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Bill Polian - The Patriots aren't that great... and other cranky old musings

May 11, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe play and discuss a comment made by former Colts GM Bill Polian, in which he comes off like a fool in an attempt to downplay the national praise for the New England Patriots.

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It's 301 here's what's trending now the Celtics and wizards play game five tonight at the TD garden where the winner will take a 32 series lead Amir Johnson. Will remain in the starting lineup tip off that 8 o'clock. Kyle Kendrick back on the mound tonight for the Red Sox they face the brewers in the middle of green Milwaukee counters. With Jason Anderson John Ferrell just told us that Hanley Ramirez will be in the lineup at first base for the first time this season Jackie Bradley junior also. Returns filled lineup ridiculous of the game right here as Joseph puts him on the call beginning at 745. Of the jobs that UB EI Red Sox radio network. An apparent game sevens in the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight penguins capitals in DC and Oilers docs. From Anaheim weather brought to divide over Honda. Partly cloudy in Boston with temperatures in the mid fifties. Roberts' defense trending now that he BE IWEEI dot com. 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At times suffered a bit of a pool that's me yeah a lot of time yeah a lot of time yeah apparently they talk about a painting Rihanna rocks. Reviewed that the air it's 11 guys were salty or in bill's words. Bitches. What does this guy. Was the point. So Bill Polian is that and I rhetorical retreat for senate. Yes you heard a snippet of that there in the open Andy included it in the open but we we will want to backing into a little deeper dive. In the comments as you know. That was taken out of context right you must admit I thought that was put in contact let's instead something much greater than that right. I Brady was a aura way from losing the Super Bowl last year pretty decisively so that there are great team. They're they're not as great as people like you think that they're not invincible. What they are is exceptionally well constructed. And exceptionally well coat but Tom Brady's not gonna play forever. And and he showed some signs of a being human last year on a number of occasions including its approval. Cite the case to answer. Is not a ESPN's Don he style had arguably. Arguably the best year of his career if we are not there yet he had not been suspended for four games he would have been the MVP again. And am just wondering what examples Bill Polian has the showing signs. Of of profiting off your him. Signs of these humans and the fact that they were down it is there recorder away from losing convincingly about they're core right there's a relatively well thought I had an exercise decisively as hard understanding that I have today that they take away sick is that if you had an eight well signs of he's. A being human last year. On a number of occasions including a super well he also had the greatest comeback inseparable history right he ignore that part recorder away you're borrowing from losing decisively in all the dirty trick on bill and they play that fourth quarter and thank and that's okay. Kids do that now everybody record especially when you have that much missiles the short game. They're not active and as good as they as people for what it. Think they are that's what I wanna know from I don't know a lot of things Bill Polian I want him to be honest auto cars following OK I want to be honest because Bill Belichick. Has been a memorize this is one of our callers Georgian Rhode Island came on this term it's a great term. Legacy blocker. Bill Belichick and the patriots have been legacy blockers for a lot of people to point and so. I'm going way back Bill Belichick took the first Super Bowl out of Bill Polian Stan has built pulled him put together that they got offense that bills team. If at a young defensive coordinator Bill Belichick comes up with a game plan and they freedom. And along the way Belichick has always been in the way of public. And it pisses them off he's very sad one and admit it personal -- is bringing that I agendas. He didn't know. Guy goes all the kids out of a little balls I'm now you idiot let them up after you just admitted your sweet sixteen picks were a fraud and only a month ago. You don't popcorn goes up to sit bought up every day. I don't Bill Polian has an agenda. He is only was it one Super Bowl title illegal one yet that he would wanna believe I won one championship. We get after them came to the patriots times over and a lot of remembered that he said that the jets patriots time is over your right tonight. He's over tonight. So who's keeping the favorite is again I don't know what I speaker who does he think the favored as one. So who are these people and what they say but the patriots are not as great as they think they are if people think they are well what do people think they got a lot defeated every year it's. Funny he should say that because SI dot com had a thing matter earlier this week. Where they went through the entire schedule and the only week they didn't do what was week's seventeen there's nobody knows what's gonna happen and we seventeen. But they said the patriots are favored. In every game they play next year yeah. Short week seventeen which by the way is the jets wrecked they're ready favored that went