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MRN Motorsports Monday - May 15

May 15, 2017|

Buddy Long and Woody Cain review the Kansas Weekend and look ahead to the Monster Energy All Star Race with Chad Johnston, Crew Chief on the #42 Target Chevrolet.

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I urged. I and it. It's still more than most sports Monday beat planes but the latest news and allows the opinions direct from the guys at the track. Presented by outback steak now. This program is rated begin to guess again in May contain scenes of verbal nonsense and graphics and then again viewer discretion is advised our survival. Today's episode has brought to you by Hercules fire broke. Here's what he came. And buddy along. Welcome to another edition of a Marin motor sports Monday presented by Outback Steakhouse Joey Meyer on special assignment. But long joins us again here on the program after the go bowling 400. Kansas Speedway Martin Truex junior. Finally gets the win at a track that have been sort of a monkey on the fact yeah and he came away with a huge victory a big way that car just got stronger. As the race went on he was in the hunt for the better part of the entire race but boy when he came to that second stage. Right in that area he really turned on the of the after burners. What a great victory for that he even seemed relieved afterwards to finally get the victory there after leading so many laps last year and finished second a couple of times there in the finally. Get that out of the way he just seemed to go. Finally out and it was a huge victory mean he had some heavyweights that he had to deal with in cal bush. Great run by Ryan blinking once again he also glad for him I felt so bad he was right there and had it went with in his life within this grass. And a couple restarts late worked out in favor of the veteran turley did I mean great run for Kevin Harvick that veteran had another very solid run over the weekend pal bush looking to do the doubled and went twice again. It weekends in which he's done very well that way but. When he came down to an on this final few restarts Truex was just a class in the field I'm glad you mentioned Kevin Harvick you know why because he had a top ten finish and that means. Blue men Monday at outback steak cash you can get a free blooming onion if you go by. And I'll point out hey you know Harvard guy had another I talked to Francona just had a little something for the effort there you know bring real free blooming onion. Check out their lunch specials they've got the joy menu which is for kids not Joey Meyer. All kinds of good stuff and Outback Steakhouse skim a visit to be heard about it on and Marin motor sports Monday but as we mentioned Martin Truex junior goes to Victory Lane in the Auto Owners Insurance Torrealba. They've been strong all season long he's up to the second spot in the standings right now. And here's what he had to save our Alex Hayden afterwards. Brian Delaney just a moment ago said. Martin did the restarts right I didn't so howdy do the restarts right. I'm Manny just yet time writing I've been a victim of the same thing you know that that gives good man he's going to toner races he's really talented and their cars fast right now so yeah it's exciting you did you do Henry starts at eight you get right to at least throughout his abilities are a bit are for the win. Today today we're able get thousands right when it mattered and they are gonna say it just awesome team I've. For how much did the car and the track change would starting under the sunlight and transferring into nighttime the group moved around quite a bit in Carolina race we've seen the other very high tigers got really fasten those long runs and we had to adapt and be able to do that and we got pretty good up there and then next thing you know we couldn't repairing or too slow and you Federer in the middle. You know at the end the bottom with good times too serious just moving the group around that we did change our car a whole lot throughout the race really just just adapted to the racetrack move lines around enough. And try to work on where America. Ninth career win for Martin Truex junior second of the season joining Brad Kozlowski and Jimmie Johnson as the only two time winners this year. He started Apollo what some numbers that he can kind of squirrel away for the playoffs later this year and any hit a very valid point about restarts and that's you know when Ryan when he learns. What to do on those restarts and and not seen anything disrespectful he's he's still in the learning stage of one of the restarts late in the event. Truex went underneath of them almost in the grass before it got to turn number one realizing he was he and have the room to do and shot to the outside in before they got today Moody's term position which is on the billboard outside of turn two and Truex had already gone to the other side on a round down. And grab the lead you have absolutely incredible or at an instance or two I believe I think Jerry Jones was one of the late a restart where a guy with. Less than fresh tires was up there and started dropping anchoring guys were scrambling trying