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The Mark and Jason Show - TB12 decides to test fate; Is Jeter overrated?; Lebron vs Jordan 5-14-2017

May 14, 2017|

Final Hour. Mark and Jason debate whether Tom Brady is tempting fate by being on the Madden ’18 cover. Brady is starting to sound cultish when he talks about his health and longevity in football. The discussion switches to Derek Jeter, whose number is being retired, and if he was an overrated player. The guys finish up the show discussing the never ending topic of Michael Jordan or Lebron James.

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He's no Martin patient you know when I can't imagine his changeup and there. Here is my god number seventy form for building a leader Chris de. And job bringing another strike three float away with a inside. Wallach ninety brave. He's fanned seven of the first. Like com got a mom that's bothers number ten playing in the strike rate is number twelve and now gracious thing and every single hitter he would hit. The Braves lineup today. A in the final walk through. On sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI. We started. Take your car. How hard you need. Moving forward how would your. Boy. You don't why do. You can't you believe it why the go back. Three actually invited. Iran's oil yeah. Government. Also with a lot solidified. A little fly. Material for our. He's in jail on sports Radio One 03 point seven. How are two of the mark and Jason show. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Tom Brady. On the cover of the mat in video game for 2018. And he is not fazed by the mad and curse. This affect you at all I don't like it. Mean no Nike Tom Brady on cover mad. I don't work out for all the other patients are Ron gronkowski are out to the air at 815. Since the since they've recorded this the call at the matting cars fifteen of the twenty players that a ban on the matting curse. Have had bad years or just gotten season ending injuries and never been the same players cents. Look at Barry Sanders didn't even play he retired have you ever heard of the book the secret. Now Jack. To book about positive thinking and positive. Energy. I'm and I bitch you Tom Brady and Gisele have that book in their bedroom while I was it was at all that they were taken pictures with the more motivational speaker. The guy with a big hands in the big key. Tony Robbins Tony Robbins yeah yeah yeah its I I'm not as familiar with him but I I'm just listening to time ram that is press coverage every week listening to him talk. I just think he is. Aware of this book or they've read this book or they won't like this book or whatever rom. So given that I don't think or I'm not surprised that Tom Brady just shoved aside the superstition. Of the Madden curse he has no use. Or knows how many of you cover that have penalties. I've heard there are some you there might be worried about something called up. And hers there's no such things as persons and total met okay. Feel like you're not really get. C. A bit. No Curtis. Hall. OK so that was our guys they have one walking under a latter. I don't think breaking Amir. I'm not sure but Tom I don't think dot curses worked that way by got to think like god strike you down. With the lightning ball immediately after you break the marriage doesn't work that way but the matting curse is the ultimate negative spot that is negative thinking at its best so there's no way Tom Brady's going to bind that I bet he saw this as that. Opportunity. To kind of display he's positive I would say if you will or spit in the face of the current. Do Y I believe in the curse absolutely not because as you said more often than not it's about pork production any injury it's not always about injury and other. The consensus is that the guy who's a matting just gets hurt the next year that's occurs now it's usually about a lack of production and why is that because the matting curse. Org the matting cover any sports their about what have you done for me in the past not what are you going to do for me so yeah. A lot of times there is a lack of abduction because. You've had a career year that's why you're on the cover of the video game so yeah the next place you go is down that's the only place to go. After you've had a career year for a lot of guys pays down Peyton Hillis on the coach Bratton and he and many are all well. What shocked attacked I was a one hit. Wonder tonic and cautions and can stay on the field but dictate. But Ray Lewis Barry Sanders and all those guys are. You know pat Barry Sanders had a great year the year before and just retired just stop I don't think it's just I just think it's it's something there that. There's there's there's a trend. You know when there's a trend of something happening to players that are on the cover the Madden cars people tend to gravitate towards that and look at that is something that. You know this could happen to our guys in years forty and yes he's the greatest quarterback of all time he's the go it's the go to edition of Madden. And there's no question of his production and what he's brought to this team. But he is older. And you just wonder if it were they playing in the opening game by the way. Their beat Kansas City what happened the last on the plate I need to be in the opening game there was there did get a bump or bruise in the game he might have been out of the year with an ACL I hear your point. But I don't care I mean just because they're playing Kansas City are all lining up a Carrick. You are listening and when when this came out and you know you she is picture up there the Manning curse this is the exact reason. Why Bill Belichick gets rid of guys a year early. Then you're late