't stop getting fat. I mentioned food stamps and that guy who's seriously overweight went crazy. You this year I think the rest of us wish they had that closet and Powell after they wished they had a clause where. Did it take a bunch of money away from forget abouts. Forget about given. In my bonus take it away from it so that 250 bodies got to get to fifty. And then what's his eventual ideal weight he's got five additional actor so we're trying to I want I don't know thirty to twelve. Another good note you wife Deanna probably 235. Right. I don't match can be pretty good guy bad guy that I already know thirty they were PC one thing you run on the practices for. For football there so easy. You don't run and a running back never runs. You know you get the ball every down then and then the other team venue then it's that this guy he comes out C twelve plays a period when no more it's a run graduate Asia not the only then I'll answer anymore I'll lose weight during the season. So he's got to. Just keep that lead at the same at that at a level to 35 to forty. He's going to balloon in the middle of the good thing about you don't you practice. Money through in practice. It's asserted that to get healthy date or banged up you said Tuesday today off. Wednesday and Thursday goes your heart is for the relief not physically taxing you're not quite ready now at wide receiver running everything around down field off Friday. That's that is Mecca move the field drill into Saturday but I don't walk. I would imagine that is to pick these the next one. Maybe maybe it's ideally 24040 not easy for any there's an engine just keep it there at the last three or just we want to stay here. So he gets he gets an incentive for make in the way. Okay which gets them to the start as a member like so. So the patriots next week that's there 02 days it's third or end it there in the street or not they're not working out anymore they're all doing is practicing now there. They're working out and they're doing working out the coaches but after this week they're back to you know practice normal session so the routine is all screwed out. That it basically done in June. So Eddie lacy. I wanna what that so he's leads at all vacation. And abs of a grand old time can't he gonna show up end of July. That's a problem. That is the problem. Still remain unbeaten he has a paper. He's in the wrong position should be an offensive incipient guard he tried to. Keep me to tell the difference of each Jackie Mason. And Eddie lacy though America poll what do you start. That's what I would do the genetic guard. Did you know the potholes and gone for what a couple weeks now obviously he's around the facility do you think they're keeping an eye on him. It would be better I mean it as traveling in the Saint Louis. I mean you respect there you get some traders and answered yes. Everybody's job try to keep this guy including himself to keep this weight we're at certain levels when he comes back. Great unique feels good shoulder feels good but I gained twenty pounds of how does he do when he Carty you know if the if they need. Is a problem well we can't put any pressure on that lead with a little and they show it turning go to school. In the pool and pull all agree it's not weight bearing exercises as of for like baby panda loves that video poppy Harlow here with us. What we're capable of knocking you non weight bearing. Recovery god weight bearing car Leo and you it's like doing the treadmill. At an elevation but then holding on if you do it took the rails if you don't really that he used to work he really is more amazing when you think about it that they went into this season. Really depend. On Pablo said they would dependent on and he did not have a backup it's you're nobody else man it's a few minutes at Thomas eighth week avenue. They're trying to empower. Nobody got back to a man to human I don't know how you do that listen you hope for the best you do you try to get. Tim to work to to get that weight down you give them all the support nutritionist whatever you can't. But how do you set your knowing that this kid has an eating disorder and city itself well let's hope this. Salinas crossed especially after. You fall months prior. He lost his job to a first baseman yes. Rate front I mean just right frank Trevor shot took his job. So we know we deal nothing to see here we're not gonna get. A veteran third baseman behind him when -- and challenge him and anyway Iraq and do anything. Just really but the guys that can stay beckon physically play the position for about three or 45 days may be a week 82 top how many hours that they have that third machine shareholder 1413 fourteen it's unbelievable. The stage of the season you're less than a quarter wasn't it is your Seattle right now he decided elation. Is it important for you'd have a good running back depth wise behind it relations yes. If you just what it would just Eddie lacy no other running backs when you sit there and say it's the same thing of threats out to a public Newt. You've