to get around to that may have been a factor as well Bailey was indeed there were 45 bed at one point that yes they chose to stay LO on some older tires and of course that that made that chess match that much tougher at the very front. But no doubt about it this is a very strong car very strong team. Can't say as much about his teammate Eric Jones had a rough weekend we had a great time with them over the weekend or he was friends has like broadcast a lot of fun. Between himself cal bush and you know the other piece of that furniture row racing puzzle is gonna come together before the season's over I'm sure. Well I still go back to my favorite line of the whole weekend we had Tony is our Booth analyst. And we interviewed the stage winners in the truck race Eric Jones was up there Kyle Busch was leading a one a stage so Eric goes to interview me keys to my PayPal this is Eric you Gabby and I swear the first word that accomplishes Mal was. Jesus how did you get up and ahead of us and we had fun without a lot of fun during the weekend with all those activities and a lot of fun Ramallah guys going on there we've got a lot coming up on a Marin motor sports Monday. Including the point leaders crew chief. Chad Johnson will be here he is the crew chief for Kyle Larson they are still atop the standings by 44 points over Ticketmaster raising and is teammate Jamie McMurray. Is doing pretty well as well in his own right what do. All that next but first we want to remind you about something coming up in a couple of weekends the second annual country 500 music festival comes to Daytona International Speedway. May 26 through the 28. The world center of racing becomes the world setter of entertainment Memorial Day weekend with performances by get this Blake Shelton Kid Rock. Miranda Lambert Keith Urban Brooks and Dunn and many more for more information and to buy your one or three day ticket passes. Visit country 500. Dot com. Citywide took countryside. What ever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading war team to get you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com Hercules tires right and our strength. Notice it economic. Audience this the last day. All things you. They boom. Everybody's all up. Oh. Covering 500 music festival is. When blink sale now. Thank god he Williams. Memorial Day weekend and day. Replay and her husband only to know. And mark my Budweiser. Pillsbury the winter night Vivian and I play my dog itself in the rearview mirror and be the final patsy happening tonight. On his way to Victory Lane on. Once again working well hide middle and loan accomplished motorsports entry for itself. Taking. Or is that still perfect really. Also yes to do is exit terms or cleanly and he does so I'll push off the corner checkered flag in the air and Kyle Busch wins the Toyota Tundra to. Speedway. That's the way has found that on motor racing network Friday night the Camping World truck series Toyota Tundra. 250. Kyle Busch wins. But even he said it wasn't really my race to win yeah I mean if there was ever a time for Ben Rhodes to finally shine in Victory Lane this was going to be his night and it was well before he even grabbed the lead. And led a lot of laps he was one of the most intense competitors that was a between talent and steamy Christopher bell. Running high running low truck that was working very well for that horse fourteen it was only a matter time before Ben was gonna take the lead and once he did. He checked as part of a larger way yeah he really did enough. It was so disappointing to talk to him after the race I unfortunately got that duty here's what Ben Rhodes had to say following the race at tech Kansas. Apparently we ran over a piece of debris and who went through the grill and into the radiator book the motor. Just wrong place wrong time I mean UI that being in the lead traffic these big racetracks that. I had the worst luck I just can't pass this Daytona we had bad luck in my you know we almost had a similar incident and in my amblin motor practice. Payroll rebound from that and we've lost much track time there we lost much track time here. We basically didn't get to second practice because we broke a bunch stuff on the truck had to fix that. You know Martinsville we had a left front brake caliper staked entire race and we were pretty much over before started there so we just. We just need luck to dar away moon and that's all there is too it's up anybody can find some please note to me. There you go been roads and not just a disappointment after that race he was getting hugs from all of his crew guys and not immediately after we finished that interview. Bono Emanuel who's Kyle Busch's crew chief in the truck series came up shook his hand and said man you have the best truck I hate that happens about a real touch of class after the race well misery loves company for Ben unfortunately the source for team as an entity had a rough night match craft and who would normally used to seeing do very well. No matter what track does surface that is nobody in particular mile and a half yeah yeah he's done very well grant and singer and Asians early and even. Thirty Coughlin the other driver