does that matter encouraged because of what the matting curse not the Madden curse to the mat and cover what are rep presents. The magic cover as I said is about the guy coming off two career year. Who has probably peaked and is on his way down. If you're on the matting cover. You've probably got the Bill Belichick would be looking to get rid of sooner rather than later now we'll see if that's the case with Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski but. If if Bill Belichick had his druthers you know be on the mounting cover. We Trey flowers or Malcolm Mitchell because those I think are guys that are on the rising coming up. The guy it's automatic cover you've done your thing you know you've had your best day probably in the eyes of Bill Belichick. So he brought it as a watch you much longer he wants the next guy so the matting cover guy the Manning curse guy. Usually I wouldn't think is bill Belichick's favorite player not the one that he wants to do business with long term. Is there. Any interest while I I guess so but like I I I also wonder why a Brady's doing this now. Vice for the TB twelve Brandon on that okay Butler in 07 don't you think that he had an opportunity to be on the cover that during the year that he had. Even though they didn't win the Super Bowl they came very close and he had an unbelievable season. Set of record at the time for touchdowns in the course of the season. So I I I is just it just weird to me he's doing all this advertising he's doing all these commercials store all these FaceBook post. And he's now he's on the and now he's on the cover of mad and I just wonder why is this is this a swan song. For Brady is this the AK wink wink and a nod nod between wink wink and a nod between him and delve that. Yet the after this year I'm Don. You know because the guy that they got in the offseason Brandon Cox is not somebody that necessarily suits Brady's strong suit right thrown throne deep down the field. This is somebody that you look at and would sue what Jimmy grappled does very well too which stored throw great deep ball. So I wonder if they're just kind of all setting this up fur. In a swan song season for Tom in at the end of the air they're gonna move on and they're gonna go to Jimmy. So if I have this right the season after the patriots went undefeated Brett Favre was on the cover of Madden yep anyone's play for the jets right so. I don't know I don't know if he had the chance to do this and then decided not to in the past. There though of social media. I have no idea. What what he's doing and where the fire for social media for Tom Brady comes from I have no idea. Dressing up like a bubble or put himself in a bubble and an insane happy. Chinese New Year and doing all the time I get a business now they bite saudis twelve instead tortures a supplement to China to 200 dollar cookbook and a fifty dollar nuts that you can buy ended the TV twelve. Philosophy with Alex Guerrero and you know him taking his picture with Tony Robbins in the positive thinking. It's it's going down like no really. Weird Rhode Island right now is he is sheik whoever his social media person if she grabbed the mile. I get an idea philippoussis this video or is this more of the social media person I think that's kind of sane to Tom and I got I'm the one that. Outlines what I think we should they'll probably a combination of both I don't think it goes out there with out Tom Brady like in an improving and obviously. There was obviously a little bird of production with some of the video all the entourage are you kidding yes so it mean it's not going out there with him having some sort of input and it may be may be the maybe the root of it starts from Webber's running the social media site but I think the ultimate. The end result is approved by Brady in a large majority of their Brady. Brady is said yeah I'm good with this a good of this let's go ahead but below where he had the ball police get ripped remember a lot it's getting this is a movie scene and now cried a lot it's weird. I have no idea where that comes round this passion you know I just say this is like cookies ease building up his TB twelve brand. And in his connection with Guerrero in the positive thinking in the way he trains. And the viability of his body and all that all that stuff that comes when it. Is this him just kind of building that up for that after the end of the year maybe he's walking away meaning you know made this it's safe to say. We're going to be don't work. Personal curse. And there's no need for this ball. Is it's ridiculous. You know what I think in a distinct and this rain now based on what I heard in. All this effort they put in these posts. He's going to be so motivated this year to not just succeed. But to. Stay healthy. He is going to be so motivated to beyond that field for sixteen games and to stay healthy because we already know. All the stuff he gets about TB twelve and how he wants to play forever in the flack these kind of got an easy game in decline fallen off a cliff. But now he's kind of put himself on the record as the Madden cover guy. And we know he knows that everybody talks about the curse. I think there'll be some satisfaction that he'll get from playing every game and not be not playing port being up productive players we know he has. And staying healthy. And shoving and all these Madden curse people's faces like you who are worried and I don't like it. I DG users spit in the east bitten in the face a fate he is karma is listen if the if he if he gets heart he is if he gets heart. All these videos in all this stuff he does is gonna be. Always gonna be run on Ina and a cycle. For the entire eighty of the season for as long as they can