to they just didn't do week seventeen bedroom night here now. Well Oscars or recess there that admin and better and one of those one of those sites today you know is that when one this one was an island are they all went wrong guys and basically said the patriots are going to be thirteen in three. You can basically pencil in twelve elevenths what went somewhere -- hell is Bill Polian hobbies did very jealous. It really is a must come down that because he said. I'm gonna use his his his stories I'm here in time to me aren't you out to the identity better the owner of the grab the beauty sleep the minute before they usually. Well. It is that about it at at Roland says is that the patriots gonna lose decisively although he doesn't sound decisive in his words and I don't know let's just say let's go back to the what they are that is the clip. Yeah it was a quarter away from losing the Super Bowl last year hello decisively. Means that there are great team. There then that is great is people like you think that they're not invincible. What they are is exceptionally well constructed. And exceptionally well coat pocket of Tom Brady's I could play forever and it can showed some signs of a being human last year. On a number of occasions including Super Bowl don't you. Sickened people in the patriots he's either he sounds like a fool you really does already I can play forever. He's human. He's not ready relative all right Gerri for yeah I mean he's the kind of bag and add from the he's gonna play forever. He's not play forever no leap belly not gonna play forever. We're just as noble in the commodities enough. We asked him c'mon and and talk about it even when you decline hope we get some sleep or some I don't see though he says based on his words. They're great team at least they are they're great team lot. They are what they are. It's well constructed. In that well coach OK well hopefully I. Well for yeah. How are like you get to easily it would be like well dressed head to break apart there are indebted to them that they're great game there they're not as great as people like you think dale. There has to pay market all right time. Right. Or way out is yet you point ago. Did everybody that'd be undefeated. For maybe look at Bruschi says that dampers. I visited some Olympia. Greg burns said he had a great time there I doubted a instead they didn't. They did steal signals we know they did and that's where he's gone. A bit. Because he does but look who it complements their well I think his name. They're well coached a book that erupted as one guy got a check at Bill Belichick so he's. That's the one guy they connected spy gate Jeter right and he's he's complementing embers that the players are back. In the latest on miserable whatever they almost lost. What do most think the patriots are. The most hated you talk definitely into the patriots fans here to most patriots fans say it's series I know. We all joke about ninety you know other united jokes and keep us on that but the most patriots fans you talk. They say oh yeah. They won't lose a game this year. If you talk out on out there that you say bill will probably make some yeah they're they're they're the best team in the league and they are to be the best team in the league I think. Everybody says that right now and not just New England. Now everybody I mean Las Vegas says that the best team. All all of the different pro football focus everybody whose looked at this thing says. That's the best team in the NFL right now every power ranking and all those articles now most of whom we we disagree with roles are of adult loading up for another one later here they are here they go but all of those same that the premises. Whether they think they're they're doing it for the now instead of the future of the assailant. They're gearing up again the best team and they're adding to the united sitting back on last year's team which they probably could by the way they could push the AFC and the huge gap there. Maybe the raiders will see what happens if their car stays healthy but there's a big gap I think everybody even not a patriot fans would say yes that's that's the favorite there I recommend the AFC some work. Contacts them apparently was from serious review Asia and a caller asked him how the bills hoped to compete in the divisional his regulations as a radio show. A series he's doing a regular solo. It's called grumpy old men and are ready and envoys to make it I think he's doing it with if they don't with a guy who has Jack Lemmon. Is not a radio show. And that caller asked about buffalo market buffalo compete. Is where he goes they ask you about a team. That has been on layoffs in seventeen consecutive season. I'm ready was a aura way from losing the super block last year pretty decisively so that there are great team. There then that is great is people like you think that's why they're not invincible team trying to sell hope to a bill Thibodeau Petritsch are going to be paper arguing it. The wild card beat the patriots make the playoffs happen. Made the playoffs and seventeen straight year. Of yeah that's remarkable. And I think that's more impressive. It in a negative light on negative numbers more benefits to regulate your negative questions and and I'm positive impressions how about. Fourteen out of sixteen division titles for the patriots or seventeen straight non playoff seasons for the bills. Is it it's harder to do with the bills are seventeen. And a role attitudes and there that part of the problem for the bills obviously