got to have somebody behind. If you don't shame on you pat. This could depend on them last couple years her Adirondack of the wide receiver running back. But the revered in the back of it's it's it is unbelievable that Nebraska did not have. A back up plan because basically the back up plan which utility players who really don't specialize in playing that position. Today at the same guys that Ross. Yeah Ross you know there are Alex all Alex oh Alice Collins pro sized C pro site official there they've they've got some guys write his ball those guys in there helping Laura. He really got that got something there but he imagined they dealt Rawls. And pro sized in just that now you're our guy that's at the substantive model yeah I think it's more likely they look at it say at least he's probably not even. Make it long term Willis. Go to PT scrabble around and around York commissions you know the nature loses weight driving around in a truck here and oil that's what's up pay. Well I wanna know what your opinion has gone on the heart straightened Jackie Bradley Rutledge. And maybe a couple of the each Orion boron and Travis shot. What which latest on DeVon Guerrero got. Outgrow it whoever they need to. And the owns it they get that Saudi bridge shot back wouldn't be at that while. They're not gonna do that you know that the right. Traded employee and operate in the back. While Jacqui were actually talk felt last year he's sort inevitable he. Yeah in the selling point is. Use good last year nine that keep it straight I mean if you're you're Milwaukee's in a sale Acadia you know you want shot back it's now it's gonna cost you a lot more. While these rate and he's the clean up later he's a cleanup hitter right now in a team that I believe is leading the league of their second home run right. Why would deal avoids cheap cheap via east. Now he's knuckled anywhere they like what they got him so another words Asia you'd you'd think the Red Sox made a stake in dealing them away. So they should try to correct the mistake OK you might be right out and it is not an. It is is that. Atrocities these depresses her own case that. Trombone long long. Model on fire and don't geese they were partners to speak of them rusty real quick that's what scares me he's gonna try to fix this that deadline. He's gonna trade away the next wave of prospects. And our trade away everybody that we we know off. Right there yeah that's like the next wave rate to crack down on his people and a ball that we even heard of yet. And then he decides to deal some of those guys and you sitting on god now there's now is nobody nobody. Where you can see you already Lou they're going to have some holes. And I guess it even some of the holes Coles up here you're gonna have some holes when you get to the trading deadline so if there within shouting distance. Of the of the postseason. They in this how. They have to make moves don't. See what they gotta give up an issue they got to give up while he doesn't seem to be shy about giving away that's what I am getting this prospect of these residences are you know they. System is like is nobody there and in on all the system well enough but I was just look at it again 2000 was at thirteen spooky Betts wasn't talked when he prospect. One at all and they keep going here so it's. You know and in June of 2013 he wasn't top prospect. In that the season's end he was tenth. And in 2014 when he got the big leagues. You see Anderson Espinoza wasn't anywhere near a couple of years before you know Rafael devers all these guys that their. They're all like not even top twenty guys and have a good year and a minor leagues and creep up. So this guys right now on a ball in no writers arms and able although we don't know about isn't LA's. Gonna trade away those guys. If people a civil we had no clue this guy has committees and it smoky you know Munich. And entry when you trade away your first wave of prospects which dirty hasn't each early the next wave nice talking about 45 years of nothing. Nothing in your system. But if you're within shouting distance him we'd get to the trading deadline Tom Warner already told us on this very program that they would be willing to go over the luxury tax. In discount. How are they gonna be able to pass it Baltimore makes most of the Yankees may move or knows somebody else makes moves in the market like. They're gonna sit back and and not make moves and where else so they got to make move what players do they have right now that word they have an excess. At any position utility infielders and get the ego and what are they gonna get you in return her legs why are not. So they may need bullpen help they may need a third baseman. You need a starting pitcher. Now how do you pass if you're in Boston in this town. Where everybody expects every year unique year you'll battles and get a ton like you gotta tread lightly it's just a great point and its red light could be it could be frightening it could have ramifications. For their future. Echoed. Oh what do you do you