stretch it out oh man say he looked you know it's spit in the face of the cars and look what happened. All those videos of the Manning Karzai don't believe him smash in America walking around like a lottery earth. That. He's on the record. He's on the record he is he is shaking his ass at the face of the Madden curse insane. Screw you I'm gonna play out the element of proving guys wrong I like it but I don't like it because it's entertaining for us absolutely. How can you not like it you just wonder about usual that he doesn't get beat it's art but is that all this stuff is gonna be re re racked. Over and over and over again and says do you she does wait until woods I don't spit in the face the matter goers. Is what happens there of like five guys that are better on the cover of the mad and of the matter video game that had not. Had awful years or down years or gotten heart. You know Drew Brees is one that comes to mind. He had he had a pretty good he had threw for over 4600 yards and 36 touchdown passes it through a 22 picks but is he was eleven of five but. There there it did eat the guys that productive years in a good. Our. Much let's sample size in the guys that had the opposite happened to him whether it be injury or just have really down year so it'll be fun given all the videos in the being on the cover. How he performs and if he can stay healthy and not oh by the way. Com if he can't stay healthy. Well then that enters a whole new discussion. Thank you Jimmy grapple decision as to say now we got it on that train where wallow is Jimmy eat gonna take over for Tom right now is this the end of the line. You know Tom he. Lost his job because of the suspension for four games comes back to when the Super Bowl. But how many more times can he afford to give up the seat. Without Jim he you know was a medical product out the timeline really start in two. Window to whittled down to knock does not think. It's really knock knock and time when it comes in the decision making. As far as drop or or Brady right where it we have it in if if if he gets art and who say grapple as a good year. Is that decision going to be easier for about Jack yeah it'll go to the weeks and likewise you know we got hurt and some lighting up I don't eased you know he kind of wipes his hands. Of any really decision making because is decisions already been made for gray area you don't know the fans don't know how hurt he was Bobble block. But I will say this one other reason I'm not worried about the curse is because I'm not so convinced that the patriots still on Super Bowl contenders Jimmie drop will play in court charged. I'm not convinced so Tom Brady you know the worst case scenario god forbid. Was lost for the season or had a major injury or whatever he. Jimmy steps in I don't know if they're not Super Bowl contenders. With drop while I'm just not sure calm but Tom Brady Derek Jeter big names. Derek Jeter will have his number retired today by the Yankees they're making huge deal of it obviously. I'm just one let me ask you this question has come on basket is Derek Jeter overrated. Overrated yes yet. Great player but I think they're the lore of Jeter is much better and overrated him what sense in in the sense that. He's not is that it does doesn't that doesn't deserve the hype in the publicity. And be. The oh Laura and I love that he's gotten from the candidates because for the Yankees he was use a perfect player. Use exactly what you want from shortstop was he one of the greatest players of all time capsule not the way. No way no way there's a lot of players that are much more productive than them that don't have the titles. But also worn on the teams that he was on when they won all the championships. Bogut back der Jeter and amenable its socket Danny prince and he wants to talk about Tom Brady dang good morning. Guys tell you doing now are. There any I'm one of the reasons. Around here. And while there also and I think people hated Peyton Manning knew the dispute based on TV but Walt. You know I mean I think that had a lot to do that. And I I think with Brady ecstatic to get like that. We even the reasons light don't have I mean who really knows. I just I'm really get turned off by this. I don't like people like shut up and it broke he beat political consultant you know he needs the image of the stuff on our roads and and I'm trying to do not at fault because they love the guys are like this this adds to my eight. Well I told gates and hasn't yet filed our I want this to the usual way shape or form ready last year that it be period. Now replaced informed on him. I'm obviously I'm bleeding garage will be in the dike. But I just feel that you know. It's packed only yes let's hope they don't like you know when it mean if you I do that made it the perfect ending but I. I. Don't know man like this every time the only robbed at Buddha. Is not up on each team. Yeah he's a big because. It ended at what's happening leading up at the rapped on it. Kid mutate itself well it Politico white cheated a new thing right. Celek will suit that you all Allman and I'll let her bloated. And I I I I. I'd love what he's done I hope it goes great this year but that's it a normal. After years he had done. OK I got. They at first I did they aren't they Dan let me just say this real quick that was an outstanding phone call from Dan I just I thought that went great really well. I'm okay. Excellent point. At times Brady does feel a little witch doctor re with the way he. You know portrays the TB twelve and Alex Guerrero I shoot now it's not religious beliefs and political beliefs but it's like style believes that he does kind of shoved down your throat now. This in a bar when he cereal or you know cocoa