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Red Sox Review with Arcand - Celtics and the State of the NBA

May 14, 2017|

Christian talks about the Celtics going into game 7. He also discusses his feelings about the current NBA and the level of talent. Things get a little fiery at the end.

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RA final hour here Red Sox review old Christian argue in here with you deejay Dave Beck there and the wheels are still plan all your favorite love songs back to back to back to back. Phone number 6177797937. Text messages of 379237. And your tweets as always verified at Christian are cans. Texas says are can't get to pick one of the two would you rather the Celtics win game seven and go to the Eastern Conference finals or land the number one pick in the lottery who rule. Assuming that if day. If they lose it in game seven tomorrow they get the number one spot effort to get the number one pick for sure. If they win it some else. I guess it depends. It is because again swept. That it by cabs yeah. Yeah. Aghast. But also I mean if it's from a drop from one to two. I'm OK with either one of those guys. You know I'd be okay with faults or Alonso ball even though his father did Sox alma got his father's worst. Good question by the tax. We think here. I don't wanna see him lose at home for the wizards I really don't I know they're probably gonna get smoked by Cleveland whoever it is going to smoke likely will we know that. But I don't want John Wall and Bradley deal on that. Brigham cool marsh seeing gore tied dance and on the parquet now now I would rather the Celtics wind. Even if it means they fall to three. And it is totally irrational. I'm not think you with my head and think oh with my heart right now I do not want to see those wizards dance on them what we're kind. I do not want it. I don't care if that means that they have the fourth pick. You know through bad try again 2018 Brooke who's gonna suck again. In nine by the way at this point in my life I'm used to the Celtics getting screwed in the lottery every single year. Come line. How can you not be. Now I now I would take I would hat I'd rather they win on Monday. I rather they went on Monday and drop to the fourth pick then deceived is in Washington Wizards. Celebrate it on the garden for. And ensure them the number one overall pick. And I admit that it's not every rational thinking. But I don't care. I just don't care. I hate the wizard. I wanna see them suffer. I wanna see them I wanna see them Blake is sitting on the bench fighting back tears and how badly they're getting beat. That's what I would like to see tomorrow. I wanna see him on the bench looking like look at my get NCAA team in the tournament. Slowly realizing you know some kid on the bench realizing there's basketball careers now over and he's never gonna play again that's what I what I wanna see that look on the faces of the wizards on Monday. I wanna see them I wanna see them demoralized. I wanna see either their dreams and hopes and everything just crumble right in front of them. I want super tight humans on their faces. As they realize they're season's over. At the hands of the Boston Celtics that's what I wanna say and I don't care by the sacrifice to draft picks for it I'd rather she that I'd really rather see it conceded. Those those guys against her dance and I'm a leopard kind. Police. I wouldn't be able to stomach it. Yeah yeah that's and I'll do it and you know like in dense baskets boom boom Monday's game seven Tuesday the draft lottery. Pretty important 48 hours for the Boston Celtics franchise wouldn't you say. Around I'll say there's. I'm not happy about the fact that wick grow aspect decided to represent the Celtics. When you had other better options. And an essay in which had terrible option to saying he's not the best option. The best option I believe would have been Al Horford sister and over Purdue's been a frequent guest on this program I would say free which provides a better on a couple times. She is a social media. C she is a social media Savard. She just gets in on Twitter. She just knows what to say and when to say it and how to say it. She's great. Good on the air Toobin man and Twitter she's she's the best. I would set her number 1 am Paul Pierce number two now I heard wicca and I'd forget would grade I think was on maybe Harold radio say that. That he got in touch with Paul. Paul Pierce to maybe do it but it is scheduled and work for some reason he was going to be at a town I don't know with the with the problem. But I have no I've not heard of him getting in touch within or offered. Although I did hear that maybe there's some new rules about who can represented the lottery they're not allowed that no more nepotism my guests. Can't have you know sibling user off springer. Spouses or whatever. We are remembered when the bucks owner put his daughter up there. We all remember that. But I think that stupid. Why would you why would you drop