ask you can't sit there I think and I want the past and gonna show it went by and it was a. We'll see what it is a suit asking price to suit the needs are a lot of people treatable can you do in a much more traits can you don't you go give out money next offseason but what. We gonna trade away a trade devers the way I hope. It's winter wish why are you Sam now he's the only good the only thing they have to train or the prospects what else to they have to trade what major leaguer a ball player he's gonna trade right. On the on the roster who you guys mention one of a Jackie. See what he does OK but if he continues getting away sitting right now what type of value was he would have authority it's hot and he Suleiman turned away an all star Steffi at a local drive capability and twenty eyeballs are that's for twentieth dry month in the bottom of the up and down that's I that's for twenty in the month leading up to the trading deadline who's gonna tradable. Ohio parents are divided into these Betty won 65. In a month leading up the other team's gonna look at this thing. Countless things sometimes you look at and say it's not a year. You know it's just it's Arianna you we've already mortgaged enough we still have Smith. And the one bird hopefully next year the government control we dug a price next year hopefully in. In late at sale next year apple sell next year you attack a much more we get a trade away here to try to save a team that just doesn't have a three to fire the manager think that's going to be the answer that a slowing. And some people. Okay because it'll come back to Dombrowski. And you shall make you you know his track record over the years this is the second yerba venture for him so far it's not worked out. You think he's gonna sit back and say wait for next year. It's gonna be difficult for him to do you take. Is it safe to say as much as you can question John Ferrell as a manager Dave Dombrowski if this team under performs this year. Especially with the injured arms they have out. That the criticism is really gonna be levied toward a de Dave Dombrowski. Sure gets the trailer energized gets to trade deadline. What is he gonna the stamper is gonna etched QB are here. I think that's going to be different I'd back to the phones at 6177797. On threes have experienced the land. Twenty force follow him on Twitter right now. Now back to more forcefully remove euphoria on sports week W guy. And here's hoping we guesses as to what four. I've noticed that I gotta love almost through right now you'll beat duke but there's also we I would I think I would. I think I would we'll bass hole I could actually an Internet green goes to light on my floor by rowboat like solid chocolate soft actually and yeah BN's David Long enough that Lance pictures the ones. Sudden. Yeah I only in the details looks like solar and Ashley Madison dot com. Arizona to Florida was Mozilla's what are we are. Look Nicholas he was not built a next. Eat meat is no next Q what does he was supposed to beat this year it was the most in the got the currently I'm at and doubt will I just wanna tell you I know you're on this kick about John value happened yet. I would say yeah I'm not a great BM I give him. RO blank for the Mets broke it big brown is we know how to build and it kind of released there in Detroit caught some. A World Series. In Gupta is now. That epic that thing right from the that we connects. Agent Alan rode real quick as this thing that I have with John Jamie say the same thing earlier. So so why was it is just terrible thing when I said that I disagree with some moves he's made. But when I had this thing with him and admit that this isn't his issue it's not his fault. Given some of the people they have on this roster. Doesn't fit the argument. Right OK I can listens iphone's I don't wanna get into a third you know there's certain. TV stations that have a crutch right itself but I want to get to that I'm great at it I'm just saying. That you know that brought I just don't know what's going on here how do you rate at third base. The court you know not great but he has some power we can feel the position you know it and about questions about how to get there. I don't know how you could have confidence that you were going to get problem to come back in great shape. And I'll give us some credit he's dropped some weight obviously he's hurt now we don't know what he's gonna look like when he funny comes back but I don't know how you could have complete confidence other than you paid him. A boatload of money. I agree an answer a lot why would it credentials are. Army. Gingrich Charlotte and the problem I got to get somebody else to associating anybody else to replace him and that's and that's to be that an easier sell than say a starting pitcher we and he criticized for because. If you're a free agent starting pitcher. French guy who got hurt media markets in huge you're trying to get him for depth. Why would you go to the Red Sox when their six starter spring training was in rod aren't you gonna