pops repeat shot. I'll do you know and I don't need him preaching. About. What to do if I wanna know something I'll ask in our semi Alaska though seek information now he's trying to sell stuff like you said. I thought was interesting that Dan is very emphatic he wants to a pretty out after this year. I disagree. I think for the most part Peyton Manning's commercials were well liked I think people like his commercial piano for the most part of north sick of those at all because there of generally they were funny yet in the everybody enjoyed on Brady being he was and he was that he was you know he was a just a much more. Economy and type of person. Like he he he. He acquitted himself to the common in a lot more than Brady does the U look at radian can go into the neck Alley yeah yet you don't look at him there is nobody you know you know Dick that nobody that you get I daddy gonna sit down and have a beer with. Right because he won't drink alcoholic beer because it's against you know his beliefs about the way he treats his body. You know which is fine it works hand in it works for patriots fans because he's been so productive and we love it com. But yeah and the other thing about Tom Brady being hate hated being more hated because the commercials the Zanardi think he's hated enough nationally. People RD avenue of bad feelings about Tom Brady out pickup commercials. FaceBook posts are gonna enhance that anymore no navy's doing it to try to offset that with a hold the flaky situation. Maybe he's put himself out there are a little bit more. Through trying to piece has some of the people that dislike him so much and trying to get some of that. Some of that fanfare back that it that he had I mean everybody around here loves him and appreciates in the wall you know. Will never say a bad word about the guy but outside here there's a lot of people that dislike the guy because he really because they win. Because they win all the time they got by Super Bowls and he's he's in arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. But. I don't know I mean it's just there's a lot of odd things going on here with the with the whole. You know Brady philosophy would Guerrero in the in the solid of the nuts in the cookbooks and Tony Robbins and and the commercials. About and kind of sticking his nose. You know at the at the matting cursed it's it's weird I just wonder again if this is. Brady's swan song. This may be his last year in no matter what happens. Now you hope he wins the super won't goes out on top but maybe this is that firm you know a lot of like you said a lot of the acquisitions in the eight especially on the offensive end. Suit a guy like Jimmy problem throes of very good deep ball Randy Cox is a fantastic guy. Born in front in the deep routes he's not really got that you look at and runs. In the slot in it runs or short intermediate routes that guys like. Malcolm Mitchell and in Julian annum and are so good and am a dollar so good that we're way we gonna go to break we get back we'll talk to Ralph in Cranston plus is Derek Jeter overrated I wanna get. Back to that this market Jason Joseph one of her point seven WEEI. Kidney itself well below the belt right here renewed thank. You were listening to the market in Jason show on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Look for mark on Twitter at Martin Darrow. Follow Jason on Twitter at G terra bella WEEI. Restart its V twelve. He changed the way we take care or blacks. Tell me what he has his name that the performance whenever that happens in their lives to keep people automobile. Jerry you hit a if I don't play tons sixty. And divert my right to play this in mind. Are welcome back to mark and Jason shell won a three point seven. WEEI. Does sound kind of preachy as any well PGA preachy or neck. You feel I feel they need Buick in five years now if he's still not playing is going to be in like a white pro somewhere like in and make some big conference from like one of those big meeting halls. Trying to you know he beat a positive thinker. And the positive reinforcement for somebody hosting weekend retreats 4500 dollars to get in the door like it does Tony Robbins which is disgusting. Disgusting. 45 or jobs at the front row that Tony Robbins he's I don't know much about that you shouldn't 67 he's at the is that faith. It's what he has he's a he's illegal the. Effective Ralph and Chris and he wants to talk feature throughout the morning. Hey good morning guys and try to get over regular beat your article this is where you people get out. I mean it's more you know everybody while Mike got that they pick nutrient and that is that a look back at this kind of guy running this. You don't that we do a lot of appetite yet and you know you look at what your. Great pit use. I like. It. He can run multiple. Consult with a basic shape and Clark we looked at where you acquit lay it doesn't get her. Yet but it's it's people people look quite protective and there's no reason why are. We is because that rely of that thing. That we. Person gets old people but I could say that it was treated better and you know I Barbara Clark but I I look forward rather. Now that we would be in you when you come here they are there any computer shots. He can not say Bo what were rated it. He was. What was seen what do great if that is what. What that that was the most amazing lead we've seen him along and be there and importantly. It kept everybody together and you know kept everybody trying to put a perfect little foot terminal awful yeah that's that's what. Cool character shortstop let's not compete you know I look at some people. Don't Evers or protect that. Uptick in like thirteen or ship and ring bell what they want them. What