is a pain in the division of the patriot yeah but they all generally relies too often just reply all. Has been led the jets made the playoffs couple times over yet Kabul conference champ car is Conti is more context wary. The browns have made the playoffs more recently in the Buffalo Bills mature. Program which didn't do ours. Yet until the jaguars had to jaguars. Yeah. Yeah so. All right so he's talking about Tom Brady who peppers grown first round great. Alito got trees and literally nobody else yet he clearly don't want in a first rate property sniffed out on now so he's talking about the frailties of Tom Brady how he's showing signs of kind of declining. Tommy current wrote an article yesterday I was gonna get to that can aria did you guys argue this last that's got to hang around with the all night just wondered. We argued. Tommy parents and the tsunami is coming were all on the beach in a wooden I'd love to be. We're on the beach at the age runner beaches 85 degrees of how did that's nice but this in the watch this or not is off in the distance average it's frowned looking on the B what's the name of Islamic tsunami is. The Jimmy drop below Tom Brady's decision he wrote that and I'm quoting that is coming Jimmy over Tommy possibility. Remains Rio. Been. Well I still rosters on our roster so the patriots didn't trade him the next year is decision time decision time. Budgeting and decision or decision or decision made by the patriots. Of thing. That he said I did something to budget already hugs are good I don't think ought to just out of the current at least rarely talked me why trading he like you are not yet YE. T at the confusion. I and is very obviously it's our I should have much more clear goodbye Jimmy is our island phrase that. I mean I'm sure you can make the the case to trade. The other guy but I I certainly wouldn't I mean let's see how it plays this season anywhere near like this past season then. Are able to take my chances with a four year old Brady that I would a guy who I had no clue of it is him. The we have any idea. That's up and talk about it offseason was simply six quarters we see almost as much as decode percentage of the problem wreck site I don't know and what we did see of him. He had to leave early because of an injury so that's. He eight great but I would rather take my chances of an aging very. You know it and Tommy could be absolutely right maybe it's a big decision coming in their it's looking out of forty year old Tom Brady and they're saying I don't know. And how much has got that has that. But what they've done in this is back to polian coming polian. They probably are. As great if not greater than people think they are is now look at the position the patriots are and what can we drop well we assume. The Bill Belichick. And Josh McDaniels loves him to drop little obvious idea option yes in trade him he's on up there hello. Yeah but they. Might being part of the academic thing and it sets the guy act is our backup quarterback. Where would we got one more year. At a good price for a backup quarterback right and why we always say you know I wrote will bill Bill Belichick has a couple of moves ahead. Why should I traded cheap back up quarterback. Then bring in a more expensive veteran. Guess I'm Jimmy grappled one more year maybe he's pissed about it so I don't care but can't do anything you've got no leverage. Gotta make a decision next year opportunity seventeen. I think Tom Brady is that is a superior quarterback Jimmy drop blows it is the backup he's cheap people. When the countered that be what if you could've gotten more form this year then next year. More for drop off an entry. Then that's in the commence now we won't of the wizard saga are exactly what they could have gotten but the argument would be if if things go the way you want them to Jimmy problem doesn't play game. Tom Brady's healthy place all sixteen the patriots go on in the super ball. Rob Lowe will be worth less next year than it will be this year a thumbs let's let all that absolutely is another year removed from him planning plus plus you don't have Harold. The next offseason and he is this Aussie I. And unless you still have that same team you got that same sooner. Who's just still saying but oh. And they go up a low ranked around Cleveland Browns they drafted this on Kaiser and they're also. He's going to be he's going to be the guy you got that got you you know you've got one team that is fascinated obsessed. We Jimmy drop. But you've also given them another year to maybe find the guy and that sounds crazy enough doubt ever funny guy but I don't know look word Dallas cut their quarterback out Percy out of their quarterbacks there's always also a chance you're you're you're taking another year of they stumble upon a guy who they are at least convince can be they're not gonna give up the world for somebody else because they feel like are we got the stance that. About Tommy he wrote a good column I thought it was well researched and thought it was well written I I couldn't disagree with the more its is very simple. Is very simple with that Tom Brady he's gonna end did you hit in his career with the New England Patriots you'll never play for another team. It's not a hard decision there's there's no one like him in NFL history. First others are quarterback like him an NFL history. When it take it even further and say he's the best player. In the history of football. And. Public is really guarded him. And yet heated etiquette you wanna compare shooting