go to Boston it's why you get Kyle Kendrick. But when you have. You can't get a free agent third baseman that's sort of questionable at what was certain level and say listen we have no clue what's going on there. You'll play time pick will be a lot of playing time this dude is coming back from injury missed the entire year he can't stay underweight. You should be able to draw some interest from freezing their basements in your organization. I can understand the starting why would you go there if six guys but they're basing you couldn't go out and get somebody there. I don't understand that you can you trail how you could go in with that much confidence that Pablo was going to be able to do it for here's Jeff at Northampton what's up Jeff. All that's what I got a first a long time. I am prepared base and meet fairly cheap who's on. One you're a bit. He's the only guy that's bigger than Pablo a given a get into. I. Platelets and the deli fifteen it's pose a problem out of me how has he done the Easter is a free agent yet no he's not retired that a four worked I think these freeagent. Yet you know like bush got an idea he's like he's almost forty years old was in his thirty patents. But I mean you know get somebody on that place third base better presidents. Might be. With you win. Classes more than Eddie lacy did that bright whereas when. I'm not gonna laugh at it because honestly it's probably just visit but it thrown out there right now. Ample course they've got a mess but that's the problem there and they're throwing people out there now. I'm not sure he will just when but it team together and in the off season when I rather have Josh religion one arena. Because I've got Brock called to complain though the infield Robert is played the position yeah I mean I am not I don't I don't on the big fan is put blooms or talk about what they need. It means India locked they take shots and a lot of people in that shot anybody in the rule five run which. Just thought that he was the answer. Unbelievable. Isn't Bridgewater what's I. You guys don't. You know not that you you guys and a lot of it I station should we listen that bubble ball up calendar right now. It is so obvious to me what's going on and an adult actors now this isn't that flights. So it's a lot so one example which shot up with a tweak everything. You shut up between an eight and that would disadvantage. Who's got up and by the way up somewhere on the child it. What you does not this guy has to all of this water this season that spot okay. So you what women hold on tarnishing your blaming all of this and John Ferro. I'm not at all. I'll lay did most of. OK so apparently you're the one that does not listen to little. It's low and is very France earlier no just theological issues that this team has is not because of their manager. Well. Want it any other sport is could be that it wants easy to instant listen to these guys. You see that in Baltimore. It's 25 I connecting it to want to swallow it which I don't that was one that it. Okay. Who's this guy have to golf is about what evidently on him went on and on and on. What would this guy I abuses and not proceed to put these what is in the current. You sound. He says Gary decency. And make it that much. That he wanted to exempted personally gazillion. This is the best way to explain I think what. The issues that they haven't this team don't go away with Gingrich John Ferro to a dual I think he's good manager Null no I don't I don't these good manager I don't these dating game manager I don't think he's cobbled together. I don't really think much of the guy. And I don't know maybe they'll use that use him get rid of him but. Did that this year right now enemies are roster. Their roster right now struggling and AG and traits for guys that get hurt. So let's not Jon Farrell's Tony Tony that's not John Farrell warns if you are how Ross I still think it be better off with a different guy is all. That book special Woodstock rots from the head. Just you have to make a ball this image out there they're not that should be why aren't. We agreed. Yes I don't know what that. As constituted right now the guys in the field this incredible that this thing should score more runs in the scoring right well moldaschi indebtedness. Written in the stock. Gold. Attitude on a court remembers well I don't get we talked about it early. Wouldn't say it is it is that this does. The manicure right we. We don't we don't know week we threw that out that it seemed that it's a strange phrase to throw that out. Yeah manager John is that some I would throw out kind of making fun of the guy I don't acknowledging here and we know that the problem is the mice that there's a you guys it's a joke when a call and so I don't know what it's personal it's between the two of them and I don't know where it is but it doesn't sound good. We almost cells not so Wiltshire right. I agree with okay so let's pull all. The talent. That other that they're not 500. Tony but that is the thing Dombrowski has got one hit one