about the book and a vehicle but from there to play shortstop which is we what we should still in contact was one of the best. Others that there's no question Robert I'm just I just say I just think win. Where you talking about being overrated the way people talk about him like he was one of the best players of all time I think he was one of the best. Yankees of all time there's no question about that he was deathly great leader I just think when you get into that category you have to separate the position in just a value we. We could bring to. All the analysts and Katrina all of our annual or what cars are up but not great group. Are you shortstop. I mean you can only put up maybe 23 guy Jeter shortstop they wanna get. Maybe Ernie equity act like it because it can't be any light. We try to say. That would. But it really well there are. It. Oh in the well also about it at all. It's that. He's. Will soon. Quite well. President well or he's that well I'll go. You know in what was signed a that sure that every day you let breaker but if I compare. I'll say what order. As you know and that's bear off that's fair on here's ringers say about their junior. LSU Rafa single leadership was off the charts he did in New York he did it with good teams he did it while winning championships I get that and I respect him is he overrated is his. Image in stature and reputation a little over rated. In terms of baseball the baseball player I would say it is but I think he's great calm the reason why that doesn't may be the leadership carry as much weight with me. As it should is because baseball is such a statistical game you don't mean. Stocks are very important in baseball it's an individual sport men and he and that as a team sport 3000 hits now from. Under my question to you is has there ever been a player in all sports with a with a resume with a reputation. As being one of the greatest players ever at his position. Like Derek Jeter has who has not won an MVP award. Here is up there with Tom Brady with Michael Jordan with these greats. He never won MVP. I feel like to be mentioned. In that category and to not have an MVP is a little awkward. He only when he formal rush that was the most he ever hit one right he's in I was average game night nobody on baseball a lot of it's that scale are at the big leagues got home runs that's the Staten baseball yup that's the sexiest that Hewitt 24. He never won MVP that tells you about his talent now again leadership intangibles. Are clutch performances stage on the biggest stage of it is arts on the charts that. The platform he had certainly helped New York, New York the Yankees in the time out that he was there. Was there heyday. Of the modern Arab them when in this championship writes for Derek Jeter is up there with Brady with Coby with LeBron he's as big of a name no MVPs everybody else's MVPs yeah winning. Help Derek Jeter may be more than any athlete in the history of sports in baby outing go through the list Bill Russell had MVPs I mean these guys had him BP's now and Derek Jeter. Again one of the greatest shortstop is one of the greatest yankees all that but. His talent is the raw baseball talent was not one of the greatest of all time in my mind. Alan I don't think a lot of out of a lot a lot of people that were Vienna are being objective about it would say where it would say that you're wrong about that because I think. His intangibles. In his instincts were were so off the charts that navy that that helped. You know. Bush is a war in his veins in his fortune obviously not the fortune but the fame and how people talk about him as a baseball player. To a little bit of a higher level than maybe you should event. But Danny being on the being on that yankees team when they were when they were win and all their championships and being part of that Ambien integral part of that. He was he was definitely the guy. On that team that led that team yearning air out and I mean he was he was a reason why you hated the Yankees because he was so damn good and your clock. I mean he had to go through resistor I don't remember him being Tom Brady either as far as. Throwing out all these ads are becoming so visible volume only that you as an aside and there wasn't really social I mean there was social media but he was ever doing that he was in and all the commercials is in some but not all of these commercials. I didn't have his own. You know who it was never preachy about anything like it down a break in have a TV talk institute run like right next CH seldom. He's kinda kept quiet and people appreciate that kind of under the radar as best she could a matter we jump around a little bit to show it needs only to our show. Check out KG area 21 this oh yeah yeah would you think of that conversation housewives of Atlanta contrasts are right that's what I thought about that. Whiny. This and why because you know I don't have a problem with the way. I get it's that players are you know at the time were frustrated with the way you last and not really say anything to them yeah of course is gonna hurt. Here's what I do have a problem with six years later union still bitching about it your wife and I. That's the thing like you meet weighing about who went on national television in brought in big baby Davis who all by the way wasn't even on the team when Ray Allen was still there. In Kendrick Perkins who all by the way wasn't even on the team when Ray Allen was still there. Who I would like to do schooled those who plays and just leave it appears Rondo and Garnett. It just leave with those three guys you went on nationals that television. It had a national bitch fest about Ray Allen. Still hurting your feelings got in the right thing. That I