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SNE Sports Saturday - Dressing Down the Celtics, Dressing Up the NFL- 5-13-17

May 13, 2017|

Scott Cordischi and Jason Taravella continue the conversation taking your calls, texts and tweets. The Celtics lack of plays was MIA while turnovers lived on. They also look at the NFL's Top 25 best selling jersey's, with Cowboy love abound and look forward to the return of Pat Patriot on the field.

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Got something you wanna share call 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. For all the great players and I can name. You are given every everything you've got. Us. Just realizes her wounds we're excited I'm excited. We can take care of business tonight. An unbelievable shot by John Wall bit. Have game seven back in Boston Garden I mean if you if you say that back in October. There will be a game seven. In the second round a lot of people probably would even believe that. So excited I mean it hurts right now 'cause we just lost both. We have no no turn it down about we are we. Take a few days to to figure out our adjustments and then we get yourself. I T ready for game seven Monday night at the TD garden Celtics wizards. Winner take all advancing to the Eastern Conference finals they'll meet LeBron on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last night Washington on John wall's three pointer with three seconds to go beat Boston 92 to ninety wanted to just waking up. We're talking about this morning here on the show a now it was my contention at the very beginning of the show this morning and it and I hate to come down hard in these guys because they played terrific last night but. When you look at Isiah Thomas and and Avery Bradley despite the fact that they combined to score 54 points 27 apiece. To me the game was lost due to. A couple of crucial plays or lack of plays by those two. On when the Celtics are up by five with a minute change to go Thomas gets trapped just across midcourt. Any leaps and throws the ball away to me call time out here you don't wanna turn it over at the very least. Burn most of the Tony four seconds on the clock and then give Washington now much less time to respond but to turn it over so quickly like out with a five point lead. I just thought was disasters because he be scored block it and have possession the game's over. If you go up by seven right there at the game is over and then the other player was at the end of the game. John Wall gets the ball in proudly to ski and weight eat too much cushion. Don't let him take a three to beat you at the very least give up and his jockey. Over placed him defensively anything teacher on the drive hope that you have help defense. May be gives up the ball somebody else's forced to try to take a game tying or winning shot. But you know if he scores two and beach on the drive at worst to go on overtime. I just I dug that Avery Bradley's defense on John Wall there and that final possession stock. I didn't like the final played Isiah. But you know you don't have a lot of time to do stuff and in a situation like dad you know begin fortunate part was a Washington and that filed the current because I thought that Brad Stephens playing with Kelly when it down low is a brilliant one but. Washington knew it may grab them. So if they come out of that and they give it to Thomas and Thomas takes the off balance. Contested three in in here we are going to game. What do you say just like inbound and let him yet I'll let him let him use that found and say that play for herb when they camp I'll again yeah yeah I almost did to be honest and I almost two and reversed what I did for farm Brad Stevens on the first play I charge Isiah Thompson the screen. IA gave him the ball and I have them immediately go up no matter worries in the floor hoping that he gets filed right goes to the line. All our. Bomb it and and then that the U run the ad battle on a public as the deal let me play what made it's O'Bryant was nobody thought a hilly politicos can get the ball. With the game on the line ranked right and everybody's happy and I IT IT maybe Bradley can seesawed may be Horford duke has been a good option for him but nobody stinking Kelly Olympic. And that's what Mimi and it's a great putt Washington and the foul the burn and they burned. It was a brave out oh he's an he had to file out on that but he had to because a Linux look behind him and was gonna get into easy lob you know for a duck out. All right let's go to the calls for a 17371287. The phone number Tex lines 37937. Sarah loaded Joan detected Joseph good morning you're on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Morgan traditionally in a Leo thank you. On. And on Amazon com I don't want him to leave my. But vote him. I bought out. Don't eat the ultimate Tweeter. Number one in Jersey. And Ian without a couple of guys. But these aren't that on the of being edit that I'll likely be I thought it ought to know that they gonna miss achievement on the and he beat quote he'd written and he only got it at the time he went in the meet someone. We've done that are. They deathly dead doesn't do they miss that they miss that big time and you know that. And they have a lot they have a lot of injuries this year Tuesday that what it is. You know that now they I think. It's gonna put on a show but at the end on the Indian Evan and I I think well they don't come out on top and that any of our income. It. Joseph I'm gonna give you get bad information by the way just looked it up and nfl.com the they had the top 25 current best selling jerseys. Luke weeklies 23. Tom Brady's first Ezekiel Elliott second deck press Scott third O'Dell Beckham fourth. Raucous fifth Carson Wentz is six Derek Karr seventh Antonio Brown eight. Dez Bryant ninth Jason when tenth while lot of cowboy love there in the top and there of Von Miller. Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers collegial Mac Julian element is fifteenth Julio Jones sixteenth Cam Newton to top selling managers he seventeenth overall. Big Ben is eighteen Matt Ryan nineteen William bill when he. Eli Manning 21 Mari Cooper 22 loop weekly 23 just had a Drew Brees and they are up. It is being bear arms are minor in the manner couldn't let it yet yes. It permanent or those uniquely games on board and out of bought it out guys. So. Be it. In the AFC east plays the panacea self the Kansas City guy Carolina Atlanta and New Orleans and Tampa Bay that's right New Orleans is a way I think we do with or is it that way and I think Tampa Bay's away and his a team that's going to be a tough eight you know I think that's going to be. Maybe. You know Avaya is going to be tough to I think but that can't have a game is going to be interstate because you know they got the draw in the first round was at that Qaeda and OJ Howard you know they added the char Jackson to compliment Mike Jack Mike Evans. And now they have a tight and they have now it's. The defense is the two good young Kurds a decent young defense that's growing. This is the year try to Wear achieve its Woodson needs to get those. Those bad turnovers