in the force sports stable. He had issues in general on the wall early and customer Korea and I can win one for sport driver goes down it just seems like it's a domino effect and some of the races that we've done this year in there and get things turned around and then it is gonna get a victory. All right let's I hear what Kyle Busch had to say. After winning that truck race. Dial the Bruins welcome back yeah thanks you know this was a great win for us but really it's it's that. Terrible loss for Ben Rhodes you know and he he had this race won coming out trying everything I could Katzman running back down and I can gain a little bit on and not lose a little bit on and it is talent back and forth a little bit but not. You know that's that's a rowdy manufacturing chassis and KV embody on that Tony seven trucks that we knew it was gonna be tough to be newest fast. And that is one of the guys bitter race and all night long so he did a phenomenal job and it's a tough on that to lose that way I know because I'm blossom that way as well but. But for him to be racing against us in the media and an awesome job any race me clean I did a great job he got army. No issues there went with lap traffic and stuff like that he did really get raised those on. And that's go to C young guys like that have great opportunities in and to be fast and data make the most that it. I just can't help but think that bin roads mentioned the bad luck he's had. But you gotta be up there before that affects you like that in their consistently fast they just had some things bottom. And it seems like us Kyle Busch said there and a Martin Truex said. About a rhyme blaming earlier and you have to lose some like that a Seattle and I think he's getting his collection and early because he's been in a lot of very good positions are a lot of positions to win races. Or factor into land or the top three. There's even been a wreck there's been an an engine failure there's been sample of some nature so maybe he's an all this bad luck and the way because this is a very young bright star. Very young did wealth of a legend cars and carting come on late model. Quickly indicate an and a right to trucks and he's got a good solid team as you mentioned you got the the rowdy chassis in the cal wouldn't body. He's got the best of everything right there's a he's gonna do well I think they will for sure and the other thing to keep in mind with that is. They get to get right back at it now it's very early in the season they had a long. Test session at Charlotte motor speedway a couple of weeks ago. They went for into the evening like about 9 o'clock several hours of practice there's some expecting a good race on Friday when the truck series gets back to action ally I mean they did they've had to be chomping at the bit I mean they've run three different racetracks that run though the two and a half mile Daytona they've run. The mile and a half an Atlanta the the rent a short track in Martinsville on on the descent in. You know for the longest time it's like gosh can we ever get going here and they finally have an Alley at least get to put two together yeah maybe a few more bags back at their back into the meat of their season which is gave him absolutely now Johnny Sauter the defending series champ still leads the standings we had a chance to talk to him after his well. What kind of urgency at the end. A lot so our lead to channel Chevy is up pretty decent all night the first run we were really good. And now I called for an adjustment. Wrong way to go hide just got to wait 23 and out. We played catch up most of the night and in those last ten or fifteen that's the thing really came alive so I don't know if we are just a little too large air pressures. And it finally came to us or what but it's qualities tonight force but we do need to get a win. You know that's ultimately how organ ripper JB chip so we gotta get don't. Johnny Sauter leads the standings by only two over Christopher bell who was one of the the final four last year if you will in the truck series. And now he's right they're knocking on the door again and give credit where credit's due these are two other drivers and we're very strong early Christopher bell was one of the first drivers I believe they came in. For the last pit stop. Never really quite got himself all the way back up to the front where he wanted to be but he was charged and an early in the race Johnny heading very strong truck looked very good. Something just happened later in the race where he just you know he just wasn't as strong as the other ones. But the right here in the thick that points sure are and don't forget Friday night on the motor racing network will be back at it with a Camping World truck series. The North Carolina education lottery 200 comes your way. At 8 o'clock eastern time. On the motor racing network now let's segued back. To the cup series a monster energy NASCAR cup series because in just a moment we're gonna have Chad Johnson on who's the crew chief for Kyle Larson leading the standings but. Brad Kozlowski. Had an up and down day coming while quietly fought his way and at the end of the night was in second leg here at her