rule about that for the NBA draft lottery what what's the point what a waste of ink and paper that is. They actually I don't think we should have relatives that the draft letter YY who cares. Put the mascots out there all they literally do is sit there. Piece that air and on a little days. And then and I slowed on their tickets and then yet their big get sick and it goes like boom boom boom boom boom really fast down to the end. And they barely even have time to react before they go on and expect. Is literally the least important thing in the world why are they making rules about it it. He can have they get have Blake late in on that and John Oliver show in the Supreme Court there are represented by dogs big have a panel of dogs. Now just sniffing each other up there in the thing each representing a different team and it would be exactly the same as it is right now. They can be represented by thumb tacks. They can be represented by literally anything it doesn't matter it's bad that nothing happens. They just sit there while a computer spits out which pick who gets what pick. Why are there rules about the why am I talking about it you know I know why because in a Horford got data as screwed over I think. That was her job to lose. And instead we broke grows back comes down right then on his horse and I got to hear folks know what he came in riding horse. Now be a lottery honestly it can be like that here is that SNL skit what's up with that. Where it's like just the budget not madness going on all around the draft lottery could literally be an episode of what's up with that. And nothing would change. They would still pick the teams and it would still come out and a guy would stand there and you know Bruins Celtics dreams every year. As he announces by the commissioner doesn't anymore. Last year wasn't the commissioner was an Adams over. It was some guy I don't I don't remember who we wise but it wasn't sober. We did the lottery I forget who the guy wise but it wasn't it wasn't the commissioner. He gets out. That's an important it's important for the team is but I mean the actual product the actual presentation. Make the rules now about who canning can't sit up there and that they want right. What is the point of that. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian armor on text let's give back to your phone calls here Dan is in Westfield with a question about the Red Sox again. That puts up I had a jury I would carry it. I'd seen a summary of our kids are really still like Mitch Moreland at our defense that our current state because a lot of our special tip unlike our. Curious so well or your take on and as I turn it is an absolute quality that. Also this might be a quick question. Joseph Kelly brought a hundred mile an hour and a quick. I have soldiers. Shot territory and I kind of chocolate and get a strike out people it would really jump on a budget. Because it's growing really hard doesn't necessarily make you a good a good reliever Dan I mean that's you know that it's fun and it's exciting when a guy lights up the gun like dad might. You know Craig carols a better pitcher than Joseph Kelly because his pitches move they sort of did they explode when they get to the to the hitter. And Kelly for whatever reason is. In IEA can draw really hard and that's good but you know these guys they'd set up their pitching machine to draw hundred miles an hour inside. There and it doesn't it's not oh my god this is something we've never seen before. You know Kelly needs have his location down and lately he's been doing it lately got to give him credit for that. Is ERA is is nice and low he's been he's been very solid in his appearances lately and I think he sort of and in making himself in the eighth inning guy and if your role you know goes down with an injury or some happens he's probably your ultimate closure right now. But yeah I I speculated. I I hope the Kelly can continue to do this because he's been varying consistent in his entire tenure here in Boston whether as a starter or reliever whatever so. Be nice to see him put together like a nice full season I would I would be happy to see that what was your other question Mitch Moreland. I yardage and Jerry I really do think he's one. I think I'm about average when it comes to a power rankings and that local average current defensive. At least. Arms are accurate I know we kept Albuquerque and nobody could ever do that but. I'm religious people like look at Apollo we cannot moment if you get really bad air. But it isn't it. I think he's fit in just fine thanks for the call been good let's see look at his numbers yet to armor on sixteen RBIs fifteen doubles. Guy's got 33 hits and nearly half of them are doubles. Of brilliant. Slugging for 22. He had twenty home runs last year he's streaky hitter. You know he's either streaky hitter and he's been for most of his career. He's a solid defensive first baseman I got no qualms with a mower there. But you know he's. He's never really put