part to play that's it and it's and he's holding it. When he gets too hot he's gonna move on from John Farrell. He's got away the right time and now's not the right time this is boys are healthy and when his boys get healthy. You know if if if you see price and amount you see Smith an amount you see Thornburgh on the mound and they're still sit at 500 in July that he's gonna play that card. It is and it's not his fault it's gotta be somebody else's and it's going to be the managers. Pullback we don't have to have fullback. I hear Sean Carr I shot. What's up guys you know I I hated Karl I want him gone last year where it. I agree with Lou I mean really it's not about the energy this year they just missing. I mean they're not hitting but they're missing the edge like. It just seen their lack some time there's big spots you know when teams become awkward bit. And yet great they're good for average but they're not driving in runs. I just I I don't think permitted the way to go by obviously the whole third base real quick Trevor Paul said it may not grow and then they get on eagle Ottawa near Obama. You don't plug and play at third bitch I don't care who would you bringing Ryan broaden whatever it's not gonna solve the it back there almost but it skiing you know they need to date like this panicking I feel like they're gonna go on Iran even if they are LP. I don't know they're missing something. You know it is not big. I don't think it's one thing I think there are part unsure of different things thing I immediately Hanley situation. They get game plan of how they were going to work designated hitter first baseman will with a platoon system over there. And that's already gone up in smoke. It's. So now suddenly you're limited in what you can do if you're a man a job much of a bailout John Farrell. But certainly John Farrell went into the season thinking one thing and now suddenly he's got some restrictions on what he can do. And. Yes I wondered who like you know it gets in Travis that a AAA hockey talking about just name pops up and he said it's are you start to get a little bit hotter than he was early in the year. And if you're gonna start keeping the key pinch hitting. Chris Young for Mitch Moreland. That's I wondered how long before you know bring this kid up. Because Moreland hit fifth for you in 063 you and some nights whatever it is. Inducing Chris Young hit the five or six hole hitter differs four hole hitter you know loan more than was in the four hole. In your only pinch hitter using for your fifth or sixth I'm pretty sure the guys behind and he should be enforced well. So if you go to if you don't want more and they hit. In early news it well she led him against lefties readies double he's struggling right now so don't let him hit against the lefty. Did you should probably have San Travis appeared so weak at least he can just hit go to first base and then you can use young for Jackie. Or rot inch or more rare row or pick a guy on the bottom thirty a lot of that's not swinging the bat. To do that above Morlon they knew he was a gold glove first baseman. Who had a question noble that and that's why they position Hanley to platoon overt first try to say when you use. Young for moral and. Again and again about laws doesn't develop a feel more comfortable more than I do with guys behind him. Right now at same for him the the other guys so so what you're basically saying is that they have a damaged one right the image roster yeah. It is let us not the manager okay now. They got three guys and events there rotating to third base because nobody can step up if they had one or two they can be used to spot. For especially the red handed bat off the bench to platoon or hit with north Moreland been steady at three guys that can't play part. Sure Brett troll Covert tells John that the who's been saying nice that the Mets are just and from Lou don't kill the messenger. Sorry I don't I don't know let's replace some music some like that now there or playing any music there you've you've got everybody in the other Booth after that hole between your. Mother's Day story in the in the act of late himself divorces are way to crazy started Abbott is actually gets crazier than a guy like himself on fire that looks like Antonio Cromartie may have another child comedy is that enough for him force. Fourth this guy had. Had a vasectomy hey this is I care is the story. My my concern it was a story. My daughter who drinks three as of yesterday. If everything H I mean it's not entirely. Three and this he times through indecent Ali yeah. Six and the uterus. Reorder those born October 16 in London street mode I was born in Milan whose two years old and learn lines. Three. Newborn in my life and in his Jersey. Jersey's union. Small class this vicinity didn't make the reforms. And that's my Barack and all they made it clear about what Jesus really just aren't so you think you have an eventful but Tuesday in all of my guess I'll. Why are we don't want more segment to look at the talk a little bit about