hotel in some guys had trouble in front of him here's what he had to say following the race. My gosh at the end of that thing how in the world did you get your way to second place. Yeah we caught a couple of breaks I am memory starts in May the most album which is good we we had a really great. You know Braylon early support for dished out. Can get caught up al-Qaeda adversity there and you know worked her way through it. I kind of stinks to finish second we still lost boys are bankrupt investment because rating at this stage points out. Gotta run up front the whole race but on all really fast forward and a lot to be proud of and move on to next week. There you go Brad Kozlowski third overall with two victories on the season 67 points. Out of lead right now and they just keep up column up his teammate. Has been the one this have a little bit of bad blocker in Joel and Ghana yet but I mean going back to bread that is the definition in any sport. Never give up because he was left for dead and I think most of us pretty much guaranteed with the way the pace of the race was going. And how things were going up front and how far back he was spirited all the problems he had there was no way he was gonna get back to where he did it on that final restart. I was standing there looking and it's like oh my I can't believe heavily to talk now Brad Kozlowski figuring into this race and it's amazing yeah absolutely it is a wanna mention as well lit. Eric come rolling in and I horrifying crash with Danica Patrick and Joey would Ghana. He was taken to the hospital flown there for observation held overnight and released early Monday morning we know we has a fractured vertebra. We don't know the extent of his injuries stick to and Lauren dot com to find out the latest. In terms of what's going to be on tap now for Erica oral as he recovers from that injury. All right another timeout on motor sports Monday when we come back Chad Johnston the crew chief. For Kyle Larson they lead the standings heading into the Coca-Cola 600 and a couple of weeks. No this economic. Army in the last eight. All things you. Everybody's all up. Oh. Where will you made when NASCAR comes to Chicago. Ford days of racing OK okay the music come to Chicago Atlanta speedway September 14 for the seventeenth. Sunday Chicago land 400 are available now. Camping spots are available and selling fast ball kids tickets like five dollars off the gold price and freed on certain race didn't get your tickets and campsite now at Chicago. It's being played dot com Chicago land speedway a monster energy NASCAR cup series playoff start here. Kate Danica Patrick yeah when I have friends and guests at the track who want to hear me drop pearls of wisdom during the race I sent an excellent front. Sarah Baghdad it's I don't. Other than a fit because it's. Because they have that right David Pryor about it. If you aren't listening to all the action live humans are now don't forget to rent in or are they envisioned for the races. They're racing electronics dot com to read rent for great discounts on your scanner and initial rental. How does Austin Dillon. Now back in Marin motor sports Monday. There you go reviewing what happened in the go bowling 400 at Kansas Speedway getting set for the monster energy all star race coming up this Saturday at Charlotte motor speedway and even the Coca-Cola 600 coming up. The following week to which they've added an extra segment four stages now. In the Coca-Cola 60100. Laps each and that's going to be pretty incredible it's going to be fun to find out some of the crew chiefs opinions and the drivers as well about this additional stage it's added obviously the longest race of the year and so it kind of makes sense that there is an additional stage with a B and a 600 mile event. But really getting geared up this all star race this weekend as well the format change what they went back to him what they've done this this year this weekend should be fun I gotta admit. We worked right behind it a regular job right behind the speedway and so when the cars are there in the Antonio Martinez then then or what I am I anonymous data. Our attitude and I'm gonna ask I had all this does at all but. There in the warehouse I gotta flip the door up and I've got to feel the energy of a weekend if you've never done that had the opportunity here you. To just do that and feel the excitement of the week building up I mean in starting as early as Monday now everybody's left Kansas over the fans it could make it bare their on their way. Campgrounds are getting filled and you can feel that energy just fill about one more is pretty awesome all right wanna remind you folks don't forget NASCAR live coming up every Tuesday night. Live at 7 o'clock eastern time. And then on Saturday. The as we mentioned the monster energy NASCAR all star race that comes your way our coverage starts at 5:30 Saturday evening. What have all the action for you as well as practice qualifying on Friday night all that's coming up it's going to be a busy couple weeks this. Joey like we like to tease him about itself couple weeks off you'll have to really do anything but all the drivers and teams we'll tell you