together one of those eye popping season. You can expect for him a batting average anywhere from 245 to 275. And for power totals she's usually in the low twenties. With anywhere between sixty and eighty RBIs I'd I'd said I'd said that former at their dress from what I think is numbers are going to be. I he has a career slugging percentage of 438. A career on base percentage of 318 which isn't very good. In a career PS at 756. So let's say it's on the good end of his of his spectrum of of moral inspector let's say he has a good season. I would say. Currency right now he's been through 66. Two homers sixteen RBIs I don't know what the projection is there. Probably look it up but I'd say and he just is probably on pays for something in the realm of eighteen home runs. Keeps it doubles like this saga and say maybe eighty to ninety RBIs. Batting average probably ended tied to fifties low twos sixties and known OPS of somewhere in around somewhere in the mid sevens. Rent and it's that's about what I what I think image more on what I think he's going to be and by the way I'm fine with that I'm absolutely fine with that. I'd like him to be a little more consistent bite you sort of know what you get with him and as far as replacement for David Ortiz obviously is not a replacement for David Ortiz. He's a first baseman who can you know give you a little bit of power throughout the year. And and their mirrors as your replacement for David Ortiz. Missed more on your replacement for him there Mears that's how I look at. And so far you know I haven't had added to many complaints about what he's done so far I think even find. You Garrity see how would you know open Downey is. But that's always always been some in ninety to go with the bad with them and you sort of go from there in and hope he can give you season somewhere up there with a better seasons. And that's you know and when he or more home orange. Seven year more RBIs in an OPS somewhere in the savage. And it's that's what he has. Six on 77797937. As your phone number 37937. Issue number on tax. Lot of people texting and about TV ratings and TV rights and why ABC TNT and all the games or whether I don't care about any of that I honestly don't. You know this so so white the every game has to be you know lake to its common sense should rule the day here. And it means TN TS the played putting game on TV the same day that ABC puts their game on TV in Britain do it okay. Just wait another day for this game. So ridiculous. A game six on Friday played game seven on Sunday like an adult William. IDs being the celtics' chances cavs. How model consultant transient as though cavs warriors too who you. Who do you want to win I want Cleveland to win on Cleveland going just to stick it up Kevin Durant it's the you know what I did that and that's what I think about data I don't have any love for Cleveland obviously but it. Man you know Kevin Durant really ruin this season for a lot of people deserves and he deserves to lose then again. And this is another way to look at it which I don't really like to do but it. Does that mean to be referring to win if he does lose. He's more likely to stay there. And part of me wants Kevin Durant to get out of Golden State go play for some other team whatever other team that is literally any other team other than Cleveland. I don't care ordered it can beat it to be the spurs honestly I mean they've really going to Golden State. Was the worst. Just the softest surrender move I've ever seen in my life. There's got to be a way to align stop all of this just like. Conglomeration. Of teams the other two no way to do it you can't force a guided signs somewhere you know you can't for you can't say you're not allowed to sign with this team. They've bet they get then we got involved with Chris Paul led trade at one time that was you know. The only time you ever seen that. And I thought that was count blamed by the way. That David Stern just jump in any way to manage. You can't go there in the go to the other team and Alan. That was all that item like that Adelaide I don't like the league getting involved a very libertarian when it comes to mind when it comes to my sports. You know I don't want any government overreach when it comes to who can go where and who can sign with a lot of like the Kevin Durant signed with the warriors but as of right to do it it's his right to do that. You know it's his right to look like. Like now what he looks like you know unrelated to today cap reduction maybe none controlled. Low in fat chance. All the TV money coming in how they gonna reduce the calf. You know the NBA union would never allow that then you'll settle out like once all the Max the Max contracts ago the church PM market corrects itself but I you know another libertarian point of you there yet the market the market will correct itself at some point. Om I figured. And all of us right now are experiencing a bit of a golden age you're the MBA. You know you may not like that the warriors