this water and think about it tomorrow to. Smart sports stock of multi lingual finger for the fourth of featured in the film that she wants the foundation on there's no one. Why is this house counsel's advice. Let's return with more Fort Wayne reloading for. Three. There was a note left. Reportedly written by there and to you correct its tracks did that note struck you. And anyway. Knowing that it was a no. Of love hanging did it. See that it was addressed to Sherry. Instead of you know beat her her pain the way he would refer me. Parents. That that's a little odd to me as far as the constant seem to be his thumping self. Trying and it Jenkins. Juan Mendez. Appearing on Dr. Phil and that's airing at 3 o'clock that they think are now going to leave right away marking one today market also wants to more port to have more. So. Do you Ali we've heard all the stuff gonna pelvic organ again thing oh. Here's the cellular very much interest do you think he was day. And she'll send. I. To Krauthammer in at I. Q did you have gay tendencies to negotiate out you have really no peace sitting down. The maybe that's. I was getting to more but I started there thanks to the questions were heard so far like did you do this for the for the six point five million dollars. Simply believe she's gonna answered yes. Wouldn't that jeopardize this six point right. Are you earlier we talked about it before and that's what you know I need to do it. This morpheus these sit there and you know you know what you need to do I don't need to tell you receive mixtures. They should've aground in the CNET news in Florida nice and so be so keys to try to save your light can't catcher who say we already know that she does not believe that he took his home. Yes we know she also believes all assays are given a clip from they and that she also believes that he did not kill old. That was that was. He was. No we don't have that but that's another one and so did. She thinks she's just it he's innocent Everett well guarded or Iran according to the stated as he was afraid aren't. He's hit brain eating kill himself whose drugs smuggled whatever court images hardcourt this provides the same. I don't wanna warn everybody that over the next. I would say. Thirty hours or whatever. People are going to be dealing with these NBA draft. Simulators if you if you operated or Janet Kiki scale up are these calendar or. So our storm team that is why that it's at it's so stupid doing. Because you do a few times and eventually get the Celtics to pop up is number one hand and if you do it like a thousand times. That it will show up pretty close to the percentage of probability. The problem is when you don't like hedges that. West lakers were number one off dolls. Some fictional not only does that shatter called card unit or ordinance that the U in the last. And then I did it again and Orlando job. Oh he's fit he's gonna do this over and over and over again. Now for the next you know thirty hours you can you can get people are that it's fun because it's fun I feel on. God I think they're gonna that big a window Dicey thing to do it the number one seed tomorrow. Things a look at how it goes up by the cats they'll be the captain yeah they'll beat it doesn't sound and at least. By medical law of boredom at a probably got a little too too much. A this segment by the way is brought to you by fine NASA money dot com. You don't believe is any chance and loses game tonight I think they went tonight 68%. According to this lesbian couple guys that he sent his only if it that's another item ESPN but it it and that ESPN 68% chance of winning. Like they aren't about Brady vs jordans yes. With that next level conversation there ha. We'll Bob Ryan Zimmerman who don't know how I. The as a. Bob Ryan's already moved beyond the Michael Jordan thing now to LeBron the FBR he did that that might be a little too prematurely doesn't actually talked about two weeks ago. Yeah in the Caribbean into that and you what did you did you book your body and who knows that Jordan the best it was that. Of course cycles ago he's getting deeper into his career as a crisis awards also had done that's when you judge you don't judge it would again slowly working desperately. Do we judge generally don't talk about your show is only about fifteen in the past and we wait to please people don't I think people really do well this stupid and it's in our business. What are you don't it and we against opponents that does have heard it that's really. Worried about our a lot of the stimulus well. Oh. To figure out if they didn't want to by the way if you really wanna do it effectively simulate shifted the ping pong balls picking in the background and it's a sound that's the exact Sinatra really don't have that yet now yeah. Get a handle on him. They went on. Yes they went that I look at some oral agreement. But pool or it but the size now talk about tomorrow we'll talk about a lot of retail against. And I know Red Sox game tonight so we'll do all these guys coming up next Friday at all.