ballpark I really did I thought that was a Massachusetts not his fault that he was in the air. His age made a mistake in my opinion it traded on when they you know. After all the times they touted you know what does yes. I think five out with Perkins Garnett Rondo while it appears we never lose in the playoffs and then he goes in trades on the app that's on Ainge let me let. You know I just get over it all away. The only racquet think about this and this is an agree comparison by playing College Baseball was in it no ice cream you live in the eyes of the terminology here you'd that you live with guys you're close to guys you know if during college. One of my teammates the guys I've lived with especially now and they were close for all we had the Garnett Allen the families they did stop outside of basketball. If if one of them just upping transferred without a phone call without any reasons without any. Communication associated with that now bother me yeah that would bother me but what this situation call for the area when he won talk. Com. If anything you bring it up you maybe joke about it you'd you'd you'd you'd give him a little BE you know you throw some. You don't have a full segment on I get that sort of trying to say yes you joke about it you can bring it up for a second and you move on engages. Downplay it and move on this was not. Worthy of a whole segment ten years later because he went to the heat you know if that's an inside joke about what a with a week show the whole thing was or what and a wholly was fine today and there are a lot of Tug allotted. Rumors about Ray Allen be in not not not such a great teammate in not such a nice guy and I think part of it was that. Rate tardy was the smartest guy in the Roman Rondo prove that uses smartest guy in the room and it kinda shy of the in his face and out they re appreciated down that you liked that I think that's where the big division was between Rondo and Allen. But you know to go on national television and had dedicate a full segment of basically got whining about right. You can not like the way he left I think a lot of people around you didn't like the way Ray Allen left and that's fine. He has every right to leave doll in at some point you just got to get over and move on. Just not worth a second now we're a little saying it's not it joke about it he could throw inside jokes around but I used to shout I'm ranked yeah led. That's it downplay it move on he's not there he wasn't a part of that. Ended out one or whatever and whenever he won a championship in Miami. Bomb it big big part of it too was maybe that there were a little jealous that yes not a championship has als than. I guess that could be in play but you know what else I thought of too by the way. They're telling stories Rondo throwing water bottles at Doc Rivers KG. A doctor original line after a game to get food and he smacks of food out of his hand and says that's for the players yeah I'm sure that's being an a hole you know that's not saying how sweet you'll laugh and joke about it now that's being an a hole. So. John Ray was a jerk but I mean what was that you know I wasn't really anything to be talking about us everybody big baby. Going out double dip in for the food all right I was with Doc Rivers. They are not surprised by that in the least bit at all out and as I'm just surprised in the week about the camera clicks are punished enough well Woody's winners come back from practical. You know sort of you know the artist go to our government do do list and I have been the cardinal has the lynch mob so why didn't I didn't really well. The hundred everything about it up my big hit missive read so we figured out. When you build a strong relationship. With a group forecast. And it's bigger than self. Meaning that the fact that it is it's bigger and stuff what would be would always fit over. You follow us and leave Pedro a moderate. I don't disagree with that and again we shouldn't be talking and whining is that like Pringles that he was the Molly is talking itself. Crowd out I would have liked more stories about the food more stories about. You know the journey to that championship and whining about right now there's about like and boot too when they went on that trip. What do they don't they went to Rome. That was where the hole and Bluetooth things started you relate to you about that how they bonded and became. Good teammates and you know by the way in 2006 when they won that championship. Ray Allen was the leading score tied with the leading scorer with Garnett after 46 points see it hit. Seven and nine reason that game it was a huge reason why they won a championship so. You wanna bitch about it maybe now the left you wouldn't have a ring without Ray Allen KG you wouldn't have a ring would say without Ray Allen Paul. You would still have that. Black mark on your resume as far as a hall of fame career a not ever being able to win a championship to pray now or never came here so maybe maybe. Maybe he should be a little bit more show a little bit more gratitude towards a teammate and a guy that you helped. And help you win a championship is set a bitch at about six years later I. I won't or break your mark and Jason shall we get back or wrap it up and go back to Celtics I got a quick LeBron but that's next year mark and Jason what are point seven WEEI housewife of Atlanta contrasts. You were listening to the market in Jason show on sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI. Look remark on Twitter at Martin Darrell follow Jason on Twitter actually terra bella WEEI. Do. I welcome back the marking Jason show one after point seven WEEI. LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers awaiting a winner in the