in the cavaliers your slotted in the beaded chanted teams in the championship I think about it how's that different from the eighties really has how's it any different from the golden age of the MBA. When it was always the Celtics and it was always the lakers and then after that it was always the pistons and it was always the bulls and then it was always the lakers again and then it was the rockets and you know I mean it was. I was out of order there be you know what I mean. You know this is new. We see this all the time and it's it's been something that's gone on historically here and the difference is though. And on and off its really that big of a different deserves a ton of talent back then buy it there's so much talent in the league right now. Just think about it staff at and that's after Russell Westbrook. And Isiah Thomas. Didn't start for their respective all star teams this year. Neither one of. As they came off the bench even though he was leading the eastern coverage in scoring at the time. And Russell Westbrook came off the bench because. Step Currie. You know I mean that's. That's insane. To the top five probably MVP candidates this year. And they need to start in the all star game the the the amount of talent in the league right now I think is about as high as. High as it spends sense you know. Really since the end of the bird magic care. I really believe that. You have to transcend really good teams. You have some impressive team more in the Western Conference I would say be you have some very impressive teams in that conference. That are in around trading blows all season long. And I know James Harden season ended very poorly but what a season he had almighty god was she good this year. He was otherworldly good this year so was Westbrook. The Utah Jazz put together a really good season the clippers are talented team. You know the spurs with that coach and in Kauai Leonard who is. When he's healthy anyway they had five tool player. And you know over in the Eastern Conference the Celtics for the number one seed this year. You know Washington's a good squad did Toronto they're probably gonna lose some people but you know. There's there's a lot alike about what's going on in the league even though a team like Milwaukee. They have a superstar and a team. You know I mean their sharper stars all over the sleek. And I hope it stays that way I hope they don't all sort of glom together I agree with you there and you know Dave but it's Ike. There there's a lot of talent right now and I think it. The NBA's going through a period that people are gonna look back on fondly in twenty years I really believe that. They're gonna look back fondly on those those LeBron stuff curry Kevin Doran battles in the finals I mean that's going to be something that. Our remember when basketball is basketball LeBron and Brandon. And Currie and carrier ring are gone back and forth at each other at least not like that anymore you know people are going to be saying that. You watch 6177797937. To go to Chris in plain go here before the break acres. Thank Christian. A question for you might my personal take is that I'm not buying. The web that saying or the restating for Boston or any of that that's I don't agree what that I don't think that's. That's the reason why the south exchange of free agents. I don't agree wit that's the reason why they can't. Out they were you didn't say that you said is I don't by the weather or the race thing and I had no idea with what we're talking about yeah now I know you mean okay. You know I know. A guy say that you know the web you know it's not Miami Beach yourself beads and it's not. OK so if it's not the weather and it's not the race and what is it. I'd that's what I'm asking is that there was that one question I want to ask European and because I cannot find a reasonable. Reason and I killed by those two things. All right well let's throw in the fact it if it's if we're talking about a player who like has his picking can go sign anywhere. And there are bigger markets to going if you trying to you know be more have more exposure you know the Los Angeles market in Dallas and new York and Chicago draw bigger markets in Boston I guess there's there's more people and sort of more eyes and ears and potential customers so I guess that could be part of it Nam but other than that I do think that the weather and maybe his racial climate in Boston is a bigger factor than you've given it credit for Chris so I mean. If you if you sort of dismiss those and I don't know and a. Yeah I apologize to me at Wachovia. But I I don't agree with that but we're the six largest market. In the US before. Media and exposure. And I I think we have everything that somebody could possibly want. Other then I don't know you know that's why I'm trying to figure it out. I think actually seventy goes New York LA Chicago Philadelphia's fourth which is surprising five as Dallas six to San Francisco Oakland Bay Area. Seven has boss than it is DC