it's almost busier. Because people think while her home we can ask him to do a little bit more yeah absolutely but yet there's still some some things to do when you're on as well and it is good because this is a rigorous schedule that these drivers haven't to be here for two weekends in a row. Is pretty awesome it's a great opportunity to fans to get downtown or uptown in an ANC the NASCAR hall of fame. Doocy all the race shops it's it's an incredible time of year for everybody and I'm sure the drivers just absolutely love. Had the opportunity to plant themselves at least for two weekends before. That summer stretches yeah I really other thing to look now what what it's gonna look like in terms of monster energy all star race. A lot has been done in terms of making this sort of a mini version of what we see on a race weekend with stages and you can advance by winning these stages. Both in the open and two in the main event itself and that's going to be interesting how this has been worked out and actually when I first all the announcement come out about this it's like this is going to be cool. They're short these are sprints I mean guys are spread Downey you know we were Kansas over the weekend. For the truck race it's forty laps to the end this stage one. This is monster energy NASCAR cup series twenty laps and at the end of one that's to be a while like greased lighting and what I love so much I can't wait. And we talked about it over the weekend just the style pit stops when it comes to qualify and Alia and they all know why I am pit road all my gosh I forget you forget about it so quickly eaten because when you're used to do in the races or watching them on television each and every Sunday or Saturday. You're watching them come down. You see the brakes smoke now you know because they're trying to slow down get down that road speed that went head first our. Comes off and turn number of ports like all my god he's gonna tell somebody we used to take it for granted yes the way we did it every week finale the safety. Safety features that we've got the pickers have to Wear helmets they don't let him come down full speed anymore they're concerned about getting popped for a speeding penalty and after go to the back of the line so. It's a little bit of a different war little bit of a throwback him I think it's cool yeah and then deftly test the brakes once they come climbing out there because wherever their pit style stall is. I mean they've really got to get on the binders sooner or later will be watched that during their qualify they'll overshoot the the pit box. Because it's just so hard to stop that huge weighted stock and they don't do it every week it'll get the work on now that much still don't take some time during practice I'm sure to have some. Full bull runs down your road trying to make sure that they know what they're getting into here so to speak but I think it's going to be something fun to watch and they've got the option now of a new tire softer tire that they can switch to for one run. I was speaking with our Keith Rogers Casey changed crew chief they've won the all stories before and he pointed out that will only get one set of those to practice with the seat. How much more speed it's gonna give us and how much longer or shorter it's gonna last than the normal time are you gonna look at it they're the green one. Is the optional time that the software group your tire and it's not a guarantee that everybody is gonna use these tires on the final segment right into play that game anywhere they want crunching and goes so. You know while you may think this offer Tyrell until bolt it on for the final ten or whatever the case may be Aden now you're gonna see different strategies played Al. Which makes it that much more interest did you use it early they're trying get yourself a stage win to make sure that you get into the final B one of those ten drivers who makes it in the final. And exactly candidate at him to be funny and again another part of this obviously we know this is. Where are they the crews get to shine. They get a lot of the Gloria they're the make or break people in the pits each and every Sunday and when it comes to your regular couple venture point races. But this is where they really have a chance to shine I mean you know because of that the qualifying in the way it goes for the all star race. This is really where I love to watch these guys did get that would be the accolades they deserve and I'll always told fans who were new to this board if you wanna go to wanna kind of get a taste of it try the all star race as you mentioned shorter the segments it's typically cooler at night it's not you know the blazing sun on your anything like that if you're wanna get a taste of it and see what it's like this is a good opportunity to do that yeah absolutely and of course years ago when more fans to get into the infield area and get right up behind a pit boxes in this is when there was a piece of line and that was the wall between fans and the pits and this goes back to the Baylor are days he had a greater appreciation for what those crews went through. During green flag runs or even when the car was on