celtics' wizard series. And the winner will face the cavs in the Eastern Conference finals game seven Monday night. Washington at Boston now. As one made one comment about LeBron James and Michael Jordan that debate has resurfaced it always does. On here's the thing that I think is in discussed enough when talking about LeBron James comparing him to Michael Jordan. I'll just say this LeBron James is never going to get the benefit of the doubt in that argument broke. Jordan. Was too good to work he was the first if that makes any sense but here is what is not discussed enough when you talk about these two men. And here's where Jordan has the huge advantage. Creativity. Around the basket. That is the big advantage Michael Jordan has forget about the winning forget about the championships the MVPs the scoring I disagree I think creativity. About our creativity around the basket. Is he huge advantage now for Jordan I think it is James is about a passage hard. James is that much better passes even better passer and that he is I didn't create OK fine but that's not as much he's like that is not as much fun to watch as. Jordan doing no look away apps jordin doing reverse lay ups Jordan in the dunk contest throughout the championship senior threat. Anything we're allowed to champion JJ said that I said. Throughout I think throughout like managers OK I've put aside what it'll download out yeah put it aside and IBC digit if LeBron wins more titles in Jordan then he will pass yes but. He's never gonna get the benefit of the doubt it's close it goes to Jordan because of all the visuals that Michael to how many moments is LeBron James I think about moment how many times that the. Michael Jordan quit. Quick how how many times that he quit late George lake live like LeBron never ever quit quit against the run out this weakness this is hearing OK so I got is a problem for the brats I think in you know he's gotten way Passat right he had you know to his credit he's got way past us. And that's not a thing that should be discussed about when you talk about LeBron James anymore is just that that was never there with Jordan ever. In college. In his rookie year. And you know what the other thing is. And he stuck with the steam and I know it's different in that Eric as opposed to this Eric. It was also more difficult arid plain and because of that as a cow via the basketball that was played especially in the playoffs you always remember. Those knicks battles that did the battles that they had against New York Knicks. Specifically you know when Jordan went down the lane to throw down and Starks and Oakley Ewing is ya Oakley put his elbow into Jordan's throw that was a week that was a daily occurrence for Jordan net yet to deal with and is why it's tough to compare errors and players of different errors because. How would LeBron James had handled playing innocent of physical physical Arab basketball the way it was. He was is a physical freak and he always will be. We just wonder how a guy like canned and his mentality. Would have been would handle that type of visit county you're not go to the free throw my two point 15 times like you do now. Your job your. That's not even sometimes some of the thousand or committed back then are just common fouls in today's basketball those are flagrant ones or flagrant twos and you're tossed. So what to do if it's it's tough to compare but I just you know hey. LeBron needs to get five. Get five. And then we'll start the discussion then you can start the discussion until then. It's not even call this to drive home my original point I just think that the creativity around the rim is a huge reason why Jordan is so revered. Those visuals are blasting it collapsed with youth vote the last with a fan and you remember those things the moments the switching hands in mid air. The reverse. No look layup said he makes the dunks those things around the rim are key Kobe couldn't do that LeBron can't do that and I he's holding his creative around the I had Ali Jordan and I don't think that old saying is I don't think that is brought up enough when comparing the two everybody always talks about the championships and the defense and the scoring and LeBron should have been by now a defense a player the air Jordan was wants -- should have been he hasn't been. Everybody talks about those things nobody talks about the creativity goes visuals laughs it's like stepped Currie creative elapsed that. That's not what I think about what I think about what I mean I think a bow greatness I think about him against against. You talk it out in the end in the NBA finals when he's fight and fight a flu in each drop and 35 points on them I think about the shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Greg you woke. I think about all the great I don't think switching hands in midair the creativity was part of that but that wasn't why. I think people people look at him as his work ethic his defensive ability his competitiveness. It is. He was in a hole there's no question about but I think part of that is come. Is competitive juices were off the charts I think in evidence out of that you're given enough credit by deserves more credit than you're given. Act of what the did she do Doug grow. No the nice you know that the pretty switches which you ruse layups that's not last when people think about players when people think about great players were classes. Those moments that you think about those. Big time situations where you winning championships. And you know that that other part of it that's. That's part of it but that's like its Larry stop people think about the moments where he came through big situations. And was just. And amazing to watch plight how he just