so. Yes I work. At the right and then there's also Miami like heat things freeze wanna go to Miami. Right but then you can't say the you don't think the weather's a factor Abbas and it's a factor of whether wanna go to Miami. I don't know he can't have it both ways. Yeah right I know during the season they are being in the most of the season their homes are in Miami and that's who they are in the Nazi or whatever but I mean. If you think that's a reason why people go to Miami than you can't say the weather's not a factor anywhere else. And boy you would admit that that's a reason why players want to go there is also new on our. Attention. OK and so the mayor maybe that's it maybe that's the reason maybe it's taxes curse. Well it to press statement the reason why a lot of the athletes have their homes there. Now good night bikers thanks. And and we're really wanna get into it but I don't buy that there's a race fan means you know by at Torrey understand it if it's the weather. These young writers still raining and half recruitment and Jesus I mean if that if it wasn't the weather before should be now and Blake. Canada however Miami that's where all want splattered gold right. Which by the way I mean the Bay Area the Bayer is weird it's cold in the summer and then in the fall it's like summer. It really it's like inflicted if they gush freely you know like this season's Earl screwed up. Out there in the Bay Area in my Oakland San Francisco true. It gets really hot in the fall and in the summer it's cold. Weird. But it's nice I mean it's beautiful to really expensive or there. But it's it's a nice place to live parts local governments to open. Okay it's a bad rap I have friends who live in Oakland actually my friend got married Oakland and we all went out there and we had a blast Oakland was awesome. I had a much better time than I thought I wouldn't Oakland. And yet there's bad neighborhoods there but it's not Blakey is bad neighborhoods everywhere people think they could say you know Beirut it's not that does not read that at all. You know as much worse neighborhoods and in other states and another different places but yes I'm Michael. I enjoy it out there. If the Oakland a's were assigned me to attend a contract that would be okay with that six point 77797937. Asia phone number. 37937. Asian number on tech's quick break will be back after this year on reds archer view. Back here Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI am Christian are canned air for another thirty minutes or so. DJ Dave Beck are taking your phone calls it 61777979237. You can text and a 37937. And you can tweet me at Christian are cans. The Eastern Conference finals of the NHL playoffs you're starting. It started late though because they hadn't finished the third round of that I'm a crazy golf tournament or people yell the whole time. It's an Arizona wanna say. Whichever one's going on right now don't final follow golf circles is no there's one. Tournament word that none of the etiquette is. Another's the players championship maybe is not this one. I kept seeing this video pop up my Twitter feed about someone yell and some of our Roger Goodell while ago with the enough. And I thought maybe it was that one maybe it is I honestly don't know enough about golf the talk about this blessed as can this morning show on in the meantime. There is some hockey going on right here Ottawa and Pittsburgh. It is tough to refer anyone I guess after offer auto here is his love their Carlson. And he's single handedly winning these games for auto so there's that. No baseball tonight Red Sox played earlier today. And the reason they did that is because it's going to pour rain here any minute now. Celtics in the wizards will play game seven on Monday. And I'm not happy about that I wish these play the game tomorrow. But there's one part of the whole thing yesterday that I haven't commented on unit and talked about it last night is still kind of rob it how about them drop. Confetti. They dropped confetti after they won that game. Really. Here's an early game rate. How do you drop confetti. In game six. That extends the series another game I know you can't drop confetti in Boston become line. Really. If they won this series fine drop all confetti wind. But my lord. Between the Celtics with them all black in the confetti with the wizards it's like. In the series just be over pleased. This sort of painful series. There really hadn't. Game two was awesome and that game actually last night if you know if you and Evan emotional investment in LA I didn't most people around here it was a good game. Really two good games of the series. And even their overtime games Celtics won by twelve points. Byrd doubled that is ten or twelve. So I mean. The the games in Washington the first two games in Washington. Were incredibly painful to watch. Specially game four I mean that was that was as bad as it gets. Game five was an easy Celtics win there was never in doubt. And in game six you finally