guards and small forwards and our house that you're preparing quarterbacks on back I know it's it's only in there but I'm gonna go on and ago I just work later. Yet a and I don't see him being a guy chasing the game. Just holding on. Being a mediocre guy. Are being at a seventeen touchdowns fourteen interception. Let's save him from himself but got to build a really good defense becomes the quarterback I do those shaky I don't see him just holding on. To hold on yeah I play I think he's gonna play until he feels like he can't play anymore but being in sync. With whoever his coach general manager is at the time things can be Bilbao attacked. And Belichick won't have to run them off Belichick won't have to make a tough decision. I make it together. The the book on Belichick is that you know I've Belichick and Brady still available. The that the book on well there's about the book on Belichick is an owner that. He's willing to move on from guys it and the list is long we've run through all the names before. In a lawyer Malloy and and Richard Seymour are in check Vince Wilfork I mean we we've run through the list Logan Mankins. That he has and I put my quotation fingers heartless when he makes decisions about what's best for his football team. This is the one that would that would be different for him. I think even Bill Belichick would have a hard time. Facing Robert Kraft across the desk and saying yet you know what I'm gonna deal Tom. Well I struggle that having Robert Kraft and John the craft and again just did just my opinion on it. Would be I'd be the one guy in the history of the French as they would step in. You have belt secretary okay what I would hate that though I would hate to let that doubt that's I think what happened they would say are you sure about this and we don't wanna do it especially if he's playing. Above average slumping at the the wheels fall off that he just that I wanna keep applying and around the while mrs. you're not the same guy. I think his his quote. With the morning show a couple of years ago three years ago right after the let's face it patriots could be all our it was right after that he came on and he said when I stuck I'll retire. That's. Right here on this computer that's that's how you'll know yeah Tom Brady. Is is got to move on it won't be any type decision I think she knows I think he knows. He's the best player in football right now yes and said that the best player football. And when he's not. The move on. No tough decision whatsoever. And I and I get so that's a disagreement with Alley with Tommy Karen disagree with another Tom. And IB Tom Brady senior O Tom Brady senior said it's gonna be ugly it's gonna be an ugly departures and and they always. Usually as they're never pleasant yet you see a lot of examples of it but this one will be. I just think this is the guy in five years I think this guy whether it was I think he's on tradable. Not that other teams would want him everybody what but that this is the guy you can't trade if you're the patriots you can't trade. I just think that that the backlash would be horrific. You got a fair value. I would think there's no such thing rent is accurate yeah I mean you know you ask. What he has its operating. Major next 71 round pick this is exactly what would you if if San Francisco if if you know John Lynch and okay. I really really wondering just got back to the Bay Area. But that's got what they cost what would Belichick asked him for. See but also like if you were it if you wanted to play out Tommy kerns oracle owners talk Margaret trade Brady are our organ trade drop below. Two different suitors. The president to meet the 49ers. Yet they don't want Tom Brady that it nonsense we will look at that roster wrath that is similar suit the teams we thought. That Tony Romo or Jay Cutler played for him Darren Denver Houston as opposed to Cleveland San Francisco away as Chicago so now you're talking about trading Tom Brady again this is a crazy thing that was over it will happen but you're treading into a really good team. So how much you may want to give up but maybe they give up their draft they would want to give up all any players off their team that's all pointed in their Tom Brady away from wanting the suitable. Our tickets are there some guys who you and I know Amber's Joseph Montana got traded Wayne Gretzky got yeah. I mean Bobby Orr didn't get traded but but yeah everybody could be traded that for the Blackhawks and have him with it now because you get straight from but I think that there are guys who you can't trade and I think this is one of the very rare guys. You can't trade. And actor which went back. I hate the thought of ownership stepping in and saying you can't do that. Now if your Bill Belichick is that they want done then mean bill to. A dynasty at that point maybe six championships. Six super balls. A bit a model franchise for years you've got major the dollar franchise a lot you don't walk around with with Les Moonves in and have gymnasts say. See every time he sees your studio apple there is Robert Kraft and his sons and I thought it noah's son arthritis on this only job oneself. And not get its house he got it tell me that can make a deal. 66177797937. A whole lot of legal stuff went down yesterday the Aaron Hernandez case whenever these things come up. The one voice who can break it down to was clearly insisting play and make us even understand it is some Michael McCann UNH law professor will talk Aaron Hernandez with Michael coming up next Sports Radio W media.