and mistakes out of the way you know and that could be a really really interest in game mister question then is it time for uniform change for the pats do and a you know the pretty much seen Younis. Cents to downs I've always said I wouldn't mind and going back to the old pat Petri uniform and although now I love the open entry uniform is the that those of the best unit the red jerseys and white hands. And you know at an and they did this throwback ones you know like I'm talking about like you know with that they wore in the early ninety's Lee DD yeah like real nice with the either the white or red face masks are absolutely and and like that six stripes down side of the white ants. And I love those road uniforms to the at white jerseys with the red numerals on blu tram that they were red pants court you're with a cool way I would stripes on the side. Back to that as well the wrongly called back to something like that that works when it's a classic uniform like that you know like there's some teams like Green Day is a classic uniforms and people don't like on. Oakland is a classic uniform. And may be boring for some people but it just works you know just works and I think it worked that pat peachtree uniform as the best uniform but. Oh speaking of the playoffs and dated women and on that you know now they didn't that's OK I'll look it up radiate that at the Helm. Speaking of the playoffs and just getting back the Celtics. So LeBron James. I remember everyone said in the regular season loss they're all all the photo all watch out for this team sky you know this is the year that are really going to be does said. Eight straight wins. So 35 points 35 points 3935. In the sweep of Toronto where they just pages dismembered the raptors. 3341. In 32 and 45. The numbers for LeBron James he shooting 54% from the floor in forty. 5% from three port run report went nine. Almost ten rebounds and nine assists a game two blocks three steals. Good luck for the people let's say that that guys slowing down. Oh my god he is on a mission in you know as talented as Golden State is. I'm still. Gonna give it to Cleveland until they prove people wrong because that guy is going out on a mission to prove people that I don't care if you get the rant. I don't care who you that a new team I'm still back in good settlement of the U. IE I said it last week on the show I said in Alice is exciting is this series is between the Celtics in Washington. It doesn't matter I mean Cleveland as you said is on a mission I just don't see how the winner of the Celtics Washington series compete cavaliers picked it can't and it Cleveland is going to represent the east in the NBA finals. Barring any disaster like LeBron are our readers somebody getting hurt yeah okay. And I feel the same way out west and I know San Antonio Gregg Popovich and they've got the pedigree championship pedigree but you know what. Golden State's just kicking ass and taking names out west I don't just like Cleveland of 108 straight I just I just have more. Faith in San Antonio to give Golden State Iran and when you have a meet you and and yes I you wonder about the injury to it's acquire Leonard and how much is gonna hamper him. Defensively but considering that they hope we're able let holed about a game six in. Wiped the floor with Houston by 39. And not have him play in that game and now you get a couple days for quite a rest. He is a guy that is not gonna shut down caught Kevin Durant at all but he's gonna absolutely limit his effectiveness he is our in my opinion the best. Best defender in the NBA and it's not even close he is by far the best. On ball defender and he's a guy that can make things extremely difficult to drink and if you do that now you have other guys that can defend Cory to a point. It's not going to be easy but the easiest guy to defend of the three it's none of memories is Klay Thompson because it really is just a matter of them fight through screens but. I give more credit it is going to be tough without Parker but. You know maybe it's maybe it's gonna maybe they found something as far as a balance between. Going to acquire a letter to LaMarcus soldiers chargers at the half of that game against Houston at 44 intent he was fantastic and I think maybe they relied a little bit too much Uruguay. In maybe they found something that they can balance out the scoring between quiet in the Marcus a little bit and make that series more interesting than people thinking I mean. Your question who do you think should win the MVP and beauty think will win the MVP. Who should keep in mind the voting is done at the end of the regular season. They'd get their ballots are in before the playoffs start this is a tough form for me because I you know. Russell Westbrook I don't think without question was. Extremely valuable to his team. But the most valuable player if you're gonna justified it as it's defined is LeBron James it's always LeBron James it just. I don't know how you can say who was a more valuable player to their team than the best player in the league in what he does for that for that team. You know but bode that the votes are and it's probably going to be restruct and it's just you know it's really tough to argue that I mean. Where would they be without him. It's funny I I think. I think it should be Westbrook based upon what happened this year during the regular season they had Russell Westbrook personally did. Something that only one of the player did his average a triple double to an entire season absolutely I think it should be him. I actually think hardens gonna win. Really yes III seriously I think that it isn't waste higher than Oklahoma City. I do I I think teams aren't gonna win the NDP and I don't disagree Roy sang. Who is still the best player in the game today overall. It's LeBron yeah I mean it really is it in holidays. The most productive player quote unquote may have been Russell Westbrook put. When you wanna win a game OK if you're gonna start a team all things being equal forget about age and where they earn their career we gonna take. State and it's of course it's not easy close and it's not even close. Now but. That's got I just think you know I think that's going to be an interesting series to watch I never come problem that's when when he's playing even. All the talent I told my current pop I don't know I know a lot of people don't like so arrogant he thinks that like his opinion really matters that we should in on I mean like Mike on other stuff that's non basketball related I give all right about your political the police Greg that I get you there. No seriously stick to basketball that's all we care about you want me Nazi won five championships in your great coach and I I just think that. Pin in his team and his organization in the way they run things over there I don't ever count them out this series I I just can't until. You know of proven wrong they're they're going to be a tie it's going to be a tough out. I will take a quick break when we come back Kevin MacNamara joins us to talk basketball of the college and pro variety when we continue. On southern new England sports Saturday on WB EI.