have played good old fashioned. You know back and forth sort of game. Without anyone team going out a crazy run. And really you know went went won that game. Was that Isiah Thomas turn over. And the way that play went you gotta give you got to give Washington credit it was some of their best defense that they play all night. Marcus mark comes up for picked. And he rolls out. But as he's rolling out John Wall attacks Isaiah in the I think it's marquis Morse was the other guy. And they trapped him right there over the over the half court line right up above the sea in the DC there in the in the middle. And Isaiah was he was stock he couldn't get out of that. Normally try and split through the Emery get passed away years something yet Smart wide open and Jae Crowder open in the corner. Just one pass away. But Wallin I think it was Morse just close then I'm so fast. Today he was he was totally stark. At one of the worst possible times. Any tossed it right away. And then wall made another great defensive play block and a three pointer. You know as they did he melted down a little bit at the end there. It was frustrating yet a bad shooting night this is a couple games in Iran and only at 27 points but it. I feel like you play better in game five when he only eighteen. Any missed that shot at the end but we can't kill for that was added prayer basically. But you gotta give at the walk he got it done on both ends down the stretch and make game and Isiah didn't. And that's the sad reality of game six. Even getting out played like that. From a best. Player perspective. Yet great battle between the only re Bradley and I know it and to guard each other directly but you know those with a guy that was the game right there. Steel had a monster offensive game and Avery Bradley you know really is. Is leading the charge here. In the later part of the series after really I think all the you know being Indian Morgan anchor than. And nothing good kind of anchor like drag him down. By. Game sevens in Boston. The wizards I still think you're pretty immature team. They've been bad on the road pretty much all your along especially down the stretch and especially in this series. And they did win they didn't win convincingly. And they certainly didn't show me anything that makes me think they can take their act on the road and and for the first time probably all year. Then win a big road game. That's been their problem all season long especially at the end especially down stretch. Two I think Avery Bradley. Has got to go offer another 2829. Point game. Church went out. There having a hard time guarding him and he's been really aggressive that's what you love about Bradley. You know added Greenberg wrote about and number arsenal that day he was one of the only guys really put pressure on me on the wizards' defense last night. On baseline going to the basket is three point shot was. In a you did in good rhythm I mean he was he was hit stepped back she was taken it right off the passer off picks. Going up in just you know confidently. Making shots. And you felt good when he got the ball space she fell Garrett some good can happen. On the opposite thing you feel about Jae Crowder most of the time. And lately and little bit with a Isaiah they'll. I am. Most trusting of I think Avery Bradley and Al Horford Rainer when they have the ball. You trust them to do the right thing with it. Horford has been shooting so well this series. It be ashamed to see him lose and have all that great shooting from him go to waste is she's really I think he's been really impressive. In both these series in the entire playoffs. Certainly here against Washington. And he's really been battling with court that. You know he's making a lot of shots he's playing real tough underneath that. Six on 77797937. Major phone number let's go to Scott in Newton with a thought on the NBA's got. I'm taken. Doing got area. Well thank the question is talking earlier both in the day and he could. You that he couldn't have gotten in Munich some years and Cleveland yeah ankle it transcended teams yeah. Disagree that you alone cult ritual and that you thirties and 20s30s. OK see you probably haven't talked. The other Jordan bird magic north. Of course I saw Jordan bird magic moment thirty status all the well can I 35 I've seen I've seen all of them yeah. Although you're young and you don't match bird correct yeah you're. Article my eyes again I was I was I win berg retired I was like eleven or twelve. You can't say Cleveland is stressful at Trenton seem to just like tenth. You can't or don't let me speak talkative. Man we just told me I can't say something yes I can't say something. But he tickle on a new law partner correct. You're probably. What in the senate is not one. Player don't have hiring Kevin Love inaudible while they're not a below 500 TI think yeah that's a little extreme I mean there might be right. They might be down in the eastern time in the Western Conference and my people 500. Just