the racetrack. These guys really earn their money it's it's just but it's glorious to watch these guys what they do they really do we've got a little bit more to come here on a warrant motor sports Monday. Stick weather but first but he's got something pretty special to tell you about well is almost bush o'clock the most refreshing time of the day a time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over a crisp cold Busch beer. Busch Beers roots are racing but whether you join the race and are going hunted on the weekend knowledge is better when it's time to relax and crisp cold bush. Since 1955 Bush's delivered a beer that is crisp and cold. As about strained consistently provided a refresher when smooth paste an easy finish. It doesn't have to be happy hour to be bush o'clock the most refreshing time of the day. To grab a six pack of Busch beer for your cooler start that grill and relax enjoy responsibly. Anheuser-Busch. Saint Louis Missouri. There's really not on the and this the last day. 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Of NASCAR nation majors world of racing weekday on the motor racing network. Martin Truex junior long gone right now as they battle three wide into turn. On another rough. Howard I hear from. Any moment while I was born through exert yourself wanting Carl likes it. The program Maria it's that I don't Parker. Mark correction going your way out in front he won earlier that you love Obama half of Las Vegas he's gonna do it again tonight hear me. Either way letting go bowling 400. Martin Truex junior wins the battle there racing Kansas Speedway but. Kyle Larson still leads the standings and his crew chief joins us on the guest line now Chad Johnson is the crew chief for the target Chevrolet. Chip Ganassi racing. Chad dot congratulations on the way you guys the start of the season a welcome to the program that was kind of a crazy night for a lot of reasons they Kansas Speedway how to go for you guys. Yeah are we get started out throughout with apps that back up car for eight. But. We're able to bounce back prominent alt psyche and Marion and the top most of the day until we know. Got an a lot of at a oil drag that down after Julian Annika and Eric has. Eric's now accident that we know on and we're a little bit tighter at night but you know there are six with a backup car so. Thought that was a pretty solid day in all the circumstances. But could pour into Charlotte. Did very impressive indeed and in one of the things that we noticed that we were kind of surprised by Chad was the drivers went right to the top groove. Within a matter of bug that maybe ten laps or so everybody was up around the top including Kyle but there were times where he may be just a couple of drivers tried the bottom groove they were the bottom feeders for a while it was kind of interesting to watch that what may find down bottom. That was successful for him instead of going up Thompson and Don. I think that you know eriksson's are retained their. That track Revver and a group Adam and their analyze he is gonna panic no where. Everybody else isn't where there's belief not a rubber on the track binder and eagerly get about moving around and and find a net source that there are on. You and your teammate Jamie McMurray also top five in the standings what's been. What's been something I know typically it's more than one thing but you guys have really come out of the gates as an organization. Very strong this year and have been up top of the standings for most of the season so far once once you guys to that level this season. I think you're you know middle of summer last year we can and it's got a got stuck out I'm on you didn't. You know an entire second half of last year we just. And made a commitment and the winner got to just keep up that intensity and and not let up under and a Narnia complacent with station that he didn't didn't didn't think you regret that you can start or. Just a lot or you're here to the appearance blew her money on Murray. To get us there and you know the artwork and other Internet players can beat Herbert. Yeah house and the first time in awhile but this weekend you don't have to worry about the points you can kind of rest easy there which he focus your attention now. On an all star race of which their format it's changed a little bit again this year. Gives a chance for the crews and everybody to to rest here in Concord Charlotte morsel area for the next couple weekends your thoughts as you guys had to Charlotte this weekend. And that changed format for the all star race this upcoming Saturday. How it looks forward to work and qualified out on want to get it under a mile an hour I honestly at first and only. Do that last year we. When she got a call on Gary Nash missed out on NAFTA he's looking for patent. You know obviously named our stake Saturday night in you know he ran really really well here last year narration. Ended up another race to Chile and the final laps they'll. Hopefully we're gonna go there and injured one spot better and I'll learn a lot for the 600 on week in. It almost seems like a little miniature version of what we're doing every week now in terms of if you get