dismantled. Opponents and he did have a great team he had a good team but you know you look at the talent that LeBron has you look at the talent that. That Jordan had yet hit the there's no question about it but outside of that there was a lot of role players that run that team that just kind of fit. That team well it was built around Jordan. Lets me get a call from Alan Providence Al how are you. Hey good morning morning morning. I had a question I mean I love Michael Jordan Dubai when you say never quit what about that he used it without the ball. While he was asked to go way out because there was as there was little bit of a gambling situation going on and I think that's what it was asked to go well come on and you think he retired. He was. Think any of that stuff with his father had anything to do with that a little bit but I think David Stern also told him to go away for two years in the little guy if you're Michael. Half jordin. Would you go away and ride a bus from Birmingham to Timbuktu. And not just go play golf every day because it's gonna head out. And whine because he played baseball we use in high school that's what he wanted to do so I guess they couldn't play basketball okay Archuleta played basketball or he would have just shot around and enriching golf why legal league baseball wasn't somebody else motivating us competitive and that's what he wanted to do we didn't wanna sit around play golf. So you know Al I think that's why that's why you know you go look at the stories about David Stern in the relationship that he had with Michael Jordan and he was really. Jordan really vaulted the NBA into the popularity that it was in yes magic and bird definitely help but I think Jordan brought it to another level. And when the whole gambling situation popped up. David Stern quietly asked him to go away until it kinda died down and I think that's that's what happened there I don't think anybody ever questioned. The competitiveness of Jordan and Jordan didn't have quit in him that word didn't exists were Jordan when he was on the floor. But they're but he still alive he ordered in by being away. Oh yeah absolutely. Outlaw I think it was a two I think this difference between quitting in making a stupid decision that our team you know I think that's there's a difference there. OK listen I'll give it our CA is up against his legacy that's finally make. He's basketball legacy do want to say they quit on his team are. It's fair that Tom how big he quit. That's not the way I look at I that you made a terribly. Stupid decision but he stepped away and he didn't she you know the thing about LeBron James is he quit wind. We all thought he was trying to win the championship what Michael just checked out now whether or not that's something you hold against them you can decide for yourself. LeBron supposedly was was all in in that Dallas Mavericks finals but couldn't get anything done. I think what we're saying is Michael never really had anything like that that those pistons just this the on the floor stuff. Jordan never had to quit he never had that in in you watch him play and just. It just wasn't there mated dumb decision now Ernestine. For a couple of years absolutely that's 100% fair but. I just think you know Jordan's gonna be there and he's going to be above everybody in LeBron needs to get two more get two more LeBron and then you can start to discuss. You know the grays of all time between him in in Michael Jordan until then. It's it's not close it's just not close in Jordan as the Jordan brand you know he did that assist entirely NBA like I said any bird and magic were. Word of fantastic for the league and absolutely helped. Our propel the league but Jordan without question in my opinion vaulted it. To a level that the NBA never saw before. And turned it into what did turned into the monster that is that I last thing I'll say about that is if the people that. Prefer LeBron and they're out there. If you had to win one game your life was on the line had to win 11 on one basketball games and even close were you go on tour. And yeah it's not me but hey let's say LeBron. Are you. Trusting the brought everything you know about the Barney unit trust LeBron to win that game not because I know allows even though he's gotten past that hold pats are saying it's still in the tobacco I join in Jordan you go joy had that killer instinct and just never. Never wanted the ball out of his hands out and said I wanna see LeBron and the Celtics tango during the Eastern Conference finals this. Out of the series is I think it could be I'd like to see yet Celtics wizards game seven will be Monday night. We will know after that if the Celtics are still playing draft lottery is Tuesday night to the Zogby noted that we had we'd be shot seven. Tuesday yep port by the ping pong balls get it could go what it's UA's all right so so you you you can win game seven year hosting Cleveland in game one on Wednesday you win. The ping pong balls which is Celtics had never won. And get the number one overall pick or you could lose game seven. The Celtics season could be over. You can get a double porting by getting the fourth overall pick should be fun we put those out to play this way medic could be for sells cigarettes this week have to wait and see. I reds arch and race later played there 135. They still line as of now as of right now still on. Joey Tim we'll have to call beginning at 1250 on the shot as WEEI Red Sox radio network coming up next here on one of three point seven FM. It's the majority and Brad boat show. 11 AM until the start of Red Sox coverage which is 1250. Mikey RD and rob Bradford this is the mark and Jason joke. One of three point seven WEEI. Happy mother's act.