carrying Kevin Love in the Eastern Conference I don't know yet it probably better than that they be better than that anyway on what the hell is your point Scott if if the Celtics didn't have Larry Bird all those here's what they abandoned the bulls and Jordan with day event. Analog. Usually you're not doing her job of the so farce got so let's let's go when. You. Know you're not you're giving me your opinion about what air was better and I give me any facts. I'm giving you tactical brought up what is direct quote not hundreds not all of 500 wooden below 500 it's not a fact that your opinion genius. It was pretty you know CNET weakening. But summoned to correct fuel my guy. You are so annoying I'm sorry I'm not an eight G they're there was a very amenities they work good police. I sit here listening this at the end of the show come mine. Sitting here for four hours. Stock comes swoop in and at the end. The NBA's great right now is the point I'm making there is a ton of talent in the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This year's Cleveland Cavaliers against the 86 Celtics any come out what. You are you out of your mind. You take LeBron off the team yet they're not as good if you took Larry Bird off the Celtics they're not as good you took magic up a lakers. They're not as good new if you took Jordan not the balls. They weren't as good and that actually happened because you went and played baseball for some time. After allegedly reportedly rumored to have gotten into some serious gambling debts or something like that it's almost like the league has always been run by superstars kinda yeah and you know you might wanna say that Jordan was better than LeBron fine if that's value field but it. Leach. Any gets mad isn't getting annoyed with the. Know your yelling yes some yelling year annoying. Like I'm picking on Scott Newton a little bit but that was going nowhere 6177797937. As your phone number. 37937. Asian number on text though take a quick break to beg your phone calls here wrap things up next under its archer via. As funny as some mostly positive showed it. It's start with Patrick in Quincy and an end to it's gotten there and bookends. And by played some show music then thanks Pedro throwing needed. The problem of this guy was saying OK and maybe I was mean film stars got a phone mean. The problem with what he was saying is that his premise was just wrong and when I tried to interject and say well wait a minute you can't go off of that premise is that premise doesn't make sense. With without LeBron they're not under 500 are still pretty good. In the still have two superstars on the team and it's also not a factor you can actually hurt yet and it's also leases and dealing in facts and he wasn't those weren't facts those were his opinions of a hypothetical situation. And I Bruce trying to save that and then he got really defensive and started yelling at me for having the gold erupt among micro. At all. I could let him go on this theory but I wanted to point out that there is a big problem with it. And it dot that was a reasonable thing that you. 61777979237. As the phone number. Dexter does make good points as you think they MBAs great today have you been watching the playoffs there's a blowout every other night that's true. And that's sort of unfortunate. But just because not every series is super exciting doesn't mean that this is like as I said before I think in 1015 years. People are gonna look back on these years and say our remember when basketball is basketball LeBron and carrier ring would go up against Iran stuff Currie and today's basketball's not like that'll never be like that again I mean people are gonna say it. And it's some that did get ready for it appeared that not very feeling all. You know that's that's definitely gonna happen. And I don't think it's I don't think it's crazy I think that there's certainly there's some dips and in you know overall talent in the league I think probably the been. Early ninety's. Or not early nineties early 2000 dollar check. Like right around when they wouldn't Paul Pierce and Vince Carter in those guys start again draft didn't. Sort of before. Yet I mean there's a lot of good players then but it was short before they all get their primes. You know that 96 rookie class was a couple of years in the they were like Colby in the Iverson. You know Steve Nash and Jermaine O'Neal and all those guys like that was a great draft class and then 98 was pretty good too but it took awhile for them all sort of hit their prime and then when they did it. That was you know the mid two thousands I think is when you really started and then you know you had your LeBron and Carmelo is an all those guys get drafted and they sort of that was a great time for the league. And I think that story continued as are in band really that big of a dipper drop off. In that time a lot of guys are shorter retired now our gotten older but it you know you still have just the town apparently. So. Yeah