a stage win in the all star you can advance to the net final stage. Strategy wise have you got started formulating plans general what might work what might not work with this because these are pretty short segments. Yeah absolutely you know actually going to be important at all he's just got. On the entire litter bit gonna cancel and we need when you pretty. Other Internet. Don't eat much much hazardous tires are and how long. Well what are we don't bring up small stature its state you can do her own serve and think a lot of it in that we'd eat yet he kept creeping in and out on. How to get a statement early. And get locked and earlier in drillers appeared relaxed and he's not a technician in to start on the carriers. Let me start packs didn't keep count on everybody else is doing on tires. I've played out in two and potentially Britain our tires to attract additional. And speed is stages a few moments ago obviously the announcement was made that Charlotte motor speedway is gonna have another stage in the Coca-Cola 600. That will be coming up next weekend Memorial Day weekend. Your thoughts on the adding stage and how critical is this weekend for the all star racist or your preparation for next weekend as well. I think it's really. Crucial for one unit built momentum is indeed ticket grown and it's you don't win on the parents are literally hungry so it's up. It's a totally different you don't want austerity it and normally. You're really did not carry it for them and always carry over 600 so. Attitude that keep and I don't like your long armed and took a six under consideration to Milan and you know where the alteration just look at her and she and short runs you don't care what you are. Now are quite a few different there's been. Still a lot we learned as far as how much. They were much grip on the track and tires like. Now you are sure isn't and Tyre settings you can learn a lot from. How challenging is that everybody always says Chad that the detractors Charlotte motor speedway is probably the most temperature sensitive that we face. You Gaza have a lot of practice during the day racing at night for the all star in the Coca-Cola 600 finishes. Under the lights how difficult visit to chase that through the day because some people say whatever condition you have is magnified once the sun goes down. Yeah I think that the big thing is to have a good note that he can go grandma used. I. She didn't you need so watered and he's pretty deep I can into the track when it's hot and the army are out. Experience in May be methodology. Robert Mugabe and Kurt. All right it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun for sure we had a Charlotte motor speedway this weekend and next Chad Johnson's crew chief for. Kyle Larson they lead the standings and the monster energy NASCAR cup series Chad appreciate your time congratulations. On another strong run and an excellent start of the season. Yet he ramming it edited it. There you go the crew chief for the target Chevrolet and everybody said Kyle Larson's almost varies almost there and then when he gets that win and now he's just kind of pull away from everybody a 44 point lead in the stands the only amount or time and as you mentioned you touched on earlier equally of importance and success Jamie McMurray. Both those tenacity Chevrolet are doing very well this season absolutely right that's gonna wrap it up for motor sports Monday Joyce Meyer on special assignment. He should be back next week provided that that wraps everything up and gets him back to where he needs to be a thing he's doing to Ghana. Video game pilot training early in my life and we are well yeah I arrived and it sounded better to say he's working hard and train on right absolutely did a movie. Interesting you get his perspective on spotting for the shorter all star race bursts of cold or over 600. And how that might play out with the of the extra stage dad and as well yeah absolutely and it's always phenomenal especially the one back two weeks to go to Talladega when television will go ahead play the spotters for awhile. And listening to how busy they are with the drivers in the car they just don't get enough. Right no they certainly don't don't forget Tuesday night NASCAR live. 7 o'clock eastern time on Friday we'll have practice and qualifying for you for the monster energy. All star race also the North Carolina education lottery 200 Camping World truck series race starts at eight on Friday night Saturday the all star race are airtime. It's 5:30 eastern time. Right here on the motor racing network wanna thank buddy along for being with us after calling the turning Kansas I've when he came Joyce Meyer hope we'll be back next week we'll see you right back here. We'll have already motor sports Monday. DeMarre and motor sports Monday as presented by outback steak out. Tune in every Monday for another exciting episode right here on DeMarre and dot com. Frosty by Hercules dire. In Marin motor sports Monday is also available on demand and MRN dot com media center on our FaceBook based on YouTube. And the iTunes or the Google play store. Jim Moran motor sports Monday as a production of the motor racing network.