that's my reasoning for why I think that this area in basketball is going to be looked at as one of the better ones. Absolutely. Excellent 77797937. Is the phone number let's go to CJ in Providence JC yeah. Hey hey don't it's not these. Are all about. Gerald green light. Although it. Well I don't around I think Gerald Green serve this purpose when they when they put him in the starting lineup might I don't know that. I don't know he can count on him in around nine that's why you need to play more. It. Ain't that Iran like Smart he'd bet but he makes you cringe everytime you at all. Yeah I think you need they give Smart minutes order a over green though just his. Really I mean he's you eat your right when he has the ball and inane set himself up to shoot you don't hold your breath but I think he's certainly. And guided does a lot to this team on both ends even when he's gonna he's not scoring. And I like terrorist hits you at the key is so underrated I think that there you know eighties where. Good defender and into the. Yeah I'm Ali rosier till I think that. It's a bit of a shame that there's so many guards on this team because I think if he was given the opportunity to play more he would probably. In every turn a lot of heads with with his game even in the small amount to displays always a positive out there are means plus minus through the roof and you know it's just there's four guys you know I can only have two out there once and even if you go small and you can only have three aides and he's the odd man out unfortunately. What what they blow up all of the ball leash or wall only needed to get two point 883 the last shot and what do you normalize that series. That was a big time shot right there and you know he died I don't like John Vaughn I don't like dead teammate he deserved to jump up on that score stable last night after you hit them or. Now man and it wasn't just that I was just talking about a he had two great defensive plays on Isiah Thomas down the stretch though. The speed with which with which he closed in on that trap when Isiah threw it away. When they had the five point lead and then when he blocked the shot later on urban MIM before they care murmur by. You know both ends he was tremendous. He was the better player down the stretch. Come according to the NBA's last two minute report. Which was released today. The Celtics should have had an extra seconds on the clock to run a final playing games six which I said last night. Coming on right after that game ended. The Red Sox game in the salvage game ended just about the same time so I was reacting to it just like all you were last night. And I didn't get to hear any of the commentary or anything like that but they kept showing the replay and there should have been at least maybe even more than a second. The look like there was about three and a half seconds when the foul was committed and somehow to one point seven coal mine. Well today according to Forsberg NE SP and the NBA knowledge in its last two minute report that the Celtics should have had an extra second on the on the clock. To run a final play in the laws. Isiah Thomas missed or hurried off balance three point heave before the buzzer in the wizard staved off elimination with a 9291 victory John while at the go ahead three. With 3.5 seconds to go with a foul to give. Kelly who bray fell Kelly Rowland with one point seven seconds left on the clock but the league's report noted. That embrace foul was whistled with approximately two point seven seconds on the clock. I don't even think that's accurate. I think it was even more than that. It looked like. It looked like three may be even more than three seconds. He fell was whistled with approximately two point seven seconds on the clock but the clock runs the one point seven seconds before stopping. The clock should have been stopped earlier automatically on the whistle or by the neutral clock operator. Who he also noted that instant replay is not permitted in this situation will YL Mac. God we stopped the game we grind to a halt. And watch these replays for ten minutes at a time but we can't look at this at the end of game six. I'd say it would change the game great coal mine. How is that not review mobile. League purported knowledge airs it negatively impacted both teams there's two incorrect calls that Al Horford in the final minute. Including a missed offensive foul. This is. Bret Stephens said in the past the appreciate police transparency they prefer the league not offer views. Of the final minutes because ultimately it does nothing to Alter the outcome and I guess that makes sense anyways I knew it I knew that they blew it on the clock last night I'm glad they acknowledged that it. And doesn't really help us now. That's my time wanna say thanks to deejay Dave Beck their great job college techsters Twitter followers sorry Stephen Newton. I apologize. A long week. Medicare back on Monday night I'll talk to you then everybody ever greater risk your weekend.